Love Workshop
By Sunraven
By the Gods, but the stress was getting to me!

Let me backtrack a bit, and give a little history so you can see what I mean. A year ago I married both Iphicles, the mortal King of Corinth, and Ares, the Greek God of War. It was a flammable mixture from the start, that's for sure. Both males are extraordinarily territorial-they're definitely macho men to the max. Add to that the jealousies and insecurities that come with a new relationship. Then top it off with the fact that the object of their collective affection, namely me, was a hardheaded and independent half-God who needed a lot of space.

You can see what I mean, can't you?

For the icing on the cake, add a country to run and protect, an extra-universe God of Love who loved me and kept trying to tempt me back into his bed, a psychotic Goddess mother-in-law, a brother-in-law who hated his half-brother Ares, a whole slew of Godly relatives who can't help but cause trouble, and there you have it.

Welcome to the Life of Hellana Hermesdaughter.

Actually, there are a lot of wonderful things in my life as well. There's my and Iphicles' son Hermacles, who was born only three months ago. With his bright dark eyes and auburn hair so like his father's, and his smile like mine. I love him so much I could just burst with it. And I adore sharing the cool evenings with my two lovers, when Ares is around, that is. His job keeps him away a lot, which is probably why I haven't killed the both of them yet. And watching our kingdom grow and prosper because we made it so. Yes, there are lovely things as well.

Where was I? Sorry, my mind always wanders when I think of my husbands. Sometimes it wanders between my legs, and sometimes it wanders to feed my fury.

The problem? Well, Ares wants Iphicles in a sexual way, and Iphicles is kind of straight-laced. He's a mortal, and was brought up by the same woman who raised Hercules. Now do you get the picture? Only there is one other problem to add to this.

Iphicles wants Ares as well, only he won't acknowledge it to himself.

The sexual tension between the two of them is getting way out of control, and since Iphicles still won't give in to it, all Tartarus is starting to break loose. Ares has been deliberately taunting Iphy by doing things like undressing slowly and erotically in front of us both, and playing with himself in front of my King. Just the usual God of War love-games. When we're in bed together, Ares always manages to "accidentally" touch Iphy in strategic areas that has the King of Corinth spitting with outrage and swelling like he has a balloon in his cock. And Iphy only blushes and tries desperately to ignore his own and his brother-husband's lust.

I'm getting rather desperate, and finally I had to leave the two of them for a few minutes to walk in the Corinthian Gardens and calm my anger. I sat on the bench under my favorite statue of my Aunt Aphrodite, and moped.

What am I going to do with them? If this keeps up much longer, it's going to tear the three of us apart! I don't want to lose either of them.

A swirl of pink lights interrupted my depressed thoughts. The pink always heralded the coming of Ares, the God of Love from the other universe.

"Ares, what are you doing here? I want to be alone."

"Do you want me to leave?"

He looked hurt at my rudeness, and I melted. I did care for him a great deal, and didn't want to hurt him. I patted the bench next to me. I knew better than to join him on his Love Couch. That gaudy red velvet thing was deadly!

He joined me, putting his arm around me tightly.

"Are those two idiots bugging you again?"

I snuggled into his embrace. "I'm not sure if we're going to get through this, Ares. My Ares is absolutely determined to have Iphicles as a lover, and Iphicles seems just as determined to stay away from him. I haven't seen Ares this determined to have someone since he was bugging me for the twelve years before he finally got me. It's uncanny."

Ares looked at me sadly. "Have you ever thought that Ares has fallen in love with Iphicles?"

I stared into his brown eyes. "In love? With Iphicles? Ares?"

He smiled. "Stranger things have happened. Like me falling for you like I did. Unrequited love isn't usually my thing, you know. It's entirely too frustrating."

I touched his handsome face. "I wish things could be different. I never wanted to hurt you."

He took my hand and kissed it. "I know. That's one of the reasons I love you so much. You wouldn't hurt me for the world. I just met you a little too late." He sighed. "Love really sucks some times, doesn't it?"

"You sound just like Aphrodite. She's always saying that whenever she has a fight with Hephestus."

He licked his lips. Hephestus, the God of Fire was a favorite of Ares GOL.

"Ares, do you really think that Ares loves Iphicles?"

He nodded. "I've been checking on you all occasionally. After all, I was partially responsible for the three of you getting married. I'm afraid that's what has happened. Trust me on this, after all love is my business, and I know it when I see it."

