A Letter To The King
By Selursera

He had to go away...promised it would only be for a while. I still think he did it on purpose. But, he did have his duties to perform, just as I did.

It took a long time to get over missing my lover. His letters helped. I'd get one every few days or so and I'd write him just as often, but jerking off to his letters just wasn't the same as having his wonderful mouth wrapped around my cock.

Hearing his voice, supporting me, especially with having to deal with my dick of a brother - I missed that support more than I could have ever imagined.

I had told him everything that was going on and how much I missed him in my last letter. So in the latest one he sent me, I guess he wanted to cheer me up a bit, he decided to tell me everything he was going to do to me, the next time we were together.

The day I received his letter, I read it and jerked off to it three times, It said: 'The first minute I see you, Iph, I'm going to slowly kiss you, while removing your clothes, sticking my tongue between your lips, tasting you.'

Fuck! I moaned and wrapped my hand around my cock.

'Then I'll kiss you all over your entire body, slowly licking your neck, nipping just below your earlobe  - you know how that spot drives you wild? I'll swirl my tongue around there, until you are writhing beneath me, pushing your cock up against mine. Wanting contact, wanting me.'

I pulled on my cock and ran my thumb across the head; I shivered and continued reading.

'But then, my king, I will pull my cock away and lick down your chest, stopping at your nipples. I'll nip and suck on one and twist the other one with my fingers, until you beg me to stop. Slowly, I'll grasp your hips, Iph and then lick my way down to your belly button, swirling my tongue around, licking you on your thighs and down to your balls. I'll gently take one then the other into my mouth, sucking and nipping at them until you are begging me to do more. Only, I'll take my time - only taking you, when I think you deserve mercy.'

I stopped and bit my lip, then squeezed the base of my cock. I didn't want to come until he wanted me too. It was too soon and there was more to read.

'Slowly I'll move my tongue, licking down to your opening, slipping my tongue deep inside of you. By now you'll be crying and reaching for your cock. I'll slap your hands away. You have to wait Iph... wait for me to tell you it's okay to come.'

I whimpered and moaned, thrusting my hips forward into my hand. "Please...by the gods, please fuck me," I whispered wishing he was here with me.

'Next, I'll slip one finger and then two, deep inside you, making you ready for me - opening you up for my cock. I want you so bad, Iph. Want to be inside you, feel how tight and hot you are for me. Slowly, as I add a third finger, I'll use my tongue and run it along the base of your cock, moving languidly to the head, licking around it then taking it between my lips and sucking hard, taking you all the way down my throat.'

I started pumping my hand harder and faster, moaning, as I read further.

'Then I'll stop. Slipping my fingers out of you, you'll moan, as I move my cock to your mouth and make you suck me, getting it slick and wet so I can take you. I'll move my hips back and forth, fucking your mouth, holding your head as you take me in deep. Finally I'll pull out and lean down, kissing your lips. While my tongue explores your mouth, I'll move my cock, and slowly push into you and you'll whimper, for me, Iph. Then I'll move all the way into you, moving slowly at first, then harder and faster. You're screaming now, begging me to touch you...to release you. Not yet, my king, a little longer, I'll whisper as my thrusts become faster and harder. I'll reach down and grab your cock as I start to come deep inside you. I'll work your cock back and forth, telling you it's okay and you'll come, screaming my name; your cum flowing across your chest and stomach. I'll lean down and lap it up. Moving to your mouth, we'll kiss for a long time and fall asleep in each others arms.!

I reached down and traced my fingers through my come-covered chest. Moving them to my lips, I licked them clean, falling into a deep sleep, as I read the last line.

'You are mine and you always will be, my king.'

The End