by Sophia
Tribute, Part 1

Who is she?" the god asked. He was draped over his throne, one huge  thigh  thrown carelessly over the armrest. His vest gaped, forming a V  that went down to his belt. I could see his dark chest hair  - it curled invitingly. My fingers ached to stroke it, and I hoped this gift would please the god - at least enough so that he would finally notice me and give me a little of that sweet ambrosia he dished out with such generosity.  One hand stroked his beard as he looked at her while the other absently stroked his cock, already stiffening at the thought of this virgin I had brought back from Brittany for his enjoyment.

"The Queen of the Durotiges - recently widowed and at my own hand, by the way. Her new husband, the King of the Durotiges, hadn't yet had a chance to ‘deflower' her - he was in such haste to die. They were scheduled to marry in the following year, but Caesar decided to defeat his enemies a little too soon, and when they saw Caesar's handiwork in the neighboring village, he decided to marry her with great haste." I paused to look at the girl whose life I had saved only to condemn her to a life of servitude.

 I looked at her  - she was so small -  not even of a marriageable age.  She knelt on the floor in front of the god, her arms bound behind her back so tightly that her swelling bosom was thrust forward, and her hard nipples were evident through the sheer material of her gown. A ridiculous gown I had chosen for her for just this purpose - to tempt the god - to show him how hard I was willing to work to please him. This girl should have been killed with all the rest, and would have been if I hadn't intervened and rescued her from the sword one efficient soldier held to her throat while he prepared to rape her. I pitied the poor soul, but she was a pawn and had been all her life as her parents plotted and planned her marriage to the crown prince, the future King. They got their wish - she married the King but lost him the same day. She was now my own pawn - my own plot to grasp some of Ares' favor.

Her hair was so pale it was almost white and her eyes - blue as the Aegean itself. Her face all ovals, her lips as red as wine and shapely! If I had less self-restraint, I would have kept her for myself, but I wanted Ares most of all. Ares' favor, his attention, some small bit of his power yielded to me. That is what I wanted more than anything - more even than fucking this virgin Queen from Caesar's conquests. I could see the pleasure in the god's eyes as he looked at her and thought of fucking her. That hand was stroking the massive erection outlined so clearly against the dark leather of his pants. A smile curved those full lips - lips I dreamed would kiss my own, suck my cock...

"What's her name?" he asked, as if a name would mean anything to him considering what he had planned for her. Ares was known for his roughness during sex. He liked to his lovers up and enjoyed their pain and fear as they wondered what he would do to them even as they desired him for his great beauty. I also knew his taste for blood - as the god of war, blood was special to him - it defined his very being. That's why he liked virgins - well, Ares liked any woman for that matter.  He liked most of all how his huge cock, larger than any human male, ripped their flesh open. He healed them, of course, as he fucked them and was able to bring such pleasure to them once he enjoyed their pain and blood that they came back for more! Begged for it, in fact. I had witnessed this myself during one of our sojourns to the bordellos of Rome. Their screams of fear turning into screams of pleasure. He loved it. Couldn't get enough of it. Woman after woman after woman. And of course, being an egalitarian in sexual terms, he liked men as well., but there was something about the hymen Ares could not resist - breaking it, to be exact.

"Gwyn," I replied. He repeated it, testing the feel of the name on his lips. At the sound of his deep honeyed voice, the girl looked up and saw him for the first time. She had kept her eyes down until then as if in fear of what she would see. Now she took in the god's form and I watched as her eyes widened, then widened again as she saw his hand move on himself and caught the gleam of his white teeth in the light from the hearth. Her eyes darted back to the floor and she whispered something in her own tongue - a prayer to her gods, I imagined, as she realized what was soon going to happen to her. He smiled at her response. I knew he sensed the emotions of mortals the way a dog senses fear. Her fear, her revulsion, fueled his desire as surely as did her beauty and the promise of her virgin's blood.

"Can she understand Latin or Greek?" he asked. He rose from the throne and walked over to stand in front of her. What a figure he cut! Tall, strong, his muscles so well developed they strained his leather clothing almost to the limit. His skin was bronze, his hair raven black, long and curling around his neck and back. In this light, his cheekbones were sharp and high. The neatly trimmed beard emphasized his strong jaw and chin, framing those full lips, calling attention to them even, I felt, as I licked mine hungrily. Gods, but I wanted those lips for myself!

"No," I croaked, my voice almost choking on my desire. As if he sensed my own rising lust, he turned to look at me from under those dark brows and one corner of his mouth curled into a smile. He chuckled and turned back to the girl at his feet. She had bent down very low - her head was almost touching the ground and her pale hair spread out around her on the floor  - a tawny carpet, shining almost silver in the candlelight. She shivered and I felt almost bad for dressing her so lightly considering how cool it could get these nights. I suspected, however,  that the sheer gown would not stay long on that body - not when the god saw how full those breasts were, how high they stood and how long and pointed those nipples were, especially when hardened from the chill of the night air. Her breasts were so large and high for such a small girl - their size emphasized her tiny waist and curvaceous hips. She was a mere slip of a girl - so tiny. I could barely imagine him fucking her, his massive form crushing her underneath him, his huge cock taking her, ramming in her virgin passage. It would be kinder of course to let her fuck him - let her sit on top and control the degree of penetration and pace of the thrusts, but she was a virgin after all, a captive, and a new widow. I didn't anticipate her collaboration or compliance. Nor did he. In fact, he was probably hoping to get a good fight out of her. That would make him hard. Granite. The thought of it made me harder than I had been for a long time.

The god stood there for a good long time and looked at the Queen of the Durotiges there at his feet. His hands were on his hips and the smile never left his lips. I could only imagine what he had planned for her.

"I'm ... pleased," he began. "Well, I'M fucking overjoyed - let's not mince words."  He came to stand next to me, so close I could feel his hot breath on my forehead. He placed one hand on my shoulder - his touch sent a shiver down my spine. My cock swelled as I thought of that hand stroking it when we fucked. My eyes were at the level of his chin - I am not tall for a man, for the highest ranking soldier in Claudius' army. "All right, Vespasian, what are your terms? You didn't bring her to me out of pure love. You want something in return. She's very nice. I'll enjoy her. What's she worth to you? I'LL probably enjoy paying your price as well."

Terms? What was he asking me - my terms for what? For turning her over to him? Did he not know already? I stood dumbstruck, unable to speak for a moment. Of course, I had wanted to fuck him, to have him suck me, to have him as a lover. I hoped this virgin would please him enough so that he rewarded me with his attentions.  Then I felt his hand slide down my shoulder to my chest, then down further to my hip and thigh. My eyes closed instinctively as his hand stroked my cock through the fabric of my pants.

"Come on, Vespasian. Name your terms." He smiled at me as he stroked my cock  - those dark eyes of his so warm and yet, so distant, as if he could never really connect to a mortal. At least, in any other way than sexually. My cock grew harder under his hand and I wondered if he was planning to fuck me in front of the girl.

"I..." my voice caught in my throat. What would I ask of him? "I want you to suck my cock. I want to fuck you. And I want to watch you when you take her virginity." He threw his head back and a hearty laugh erupted from those full lips.  His long curls hung down his back. He turned back to look at me, his face animated with mirth.

"You don't ask for much! Sex?" he smirked, his hands on his hips.  "Is that all you want from me? No accolades to Caesar for your prowess on the battlefield, for you know, Vespasian, you are truly the most skilled officer I have met for a very long time." I shook my head. News of my performance on the battlefield had already spread. Caesar himself had commented generously when I presented him with the King's head on my spear.

He walked around me, about a pace away, and looked me up and down, as if judging my desirability as a lover. I am handsome, very handsome I am told by men and women alike. My dark hair and eyes, my strong body and features are perfectly proportioned according to the artist who was commissioned to paint my portrait. Lovers have commented appreciatively on my ample cock, my skills as a lover, my...fortitude. Surprised at my youth due to the premature shock of gray hair on each temple coupled with my high rank, they expect a much older man with less...stamina. I am young and full of lust. I know I can please this god, if he would give me a chance.

"You want to watch me deflower her, do you? You want her yourself!" I nodded at him, for I did truly desire her, but even more, I wanted to watch him fuck her for I knew when he did, I would witness an expert at work. I said this to him.

"You are the expert with women, with virgins. I want to watch you, see how you seduce her. Watch you make her bleed, watch as she is healed, and then watch when she wants to fuck you from her own desire."

He looked at the small girl-woman at his feet. He bent down and took her shoulders in his hands and pulled her up. She kept her eyes closed and her chin down, but he took her chin in his hand and gently tipped her face up to his. She grimaced as if expecting him to kiss her.

"Gwyn," he whispered softly, his voice so low and gentle, it startled me. "Vespasian wants to watch me fuck you. He thinks I am a beast and wants to see me debauch you, ruin you, destroy you." With one hand he stroked her long hair which curled into soft waves around her shoulders and down to her waist. With the other hand, he held her chin up. She finally opened her eyes, and I heard the sharp intake of his breath as he saw them fully for the first time.  "You are a goddess," he whispered. "Perhaps it is you, Gwyn, who will destroy me, hold me captive, take me against my will."

His voice was so seductive and soft, I was entranced by the sound of it. He could have done anything to me at that moment, but I saw the resistance in her body as he leaned down and brushed her lips with his. She pulled back and made a face, turning her eyes away from him. They came to rest on me and she choked as she whispered something to me - I could tell, in spite of  the softness in her voice, that her words were accusatory and filled with hatred. She was probably cursing me for killing her husband, for she had watched while I beheaded him with one smooth stroke of my sword. Now her tears fell down her cheeks and her body shook as she looked at me. If I wasn't such a heartless bastard, hardened by my years of battle and the endless carnage I had witnessed, I might have cared for her, felt bad for her tears. Ares and I only saw her for what she could give us - pleasure. She was our toy, and object for our lust. A temptation, a momentary diversion.

"She is a tasty morsel, Vespasian. I think I will comply with your wishes - but you'll have to wait for the show until I have subdued her completely. I find I enjoy virginal lust more than virginal resistance. It may take longer, but is so much more ... rewarding."