"But... It's just that Ares isn't the type to even love one person, let alone two. I was shocked to death when I realized that he really loved me. I mean, there isn't much room for love in a God of War!"

Ares gave a delicate shiver. "Tell me about it. That maniac Cupid uses people like they're toys. And breaks them like toys as well. Ares is mellow compared to him." He looked intently at me. "But I'm not surprised he fell for you when he finally did fall. Something about you cuts through the boredom that affects all of us, Helly. Why do you think that so many of the Gods on this side can't help but come visiting now that you're settled in Corinth? They feel it too. And trust me, they aren't coming for the pleasure of visiting Ares. And you've brought out things in me that I never thought I was capable of." Now he grinned. "Tartarus, you've even made me feel brave!"

I kissed him on the cheek. "Courage isn't running into battle with no fear, Ares. That's stupidity. Real courage is overcoming your fears and doing what needs to be done. And you have plenty of that, as well as a heart of gold."

A tear came to his eye, and he grabbed me then and kissed the Tartarus out of me.

When I finally and rather reluctantly pulled my lips away from him, I cleared my throat and said, "My. What was that for?"

"It's the only way I know how to thank you for that compliment." He reached down and straightened his now very pinched erection, and breathed a sigh of relief. "There, that's better. Willy got a little snug and bent in there."

I giggled. "I guess it's tough on Willy that he's hung like a horse, eh?"

He reached for me again, saying, "It's a shame to waste it."

I discouraged him from this pursuit, and we finally continued our chat.

"Have you talked with them about the problem, Helly? Maybe if you brought it out in the open, things would be able to clear up."

"I've talked with them individually. If you can call it that. Iphicles just snaps that there isn't a problem, and he can handle Ares. Ares smirks and says Iphicles will give in to him sooner or later, then we'll be back to normal." I sighed. "They're both so damned hardheaded!"

"Maybe you should confront them together about it. That might force the issue to air. Show Ares his feelings for Iphicles, and vice versa."

"Gods, I guess I'd better. But what if that doesn't work, Ares? I don't want to lose either of them, and I won't choose between them!"

He patted my shoulder. "There, there. If that doesn't work, then you can make them come to the couple's seminar that Dite and her son Lust are having for the Gods to help them with their dysfunctional relationships."

I almost broke out laughing. file://Couples Seminar? By the Gods!// But I stayed quiet in order not to hurt him. "Who's going to be there?"

He started counting on his fingers. "Well, Hades and Persephone, Cupid and Psyche, your Hephy and me,..."

"What? You and Hephy, Ares? A couple?"

The God of Love actually blushed. "Actually a triple, really. He, Dite, and me got together after you were married."

"Why didn't I hear of this before?"

He grinned. "You've been a little busy making babies and having honeymoons and running kingdoms, you know."

"So you finally got him into your bed. Congratulations. He's a real love."

"Yes he is, though a bit territorial. That's what we'll be working on. You can't really be territorial with two Gods of Love."

I got up then. "Well, I guess I'd better go talk to those two before they tear the palace down. I'll let you know about the workshop, okay? And thanks for coming, Ares. You always seem to cheer me up when I'm troubled."

"I could cheer you up even more if you just let me, you know."

"I know, I know. Don't tempt me more than you already have. Bye, Ares."

When I walked into the Royal Bedchamber, Ares was stark naked, lying on our bed, with his erection standing like a flagpole above him. He was stroking it with one finger, and leering at Iphy. Iphy was over by his writing desk standing ramrod straight, a wine goblet in his hand, and supposedly reading something. But I could tell as soon as I came in that he was fighting his body's excitement at Ares' antics.

"Hey. What are you two doing?"

Ares smirked. "I'm trying to talk the King into coming to bed. But I'm not having much luck."

Despite the smirk, Ares eyes bore the real message of his feelings. Hurt that Iphy was rejecting him was the strongest. And as a result of the hurt, anger was there and ready to erupt. That was how the God of War always responded to hurt or pain.

My King, on the other hand, was furious! His tanned face was red with it, and the brown eyes glittered dangerously as he watched Ares torment him.

I walked up to him and said, "You've had a busy day, love. Aren't you tired?"

"I wasn't going to go to bed with only him lying there waving that damn polecock at me!" He growled.

I took a sharp breath. Now was the time.

"Iphicles, Ares, we need to talk."

"About what? Let's make love instead." That came from Ares, of course.

I went and sat on the bed, patting it so Iphy would come and sit down as well. He did, and I turned to face both of them.

