Ares, Iphicles and The Warrior
by Selursera

She had never doubted herself in her entire life. Now Alexandra stood on the steps of the temple hesitant to walk through the doors. She knew her visions weren’t wrong. Her brother’s life depended on her continuing, she just wasn’t sure if she could go through with it. Knowing full well what it meant to ask the God of War a favor, the possibilities terrified her.

She advanced slowly through the great iron doors and followed a darkened hallway that led into the main chamber  of the temple. Calling out to see if anyone was there. The halls echoed with the emptiness.

Strange she thought. “Someone should be here. Why would all the priestesses and priests have left?”

Alexandra continued into the main temple room. Once her eyes adjusted to the dimness she could see the great marble altar bearing the gifts people had left for the God of War. Kneeling before the altar she took out the small dagger that she hid in her boot. The polished pearl handle glistened in the torch light. Alexandra hated to give it up, it was her dearest possession, a gift from her eldest brother Demitrius she hoped it was a gift that just might save his life.

Being the only daughter born of eight children into a family of warriors, her path had been set from the start. Her mother was so excited when she was born, finally a girl! Her father was disappointed, at least at first. As Alexandra grew she outshone most of her brothers and the other boys in the village in many physical skills. They all teased her at first, that is until Demitrius stepped in. Fighting was like a second nature to her. She possessed, agility, speed and grace, surrounded by an amazing fierceness in battle.

The fact that her eldest brother was her tutor, her mentor, teaching her all manors of warfare was one of the main reasons they were so close. Now his life depended on her.

~ ~ ~

Iphicles clung to Ares’ golden body. This was his life now, he was his passion, Ares possessed him body and soul. They were glowing in the aftermath of what had become a regular part of their lives.

Ares gently pushed the golden curls away from Iphicles’ face. “Those lips are all I can think about.” Ares said as he roughly drew the King’s mouth to his. He reveled in tasting the aftermath of their lovemaking still on Iphicles’

They were in the main bedroom alone in this temple. Ares had sent everyone away. He didn’t like any interruptions when he was with his favorite mortal.

Ares’ thoughts of the King were suddenly broken. “We have a guest,” Ares said.

“Send them away, I need to be alone with you. I want to feel you inside me again.” Iphicles begged.

Ares was going to comply with Iphicles when something stopped him. Intrigued he wanted to look into the mind of this Warrior. There was something about this person. They looked familiar to him somehow.

“Are you sure Iphicles? I don’t think we should be too hasty. This could prove to work out to both our benefits. Look.” Ares waved his arm in a circle and a picture played in mid air before the King’s eyes.

Standing before the altar was a warrior dressed in full battlegear, with a large red cape flowing to the ground. The warrior seemed to be asking something, and leaving an offering on the altar. Next the warrior removed his helmet  to reveal long flowing brown hair. It was a woman, no a girl. She was beautiful.  Her eyes were a deep blue, and the way her outfit accentuated her body was too much for the King.

Iphicles’ interest peaked “A woman warrior? What does she want?”

“Let’s listen and find out shall we?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alexandra had laid the perfect small dagger on the altar of Ares. She took a deep breath and chose her words carefully.

“Oh great Ares God of War. I, Alexandra, ask a petition of you.” She paused.

“I fear for my brother Demitrius He is fighting the Mycenian army. I have had a vision he will be cut down tonight.” She waited for a sign that the God was listening. Nothing.

“I ask a favor and bring this tribute” She held the dagger high and gently replaced it on the altar.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Are you going to help the girl Ares? She seems so young to be a warrior.” Iphicles paused, he leaned forward towards the image that played before him. “By the Gods she is beautiful.” He added that last statement almost without thinking, not realizing Ares might be upset by it.

Ares wasn’t upset,  as a matter of  fact he too seemed intrigued by the girl. “Yes I will help her. I thought she looked familiar. I know her brother he is a great general in the Athenian army. Her family is from Corinth. I believe some of her brothers are in your army. Demitrius rose through ranks very young. I was even thinking of making him one of my warlords. It would be a waste if he died.”

“Then shouldn’t you go and tell her?”

“Oh I will. I am waiting for one little thing first.” Ares said smiling his magnificent smile that always made Iphicles weak. They both turned their attention back to the image, watching the girl’s every move.

“Ah yes!! Here it comes!”

“I would do anything for my brother’s safety.” She paused. “Anything.” Silence.

The silence was broken by a faint whisper in her ear.  “Anything, are you sure?”

“Yes,” she replied turning quickly to see who asked this question, but no one was there. Was it her imagination? The great iron doors she had left open earlier slammed closed. She ran to try and open them but they were locked.

“Iphicles I have to go and see to her brother. Whatever you do don’t let her leave here before I get back.”

“You locked the doors Ares. She can’t get out.”

“Oh she is very resourceful that one. Get dressed and keep an eye on her for me.” Ares purred. He kissed Iphicles quickly and vanished.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The God of War appeared on the battlefield just as things appeared to be the darkest for the Athenians. The battle  raged, smoke from nearby houses set ablaze settled in the air, and dead bodies were everywhere.

“Ah I love death and mayhem.” Ares yelled out loudly,  not caring if anyone heard. He had located Alexandra’s brother fighting with a Mycenian while another was sneaking up behind him. Demitrius thrust the blade into the heart of the man he was struggling with, however he would never be able to move fast enough to escape the man who was advancing on him.

The God of War struck! It only took one blow Ares’ sword cut clean through the man’s neck severing his head and sending blood everywhere. Demitrius realized who his savior was and quickly fell to his knees.

“My lord Ares. I am your servant. I will be forever grateful.”

“It is not your gratitude I want Demitrius. You owe me nothing for saving your life. That debt is owed by another.”


Ares avoided his question. “What I would request is that when your war is finished that you serve as one of my warlords.”

“M’lord,  it is an honor. I offer myself into your service for what you have done for me.”

“NO! As I said that debt is owed by another. If you come to my service it is to be by your choice alone.”

Demitrius understood and fear gripped his heart for the first time in his life. He just had to know if his deepest fear was true. He knew if Alex had one of her visions she would go to Ares for help. His sister would always do what she thought necessary.

“I understand lord Ares, but please tell me one thing. To whom do I owe my life?”

“You already know Demitrius. Your fears are correct.”

“NO!” Demitrius cried out in anguish.

“Don’t fear for her Demitrius. I can see how much you love her.” Ares took pity on the mortal. “One thing I will promise you. I will not hurt her, but make no mistake about it she is now mine!”

“Our family will never stand for it. We worship you for all these years and you take her from us!”

“She will be fine, I have plans for her. You will still be able to see her if she likes. However if you don’t like the arrangements I am going to make I can always take her life instead.”

Demitrius couldn’t even bring himself to answer. He knew the God of War was serious. “I will help you any way I can as long as you keep your promise not to hurt her.”

Ares smiled knowing full well he had won all around. He laughed and left Demitrius standing on the battlefield. The tides had turned and the Athenian army was winning.

The rage that Demitrius had inside him grew and manifested itself through his fighting. Before the battle was over his rage had slain over fifty men. He truly belonged to the God of War now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Iphicles came out of the back room and walked towards the girl. Startled by the figure walking towards her Alex drew her sword.

“I am no threat to you.” said Iphicles softly.

Alex held her sword and looked at the person who stood before her. “Majesty.” She quickly knelt before him.

“Please get up my dear.” He helped her to her feet.

“I am sorry Sire I thought no one was here. I didn’t mean to disturb you.” She hoped she sounded sincere.

Iphicles was awed by this girl's beauty. She was lovely and he found himself responding to her by the tightening of his leather pants around his expanding cock. “That’s all right you didn’t. I just wanted to let you know that Ares has heard you petition and has agreed to help your brother.”

“Oh! Thank the Gods! This is just wonderful!” Alex couldn’t help notice the handsomeness of the King of Corinth. She had never been this close to him before and she marveled at the beauty of his face, and those lips. She had never seen lips so full on a man before. “I tried to leave the temple your Majesty but the doors seem to be locked.”

Iphicles didn’t want to lie to the girl but he knew the truth might be too much for her. “Ares always locks them when he has to leave. I am sure as soon as he returns he will open them.” Iphicles smiled at Alexandra, putting her at ease.

“You know who I am child but whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?”

“My name is Alexandra, Sire. My family name is Demetrus. I believe you may know my brothers, Thadius and Colonna, they are both in your army.”

“Yes I know them they are good men.” Just as the King started to speak,  Ares appeared but only to Iphicles. He spoke to him with his mind so Alexandra could not hear.

“Her brother is safe, my love. Don’t tell her I am here yet. I want you to ask her to drill with you.”

“Drill with me?”Iphicles thought to his lover.

“Yes I need to know what kind of a warrior she is. I want to see the two of you battle together. Will you do that for me?”

Iphicles knew that fighting was the same as sex for the God of War. It brought out passions in him that pushed the King to ecstasy time and time again.

“Alexandra it may be a while before Ares returns. In order to pass the time I would like to drill with you. Would you mind?”

Alexandra found the request very strange. She knew she would never deny her King’s request. “If that is what you wish Sire.”

“Fine, and make sure you don’t hold back. I want to be sure you are giving it everything you are capable of.”

“Yes Sire, I never hold back.”