He took her by the arm and led her to his throne. He pushed her down into it, and she resisted, as if by sitting there, she was somehow compliant with him. He pointed a finger at her and pushed her gently back. "Now, now, sweet girl. Don't fight a god." He turned to me.   "Perhaps she doesn't know who I am! Shall I give her a taste of my power, Vespasian? Do you think she will be more or less compliant if she knows I am a god?" I shrugged, not knowing the heart of any woman. "Your guess is as good as mine, but I think she has a very strong will and will fight you every step of the way."

"Good!" he laughed, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. "A fight always makes things more interesting." She stood up as he stepped away and came to me. The god turned back and looked at her with a face of pure fury. "SIT DOWN!" he roared, and a flicker of blue lightning sped from his extended index finger and surrounded her, forcing her back into the seat. Shock filled her and her face blanched. She sat, her mouth gaping. I could see the tip of her pink tongue and thought how nice it would be to feel it against the head of my cock. Her eyes closed and I watched as two tears traced a path down her cheek. She opened her eyes once again and looked at Ares - recognition of his godhead flooded through her.

"Don't worry, Vespasian, I didn't really hurt her, just pushed her back in the seat." He smiled at me and came to stand close to me, so close his chest touched mine and I could smell his spicy musk. "And now, for the first part of your terms - you want to suck my cock..."

I looked up into his eyes - of course, he got it backwards - I wanted him to suck MY cock. "No," I corrected him, "I want you to suck MY cock, I want to fuck YOU." I knew this was not usual for a mortal. The god was always in control. I thought I'd give it a try anyway - see if he complied. What a thrill - to be sucked by the god of war.

"You first, then I'LL think about it. Besides, you'll have to wait a while afterwards before you can fuck me, and I don't have all day."

"It won't take me long to be ready again," I boasted. It was the truth. I could be hard very soon - especially if it was this god I was going to fuck.

"I said, you first. Let's show the girl how its done, so she won't be completely unskilled when she begs to suck my cock. Which I know she will, sooner or later." I could hear the lust rising in his voice as he thought of me sucking him, of him coming in my mouth. Of the virgin begging for his cock. I complied.

First, I wanted to taste those ripe lips and I put my arms around him and pulled him close, our cocks grinding against each other. His lips were so full and warm beneath mine and I felt my cock stiffen to amazing hardness as I felt his hot tongue explore my mouth. I licked his lips and he let me, smiling all the while. Then I sucked on that bottom lip, so full and red - gods, but his mouth was magnificent. I could barely wait until those lips circled the head of my cock and could almost feel them tugging at my tender flesh.

Bending down on my knees, I unbuckled his belt and pulled those tight leather pants down slowly over his massive erection. It loomed over me - so large and stiff. I had never seen anything like it. It was smooth and straight, and the head bulged and gleamed with cum. I could not wait to take it into my mouth, but then was seized, as he was, by the memory that we were being watched. Both of us turned to see what Gwyn was doing - she could watch us in profile from where she sat, only a pace from the throne. She looked away almost guiltily and I heard a soft chuckle from the god.  "This will be very good for her to watch, Vespasian. You're a genius." I looked up into those dark eyes and saw his feral smile. "Show her how to suck a god's cock."

I stroked his thighs and one hand cupped his heavy balls while the other milked his shaft of pre-cum. My tongue lapped it off the head of his cock and then, when no more was left, I swallowed as much of his great cock as I could. He began to thrust in me, his hands grasping my hair and guiding my mouth on him. I looked up and watched him watch me. He turned then, to the virgin, and watched her as well. I wondered what he saw, for I could not turn my head, engaged with his cock as I was. He seemed to stroke all the harder so I guessed he had caught her watching once again.  This made him even more aroused, and I felt his cock grow even harder in my mouth. Gods! He was getting off from her watching me suck him, probably more than from my own mouth. Damn him! He had a way of turning everything around, of getting precisely what he wanted, while making it appear as if he was complying. I hated him, but loved the taste of his cock.  I also loved the lust I saw in his eyes as he turned back to me and watched me as I rolled my tongue around the thick head of his cock.

"Fuck, you're good," he whispered as his orgasm began. This was reward enough for me and I sucked all the harder. I felt his buttock clench in my hand and with the other, I stroked the huge shaft of his cock, now slick with my own saliva. He closed his eyes and grunted with pleasure with each spasm of his cock.  As he shot his semen in my mouth, he forced himself to look down and watch as I swallowed hungrily. He almost fell forward on me, but I caught him and held him up. I had made the god weak-kneed -  I felt triumphant. My mouth pulled away and I licked his still-hard cock lovingly from base to head several times, to get every last drop of semen off it. "Yesss," he whispered, his hands on his hips, which were thrust forward, his cock throbbing and still jutting out defiantly. "That feels soooo good." I let my mouth linger on the head of his cock, mouthing it, feeling it grow instantly hard again. He was a god, after all. Stamina was no issue for him.

"Stand up and bend over," he commanded, "I'M ready for more."

I stood up, but felt betrayed - I was supposed to be sucked now, and I was supposed to do the fucking. Yet, I had just sucked him and how he expected to fuck me! I had to comply. What else could I do?

I turned around, but he then moved me so that I faced the girl seated on the throne. OK. He wanted her to watch him fuck me, he wanted her to see every expression on our faces. He wanted her to witness his and my own desire. To see how good it was. To want it for herself. He ripped my shirt off my back with one hand - effortlessly.

"Lean over and place your hands on the throne's armrests," he instructed. I did and my face was only two spans of my hand away from hers. How much more intimate could you get? She recoiled in horror at my proximity but I must admit it turned me on.   I saw the panic in her eyes - she was afraid to have me this close as if my lust would somehow contaminate her purity. I felt the god pull down my pants and saw as she could not resist looking at my own cock, now sticking up straight, a drop of cum glistening in the candlelight. She looked away and closed her eyes.

"GWYN!" the god shouted. She opened her eyes and turned back to look at him. Tears filled those bluest of blue eyes. "That's right, sweet girl. Watch and learn," he said, his voice thick with desire. I felt the cool drizzle of oil on my buttocks and then his hand smeared it on my slit while one finger slipped inside of me, past the tight ring of flesh and into me, stretching me in preparation for that huge cock. Another finger joined it and then another. All at once, I felt its massive presence inside of me and gasped as it struck my most sensitive spot. Fuck! He was so big. I grimaced and she must have thought it was in pain rather than pleasure, for her face mirrored my own.

He began thrusting in me, pounding inside of me and I felt his hand snake around my waist to my own throbbing cock. His stroke was rapid and firm and I knew from my response that it would not take long for me to cum. The incessant motion of his expert hand on my cock brought me nearer and nearer to my climax but it was the look of undisguised arousal on the virgin's face that really got me off. She could not suppress it in spite of herself  - a flush spread over her beautiful features as she watched us feel such pleasure. She licked her lips and tried to avert her eyes, but the god would not let her escape.  "GWYN!" he commanded and her head jerked back to watch as I came. I felt my cock spasm, shooting my seed into the gods hand, but some of it shot out beyond, and onto her bended knee and further to her lap. She looked down at it and before horror could overtake her, curiosity got the better of her -  she could not help but reach out to it and touch it. That was what sent the god over - what started his own orgasm - this virgin's honest interest in my cum, the sight of wonder on her face, the wetness on her fingers. If only she would reach up and taste it... He shouted out something as he spasmed and she looked up at his face as he  grunted with each thrust. I knew he was looking into her eyes while he came.

Finally his orgasm ended and he collapsed against me. It took all the strength I had to hold up his massive bulk. There the three of us were, my face mere inches away from hers, the gods not much farther, her fingers wet with my cum.

This was the god's first tactic in his seduction of this virgin. Fuck someone else in front of her - make her watch. Let her witness his desirability - his desire. I could tell she was already softening up, even if only a tiny bit. She closed her eyes and covered her face with one hand - the one not wet with my cum. That hand she held out as if wounded. She wept in front of us - for herself, for her dead husband, for the lost kingdom of the Durotiges. She wept for what she knew would happen to her, no matter what she tried to do to stop it, no matter how hard she resisted.

We stood up, the god and I. I felt anger well up inside me. My terms had not been met. The god had what he wanted - this virgin, perhaps one of the most beautiful young women I had ever seen. He had me suck him off and had fucked me in front of her.

Damn him! He was such an expert at this game.

I knew I'D learn a lot from him.


As I made my way to Ares' temple for the sixth night in a row, I wondered how long it would take for the god to seduce the virgin queen.  A week had passed - a week filled with sex for me - sex I hadn't anticipated. When I brought her to the god, I expected him to fuck here there and then in front of me. I expected him to suck me and then let me fuck him. Then I believed my time with the god would be over.  Still, I held out hope that he would find me pleasing as a lover and grace me with his favors. I certainly didn't expect the sex I did get.

What can I tell you? He fucked me several times a day during that week. Always in front of the virgin queen. He commanded me to suck him as well in front of her. How could I not comply? I knew he was using me as a means to get to the virgin - he wanted her to watch me suck him, to watch me give him pleasure. He wanted to overwhelm her with the vision of his desirability. He wanted to elicit a response in her. He succeeded.

Last night when I had sucked him, she sat quietly on his throne and watched with obvious interest. She looked from my mouth working away on that massive erection to his face and then back again as I stroked his shaft, cupped his balls. Her interest was piqued when I wet one finger with saliva and slipped it in his anus. His gasp of pleasure caught her attention and she looked closely at me while I stroked his gland, making him wild with desire. When he came, his teeth clamped down on that full bottom lip, grunts of pleasure as his seed shot into my mouth, she watched his face with rapt attention. Her own face flushed at the sights and sounds of his pleasure. Those blue eyes closed when he was through and she took in a deep breath as if trying to calm herself.

Now as I arrived at Ares' temple, I saw them sitting beside each other. One of the god's arms was thrown across the back of the divan and they leaned close to each other and examined a papyrus roll opened on her lap. His finger traced the words written there and she pronounced the words after him. He was teaching her to read Greek! He looked up when I entered the room.

"Ah, Vespasian. Just in time to see her perform."

He turned back to her and smiled. She smiled back at him - what a smile she had! So innocent, so captivating. I could see he enjoyed this chaste relationship he had developed with the young queen - he loved the fact she was starting to warm up to him, to enjoy his company, to look forward to watching him as he took his pleasure with me. He was a demon.  He had not laid a hand on her in the week since she arrived at the temple and I knew she was starting to trust him, to believe he was more interested in me than in deflowering her. How wrong she was! His interest in me was purely instrumental - our mutual lust was intended to incite her own for him. Nothing more.

