A Virtuous Woman
by Sophia
We variously lay, sat or lounged around Ares' temple after the battle, each of us dissecting our own and the other's performance. As the god who recorded our history, I was there to listen for posterity. I loved listening to them boast and cast insults at each other. It made me feel so...mature in contrast.

"Where the hell is our brother," Athena asked, impatient to tell Ares what a son of a bitch he really was. "Ares is still... occupied." Hercules responded.  "Ha!" she replied, a smirk on her face.  "With some young soldier sucking his cock, no doubt. Ares is such a slut. What is wrong with him? Doesn't he know that if he held some of that in, he could turn it to becoming a more effective war god?"

Ares appeared then, and I could tell by his dark face, and the whiteness of  his knuckles on the armrests of his huge ornate throne, that he had been listening to their insults in his absence and was damn mad.

"Sister," he said in his dark, honeyed voice, "why do you want me to stop fucking others? Are you jealous of my ability to attract mortals? Of my sexual prowess? Or do you want all me to yourself?"

She laughed, but there was a touch of insecurity in her voice. Her eyes flashed at him as she replied. "Aphrodite can have you, brother. I'm not interested in your bedroom eyes. And I'm not nearly as jealous of your sexual prowess as you are jealous of my prowess as a warrior, Ares."

His dark eyes narrowed and I thought I could almost hear Ares' growl of anger. Ares sniffed and looked quickly away. He looked wounded.

"You are sick, Ares," she continued. "You can't let a day go by without fucking some mortal. Hold it in, brother and improve your performance on the battlefield. Father would notice you more if you performed better there then between some mortal's thighs." She looked at Hercules and smiled. One finger went into her mouth and then wrote an invisible 1 in the air. Hercules smiled back. The hero of the family was also jealous of Ares' ability to seduce mortals. Ares was the expert. He was irresistible to them, men and women alike.

"You just wish you were as desirable as me, Athena. All of you - you included Hermes, wish you could have them at your feet the way I do. They fucking worship my cock, my mouth. I gave up on our father's approval long ago, Athena. I find my rewards elsewhere now. You can Have Zeus' favor. I'll take bliss any day."

I looked at him. Gods! Was he right - they did worship him. I could worship him and I'm a bloody god myself! He was so incredibly beautiful - he got the best from both parents. Too bad he didn't get the skill, or he would have made such an un-conquerable war god. But then he would have been even more insufferable. This way he was tolerable. Athena, however, was growing more insufferable with each success on the battlefield. Zeus' favor was turning her into a bitch, a first rate bitch.

"So what! Fuck all the mortals you want, it doesn't really matter, Ares. Besides, you always choose the easy ones to seduce, the prostitutes, the virgins. The ones just dying to be seduced. You haven't spent much time trying to seduce the happy ones, the married ones who love their lives. They wouldn't have you - overgrown teenage boy that you are." She looked back to Hercules, who nodded in agreement. I laughed inwardly as I knew the challenge was coming. Ares bristled at her comments. They were true.

"I could seduce anyone, ANYone. Name them and I guarantee I'll have them sucking my cock in no time."  Athena actually laughed at this - almost rolled on the floor. Tears fell down her cheeks. She turned to Hercules and I saw a look pass between them that bespoke of a pre-arranged dialogue, a plan, a plot. My heart leapt at the possibility that we would see Ares try to prove himself by seducing a mortal of their choosing.

"I know someone, a woman of virtue, that Ares could never seduce," Hercules ventured, somewhat disingenuously, I felt. He never was a good actor, his honesty usually prevented him from lying very effectively. But he was so jealous of Ares' beauty that he could lie in this case.

Athena turned to him, her eyebrow raised in mock surprise. "Really? Who might that be?"

Hercules sat up straighter and warmed to his task. "She is the most virtuous woman I know - a saint. She would never fuck Ares, never suck his cock. Never fall in love with him, be his lover."

Ares looked up at this. He had been paring his fingernails with a sharp knife. The knife was replaced in its sheath and he smiled at the challenge. "Women who are so virtuous are usually the most interested in ... being wanton, brother," he instructed. "Their virtue masks the power of their passion. They are afraid of their own desire, and deny it, in fear that it will overwhelm them. I like these women the best." He stood up from his throne and came to stand in front of Hercules and Athena.

His cock was hard - that indecent bastard! It strained against his black leather. "Tell me who she is. When she sees this," he said, pointing to his cock, "she won't be able to resist me. I look forward to her lips as they suck me off."

Hercules looked at his bother's erection with an admiration he was unable to mask. Athena never looked down - I had to admire her for her strength of will. I was busy thinking of sucking it myself, that delicious cock of his. He turned to me, sitting so innocently, so quietly. "What about you, Hermes? Why are you so silent? ArenÆt you
part of this ambush?"

"I'm just the scribe," I said, holding my hands up in protest. He knew I wasn't the kind to take part in such games - he just wanted to see the undisguised lust on my face. My lust for his sexual prowess, which he had often described to me. I liked to listen and watch. That is all. I'm not a participant, just an avid observer. My own godhead made me this way.

"So," Ares said once again, impatient to prove himself. "Who is this woman of virtue who is just dying to suck my cock?" He had a very endearing smile on those full lips.

"Wait," Hercules said, shaking his head. "There have to be rules, Ares. You have to agree to certain boundaries in this attempt at seduction."

"Name them."

Hercules looked at Athena, who could not hide her smile of triumph. He motioned to her. "You can take over here, sister."

"Well, for one thing, you can't use your powers, not at all.  And you must have someone there with you at all times to make sure you follow the rules."

He nodded. "No problem."

They turned to me. I smiled. This was just what I had dreamed of - to be Ares' witness. I'd been dying to watch him fuck anyone, mortal or god for some time. "Hermes, you'll accompany our brother on his escapades, just to make sure he doesn't cross the line. Invisible, of course, so he can appear to work alone. But you must report back to us on what he does, how he is succeeding or not."

"And Ares,"  Hercules said, as a final condition. "One fuck isn't enough - she must want you as a lover."

"After you have slept with her once, though, you must tell her who you are. Once she finds out, she will never sleep with you again."

"Why on earth not? Is she a pacifist or something? Doesn't like violence, or war?"

"You killed her husband."


Hercules nodded sadly. "Yup. Three years ago. He was an ambassador to Sparta and you mistook him as an enemy and killed him. She was pregnant with their first child. Madly in love with him. Happy. She'll never become your lover, brother, when she finds out who you are. Want to admit defeat now?"

Ares' brow was furrowed as he tried to remember this battle, this death. He could, finally, as each death was indelibly inscribed in his memory. "Shit." He shook his head and looked down.

"I remember now. Damn idiot took to wearing their soldiers' clothing, went ‘native', as they say. When we made an incursion, he was talking to the leaders of their military, trying to work out details of a surrender. It wasn't going all that well, and they were making secret plans to attack us all the time pretending to be serious about peace." He paced around the room, his hands on his hips. He stopped in front of  Athena. "As I remember, it was your idea to take that move that night before we knew where everyone was - against my council, by the way. But I was the one to lead the incursion while you sat back and waited to take the glory. I took the blame with father when our ambassador was killed. But that's just business as is usual, hey Athena? Ares does the dirty work, Athena gets the accolades."

He looked at her smirking face through half-closed eyes. I thought he'd really like to blast her one with a thunderbolt. I was amazed at his self-restraint.

"So," she laughed, "are you going to admit defeat, brother? There's no way on earth she will become your lover, Ares, even if you succeed in getting her in bed with you that one time. Surely you can see that now."

The war god hesitated. He rubbed his beard thoughtfully.

"No, I'll accept the challenge. It's the least I can do, since I took away her only source of cock. She can use mine for a while. Kind of like, retribution, repayment of a debt." He looked at Hercules' and Athena's shocked faces and rubbed his hands together with glee. "Yeah, I like this. I'll pay her back for killing her husband with cock.ö He laughed out loud, his head going back, those delicious black curls streaming down his back.

He turned to me and crooked his finger. "Hermes, I know you'll love this job. Care to watch a god seduce his victim's widow?"

I shuddered. I knew if anyone could do such an evil deed, Ares could.


Ares was dressed in a plain white tunic that displayed his body so perfectly, it was as if he was poured into it. The material hugged the perfectly defined curves of his chest and back. It was short, and exposed his long muscled thighs and the skirt below his thick black belt curved around his ample swelling. It was also sleeveless and exposed one shoulder and pectoral muscle. The whiteness of his tunic contrasted with his bronze skin and black hair and dark eyes. It was the middle of summer, and his skin glistened in the heat. He had shaved his beard off so he could look as much unlike himself as he could manage, in case she knew what the god of war looked like.

"She probably hates me," he said to us as we stood outside the orphanage where she did volunteer work. "She probably has a anti-shrine set up, with pins sticking in a likeness of me.ö I smiled to myself and Athena and Hercules looked at him in wonder. "Never mind," he laughed, ever the brave fool. "I can deal with it." Underneath that bravado I sensed his uncertainty. Ares loved a challenge though. Even an impossible one like this. I couldnÆt wait to see her - this poor unwitting widow. Maybe she would turn him down. I was torn. I didn't want him to succeed - I didn't really want to watch him destroy some poor woman's self-concept, her virtue might be all she had to keep her going. But I secretly hoped he would succeed. I wanted to watch him succeed so he could throw it in Athena's face. And Hercules' face. Both of them annoyed me to no end.

He nodded to Athena and Hercules and then went in to the darkened interior of the orphanage. I assumed a cloak of invisibility and followed close behind.  We were met at the door by a short woman in her 30s with a gray streak in her dark hair. It was pulled back into a severe-looking knot. Her clothing was equally unappealing - drab browns and grays, covering a skinny, practically breastless body. Ares almost gasped when he saw her - doubting now if he even wanted to succeed in his quest, but ever the good soldier, he took her hand graciously and pressed his full lips against her knuckles. He looked up into those severe green eyes with his warm brown ones, and spoke in that deep soft voice of his. It even sounds like an orgasm, I thought to myself.

"You must be Helena," he ventured. "How pleased I am to finally meet you. I've heard so much about your good works here and wanted to offer my services and make a contribution." The woman pulled back from him almost in horror. In the other door a figure appeared, and I knew then that Ares had been too hasty. Here was the elusive Helena. When I saw her, I hated Hercules and Athena. She was beautiful. Why couldn't they have picked someone like this stern woman? Someone he would have to really force himself to seduce? As much as I wanted him to succeed, I didn't want to see him hurt this woman of virtue. And if she was so beautiful, it would make it so enjoyable for him. And for me as I watched every glorious detail.

The stern woman pulled her hand out of Ares' grip and pointed to Helena standing in the doorway. His eyes followed her extended finger to the young woman. They widened as he took her in. Like him, she was dressed all in white - a plain white gown, sleeveless, holding in her ample bosom, even its fairly high cut could not hide her delicious cleavage. The fabric was cinched tightly around her tiny waist and fell softly around her woman's full, shapely hips. I could see the v of her crotch as she walked to Ares with her hand extended. Her skin was creamy and her eyes as black as night under thick dark eyelashes. Her black hair was pulled up loosely into a plain top knot, and a few errant strands of her long curls fell around her face and down her bare neck and back. She wore no jewelry - none was needed. The only piece she wore was a plain silver wedding band. I noticed it was still on the proper finger. She had not given up on her dead husband. Not even after three years.

"Hello," she said in a soft pleasant voice as she took Ares' hand. "I am Helena. I see you have met Vesta. She is the mistress of this orphanage.  I am just a benefactress who helps her with the children." Her smile - how can I do it justice? So open and honest. Her perfect white teeth beneath ruby lips. Gods! She was a feast for these tired eyes. I could almost sense Ares' growing excitement with this quest now that he saw her beauty. He would work all the harder to seduce her. It would be even sweeter for him when he called his siblings over to watch as he fucked this woman of virtue. I couldn't imagine he would fail. Not given the way she looked.

I scanned her face closely. How did she react to him? To his obvious beauty? To his desirability? If she was attracted to him, I could see no evidence of it. She stood in front of him and watched as he kissed her knuckles. A small smile played over her lips. While she didn't display an obvious attraction to Ares, she did notice his obvious response to her.

"Helena!" he whispered, and as he raised his lips from her hand, he looked up slowly into her dark eyes. "You are..." he didn't finish his sentence and appeared to gather himself, gain control over himself, before continuing. "I'm sorry." He paused and let her hand drop with obvious reluctance. "Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nicias. I am new to Athens and wanted to become involved as soon as possible with the community. I heard there was great need of monetary support for the orphanages - that children were going without because of lack of funds. I couldn't stand by. Can you imagine? In this city of such outlandish wealth? Children going hungry? It's a tragedy." His deep soft voice seemed to cast a spell on everyone in the room - everyone except Helena, that is. She only smiled at him and nodded.

"Yes, a tragedy, that is the truth. Come with me and I'll show you around. We certainly could use more help. But all the money in the world can't buy love and that is what these children need the most. If you are serious about helping them, please, join with me. I am reading to them and if you feel like it, you could play with the small boys. They really miss a father figure. It's very bad for boys, I find, to miss a father."

She heaved a heavy sigh. I imagine it was in thought of her own child who was fatherless. Fatherless due to this man she was leading to the other room.