Iphicles and Alexandra drew their swords and started to advance on one another. Alexandra was smaller than the King, but she was extremely fast. The sound of their swords clashing rang throughout the temple. Ares watched intently as the King and Alex locked swords face to face, moving so close to one another that their lips brushed. This sent exquisite shocks of pleasure coursing through their bodies. Ares could also feel it as the energy surged between them. He reached into his pants, and shuddered at the touch of his hand on his swollen cock. His eyes locked on his lover and this beautiful warrior in combat.

The King and Alexandra were still battling. Blow for blow, becoming harder and harder, their breath was coming faster and faster. Iphicles had been watching Ares whenever he had a clear view. The God of War was now  caressing his shaftmoving his hand back and forth in rhythm that kept pace with the battle before him. Iphicles was having a hard time concentrating watching his lover bring himself to orgasm. Watching him rub his seed into his manhood to bring it back to life again. Watching as Ares’ face showed the ecstasy he wanted. It had become too much for Iphicles, his concentration faltered as  he felt himself ready to cum. Alexandra had just moved in and swung her sword close enough to the King to clip him on his right arm. Blood spilled down from the wound, and
Ares came, for the second time. His eyes never leaving Iphicles’.

Alexandra dropped her sword and ran to the King. “Sire forgive me. I would never harm you.”

Iphicles had fallen to his knees. Not from the wound but from the incredible orgasm that had coursed through his body. Alexandra, the fight, the blood, watching Ares cum, had been too much for him. He managed to look away from Ares and he noticed the look of panic in Alexandra’s eyes.

“I am fine Alex, This is only a scratch.”

“Please Sire let me look at it.” She grabbed his arm and tore away the cloth covering the wound. Iphicles stopped her.

“I will let you look at it if you agree to call me Iphicles. Not Sire, not your Majesty. Just Iphicles. Do we have a deal?”

“Yes Iphicles, I agree.” Alexandra looked at the wound. “It’s not too deep. I can fix it.”

Ares’ interest peaked.  “What do you mean fix it?” Iphicles asked.

“I have been able to heal the small wounds of others since I was given a gift as a young girl. Watch.”

Alexandra covered the wound with her hand. An aura glowed between her hand and the King’s flesh. He could feel a surge of heat travel over his skin. When she removed her hand the wound was healed.

“Amazing, you truly seem to be blessed by the Gods.”

“This gift didn’t come from the Gods.” she sounded indignant.  “It was a gift from a women in a village not far from Corinth.” Alex paused to wipe the blood from the King’s arm.  “Please continue.” Iphicles urged, his voice conveying his interest.

“My father and I were always very close.  I was even closer to him than my own mother.  He traveled frequently on his campaign’s. From the time I was ten he would take me with him, mostly for company. My father is a smart man he knew the value of learning. He said I had a thirst for knowledge, and he wanted to give me every opportunity to quench that thirst.”

“We have traveled all over the world together to many foreign lands. On one excursion, while my father was in a tavern having a meal, I went outside for some air. I found a group of bullies  beating a smaller boy. They had beaten him severely. They cried out that his mother was a sorcerer. I defended the boy and made the others run off.”

“How did you manage that?”

“As with all bullies, they were really cowards. Once I managed to defeat one the rest ran. I took the boy to his home. His mother was so grateful I saved her son she wanted to do something for me. I watched as she healed his wounds and he ran off to play again. I remarked that was a wonderful gift. To be able to heal. She reached out and grabbed my hand, from that point on I was always able to heal myself whenever I was wounded. I also have the ability to heal the small wounds of others.”

“So this gift primarily works on you.”



Ares, also interested in this girl's ability,  decided to finally show himself and he materialized in front of them in all his glory.

“Your brother is safe now Alexandra.”

“Thank you my lord Ares. This means so much to me.”

Ares walked over to the marble altar and picked up the small dagger. “I know.” He approached  Alexandra and handed the knife to her.

Puzzled, she held out her hand and took the dagger. “Does it not please you M’lord?”

“Actually it would please me if you kept it.” Ares walked over to Iphicles and kissed him deeply. “Did you miss me?”

“You know I did.”

Alexandra became uneasy, she felt like she was intruding.“I will go now if it pleases you lord Ares.”

“Yes you can leave.” He paused. “For now, you know there is a debt to me that must be addressed.”

Alex could feel her stomach tightening. She knew this was going to happen it was just the stress from not knowing what the God of War would expect that was becoming too much for her. “Yes.”

“Good! Return here tomorrow early in the morning for training.”


“Yes you are now my warrior, and as such you will come here every day for drilling. You are to drill with either Iphicles or myself. You are not permitted to speak to any of the other warlords while you are here. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes I understand completely. Can I tell my family where I am going?”

“Not yet! I will take care of all of that. You are not to tell anyone of your being here tonight. Demitrius knows, but he has agreed not to say anything for your sake.”

“My sake? Now I don’t understand.”

“You are now *mine* my dear. You will devote your life to me and whomever I tell you to. This is the price for saving your brother’s life.”

Alexandra swallowed hard never imagining that Ares would ask so much of her. “So once you decide what to do with me I will never see my family again?”

“It is too soon to be asking questions.” Ares waved his hand and the large doors to the temple swung open. “Tomorrow morning I expect you here early. Don’t make me come for you.”

Alexandra nodded to Iphicles. She turned and left the temple, her temper was flaring but she was careful to keep it in check. Once she was free of the temple and headed for her home, she relaxed and smiled.  Things were working out better than she expected, at least for now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Do you want to tell me what that is all about?” Iphicles asked Ares his voice sounding annoyed.

Ares walked over to Iphicles and put his arm around the beautiful King of Corinth. “It’s about control my love. By the time I am finished with Alexandra she will get much more than she bargained for.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alexandra ran into her home, she was greeted by her father and youngest brother. They both seemed very happy.

“Alex my child! A messenger has just arrived. Your brother is well and the Spartans have won!”

Alex hugged her little brother Mikos. “That is wonderful father.” She then gave him a long tight hug. “I missed you today.”

“Where were you child? I was beginning to get concerned so I sent your brother Aaron out to find you.”

“I had some business to take care of in the main part of the City. I promised a friend I would help them out for a while. If it is okay with you father I will be going to help them for a few weeks.”

Alex’s father knew something was wrong, but he also trusted his daughter and would not pry. She would come to him if she needed his help. “Yes child you can help your friends. Just know if you need anything you can ask for my help too.”

Alex understood what her father’s words really meant. With her he was never the fierce warrior that rode into battle. He seemed to know her better than anyone except for Demitrius. “Thank you father.” She kissed him on the cheek. “I think I will go to bed now. Goodnight.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rest. Sleep. Dreams...Alexandra had fallen asleep quickly, something that was very odd for her. It seemed to overtake her pulling her into the darkness very, very rapidly. Yet, oddly she felt as if she was awake.

Walking. Towards something...

Looking. For something...

She found herself back at the temple. The wind was whipping through the night. Leaves and dust were blowing everywhere. Alex walked up the large steps, the doors were open and she walked inside.

There was a light at the end of a very long passage way. A light that pulled her towards it, almost like it was calling to her. Forcing her out of the darkness that seemed to engulf her.  Alex hesitated, confused. She could hear Ares calling her name. Barely audible at first, yet having the same pulling effect on her as the light that was before her. His voice increased in intensity until Alex moved forward.  Inviting her, enticing her, a large black
door stood before her. Strange sounds were emanating from behind it. Sounds that lovers make when in the throws of passion. Smoothly, it opened, very slowly, by itself.

Inside the dimly lit room she could see a large bed near the corner. There were two figures on the bed. She entered the room. Where candle light had barely lit the chamber, now it grew in intensity, becoming so bright she could now clearly see the two men on the bed. Ares and Iphicles, the God and the King.

She wanted to leave but couldn’t. It was as if someone chained her to the very spot where she stood. Her body felt heavily weighed down, unable to move.

There she stood watching the two men. If they were aware of her presence they made no acknowledgment of it. Unable to move she stood there waiting, watching, with a desire starting to burn inside her.

Ares took Iphicles in his arms and roughly drew the King’s mouth to his lips. Deeply probing with his tongue  the King respond to this rough invasion by wrapping his hands in the beautiful flowing dark curls of the God of War and pulling him closer. Seeing the two men embrace was more than Alex could stand.  Their bodies were magnificent, hard, sculptured, like many of the fine marble statues she had seen while traveling with her father in Italy. Ares had started to work his way down Iphicles’ neck. Only stopping long enough to firmly bite just behind the King’s lower ear sending Iphicles into moans of pure pleasure. She was starting to become aroused by the sight before her.

“Does that please you my love?” She knew he was talking to the King, but it seemed as if he was talking directly to her.

Iphicles was driven by his desires for Ares, and the ever increasing frustration of wanting Alexandra.  He felt as if he was going to erupt.“You know it does Ares I want you inside me! Now.”

“Patience my King. Patience!”

Ares continued to work down Iphicles’ body. Slowly moving across his chest to his nipples, he gently sucked on the right nipple. Increasing the pressure slowly and evenly until he was biting hard enough to draw blood. Iphicles was writhing beneath the God. Thrusting his hips forward rubbing against the silken sheets trying to get some relief for his aching manhood.

The sight of blood trickling down the King’s chest upset Alexandra. Ares turned and looked in her direction.