"Read for Vespasian, Gwyn," he instructed, his soft voice stroking her.

She read from some ancient text - Plato, Phaedrus 8 - on beauty, Ares said as she prepared to read. She was reading slowly, her words well formed, but I could tell she was just mimicking Ares and did not truly understand what she was reading. Ares read first, and pointed to each word as he did. Then she followed, pronouncing the words after him.

"Now he... who is not newly initiated... or who has become corrupted,...does not easily rise... out of this world... to the sight of true beauty... in the other;... he looks only... at her earthly namesake,... and instead of being awed... at the sight of her..., he is given over to pleasure,... and like a brutish beast... he rushes on... to enjoy and beget;... he consorts with wantonness,... and is not afraid... or ashamed ...of pursuing pleasure... in violation of nature."

"Very good," he said to her as she finished, and smiled up at him.  "Imagine that - a brutish beast not afraid or ashamed of pursuing pleasure in violation of nature." He looked at me and smirked. "Such pretty words come out of that pretty mouth, eh, Vespasian? Don't you wish that sweet mouth would suck your cock? I know I do." He sighed and crossed his legs then turned to look at her again. "Ah, Gwyn. When will you comply and come to me willingly?" She looked at him and shook her head, indicating she did not understand what he was saying to her. He merely smiled back at her and then stretched his great legs out in front of himself. I could see his erection straining against his leather pants. He looked at it and then at me. I knew what he wanted to happen next.

"Come here, Vespasian. Suck my cock." She seemed to recognize that phrase and put the papyrus roll down almost expectantly. She looked at me, waiting for me to move to his side and comply. Damn him! Here I was, commander of Caesar's army, hero of Brittany, sucking the god so a virgin would learn how to please him. He is such a bastard.

I knelt down in front of him. There he sat, his arms outstretched on the back of the divan, Gwyn sitting at his side almost affectionately, her body turned to his. She looked up at his face and then to me, enjoying the looks of mutual lust that passed between us. What must she think? Does she think he is doing this - making me suck him while she watched, fucking me in front of her for any other reason than to seduce her? No - she is far too innocent. She truly believes he wants me, that he desires me. That she is just there to watch. I can tell she enjoys watching us.

I look up into the god's face - he stares back at me from under those brows - his lust rising as I move my hands to his belt and unbuckle the huge clasp. Gwyn shifts her position so she can better watch his face and she leans her head back on the divan. "She is starting to enjoy this," he comments as he watches me open his pants. He grunts as he lifts his hips so I can pull those tight pants over his thighs. His huge cock pops out and both she and I cannot suppress a gasp at the sight of it. She flushes when my hand reaches out to stroke his thick shaft to milk him of his fluid. I take a drop of it onto my finger and lick it off as I watch her - I will play this game as well, if that is what he wants. I will make her want to do what I am doing.

I wonder if I should offer her a taste of the god's cum, but no. She is not ready yet, and I don't want her to reject it. I know how much pleasure it will give him when she accepts my offer - imagine it! The virgin sampling his semen off my finger. It is a scene I intend to play out soon, and I feel certain that her curiosity is strong enough and her innocence such that she will want it. That she will take it happily, if not today, then soon. I look up at him. He is smiling, pleased with how much desire his body evokes in his mortal playthings.

I lick his cock, lick the bulging head, and fondle his balls. When I look up at her, she has wet her own lips as if in preparation to suck him. I know she will comply with his wishes soon. Then I forget about her and dive into my task, relishing it. My mouth moves on the head and my hand strokes the thick shaft. I barely notice as she slides off the divan and sits on the floor next to me, her face close to my own, her eyes greedy for Ares' cock inside my mouth. She watches my actions like a good student - does she understand that this is the god's intent? I pull off his cock and lick my lips appreciatively, my hand continues to stroke him.

I smile at her. Does she want to take over? She does, but I know that she is not ready yet. I resume my attentions to his cock and she moves back up to the divan and his side. Her wish now is to watch his face as he cums. I don't blame her - his face is so beautiful when he loses control during his orgasm. She is sitting on her knees now, at his side, her face mere inches from his as he nears his climax. He does not look at her, but looks instead into my eyes. I relish his attention - I love it. I want to see his desire, to view his response to my actions. I love making this god cum, make him ejaculate, sucking his tender cock while he shoots his semen into me.

His breath is ragged and he shifts his position, leaning farther back, his thighs straining, his mouth open. He is so near. "Fuck, I love your mouth," he gasps and I feel his cock grow rock-hard in my mouth as he starts to cum. He grunts - how I love his grunt of pleasure. She does too, and she watches his face with such desire on her own. He turns to her finally as his cock releases its milky fluid in my mouth, his eyes half-closed. His hand reaches out to touch her hair. "I wish it was your mouth, Gwyn," he gasps between grunts, then closes his eyes and leans his head back, giving in to his orgasm. I swallow his ample cum and she watches me almost jealously. Then her attention focuses back on his face and she watches him as his orgasm ends. He licks his lips and turns to her. "One day, Gwyn, you will ask to suck my cock," and she nods as if she understands what he has said. I know she can't - that she is just being agreeable - entranced from watching his orgasm.

His cock remains hard - it is time for him to fuck me. Where will it be this time? He stands up and looks around the room. There is a table against a wall and he points to it. I stand and lean against it, waiting for him to penetrate me from behind but he turns me around instead and lifts me up on the table, pushing me back so that I am lying down. He's going to fuck me from the front! I wonder why he is being so generous - perhaps he wants her to think of being in this very position with him - that's it. There is always a reason for his acts - nothing is uncalculated with Ares.

He leans over me and kisses me passionately, his tongue licks my lips, he sucks my mouth, his tongue parts my wet lips and plunges into me. She has moved to our side and is watching as he licks and sucks my mouth. I know she is imagining him doing this to her instead of me. He licks my lips as if they were her cunt - ah ha! That is his game. I can hear her rapid breathing. Is she imagining those lips on her vulva, that tongue searching out and stroking her hard clit, his mouth taking the whole of her in and sucking? I have watched him do this to other women, heard their moans of pleasure. He knows just what to do, this god. Damn him once again! I hate being used as bait, being used to seduce her. Yet, isn't that what she was to me - a means to seduce the god? I just wish he didn't want her so much. That she was just a prelude to sex with me, not the other way around.

He lifts my legs up and I wrap them around his waist. A drizzle of warm oil flows over my cock, balls and anus and I gasp with pleasure as he strokes me, anointing me, his fingers slip inside of me and stroke my gland. She moves closer and peers over to watch the god's actions and he complies, allowing her access so she can watch his every move in and on my body. He strokes oil over his cock and then pushes into me and I swear she moans with me as he enters me fully. He begins thrusting inside of me and it feels so fucking good that I don't care that he is watching her face and not mine. His hand grips my cock and strokes it and soon I feel my orgasm start, and as I shoot my semen over my chest, as I grip him tightly as my orgasm peaks, I hear his own breath catch in his throat and feel his thrusts become deeper and more insistent. He groans over me as he starts to cum and pulls out just as his ejaculation begins.  She and I watch as his milky fluid shoots out over me, his hand still stroking his shaft, cum spurting out, mingling with my own. He leans over me and pants, then smears his cum over my chest, mixing our fluid together. Then he leans down and licks our semen off my nipples.

Gods, I've never had better sex.


Two weeks have passed since that day I gave her to him, and still he hasn't touched her. She seems content to watch and I snicker to myself. Perhaps he has miscalculated. Perhaps she is content to be a voyeur and will never ask for him, never volunteer to suck his cock. I secretly hope this is the case - it would serve him right and give me a bit of revenge. I suppose I should be pleased though, as I have never had as much hot sex as I have with Ares these past two weeks. I have sucked him in every way possible, we have fucked in all positions. Still, he has not sucked me, nor has he allowed me to fuck him. I believe I will never get this pleasure.

Tonight as I entered his chambers he was bathing and she was sitting beside the tub, watching him, eating some fruit.  He hummed to himself as if pleased with life in general. "Ah, Vespasian! There you are." I nod to him and then wink at her. She smiles back politely, but I know she still sees me as her husband's murderer.  I can't help but notice the mango juice has dripped down her chin onto her full breasts, which are immodestly displayed in a gown of Ares' choosing.

Ares stands up and lathers his chest and I watch as the suds slide down that magnificent body to his jutting cock. He sees us both admiring his body and smiles with pleasure.

"Look at that, Vespasian," he began, pointing to Gwyn. "Mango juice dripping off her chin onto her breasts. Can't you just imagine rubbing that ripe mango onto her nipples and sucking it off slowly, making her moan with pleasure? Maybe dripping that juice on her clit and licking it until she cries out your name while she cums against your mouth?" He smiled down at her and she returned the smile, wiping her chin with her hand.

"Ah, Gwyn," he sighed as he stroked his cock and watched her. "I am starting to get impatient for you. I hope this seduction doesn't go on too much longer."

I took a mango from the bowl on the table, and bit into it myself. So he imagines sucking the juice off her nipples, eh? Well, I can play that game too. The mango is overripe and drips off my own chin. Ares steps out of the tub and comes to stand beside me. He does not dry off and I nod approvingly - his skin looks so delicious when wet. I go to the divan against the wall and sit there while he stands in front of me, his hands pressed against the wall for support. His cock is at just the right height for my mouth. "Gwyn," he calls to her and she slips onto the couch beside me. Her face is close to mine as I pull the god to me. Then I rub the mango on his hard shaft, and drip its juice on the head. She giggles - she actually giggles at this and raises her eyebrows at me, as if to acknowledge my brilliance.

"Yes," the god whispers, "she likes that, Vespasian." His cock throbs as my tongue laps the juice off the head and I taste his salty cum mingled in with the sweetness of the mango. "Mmmmm," I mouth against his cock. I can hear her licking her lips beside me as if she is impatient and wants me to leave so she can take over. I pull my mouth off and squeeze more mango juice on his cock. Bits of mango cling to the granite shaft and the orange juice mixes with the more viscous pre-cum and drips off the end invitingly. I move aside and motion with my hand for her to sample him. She smiles. She hesitates. Her eyes go to the god's face as if asking for permission, but he does not look at her for his eyes are closed tightly in anticipation. She moves over slightly and her small pale hands rest on his hips. I watch, barely able to breathe, as her mouth moves close to the god's cock and her pink tongue - her pink virgin's tongue - slips out to lick the drop of cum/mango juice off the end of his cock.

