Have You Ridden A Horse Lately?
by Sim
The night is cool, the air having a sweet, crisp smell to it, making you inhale deeply. As your horse trots along the dark trail, your suddenly surprised when Ares appears in front of you, another person behind you. Both press close on the horse as your clothing disappears, leaving you in your transparent panties. You look into Ares' handsome face, the uninhibited lust in his cocoa eyes stealing the breath from your lungs. You can't see the face of the man behind you, but you know it is Cupid by his familiar scent and the sound of the groan that he releases into your suddenly erotically sensitive ear.

Ares pulls you roughly onto his lap, the bulge in his leathers rubbing against your silk veiled clit as the horse continues its trot, oblivious to the sensations that wrack your body with every jolt. Unbelievably aroused, you lean back against Cupid's hard, naked chest as Ares runs his hands over your bared breasts. The feeling of his calloused fingers against your passion heated skin nearly unbearable, but still he continues, bending his dark head to lav the tight buds of your nipples with his hot, wet tongue, his moist breath caressing the skin that his fingers have missed. Behind you, Cupid undulates his hips against you in time with the click of the horse's metal shoes, pressing you closer against Ares' rigid, leather bound cock, your juices soaking through the thin material of your panties. With what little air left in your aching lungs, you squeak an order to fuck you, now. Only too willing to obey, Ares tears the wisp of dripping silk from your body and unbuttons his leathers. Grasping you roughly by the hips, the god of war impales you on the hard, thick cock that springs forth, the friction of his veined, pulsing organ spreading your tight sheath makes you scream, but only a soft mew escapes.

Eager to get his own hard cock inside you, Cupid uses your own slick juices to lubricate his huge rod, and gently eases into your small anal slit. You barely notice the slight pain as Ares rocks your hips on his, his cock buried deep within you. Suddenly, both gods thrust in to the hilt, double the penetration and double the sensations as they ram into your willing, helpless body. Slipping a hand between your weak, sweat slippery thighs, Cupid's thumb circles the hard bud of your clit as Ares' strong tongue tangles with your own. The thrusts are coming faster now, groans of impending release floating away on the wind. Both men buck their hips wildly, three bodies becoming one as a blinding orgasm bears down. Then it hits, your body poised tensely as hot sensations flood through you, seeming to shatter your body into millions of hot shards. You hear the scream of a wild woman, so primal it sends a shiver of fear down your spine, and realize its your own. Spent, you fall limp against Cupid, still impaled on hard cocks. Seconds go by, then minutes, you feel movement under you, inside you. As the movements turn to thrusts it dawns on you... it isn't over...

The End