By Sarah Saint Ives

Sarah Elizabeth had dropped the Eli from her middle name by the age of ten, ever after to be known as Zabeth, the sorceress.  She was gifted with awesome powers that shocked her parents, frightened her schoolmates, made the parish members believe she was possessed by evil demons.

She led an otherwise happy childhood when she was not being punished for mischief.  After all, she *was* gifted with the power to kill with a bolt of lightning from her fingertip.  Who could blame her for zapping the bullies who teased her, for the fatal glare she bestowed on her bitchy sixth grade teacher?

By her teen-age years, Zabeth had learned to control her emotions, killed very few people in her adolescent years, and in her twenties, even fewer.

By age thirty, she was a master with the world literally at her fingertips, had learned to punish rather than kill.  At forty, she still looked twenty five and had learned great wisdom. Still, she did not know how she had acquired her powers.  Not knowing was something she could not accept.

"I wish someone would appear before me who knows why I am so empowered!" she shouted one day.

Suddenly, there in the center of her finely decorated living room, a man stood, looking around him with wide, wondering eyes.  Zabeth stared at him, taken aback by those huge brown eyes, the full lips, the long, straight brown hair.  His body was packed with muscles that were covered with clothing from another era.  "Who are you?" she
asked.  "Are you an actor from the Renaissance Theater?"

"What?" His voice was soft and deep.  "I am Iphicles,  King of Corinth!"

She shrugged her shoulders, blank blue eyes.  "I am Zabeth, who lives in this house.  I have powers and I wished for someone who could explain them to me.  I suppose you're that person.  Tell me about my powers."

Iphicles went to a window and tore back the drapes, looked out at an unfamiliar world.  "Where am I?  What is this place?"

"Well, I could say you're not in Kansas, any more, but truthfully, you *are* in Kansas.  That's where you are.  In the land of Corn, wheat and ditchweed.  I wouldn't recommend the ditchweed.  If you're into weed, I know where to find the good stuff, although, personally, I don't use it.  It messes up my powers."

"I demand that you send me back to Corinth!" Iphicles said.

"Yeah, right." she said.  "After you and I have a little talk, I'll do exactly that.  You can go back to your shitty little kingdom where they dress like that...."  She circled him, checking out his attire.  "Actually, it's not too bad.  I sorta like the leather.  The fur, though, has to go." She waved her hand and the fur disappeared, which left the king
half-dressed.  "There.  Much better."

He stared at her, now a bit self-consciously.  "You're a goddess?"

"A goddess."  She thought about it.  "Do you think it's possible?  All my life, I have been trying to figure out what gave me these powers.  Do goddesses still exist?"

"How could they die?" he asked, gazing at her with a bit more interest.  Her cerulean-blue eyes and wide, white teeth were eye-catchers, but that long, thick red hair was the most beautiful hair he had ever seen.

"I don't know.  I always thought gods and goddesses were mythical."  She stepped forth and touched his shoulders, looked up into the soft brown eyes.  "So, you believe in them, then?"

"Yes, I do.  My brother is half god.  Hercules?  The son of Zeus?"

"Yes, I read about him in Mythology.  You're *his* brother!  That's cool!  I don't suppose you had to work very hard growing up with a brother that strong.  He probably got all the shit jobs, right?"

"I had to work even harder to even compare to him!' he said vehemently.

Zabeth knew she had touched a raw spot, so she dropped it.  "Tell me about the gods.  Zeus, Apollo, Mercury, Gemini.... all those guys."

"I don't know Mercury or Gemini, but I know Zeus and Apollo.  I know Aphrodite, her son Cupid, Artemis, Ares, Adonis....."

"So, who's your favorite?" she asked, rubbing his cheek lightly.  He closed his eyes, so she caressed him again. "Have you made it with any of them?"

He was stumped by her question.  "I have had quarrels with most of them," he answered.

"I mean...have you had *sex* with any of them?" she asked.

"Sex!  I haven't been with a goddess!"

"You want to be?" she asked, taking him by the hands.

He looked her up and down.  "With you?  You're offering yourself to me?"