"Oh, FUCK," he groans, and I can actually see him shake from desire as her tongue slowly licks his entire length. She misinterprets his voice and moves quickly out of the way and pushes me back, waving her hand as if she has had enough. She doesn't look at him, in fear that she has done the wrong thing by licking him. She couldn't be more wrong, of course, and his face falls when he realizes she has stopped. He won't force her though. She has indicated her willingness - no - her desire to suck his cock. I know and he knows that it is only a matter of days, maybe even hours and she will give him what he wants - her lust.

"Oh, fuck, Vespasian. So close." I look up into his eyes. Damn him! He wants her more than he wants me. "She is mine," he whispers and closes his eyes as I take him fully in my mouth. He is imagining that it is her mouth sucking him just as she is imagining it is she who is giving him such pleasure. She has that look in her eyes - undisguised lust.

"Do you know that she masturbates when you leave and she is all alone in her room? You should see her, Vespasian. It is a sight to behold, her face during her orgasm. I'LL show you later. Together, we'll watch her stroke herself until she cums." I stroke that massive shaft as my tongue circles the head and I feel him shudder as his orgasm nears.

"Suck me hard, Vespasian. I need you to suck me hard," he moans. His hips pump and thrust his cock down my throat.  "Bite me," he orders. Bite him? What can he possibly mean? I can't bite him - does he want my teeth to scrape his head? I comply, but he seems unsatisfied. "Bite me!" he commands and I pull off, unsure of what he wants. "What do you mean?"

"Just underneath the head. Just bite me there. Hard enough so I feel pain. I need this, Vespasian."

I let my teeth slide to the area just below his head and bite down, hard enough until I hear him cry out.  "Yes," he moans, and then he grunts as his orgasm starts and he shoots his hot seed down my throat. "Oh, fuck. Vespasian. That was so good." He pants over me and hangs his head while he recovers. Both of us have forgotten Gwyn and I turn to look at her. She left the divan and is sitting on a chair a few paces away.  "Oh, gods, Vespasian. I really thought she was going to suck me then." He plopped down next to me and looked at her thoughtfully. "When I get disappointed like that, I find a little pain brings me back to reality.  A little pain gets me going - gets me over my frustration." He smiles almost boyishly at us.

"What now?" he asks, his hands rubbing together in anticipation.

I shrug, used to him fucking me now. "How about...letting me suck you?" My cock jerks at this. Of course I have to agree that this is an excellent idea. Why now, I wonder, unable to take the god at face value. He must think that this will win him points with her for everything he does is done with this end in mind.

He kneels down in front of me and starts to undo my pants. "Take your shirt off," he commands and I comply. I am getting so hard at the thought that he will finally suck me - those full lips will finally circle my cock. Gwyn moves to my side - she is startled to see him in this unfamiliar position. Yes, it is a sight to behold - the god sucking a mortal. I can barely wait to watch for myself. He tugs my pants down, over my cock and off to the floor. While he pushes my thighs apart, his tongue traces up the inside of my thigh to my balls, and he licks each one in turn, his mouth taking one in and sucking it softly.

He pushes my thighs even further apart and licks my perineal area, and he takes his finger into his mouth for lubrication before slipping it into my anus. I gasp as he finds the sensitive spot and he strokes it as his lips find the head and suck my pre-cum off. His dark head bobs between my legs, his curls shining in the firelight.  Gwyn drops down to the floor beside Ares and moves closer to get a better look as he sucks me. He pulls off my cock and looks at her, his eyes filled with lust for her. Her mouth is only a few inches from his and I swear she almost kissed him then, as if overtaken by desire from watching him suck my cock. He licks his lips slowly and then turns back to my cock. He squeezes my shaft, drawing out my cum until it hangs off the head. Then his pink tongue snakes out and licks the fluid off the end of my cock. She watches him through half-closed eyes.

Slurping sounds emanate from between my legs and I realize that he is doing this so she can imagine how it would feel for him to be doing the same thing between her legs. She squirms on the floor beside him as she watches him closely. He makes a great show of licking me and looks up at me and her as he tongues my balls and cock. You bastard, I think as I near my orgasm. He has taken the head of my cock in his mouth and is stroking my shaft with such expertise that I reach my climax with little effort and cry out as my cum spills out over his hand. He licks my cum off the end of my cock and smiles at me.

"Now, I think you wanted to fuck me. How about," he hesitated and then raised his eyebrows.  "I know - make as if you are leaving and then we will go and watch her masturbate." He smiles at me knowingly. "That should get you hard again and ready for me." I have to admit I want to watch her masturbate. How does a virgin pleasure herself?

I stretch and dress as Ares licks the remaining cum off his hand. He dresses and both of us feign that it is time for me to go. I leave and he tells me to wait at the end of the hall for him, and I do, sitting on an old stool beside a suit of armor. After about 5 minutes he comes to me and takes my hand in his, pulling me with him. "I'LL make us both invisible - we can watch from right beside her on the bed. She won't feel us or hear us." He laughs. "It's one of the benefits of godhood." He is so wicked. I love him.

We enter her chamber and watch as she paces around the room. She wrings her hands as if torn, unable to make some decision and I wonder if she wants to go to the god and ask him to fuck her. I wouldn't doubt it - not after this night. She stands at the window and covers her eyes and I realize she is weeping. Weeping for this life she has found herself in - against her will. Weeping for her dead husband, for her dead family, for her people. Gods. I almost forgot she was a living breathing mortal.

"Look at her, poor child," Ares says as he stands beside her at the window. His face almost looks sympathetic. The god's dark figure looms over her - he must be almost a foot and a half taller than her and is dark in contrast to her fairness. Once again I am caught by the image of them fucking, of him on top of her, crushing her beneath him. It would be perfection to witness.

"She is remembering that only a few weeks ago she was in love and was planning her wedding to the King. Now she is a pawn in our little game of lust, Vespasian. She knows it and hates herself for being caught up in it with us." He shakes his head. "I don't know if she'll masturbate tonight. She's too upset."

"Never stopped me," I add. We both laugh at this.  "I don't know, Vespasian. She has masturbated almost every night since she came here, but I get the sense that for women, masturbation is like some rich dessert, while for men it is like bread - a staple." He grins at his own words and his hand reaches out to her and almost touches her before he remembers.

"Oh, Gwyn," he sighed, his face becoming serious again. "You want me so badly tonight. You don't want to wait, but feel so decadent asking for it." She wiped the tears off her cheeks and undressed and lay down naked on the bed.

"Ah, I was wrong," Ares whispers as we see her hands stroke her full breasts, her fingers squeezing her nipples to hard points. I want to lean over and take one in my mouth and I imagine Ares does as well. We are terrible, Ares and I. Power is such an aphrodisiac.

I watch entranced as her thighs spread and her hand slides down to her mound. She does not stroke herself yet but just rests her hand on herself, on one side of her cunt. Her body is so young and ripe, her breasts are perfection and her hips softly rounded and feminine. Light hair curls down to her labia and as she spreads those outer lips with her fingers I gasp as I see her inner flesh, now wine colored from her arousal. She is wet, her moisture glistens in the light from the fire. I want to lean over her and lick that moisture off her sweet inner lips. Ares is leaning over, his mouth moving ever closer to her body, and I know he wants to lick her as well. How close will he get? He comes a mere inch from her cunt - his mouth hovers over her and I hear him sniffing her, breathing in her musk. He extends his tongue for a second and actually licks her then pulls quickly back and she only shifts position, unaware that he has licked her. She feels only sweet desire, feels her swelling flesh stroked now by her fingers.

I have never seen a woman masturbate up this close and am intrigued as much as aroused by the sight of it. She wets her fingers with saliva and slowly strokes her inner labia all the while moving her hips as if she knows instinctively how to fuck. One hand strokes her breast and pulls at her nipple and her head moves from side to side. Small beads of sweat form on her upper lip and a flush spreads down her face to her neck and breasts. Gods, I can understand Ares' lust for her - why he wants her to seek him out, to ask him to fuck her. What a triumph! To take this virgin and turn her into a lusting woman. He looks at me though lidded eyes. "She is so fucking perfect, Vespasian," he whispered, "Have I thanked you enough for giving her to me?"

No, I think to myself. I am greedy. I want more of Ares - not even all the sex we have had these past two weeks can satisfy my lust for him.

Her fingers stroke her clit now with more speed and her hips thrust in time. Small gasps of pleasure escape from her parted lips as she nears her orgasm. What is she seeing in her mind? Is she imagining Ares fucking her, or his ripe mouth licking her, sucking her clit? She groans as her orgasm starts and her back arches deliciously and her eyes open as her body convulses with pleasure. Ares is leaning over her so he can watch her face as she cums. "Oh, sweet girl," he whispers, his hand stroking his massive erection, "you will taste so good, you will feel so good when I finally suck you, lick you, fuck you. His hand moves rapidly on his cock and he cums into his own hand and shudders while he watches her recover from her own orgasm.

I do not jerk off. I want to fuck the god.  "I want to fuck you, Ares. You promised."

He lies back on the bed beside her and looks at her face. "Not tonight. Tomorrow. You can fuck me in front of her tomorrow night. That should do the trick. When she watches you fuck me, she won't be able to resist. She will want me for herself."

He rolled off the bed and pulled me along with him. My own cock was still hard and it ached for release. "I need some help here," I said angrily, pointing to my erection.

He looked down at it and shrugged. "Jerk off. I did."

That bastard. I jerked off. He watched.


I knew it wouldn't take long after she had actually tasted him, licked his cock. After watching her masturbate, I wanted to watch as Ares took her virginity even more than ever - almost as much as I wanted the god. To have them both at the same time! A dream.

A waking dream, to be exact. That's how it felt to me.