“Does the sight of blood upset you my dear?” Ares stopped what he was doing and used his tongue to clean the blood off of Iphicles chest.

“How can you hurt him like that?” She saw the pleasure and the pain and was confused.

“Hurt him? I would never hurt him.”

“Why am I here Ares? Why am I watching the both of you?”

“Because it is what I wish you to do.”

Alexandra watched as Ares continued down Iphicles’ hard taught stomach his mouth reaching and searching for the King’s cock. Ares took the head slowly into his mouth, using his tongue and teeth, he began to tease the King unmercifully.

“Yes! Ares take it all please!” Iphicles begged.

Ares obliged and took the large organ into his mouth. Alex gasped at the way it disappeared down his throat. Within seconds Iphicles began to cum, exploding semen down the War God’s throat. Alexandra now found herself becoming more and more aroused at the sight before her, but it wasn’t over yet.

Ares roughly turned Iphicles over on his stomach. He then started to rub oil onto his massive erection. Iphicles braced himself as Ares ran the tip of his penis across the back of his anus. Leaning back further, wanting, needing, thrusting.

“Do you want it my King?”

“Yes.” Ares teased him again. Pushing the tip in ever so slightly, just enough to cause tingling down the King's spine.

“What did you say?”

“Oh YES! Fuck me now! I can’t stand it anymore. Please.”

Ares thrust himself deeply into Iphicles. The massive size of his penis really took Alex by surprise. She had after all seen one before, however not one this large and definitely not one inside another man. She had indeed heard of the stories, and she couldn’t look away. Even though she felt she should.

She bit her lower lip hard drawing blood. Ares looked in her direction as if he knew her lip was bleeding. He could smell the blood and it only further served to inflame his passion. He began to thrust harder into the King. “YES! My love fuck me harder!” Iphicles screamed.

Alex suddenly became distracted. She could hear voices out in the passageway. It was her family. They were coming towards the room. She had to do something. She couldn’t stay there. She could hear her little brother's voice calling to her.

“Alex...Alex what are you doing? Alex wake up. What’s wrong?”

Alex suddenly sat upright. Her father and brothers were standing in her room looking at her strangely.

“Child are you all right?”

Alex had a hard time regaining her senses. “Yes father, I am okay. What is wrong?”

“What’s wrong child is you were crying out in your sleep. You seemed to be calling out to Ares the God of War. You were saying the King’s name as well.”

“What! No I...” Just then Demitrius entered her room. “Demitrius! You are home.” She squealed with delight. Throwing her arms out to embrace him.

He smiled and hugged his sister. “Yes Alex I am. You seem to be causing quite a commotion.”

“She was yelling in her sleep.” Mikos said.

“Was she little brother?” He smiled and tousled his hair. “And what was she saying?”

Their father spoke. “She was calling out the King’s name.”

“Don’t forget the God of War.” Mikos interrupted.

Demitrius’ face grew grim as he looked at his sister. “I am sure it was just a bad dream. I think it would be best if everyone got back to sleep. Don’t you agree father?”

“Yes of course my son.” Everyone grumbled out of Alexandra’s room.

“Keep it quiet Sis will you?” Thadius chided. “I have to get up early to catch up with the army.”

“Yes let’s all go to bed. Alex I need to talk with you. We can speak in the morning.”

“I have to go somewhere early Demitrius. We can talk when I get back if that is all right.”

He sat on his sister's bed, and spoke softly hoping no one could hear. He took her by the shoulders. “Why? Alex why? “ He began to sob pushing his face deeply into her shoulder.  All Alex could do was soothingly run her fingers through her brother’s  dark curls.

She took his face gently in her hands and looked deeply into his dark brown eyes. He had a hard time looking at her. He felt this was all his fault. “I couldn’t let you die. Demitrius you mean too much to me.”

“Sister what has he asked of you?”

“Only that I come to his temple and train with him or the King every day.”

“The King?”

Alexandra had to think quickly. Not wanting to betray the two men to anyone. Not even her brother, she lied. “Yes the King was making an offering at the temple. He heard what Ares asked of me and tried to intercede on my behalf. Ares refused, but agreed that I could train with the King when he was busy.”

“Really, all this seems strange.”

Alex decided it was best to change the subject. “How on earth did you get home so quickly brother? Ares said the war was still going on.”

“It’s over now. I have left my commission. Ares has asked me to be one of his warlords.”

“NO! I did this to save you, not to hand *both* of us over to him. What did you say?”

“I have agreed. I know if I am at his temple, I can keep an eye on you.”

“He hasn’t told me I need to stay at his temple.”

“Trust me soon he will. He has told me himself, you are his now. Alex, you had to know this would happen. You don’t do things recklessly. You have always been able to judge the actions of others.”  Demitrius looked at his sister and he grew alarmed. “Maybe this time you judged too well? Do you want to be with him?”

“Brother, all that mattered was saving YOU! That’s all! Whatever happens now is of little importance. I have freely accepted my fate. Now you might as well go back to your men. Don’t change your life for me.”

“There will be no more discussion of this. I have also done what must be done. We will speak of it to no one. Always know that we do have each other. I will be there if you need me.”

“As I will for you.”

Demitrius left his sister's room and went to see his father to tell him about becoming one of Ares’ men.


Morning arrived way too early. Alex never went back to sleep, worrying about where her dreams would lead consumed her. She dressed quickly choosing a simple leather outfit that would be easy for training, and said good bye to her father and brothers. Thadius was leaving at the same time and he asked to walk with her. They both would be headed in the same direction so Alex agreed. She just hoped he wouldn’t ask too many questions. They were both silent for a long time. Thadius had chosen to walk leading his horse behind him. He wanted to talk with his sister, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Where are you heading sister?”

“I promised to help a friend with some work around their farm.”

“What friends?”

“You don’t know them Thadius. They own a small farm near the temple of Ares. They came upon some bad luck, and I agreed to help them.”

“You are not a very good liar sister. I for one always admired you for your truthfulness.”

Alex was hurt  she did not want to lie again, but she had promised. This was all turning out badly. “If I tell you that I really can’t say what I am doing, will that be enough for you? Can you trust me to say, I am doing what I have
to do?”

Thadius looked at his little sister. He could see she was in trouble. He had listened in on her conversation with Demitrius last night, but he didn’t want her to know. There was too much he didn’t understand. “I just want to help if I can.”

“There is nothing anyone can do. I have to face this on my own. I am responsible for what has happened, and I accept that.”

They had reached the fork in the road that would lead them in different directions. They heard several horses riding towards them from the direction of Corinth. The King was heading towards them with his personal guard
following behind. Iphicles raised his hand and stopped directly before them.

“Majesty.” Thadius said as he lowered himself on his right knee.

“Thadius, isn’t it?”

“Yes Sire.”

Iphicles looked at Alex and smiled. She was even lovelier today. “Alexandra, it is lovely to see you again.”

She smiled at the handsome King. “Sire it is good to see you too.”

“Alex what did I ask of you yesterday?”

“I am sorry Iphicles. I was not sure if it would be proper.”

“It is fine. I asked you to call me by my name.” Iphicles turned his attention to Alex’s brother. “Thadius, I have decided that you will take a contingent of my men to Thebes.  There have been several reports of problems in that area. I have decided to promote you, and you will be leading some of my men. I am sending you there to take care of this. Go back to the Castle with my guards and prepare to leave.”

Alex looked at Iphicles,  wondering exactly what Ares had to do with this. She caught the concerned look in her brother’s eyes. “A commission, that is wonderful Thadius” She said.

“Yes, wonderful. Sire I am forever grateful. I will return with the guards, but I would like to take my sister to her destination first if it pleases his Majesty? I do not want her to be alone on the road.”

“No return with my guards now. I will see to it that your sister gets to her destination.”

“Yes sire.” Thadius saluted his King and rode off with the guards.

Iphicles turned to Alexandra. He could see the angry look on her face. “Is Ares going to get rid of all my family that way?”

“What way Alex?”

“By sending them off on imaginary quests!”

Iphicles laughed as he extended his arm to pull Alex up onto his horse. “This was not planned by Ares. There is trouble in Thebes. He may have suggested your brother as the one that should lead my men. The final decision was mine.”

“Was it?” She said sarcastically.

Iphicles pulled Alex directly in front of him and settled her straddled in between his legs. She could feel his cock straining between them. He held her tightly to him and breathed deeply. “MMM. Jasmine.”


“You smell like Jasmine, it’s my favorite.”

“Is it?” Alex feigned innocence but she knew all to well what fragrance the King liked.

Iphicles heeled his horse towards Ares’ temple fully enjoying the feeling of Alex between his legs. “Gods the waiting was easier for Ares.”  He thought, it was becoming torture for him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They arrived at the temple quickly. As they went up the large steps Alex decided  to ask Iphicles about last night. “Iphicles, can I ask you something?”

He stopped walking and looked at Alex. He could clearly see she was upset. “Of course.”

“Was last night a dream or was I really there?”

He looked away, he didn’t agree with Ares’ plans for Alex. He just had no choice. “Last night!  I...” His words were interrupted by Ares.

“There you are! I’ve been waiting for the two of you. Did you enjoy your horseback ride?” A smug look crossed Ares face.