Ares followed dutifully. Gods! How I wished to know what was going on in his mind. Probably cursing his luck - having to play with small mortal boys instead of turning his charms on this lovely woman. He seemed to do it with relish, though, and the small boys laughed and screamed with delight as he pretended to be a minotaur and chased them around the room. One small boy in particular, with dark eyes and curling black hair caught my eye.  He ran laughing, but his face betrayed some real fear. He went to Helena, who was reading to the girls. "Mumma!" he whispered, and hid his face in her lap. Her child.

Even Ares was stopped in his tracks when he saw the small boy go to her. She hugged him and pushed him back to Ares and the others. "Go, now, Adrastus. Play with Nicias. You donÆt have to be afraid of him. He's really very nice. He's just pretending to be mean." She watched him return to the other boys. Ares looked at her under his brows as she returned to her reading and then he knelt down to Adrastus. He rubbed the small boy's head affectionately. The game changed and they now played with sticks, brandishing them as swords. Ares crawled around on his hands and knees, and they jabbed him and tried to ride his back. He laughed heartily at this game and I was genuinely shocked. It didn't seem like him. I expected he would like to blast all those boys to Tartarus instead of playing with them - they were really getting rough, spurred on by the fact that, as a god, he was impervious to the pain their jabs would otherwise inflict.

This went on for about three-quarters of an hour. Ares took the boys outside into the courtyard and they pretended to be an army preparing for battle. One boy after another took turns leading the charge, and they variously died valiantly and with excess. Ares was truly caught up in the game and didn't notice at first when Helena stood at the door and watched, a smile on her lips. He looked up finally, and stopped to return her smile. Gods, the two of them were so beautiful. IF anyone deserved to be fucking each other, it was these two. Well, if Ares wasn't a god, that is. As it was, it was unfair, I felt, for him to be doing this, and I regretted my part in this game. Perhaps she WAS really a virtuous woman and would see through him. Anyway, when she found out that it was him who made her son fatherless, I felt for certain she would send him packing. Almost certain. The way her eyes lingered on him as he turned back to the game sent a shiver down my spine.


Later, when it was time for the children to be fed, Ares helped dish out the food. He stood in the kitchen by the hearth, and held a ladle in one hand and a basket of bread in another, dishing out a thick stew into the children's bowls as they filed by. Helena went behind Ares and tied a large white cloth around his waist. He held his arms up as hers circled his hips, and she tied the ends together in front of him, and tucked them in to his belt. He put his arms down and his eyes followed her as she moved back to the table where she stood pouring milk into their cups.  What a perfect scene of domesticity! One would never in a million years guess of the betrayal that was being plotted by this most handsome and obviously community spirited man who was helping out so well.

After the children had been fed, they lay down on small blankets and had their naps. Helena and Ares cleaned up and sat together at the tables and sipped at some hot tea.

"So, Nicias. I must say I am surprised to see a young man like yourself volunteering at an orphanage. Men usually stay away from them, preferring to do their good works in other places. There's so much need in our city. But I'm glad you're here. They children really enjoyed you - enjoyed having a man around. Most of them have never had a father or mother - some lost them in war, or to disease or poverty."

She reached out and took his hand in hers. Her face had such a caring, thankful look, my own throat closed up. "Thank you so much, Nicias. You can't know..." That lovely smiled again. He did not let her hand go when she went to pull back. "Thank YOU for letting me help," he replied. "I've had all the privileges in life. It's time I paid some back."

Their eyes lingered on each other. I was lost in the sight of them sitting there, their hands joined. I could almost forget they weren't two young very caring people who came together out of a mutual interest in good works and were quickly becoming attracted to each other.  Almost.


When she turned her back to continue cleaning, he looked at me and smirked. A wink came my way and I swear I saw him puff up a bit at the thought that she was already warming up to him. He stayed all afternoon and kept the boys busy with various war games and he didn't even seem the least tired or frustrated as I was growing, as I sat and watched.  It was a bit tedious, not being able to participate, still, I did get to watch her and was amazed at her quiet patience with the children, her obvious love for them, even the ones who were a little trying. I suppose she saw in them fatherless and motherless children like her own boy and could not help but give them her love as well. What a wonderful woman! She deserved more than this god's cynical attempt to bed her. I would wait and see how she handled him. If it looked like he would succeed, I would intervene. I would tell her who he was and his plot to win the challenge Athena and Hercules had set for him.

At the end of the day, as the light was just beginning to fade into evening, she packed up her little boy and bade farewell to Vesta. "Why don't you come over and have some dinner with us?" she asked Ares. He seemed genuinely pleased at her invitation and let it show. "I'd love it. I'M so tired - those boys sure keep you running."

"They are great boys. It's just so sad to think what will likely happen to them with no father to guide them in life." She looked at her own boy and squeezed him as they walked through the market to her home. Ares walked beside her and flashed his hands behind his back at me. He was relishing his obvious skill at drawing her interest in him.

"Really wonderful boys," he echoed.


Later, after her son had gone to bed and they sat eating their fruit after a light dinner and some wine, Ares prodded her for details of her life. He was seated on a bench facing the table, and was peeling a melon and eating it, piece by piece while she took the dishes from the table. I had never seen Ares in such a domestic scene. He seemed right at home, so comfortable here while she bustled around doing her tidying.

"Why are there no servants to wait table? You shouldn't be doing this yourself." I was as surprised as he that she had no servants to wait on the two of them - she was obviously a woman from a wealthy family. Her husband had been a diplomat - she was certain to be able to afford several slaves and servants to help her with the estate.

"My husband was a true democrat," she said, taking the piece of ripe melon from his hand and popping it in her mouth as she finished taking the last of the plates and cutlery off the table. "He believed that slaves were against nature and that servants were too often born in their caste rather than making their way out of their own volition."

"Humans have always had slaves - it is part of the way things are and always have been. And always will be."

She frowned at him. "Why must it be so? If we think a practice it is wrong, can we not do something to change it? Just because something was always done in the past doesn't mean we must continue to do it now and in the future."

"Slavery," he began, and I watched as his face took on an instructive cast to it, and his voice took on a godly tone, "is the consequence of domination." He took a large slice off the melon and handed it to her. She took it and chewed on it thoughtfully as she listened, "Humans always seek to dominate others. Men over women, one race over another. It is what defines you," he said, and then corrected himself, "Us, I mean."  I chuckled over his slip. She didn't seem to notice it. He put down the melon and looked at her with all seriousness. "Wars produce slaves - slaves are the way we deal with the defeated. And war is the essence of life - it will always be with us. Hence, slavery will always be with us as well, in one form or another."

"That's not what Hercules says," she ventured. At this, his face positively darkened and mine, if she could have seen it, would have looked almost comical, my jaw fell do far open.

"Hercules?" he choked. "What has Hercules got to do with this?"

"I happen to know him. He doesn't believe in slavery or warfare. He thinks that humans can live peacefully, and will one day. He feels that there are those among humans and gods who benefit from war and slavery. Once they are overthrown, humans can attempt to live in harmony."

Ares looked over at me, his brow furrowed and a look of pure amazement on his face. He said nothing more and peeled the rest of the melon. His knife moved over the fruit's surface with a vengeance. It was the only betrayal of his anger at the mention of his half-brother - I knew her mention of his name  ruined what had been a peaceful scene in his little game of seduction.

Finally, he spoke again. "So you do all the work yourself? Doesn't this tire you? Take you away from other more important pursuits than cleaning and cooking?"

"I manage all right. Besides, I never once saw my mother do one bit of important work. The only thing she spent her time on was planning elaborate dinner parties to impress this merchant or that man of leisure. That and choosing which exorbitantly priced fabric for her gowns occupied all her time. Hardly important business. The very last person I wanted to emulate in my own life was her."

"I admire you, then. But I don't think it's a concept that will catch on very quickly. We Greeks have the most advanced form of government on earth - one that allows the very best among us to take their rightful place among those who lead the country. Make the decisions."

She smirked at him. "You forget, Nicias, that I grew up among these ‘very best among us' and know them all. Some deserve to be in power - on that I will agree with you. But many are lazy pompous good-for-nothings who only take, and never give back."

He sighed and put down his knife. "I can't argue with you on that point. Let's talk of something other than politics, shall we? I get enough from my own family members, who are consumed by games of power and brinkmanship."

"I'm sorry!" she laughed, resting her hand on his arm. "I enjoy talking politics. I do it so seldom now - since Silenius died. We'll talk about whatever you want to."  She laid her towel down and sat on the bench close beside Ares, so that they were facing each other. She smiled at him so sweetly. Her face so open and honestly interested in him and his ideas. She took the melon from the table and cut him a slice and offered it to him as he had offered it to her only moments before. He took the piece and ate it before speaking.

"Tell me about your husband. What happened to him? You mentioned he was killed while serving as ambassador to Sparta."

She looked off into the distance and put the melon down in her lap for a moment.  "He was killed while trying to work out the details of a peace accord between Athens and Sparta. Against  Athena's advice, the god of war launched an attack on the military encampment and Silenius was killed along with the enemy officers. He's such an incompetent, acting before they had all the information." I watched as Ares' skin flushed a deep hue of red. His back straightened. I swear his body grew several inches in height and width before my very eyes.

"Who told you that lie?" he managed to say, his voice filled with barely restrained rage.

"Only the very best authority - Hercules himself and he was there." She looked back at him and then noticed the change that had come over him. "Are you all right? You look ... angry. Did I say something wrong?"

"I happen to know that it was the god of war who advised against the attack, and Athena who advocated it."

"No. Hercules said it was the other way around. Who told YOU that lie? Sounds like something the god himself would start, to save his own skin. Blaming Athena for his own bungling." She stood up and went to the window, throwing open the sash. A cool breeze blew in and the scent of blossoms filled the room. Ares was showing amazing restraint, but I couldn't believe it would withstand another assault. I looked at him - his skin was glowing from his anger and his nostrils were flared. Yet, he could not say a thing, he could not reveal his identity to her - not until he had slept with her. Unless, of course, he decided to end the challenge altogether.

She turned around and there were tears in her eyes. "It doesn't really matter who ordered the attack - Athena or Ares. My unborn son lost his father that night. I lost my husband.ö She was smiling, trying so hard to stop her tears. Ares looked up at her, and slowly his skin returned to normal and his breathing slowed. He said nothing. Just looked at her. She was an incredible beauty, standing there with her arms propped on the window's sill. Her figure was just full enough to promise soft curves - soft enough for a man to lose himself in. Her dark eyes were liquid and so large - a man could drown in them, I thought. All the old cliches rose in my mind as I sought to describe her to myself, capture her for my memory of this first night of seduction.

If I was Ares, I would have gone to her then and put my arms around her to comfort her. Ares did not and I wondered why. Perhaps he was still too angry at what she had said about him. It was a common perception - this view that Ares was the incompetent god of war while Athena was the truly valiant heroine. What ever prevented him from going to her I can only guess at - he never said anything to me about it. She went to him instead.

She sat next to him once again, closer than before, and looked at him, her face mere inches from his own. Her dark eyes moved from his eyes to his lips to his hair and then back to his eyes again as she spoke.

"You are so much like him," she said, her voice a mere whisper. "It hurts me to even look at you. The Fates are both cruel and kind to cross our paths, Nicias." Then she leaned over and kissed him softly. She pulled back and looked at him, and my mind screamed to him - Ares! Take her in your arms and kiss her, bloody fool! This is going to be so damn easy.

He didn't.  He stood up and ran his fingers though his hair. "I have to go." She looked startled and I could tell she regretted kissing him, fearing that she had done the wrong thing and had frightened him off. He noticed and spoke quickly. "Can I see you again? At the orphanage?" She smiled up at him as he stood beside her. "I'm there three days a week. Tomorrow is my last day until next week."

He turned and left.


I ran to catch up with him. He grabbed my arm and pulled me along with him and his grip was so tight, it almost broke my skin. Luckily I am a god and I was able to resist his grip. But I let him pull me along - I wanted to see how he would react to this day, what his thoughts were. What he would say about her.

"Where are we going?"I asked, as we left the more populated area of the city core and made our way down some narrow back alleys, sparsely lit and peopled by the down and out. He remained silent. We passed dozens of young women, street prostitutes all, hoping to earn enough money to buy wine or food for their children and families. They saw us, two obviously wealthy men - they could not know we were gods - and hoped we would choose the likes of them for our pleasures. I had not noticed such as these before - I had only gone to the very best bordellos in Athens with Ares. We were going there now. Still, I felt such sympathy for these young women - perhaps it was being in her company - Helena. She was the kind of woman who would be working to help these fallen girls - I knew it. I couldn't help but look at them in a different light now.

"Sorry, sister," Ares called out to them. "Not tonight." I flipped them some money as I passed. Ares didn't even notice. He was a man on a mission.

We finally arrived at a home and Ares knocked on the door - some code - three knocks, a pause then a knock, another pause followed by three more knocks. The door opened and an older very fleshy woman looked out. She smiled broadly when she saw Ares leaning on the doorstep.

"Where's that devilish beard, my dear god? You look far too innocent without it." She reached out and grabbed him by the shoulder of his tunic and pulled him inside. Before I knew it, her lips were firmly planted on his and his hands went to her full melon breasts, squeezing them and pinching her large nipples through the gauzy fabric.

"Pasiphae!" he growled, as he nuzzled her neck. "I'm incognito tonight- that's why there's no beard. Can I see what you have to offer a couple of hungry  gods? I'm interested in a nice voluptuous brunette with dark eyes tonight." She looked at me, unimpressed by my demeanor. Next to Ares, even Apollo looks bland.