"We need to talk about what's happening between the two of you."

Two sets of innocent and puzzled brown eyes looked at me and they both said, "What's happening between us?" Or the equivalent clueless response.

"Damnit, you two... men, you!" I shouted. Forcing myself to calm, I continued. "The way you're behaving is tearing me apart, no, it's tearing us all apart. Ares, you have got to stop coming on to Iphicles! He isn't comfortable with your feelings towards him. He was raised as a mortal, and that should explain it to you. He's not used to the idea of a man loving him."

Anger shot through Ares' face abruptly. "I only want him, Hellana, I don't love him! Don't be crazy."

I locked eyes with the God of War. "No, you've fallen in love with him. Just like you did with me. You just want to pretend it's all lust so you won't risk getting hurt."

I turned to Iphicles. "And you want Ares, Iphicles, and you are falling for him too. Why don't you two just admit it, and give in to what you feel?"

Well, that did it. All Tartarus broke loose then. Ares got so mad that he jumped off the bed and his eyes turned red.

"I complimented this damn idiot by offering to share my body with him, and he has the balls to complain about it? Love him? I could squash him where he stands!"

Iphicles jumped up as well, faced down Ares, and shouted just as loudly, "You damned conceited jackass! Take that permanent hard-on and use one of your stupid War Leaders to get your rocks off! Or one of your temple slaves. I'm not your property, and you had better not lay your bloody hands or prick on me or I'll kill you, God or not!"

I had had enough! I used The Voice on them, which I'd inherited from my father Hermes. "Shut up, you two frigging idiots!" I got up from the bed, stalked over to them, and continued in a more normal voice, "This has gone too far. If you won't talk truthfully about it here, then we have no choice. We'll have to get help. Dite and Lust are holding a couples'seminar in a few weeks to help the Gods iron out their relationship problems. I'm going to sign us up for it." Despite my anger, tears came to my eyes. They were in so much pain!

"No way I'm going to no stupid workshop!"

"No way you'll get me into a workshop on love!"

I caught Ares' eyes. "Ares, do you still love me?"

"Yes, you know damned well I do!" He growled at me. He was really pissed by now.

"Iphicles, do you?"

"Damnit, you know I do, Hellana! I'd die for you and our son."

"Then I'm assuming that you both want to stay married to me?"

They nodded.

"Then I ask, no, I beg of you both, please go with me to this workshop. We've reached a point where we can't do anything else ourselves, and I don't want to lose either of you. Please." Now the cursed tears really fell.

Ares' anger melted away with my tears. He came up to me, wiped the tears away with his thumbs, and said gently, "You'll never lose me, Hellfire. I promised you that, and I meant it. Please don't cry." He picked me up and hugged me to him tightly. "If going to this workshop will make you happy, then I'll go, though I think it's stupid!"

I caught his hand, and caught Iphy's hand as well. I brought them to my cheeks, then said, "I love you both so much! But we need help to work this out. Please, Iphy?"

Finally he reluctantly agreed to go with us to the couples workshop. And we finally were able to go to bed and kiss and make up, thank the Gods.

Unfortunately, even our lovemaking was becoming strained. It had taken Iphicles a while before he would even love me in front of Ares. He finally gave in and got used to it, but he still wasn't overly comfortable with it. Now all that reticence had come back, tenfold.

He was kissing me, his lovely full lips covering mine, and our tongues were doing the dance of love. I could feel myself get hotter and wetter, and my legs opened wider in response. Then I felt a shock as Ares shaggy hair touched my thighs, and gasped into Iphy's mouth when the God of War's tongue touched my most sensitive spots down there.

Ares' wicked tongue was causing fire to shoot up my nerves, and I grabbed Iphicles' hard cock and started running my fingernails lightly up and down it. He groaned with the feelings I was bringing out, and started kneading my breasts roughly. The combined feelings on breasts and down below caused me to explode into orgasm, and I shrieked with pleasure, clamping Ares' head to me with my legs.

He finally got his head out of the vise and grinned at me over my belly. Then Iphy, deciding that Ares was taking all of the credit for my pleasure, got up and pushed Ares out from between my legs.

"Move it, War God. I want to make love to my wife!"

Ares, surprisingly enough, let himself be pushed out of the way, but he had a gleam in his eye that I didn't particularly care for at all. But when Iphy's cock thrust inside of me, I was too busy to keep an eye on my other husband.

You would think that I'd learn, wouldn't you?