Iphicles knew that Ares had watched them returning.  He was enjoying the struggle Iphicles was having regarding his feelings for Alex. “You’re a bastard Ares.” Iphicles sneered.

“That’s why you love me.” He laughed.

Ares turned his attention to Alex. “Is that what you are wearing to drill in?”

“I am not about to drill in good clothes Ares. I always drill in these

His eyes flared with anger. She knew she had hit the wrong buttons. “NOT anymore!” He waved his hand and her clothes disappeared. He left her standing there naked as he watched Iphicles carefully. The King’s cock was already pushing his leather pants to their limits. Ares grinned, he enjoyed watching his lover become so aroused by Alexandra, however he knew his lust would keep Iphicles in line, and keep him from rushing his plans.

Ares waved his hand again and a beautiful soft black leather outfit replaced the one she had been wearing. It was tight fitting leather pants that hung to her every curve. The top fitted too tightly and pushed up her breasts to make them almost strain over the top. On each of her wrists Ares had given her gauntlets made of leather and metal forged by Hephaestus. He would make sure she would know how to use them for protection. Ares circled Alexandra making sure everything was as he saw fit.

“I can’t wear this.” She cried.

“Oh but you can and you will. There are a few rules you need to understand while you are at my temple.”

“Rules?” Alex asked almost defiantly.

Ares walked over to the King and kissed him. Then he walked back over to Alex. “Yes rules when you are here you are to do as I tell you to. You are never to question me. Do you understand?”

Alex had to suppress a laugh, his request was so against her nature. “Never! I can’t make that promise. It’s not me, I have to know why I am doing something.”

Ares threw a blue lightning bolt in her direction. It caught her in the midsection and sent pain throughout her whole body. “That is my rule and if you don’t comply you will be punished. Do you understand?”

Alex had a hard time recovering from the pain. She managed to say. “Yes Ares.”

“Good. Next, when you are here you are to address me as M’lord Ares. Never just as Ares is that clear?”

The anger was building inside Alexandra to an intolerable level. “Yes M’lord, it is clear.” She said through gritted teeth.

Iphicles  could feel his anger flare. He did not like the way Ares treated Alexandra. He knew it would anger Ares but he had to help her. For the first time in his life he didn’t care what the God thought. “Ares stop this you are
hurting her. She is willing to serve you.”

“Is she my love? Not yet she isn’t, but she soon will be.”

Alexandra’s eyes sparkled. Realizing that the little bits of information she was allowing Ares to draw from her mind, had succeeded in making him aware of her plan. Still, she had to sound as if his knowing what she was up to upset her. “Damn it you know don’t you Ares?”

“What was that?” He hit her with another energy blast.

She staggered to her feet. “M’lord Ares.”

“Of course I know did you think you could keep it from me?”

“Keep what from you Ares?” Iphicles was puzzled.

“Alexandra wants to be here my love. She want’s it more than anything in the world. Her little “what me”  act is just that, an act. Saving her brother was just a fortunate excuse for her to come to us. It was her plan all along to seduce us? Wasn’t it my dear?”

“Damn you ARES!”

He hit her again. “Stop it Ares!” Iphicles ran to Alex and stood in front of her blocking the God’s view of Alex.

“Oh no, she wants to be here but she is too defiant. She needs to be taught who is in charge.”

“So that is what last night was about? Making her watch us? You wanted her to admit she wants us?”

“Yes. You do want to stay Alexandra don’t you?” Ares opened the large temple doors. “You are free to go if you wish.”

Alex was having a hard time standing. Iphicles had to help her up. She knew she wanted to stay more than ever. She had to hold herself in check until the time was right. “Yes M’lord I want to stay.”

“Fine then! Alex, before this is over you will admit that you want both of us.” Ares called for his men. “Take her to the back room and let her rest.”

“What in Zeus’ name was that all about Ares? You could have killed her!”

“No I would never do that. I needed her to admit that she wanted to stay. It had to come from her. I can’t make anyone stay who doesn’t want to short of using torture. Her family is full of powerful warriors. I want to be able to continue to use them for my glory. If they thought she’s here against her will I could lose them.”  He wanted to tell Iphicles the entire truth, but that would have to wait for now.

“So you plan to use her words against her?”

“Yes.” Ares smiled fully satisfied. “She is a warrior and honor to her is everything.”

“Be careful Ares you may set a trap for yourself with your own words.” Iphicles left him to go  check on Alex.

Ares stayed in the throne room for a long time. He watched as Iphicles ministered to Alexandra’s wounds. What he was unable to admit even to himself was that he actually cared for her as much as he cared for his mortal King. He wanted her as much as Iphicles did. He scowled, his face twisting as if he was in pain. Aphrodite warned him about caring for mortals this was becoming too complicated.

Furious he appeared in her room. A bright blue light emanated from his hands and encircled Alexandra’s body. She sat up in bed fully healed. “Am I to be your prisoner here M’lord Ares?”

“You said you wanted to stay Alex.” Iphicles interrupted.

“I do and I will keep my word. I need to know if I have to stay here all the time?”

“Not always, once you have earned my trust you will be able to come and go as you please, as long as you come to me when I call for you.”

“I understand. “Thank you M’lord.”

“Besides you will not be staying at this temple. I am making other arrangements and I will let you know as soon as I can.”

Alex was curious but didn’t question him. “Let’s go Alex it is time to train.”

Ares watched as Alexandra trained with Iphicles. She was a magnificent warrior with skills beyond many of his men. He let them continue until the both of them fell back from exhaustion. Then he took the task of training her upon himself. He always had to hold back. It wasn’t easy, and he had to make sure he never lost himself in the battle. If he did she would surely be dead.

They continued on like this for hours. Each man taking turns while the other watched. Alexandra was sure her muscles would betray her and give out, but they didn’t. She had to know why they watched each other. Once again she turned to Iphicles. “Why do you watch while I fight Ares?”

Ares didn’t let Iphicles answer, he interrupted immediately. “Watching and learning is half the fun of any battle my dear.”

“Is that why you made me watch through my dreams?”

“Who said that was my doing?”

“I’m not a fool Ares. I know it was different from a regular dream.”

“Perhaps.” Ares avoided the question. “I watch because it excites me. It excites Iphicles to watch two warriors entwined in battle.”

“It should excite you to watch two men together. Does it excite you Alex?” He purred.

“I am not sure. I guess I really don’t...”

“You don’t what my dear?”

Iphicles had been listening and watching all along. He was sure of Alex’s answer but he wanted to hear it from her own lips. Lips he so wanted to devour.

“No it did not excite me Ares.  I felt nothing.”

Ares sauntered over to her and took her chin in his hand. His eyes were ablaze with anger. “Don’t  lie to me!”  He roughly pulled her mouth to his and kissed her hard, catching her breath he wanted to crush the life out of her. He *would* make her admit her feelings.

“Ares stop!” Iphicles yelled.

Ares released his grip on Alexandra and she fell back. He paused long enough to regain some composure. “ENOUGH! for today. You are to return home now.”

Alex was puzzled by the abrupt change in Ares behavior. “You mean I can go home today?”

“Yes. Just return early tomorrow.”

“Ares it is dark. Can’t you transport her home?”

Ares thought about the request. “No I have to do something, she will be fine. Iphicles you need to come with me.”

“But Ares?”

“NOW! We will see you tomorrow Alex.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alexandra left the temple and walked towards home. “Tomorrow I have to take my horse. This walk is too much after all of this drilling.” She said aloud not really expecting an answer.

“Oh. Poor baby! Well give you a ride.”

Alex turned to see four men standing in her path. She recognized the men almost immediately. They were bandits that had recently ripped through a nearby village. She was on a search party that had lost their trail. This was a bad bunch, they robed, raped, and had murdered two men. A gleam came to her eyes .

“You don’t have any horses.” she said sarcastically.

“That’s not the kind of ride we were talking about. Get her boys, this should be easy.”

“This may not be as easy as you think gentlemen.” Alex drew her sword. She drew on all of the training that Ares had put her through earlier. She remembered his words. “FOCUS!” With his words ringing in her ears she struck.  The first man to fall was the youngest of the brothers.  The next to die was the cousin. She made quick work of the third man, when the last one hit her from behind sending her crashing to the ground in blinding pain.

“You will pay for killing my brothers.” He yelled through gritted teeth. “Pay with your life, but first I have other plans for you.”  He threw himself on top of Alexandra.  She was still too dazed to move. Alex could feel his hard cock pushing into her leg. She reached down and struggled to grab her dagger from her boot.

“Yes squirm, fight, I like it when they fight!”

“Did you like it when you raped the girls from the small village last week? Did that give you pleasure too?”

The man grinned. “Of course it did. Now I take that same pleasure again.”

“I don’t think so!” Alex promptly ran the blade of her dagger across his neck, slicing the jugular, killing him instantly. His body weighed down heavily on her. Still dazed, she finally managed to push him off and stood above the four men covered in dirt and blood. Alex looked around she knew they were there.  They had been all along again, watching. She would not call out to him for help her pride would not let her, so she waited.

“Damn, I could have been killed. What kind of game are they playing?” She thought to herself.

“No games this time I assure you.” Ares and Iphicles appeared before her. Iphicles went over to Alex to check her wounds. She was bleeding from the arm and leg, but she dismissed his help. “I had to be sure you would be able to use the skills you were learning.”

