An Act of Brotherly Love
By Shamenka

The heat from the lava flows that permeated Hephaestus' underground forge were enough to almost put Hercules off his self appointed task. It was now three years since his brother had ascended the Corinthian throne, and Hercules wanted something special for Iphicles. A special gift to let him know how much he meant to him. The noises he heard ahead indicated the right direction to head in.

As he rounded the last corner he suddenly identified the voices he could hear, Hephaestus, naturally, it was his forge  after all, and Ares' voice too. The God of War was with the God of Fire. Probably wanting more weapons, bigger killing machines, more means of pain and death and distruction. Then he took in what Ares was saying and finally made sense of the words.

"Look Hephy, no more weapons, no more self animated suits of armour. Please, huh? I've no more room to store them and you know full well I won't ever use them. Well not the suits of armour things. I've now got them guarding the strong rooms in most of my major temples but I dread to think what would happen if the mortals got a hold of them!" Ares crossed from somewhere off to the right side of Hercules' field of vision to stand right behind the lame Fire God.

"They'd use them for their own purposes I suppose. You know as well as I that they're already a lot more blood thirsty than you are. They will progress to their own killing machines so I don't see why you wont use them on the battlefield. Make them know you are a true God and all that." Hephaestus drew his lithe, nimble brother's arms around his waist. "You willing to stay awhile? Play here with me?"

"What about 'Dite? You know she and I were together, but I don't think she ever knew you and I have been together. I'd hate to spoil things for you, if she were to walk in here unannounced!" Ares kissed the side of his brothers neck nearest to Hercules.

The hero thought about moving, about going back the way he had come, but his legs were locked, frozen. He couldn't make his body move if his life depended on it, and he rather suspected it might if the two Gods found him there, watching them.

"I have never once challenged her over all those she has loved, currently lies with or actually loves. I'm just grateful that she finally likes me, loves me enough to give me what scraps of her affection that she does." Hephaestus was leaning into Ares' kiss and sighed with its loss as Ares broke free to speak again.

"Scraps? Damn it Hephy but you are worth so much more than scraps. I love you, you are beautiful, talented, loving, generous and in deep shit if Zeus ever finds out about us. I don't know why he will let Apollo screw around with Hermes but I'm not allowed to love you?" Ares didn't sound petulant as Hercules would normally cast him, just lost and confused.

"Because he's a shit head. He doesn't let me on to Olympus unless it's business, and he hates letting you off of Olympus even on business. Why do you think he tweaks your nose with his convenient little Hercules?" Hephaestus turned in his brother's embrace so he could claim those so talented lips as his.

Their kiss was long and deep and so very evidently practised. Hercules could see from his dark brothers body language that he was enjoying that kiss. Living it, he could hear Ares groaning in his pleasure. As they broke free Hephaestus chuckled.

"Well, I suppose you're gonna tell me why he tweaks my nose?" Ares was not angry, he was laughing. Ares liked being teased, that did surprise the hero, that Ares could let himself be teased. It also raised more questions in the hero's mind. Why did Zeus want these two Gods kept separate? As well as wanting his own answer to the why him question?

"Think about it, Uranus was overthrown by his youngest son. That son, Cronos, was over thrown by his youngest son, Zeus. And you, my darling, are his youngest son. He doesn't want you to get contaminated by the ideas of inheritance the mortals practice. And he keeps you and I apart in case I remake the sickle that did for Uranus, or some other weapon that would allow you to weaken him sufficiently to throw him into Tartarus." The lame God had his hands inside Ares' vest, exploring territory they obviously already knew so very well.

"What is Hercules then? A half chewed olive pit?" Ares stopped, looked at his brother and then broke into a near hysterical fit of the giggles, partly due to his own question, but mostly due to Hephaestus' busy fingers.