"Not exactly," she said, smiling.  A leather belt appeared in her hand.  "Let's just do this....*my* way."

He drew in a deep, trembling breath.  "What are you going to do with that?" he asked.

"Do you like sex games, Iphicles?"

He nodded numbly.  "What do you have in mind?"

"First, name your favorite god.  Tell me his or her name?"

"Ares," he said, with an ulterior motive.  If this crazy woman summoned him, Iphicles hoped that Ares, the powerful god of war, would have the good sense to take the belt from this woman and stop the nonsense.  "He's the greatest of the gods."

She snapped her fingers and immediately, another man stood in the room.  Dark and forbidding, his eyes took in his surroundings.  Unconcerned, he studied Iphicles, then Zabeth.

"Ares," she said, with an inviting smile.  "I assume you know Iphicles?"

"Yes, *him* I know.  You I don't." Ares approached her, squinting suspiciously at the belt she wielded.

"Zabeth, my lord.  That's my name.  Of course it's not what my family calls me, but hell.  I can be who I want.  It's *my* party.  I haven't got a clue where my powers came from, but I have the power to bring you and your admirer, the king, from the past, or from wherever."

"Your purpose for bringing me here?" he asked.

"My original purpose was to find out what causes my powers.  Iphicles is under the impression that I'm a goddess."

"Well, yes, that's obvious." Ares said.  "You *are* a goddess."

"And are gods and goddesses popular creatures in this day and time?" she asked.

"How would I know?  I don't live here?  I'm from a million years ago!  At least!  Just look at this stuff!  What are those things hanging from the ceiling?"

"Those are electric lights." she said simply.  "Ares, let's talk about something a little more fun.  You like games?"

"Games?  War games?"

"No, stupid, *sex* games!"

"You dare to call the god of war ‘stupid'?" he bellowed.

She was unbothered by his threatening tone.  "Whatcha gonna do about it, sweets?  You're outta your element here.  I'm god here.  Don't piss me off, okay?"

His eyes shifted to Iphicles.  "You're responsible for this?" he asked him.

"I told her you were the greatest god of all." Iphicles answered.

Ares turned to the woman again.  "What do you want from us?" he asked wearily.

"I like games.  I like to watch men together.  I want you to take him, now." she said.  Then, she curled up comfortably in her favorite chair and waited expectantly.

Ares took three angry steps toward her and yanked the belt out of her hand.  "You want us to perform for you? You're nothing but a perverted bitch!"

"Yes, that's what I am." she agreed.  "Now take him."  As she made herself cozier, a large, purring Siamese cat hopped delicately into her lap and turned his indirect blue eyes toward the two strangers in the room.  "What do you think, Niles?  Do you think I'll have to encourage them a bit more?"

Niles purred louder and rubbed his ears against her palm.

Ares stomped back to Iphicles, who was backing away, hands up in defense.  The war god ignored his objection, slapped his hands out of the way and kissed him with a vengeance.  The two men were almost exactly the same size.  The kiss was forceful, bruising, applied with remarkable skill.  The king was soon overwhelmed, stopped
struggling and submitted to the god's assault.

When they parted, Iphicles looked hungry.  "Is that all you've got?" he challenged.  "You're Ares, god of war, and that's it?"

Ares' eyes glinted with lust.  "You want more?" he said, sounding very dangerous.  "I'll give you more."

Iphicles jumped in alarm at the disappearance of what remained of his clothing.  He tried vainly to cover himself with his hands.  "Ares!  There's a lady present!" he cried.

"I have a little plan for that *lady*." Ares' devious eyes cut across to the redhead who sat stroking the cat.  "She could fit into this situation rather nicely, don't you think?"

Iphicles smiled, too.  "Yes, she could."

"Spank him with the belt!" Zabeth said.  "Beat his ass, Ares!"

Ares raised his eyebrows at the suggestion, and Iphicles found himself bent over the back of the Queen Anne sofa, bare ass high in the air.  He cried out in pain as the belt came down across his cheeks.   "Ow!  Stop it!" he begged.