"Well, as you know, I've long since retired, Ares, but I do have a large stable, and quite a few brunettes. I'm sure you could find one or two or three sweet young things who would just love to ride that tree trunk you call a cock!" He laughed at this and flopped down on her overstuffed couch. His body draped over it languorously, his arms thrown across the back.

"Gods, but I worked like a dog today, Pasiphae. Chased down a dozen little hellions all day all for the love of a good woman."

"What? You? Ares! Are you feeling OK?" She snapped her fingers and a dozen young women of various shapes and sizes but all brunettes, came in, dressed in next to nothing, and smiling broadly at Ares. He looked over them hungrily as they breezed by him, walking as close as possible so he could check out their wares. One caught his eye - a brunette with long curling black hair and dark eyes.  Dark red lips and pale skin. No, I thought to myself, not her. Don't be so obvious, Ares. Pick another - one that didn't look so much like her. Not the one who looks like Helena.

"I'll take her." He said, pointing to the replica of Helena standing off to the side. He sat up on the edge of the couch and pulled her over to him, burying his face in her groin. Her hands went to his head, and her fingers ran through his hair. She looked at Thalia and smiled. Thalia looked back and winked. "Remember, dear. He's a stallion." She held her hands out to indicate how big Ares cock was - and when the girl saw the length and width pantomimed by Pasiphae, she covered her mouth and couldn't suppress a giggle.

Ares was oblivious to these hand signals that were passed between them. He was busy pulling the young girl's dress up so he could lick her thighs. He spread her labia as she stood there in front of him - he was impatient to get started. "We do have guest rooms," Pasiphae said, but Ares was not waiting, and ripped the dress off the girl's back. "Watch yourself with him. HeÆll buck you off if you're not careful." Pasiphae said as she left the room, pulling me with her. "Are you a god too?" she asked me. I nodded. I wasn't in the mood to fuck one of these girls. The day's work had left a bad taste in my mouth.

"What would you like?" She continued, looking me over thoughtfully. "Nothing, not tonight. But I would like to ... watch Ares. Is there some way..." She smiled and poked me in the ribs. "You can join me. I have a private viewing room. Ares is such a wonderful performer. I always watch him. Come."

I went with her to a small adjoining room and she opened a curtain. We could see the couch in profile through a couple of holes in the wall. Ares and the prostitute were already busy - she was on her knees in front of him, sucking that massive cock. His clothes were on the floor and he sat naked and watched her perform. "I like lots of noise," he instructed. "Tell me how much you love it."

"Wow, do I love it," she replied, her hand moving quickly on his massive shaft. She bent back down over him and made very loud slurping noises while she sucked his cock. She moaned and groaned as she serviced him, and rubbed his pre-cum over her nipples and grasped his cock between her breasts and massaged it.

"Talk dirty to me," he ordered, his voice husky and dark.

"Fuck, you are huge. I just want you to cum all over me, in my mouth, on my breasts, on my cunt, in my face," she said, then plunged back onto his cock, and slurped away for a few more minutes. Then she stopped. "I want you to suck my clit and fuck me till I scream. God, you're so hot, you're so big, I want you to fuck me in the ass, I want you to ..." Her hand stroked him rapidly as she spoke and he nodded to her and I saw that he was going to cum - his muscles tensed up and his teeth gritted.

He grabbed her head and moved it back to his cock, pushing his cock deeply into her mouth, down her throat as he came, groaning and shaking while she moved on him.

"FUCK!" he grunted, and pulled out of her mouth. He held his cock and stroked it rapidly and aimed it at her full breasts. His creamy white cum shot out over her, spurting onto her dark nipples, dripping off them. He rubbed it onto them with the head of his cock and groaned as he did. His cock still throbbed in his hand. "Lick it clean," he ordered. She took him back into her mouth and complied, and he watched as she licked his entire cock, making sure to get off every last drop of his semen.

His cock was still hard and stood out from his body, still pulsing. He bent her over and rubbed her clit with his cock for a moment before plunging into her cunt - she almost screamed as he did - he was so huge.

Then he closed his eyes and began thrusting inside her. She groaned with each thrust until she became accustomed to his massive size. Soon a look of pleasure overtook her face - I knew that in this position, she did not have to put on a face of pleasure, but Ares' hand had slipped around her waist and was stroking her clit as he pumped. She was actually enjoying this and was as surprised as I was.

"She's really going to cum," I said in amazement. I knew most prostitutes performed for their clients and felt no pleasure at all.

"They always do with Ares," she replied. "He makes sure they do. It's his one conceit. Well, one of them, anyway." She chuckled as she watched him, but I could see naked desire on her face. "He is so beautiful."

I watched him fucking this prostitute, our god of war. He was fucking Helena - I knew that. He had chosen this girl because she looked so much like Helena - a dead ringer for her. Except this Helena was no virtuous woman. What an irony! Did he see it as well? Was he doing this, fucking this girl for that very reason? Ares! You are so ... complex. I knew then that he was really turned on at the thought of his conquest of the virtuous woman he had met this day. Ares wanted her. Of that I had no doubt. Wanted her beyond this challenge. He wanted her because having her would be so sweet - such a sweet victory for his massive ego. She seemed to want him as well. At least, she was interested in him and wanted to see him again. She was beautiful, intelligent and good. The kind of woman every mortal man wanted to marry. The kind of woman who would be faithful to her husband, who would give him her love and devotion. Who would be a wonderful mother to his children. Who would also be an incredible fuck. I wondered, as I watched the prostitute cum as he rammed into her, if Ares would be able to make Helena wanton with lust - if she would talk dirty to him, make lots of noise and tell him how much she loved his cock. I shuddered, because I feared he would. I decided I wouldn't let it get that far. If she did succumb, I would intervene.


Part 2

Later that night, Ares and I lounged in his temple and discussed the day's events. I longed to hear his assessment of her and his task.  But I knew I would hate him as he crowed like a cock over his apparent success - at least in getting her into bed that first time.

He scratched his chin where a dark shadow appeared as his beard grew in. "So," I ventured, watching his face like a hawk, "What do you think of your prey, Ares? She is ... a beauty."  A smile curled his lips as he thought of her.

"She is that, and more," he replied in that deep mellow voice.  He stood up suddenly from his throne and paced around the room. "This is going to be a lot easier than I imagined. Well, the first fuck, anyway. After that, who knows if I can convince her I'm not really the bad guy in all this." He turned and looked at me, his hands on his hips. "That fucking bastard of a Hercules," he said, and shook his head, "such a hero. Lying to her, telling her it was me who ordered the attack instead of Athena. He'll do anything to get in Athena's good books so he can keep Zeus' favor." He lodged a thunderbolt against the wall and disintegrated several ornamental vases.

"Ares!" I gasped, "those are priceless antiquities!"

"Not anymore."

He laughed at me, his face lit up with amusement. "Oh, damn me anyway, Hermes! I'm so impetuous sometimes."

He plopped down on the cushions beside me, perilously close, I felt, considering I had watched him fuck the prostitute and had no relief myself.

"What did you think of her, Hermes? Was she not a feast for your eyes?"

I nodded mutely and my eyes could not help rove over his perfect body. "Delicious," I replied as I regarded his bulge just inches away from my aching hand. While we shared the same father in Zeus, he had his mother's looks and temperament while I had mine and as a result he made me look like a pasty boy in comparison. I am not beautiful - not like Ares. I can't attract mortals the way he can. How I longed for his prowess, for his success. He knew it, and that is why he enjoyed taking me along on his ventures. I could watch him seduce all his women and men, and occasionally threw me one or two for my own enjoyment.

Still, I had never actually watched him fuck one until that night. Oh, I had sucked his cock dozens of times - which of us hadn't? He was famed among the Olympians for his cock. It wasn't the same as watching him. I know he thought me a weak god - despite my strength - for he valued sexual prowess or valor on the battlefield more than anything.

"Oh, come on, Hermes!" he laughed as he noticed my eyes on him, "suck it. I know you want it."

He just sat there, that beautiful smile on his face and leaned back farther on the cushions, his eyes half-closed, his hands going up behind his neck to support his head so he could watch me. "Ares," I sighed, as I pulled up the skirt of his tunic to reveal his underclothes. "You are such a bastard."

"Me a bastard? Why on earth would you say that." He replied, his voice husky and deep with desire as I pulled his underclothes off and down those long sinewed thighs. His huge cock sprang free and even he was impressed with it. He looked into my eyes - his face was flushed with desire as was my own.

"You know I am one of the truly legitimate sons of Zeus. Besides, I have only ever given you what you wanted."

No you haven't, I thought as my hand reached out to take that massive shaft. You've only given me what YOU wanted. I knelt down between his thighs. "That's it, Hermes, lick it all over. I'm hot again, just thinking of her, thinking of you watching me when she sucks my cock just as you are doing now."

He was insatiable. I was insatiable for him. He made his clothes disappear so I could look up and enjoy his perfection - the taut muscles of his belly strained as my mouth took in the head of his cock, and I admired his sculpted pectorals, the brown nipples puckered under my roving fingers, the dark body hair curling down his chest to his cock. His heavy balls rolled in my hand. I stroked his perineum and he lifted his hips, and placed his calves on my shoulders, exposing his delicious slit for me.  After licking my index finger, moistening it with my saliva, I slipped it into him, past the tight circle of flesh so I could stroke his gland. His eyes were half-closed. His nostrils flared, giving him a wanton look and his face was red, his skin glowing with desire.

Oh, gods! How I desired him! I would do anything for him. He could fuck the woman of virtue, destroy her, for all I cared at that moment. As long as he gave me some of that cock.

"Hermes!" he groaned as his orgasm neared, "you're an expert."

Of course I'M an expert. That's all he'll let me do - suck him till he cums in my mouth. He won't touch me. Then I could feel his thighs tensing, his ass clenching around my finger as it moved against his gland. I looked up to watch that beautiful face in his moment of ecstasy - his pleasure was always so great he looked as if he could weep. No wonder he was insatiable - with that much pleasure, I would be as well. Nature made his pleasure so intense, he could not help but seek it out so frequently. The rest of us, mortals and gods alike, paled in comparison. It was why we all wanted him so much - and hated him.  We wanted to watch his beauty in such a state of bliss. It rubbed off ever so slightly on us.

After licking his cock for the last drops of his sweet cum, I stood up and jerked off over him as was my practice - Ares didn't do us, we did him. If we wanted to cum on him, that was OK, but after his orgasm was done, he tended to lose interest. Although I felt it amused him to watch me jerking off frantically over his gorgeous body. Proof, I suppose, of his desirability and proof to me of my lack. He let me cum all over him, his cock, his belly, his chest. I really wanted to cum in his mouth, but knew I could never ask him for it. Damn him! I loved that son of a bitch. Wanted him so badly.  He knew it.

He yawned when I was through grunting over him, my seed shooting over him. His fingers traced over his belly and up to his nipples, smearing my cum  while I panted, my legs weak from my orgasm. I cleaned him up with a thought and he smiled up at me.

"Feeling better?" he laughed, as he held that cock in his hand. He was flaccid now, and toyed with it as if it was not a part of his body. "Certainly gives me a lot of trouble, this thing. Endless trouble."

He was like a boy - playing with a favorite toy. Luckily, he liked to share.

"So, Hermes," he asked as his clothes reappeared once again. His leather shone against that bronze skin, it strained against his perfectly formed muscles. "What will you include in your report to Hercules and Athena? How her eyes lingered over my wonderful bronze body, how she leaned over and kissed me with those beautiful soft sweet lips, how her bosom heaved with passion at the thought of fucking me - a man who looks so much like
her dear dead husband? That should please those two."He smiled at me and then looked off into nothing for a while, caught up once again in his daydream of  success.

"Is that what you want me to tell them?" I replied, exhausted from my orgasm, from sucking his cock, from watching him fuck the prostitute, her sucking him, and the long day at the orphanage while he danced his dance of seduction, the expert that he was.

"It's the truth," he laughed. He was in such a good mood now. "Let's go to Olympus," he boomed as he stood up and pulled me up with him, "I can't wait to hear your report and watch their faces."


Athena and Hercules feigned anger at my report, but I could tell they were amused. What was it they were plotting, those two? Ares' defeat, of that I was sure, but how did they know for certain he couldn't win over her heart? Even I wasn't that certain - she seemed attracted to him - he looked like her late husband, whom she loved. That certainly was a point in his favor. Did Ares notice their dishonesty? He seemed so caught up in his enjoyment of their looks of anger and their comments of disgust, he may have missed the horrible acting on Hercules' part.  I couldn't miss it. Athena smirked at Hercules and I as Ares strode around the room. She held her thumb up, signifying victory. I gave her a look I hoped would serve to warn her, to reign her in a little. A ‘don't count him out yet' look, but if she saw it, she did not heed it.

"So, Ares," she began, smoothing out her skirt around her strong thighs. Ares eyed her legs, and she spread them just enough so he could peek down and see her crotch. His eyebrow flew up as he caught the sight of her flesh. "When do you think this ‘seduction' will reach the end of phase one? When you bed her for the first time, seeing as you are so certain this will happen..." She pulled the skirt up an inch, then another as he watched.