"Only a half mortal, the minute he finally ascends to Godhood and stays there, he'll become Zeus' pet project." Hephaestus prevented any more talking by retaking his brother's lips in a passionate, searing kiss as he pulled Ares' body even closer to his and pushed their bulging crotches into alignment and grinding their erections together.

"I don't want to talk about Hercules." Ares observed. He looked into his brother's eyes and his voice dropped to a whisper Hercules had to strain to hear. "I want you to fuck me, to love me, take me to Elyssia with you?" For a second Hercules thought that both gods were going to relocate to the Elyssian fields, then he realised the only place they were going to relocate to was Hephaestus' bed chamber.

"Oh, sweet Ares, of course. I will love you, fill you, take you where ever you wish to go." And the lame God lifted Ares bodily over one of his broad, muscular shoulders and he carried his giggling and squealing brother off towards his bed chamber.

Hercules wondered if Ares was helping the Fire God somehow, as Hephaestus didn't seem to be adopting the limping, shuffling steps he used whenever he knew others were around. As they disappeared into the chamber beyond the mouth of the next cave complex Hercules inched forward, to see if he could get a better view.

As he finally found a secluded corner to watch from he saw that Ares was pinned beneath the Fire God's body, and both Gods were now naked. Hephaestus was kissing Ares, drawing his nails up the War God's tanned flesh, leaving harsh red welts behind.

Ares gasped at the pain. Breaking the kiss.

"Not so harsh, Heph, that hurts." Ares' voice quivered, the catch could be pain, it could be pleasure, Hercules just couldn't tell.

"Oh, sorry Ary, I forget sometimes. Your skin is so sweet, so tender, so unlike the rest of us. You know, your vulnerability to actual injury, to damage is something I find so sexy, such a turn on." Then Hephaestus lowered his head to one of Ares' nipples and bit hard, breaking the skin, making Ares scream in genuine pain. "Ares, it's been so long. I want to experience all of you!" He looked at his brother's pain wracked face and bit the other nipple.

Ares screamed again, louder, longer.

"Hephy, stop, slow down, please?" Ares asked, no if Hercules was honest Ares was close to pleading, he was in genuine pain and Hephaestus seemed so turned on by it, so out of control on the idea of hurting Ares, and Ares was letting him?

"Why should I? You want me? You get me, but I get what I want first. And I want rough." Hephaestus went to sink his teeth in again, aiming for his brother's neck when his head was pulled back at an angle that would have snapped a mortals neck, might even have done so to Ares, now that he knew his dark War God could be damaged like that.

"Where I come from doing this sort of thing without consent is called rape. He said no!" Hercules pealed the Fire God from Ares' shocked grasp and threw the startled God off the bed. The hero turned to his brother and tore off a bit of bed sheet, slowly, gently he cleaned Ares' blood from his chest.

"Hercules?" Ares questioned his brother's being there, whether it was really him, a whole host of questions in one name.

"He was going to rape you. I won't let that happen to anyone, especially not a member of my family."  Hercules took in the look of his brother, lying there beside him, letting him touch him, naked, beautiful, almost wanton.

"Heph can be tender, you just have to get through the rough part first." Ares wriggled on Hephaestus' bed, the sight turning the hero on even more than before.

"If you want a tender lover, you don't need to let them rape you first. Do you like his idea of rough?"

"No." Ares whispered.

"Neither do I!" Hercules answered and lowered himself to Ares' side. "You are beautiful." He drew fingers all around the War God's chest, but avoiding the bruised and bitten nipples. He moved up to smooth that unruly hair and rake his nails through the tight, dark beard. Brushing his fingertips over those swollen lips. Swollen by the memory of another's mouth.  Another who would bruise their perfection, taint this loving with his taste in that mouth, open, so open for plunder.

Hercules kissed Ares, slowly, sweetly, licking his lips, kissing his lips, cupping his face in a warm, strong, supportive hand as he finally deepened the kiss to let their tongues meet. Ares held on for dear life. One strong arm around his shoulders the other hand buried in Hercules' unruly hair holding him in place.