I went to the temple at the pre-arranged time and when I entered his chamber I saw her giving his shoulders and neck a massage. He winked at me knowingly and pointed to a spot on his neck and her hands moved there and expertly kneaded his flesh. "Ohhh, Gwyn! Such a skilled touch you have." His shirt bunched up under her hands and he finally stopped her and pulled it over his head, discarding it on the floor. I watched as her face flushed when she felt his naked flesh under her hands. Ares! Such a calculating, conniving, brilliant seducer he was. Of us both. He bent forward and flexed his muscles. His back was so broad and sculpted, she couldn't resist touching him and her hands slid over his back with appreciation.  He smiled at her loss of control. She whispered something to him in her language and I knew they were words of lust. He smiled and said nothing, just let her continue to stroke his back, until she finally returned to the massage.

"I think our queen will succumb tonight, Vespasian. What do you think? Care to wager on it?"

I shook my head. Her face was flushed and her eyes closed as she massaged his shoulders. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't reach around and kiss him then and there. "No way, Ares. I have to agree with you. It's tonight."  He smiled and leaned back, rolling his neck as she rubbed it for him.

"So you want to watch me fuck her, Vespasian. Want to watch a god deflower this perfect virgin." I nodded. "More then anything else in this world," I replied. He laughed at my enthusiasm. "Ah, yes. Fucking a virgin can be so ... pleasurable. Especially if she is eager and willing. And I think our Gwyn has seen enough fucking and enough of our orgasms these past weeks that she is more than eager for some of it herself."

"You are brilliant, Ares. I didn't think it could be done," I said, truly amazed at his apparent success. "I thought, given her recent widowhood, the fact that she is a captive, that her family was killed by our forces, that she would be less than eager, less than willing. You're amazing. You knew your way to her ... cunt."

"No," he corrected me, "not just her cunt, Vespasian. Her heart. She wants me because she thinks I'VE been honorable with her - I haven't touched her once - well, not that she knew of anyway." He nodded to her and turned around, indicating that the massage was over. She seemed caught off guard, as if she had been enjoying touching him so much, she didn't want it to stop. "She thinks I want you, that it is you who is the expert lover. She's watched you like a hawk to find out how to please a man - how to please me. Each time you sucked me, each time I fucked you, she learned how to suck and fuck a man."

He stretched out those bulky arms and flexed one as if in pain. He rubbed the biceps and winced, pointing to an area in them and she willingly complied and began massaging the area. He grimaced as she worked on the muscle and then relief flooded over his face. "Ah, Gwyn. Such a nice touch you have..." She worked away on his arm and he looked at her, desire plain on his face. She looked up into his eyes and flushed as she recognized his lust for her. Her hands slowed and then she looked guiltily at me, as if worried that I too would see the god's lust for her and become angry. She removed her hands and sat demurely.

Ares turned to me. "See? She thinks you own me." He looked at her and smiled. "Don't worry, sweet Gwyn. I'M the god." He pointed to his chest and repeated the word. "God," then he pointed to her. "Gwyn," then to himself, "god," She repeated it after him.  "God," she said, nodding as if she understood. He smiled at her. "Besides, Vespasian wants me to fuck you. He wants to watch as you suck my cock for the first time and taste my cum. He wants to watch as I make you cum for the first time with a cock inside of you. Oh, it will be so good. I am so hot already, just thinking of it." At this, he turned to me and I thought he wanted me to suck him. "Now, Vespasian, I want you to take me, roughly, as if you are angry with me," he said as he rubbed his arm and looked at her. "Come over here and force me to suck your cock. Don't hold back." He smiled and looked over at me. "Pretend you're me."

I complied. As I did, I was surprised how turned on I was as I imagined being Ares, having his power. I pulled him over to me and pressed his face into my groin, grinding his lips along the hardening length of my cock. Gwyn watched with a shocked look on her face. She turned to me and I could see the contempt for me on her face. Yet, below the contempt, she could not hide her arousal from touching his bare skin. Now she watched as he became compliant, as he became the weak partner in our little sex game.

"That's right, Vespasian. Force yourself on me." He said to me in a pleading voice while he looked up into my eyes. "This is sure to arouse her." I was glad to comply. I opened my own pants and took out my cock in my hand and stroked it, milking myself of my pre-cum and rubbing my cock's head against his full lips. "Lick me!" I commanded him, my voice raised. He complied and after he had stroked the entire shaft of my cock with his tongue, I rammed my cock down his throat, taking him and Gwyn quite by surprise. I was rough as he requested, and wondered, in spite of the growing desire in me from this show of force, why he wanted this from me, what he hoped to accomplish. Gwyn  gasped at my use of force and I saw anger flash across her features. Aha! That was his tactic - evoke her sympathy for him. Let her see his vulnerable side. If she thought he could be vulnerable, she would feel able to ask him to fuck her, if she could suck his cock. If I had my way with him, leaving him unfulfilled and ill-used, she might just feel the need to provide him with that fulfillment.

Damn him! He was a brilliant tactician. Still, I was enjoying this position of power. Perhaps a little too much. I was a bit too forceful and my thrusts forced him back against the wall. My hands went to his curls and I pulled him on my cock, my hands controlling his motions on me. I had him pinned against the wall, fucking his mouth, his head banging against the stone with each thrust. Gods, it made me as hard as granite.

I couldn't take much of this and soon felt myself cumming, my seed spilling in his mouth. He licked the last of my semen off my cock and looked up at me submissively. "How long before you feel able to fuck me?" he asked, his hands stroking my thighs. Finally! I get to fuck the god. He's sucked me twice now - twice I was in heaven as I felt those full lips sucking my cock. Now I was going to fuck his tight ass.  I could hardly wait.

"Not long," I replied, my voice already smoky from lust.

"Well," he began, "why don't you have a short rest while you recover? We should have a glass or two of wine, although I doubt that our queen needs much in the way of encouragement. You should order me to get the wine for you." I did as he asked.  "Get us some wine, Ares." I commanded him. He complied, and stood up to retrieve the pitcher of wine and three cups for us. I could see his massive erection and caught her eyes straying there as well as he stood in front of us and poured us a cup.

"She can't wait to get her lips around it, can she?" he asked, his face grim.

"I think you're right," I replied, angered that his mind was so quickly on her after sucking me so well. I sipped at my wine - I didn't want anything to interfere with my performance. She drank her cup down in one draught. Ares quickly refilled it for her, the good host that he was. There he stood in front of us, his black leather straining against that exquisitely muscled body, his dark curls so alluring, his eyes dark and mysterious. Those full lips so inviting. That stiff cock a promise of such pleasure. Gods. I couldn't wait to fuck him. My cock stiffened at the sight of him.

I stood up and breezed past him, grabbing him roughly by the arm and pulling him with me to the bed. "How do you want this to happen, Ares?" I asked, in case there was some tactic he wanted to employ in this part of the play. "Oh, I don't know," he lied, "Fuck me hard and fast. Take your pleasure. Ignore my own." I nodded. It was as I thought. He wants her to feel sorry for him, to want to comfort him, to give him pleasure. "From behind or from the front?"

"Behind," he replied. I chuckled to myself. Yes. My thoughts as well. So much more impersonal from behind. One is able to practically ignore your partner from this position. They become an anonymous hole - one butt almost the same as any other. Well, not in Ares' case. His butt was exceptional. I could barely believe I was going to be fucking him.

I pushed him down roughly onto the bed and he caught himself and propped himself up on his hands. I reached around his waist and undid his pants, then pulled his pants down over his thighs. I grabbed a flask of oil from beside his bed and poured it over him and onto my hands and cock. Gwyn came to us and sat on the end of the bed beside Ares, her face next to his. He didn't look at her, just kept his eyes closed tightly as if reluctant for this to happen. He is such a cad. Her beautiful face revealed such sympathy for him. He appeared to be unwilling - as if he was being forced to comply with me. She understood that feeling - that loss of control. It was incongruent with the god's power and unsettled her. Stupid girl! Have you forgot he is the god? He could blast us all to Tartarus with a wave of his finger if he wanted!

She turned to me and spoke in a sharp voice. I imagine she was telling me he didn't want to be fucked. Telling me to stop, to leave him alone. Stupid virgin! So naive, so open to manipulation.  "Ares," I began, "You're making me look like the bad guy in this play. She's gonna hate me if I keep this up." He grunted as I slipped one finger past that tight circle of flesh. He kept his voice quiet, hiding his mirth at my words. "Vespasian, you have to decide whose love you want  - mine or the virgin's. If you want hers, you're a bit too late - you should have thought twice before you killed her husband in front of her. How can you expect her to love you, to want you after what you've done to her? Come on, man. Wise up." I shoved my cock in him, angry with him for speaking the truth. He groaned as if in pain. Fuck you Ares. I'M not that big.

"You gave her to me," he continued, "I haven't laid a hand on her, have been only nice to her. You ARE the bad guy in this play."

Damn! I'M guiltier than I want to acknowledge. I don't want her to be mad at me. I want her to lust for me as well. I want to taste her too when the god tastes her, as I know he will. I imagine us both sucking her nipples, licking her cunt, fucking her one after the other. Ares first, of course - but me right after. I won't mind her virgin's blood, but he's right. She won't want me. Will he give her to me?

"You're right, Ares." I admit, "She's not likely to want me to fuck her, considering everything - but, you can always let me fuck her anyway. After you've fucked her first, of course." Gods, I'M as hard as rock as I thrust inside his tight ass. He's not used to being fucked and actually grimaces as I increase the depth of my thrusts. "I don't think so, Vespasian," he grunts, "She's not just some fuck," he pants, "She's going to be an incredible fuck," he can't speak as my cock bangs into him. Then he gasps, and finds the air. "A fuck to remember. A fuck to savor. A fuck I'M going to keep for myself."

Damn him! It's not supposed to be this way! I ram myself in him. He wants me rough, he'll get me rough. Her hand reaches out and touches his and he finally looks at her, drinking in her desire for him, her sympathy for him.  Oh, he's played her so perfectly. Knew just how to win her heart. What an expert. She leans over to him and presses her cheek against his. She genuinely cares for him! That bastard. That heartless bastard doesn't deserve this virgin's love. He's just lying in wait to pounce on her. To have his way with her. So what if she asks for it? He's manipulated her into wanting him. Damn - I should have kept her for myself. Of course, if I had she would not be a virgin now - she would have lost it that very day and then been sent off to become one of the camp prostitutes.