“All this just because *you* wanted to make sure I could kill?”

“I wanted to make sure you had the passion, the desire, to do anything to live.”


Ares smiled as if she gave him the greatest compliment. “Why thank you.”

“Ares this was way too much, even for you.” Iphicles glared at him.

Ares feigned injury. “Are you both teaming up against me? I am truly hurt, I guess I will have to teach you both a lesson.”

“No more lessons tonight Ares. I have had enough. I am on my own time now I am not at your temple.”

Ares flung a bolt of blue lightning into a large tree that use to be right next to Alexandra. “Don’t try me Alex.” The muscle in his jaw tightened. “How are you addressing me?”

“I called you Ares.”

Iphicles knew where this was heading. He had caught on earlier in the temple, but chose not to say anything to Ares. “Alex don’t anger him.”

“Anger him! After what he sent me out to face. Look Ares you yourself said in your own words that I had to listen to your demands, and call you M’lord at the temple. The temple! Do you see a temple around here?”

Ares knew he was trapped that she was using his own words against him. He should have been angry, but he was actually impressed. “You know what I meant Alex.” He said tilting his head slightly to the side.

“No, I only know what you said.”

“Look this is getting us nowhere.” Iphicles interrupted “Lets get Alex home so we can go back to the temple.”

“Fine.” Ares waved his hand and Alex vanished.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She found herself back home soaking in a large tub of hot water. She had already healed her cuts and was enjoying the feel of the hot water on her body. The jasmine scented water reminded her if Iphicles.  It made her smile at the thought of the King standing up to Ares for her.  She might be able to use this.  After all her motto had always been divide and conquer.

“I will never understand him.” She closed her eyes and sunk lower in the water. She stayed there immersed in the tub for an eternity. Finally soaking off all of the blood she went to her room to sleep.

Every day it was drilling, and every night it was the same for a week. It began again...

and again...

and again...

and again...

and again...

Each time she dream walked it was different. This time she was in the main throne room of Ares’ temple. Sitting in his throne her hands and legs tied to the arms with silken scarves. She could clearly see the altar from where she was, there was someone chained to it. Alex was to far away to see who it was when suddenly the throne moved forward so she was right beside the altar.

The man was chained spread eagle, and blindfolded. It was evident that he had been tortured. He was bleeding from several small cuts all over his body.  “Iphicles?”

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me Iphicles. It’s Alex. Are you all right?”  Her alarm grew he could hear the panic in her voice.  “What has he done to you?”

“Done!...What have I done!” Ares laughed menacingly. He appeared abruptly next to Alex scaring her half to death. Ares walked over to Iphicles and grabbed his cock. “He is fine. Aren’t you my love?” Iphicles groaned and thrust his cock into Ares hand.


Ares walked over to Alex and ripped her blouse open exposing her breasts. He bent down and sucked on her right nipple while pinching the left one between his thumb and finger. “You must learn Alex that there is a fine line between pleasure and pain. Master it and trust your partner give into it.”

“Trust, You speak of trust Ares.” He struck her.

“You are in my temple now remember that.”

She glared at him but capitulated. “You speak of trust M’lord. How can he trust you after what you have done to him?”

“This isn’t about him. He does trust me.” Ares bent down and kissed the King hard. “It’s about you. About you wanting what we share.” He kissed Iphicles again. “Needing this.” He bent down and bit the King's nipple hard. “Accepting it.”

Alexandra began to squirm in her seat. What  Ares was doing to Iphicles was sending pleasure to ever fiber of her being.  She dared not let him see her weakness. “No this isn’t in me! This is your game!”

“Is it? This is what you wanted all along. This is what you need from us. Admit it and it’s yours.”

Ares jumped up on the altar and put his cock into the King’s mouth. Iphicles began sucking it as if he was a dying man and it was the only way he could survive. Alex watched as Ares rammed the full length down the King's throat. This was becoming too much for her to stand. There was no way she really wanted this. She was not like them.

“Admit it you knew about us when you came here? Admit it you were curious?”

“All right! Yes! I knew and Yes! I was curious. I could never imagine in my wildest dreams what went on!”

Ares laughed as he came in the King’s mouth, Iphicles swallowed ever last drop and still wanted more. Ares jumped off the altar and kissed Iphicles deeply. He walked over to Alex and kissed her. Ramming his tongue down her throat, making sure she could taste the cum on his lips. “You can’t tell me this disgusts you, admit it, you want it. You want to experience it, to feel it.”

“You are wrong M’lord I do not!”

“Fine then watch.” Ares went back to the King and began working his cock with one hand while he inserted a finger deep into the man’s anus. Iphicles thrusted his hips moving himself against the finger that was deep within. “Do you want more my King?”

“Yessssss.. Ares I want you inside me. Fuck me!”

Ares kissed him all the while keeping his eyes on Alexandra. “My pleasure.”

Alex watched as he came around and jumped up taking the King’s legs and bending them over his shoulders. He inserted his cock against Iphicles’ ass. It was slick and slid inside easily. He began slowly, teasing him at first.  This drove the King insane and he bucked, trying to force Ares massive cock deeper. He leaned over the King. “You are eager, aren’t you?”  Ares rammed his cock so hard into Iphicles that Alex thought he would burst open. Iphicles came immediately spraying cum all over his chest. Ares licked him clean, never taking his eyes off of Alex. He prepared for his own explosive orgasm that soon sent him over the edge.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Again Alexandra had started calling out names in her sleep. Demetrus ran into her room and tried to wake her before the others came. He was having no luck and their father soon followed. No one could waken her from these dreams. She was tossing and thrashing about shouting “NO!” Calling the King’s name. Demetrus shook her, and she suddenly stopped. “Alex, Alex wake up you are home safe.”

Alex  became very upset seeing her concerned family standing around her again. “What! I did it again didn’t I?”

“Yes, my child, and this has been quite a concern for us. This is the sixth night in a row that you have been calling out in your sleep. Tonight was the worst yet.”

Her brother Arial spoke his voice filled with concern. “Alex you have to tell us what is going on. You have to tell us now.”

Alex could feel Ares presence in the room. She could feel his breath hot on her neck. He whispered in her ear, making sure no one else could hear.


Alex trembled feeling the God of War so near to her. “Father, I...I have been having the same dream over, and over about the King being murdered.”

“Murdered Alexandra?”


Ares put his hand on Alexandra’s shoulder and caressed it firmly. “TELL THEM THAT IN THE DREAMS YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT IS ABLE TO STOP THE MURDER.”

“In my dreams...I am the only one that is able to save the King, but I am unable to reach him in time.”

“Why sister? Why can’t you reach him?” Arial asked.


She used her thoughts hoping he would take pity. “Ares please no!” Alex knew where this was going to lead. He planned to take her away tonight her heart raced at the thought.


“All right I will do as you ask.” she thought.

“I am too far away. I can’t get to the King in time. In my dream the kingdom is in ruins, There will be great darkness of this happens.”

“But daughter it’s only a dream.”


Demetrus was very quiet. He knew something was not right. He held his sister’s hand tightly.

“No father...I believe this is a prophesy, not a dream. I have to help the King somehow. I can’t let him die.”

“I know you know the King, but will he believe your dreams sister? He does not seem like a man that gives into this type of fear.” Demetrus asked.

“I am not sure, but I have to try.”

Suddenly,  there was a loud commotion outside of the house. There was a loud bang on the door and the King walked into the house. Alexandra’s father left her room and walked over to greet Iphicles.

“Majesty, it is an honor to have you in our home.” Alex had dressed and come out of her room to join the others.

“I have come here because of a prophesy that was made by the oracle at Delphi.  She has seen my death and she says that the warrior who will stop it is in this home. I normally would not ask this if you sir, but I wish to have the services of this warrior. They will come to live at my castle and will be well provided for, even after the assassin is taken care of.”

Alexandra’s father could feel his heart breaking. He knew his duty to his King would win out. “Of course Sire any of my sons would be happy to serve you.”

“It is not your sons that I seek sir, it is your daughter.”

“Alexandra? You wish her to live with you in the palace?”

“Yes, I do. Is there a problem with this? I assure you she will be well taken care of.”

Alex could see this was going to get out of hand. Ares standing behind her grasped her shoulders, his hot breath against her neck made  Alex shiver. “DO SOMETHING TO GET THEM TO AGREE OR I SWEAR I WILL TAKE YOU LITTLE BROTHER STRAIGHT TO TARTARUS.”

Alex spoke up. “Father I feel it is my duty to go with the King. I will be all right I promise.”

“Alexandra are you sure?”

“Father I am, but I will only go with my family’s blessing. Can you give me that?”

He could see the fear and worry in his daughter’s eyes. She was truly remarkable worrying about others so. He had great pride for her actions.  “Of course my dear you can go.”

“I will need to change Sire. I will be right out.”

“Fine, carry only what you need. I will send for your other things tomorrow.”

“Yes Sire!” She bowed and left to change.

“You can trust me I will take care of her with my life.” Iphicles assured her family then he went outside with his men to wait for Alex.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Demetrus followed the King outside and he grabbed him by the arm.

“I know what you are up to Sire.” He said through clenched teeth.

The guards stepped forward to grab Demetrus but Iphicles waved them off.  “Leave us and go get the girl’s horse ready.” He turned to Alex’s brother. “What do you mean?”