Hercules watched her as well, a look of disapproval on his face. Ares looked down at her. I could see there was lust and humor in his eyes at her attempt to seduce him in front of us. I wasn't certain if these two had ever fucked before, but couldn't imagine they hadn't. All that competition, all those feelings of jealousy over Zeus' favor. It would make for very hot sex, of that I was certain. Hercules cleared his throat, as if to remind her she was in the middle of something more important than fucking Ares. He was such a prude. What else could be more important than fucking Ares?

"Athena, don't point that thing at me unless you plan on letting me use it."

Hercules choked on his cup of wine, and coughed as he tried to swallow. Athena pulled her skirt up another inch and I watched in shock as Ares' hand went to his swelling cock.

"Show me what you've got, Ares," she said, her voice husky. The skirt went up all the way and we could all see her auburn pubic hair curling over her pink labia as she spread her thighs wide. Ares smiled and his clothing disappeared. His hand stroked his massive shaft, milking some of his pre-cum so it hung off the end of it. He walked to where she sat and bent over her, his hands on the back of the couch so that his cock perched in front of her face. Her pink tongue flicked out of her mouth and swept across the bulging head, catching his cum before it fell, wasted, on the floor below.

Hercules shocked face was so amusing - he couldn't believe what he was seeing - these two fucking instead of fighting.

"Ares," Athena rasped as he knelt down in front of her and rubbed her clit with that cock. "I hate you so much I just have to fuck you."

"Me, too," he replied as he shoved his entire length into her. She gasped and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer to her as he started thrusting. He leaned forward, propping himself on his hands and we watched as her clothes disappeared and he took one tiny hard bud of a nipple into his mouth. His teeth dragged on it and she moaned then the pain turned to pleasure when his tongue swept over it.

They fucked away like this while Hercules and I watched, our own bodies couldn't help but respond. I could tell Hercules was not pleased to see his partner in crime fucking his enemy so happily. What was she doing? Even I wondered at this development.

The two adversaries groaned and grunted away, their bodies made soft slippery sounds and their breathing was rough and strained as pleasure mounted. Sweat streamed down Ares' back and pecs, sliding down his belly to his pubic hair. Athena's eyes were closed as she concentrated on the feel of Ares' cock thrusting inside. Her hand took his fingers and stroked her clit, and he took over, and brought her quickly to her orgasm. Hercules and I watched as her back arched and her teeth gritted, "Fuck you, Ares, you son of a bitch!" she cried out as she came.

"You just did," he replied in that dark voice, his teeth gritted as he rammed inside her. Then he came as well, that face in its characteristic mask of ecstasy. His whole body shuddered as he came massively. I realized how much sweeter it would be for him to fuck Athena - the one who tormented him so. The one who replaced him as the god of war, if not in title, at least in practice. In Zeus' mind, where it really counted. All that anger could come out as he shoved his massive cock inside her.  As he made her cum, he could feel some small bit of triumph.

He collapsed against her, his face smothered in her bosom. She pushed him away roughly.

"Get up, bull, your stud duties are over," she laughed. She looked over at Hercules and winked at him. He tried to smile at her, but I could tell he was still shocked. Ares looked up, and didn't know how to respond - with laughter or anger at her insinuation that he was no more than a stud bull to her.

"You loved it," he said, a touch of hurt in his voice. She stood up and moved her hips as his seed slid down her thighs.

"You got a great cock. I loved your cock. You I hate."

He stood up and his clothing reappeared. He tried to adopt a dignified look but I could tell his pride was hurt. Was that one other orgasm so worth it, I wondered, that he would accept her treatment? Ares mistook her love of his huge cock for admiration. I knew, he knew, that she detested him.

Athena sat down beside Hercules and he gave her an indignant look. "Oh, shut up, Herc," she spat out, elbowing him in the ribs. "If your cock was as big as his, I'd fuck you as well. But you do have a very nice tongue," she smiled and ran her finger down his jaw and up to his mouth.

His face flushed and he looked guiltily at Ares and I. Ares collapsed with glee.

"So the mighty hero is an expert linguist! Saving mortals and giving goddesses a good tongue-lashing! She won't fuck you, though, dear brother, eh? I wouldn't either."

He held his gut and laughed so hard, tears fell down his cheeks. Hercules looked so uncomfortable. Ares caught my eye and an evil look passed across his beautiful features. "What about you, Hermes? Do you lick, I mean, LIKE Athena as well?" I kept silent, a look of anger on my face. He was still too enamored with his own wit to notice.

"Aaahhh," he sighed, and plopped down on some cushions. "I really am going to enjoy this challenge you've set for me, especially if all our meetings end up as this one has. Hermes sucked my cock so well before we arrived, so turned on by my skills as a lover, and then Athena's cunt felt so good!" He looked over at Hercules. "Don't worry," he said , his
voice droll, "I wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole - not even mine!"

"Grow up, Ares," I said quietly. He was my favorite god, but sometimes he really annoyed me, pushed me to my limits.

"Why should I?" he asked, and his mirth died as he finally saw the anger on my face. He knew he had my loyalty and wanted to keep it, so he pulled in his claws just at the last minute. "Oh, all right!" he said with exasperation. "I'll be good." The sky outside the window was growing lighter. Morning came to Mount Olympus.

"Well," he continued, looking at the sunrise, "looks like it's time for me to do my good deed for the day - fuck a widow." He smirked at us all and rubbed his hands together. "What shall I wear today? I know - I'll wear my little black number. That should get her juices flowing." At that, he was dressed in a plain black tunic with a large black belt. Again, it was sleeveless and exposed one shoulder and pec. It made his hair and eyes look even darker. His hands ran down his body as he examined himself with appreciation. "The gods are certainly kind to some of us, eh, Hermes?" His tongue lapped at his lower lip.

What a bastard.


 We went to the orphanage and met Vesta as we had the previous day. She barely spoke to Ares and just pointed her finger to the great room where they all were gathered. "She's in there," her voice croaked.

I followed him in and could barely believe my eyes when I saw her. She had obviously dressed to impress him - her gown was a deep wine color that emphasized the fairness of her skin and the deep hue of her shapely lips. Her hair was loose today, and fell down her back  - a mass of black curls shining in the morning sun. She even wore some jewelry - silver earrings and a bracelet. Still, the pieces were small and tasteful. She was so graceful, so elegant. She looked like a queen rather than a woman working in an orphanage. A blush came to her cheeks when she looked up from her book and saw Ares dressed in his black tunic.

"Nicias!" she whispered and stood up a little too quickly. Her honest pleasure at seeing him distressed me and pleased Ares to no end. "Hello, Helena, I hope you don't mind that I'm back to pester you again."

"Not at all," she said and pulled him into the next room. She popped her head back and told one of the older girls to read the book to the others while she was busy for a moment. I followed them quickly into the room and watched as she pushed him down onto a chair. The look on his face! He expected her to sit on him, kiss him. I was unsure what to expect, although I thought she might throw herself on him then and there. She didn't.

"I'm going to the city council today," she began, leaning against the table in front of him, "And will ask for some money to pay for a real teacher for the children. Would you be willing to come with me? I could use the  support."

I saw the look of disappointment pass over Ares' face. It was soon replaced by a look of concern as he quickly recovered.

"If you need money for a teacher, Helena, you need only ask. I have a great fortune and would be pleased to offer to fund a teacher." She smiled.  "You are far too generous, Nicias. I can't ever thank you enough."

He reached forward and took her hand in his. "Have dinner with me tonight," he said, his voice deep and warm. "Wear that dress - you look so beautiful, I can't take my eyes off you."

She blushed deeply and let her hand remain. Her eyes lifted to meet his and that smile ... it took over her face.  Gods! What a woman.

I felt so sickened then, as I sat there watching them. She was so perfect, so good, so kind, so honest, so beautiful. Such a contrast to the cynicism of this past night, the lust so disgustingly displayed by Ares and his two half-siblings, Athena and I. Even Hercules, the hero, had displayed such an ability to deceive when it suited his purposes - lying to Helena over Ares' responsibility for her husband's death.

The rest of the day went as it had the previous one - Ares playing at war with the boys while Helena read and played with the girls. Finally, at the end of the day, Helena collected up her things and prepared to go home with Adrastus in tow.

"I'll have to ask my sister to watch Adrastus for me if we are to go out for dinner, Nicias."

"Why don't I prepare you a meal at your home, that way we can all eat together," Ares suggested. I thought he was such a bastard - knowing the way to a widow's heart. She laughed. "I thought you'd have had enough of children for one day - I know I have. But Adrastus would like that, I'm sure."

They discussed the meal as they walked back to her villa and stopped in the shops to pick up the provisions they would need. Ares picked over vegetables and fruit as if a seasoned shopper and selected a cut of meat as if he had purchased from shopkeepers all his life. I was impressed  - he certainly was trying to please her, to show her his interest in her and her son. She was impressed as well.

He prepared a meal that any cook could crow over - it smelled delicious, and I could see how tasty it was by the way they all wolfed it down. From where did this come - his desire to impress her so well? Just to win a bet? To prove to his siblings his prowess as a lover, his ability to seduce any woman? To fuck this beauty?

Later, after Adrastus had gone to sleep in his tiny bed, Ares and Helena sat on the couch in the living room and sipped their tea and talked in quiet voices of their pasts. Ares was quite an inventive liar, and even I was impressed with the history he gave her. Part of it was true - his father being distant, his siblings dislike of him, his mother a tyrant of a woman. But the way he set it in rural Greece, and transformed them all from the pantheon to the gentry amazed me.

Ares was a lot smarter than I had previously thought and I knew I had never given him credit for his brains. We didn't grow up together, Ares and I. I only knew him as a young adult god, and all I had heard from others on Olympus about his sluttishness. That was enough to convince me of his worth. Whatever, he was able to evoke her sympathy for him by his tale of his bickering family, the discord that existed among its members. How he had longed for his father's love and watched as his sister and brother received it in his stead.

Her hand reached out and touched his cheek as he leaned back and looked at her with soulful eyes. There was just enough truth in his words that real feeling came through to her. I looked over all the encounters with others he had over the past three days and knew she was the only one to actually respond to him without cynicism and avarice. She responded with honest emotion. How could he - anyone, god or mortal, not respond in kind?

Then he did it - he leaned over, one hand slipping behind her head into her thick froth of curls, and pulled her to him, his full sensuous lips taking hers in a kiss. She responded to him, to his lips, to the feel of his body next to hers. Gods! How could anyone not respond to him? I wondered how he was able to keep his godhead concealed - for I knew that his power seeped off him. I had felt it myself.

Was this going to be the night? Would he succeed so readily with this virtuous woman? If so, Hercules and Athena had judged her incorrectly. However, Ares knew just how far to push her - his kiss was deep and warm, but his hands did not wander anywhere indecent - only stroking her bare arms, her shoulders, her cheek.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered, his deep voice filled with desire, "I want to touch you, to kiss you." He pulled back and looked at her. "I'm sorry if I'm being too forward, but I want you so much, Helena. You are so desirable, and its been so long since I felt this way for a woman..."

Ha! Only a dozen hours ago he was ramming his hard cock in his half-sister, making her cum while he took his own pleasure. And less than an hour before that he was jamming his hard cock down his half-brother's throat, not even willing to give me any pleasure - I had to take it myself at my own miserable hand.

"I want you so much, Nicias," she replied, her own sweet voice passionate for his touch. "I haven't been with anyone since..." His mouth covered hers once again, as if he couldn't bear to hear her speak the truth when he had been so deceitful.

"I want you too," he replied. "I want you so much, but I think we should wait."

"Why?" she gasped as he pushed her down slowly on the couch and lay on top of her with his massive bulk. "Why should we wait? I've waited so long,"she cried against him as he kissed her neck. He pressed his great body against hers at that, and I'm certain she could feel that massive erection against her leg, but he did nothing else. He was waiting. Waiting for her to ask him to make love to her.

After a time, her lust for him must have given her courage for she pulled her mouth from his and looked into his eyes.

"Nicias, please," she whispered, a deep flush spreading over her face.

"What?" he asked, his voice filled with innocence.

"Don't you... want me?" she whispered.

"Do you want me?" he replied, not answering her, making her answer him instead.

"I want you so much!" she gasped, moving her hips underneath him. He didn't smile, he didn't laugh out loud as I knew he probably felt like doing. He just looked in her eyes and stroked her cheek.

"Are you sure?" he whispered. "I can wait if you want. I want everything between us to be perfect."

She pulled him down to her, and her lips pressed against his full mouth. "I'm sure," she whispered.

Their bodies moved against each other as they lay on the couch - I could imagine the lust she must feel for him - I had felt it myself so often. But this - it must have been almost unbearable for her - Ares' perfect body, his beautiful face, the fact that he resembled her late, beloved husband. The fact she had gone without for so long.

"What do you want? Tell me!"

She shook her head, as if unable to understand. Then it seemed to dawn on her that he wanted her to spell it out so that he could not get it wrong - so that he would not misinterpret her desire. Of course, she was so honest, so virtuous, she would expect him to be the same, and not want to do anything to take advantage of her.

"I want you to make love to me..." she replied finally. He kissed her even more deeply.

"Make love to me," he replied. She looked at him, and as a woman who had been married and made love to a husband she was in love with, she understood he wanted her to take the lead. She pulled him down and kissed him back passionately. Then she pushed him up until he sat up fully. She got off the couch and knelt between his thighs. The clasps of his huge leather belt came undone in her hands and she threw it on the floor and then lifted the tunic up and off his body. I looked at her face - it was flushed.