Now I know her, now I feel something for her. She has become a human to me, a woman with a past. I have a present with her, and she has a future. A woman with a heart. I want her so much - want to fuck her as well. And now I realize it's not going to happen.  I should have fucked her that day in the fortress after I killed the King. War  - rape - is so much easier when you deny your victim's humanity.

As I thrust inside the god I watch her as she lies on the bed beside Ares and see them looking into each other's eyes. I realize now that I've misjudged Ares. I've not given him credit for taking the time to get to know this woman, for letting her feel relaxed around him.  I'm surprised at my failure to see this in him, but perhaps I have merely applied my own failings to him, thinking that we're the same.  I now think that Ares needs to feel Gwyn's humanity  - it makes his triumph over her so sweet. He wants to know her more fully before fucking her, but then, he is a god and mortals fascinate him. I have always sensed this from him - this desire to understand us, to comprehend what goes on inside and use that knowledge to get his pleasure from us. Even in the bordellos, with those prostitutes, he seemed to seek out that small bit of uniqueness in each woman he fucked. They sensed it and responded to him in a way they never did with me. He is an expert in this regard. Expert enough to know what will crack this virgin's shell, open her heart and thighs. He loves to manipulate us - his power over our measly emotions make him feel so, what? Alive?

I cum finally, and my anger and musings have muted my pleasure. Damn him again. He's ruined my experience. Fucking Ares isn't the turn on I hoped it would be, he wasn't really involved, he wasn't turned on, he didn't want me. He wanted her.

I pull out of him and stagger away and he collapses on the bed beside her. She reaches out hesitantly, wanting to touch him, to comfort him. She withdraws her hand, and sits quietly, afraid to do the wrong thing but wanting to touch him nonetheless. He is such a bastard, this god. OK, Ares. Now what are you going to do? How are you going to get yourself into her arms?

He rolls over and sits up and as he does, he winks at me. "I need a bath after that, Vespasian. Go call my servants and have them draw me one. My wet skin all soapy... maybe she would like to wash my back. What do you think - think that will work? She seemed to like touching me earlier."

"Ares," I sigh, as I go to the door and call his servant. "You are truly a conniving bastard. I almost feel sorry for her."

"Vespasian!" he says, a smile on his full lips. "It's a bit too late to feel sorry for her, and why should you anyway? You act as though I'M doing something bad. After you made her a widow and an orphan, took her away from her country, gave her to her enemy's god as a sexual slave, she should be happy that I have been as nice and respectful as I have been. I repeat - I have NOT forced myself on her, which I could have done very easily. I am teaching her Greek, I have clothed and fed her, given her a place to sleep and pleasant company. I have allowed her to watch me fuck my new lover - let her get right in close and see every delicious detail. I am letting her come to me - to seek me out, to ask me for my love on her own time. My plans for her are the least of her worries."

I stood across the room from him and had to agree that he had given her a lot better deal than she might have got otherwise.

"What are your plans for her? We watched as the servants filled Ares' great copper tub with water. Gwyn remained on the bed and watched us as we spoke. What on earth was she thinking, I wondered.

"Short or long term?"

"Both." He looked thoughtful for a moment and stroked his beard.

"Well, in the short term, I plan on fucking her brains out. Day and night. I plan on those sweet lips sucking my cock endlessly. She's young - she'll have lots of stamina." He stood up and stepped into the tub. Gwyn followed him to the tub, used to him letting her watch as he bathed. She pulled up a stool and sat beside him, her eyes lingering on his chest and shoulders.

"In the long term, we'll have to see. She's so delicious, I can't imagine letting her go in the very near future. I could probably find something for her to do. Depends on what kind of woman she turns out to be."

He said all this with such a serious look on his face. I imagine he was trying to maintain her sense of sympathy for him, but I could tell he was pleased with himself and his success in seducing her Damn him. I would never have taken the time and trouble to win her heart this way. Not over some fuck - even if it was a virgin, well, a fucking beautiful virgin. I suppose she was more than just a fuck to him, though. She was a conquest. I realized then what a perfect gift she had been for him. I couldn't have chosen any better. Not for this god.

"I guess she's a great gift for you, Ares," I said, wanting him to acknowledge it. He looked over at me as if in surprise. "Of course, she is. I'VE already told you how perfect she is." He scrubbed his underarm thoughtfully.  "You've given me my own mortal." He looked at her and sighed. "It's quite a responsibility, actually. You can't know, Vespasian, how grateful I am that you gave her to me. I consider your price to be far too low, considering."

"Ares, you could have any number of women  or men any time you want."

The god stood up and continued soaping himself. He was flaccid now, and even in this state - a state I had hardly ever witnessed, he was larger than most men were when erect. Gods, he was beautiful.

"Yes. But a virgin, a captive, a widow, an orphan, and so beautiful. Vespasian, when she finally does ask me to fuck her, I know it will be so fucking incredible - she will be so fucking incredible." He shook his head and looked at me. "I don't know if I'LL survive it."  He turned and looked at her sitting there so quietly beside him. I looked at her then and had to agree. Her long pale hair gleamed. Her skin was creamy and flawless. Her eyes so blue, rimmed by such long eyelashes. Her lips perfectly shaped and deep-hued. And her body - ripe as the mango I'D tasted the day before. Ready to be eaten.

"She is so fucking desirable I could make her a goddess now so I could enjoy her forever."

She felt his gaze on her and looked up at him. She tried to keep her eyes on his face, but failed and they traveled over his body, down to his cock and then she looked at her hands. The sight of him standing there naked brought a blush to her face. "Look at her, Vespasian," he said, awe in his voice. "Even after all she's witnessed, she still blushes when she sees me naked. I can't wait to watch her as I'M finally fucking her - watch her while she cums with me inside her."

"I can't wait to watch with you."

He sat back down and turned to Gwyn, handing her the soap and pointing to his back. She took it from his hand and smiled shyly, her blush returning. She lathered up and started running her hands over his broad back and the tops of his shoulders. Then she dipped the vessel into the water and rinsed him off and sat down, heaving a great sigh as she did, unable to hide her desire for him. I suspected she wanted to continue to wash him, her hands going around to his chest, his thighs, his cock.  "What self-control she has, Vespasian. A lesser woman, or man for that matter, would have given in to their lust."

The god emerged from the tub and took a sheet to dry himself. His cock was rising, probably from her touch but also probably because he felt he was so near the climax of this little play he'd written for himself. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at his cock, now fully erect. He looked at me in all seriousness. "Well, Vespasian, looks like I need some help with this thing. Time for Act Three - the denouement, as they say in Gaul. Call in my priestesses. Maybe Gwyn would like to see my cock sucked by a woman for a change. I'LL appeal to her jealousy. See if that gets results."


I went to the door and called for Ares' servant. When he arrived, I instructed him that the god wanted to be serviced and to send his priestesses. He nodded knowingly and soon three of Ares priestesses came in, scantily dressed, smiling at the god and whispering amongst themselves in anticipation. "Vespasian, you choose for me. Make a big show of it." Gwyn had moved to the god's side, thinking that she was going to witness me sucking him as was usual, and was surprised when the women came in. She was even more shocked when I walked over to them and looked them over carefully. "Who should I choose, Ares? You're the one who knows how to get to her. One who is the closest to her or the most different?"

"The most different," he replied. "No woman, no matter how beautiful, is ever secure in their beauty. They always wish they had the other woman's attributes. Pick the tall brunette." I did. She smiled at me and Ares. "What game are you playing with this poor girl, Ares?" she asked as she stepped forward and knelt at his knees.

"None of your business, Cleo. Just suck my cock."

"Gladly," she replied and her hand went to his cock. Before her hand could even get around it, Gwyn made her move. She seemed to curse in her own language and pushed the priestess aside. Cleo laughed at looked at Ares, whose own face was grim although I could tell it took all his strength to keep from smiling in triumph. "Now I know what game you're playing. You bad boy," she said as she moved away. I could barely breathe as I watched Gwyn. She leaned forward and put her hands on the god, one on each shoulder. "God," she whispered, her face red from embarrassment.

"Yes, Gwyn?" he replied, his voice deep and soft, smoky with desire.

"Gwyn suck my cock."

His eyes closed and his own face flushed. "I thought you'd never ask," he whispered.

She leaned forward and her mouth moved to his, her lips just touching his, as if in wait for his approval. He let her stay there, enjoying her hesitant desire. When he didn't pull away or say no, she pressed her mouth against him and then her tongue came out and she licked his lips the way I had when I first kissed Ares. Then she kissed him more forcefully and he finally reciprocated, although he remained propped on his hands. She said something in her own language to him - it sounded full of love, whatever it was.

"Damn, I wish I knew your language," he mouthed against her lips. She kissed him once again and then her hands started to stroke his shoulders and chest, running over his muscles, touching his nipples, following his chest hair down to his navel and then his pubic hair, dark and curling around that massive cock. Then her hands stroked his hips and moved down to his thighs. She knelt between his legs and looked up at him, in his eyes with such naked desire, it almost killed me. I watched as his cock throbbed in response to her actions, his cum leaking out. "Get out," he ordered. I looked around. Cleo had already left the room. Then I knew he meant me.

"No fucking way, Ares."

"Come on, Vespasian. Would you want someone watching, if you were me?"

"I don't care what you want. This was part of the bargain."

He shook his head. "What bargain? You gave her to me. Leave the room."


I watched as she leaned forward and that pink tongue licked the drop of cum off the head of his cock. He gasped as he felt her tongue touch his sensitive skin and then moaned as she took the entire head in her mouth.  "Oh, gods, Gwyn," he whispered. His face was a mask of desire, his skin flushed, his eyes half-closed. He wanted her so badly. My own cock was rock hard as I watched her tonguing that cock, her hand stroking his shaft, the other cupping his balls. I could see him trembling and knew he wanted me gone because this conquest meant more to him than he wanted me to know. It gave me such a sense of power to know this about him.

She pushed his thighs open  and licked her finger as she had seen both he and I do. I held my breath as this virgin prepared to penetrate the god - he held his as well and moved to accommodate her.  When her small finger slipped inside him, he groaned and closed his eyes.  Her eyes closed as well, pleased that she was able to evoke such a strong response from him.  He was trying to stave off his orgasm - I could see his effort, him holding his breath and looking away. He was shocked perhaps at how quickly this virgin was able to make him cum, but she had spent the better part of the last two and a half weeks watching me sucking him so expertly.