“I know about Ares plans for my sister.”

Ares appeared behind the King only visible to Iphicles and Demetrus. “There is nothing you can do Demetrus. I’ve told you that before.”  Ares looked annoyed. “You should be at my temple tomorrow, forget about her. She is mine, and as I told your sister it would be a shame if anything happened to your little brother.”

“Bastard!” Demetrus lunged at Ares and Iphicles stepped in between them.

“STOP!” The King demanded. “Alex will be fine while she is under my care. You have my word Demetrus.”

“If you are with him what good is your word?”

Iphicles still held on to him. “What are your choices? You will lose both your sister and your brother. Is it worth it?”

Demetrus hung his head and relaxed the muscles of his body. “No, it’s not. But mark me both of you if anything happens to her I will kill you both myself.”

“Bold statement for a mortal.” Ares said as he vanished.

“One I will find a way to carry out if she is hurt.” Demetrus yelled into the air. Iphicles released him just as Alexandra walked out the door.

“I have said my goodbyes to everyone except you Demetrus. I will come to see you when I can.”

He hugged her tightly. “I will be at the temple I have decided to go after all.”

Tears were streaming down Alex’s cheeks. “I understand. I will see you soon then.” She kissed her brother and saddled up on her horse. They rode off down the path that led to Corinth. Demetrus stood there for a long time just looking down the road until the dust settled.

The trip back to Corinth was a silent one. Iphicles rode beside Alexandra he tried to reassure her that things would be fine. She wouldn’t listen. If only Alexandra would admit how she felt to Ares. He wanted to tell her that’s all it would take to end this was to admit she wanted them, but he chose not to.

Alex wanted nothing to do with either of them. Right now all she could think about was leaving her family. It saddened her greatly and had not been part of her plan, at least not yet. Alex started to worry that Ares may know exactly what her plans really were. If he did it was way too soon.


The group arrived at the palace, Iphicles sent his men to care for the horses and escorted Alexandra inside. They walked through the darken hallways until they came to Alexandra’s room. They stopped just outside the door.

“Don’t make this harder than it has to be Alexandra.”

“So you condone this type of treatment? Taking me away from my family in the middle of the night?”

“Would you have me argue with a God? Besides it is time you came to be with us.”

Iphicles took hold of Alex and turned her to face him. “Be honest with me Alex do you really want to leave? Would it be so bad being here with me?” He moved slowly to kiss her lips.

He had wanted to do this from the beginning, the only reason he didn’t was because it would have angered Ares. Now he didn’t care what the God thought. He knew his feelings for her were becoming hard to resist.

Finally he pulled away and rested his head against hers. “Well do you wish to leave?”

Alex became flushed with desire. “Shit this was not going well.” she thought. There was no way she could have these feelings for Iphicles. It would destroy her plans. Alex managed to regain her composure long enough  to answer softly, “No...I do not.” Knowing full well it was again a lie.

“Well isn’t this a pretty picture. You have grown quite fond of her my love. Haven’t you?”

Ares abrupt presence startled them both. Iphicles glared at him. “She is here now as you wanted. Her family will still serve you, just as you planned.”

“Oh don’t feign innocence. You wanted her here just as I did. Why don’t you show Alex her room? ”

Ares held the door open and Iphicles and Alex walked inside. The room was very large with a great fireplace along the side wall. In the center of the room there was a large canopy bed. The bedposts were intricately carved with various designs. The mahogany wood glistened in the firelight. Off to the left was a large room with a bath. The rest of the furniture was sparse but beautifully made. Clothes filled the closets and next and along the right wall Alex noticed there was another door.

“I guess I will not be needing my things from home?”

“Everything you need I will provide for you Alex.” Ares snarled. “Don’t sound ungrateful.”

“I am not ungrateful, everything here is beautiful. I would just like to have some of my own things. May I retrieve them later?”

“We will see.”

“Iphicles where does that door lead to?”

“It connects to my bedchamber.”

“We thought it would be more convenient.” Ares laughed.

“Convenient? You are a God you can take us anywhere in a blink of an eye.”

“True! I meant for when the assassin comes to kill Iphicles.”

Alexandra turned to Ares, she looked alarmed. “What do you mean? Is Iphicles really in danger?”

“There is a killer heading this way.” Ares said offhandedly.

“And you would allow him to be in harms way?”

“He’s not, you are here.”

“You will possibly risk his life having me defend him while you could stop this killer with a wave of your hand? Why?”

“The killer was headed here all along. I just used this so I could get you to stay at the castle, instead of my temple.”

“To keep me away from my brother?”

“Yes, he had every intention of keeping an eye on you while he was there. Lets just say this has become more convenient.”

“Still why let the assassin come?”

“So there will be a commotion. Then your family will hear the news and no one will get suspicious.”

“This is all like a game to you Ares. Exactly why are you concerned with what my family thinks about our arrangement?”

Ares bit his lower lip. “Make no mistake about it! If you were anyone else...I would have taken you, and your family to Tartarus. It’s only because of a promise I made a long time ago.”

“A promise? About my family? Ares who did you make this promise to?”

Ares paused thinking long and hard. He really didn’t want to tell her but decided he might be able to use this information to his advantage. He needed to win her trust in order to control the situation, why not tell her the truth. “I promised your mother.”

“My...m...mother you knew my mother?”

“Yes, your mother and I were friends. She made me promise that I would watch over her family of warriors on her deathbed. She was a loyal follower and I agreed.”

Alexandra started to panic. Too many wild thoughts started to run through her head. Ares was leaving out details. Important details, but why? “Why do you the God of War care about a mortal family? Why would you care about my mother’s wishes? Being a loyal follower does not guarantee personal favors from you Ares.”

Ares grinned, trying to hide his annoyance. “Damn the little mortal was too good at this!” he thought.  He squinted his eyes making him look as if he could smash Alex through the wall.

Iphicles had seen this reaction several times.  It had lead to many a man’s death. He moved and stood between them. “Ares tell her the truth.”

“You may not want to know the truth Alex.”  He raised an eyebrow.  “Are you sure you can handle it?”

“You may as well tell me now Ares. Or would you rather torture me further by leaving me  guessing?”

Ares noted the sarcasm in her voice, but  he didn’t move or speak. The muscle in the side of his jaw was twitching. Iphicles  finally spoke for him. “Alexandra Ares is Demitrius’ father.”

Alex flew pass Iphicles and flung herself at Ares. “Lying Bastard!”

He had caught her arms easily and now had them pinned behind her. “I don’t lie.”

“My mother would never betray my father.”

“She said the very same thing to me.” Ares pulled Alexandra closer to him grinning. He enjoyed making her struggle against him. “You do remind me so much of her.” He laughed.

“Animal! It's all a game to you. You think you have covered everything, that you can make anyone do what you want. Don’t you Ares?” Alexandra struggled and was finally able to free herself from his grasp.

Ares smiled. “Always, my love, always. Besides I like the idea of my son being one of my warlords.  He is a hell of a commander  ya know, a chip off the old block!”  Ares laughter rang in Alex’s ears.

Alex knew that the games would only increase now that she was at the castle. Ares became more determined to get her to admit that she lusted after all of the desires he was offering her.  He wanted her to fail like her mother did. She, however, was determined make them both admit they were the ones that really wanted her. It was the only way she would give in if she could be in control. The game was only beginning in earnest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The killer attacked just as Ares said he would. Ares did something Alexandra didn’t expect. He actually took Iphicles and left Alex alone in the King’s room to fend off the attacker herself. Iphicles had started to protest but Ares quickly waved an arm and he vanished from the room leaving Ares and Alex there alone.

Ares was a predator, he slowly walked around Alexandra taking in every inch of her. He knew he was in control but he also knew he, like Iphicles, was finding it harder to control his feelings for this mortal. Feelings he would not show for if he did he knew Alexandra would indeed win.

“So Ares, what is it you wish me to do?”

“Ah! There are so many things I can think of lovely one.” Ares ran his hand down Alex’s back sending shivers of desire through her entire body. “For now, I need you to stay here and catch a killer.”

“You are leaving me alone to face him?”

“Can’t you handle it?” Ares turned his back and smirked. He was expecting her to plead with him to stay.

“It’s no problem M’lord. Should I call for you when it’s over?” Alex said sarcastically.

Ares angered by her tone held his temper in check. He grabbed Alex and kissed her deeply. His tongue ravaged her lips and mouth again he made her gasp for air. Her body molded so perfectly into his and she could feel his cock pulsing between them. He held her so tightly that she thought ever bone in her body would break. Just as suddenly as he grabbed her he let go. Ares stepped back and handed Alex a sword. “You’ll be needing this.” Extending his arm to her Alex took the sword as the God of War vanished.

Alexandra knew they were watching her from Ares temple. She blew out the lights and waited in the darkness. “Ares is not a fool, would he honestly think I would be afraid to do this?” Alex thought. Time moved very slowly at first, then every sense Alex had went into overdrive. She heard the man before she saw him. She struck in the darkness, he had never know what hit him. Blood, once again was everywhere it covered Alexandra from head to toe.

Ares reappeared with Iphicles once the deed was completed. He got his commotion just as he desired. Such a fuss was made that everyone in the castle was now fully awake running about like a bunch of fools. Alexandra’s family would surely know what happened by morning. Of course the grateful King would extend his castle to her and it would now be her new home.