Three years without sex! Gods, woman. A ripe fruit just waiting to be picked. Ares hands reached out to pick her.

He struggled to undo the clasps that held the straps of her gown together at the shoulders, but was unable so she took over and undid them herself. She was undressing herself for him and his eyes observed her every move hungrily, watched as her hands pulled the gown down and her full, heavy breasts, their skin dewy and smooth, spilled out. Gods! My cock was so hard as I watched the two of them. I could not keep from stroking myself as I watched her. The way she undressed - it was so erotic, and yet so natural. It was nothing but a woman undressing in front of her lover - it was not an attempt to seduce him, but it succeeded in being all the more seductive as a result.

Her breasts - her areola were large and pink, their nipples long and square and when he reached out and took them between his fingers, teasing them to hard points, she moaned with unrepressed desire. He loved that moan of desire - it signified his triumph and he crushed her to him, his mouth smothering hers.  Then his lips found her nipples and
sucked at them, drawing them into his mouth, the suction bringing such pleasure to her she almost wept.

Three years!

His eyes caught mine as she stood up to remove her gown completely and he made no snide gesture, no wink of triumph. If anything, he glared at me, as if angry that I was watching him. He leaned back and looked up at her - his own face mirrored hers in its depth of desire. Gods, but he was so beautiful in his lust for her. He looked her over from head to toe and then back again. She knelt back down and pulled his underclothes off his body and he lifted his hips for her. She gasped, actually gasped out loud when she saw his size. His dark face could not suppress a smile at her shock - luckily she was not looking at his face at that particular moment. Her hands rested on either side of his erection as if she didn't know what to do with it. Then she leaned down - I could barely breathe as her mouth moved towards it, and I shifted closer to get a better view as her tongue reached out to lick the moisture off the bulging head. His taste seemed to inflame her and she stroked his shaft and took him into her mouth, as much as she could and sucked away at him with so much desire, so much lust. She made small noises as she sucked him, as her mouth moved on his head, noises that I knew he loved. She was making them on her own, with no coaching.

"You taste so good," she whispered as her hand moved on his thick shaft and her tongue licked the fluid off its head. She was actually shaking with lust as she licked his entire length and nuzzled his balls. He was getting close to his orgasm and I realized - he has to hold back - he can't be his usual godly self and cum several times in rapid succession - he had to pretend to be a measly mortal and cum once with her. How hard it would be for this god!

He pushed her gently off him, and pulled her into his embrace. Her breathing was so rapid she was almost overcome by her desire. He took over now - he knew she was just about ready to lose control. "I'm sorry..." she whispered into his neck as he lifted her up and sat her on the couch. "It's just that its been so long, and I want you so much..."

"It's all right," he replied, his deep voice so soft. "I understand."


His mouth moved down her body from her neck to her breasts and then, her thighs, his tongue licking the smooth skin. She sat up and her hands went to his head and her fingers ran through his curls. "Oh, gods," she gasped, "I want you." He looked up at her.

"What do you want - tell me!" He waited for her to speak, but she was embarrassed. "Tell me, Helena. I want to hear you say it out loud. Tell me what you want me to do." She closed her eyes and breathed heavily, in an attempt to garner the courage to actually say the words. Did she not know why he was making her say it?

"Helena! It makes me so aroused to hear you say what you want me to do."

She leaned forward and pressed her forehead to his. "I..." she started, her voice so soft and low, I could barely hear it. "I...want...I want you to lick me." He smiled.

"Lick what?"


"I want us to be open about our desires, Helena. To be honest - as honest as possible." He kissed her softly and he pushed her back on the couch. His eyes burned into hers. "There shouldn't be any embarrassment between us.  Tell me how you feel - what you want, what you like, what feels good to you. How else can I know how to please you?"

He kissed her neck, nuzzled one nipple before looking back up to her.  "When you licked and sucked my cock, it felt so good I thought I'd die.  I could have cum right then, but I wanted to wait, so I could feel your body around me.  Feel my cock inside of you, inside your hot flesh." He spoke in that deep voice of his and her face flushed at the frankness of his words.

"Oh, gods, Nicias," she whispered. He did not look away but waited for her to say the words. He would not make it easy for her. She would have to struggle.

"I want you to lick me, lick my..." She took a deep breath and tried to say the words, but they would not come. He waited patiently. "Lick your what, Helena? Say the word."

"What do you call it?" she asked, exasperated.

"Do you want me to lick your cunt?" A deep sigh as she nodded her head, relieved he said it for her. "Then tell me."

"Lick my cunt," she whispered. She closed her eyes so tightly, ashamed to acknowledge her desire. He smiled at her and kissed her nipple again. "What else do you want me to do? Suck your clit?" She nodded again. "Yes. Suck my clit." He licked the base of her throat. "Would you like it if I stuck my tongue into your vagina and ran my tongue all around the outside of it?" Before she could reply he kissed her deeply. "You're doing so well, Helena. Now tell me again. Tell me everything. Tell me what you want me to do to you."

"Oh, Nicias! I want you so much!" she whispered, but I could tell it hurt to say this, to say it in these frank terms. "Please, lick me - lick my cunt, suck my clit, run your tongue all around my..."

He silenced her with his mouth and kissed her deeply. "It makes me so hot to hear you say that, Helena. It makes me so hard, my cock is so hard for you. I want you so much."

I could see the effect of Ares' little game - he obviously loved to hear women tell him how much they wanted him - just as the prostitute had the night before - talking dirty to him. Of course, the prostitute had been merely performing, saying what she knew got her customers hot. Helena was speaking the truth - she was telling Ares what she truly wanted him to do, telling him her deepest desires. I hoped he recognized the difference. Most men didn't - or tried to pretend when their whores said all those words to them. I felt he did know the difference - having her say this to him, say these words was so much more erotic than if a hundred prostitutes said them.

But he was also breaking down her defenses - breaking down the wall that existed between lovers. Skin could so easily be held against skin, but the real barriers between people were psychological. Really hot sex required that those barriers came crashing down. Ares was forcing Helena to destroy her own walls. To let him in completely.

ôSay that again,ö he ordered her, his voice dark with lust. He moved lower on her body, all the while keeping his eyes on hers. She closed her eyes but he would not let her hide. "Open your eyes when you say it - look into my eyes when you say it. I want to look in your eyes when you tell me what you want me to do. It makes me so aroused to watch you, to hear you say those words."

It took so much effort for her. What must she have thought about him - what he was making her do? Had she even been this frank with her husband? I didn't think so. He was pushing her beyond anything I had ever heard before. He was merciless. Insistent. And yet, he was as frank with her as he wanted her to be with him.

"Helena!" he began while he licked the skin on her belly and kissed her pubic mound. "I want to lick your cunt so much - to feel your silky flesh against my tongue. I can't wait to taste you, to lick those soft inner lips and suck your clit." He looked into her eyes. I did as well and saw there were tears in them. "Does it arouse you when I say that to you?"


"Then say it to me."

"Nicias. Please - lick my cunt - I want you to lick my cunt so badly. I'm so aroused. I want to feel your tongue on my clit. Oh, gods! I want to feel you suck my clit and lick my cunt so much." His tongue plunged into her as his fingers spread her labia, exposing the wet folds of her skin and the nub of her hard clitoris. When she finally felt his mouth on her, she cried out and the tears ran down her cheeks. Little moans of pleasure escaped from her lips as she continued to tell him what she wanted, continued to tell him how it felt. Her hips moved against his mouth.

"Oh, gods that feels so good, that feels so sweet. Oh, your tongue is so soft, it feels like velvet against me.ö She was breathing so fast, her face was flushed and a sheen of moisture appeared on her face and chest as her arousal grew. My own cock was swelling as I watched him licking her. He had her doing just what he wanted her to - just what I wanted her to do. Saying what he wanted her to say. He had succeeded - he had won so clearly.

I felt incredibly bad for her, and yet, there she was - feeling such pleasure. Her pleasure was even greater, I thought, precisely because he had forced her to say these words out loud. But I wanted her to kick him out. I wanted her to make him leave once she had the sex she was craving. Isn't that funny? I wanted her to use him. To fuck him. And then to cast him off. She deserved more than being a means for Ares to prove his prowess with Athena and Hercules. As if it even needed to be proven.

She closed her eyes and lay her head back, overtaken by the voluptuous feel of his expert mouth and tongue.  She moved her hips slowly as he licked her - she was starting to lose herself in the pleasure she was feeling, the pleasure he was giving her.  When his lips took her clit between them, she sucked in her breath and her eyes flew open. She panted as she watched him sucking her flesh, his mouth covering her cunt, his head moving from side to side. He pulled away and looked up at her. "Tell me when you're going to cum." She nodded.

He slipped a finger into her vagina, and licked her clit rythmically, then another finger followed, and finally a third. She gasped as he thrust the fingers into her, stroking the sensitive spot inside. She shivered and I knew she was going to cum now. "Oh, gods. Now," she gasped as her thighs clenched, "I'm cumming now." His fingers took over from his tongue and he looked up, his lips and chin wet from her moisture and his own saliva. "Look at me!" he commanded, rubbing her clit to bring her orgasm on, "look at me while you cum. I want to watch you cum."

She did as he ordered, but she could barely keep her eyes on his, barely keep them open, the pleasure was so great. "Oh, it feels so good!" she gasped as she came while he thrust his fingers in her, and while he stroked her clit. "Yes, Helena," he whispered, his voice thick with desire. "I love how your cunt contracts around my fingers, how your nipples get so hard, how flushed your face is. You are so beautiful."

Before she had even finished shaking, he was on top of her, kissing her, stroking her breasts. Then he shoved that massive cock into her, "Tell me how it feels," he whispered as he watched her gasp from his size.

"Oooohh," she moaned, and panted as he began to move inside her. I had never felt him inside of me, nor could I imagine how it felt for a woman, but it was enough to tempt Athena, and she hated Ares with a vengeance. It must be pretty damned fantastic.

"You're so big," she gasped.  "It feels so good. You feel so good inside me." He kissed her, his tongue licking her lips. He looked into her eyes as he thrust inside her. Her teeth gritted. "I'm going to cum again, right away."

She did, crying out, weeping as her orgasm tore through her. Her mouth strained to meet his, her body arching against him. Oh, how he must be loving this! Loving his triumph! I could hardly believe he was showing such restraint. His face betrayed nothing but his own desire. And when he came, thrusting hard and fast within her, he seemed as overcome with desire as she had been.

They collapsed together on the couch. I felt both in awe of his skill - he had done what he said he would - turn her into a wanton woman, begging him for his cock, to fuck her - and hatred of him for succeeding so well. As for her, I knew she was faultless - desire is nothing to be ashamed of and no one could resist him. I just hoped her heart wasn't too broken when he told her who he was, that she didn't feel too betrayed. She kissed him passionately and stood up. "I'll be right back," she whispered and then left and went into another room. Ares and I were finally alone. What would he say? Would he make some disgusting face, grin like an idiot? If he did, I felt certain I would thrash him with my own thunderbolt.

"You can go now," he said. "The bet is off." He struggled up and ran his hands through his hair. When he saw I hadn't moved an inch, that my mouth was gaping wide in shock, he gave me that exasperated look.

"Go! I said the bet is off." He looked away, unable to meet my eyes.

"But...but..." I stuttered, "you've almost won. You got her into bed, and that's more than Hercules thought would happen. Don't you want to see if she'll want you even when she knows who you are? You could tell her the truth - that it wasn't your fault her husband died. That it was Athena who ordered the attack."

"Yeah, sure, bright boy. As if she'd believe me instead of the hero."

I couldn't believe him and I shook my head. Finally, he stood up and came to me, his finger pointed at me, a mere inch from my face. "Don't tell Athena or Hercules anything, either. Let them think I've failed."

I laughed at him - the shock dulled my senses for a moment.  His face darkened, his eyes became black as his anger almost overwhelmed him.

"I'm serious, Hermes," he growled, and I swear he towered over me, growing almost a foot larger than normal. "If you ever want my attention again, you better keep that mouth of yours shut."

I turned and left them, and went to Olympus.

Part 3

Athena eyed me suspiciously. "What do you mean, Ares gave up - he hardly even started! I don't believe it."

I shrugged, hoping that my acting skills were slightly better than Hercules'. "He said to call off the contest - that there was no way she would sleep with him now - said he'd done something wrong - said the wrong thing, or something like that."

She turned to Hercules. "You said her dead husband resembled Ares - that she had been celibate since his death. I don't understand - he could seduce the dead! What do you suppose he said?"

Hercules smiled and folded his arms. "I told you so, Athena. She wouldn't sleep with him - not in a million years. As for what he said or did - with him, who can say? Anything's possible. His cock has more influence over him than his brain. She's quite sensitive. He probably said something lewd and scared her off."

I looked at Hercules - why was he setting this woman up if he had so much respect for her?

"Hercules, how do you know she hasn't slept with anyone since her husband died?"

He smiled but it was a smile tinged with embarrassment. "I... I was interested in her myself. I ... she wouldn't sleep with me, either. That's why I knew. I knew that if she wouldn't sleep with me, there was NO way she would with the slut. When Athena wanted to teach Ares a lesson, I had the perfect woman already chosen."

"Yeah, but, what if you were wrong, Hercules. What if she did succumb?" He shrugged again and turned away. "If she did sleep with him, then she's not as virtuous as I thought. But I was right, after all."