"She is a good student." I said dryly.

His breath caught in his throat and I saw his muscles tense as his orgasm began. She seemed to know he was going to cum as well and took him deep in her mouth - as deep as she could and stroked his shaft quickly. He groaned and his eyes closed tightly as he came, his grunts of pleasure so familiar to us both. I watched to see how she managed his semen - it can be quite a shock to the uninitiated, but she seemed to handle it quite well and swallowed several times as he filled her with his ample fluid. His eyes flew open so he could watch her swallow his cum as well and he moaned once again as he witnessed it. She licked her lips then licked the cum off the head that leaked out as his cock still spasmed.

"Oh, FUCK," he groaned, then he pulled her up into his embrace and kissed her, crushing her in his great arms.

He stood her up in front of him as he sat on the end of the bed and undressed her, taking the sheer gown off her shoulders slowly as if unwrapping a gift. It slipped down and the gauzy material caught on her erect nipples. He pulled the gown completely off her, exposing her naked perfection and his hands stroked down her body from her shoulders to her thighs. He pulled her close to him and took one nipple in his mouth, his lips tugging at it then his tongue licking all around the areola while his hand kneaded the other full breast and his fingers pinched its nipple gently. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted and I heard her moan as he sucked at her other nipple now. My hand went to my cock. This was what I had been waiting for these past weeks - watching Ares fuck this virgin. This fuck had so much more meaning to me now - now that she had watched Ares and I fuck so often and I watched her change from a scared girl to a lusting young woman willing to push Ares' priestess aside so she could suck his cock herself.

Finally, Ares pulled her down on top of him and lay back on the bed, his hands stroking her back and grasping her firm buttocks. They kissed passionately and she licked his lips the way he had licked mine, sucking on that full bottom lip, plunging her tongue inside his mouth. They made such a perfectly beautiful pair - her pale beauty, tiny but curvaceous against his huge darkness, his hard smooth lines. He rolled her over and crushed her under his massive body while he kissed her - his mouth devouring hers. I could hear her whimpers of pleasure and watched as her feet stroked his calves and then her legs went around his hips as if she knew what she was doing. Her blonde hair was spread out on the bed beneath her and her hands combed through his black curls and then stroked his back.

He moved down and kissed her neck, her throat and then licked each nipple once again before moving to her navel, plunging his tongue in, eliciting a gasp from her. His broad hands pushed her thighs apart and she propped herself up on her elbows to watch him. She moaned something in her Celtic language, shocked perhaps at what he was going to do - did she know about this part of sex? Or was the idea of the god licking her there a total shock? Her face betrayed such surprise as his mouth moved closer to her cunt that I suspected she had no idea about oral sex beyond fellatio. Ares looked up at her. "Fuck, Vespasian - look at her!" he whispered with such reverence, "She has no idea what I'M about to do, does she?" I could barely get the words out to answer him.

"I think you're right" I croaked, my voice betraying my lust.

He delayed as long as he could bear - licking her inner thighs closer and closer, letting his mouth hover over her cunt, breathing on her, kissing her groin. She was breathing so rapidly I thought that if she kept it up, she would hyperventilate and pass out. Finally, Ares couldn't stand it any longer - he had to taste her. His hands went to her and spread her labia, exposing her sweet inner flesh flushed deeply from her arousal. Her breath caught in her throat as she waited. I moved closer, wanting to see her cunt, see its moisture, watch as he licked her. He just lay there with his head between her thighs, his face just inches away from her cunt and looked at her flesh, spreading her wider to expose the hard nub of her clitoris. When his tongue extended towards her, mine almost went out as well as I imagined how soft that flesh would feel against my tongue. His tongue lapped her fully from the entrance of her vagina to her clitoris.  She groaned with such force I thought she had cum then and there, but it was just pure shock at the pleasure his tongue gave her - pleasure she had never imagined was possible.

"Oh, sweet girl," he whispered as he looked up at her. She had closed her eyes, overcome by her own desire I suppose, and her thighs shook from tension. "Gwyn," he called to her. She opened her eyes with reluctance and I could see they were filled with tears. "God," she whispered, licking her lips. She said something more in her own language, "A mhuirn n d lis!" and closed her eyes once again, unable to watch him.

"Gwyn!" he said again. She opened her eyes finally. He wanted her to watch him lick her - watch as he gave her such pleasure. Ares was so visual - he liked to watch, liked to have others watch him. Satisfied that she would keep watching him as he pleasured her, he resumed, and licked her clitoris, stroking it in a lazy circle. She moaned again and I knew she would not last long. Then he covered her cunt with his mouth and sucked her. She panted and closed her eyes once again.

He pulled back and I watched as he slipped one finger  down and probed her, to check for her intact hymen, I suppose. "Is she a virgin, Ares?" I whispered. "Oh, Vespasian!" he said, his voice was so low I could barely hear him.  "How could you doubt it?" He moved back and licked her clit again, lapping it rhythmically while his finger played at the entrance to her cunt. I watched her face and knew she was ready, she was almost there. Ares' methodical licking was fast bringing her to her orgasm, and when he stopped and took her clit between his lips and sucked, her body tensed and she gasped through gritted teeth.

"Aaaahhh, god!" she cried as her orgasm began, "god, god, god..." Her head went back and she wept as her body convulsed with pleasure and still Ares licked her and kept licking her until she reached up and pushed him away. Then he raised up and lay on top of her again and watched her as she lay beneath him, weeping, her teeth still gritted. She wanted him, she wanted this pleasure but she knew he was her enemy, that I was her husband's murderer and she hated herself for giving in to her lust. I felt sorry for her then even as I enjoyed her orgasm so much and wanted more. Don't hate yourself, I thought. You deserve to be fucked by this god.

He kissed her, probably hoping to stop her tears.  Her arms went around his neck and she soon was lost once again in her lust, the sobbing stopped. Now came Ares' prize - her virginity. How would he do this?  It always hurt to some degree for most women and they usually bled - that I already knew from deflowering a few myself. Ares was so huge - he couldn't help but tear her even more than if it was me taking her virginity. Perhaps she'll wish it had been me, but no. I remembered Ares' power to heal mortals. He'd rip her up and heal her instantly, then fuck her so expertly she'd beg for more.

He sucked at her breasts again for a few minutes, trying to re-ignite her desire, preparing her for him. She was probably already very slick from her arousal and his saliva. He slid off her and lay beside her, and his hand went to her cunt and began stroking her. She spread her legs to accommodate him and he watched her face and looked into her eyes. Her hips moved against his hand. She knew what would happen next - I'M certain of it. There was the slightest bit of panic in her eyes when he moved back in position and maneuvered his cock to the entrance to her vagina. I was sitting on the bed beside them now, close enough so I could see everything clearly - they were oblivious to me, which was good.

"Put your legs around me," he whispered, and raised one of her legs and tried to position it around his waist. She understood and complied and he lay down fully on her and kissed her once again very deeply. Then he raised himself up on his elbows so he could watch her face. Here it came - what we had both been waiting for. The moment of truth.

"Oh, Vespasian," he said as he looked in her eyes. "Here is heaven. Now I am faced with a choice. I can enter her and let her feel the pain as her hymen is torn just as any mortal man would - just as you would if it was you who were fucking her instead of me, or I can block out the pain completely. It's in my power. What should I do?" He kissed her once again and waited for my reply.

"You're much bigger than normal, Ares. You'll hurt her far more than I would."

He turned to look at me. "So, you think I should block out the pain?" He turned back to look at her, look into those eyes. "This pain mortal women feel - it makes this act more meaningful.  I have to let her feel some pain - just enough so that she knows my significance to her - that I am the first man to fuck her, that this will never happen again."

"It's your choice," I reply. I know he wants her to feel pain, for her to bleed. It's part of the reason he likes virgins so much. He won't get me to give him permission to hurt her when he could prevent it.

"You want to hurt her, go ahead. I wouldn't have the choice." I reply, my voice non-committal. He heaves a heavy sigh.

"Gwyn," he said to her, probably out of some small reservoir of guilt he has hidden deep within. "This is going to hurt." He kissed her again. "I won't let it hurt for too long."

Then he does it - he shoves that massive cock in her virgin passage. He doesn't do it slowly but quickly with one smooth thrust, grunting as he does.  She sucks in her breath, back arching against him and her pretty face turns red and contorts as the pain hits her. She screams and panics, trying to push him away, but he lets his entire weight drop on her, pinning her helplessly underneath him. He buries his face in her neck as her scream goes on and on then he stops her scream with his mouth. This is when he must heal her, take her pain away for when he pulls back to look at her, she is quiet and looks at him with shock on her face instead of pain. She lies there mute, her tears falling down the sides of her face onto the bed, her eyes staring straight ahead as if in a trance.  He moves down her body and his mouth finds her cunt and laps her virgin blood. It seems to inflame him and he starts licking her with renewed passion, almost frenzy. She closes her eyes - partly horrified at what he is doing but mostly, I believe, overtaken by the pleasure he is giving her. His mouth moves up her body again, leaving a trail of her blood before kissing her, smearing her own blood on her mouth.

He pulls her body down to the end of the bed and she props herself up on her elbows and watches him. He looks like some kind of beautiful demon, his body slick with sweat, his eyes dark with passion, that full mouth stained with her blood. His huge cock is red with it - anointed. He lifts her legs and spreads them wide, placing one foot on either shoulder, then he positions the head of his cock on her vulva and rubs it against her, smearing the remaining blood on her clitoris and labia. This turns me on so much I could come right now with just a few more strokes, but I want to wait until I can watch her cum with him inside her.

His motions on her clit succeed in arousing her once again and she closes her eyes and her head falls back. Gods, but she is a vision! Propped on her elbows like that, her breasts displayed so well - they are perfect, full and heavy, her nipples hard and erect. I can see a stain of her blood on one nipple - left there by Ares' wandering mouth. Her hair, so soft and long and fair falls beneath her - it is shining in the firelight. Her face is so beautiful now - flushed with pleasure, her lips parted, nostrils flaring and she pants with desire as Ares rubs her clit. I see that her hands are almost tearing at the bed sheets and her toes are curling.