Ares was determined to break her tonight she would crumble and admit her desires. He knew if she didn’t soon he would just take her no matter what. Somewhere deep inside he wondered if that was her deepest desire. It angered him that he couldn’t be sure of her thoughts. Ares had tried to see into her mind again. Wanting to see what her agenda really was. He had tried to read her thoughts, but she was able to block him. That is when he realized that she may have been manipulating him all along.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Iphicles dismissed his men and when things had finally settled down Alex returned to her room and undressed. Covered in blood she had intended to bathe. She had asked to have the tub filled for her. When she arrived at the bath she found she was not alone. Ares was lounging in the water while Iphicles sat next to him along the side of the large stone tub. The sight of the King’s beautiful body reclining next to Ares in the water was too much for Alex. Oh Ares was good she had not expected this.

“I asked for a bath to get rid of the blood Ares.”

“Come here we will wash it off for you.” Ares purred in his most seductive voice.

“Ares I can bathe my self.” “How in Zeus name will I be able to resist this?” Alex thought. Knowing full well he could win she changed her plans quickly. It would have to happen now or she would be lost to the both of them forever.

Her protests meant nothing, with a wave of his hand Alex was fully undressed an in the water besides them. Ares turned her around, and began to slowly rub soap all over Alexandra’s back. Deliberately moving very slowly down her arms. Ares moved at a painstakingly slow pace, lingering  over her breasts. He pulled and twisted her nipples for so long it seemed like an eternity.

Alexandra tensed and let out a soft gasp! Ares smiled. Iphicles had taken his clue from Ares. He was already stroking his cock hard. Ares turned Alexandra so she could watch the King pleasure himself. Iphicles enjoyed watching Ares rub his lathered hands all over her body. His eyes half closed, a soft moan escaped from his lips.

Ares plunged his soapy hands into the steamy tub. He firmly washed Alexandra’s backside. Pulling and kneading, making sure he exerted pressure in all the right places. He felt he was winning when she had started to squirm. He ran his soapy hands across her ass to her throbbing cunt, tracing the slit ever so lightly with his fingers. Sending waves of pleasure exploding through Alexandra’s body.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alexandra forced her mind to wander. She tried to remember what she had heard the man in the tavern say. Her brothers had rushed there hearing a rumor that a great warrior was there. They had wanted to see this great  man. Alexandra had followed, but did not enter with her brothers. They would have welcomed her inside, they always included her. For reasons of her own she remained outside of the window all night listening to his words.

He sounded quite drunk as he spoke. Something she would have thought was uncharacteristic for him. A man she had heard thrived on being in control. Alex was patient and she listened well. She stood near the window and looked inside. He was a handsome man and people seemed drawn to him. She listened all night to him boast to the other men.

“Focus and control that’s all that matters in any battle. If you have focus, you have control. If you have control you will always win.”

She saw him stager through the door of the tavern, leaning on his Captain in a drunken stupor. She heard the others inside laughing at him, calling him drunk and crazy. She watched him as he walked towards his horse. That night however had marked and changed her forever. She was a woman in a mans world, no matter what. That night she would learn exactly what she needed to survive in it just by watching him.

She had seen what the others did not. He was not drunk, he turned to his Captain and laughed. “The fools they will never understand. I tell them how to rule a world and they think I am a raving drunk!”

As he rose onto his horse, he caught sight of Alexandra standing there in the darkness, watching him. His eyes pierced her to her very soul. He said the words as if he was talking to his captain, but his eyes never left her. “Know thine enemy as *well* as you know yourself, and you shall always be victorious.” He smiled at Alex, it was a smile that sent chills down her spine. “Perhaps I was wrong tonight Captain. Perhaps someone *was* listening.”


Alex looked directly into his eyes, burning the image of his face into her memory. She was sure she would meet him again. She had to learn more. It was almost as if he had heard her thoughts.

“Esse Quam Videri.” He said to her as he settled in his saddle. Caesar then pulled on his horses reigns, nodded to her, and the two men rode off into the night towards destiny.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At once,  Alex knew what she had to do. “Esse Quam Videri!” Alex thought. “To Be Rather than to Seem.” She could very well die for it but there was no other way to win. She had to be in control. No more games. She only hoped he cared enough for her to hold his temper.

Alex’s eyes focused on Iphicles. The King had almost brought himself to orgasm when Alexandra pulled herself away from Ares. “It’s no good Ares, I will not do this.”

Ares clenched his fists unable to believe what he was hearing. He shook his head. “You are not going to stop this not now!”

“I will if I have to. You have to admit to me that this is more than just a game for you. You have to admit that you both want me. That you always have.”

“NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO!” Ares flung a lightning bolt into a small table in the corner and splintered it into a thousand pieces.

Alex was treading on dangerous ground. “Why not? Just because you are a God! Don’t Gods want? Don’t they need?”

She turned to Iphicles. “What do you want my King? Do you want me? Will you admit it?”

Ares laughed totally reassured that the King was too fearful of Ares to defy him . “He will do nothing of the sort!”

Iphicles eyes turned cold. For the first time it annoyed him that Ares was answering for him. He clenched his fists and chose to speak the truth. “On the contrary, Alexandra I do want you. I have from the beginning, when Ares and I first spied on you.”

Ares anger flowed through his being. “NOW!  She has turned you against me?”

Alex paid no attention to the God of War. Dismissing him as if he was never there. “That’s all I needed to hear.” Alexandra moved through the silken water towards Iphicles. She wrapped herself around the glorious King's body. Kissing his lips with the same force and desperation that Ares had teased her with time and again.

“I want you to fuck me, my lord.” Alex voice whispered, making sure it was loud enough for Ares to hear. Her voice conveyed all the pleasures and desires she had been holding in for so long.

“YESSSSS...” Iphicles moaned. He had sunk his teeth into Alex’s neck and had drawn blood. She gasped with intense pleasure, Iphicles was going to join her against Ares’ will, she was no longer alone.

Ares glared at them both. Iphicles drawing her blood was too much for him. Damn his lover knew his weakness. He was ready to smash them both into oblivion when Alexandra words jolted him back to reality. “Don’t be angry my lord, why can’t you do as I ask? Can’t you say you want me? You need us?”

Ares looked at them in disbelief. “Do I need you? You both seem to be doing fine on your own.”

Alex released Iphicles and moved to Ares. She put her blood on his lips taunting him. She leaned forward and kissed him savagely. “Tell me...please. Join us? Join us because you want us. Admit it or I will leave!”

Iphicles had joined them in the center of the large tub. There was no way he would let Alexandra slip away from him now. He stood behind Ares grasping his neck. He entangled his hand in the gods flowing locks and pulled his head back. Ares could feel his lover’s cock pulsing in his back. “Admit it my love you know you want her as much as I do. And now *I* want you both.”

Alex and Ares both looked at Iphicles with a hint of surprise in their eyes. Ares was unable to say anything for a long time.  Finally he broke the silence with heavy uncontrolled breaths.  “It’s about time you take control my King.” Ares said to his lover then he turned to Alexandra. “You win my love, I want to be with you both. I want to feel myself inside you. To hear you gasp and moan with pleasure as I make love to both of you.”  Ares closed his eyes unable to look at either  of them.  It was inevitable,  he the God of War had lost.

She knew she had her control once Ares admitted the truth. It didn’t bother her that Iphicles helped, he needed to find his voice. This stage was complete now for the prize.  “Look at us Ares, you should not be ashamed to admit how you really feel.  That is the problem with the Gods they really “don’t know how they *really* feel about anything.”

Alex began kissing Ares neck while Iphicles turned his head to ravage his lips. He had not released his hair, and was taking great pleasure in causing Ares discomfort. Alex was enjoying sucking and biting at Ares nipples while his cock hardened in her hand. She slowly worked his cock back and forth in her hands.

Iphicles watched as Ares hips arched forward. “You want her my love don’t you? Kiss Alex hard Ares, show her how much you want her!” He commanded, pushing Ares head down to meet Alex’s lips. Ares’ heart was racing, he had never seen his King so demanding before. Ares complied eagerly his hot tongue plunging into Alexandra’s mouth. His kiss sent shocks of pleasure through Alex, and she responded by biting his lower lip and drawing blood.

Iphicles pulled on Ares hair forcing him to release Alex’s mouth. Ares groaned in frustration. Iphicles was taking great pleasure from Ares response, there was something very exciting about commanding a God. Iphicles was fully enjoying the intensity of pleasure it was bringing him.

Alexandra had risen from the water and embraced Iphicles. She kissed him hard, making him release Ares hair.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Ares...I...” She had only to start her request and the God of War complied.  The three of them found themselves transported into the bedchamber at Ares’ temple. Alexandra whispered something to Iphicles. He went to her dresser. She moved Ares so he reclined across the large  bed, andshe waited until Iphicles came to her.

Iphicles handed several silk scarves to Alexandra. Ares looked at them like they were insane. “Exactly who are you planing to use those scarf’s on?”

Iphicles sat on the bed and caressed Ares’ face ever so gently. “You my love.  Alex said they are for you.” He said softly.  Ares could only moan as Iphicles covered his mouth with his lips. He positioned himself between Ares legs. Teasing him ever so slightly with his cock against the tender part of his anus.  Alex began to tie the scarves in place.