"And what is your beef with Ares?" I asked Athena. "I mean, I know you hate him, but why go to the trouble of all this?"

Athena smiled a half-smile but wouldn't answer my question. "None of your business. Look, I don't trust the bastard. Hermes, I want you to go and check it out. I can't believe he's given up this easily. Something's up."

I shrugged. "No skin off my back."


I was curious, myself, and Athena's request just gave me an excuse to go and sneak a peek at them. I materialized up in the corner that night close to midnight and came in right at the moment of truth, luckily for me. Helena was riding him, just almost on the cusp of her orgasm. I was behind him so he couldn't see me. I could watch the rest of the proceedings unobserved.

Ares was seated on the couch and she was straddled over him, fucking him, her hands on his shoulders for support. Her face was flushed and her eyes closed as she rode him and gasps of pleasure came from her lips as she moved up and down on that massive cock of his. One of Ares' hands stroked and kneaded her breasts while the other stroked her clit as she fucked him. She was so close - I could see the flush mottling her chest. Her thighs shook from the strain.

"You're so big, your cock is so big. Gods, but you feel so good, you feel so good..." she cried. "Oh, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, you're so big..." Then her orgasm started and her back arched, and she pressed against him. He buried his face in her neck as she collapsed in his arms. He lay her down on the couch and fucked her until he came as well, all the while looking in her eyes, telling her how beautiful she was, how he loved her cunt, how he loved the feel of her skin against his. And his orgasm - he came with such force. His whole body shook, his mouth crushed against hers, and he groaned with such pleasure.  I knew that he was responding to her in a way I hadn't seen before - not in any of our own encounters, that was for certain. He may have succeeded in seducing her but he was as taken by her as she was by him. Ares the slut - infatuated with a virtuous woman! I loved it so much that I hated it.

Such a tender moment as he lay between her legs and kissed her, as they whispered words of love to each other. It made me sick - it hurt me, I mean - to hear him this way. So emotional, so warm and loving to her. Was this all part of his act, part of his ‘plan'? Did he know she required this ‘romance' to be willing to continue the sexual relationship and that is why he was willing to take part in this mating ritual? It just went against everything I thought I knew about him. He was always so cynical about his sexual conquests - they were diversions, momentary pleasures, and he was always in such control.

I knew he was in control here as well - in the sense that he had orchestrated her behavior, scripted her by encouraging her to use such overt and blunt language during sex. It freed her up, unleashed her inhibitions. She was the kind of sexual partner most men would kill for - a beautiful woman, craving sex, willing to talk dirty, to voice her desires. Gods! I wanted her myself. He wanted her all to himself - he didn't want to risk losing her when he told her who he really was. He wanted her more than he wanted to make a point with Athena and Hercules. I knew then I had him just where I wanted him.

He sat up as she went to her toilet to freshen up after their lovemaking. When he saw me hovering over the scene, a wide smile on my face, a look of pure fury came over his features. "What in Tartarus do you think YOU'RE doing here?" he growled. He actually reared back, ready to cast a thunderbolt at me, then something came over him, and he realized that it was I who had the power now. I could stop this little tete a tete with a word to Athena and Hercules.

"I was just checking up on you for Athena, Ares. She didn't believe me when I said you conceded. She was suspicious, wanted me to come and see for myself if she really had rejected you." My eyes lingered on his naked flesh.

"What are you going to do?" he asked angrily, realizing I had him.

"Well," I started, feeling pleased with my new-found power over the god of war - the one who always had everyone else by the short and curlies. "That all depends on you, Ares. I don't know what I should do. I feel sorry for this woman, knowing how you've used her and lied to her. I should tell her myself who you are and what your plans for her have been."

"Look," he said, smart enough to know he was cornered. "What do you want?"

I enjoyed watching him cringe too much to just name my terms so quickly. "For what?"

"For your continued silence about this, about my... relationship with Helena."

"But Ares!" I laughed, enjoying this far too much, "You got what you wanted - you made her moan and groan, to beg you for your cock, to fuck you like a harlot. You've turned her from a virtuous woman to a slut, just as you wanted. You're the best, Ares."  I came down to his level and faced him squarely, my hands on my hips. "Why don't we call Athena and Hercules here now? They can watch her suck your cock. So what if she leaves you when she finds out you're her husband's killer? She's no one, a nothing. Some stupid mortal widow who needs a good fuck..." He lunged at me and his hands went around my throat. I let them stay there - of course, he couldn't hurt me or kill me. I let him take his anger out - it would calm him enough so that I could let him know my terms.

"You don't know anything about her, Hermes!" he growled. "Shut your fucking mouth."

Gradually his grip lessened and his hands fell from around my neck. He stood silent, looking at me, defeat written over his face.

"What do you want?" he said again, his voice flat.

"Did you say something?" she asked as she came into the room. She couldn't see me of course, but he could and it pissed him off that I was there, that I wasn't leaving, and that I would be able to listen and watch their every move and he couldn't order me to leave. I smiled at him and looked her over with obvious enjoyment. She was still naked as well, and I let my eyes wander to her full breasts and then to her pubic area and licked my lips as I looked back at him. As I did, I felt not unlike Ares himself. I settled back in my perch at the corner of the room to enjoy the show.

Her arms slipped around his waist and her hands stroked his chest. "Come," she said to him, kissing his shoulder and back. He closed his eyes, hating that I was there, witness to her sweetness, her affection. "I've made us some tea." He turned around and took her in his arms and kissed her. They walked out of the room to the kitchen. Of course, I followed.


They brought their tea back to the large room and sat together on the soft couch in front of the hearth. They talked of nothing, and everything the way new lovers do, anxious to know as much about each other as possible. Ares leaned back against one arm of the couch and surrounded her with his legs.

He seemed to be considering something and sat looking thoughtfully into his cup as if to divine the meaning of his life there. She watched him and waited. "So," he began finally, "tell me. Your husband's death. What exactly do you know about it? I know Hercules told you it was Ares' fault, but I've heard differently. I... checked into it after we talked. I have some... friends who know about this matter. They assured me that it was a horrible mistake. That Athena called the strike against Ares' advice - she is young, she is inexperienced - took on too much too soon and went ahead before they were ready, before they knew where everyone - where your husband was."

She shook her head. "I don't know much else - I got official notification a week after his death and learned nothing further until Hercules came to me to tell me of his death and the circumstances surrounding it. He was quite clear, Nicias, that it was Ares' fault. Hercules doesn't think too highly of Ares. Thinks Athena would do a better job, thinks that Ares is corrupt. A slut, I think his words were." She smiled at Ares, not knowing how her words and her smile must hurt or anger the god sitting with his legs wrapped around her waist. I watched Ares for a sign of his anger, but there was none. He didn't look at her, he merely swished he last drops of his tea around in the bottom of his cup.

"There is a long-standing feud between those two - Hercules and Ares. I don't know if you can trust what Hercules says about the god of war. Hercules is only a demi-god - he is bound to be jealous of Ares."

"No," Helena corrected him, shaking her head as she sipped the last of her tea. "You have it backwards. Ares is jealous of Hercules. Zeus is said to favor him over Ares, and Athena over Ares as well. Hercules told me that Zeus despises Ares - thinks he represents the worst of war - death and destruction." She put her cup down on a small table at the side of the couch and stroked his thigh affectionately.

"Why in Zeus' name are we talking about this, anyway? Silenius has been dead now for three years. It's been hard for me to... forget him, to move on. We had so little time together after we were married due to his diplomatic duties. I was alone so much, and newly pregnant. That's when I first met Hercules - we were both working with the children orphaned by the war. When he first started to visit me, to keep me company while
Silenius was away."

Ares looked up at this. I must admit my interest was piqued as well. She couldn't know how her words were affecting Ares - she didn't know it WAS Ares sitting so close to her, her passionate lover.

"So Hercules started visiting you even though you were married? Did he want you to ... you know, sleep with him?" Her blush gave him her answer.

"Yes, he did. I was shocked. I mean, Hercules is so brave and such a hero to everyone. I suppose he is also half a god, so that explains his weakness. He did try to seduce me. When I turned him down, he said he would wait until I was free. I told him I had no plans to be free in the near future - that I loved my husband and would never take a lover or divorce him." She looked off into the hearth.

"After Silenius died, he tried once again to convince me to become his lover, but I just didn't feel that way about him. He's very brave - there's no question that he's done so many heroic deeds, but he's such a... I don't know, pompous goody goody, sometimes. Always lecturing me about moral virtues. As if I don't already know about them." She laughed and he smiled for the first time and reached out to her, pushing her down on the couch playfully and sprawling over her body with his own.

"A pompous goody goody!" he chuckled, kissing her neck, behind her ear, her cheeks and finally her mouth. "How could you say that about Hercules the hero?" He rubbed himself against her, rubbed his groin against her and the mood quickly changed from one of play to one of desire. "And you turned him down, not once, but twice. Why didn't you want to be his lover?" he asked, as his mouth found her full breast and nipped softly at her nipple.

"I couldn't imagine him as a lover - he's so stuffy. So officious. He'd probably want me to use all the proper names - or not say them at all!" He kissed her deeply, and his hands stroked her body as he lay beside her and looked at her.

"So you like to talk dirty, then, do you, Helena?" He smiled that devilish Ares-smile at her, only now he could get away with it completely.

"I didn't know how much until I met you," she replied, smiling back, her face flushing.

"And now?" His hand went between her legs and she spread her thighs so that he could caress her flesh.

Her hands stroked down his back to his buttocks and she grabbed them and squeezed, pulling him closer to her. "And now, I want you to stop asking me so many questions about Hercules and let me suck that beautiful cock of yours and then I want you to lick me and ..."

Of course, she never finished her sentence - Ares' mouth silenced her with a very passionate kiss. She pushed him onto his back and kissed her way down his chest, licking and sucking his nipples, and then to his swelling cock. I moved to their side, wanting to get a clear vantage point from which to watch her sucking him. The look on Ares' face as he saw me sitting on the small table beside the couch! I was only a pace away and could see her perfectly. I could watch as she licked his cock slowly and lovingly, as she lapped up the cum that leaked out onto his belly. Ares covered his face - and I had to suppress a laugh. That was new - him covering his face! Not wanting to have an audience for a change.

Served the bastard right. I was going to haunt his sexual escapades with Helena. I was going to be the unwanted guest. I was going to enjoy every last minute of it. And there wasn't a damned thing he could do about it.


"What the fuck do you want, Hermes!" Ares growled at me, as I materialized beside him on the cushions lining the wall of his throne room. He was jerking off - this god had just fucked his new lover I don't know how many times - probably three times that day and night - enough to satisfy a mortal man, perhaps, but not a god, and certainly not this one.

I pushed his hand away and took over, and he groaned and gave in. My mouth sucked at that massive head and licked his pre-cum off as it welled up from my caress. "Ares," I whispered to him as I stroked and sucked him, "you are just too hot. You have to tell her who you are or you'll never be satisfied. Imagine, the great Ares jerking off!" I
licked his balls and then looked him in the eye. I knew he couldn't resist watching me sucking him, although I thought he tried not to watch, so he could keep her image in his mind.

"If you need release, Ares, you only have to call me."

"Oh, FUCK!" he moaned as I stroked him quickly and my tongue lapped the head of his cock. I felt his body tense as I inserted my moistened finger in his anus and rubbed his sensitive spot. He was just about ready. I waited until I was almost certain he was cumming - when his teeth clamped down on that full bottom lip, I knew.

"But I want you to suck me for once, and I want to fuck you." His eyes almost rolled back in his head as he came. I lapped his cum as it collected in my hand and then ran my tongue over the now sensitive head of his cock.

"You want WHAT?" he gasped, sitting up, adjusting his position on the cushions.

"I said I want you to suck me for a change and I want to fuck you. If you don't agree, I'll tell Athena and Hercules of your little liaison." He leaned back and closed his eyes. "Oh, and Ares?" He looked up at me. "I want to watch you and Helena together."

He shook his head. "Give me a break, Hermes. Go watch some other couple fuck. Or better yet, get your own woman."

"No, no, no, Ares. You don't understand - it's so much better watching YOU fuck HER. Admit it - you're in love with her. It's too rich.  Ares, god of war in love with a widow, a virtuous widow at that." He said nothing - angered at the truth of my words. "Because I know she's virtuous no matter how many bad words she says when she fucks you."

"Why does it hurt so much to admit it, Ares? You should be overjoyed to be in love. She's wonderful. I could fall in love with her."

"I'm NOT in love with her. She's a great fuck, that's all. I'm just enjoying her too much to let little brother and sister interfere with my pleasure."

"I don't believe you Ares. Admit it. You can admit it to me. I won't tell anyone - it will be our little secret. You know I'm your most avid supporter among the gods. I want to see Athena and Hercules eat your dust, Ares. You know that. I hate them as much as you do."

Ares covered his eyes once again. He was able to talk frankly about his lust, about his desire for sex. But he couldn't bring himself to admit his love. It's usually the other way around, but with Ares, sex was easy - it was love that was so damn hard.

"I don't love her, Hermes. I just enjoy her so much! She's so... I don't know, so..." he shook his head again, frustrated at his lack of words. "Damn it, she's a great fuck. Why can't I just leave it at that."

"It's good for friends to be honest with each other, Ares. Admit it. Tell me that you love her. Tell me how you feel about her. It will make you feel a whole lot better." I thought it was brilliant - get Ares to talk freely about his feelings for Helena the way he got her to talk about her lust. Only I am just not as seductive as Ares. He didn't take the bait.

