The Inevitable
By Strandia

Ares approached him slowly, sleekly, his eyes bright and malicious and almost glowing with life.  There was something different in those eyes.  Something different from the thousands of other times Ares had stalked toward him, glaring.

The god’s power seemed to vibrate through the temple, a palpable hum that touched Hercules all over his body.  He made sure his feet were steady and in a defensive position.  He left his arms ready by his sides, not sure whether he’d be dealing with words or fists.

The glimmer in the god’s eyes was strengthening, gaining entrance to the rest of his face.  His mouth rested open slightly, just enough so that Hercules could see the pink of his brother’s tongue.

Ares came to a rest less than a foot in front of Hercules.  He could feel Ares’ aura surround him; for once it felt safe, not oppressive.  His eyes were as black as night itself, but like night, were illuminated. They were as beautiful as the stars.

Hercules didn’t notice that Ares had come to a stop or that a hand was moving towards the small of his back until a moment later, when Ares pulled him into full contact with his body.

Ares’ mouth leaned down to Herc’s throat, and Hercules could feel the long swipe of his tongue, the sharp bite, and the soft, soothing kiss that followed, with a vivid sense of disorientation.  With a small gasp, he strained to move his neck away from Ares, who continued to hold his body tightly.  “What the fuck are you doing?”  He tried to sound as adamant as he should feel.  Ares wasn’t replying; he took control of Hercules’ neck again, softly nipping and kissing the tender flesh.  Herc couldn’t help but arch into the wet touch.

He was being controlled, his will slowly being dissolved until all he wanted to think about was that skillful mouth still working on his neck, and how many other ways it could be used.

Ares ran his tongue down his neck to his shoulder.  Herc groaned, a low grumble of pleasure that gained volume as Ares savagely sunk his teeth through the skin.  “Fuck!” he managed to exhale, as Ares shoved him against the cold marble wall.  Ares ripped off Herc’s shirt in one long motion, then roughly unlaced his pants, shoving them down to his knees.  Ares’ leather-encased body soon covered his naked flesh as the god brutally sucked and bit at Herc’s chest.  “Ares…”

The god pulled away long enough to look deep into the hero’s eyes.  “Shut up.”  He kissed him, fucking his mouth with his tongue.  He bit at Hercules’ lower lip, licked up the drop of blood.  “I’m going to fuck you, little brother, and you are going to love it.”  His hand stroked Herc’s hip before moving to his cock, exploring its hardness roughly with his powerful hand.  “Good boy, hot for me already.  Tell me how much you want it.”  His mouth descended to Hercules’ neck again, mapping out his previous course down to the shoulder.  “Tell me,” he growled, and again bit down into the hard flesh.

Hercules leaned his head against the wall, breathing deeply.  This was Ares, he was evil, he was dangerous, and he was sucking his nipple.  His hand was still pumping his cock, much too slowly.   “Your clothes,” he breathed.  “I want to feel you.”

Ares smiled against his chest, and instantly he was naked.  “Tell me.”

“Ares…”  The god slid down Herc’s body, kneeling on the ground before him.  Leaning forward, he let his long, curly hair brush against Herc’s hard cock.  The hero groaned and thrust forward.  Ares pushed him back, a hand on each of Herc’s hips.  “No.”  Ares’ hot breath was excruciating against him.  “Tell me, brother.”

Herc opened his eyes wide, trying to control his reaction.  “Yes.  I want you, Ares.  Do it.”  Anything for that mouth.

Hercules wasn’t disappointed.  Ares let his hair run over his cock again, a light sensation that sent shivers up his body.  Then the wargod licked up and down the hard flesh, then stopped at the head and sucked it in lightly.  In one swift move Ares engulfed his cock, taking it easily down his throat.  Herc screamed, overwhelmed by the sudden heat and tightness, and, unable to control himself, came down his brother’s throat.  The seconds became hours as the pleasure spasmed through his body.  Herc was only dimly aware of Ares continuing to suck and lick his cock, cleaning him of the evidence of his orgasm.  Herc slid down the wall, falling on his ass with a dull thud.