Ares hit him only once more, not as hard, then stopped to investigate the wealth that was spread out before him.  He dropped the belt and carefully slid a finger into the crease of that muscular ass, found the tight ring and probed into it.  "Yes, this is going to be fun." he said.

Zabeth was on her feet, around the sofa for a better view.   Her eyes showed her excitement.  "You'll need lube," she said.

"I don't need anything." Ares said.  He snapped his fingers and his own leather outfit disappeared.

Her gaze locked on his tremendous penis.  "You'll hurt him if you don't use...."  Then she saw the gleaming substance that covered the hard organ.  He was well prepared.

"You want in on this, Zabeth?" Ares asked, holding his cock like a baseball bat.

Mutely, she nodded.  Slowly, she set the cat on the floor and inched toward the two men.  Her clothing vanished as her soft body flattened against the tall god of war. Her hand cupped the back of his head, brought his mouth down for a long, deep kiss.

Iphicles stood straight and was pulled into the hug, packaging the red-haired goddess between them.  His erection fit perfectly along the crack of her ass, while Ares' pressed into her belly.

The two men combined their strength to lift her between them, each intent on his own goal, a goal which required turning her to face Iphicles.  Wrapping her legs around him, she caught the king by the shoulders and kissed him as his impressive erection penetrated her flesh.  She cried out in pleasure as he entered into her, and again in pain
when Ares thrust into her from behind.  There was no mercy.  Both men began an alternate rhythm that soon had her babbling with blatant passion, with mindless desire.

Iphicles kissed her nipple, then sucked it into his mouth, bit it gently.  Ares, not so gentle, reached around to pinch the other nipple, twisted it, kneaded it between his fingers.  Her face contorted wildly in an explosive orgasm.  Since she was not mortal, the pleasure was not momentary, but infinite.

Iphicles groaned as he shot his semen deep inside her, and for him, the fun was over.  He staggered aside to watch as Ares bent the woman over the sofa and pounded repeatedly against her ass.  The god of war roared when his godly seed erupted, filled her bowels with molten nectar.

When he backed away, Ares was shaken by the experience.  She turned to face him, smiling seductively and he reached to touch her face.  "Zabeth, tell me I can come see you again!" he said hoarsely.

"You're welcome any time, both of you." she said.  "But we're not finished.  You haven't done Iphicles yet."

Ares smiled, happy to oblige her.  He beckoned the king, who looked exhausted, but who readily bent himself over the sofa again.  "Lucky for all, I'm a god.  No matter how old I get, I still have the resilience of a teen-ager." Ares said.  Then, with care, he parted Iphicles' cheeks and pushed a renewed erection into him.

The king moaned but did not object as Ares began to pump.

"Does it hurt, Iphicles?" Zabeth asked, and knelt beneath him.  She took hold of his nipples and gave them a cruel pinch.

"Yes, it hurts!" he said, out of breath.

"Good." she said, then caught a nipple in her teeth, bit it hard.

Ares, not as cruel as the woman, slowed his rhythm, gentled his performance.  The effect was intense.  Iphicles leaned back to take him deeper, reached for Zabeth's head and kissed her savagely.  Then, he pushed her face downward until her mouth grazed his second erection.

Without a pause, she took the pulsing organ into her mouth and sucked it.  It took all of thirty seconds to send the king of Corinth over the edge.  He came violently, held her red head tightly against him and forced her to drink every drop of his cream before he let her go.

When she scrambled from beneath him, saw he was still subject to Ares' pounding, she approached the god of war, fit her body against his back and slid a hand between his legs.  Her fingers tickled his balls, which made him hotter, and when he began to pant, she inserted one long finger into him, found his prostate and massaged it.

Ares could not contain his shouts as he came.  He could not remember ever having an orgasm of this caliber, not even with Aphrodite.  He would definitely return to see Zabeth.

She stepped back and viewed them, yawned at their weariness.  "Okay.  I'm done with you for now." she said, and with a snap, Iphicles and Ares were gone.

"Okay, Niles," she said as she headed for the bathtub for a nice sudsy bath.  "It's just you and me, now.  Let's get some more of those great jellybeans Aunt Hera sends me every Christmas and soak a while."

The End