"I don't see why." He replied. "Admitting it doesn't change the fact that she'll spit in my face when she knows who I am."  His eyes were closed, and he hung his head.

My heart broke as he said those words. It broke for Helena, for I knew this play could only end in sadness for her. It broke for Ares - his love for her would be ruined when Athena and Hercules found out. They would see to it that Ares was thwarted in his desire for the mortal woman. And it broke for me - I knew I would never have Ares' love. At best, I might have his lust. I didn't even have that - just his willingness for me to service him when he needed it. As bad as I felt, I felt some little shred of satisfaction. I'm afraid to admit it, but it's true.  Ares had paved the way for this charade - he had fucked his way around Mount Olympus pissing off gods and mortals alike - he was the one to spend more time having sex than practicing at war. It was that damn cock! It was that beauty. It was just Ares.  I hated myself for feeling that way and knew then that I couldn't pretend to be Ares - I just didn't have it in me. I was Hermes. A good friend.

"Tell her!" I implored him. "Tell her the truth - if she finds out from someone else, from Hercules or Athena, she'll feel so betrayed, she'll reject you for certain. Don't fuck this up, Ares."

"I can't, Hermes! I killed her fucking husband with my own sword." He looked up at me with those amber eyes and all I saw was defeat. "How could she do anything but hate me?"  What could I say? I couldn't say for certain that she would still love him. She might hate him - Ares was probably right.

"Athena is suspicious, Ares. I'll lie as best I can, but you know her. She might just drop in on Helena to see for herself. Tell her anyway. You better be prepared."

He stood up and paced around the room. "I don't know what to do, Hermes. Part of me wants to take the risk and just keep things as they are. If Athena butts in, at least I had some happiness. If she doesn't, then I'm in bliss."

"You're still being dishonest with her - you're still lying to her. If you really love her, you'll tell her."

"Maybe I should just drop the whole thing. What do you think she'd do if I just stopped seeing her - gave her no explanation?"

I shook my head. "No way. You'd break her heart, Ares. Don't do that. If you plan on ending it, do it by telling her who you are - give her a reason to hate you. That always makes a break-up easier to bear - when you can hate your ex-lover."

"Zeus, what a choice." He stood and looked out the window at the night sky. The moon was full and shone down on his face - it highlighted those sharp cheekbones and glinted off his curls. I had never seen Ares like this before - thoughtful, sad.

"Ah, fuck it!" he laughed, but I could tell he was putting it on - this bravado of his. "I'm going to cut my losses, and take a hike. There are a million women who would be pleased to fuck the god of war. I'm not going to worry myself about her." With that, his black leather and silver jewelry covered him, and his body seemed to swell, exuding that characteristic power and confidence. As he vanished, I saw that his eyes were tightly closed.


I went to Athena's temple. She and Hercules were lounging around, discussing their plan to humiliate Ares.

"So, what do you think about Ares, Athena? Think he's really lost?" Hercules was sprawled out on a settee across from her throne.

"Oh, Hercules! I don't believe it for a minute. He's lying so he doesn't have to tell her who he is." What was she playing at with Ares? Why was she so intent on hurting him?

"You really think she slept with him? I don't believe it, Athena. Ares wouldn't let you think he'd failed at a conquest."

"Where is Hermes?"

I moved into their field of view. "Ah, there you are. So Hermes, Hercules and I were having a difficult time believing that Ares actually failed to get her into bed. Tell us the truth, Hermes. It will be worth your while."

"He really did leave her. He couldn't stand to listen to her badmouth himself and go on about Hercules. He figured it wasn't worth the effort - figured there were, and let me quote his exact words, "a million women who would be pleased to fuck the god of war."

Athena shook her head angrily. "Damn him! I was certain that he'd at least get her into bed that one time. What is she - made of stone?"

"No," Hercules said, sitting up straight and looking at us both with disdain. "I told you - she is really virtuous. She didn't sleep with me and we share so many of the same values. How could you expect her to fall for Ares?"

Athena came up to me, and stood very close to me. I could feel her hot breath on my face - her eyes were level with mine. "Hermes, I just don't believe you..." I swallowed. She had this way of looking at you - her look convinced you she could grab your balls and shove them up your ass to your throat.

"I thought so," she said, as she saw my eyes dart away. "He did fuck her, after all." Hercules head jerked up at this and he looked at me closely, a frown on that dumb face of his. His pride made him want to believe that Ares failed. Athena laughed to herself.

"So, I guess I'll just have to tell her for myself. I can't wait to see her face when she learns he's been deceiving her, and fucking her as part of a bet with me. Then I can't wait to see his face when she confronts him! Oh, it will be to die for."

"No," I insisted, "He's really given up on her - lost interest. He's not with her tonight. He's probably at a bordello fucking three women at once. Poor woman - her heart will be broken."

Hercules looked up at this. I could almost see his mind working, see the wheels cranking into life.

"I have a brilliant idea," he said, looking at Athena with a growing smile. "I'll disguise myself as Ares - or this Nicias fellow, and go in his stead."

"That way," Athena smiled back at him, "you get to fuck your virtuous woman and then you can throw it back into Ares' face."

They grinned at each other. "Hercules, you are learning. My own brilliance is rubbing off."

They both looked at me.

"And you better not warn him, Hermes, or you'll pay - big. I'll tell Zeus it was you and Ares who cooked up this little scheme - Zeus listens to me and Hercules. He'll be quite happy to paint you with the same brush as Ares, Hermes. And blame you for fucking with a mortal."

What the fuck should I do?


I went to the bordello to see if Ares had gone to familiar ground, in the belief that if he couldn't have Helena, he's take her substitute. I was right. I materialized in the corner above them and watched as they fucked.

"Oh, I love it when you fuck me, Ares. I love it when you stick that gigantic cock inside of me!" she mouthed against him as he rammed into her. I knew she meant it  - Ares took great care to make his prostitutes cum and they loved him for it - Pasiphae had said so. But I also knew fucking this whore would not be the same as fucking Helena. Sure, I knew that even whores had hearts - hardened as they were by the abuse they had been served at the hands of their pimps and customers. It would be a poor substitute for Helena.

She moaned in the depths of her orgasm and that must have offered him some pleasure. He came as well, but it was just another orgasm. Another one of his many perfunctory orgasms. He lay back on the bed and pulled her on top of him and stroked her hair and back. That was when he saw me. He pushed her up and told her to leave him for a while, that he would call her when he needed her again. Then he turned to me with a look of exasperation.

"Hermes, you are a good friend, but I really am tired of you following me around like a sick puppy. Go fuck your own prostitute."

"Ares," I began, feeling bad about what I had to tell him. "Athena knows. I..." I shrugged and held my hands out. "I tried to lie, but I'm just not that good at it."

"Fuck it - let her tell Helena. It'll give Helena a reason to hate me. As you say, It'll make it easier for Helena to get over it."

I shook my head. "No, you don't understand. Athena and Hercules have cooked up a little plan so that Hercules can fuck Helena. Hercules is planning a little costume party - he's going on visiting Helena disguised as you. Well, as Nicias, that is."

That did it for him - the thought that Hercules would be able to enjoy Helena while Ares himself could not. That Athena would allow Hercules to maintain the charade for as long as Hercules wanted. That Ares, mighty Ares, god of war, would be forced to fuck a prostitute instead of Helena.

"Those two fuckers," he growled. He ran his fingers though his hair. "She might hate me, hate my guts, but at least she wanted to fuck me. She didn't want to fuck Hercules." He looked up at me as if to see my response. "I'll have to warn her. Admit who I am."  I nodded.


The Conclusion

He stood and closed his eyes and I watched as he donned the black leather that signified his role as god of war. The leather strained against the bulging muscles of his huge sculpted body - he was several inches taller and much more massive than Nicias.  I knew that he could not contain his power when in his real guise. The sword hung at his hip, and one hand stroked its smooth hilt. The perfectly trimmed beard formed on his chin and jaw, framing that full mouth. His eyes seemed to darken - almost glow with power. And his skin - burnished bronze, taut, perfect, not a flaw marred its surface. He looked up at me from under those dark brows and I knew then why I loved him - in this form he was so terrifying, so awe-inspiring, I wanted to fall at his feet and worship him myself. And I was a god! He was so damn beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Power seemed to radiate off his body like heat off the baking desert sands.

"What do you think, Hermes? Think she'll still love me when she sees me as I really am?" Even his voice sounded menacing, fuller, deeper.

I couldn't speak. How could she not love him - how could anyone not love him? "I..." I ventured, but the words choked in my throat, "I...you are...." I gave up.

We went to her home. The villa was dark save for the light from a fire in the hearth. Helena lay on the sofa, asleep with her head propped on her arm. Her hair spilled out over her shoulders and the curls caught the light of the fire. The gown she wore had been meant to please Nicias - it was sheer and I could see her nipples through the fabric. Her curves were deliciously displayed as she reclined on the couch. Had she waited up for him all night, fallen asleep as she waited, hoping he would come to her? I wondered what went through her mind as she waited and knew that with each passing hour, her heart would sink a little further. Had she cried, when, nearing midnight and he had still not arrived, she gave up on him? It was now several hours past midnight - the loneliest time of the night for those mortals alone and unable to sleep. Gods did not sleep, but I often visited the homes of mortals I knew, watched them in their slumber, or as they made love, or as they paced their lonely rooms, plagued by unseen demons and nameless fears.

Ares stood over her and looked at her as she lay sleeping. How this must hurt him, I though to myself as I watched him standing there. He must want to bend down and take her in his arms, kiss her and smother himself in her embrace. He said nothing and did nothing for quite a long time, as if mustering courage.

"Helena," he whispered, but even his whisper was enormous, reflecting his bulk, his might. She startled and gasped as she woke, and looked up at the dark form in front of her. "Nicias..." she began, but she stopped when she realized this was not her lover but a stranger - someone she should fear.

"Don't hurt me," she whispered, her voice almost non-existent from fright. Her hand went up to shield her from the sight of him and I saw his eyes close. He bent down to her and took hold of her shoulders and she cried out as he touched her, gasped as his arms gripped her own.  He did not know his own strength and I was certain she would bear the marks of his powerful grip the next day. Then he pulled her up and stood her in front of him, but her legs buckled underneath her in fear. She knelt at his feet and I felt such horror at the sight of them - I had seen them as lovers - locked in such a tender lover's embrace. But he had donned another guise, had not taken on his full godhead and seemed so much more human, so playful, so much less powerful. Now he was fully himself, Ares, god of war.

"Who..." she whispered as her eyes traveled up his dark form and came to rest on his face. "Who are you?"

"It's me," he replied, waiting for her to recognize him. She didn't.

"Me? Who are you? I don't know you..." When she saw the sword, saw the ring and felt the heat coming off him, she recognized him as a god.

"You're Ares!" she gasped in recognition. "Why... why are you here? How could you come here..." I could tell she wasn't really looking at him, at his face. Her eyes darted around the room as if trying to decide on her escape route.

He pulled her to him, against his body and shook her. "Helena, it's me," he said, softly to him, I am sure, but to Helena and me, to anyone else for that matter, his voice was dark and cruel.

"I know who you are," she cried as she tried to escape his grip. I had to admire her, but realized she thought she was going to be raped and wanted to run. "You ... killed my husband."

Ares was becoming frustrated that she wouldn't look at him, couldn't recognize that he was Nicias. His nostrils flared as his breathing increased in strength. "Look at me!" he commanded and grasped her chin, forcing her to look in his eyes. His grip must have hurt, for I saw tears form in her eyes.

"Ares," I hissed, making my own form visible to her. She turned and took me in. I am not nearly as impressive as Ares and she seemed to find some comfort in my presence. "You're hurting her!" His grip relaxed.

"Who are you?" she whispered. "Hermes," I replied. I realized it was the first time I had spoken to her. It felt so strange - I had seen her in every position, in the depth of passion and during her orgasm, yet, we hadn't exchanged a word. A god's power was so easy to abuse. Mortals were our toys, our pawns.

She looked back at Ares, her face still uncomprehending, still filled with fear. "Why are you here?"

He let her go and she stood in front of him and rubbed her arms - bruised from his touch.  Ares could not speak - he just stood looking at her, mute. His eyes closed and I knew he was losing heart - he wanted to escape this fate. I took over.

"Ares pretended to be Nicias - it was Ares all along, Ares who was your lover."

She looked at me - she did not understand. "What...what do you mean, Ares..." Then she looked back at him, closely for the first time. She moved nearer to him and reached out her hand to touch his face.

"You're ... Nicias?" His eyes opened as he felt her hand on his cheek.

"Yes, Helena, I'm sorry... I..."

"Why? Why did you ... disguise yourself?"

Ares shook his head. I knew he hated telling her the purpose behind his deceit. "Does it even matter?"

"Of course it matters! Tell me why you did it!" Tears were forming in her eyes as she watched him and waited. Ares finally replied. "You would have thrown me out the door if I came to you as I really am. Admit it."

"Throw you out? You're a god. What would I do?"

"You would never become my lover if you knew who I was. If I had come to you as I am," he repeated.

"So you disguised yourself as Nicias so you could apologize and explain my husband's death. And you just happened to decide you wanted me as a lover as well."