But of course, it wasn’t over.  The dark god pulled him away from the wall, turning him over roughly so that he laid on his front.  Hercules automatically spread his legs apart, exposing himself to Ares.  “Good boy,” he murmured, and conjured up a small pillow, to slide underneath Hercules’ hips.  Herc whimpered when he felt the gentle, slick finger probe inside him, groaned when it was joined with another, and gasped when he was stretched by three fingers.   They fucked him steadily, the sensation accompanied by the rasp of Ares’ bearded cheek against his ass.  “What do you want,” the ragged voice said.

“Please,” Herc managed.

“Please what?”


“Yes?”  The fingers left his body, leaving Herc without stimulation.  He began to rock his hard cock into the pillow he was lying on.

“Fuck me Ares.  Now.  Do it.”

Ares laughed, a triumphant sound, and for a moment Hercules was worried that this was all a game, a ploy to force him to humiliate himself.  His thoughts were calmed instantly when Ares pulled at his hip, positioning him.  His breath caught as he felt Ares’ burning cock against his opening.  He bit down on his lip to keep from screaming as Ares thrust into his body once, twice, until all of Ares’ cock was buried in his ass.

Ares was fucking him.  Hercules moaned into the polished marble of the floor, not believing his actions, but not taking the time to think about it.  He fell back into sensation; the strong, bruising grip of Ares’ hands on his hips, the slick fullness of the cock moving inside of him, the searing bursts of the breath against his back.  Ares was making small, desperate noises that reverberated through Herc’s body.

“You like that, don’t you little brother?”  The god’s voice was lower than Hercules had ever heard it, and interrupted by short gasps as he pounded into him.  “You like the feel of my cock up your ass?”

Hercules answered by opening his legs even wider.  He thrusting back against the body behind him, then moved forward, grinding his cock against the pillow.  The slight change in position made the sensations even more vivid.  With each thrust, Ares’ cock hit the pleasure spot inside him, making the need for completion even more vivid.

“Fuck, Hercules…”  That voice, that deep, low growl of a voice, was sounding desperate.  Ares pounded into him relentlessly, and his hand reached underneath him, grabbing Herc’s cock roughly.  “You’re going to come with me, brother.”  The hand pumped him deftly, in perfect timing with the cock in his ass.  “You’re so fucking hot… beautiful.”

Ares kissed Hercules’ shoulderblade, scraping his teeth against the skin.  The god let out a strangled gasp, ramming into his ass one last time before he lost control.  “Gods, yes…  Hercules!”  He continued to fuck him as his cum flooded his ass, and finished Hercules off with two more strokes.  Herc moaned into the floor, overwhelmed with sensations as they raced through his body.

It was over.  They lay there, unmoving except from their jarring breaths.  Hercules slowly drifted back into awareness, smiling at the heavy weight he felt against his back.

Fuck.  Oh, Fuck.  What had he done?  A rush of panic spiraled through his body.

Hercules rolled over, and jumped to his feet, dumping Ares off of him onto the floor.  He found his pants, and yanked them on.  His shirt was shredded.  Fuck.

He stiffened, but didn’t turn around when he heard Ares rise from the floor.  “That was fun, little brother.  Why I didn’t do that before…”

Hercules swung around and backhanded Ares across the room.  The god’s naked body hit the marble wall with a cracked thud, but he got to his feet in seconds.  “Yeah, go ahead and hit me, Herc, if it makes you feel better.  Remember, you wanted this, you begged for this.”

“I’m going to kill you, Ares.”

“Go ahead and try.”  Ares clothed himself in an instant, brushing the skin-tight leather, as if rubbing off dust.  His hand lingered at his nipple, stroking it through the leather softly.  “This will happen again, Hercules.  You can be sure of that.”  He laughed, his voice mocking, grating.

The sound forced itself upon Hercules, even after Ares had vanished in his customary blue sparks.  He ran his hands over his face, and took a jerking breath.

He knew that Ares was right.  There was no way for this to end, no way to ever beat Ares, now that he had submitted to him.  Hercules left the temple, his legs aching and his head pounding, desperate not to resign to his fate.  But there was nothing else he could do.  He had nothing left.

The End