Both bodies moved over one another, moulding into their perfect alignment.

Hephaestus watched, and thought about ripping Hercules from Ares' embrace, but thought about what the hero had said. Was he, had he been about to rape his brother? It grieved him to know that he had been about to do just that.  That he had done so so often it was one of the reasons Ares had come to see that he and Dite were alright together.

Ares had suspected him of this act with their sister?

The Fire God sat up, off the cold stone floor and watched Hercules pleasuring Ares, the gentleness with which the hero approached the God. And the passion the God gifted him in return.

Ares had his legs wrapped around Hercules' still clothed form, pulling the hero closer, increasing the pressure of their bodies together. Suddenly, Hercules was naked, and Hephaestus was hard and watching as Ares' hands explored the hero's butt, his hips. Even his feet were rubbing up and down Herc's legs.

Hephaestus began to stroke himself, harsh heavy strokes, then stopped, suddenly aware of the roughness of his touch on his own body. Was he always this rough? He made a conscious effort to ease up, slow down. And watched the gentleness with which Hercules had aroused Ares.

"Hercules, I give you me ..." Ares gasped out, lifting his hips to let those of his demi God brother slip into place.  "Take me!" Ares pleaded, preparing his own body for Hercules to slip effortlessly into.

"So tight, so deep, so hot." Hercules whispered as he thrust into his brother's body. "So beautiful, so passionate, so wanton!" He continued. "Mine!" He concluded.

Ares thrust back, down onto Hercules increasing the pace between them.

"Yours!" He whispered hoarsely. The pace increased again and coherent speech became a thing of the past. Ares' hands were all over Hercules' body, stroking, touching, entreating him to get deeper, go faster.

Hephaestus watched and wondered. When he took Ares, his brother's nails dug deep into his flesh, he had always thought that that was what Ares had wanted. Had wanted him harder, stronger, faster. Had he been pushing him away? Slowing him up?

Ares' head was rolling from side to side, his legs spread wide, giving Hercules full access to any part of his body he would wish to touch, that he could physically touch. Ares' voice reverberated around the room, the sounds not of pain lacing his pleasure but pure pleasure. Hercules' groaning to was filled with a tender delight at giving his brother this pleasure.

The added friction of Hercules' body rubbing against his swollen cock, triggered the War God's orgasm. He bucked hard and high, as if trying to thrust Hercules in even deeper to his body, closing his legs around him as he felt Hercules' orgasm trigger inside him.

They lay there, together, legs, arms, bodies locked together.

"Stay in me?" Ares asked, little more than a whisper.

"As long as I can." Hercules promised. Then kissed his sweat soaked, beautiful brother. Slowly they fell asleep and inevitably their bodied disconnected. As Hercules finally fell free of Ares' body the War God whimpered his distress at that action and snuggled closer to his lover's warmth.

Standing, the Fire God increased the warmth in the room, he just commanded the fires to burn warmer, then covered them with a blanket. Turning he came into the full exposure of his wife's eyes, she looked past him to the bed and its exhausted occupants.

"So, what happened?" She asked.

"I'm not entirely sure. I was about to take .. no, it was as Hercules said, I was about to rape Ares, take him roughly, against his will. Hercules stopped me, showed me how to be gentle."

"Did you learn anything?" Dite stood, hands on hips waiting for his reply.

"Yes, I learned I don't deserve to have you and Ares love me as much as you both do. I don't derive either of you coming back to me, after I hurt you so very often."

"True." She agreed, and indicated he should follow her out of the bedroom. Which he did.

"We do both love you, you lummox. But gently, gently in future, ok?"

"Gently, I'll try my very hardest." He smiled at her forgiveness. "What about them?" He shook his head in the general direction of their bedroom.

"We could be witnessing the birth of the greatest love affair the world has ever know. Or the end of the world as we know it." Dite giggled. "I don't really know, or care, which. Come here, show me what you learned!"

The End