He said nothing. Just looked at her. I knew he couldn't tell her the truth - this lie was too appealing for him. She might actually forgive him and still want him. He had been wrong all along. Now he would have to tell her the truth so that Hercules and Athena wouldn't be able to exploit her for their own amusement. She might accept him back even if she thought he was Ares in disguise but I doubted that she would knowing of the siblings' bet - that she was a mere sexual conquest - a challenge. He wouldn't be able to tell her. I would have to step in again, to intervene on his behalf. Be the friend.

"Ares..." I began, but she turned to me and stopped my words. "No - let him tell me."

Then she turned back to Ares. "You killed my husband. That's why you wanted to talk about Silenius' death so much - you wanted to tell me that you weren't at fault." She looked down at the stone floor as if remembering his words, their conversations about her husband. "You said that Ares - that you - were not at fault. That Hercules lied to me."

She looked back up to him. "Oh, gods. I... I loved you...loved Nicias. He was so... perfect. So perfect a lover..." Her hand went up to her mouth, and covered it as she wept.

"Why did you have to sleep with me?" she cried. "Why couldn't you just tell me the truth about my husband's death?"

She waited for his reply, but of course, he was still unable to speak. Ares, the brash warrior, the crude stud. Speechless in front of a mortal  who loved him.

"That's what this is all about, isn't it? You wanted to tell me the truth and apologize to me."

Ares' eyes closed - he was horrified now. What a shallow, shallow lot we gods were. Of course, she would give Ares such a virtuous motive for his deceit. She moved closer to Ares and I watched, shocked, as her hand reached out once again, so tentative, as if she couldn't resist touching him.

"I forgive you," she said simply as she looked over his form.

"Helena," he whispered. "I..." He shook his head again, unable to continue. I didn't blame him. He turned to me, and there was such a look of pain on his face. "Hermes, I'm going. You tell her, tell her for me."

With that, he reached out to her, took her in his arms and kissed her before she could move or push him away. Then he let her go and vanished in a crackle of blue light.


She sat on the couch and wept into her hands. I told her everything, every bit of it - well, to be truthful, I left out the part where we all fucked each other. She didn't need to know the depth of our depravity - even I had some shred of pride in being a god.

"A sexual dare with Athena? You mean, he actually did all this just to prove to her he could seduce me?" I had to nod my head yes.

"But I truly believe he's fallen in love with you, Helena. I'm certain of it. I've never seen him like this before."

"Like what? A conniving, scheming son of a bitch? He made me say those things, he made me ..." She covered her face again, horrified to think back on her behavior during their lovemaking.

"He must be laughing his head off - how you all must be rolling with laughter at me!"

"No one is laughing at you, Helena. To be truthful, Ares ... I ... neither of us could imagine a more wonderful lover than you have been to him." She looked at me through her tears and shook her head in disbelief. "Oh, gods. I didn't even say those things, act that way with Silenius."

She wiped her cheeks, and seemed to be getting hold over her emotions. "Ares...he's so, evil. So decadent. Making me ... convincing me to act that way."

"Ares loves sex. He's insatiable. His pleasure is so great, he can't help it. He needs sex the way you need air."

"You're hardly commending him to me, Hermes, if that's your intent."

"I'm just telling you the truth. So you understand. Athena, Hercules - they know Ares' weakness is his lust. They wanted to hurt him, to make him look like a fool. Hercules thought you would turn him down, and Athena thought Ares couldn't resist her challenge. They were wrong about you and Ares."

"Yeah, I guess I'm not so virtuous after all," she replied and blushed so deeply, ashamed at her behavior. I didn't think she needed to feel any shame.

"You're blameless. You responded in an honest manner to Ares. He is very charming, and a very good lover. Don't blame yourself."

She heaved a heavy sigh and wiped her eyes. "As for Ares - he called the bet off after he slept with you that first time. He ... he didn't want you to know who he was, because he knew you would reject him, that you would never speak to him again when you knew. And I think he had already fallen in love with you, and couldn't imagine telling you who he was."

She looked at me, and I could see this shocked her.

"So, you see, he showed some honor although it was mixed with selfishness. He didn't want to hurt you or lose you. He was willing to let Athena think she had won." I paused, wanting this to sink in. How could she know what a big admission this was? She didn't know Ares as I did.

"What should I do, Hermes? I'm so confused."

"Don't reject him. He loves you."

She looked into the hearth. "He's scary, as Ares. I can feel his power. He's so strong, he hurt me. I can't imagine him as a lover."

"You'd get used to him and he to you. He doesn't always seem so ... powerful."


I could barely believe it - could barely believe that she was going to forgive him - to remain his lover in spite of Ares' deception, of his plan to seduce her so he could prove his prowess. She must love him so much, this virtuous woman, to overcome her shock at his deceit and still want him back.

"How can I go to him, Hermes. You're a god - where will he be, how can I contact him?"

"Call his name. He'll hear you. He may not come - it depends on ... what he's doing when you call."

She sat on the chair in front of her hearth, and folded her hands in her lap.

"Ares," she called out. "Ares, god of war. It's Helena. Please come to me." We waited. I wondered what he was doing at that moment - fucking the prostitute?

"Ares," she began again, her voice pleading. "Please! Come to me! I ... I still want you. Hermes has told me everything and I... I don't care. I want you back."

Ares materialized in front of her. His face was stunned - shocked that she still wanted him. "Helena!" he gasped and knelt down in front of her. He lay his head in her lap and took her hands in his.

"I..." he whispered, "I can't believe that you..."

"What? That I want you in spite of yourself? Ares! What you did was despicable. To try to seduce a woman just so you could prove your desirability to Athena and Hercules. You never once thought of me - of how much it would hurt me when I found out. What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't thinking," he muttered, shaking his head. "I ... I'm so... I hate Athena so much. And Hercules - he's such a holier-than-thou pain in the ass. You said so yourself!"

"I know. I know." She stroked his hair and lifted his head up. Her lips touched his and she kissed him so tenderly.

"Ares, I want you. I want us to keep being lovers. You are the best... you are more than I could ever imagine. I want you so much. But I have to know, I have to hear it from your lips."

"Hear what?" he whispered, but even I knew what she wanted - she wanted Ares to admit he loved her - that he was in love with her.

"If you can't say it, then why should I take you back. Tell me! What is it about me that made you love me?"

"Your tenderness, your  sweetness. You are such a willing lover."

"Why is it so hard for you to admit you love me? Haven't you ever felt this way about anyone before?"

He looked up at her - I knew he had to say yes - he loved Aphrodite most of all. But she threw him out when he refused to tell her he loved her. She was such a beauty, Aphrodite. She was so desirable. Ares was crushed when she told him to leave and never come back. He just couldn't admit he loved her. Would he be able to admit it to Helena? Or would she too cast him out?

"Only once before. Only once have I loved a woman."

"Who? Tell me!" He struggled to speak. "Aphrodite," he replied.

"Why are you no longer with her?"

He said nothing - just shook his head. I spoke up. "Ares couldn't tell her he loved her. She told him to stay away until he could admit it to her. He's never gone back."

She shook her head. "Ares! What a foolish thing. To lose a lover because you're afraid to say you love her. Look at me - look at all the things I said to you. How I bared my soul to you, let you know how much I desired you, what I wanted you to do to me."

He nodded. She smiled at him then. Admitting his emotions was just so hard for this god. "Ares! Admit that you love me. I can't stay with you if you can't tell me you love me - tell me everyday, tell me all the time! A mortal lover would do this for me - Hercules would.  Why can't you?"

At the mention of Hercules' name, he looked up at her. He grabbed her in his arms and pressed his lips to her ear. I couldn't hear what he said to her, nor did I need to. I knew what he said - he finally admitted he loved her. She put her arms around him so tightly! She kissed him and stroked his face and looked deeply into his dark god's eyes. Then she turned to me.

"Hermes, please leave. Thank you for telling me everything. Thank you for being Ares' friend. I... I can't tell you how happy I am that this ... mindlessness has turned out all right."

I left them alone.


"What?" Athena looked concerned. "She took him back?"

I nodded. I had expected her to be upset that her plans were thwarted, and was pleased to see the look on her face. "Yes. He admitted he loved her - that was her one demand. He admitted he loved her."

Athena looked down and her mind seemed to churn. "She must have decided to fuck him first - then give him the heave ho. Yeah," she said, nodding her head, "That's what I would do."

"But..." Hercules mind was still in neutral. Athena looked at him and laughed.

"It's not Helena, Hercules. It's Aphrodite! She and I - well, we planned the whole thing to make a point with Ares - to make him confess that he loved her. That he could fall in love. He is such a little boy when it comes to love - afraid to admit it. He's so damn proud, he'd never go to her and admit it himself. So, when she came to me and proposed a way of getting back at Ares for all the screwing around on her he did, for all the times he should have said he loved her - well, I just had the most wonderful plan."

"And Hercules, you are so insufferable about that Helena woman - how virtuous she is, how sluttish the rest of us are, we just wanted to teach you a lesson as well. See - she's not so virtuous after all."

She turned to look at me. "Of course, as his only friend, you couldn't know."

I stood dumbfounded. Aphrodite! She was probably fucking Ares right now - reveling in it, her triumph over him. What would he do when he found out? "You mean, ‘Dite planned to make Ares admit he loved her? But, what about Helena?"

"Gods - it was difficult to pull off - so many pitfalls along the way. Keeping you and Hercules in the dark about our ‘real' plan was difficult, to say the least. When you lied and said Ares had given up, I thought our plan was a dud - but I just couldn't believe it. Aphrodite snuck a peek in on them and said they were still fucking. So I confronted you - by the way you are a terrible liar. Still - it all threatened to fall apart and I was thinking on my feet. Luckily, I didn't realize how... conniving Hercules is." Athena turned and smiled at Hercules.

"You went right to him and told him that I knew. When Hercules here volunteered to go and keep the charade up - go to Helena in Ares' stead, I knew you would tell Ares, and that he would never let that happen. Our little plan was back in action. Still - the plan was that ‘Dite would confront Ares - chuck him out when he told her who he was. She wasn't supposed to fuck him or take him back." She shook her head at this. "She must have decided to fuck him once again for old times' sake and get him really worked up before telling him to fuck off. My kinda goddess."

"I don't get it though. If Ares admits that he really did love her, why is ‘Dite is going to tell him that she still doesn't want him?" Athena laughed. "Oh, it'll serve him right, the slut. He doesn't deserve ‘Dite."

"Boy, would I like to be a fly on the wall when she tells him who she really is!" I laughed, although I was worried that Ares' heart would be broken. "So, you mean that Helena - the real Helena, was never a part of the whole thing - it's been Aphrodite all along?"

"No, it has been Helena all along - ‘Dite knew that Ares would be able to sense her even in Helena's body. I guess she couldn't resist fucking him just once more. I'll bet they're fucking their brains out right now. She'll probably tell him afterward. After he's told her how much he loved her." She laughed and slapped er thigh.

"Aphrodite!" I called out, laughing with her over their wicked plan. "You wicked, wicked woman!"

At that, she materialized in front of us. "You called, Hermes?" We all looked at her, smiles plastered over our faces. Even Hercules was smiling, and he had the least reason of all of us. Helena did, after all, sleep with Ares and his little plan to go to her in Ares' stead was foiled.

"Well - what are you all smiling about?"

"I just told them everything - that it was you who made Ares tell you he loved you."

"What do you mean? I haven't gone there yet." She looked concerned, then angered. "Athena! You said I should go after you called me. I've been waiting for the signal all night long."

"Oh, fuck."

Athena's face turned bright red. "I told you to go there at midnight. I knew bright boy here would rush right to him and warn him of Hercules' little plan. That was the only way Ares would go and admit who he was. If he thought Hercules would fuck her instead of him." Aphrodite's eyes closed in anger. "I thought you said you would call me after midnight!"

"You mean, it wasn't you in Helena's body just now - forgiving Ares and making him say he loved her?"

Aphrodite's face was white with rage. "Let's get there, and right now!"


We all materialized in Helena's villa and came in at the end of one of Ares' magnificent orgasms. They were perched on the couch, Ares on his knees, propped up over Helena. He was fucking her with a vengeance, and she had obviously just cum herself - her face had that blissful look on it. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck. They looked ecstatic.

"Oh, FUCK, I love you, Helena!" he moaned as he shuddered against her. "I love you, Ares!" Their mouths crushed against each other as his orgasm began to subside. They panted in each other's arms for a few minutes. I looked around at the stunned faces on my fellow gods and goddesses. Helena's eyes opened and she gasped and reared back as she saw us, gathered at the top of the room behind Ares, watching in amazement.

Ares turned around, did a double take, and then stood up, his leathers wrapping themselves around him as he stood.

"What the fuck..." He looked at us, gathered there, watching him with such baffled looks on our faces.

"Aphrodite! What in Zeus' name..." He looked at me for explanation. "Hermes! What's going on here?"

I held my hands up. I laughed. Aphrodite, Athena and Hercules all left. I came to rest at his side.

"I'm sorry, Helena," I began. "Just the usual godly childishness."

Ares looked at me, confusion on his face. "What?" he asked.

"Aphrodite and Athena planned on teaching you a lesson, but I see it was they who did the learning.ö He still looked confused. "Don't worry - I'll tell you all about it - later. You were busy. Go back to what you were doing."

"Hermes!" he said, pointing his finger an inch away from my nose. "I better laugh at what you're going to tell me."

"You will," I assured him, "you will."

The End