“You want me to fuck you! Don’t you Ares?”

“Yesssss...I want you to fuck me. Pleaseeeee.”

Iphicles thrust his cock as hard as he could into his love. The surge of power it gave him to realize that Ares wanted him sent him over the edge. For too long Iphicles worried that Ares would be gone at any moment once he tired of him. Now that he was past those fears he would relish every moment of pleasure that *he* would *take* from Ares. Iphicles thrust quickened as he started to cum. For once in his life he was taking pleasure first as he screamed his lover's name. “ARESSSSS.” Iphicles withdrew and went to lie next to Ares.

He never had a chance to wonder what was gong to happen next. Alexandra moved down to Ares cock, taking it into her mouth she sucked hard, savoring it, her tongue moved across the length of it, Her teeth nipping and biting sending waves of pleasure through Ares. He was now thrusting his hips uncontrollably. Alex could feel the God of War’s orgasm start coursing through his body. She felt his hot cum flow down her throat.

All Alexandra knew now was that she wanted Iphicles and Ares deep inside of her. She quickly straddled Ares legs as Iphicles rose and came behind her. “Now it’s my turn, I want you *BOTH.*”

Alex slowly lowered herself onto Ares. He was barley able to restrain himself when she began to tease him. Pushing him into her hot cunt ever so slowly, Ares growled with desire. She was so tight he felt like he was going to explode. The pleasure increased ever so slightly as he felt Iphicles weight press down on Alexandra. He had moved behind her and placed his hard cock gently against her. Alex showed her acceptance by leaning forward and pushing herself ever so slightly back giving him easier access. Iphicles entered Alexandra slowly at first, then he increased the pressure until he was fully inside her. Iphicles reached forward and grasped Alexandra’s breasts,  pulling her firmly into him. Alexandra began to cry out and moan as an explosive orgasm overtook her. Her shouts only drove Iphicles harder and harder until he came inside of her.

Ares saw the desire in Iphicles eyes and it was sending him over the edge. The three of them continued moving as one. It became too much for Ares. He broke his bonds freeing himself, his hands reached up and he drew Alex to him. He lavished her lips and worked his way down to her neck. Biting her hard he drew blood and reveled in it taste licking her neck clean as he began to cum, filling her with his seed.

Ares drew each of his lovers to him with his powerful arms. This only served to remind both of them exactly how powerful he really was. They soon found sleep, exhausted after several repeat performances.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Months had passed quickly for Alex, every time she was with her lovers she learned more then she could ever imagine. Too many things had happened between them that she didn’t count on. She knew it was time to leave them, if she didn’t, then it meant her plans would end. There would be no turning back.

Ares watched her silently for a long time. Alex was looking out the window of her room. Warmed in the sunlight, she took in a deep breath, as if she was trying to remember everything that surrounded her.

Alexandra had deliberately kept silent about all of the ‘gifts’ the old woman had bestowed on her, when she saved her son. She had removed the mind block between them long ago so Ares knew she was leaving. It angered him, more for Iphicles’ sake, at least that’s what he told himself. He understood and he knew why she was leaving. He felt used and manipulated by her, and he admired her for it. Iphicles would just be hurt to find out they were used to achieve a greater end. There was so much more he felt he owed her for. He was also grateful to her for bringing out another side in his lover.

Iphicles came into the room and startled them both. “Alex! You wanted to see me?” Covered in dirt and sweat from his daily drills. Alexandra loved him when he looked like this.

“Yes Iphicles I need to tell you something. ” Ares appeared in the room. He stood leaning against the far wall, his arms crossed and settled against his broad chest. He was a vision just standing there.

“I want you both to know that I am leaving.”

Iphicles  was not going to hold his anger back.  He had been a good student these past months. Learning how to express *his* wants and emotions.  He no longer feared the consequences of what expressing these feelings would bring. He cared way too much for Alex to just let her walk out the door. “Exactly what do you mean Alex? I don't understand, you are bound to Ares and I. I thought this was settled long ago.”

“Yes I am bound to you, but Ares gave me the freedom to come and go as I please. You do remember that Ares?”

Ares answered softly. “Yes.”

“So you are just going to stand there and let her go?”

Ares raised his eyebrow. “Yes, what can I do?”

“Stop her!”

Ares’ eyes took on an evil cast. “Why stop her. She used us both. Let her go!” It would seem that Ares was actually trying to help make it easier for her to leave.

“Used US! What do you mean used us?”

Alexandra interrupted Ares before he could speak. This was better coming from her. “Iphicles, I set out to prove to myself that I could *be* in control. Being brought up in a man’s world treated just like my brothers, my father never expected less from me. The world, my King is not like that. Away from my family I was just a woman in a man’s world. So I set out to find the best way to take advantage of that situation. A man once told me, that knowing yourself as well as you know your enemy, allows you to be in control. I have to *be* in control of myself I can’t have people just think that I am.”

“Damn! She sounds like Caesar.” Ares thought.

Iphicles, angered by her words, grabbed Alex and slammed her against the wall. “You consider us your enemy!”

“In order for me to survive, I needed to find out what control was.” Alex couldn’t bare to look at him. “What better way than to control a King and a God! I admit it was a only control of emotions and desires, But that my friend is what all of us are made of. It is the core of our being.”

“Slut!” Alex pushed Iphicles away from her and returned to the window. Iphicles’ actions brought a smile to her lips. She knew he was only just finding his voice. Controlling others' emotions as well as his own was too new to him. He was going to be an amazing King, and with time she knew he would understand.

“I wanted to fuck you both from the beginning, but on my terms. The control was mine since I knew my goals. I had watched you for a long time. I knew of your desires. I counted on you both wanting me.” Alex didn’t want to tell him the rest, but she had to. “I also knew you both were only the beginning of my quest.”

“So now that you victory over us has been achieved what’s next?” Iphicles snarled.

“This is not about either of you! Its about me! I will take control of my life and my destiny anyway I have to.”

A fter hearing Alex voice her intentions to Iphicles, Ares knew he had to relent and accept her choice. At least, for now. He had known in his mind from the beginning she was capable of  greatness. It had become clear to him, Alexandra reaching her goals, and becoming all she was capable of , was more important  than either of them missing her. He finally accepted the fact that she had to leave.

Ares noticed that something outside had caught Alexandra’s attention. “What have you set you sights on now Alexandra?”

“Well I started with the most difficult challenge, A God and a King, perhaps I will lower my sites a little, maybe an Emperor?” Ares stared at her through narrowed eyes. Hoping she wasn’t serious. Caesar was way out of her league.

Alex had finally seen what she had been searching for through the window all along. “No! I have a better idea. I’ll move on to Heroes first.”

Alex ran towards the door of the room.

“STOP HER!” Iphicles shouted sounding desperate.

Ares threw his hands into the air as he walked towards the window. “What can I do, I promised to let her come and go whenever she wished. I will not stop her. Just as I kept my promise to her mother, I will keep my promise to Alexandra.”

Alex had stopped in the doorway ,she had intended not to tell Iphicles she was coming back just in case. Ares knew, and he could tell him later. Something kept her from moving. She walked over to him her hand caressed his face, running her fingers across his lips.

“Iphicles, I need to tell you that something happened while I was here. Something I didn’t plan on.” He tilted his head into the palm of her hand and kissed it. “I fell in love with you both.”

Ares looked in their direction, if he had any feelings about her leaving he said nothing. Alex glanced towards him. “I will be back, once I have set out to do what I have to. I promise.” Alex kissed Iphicles and hurried from the

Iphicles walked over to the window where Ares stood. The light from the window cascaded over his lover like a warm blanket. “You are all for her leaving aren’t you?”

Ares smiled. “Am I that transparent?”

“Why? You know you care for her as much as I do.”

Ares nodded his head in the direction Alex was running towards. Iphicles turned to look. He saw Alex running down the road from the castle towards two men. “Damn It! Not them!” Iphicles shouted.

Ares laughed. “Alex needs this Iphicles. Just like you needed her help to learn about being stronger, about taking control even if the person you are controlling is a God! She made you realize you could control me as a lover.”

“But you allowed it.”

Ares looked at Iphicles. “NO! I wanted it!” He hesitated.  “I couldn’t  admit it. Not until Alex...” He stopped and looked out the window. “I could have stopped her, but I am grateful to her for bringing us closer.  Besides, she
will be back.”

Iphicles finally understood what Alex had been striving for all along. It wasn’t only about her. She took from them. In turn she also taught them as well. He was not happy about where she was heading, but he smiled knowing that
she would soon return.

“What will we ever do to keep ourselves occupied until she gets back?” Iphicles teased.

Silk scarves appeared in Iphicles hands. “Oh I can think of a thing or two.” They both turned to look out the window again. “Besides just the thought of Alex conquering those *two* is loaded with possibilities. Possibilities that I am sure we can fit into quite nicely.   “Oh...If Alex succeeds, she will fit into my plans nicely, maybe even exceed my expectations.” Ares thought to himself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alex was running towards them. She called to the men out of breath and gasping for air she practically fell into the larger man's arms.

“Excuse me, my name is Alexandra and I need some help! Could either of you please tell me where I can find Hercules?”

“You're in luck little lady-- my name is Iolaus, and my friend here *is* Hercules.”

Alexandra smiled.

The End