"God," she whispers, not looking at him. She is ready for him once again but he does not comply. A lesser man - a mortal, would have fucked her then, but not Ares. He wants her to beg. His hand guides the head of his cock over her flesh, rubbing first her clit then moving lower to the entrance to her cunt and then back again. A shiver goes though her and her thighs shake. She moves her hips, forcing her flesh against his cock, loving the feel of it against her cunt, wanting it inside of her. Still, he does not enter her. He is watching her face through half-closed eyes. Now I see his cruelty, his selfishness come shining through. He wants her to beg him to fuck her - this will mean he has completely triumphed over her. That she will be his completely. As I say, any other man - a mortal - wouldn't require this degree of worship from her.  Ares sees it as his right - a god's right to be worshipped. He wants her to worship his cock. His skill. Him. Her little gasps of pleasure only add to his own. He will bring her as close to orgasm as he can and then deny her - forcing her to beg him. What a evil bastard he is! How I admire him. How I wish I was him. Right now. I'D do exactly what he is.

Come on, Gwyn! For the love of Zeus - beg him! I want to see him fuck you till you cum! Then maybe the god will let me fuck you, too. Yeah - while he holds you down, I'LL suck those nipples, lick your sweet cunt, then fuck you. I won't care if he's the first and not me. Then I want to fuck him, the bastard. Fuck his tight ass.

She is almost ready to cum again, but wants him inside of her. She opens her eyes and looks at him, moaning as she thrusts her cunt against his cock. "God!" she cries, grinding her hips, pushing up against him.  He stops his cock's motion on her clit and waits. Ares, you bastard!  What more do you want? Even I could hear the pleading in her voice! It's not enough for him. Then I realize he needs more because she is more - more than he imagined, better than he hoped and he needs more worship to counteract the power she has over him. She's fucking fantastic and he loves her, and hates her for being so fantastic and stealing some of his control from him.

What does he expect her to do? She can't speak Greek or Latin, she can't say "fuck me now, Ares!" the way I could. Then she worries that she has done something wrong and pulls her legs down and sits up facing him. Her arms go hesitantly around his neck and she looks into his eyes. I see there are tears in them now. She is whispering to him in her language - I can tell she is apologizing or pleading, whatever it is, I would accept it and damn well fuck her, make her cum.  He just remains still, immovable, a rock. Hard and cold. I get it, he is horrified at how much he wants her, how sweet she is, how much he needs her adoration, how much he is starting to love her...

"God!" she cries again, shaking her head in frustration, pulling him close to her, her lips pressing against his, her tongue slipping between his lips.

"Ares!" I yell, finally fed up with this nonsense, "fuck her!"

She looks over at me, startled at my intrusion, but she understands my frustration - it mirrors her own.  She sees me stroking my exposed cock and knows my intervention is honestly motivated. Turning back to Ares, she nods, and her voice chokes as she repeats my words. "God, fuck her!" and pulls him against her, wrapping her legs around his waist, grinding her hips on him. He kisses her then, forcefully, angrily. He liked the control he felt, the power, as he denied her, as she pleaded with him. He is a glutton for it as much as he is for pleasure. Pleasure wins out this time, luckily for her and for me.

He pushes her back to her elbows once again and resumes his motions on her clit and she shakes her head and reaches to his cock, trying to pull him into her body. He finally complies, loving it as he pushes inside her and hears her little grunts as she struggles with his size and is stretched to her limit. She is almost overcome by the intense pressure of him and pants as he inserts his entire length into her body. He licks his thumb and rubs it against her clit, slowly and methodically as he begins to thrust inside of her. He watches as his massive bulk stretches her cunt wide open, almost ripping her again, but he must be using his powers to keep her intact. His size stretches her cunt lips thin and exposes her hard clit - it sticks up clearly, offering Ares a target for his attentions. Every few strokes he withdraws completely and rubs her clit with the head a few times, then plunges back inside for a stroke or two, repeating this pattern over and over, while he strokes her clit with his thumb. Oh, he is so expert in giving women pleasure. I will remember this lesson.

"God fuck her," she moans.

"ME," he corrects her, "God, fuck ME."

"ME," she gasps, nodding in comprehension, "God fuck ME," she cries. He smiles but I see his chin shake. "God fuck ME!" she weeps. She is going to cum - I can tell by the way her face is becoming blissful and her head falls and her back is starting to arch. "Aaaaaahhhh god!" she tenses and grits her teeth. He leans quickly over her, wanting to watch her face, look into her eyes as she cums. This is his moment and he doesn't want to miss it, he wants to savor it, he wants it to be seared into his brain. One hand goes behind her head and pulls her up so she looks into his eyes. My hand is still now - I don't want to miss it either. Then she cums and he stops his movement inside her for a moment, so he can feel her convulse around his cock. "Oh, Gwyn," he whispers, his eyes moving down her body to her nipples, which become small rock-hard points, to her belly which tightens, to his thumb which slowly strokes her bulging clit, to her shaking thighs. "Ooohhhhhh," she cries, and as her orgasm peaks, she grunts with renewed pleasure each time he thrusts inside her. How he loves her little grunts of pleasure - he keeps thrusting this way making her grunt while he strokes her clit. He is insatiable for her pleasure and tries to stretch her orgasm out as long as he can. I can tell by the look on his face - unadulterated bliss. Like he is witnessing some kind of fucking miracle. He should be the god of fucking sex, not war.

Then he starts to cum himself, his thrusts become short and fast and he bites down on his bottom lip and I swear I have never seen him look this ecstatic during an orgasm before. He arches his back and looks up blankly, his breath sharply drawn in, his jaw clenched tightly. "Ohhhhhh, FUCK, FUCK ME, GWYN!" he yells then grunts himself with each spasm as he ejaculates inside her. Then he collapses on top of her, spent and in bliss. He kisses her and props himself up on his elbows once again. He brushes the hair from her face and kisses her chin. I wonder what is going through his mind now - I am certain this has been all - more - than he expected. Still, he seems a little too in control at this moment. It unsettles me, somehow.

"So, Gwyn, how was your first fuck? Incredible, wasn't it? Better than you could have ever imagined?" He says this mockingly, but I can detect the smallest bit of panic in his voice and I know he is speaking of his own response. Her face is still blissful, her eyes closed. He rolls off her, sits on the bed beside her and looks at me. My erection still juts out. I am unfulfilled.

"Looks like you have a bit of a problem there, Vespasian." He points to my cock and smiles. "Here - you can have her. I'M through with her. I'VE taken what I wanted. I give her back to you - a gift. She won't likely comply so easily with you, though, as she has with me. I'LL have to hold her down. You'll like it anyway - I know you want to suck her nipples, lick her cunt, fuck her. You have my permission."

My mouth gapes at this, even as my cock jumps. How can this cruel bastard do this? I'VE misread him again! He IS like me.

Then, as if my eyes couldn't get any wider, I see her rise up beside him and the look on her face! Such betrayal, suck utter shock and horror! I realize she has understood his every word - she can understand Greek after all! She has fooled us both - well, me for certain.

Ares smiles at her, but again, I can see the slightest bit of betrayal in his eyes as well. She runs to the table and grabs my sword off it, but it is far too heavy for her and she can barely succeed in raising it up and pointing it at me.

"Nay!" she screams at me, her arms shaking as she moves with it towards me, "Never will I go with him! Murderer!" The point slowly falls, and she weeps and falls herself to her knees on the cold hard stone floor.

"How long have you known, Ares?" I ask, incredulous. I know he is not really giving her to me - he was just testing her to see if she could in fact understand Greek.

"Oh, she had me fooled almost right up until I fucked her. Something just seemed to hit me - maybe it was the way she asked me to fuck her." He shook his head. "She's been such a good student - picking up her Greek so well during our lessons. I put it down to her intelligence." He was sitting on the end of the bed, smiling at her, stroking his beard.

"Do you know Latin as well?" he asked her in Latin. She nodded and covered her face. "My father... he was a supporter of Rome all his life," she whispered in that sweet Celtic accent. She looked up at me and spoke in Latin, her voice filled with contempt. "He hoped by our marriage that the King would come over and support Caesar as well, but you bastards were too hurried in your blood lust to know this."

"I couldn't know - the Durotiges have always been against Rome."

"So you are not so great a soldier as you think, damned Vespasian!" She wept, covering her face again. Then she looked up at Ares. Her face was red with anger, those blue eyes filled, the tears streaking down her cheeks.

"I will kill myself before I go with him, God." She took the sword and tried to prop it up, the point to her breast, meaning to follow through with her threat unless he indicated otherwise. She succeeded only in gashing herself on her breastbone.  Ares rushed over and took the sword away from her and placed his hand over her wound, healing it.

"I wouldn't give you to him - not in a million years," he whispered into her neck as he crushed her in his embrace. "I just had to check and see if you could understand Greek." He kissed her deeply then, and pulled away, looking in her eyes. "You are too smart, too good at my own game, Gwyn." A smile curved his lips. "We'll make a good pair."

He told her to call his servants and have them draw a bath for her then he grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the room with him into the next room. He shut the door behind him and  shoved me up against the wall.  He kissed me - roughly.

"And now, Vespasian, I owe you a little fuck. Our last ... encounter didn't satisfy me." I felt his hands rove over my body, grabbing my still hard cock and stroking it. "I want you to fuck me now, Vespasian, fuck me good." He turned around and saw a table against a wall. He pulled me there with him and then knelt down and took my cock in his mouth, his tongue circling the head, his lips pulling hungrily on it bringing a gasp of pleasure from my lips. Here was my reward. Ares was sucking me so well and soon I would be fucking him, feeling my cock in his tight hot ass, jerking his own massive cock as I fucked him, making him cum as I did.

I lifted him up, pushed him back onto the table and he complied. He spread his thighs for me, and wrapped his huge legs around my waist as I bent down for a brief moment, unable to resist licking his cock, taking that drop of pre-cum onto my tongue. He held out his hand - in it materialized a jar of oil which I used to anoint us both. His face was filled with lust for me, for this fuck - it made me harder than I had ever been before. I stroked the oil over us, over our cocks and rubbed them against each other before I slipped a finger inside him. Then I pushed my aching cock inside him and ground my mouth against his. I was in a dream as I fucked him, stroking his wonderful, rock-hard cock, listening to him gasping and groaning as I made him cum and then shouting as I did myself.

He is such a fucking beautiful bastard. I love him, this god of war.

The End