I was starting to rise to peaking again, my eyes closed to better feel the sensations Iphicles was causing, when without warning he tore out of me with a scream of rage. By the time I had gotten my wits together and my eyes open, my King was on the floor on top of Ares throttling his neck and banging his head against the stone floor. He was screaming at him like a baihne-sidhe (banshee) at the same time.

The King's guards started banging determinedly on the door, and I knew I had to get rid of them first and foremost.

Don't look at me like that. It wasn't like Iphicles could really hurt Ares, or anything.

I hurriedly calmed the guards, then ran back to where Ares was beginning to get mad and even more turned on as well. Violence always had that effect on him. To tell you the truth, seeing Iphicles with his naked backside in the air straddling Ares' erect body caused a potent surge of arousal to run through me as well. They looked just luscious!

Fortunately my brain soon caught up with my hormones, and I threw myself on top of Iphicles, ripped his hands from Ares' throat, and then sprung backwards and lifted him off of the God of War. I threw him on the bed, then dropped down by Ares' side.

"Are you okay, Ares?" His handsome neck was healing at God-rate, and the red rage started dying out of his eyes. But not the lust.

He grabbed me and pulled me on top of him. "I'm fine, now!" Then he kissed me, biting my lips in his angry need of satiation.

I pulled away and pushed myself up off of the floor. "No, Ares, not now, please." I got up and turned towards the King of Corinth.

"What in all the seventh hells of Tartarus was that all about?" To tell you the truth, I had never seen Iphy as angry as he'd been.

"That f__cking God of War tried to stick his Gods-be-damned cock in my ass is what it was all about!" He glared at Ares, who hadn't bothered getting up off the floor. "While I made love to you! I wish I had killed him!"

That really pissed me off. I looked at him and said quietly with deadly force, "If you had killed him, Iphicles, you would have killed my love for you as well." Then I looked down at Ares. "The same goes for you, Ares. You had no right to try that with Iphicles! Not after he's let you know how he feels about stuff like that."

I was suddenly and overwhelmingly tired. "Ares, would you mind leaving us now? I don't think I want to deal with any more of your games tonight."

That got him off his butt. "That's not fair for you to stay with him, Hellana! I want you!"

"I'm not going to stay with him either. I'm going to sleep in the Queen's chamber tonight. I don't want to deal with either of you any more tonight."

And I turned around and walked out the door and past the startled guards to the usually unused Queen's Chamber. If the two of them killed each other after I left, then I'd worry about it tomorrow.


I avoided making love to both husbands for the two weeks before the workshop. I know, I know. It was mean. Iphicles didn't have any other sexual outlet other than his hand, and me not letting him love me was cruel. Even though Ares could get physical release from his followers and priestesses, he couldn't get the emotional release he needed so badly from anyone else but me.

Well, too damn bad for both of them. After that abortive lovemaking I had realized just how badly this situation had eroded. And abstinence would give me more physical and emotional power over the two men. Then I would have a better chance of getting them to the Love Workshop. So that's why I did it.

The day of the workshop dawned bright and sunny. I woke up in my cold and lonely bed in the Queen's Chamber and did my morning ablutions. Then I went over to the King's Chamber and knocked on the door.

Iphicles came to the door to open it. He'd never been much for servants hanging around his private chambers. When he saw it was me, his face lit up. Of course I experienced massive wifely guilt at denying him my body for so long, as well as my own body surging with need of him.

I smiled. "Hi."

He stood aside so I could come in, just looking at me warily. The hurt he had felt at my rejection of him showed in his reticence to take me into his arms like he usually did.

So I came to him, and drew him into my arms. "Iphicles, my King, I'm so sorry I've pushed you away these last few weeks. But I needed to think, to decide what I was going to do at the workshop, which starts today, by the way."

"Damn! I forgot about that workshop. Hellana, uh, I can't go with you to that. I've got way too much on my plate to leave right now."

I pulled away from him abruptly and turned away. "Then I guess what becomes of us just isn't important enough to you, Iphicles."

"We're married, Hellana. Which means we're together for the rest of our lives. And we love each other. We'll work it out. Even if it means dumping that stupid God of War." His resentment and jealousy of Ares showed on his face. And something else as well. The something that he'd never admit to himself until he was forced to it, I now realized.

I swung around in a warrior's pivot, causing him to step back in startlement. "What makes you think I'd even want to stay with you without Ares?"

I know, I know, that was a really cruel thing to say. But it was his narrow-mindedness that had gotten us into this in the first place. You couldn't be a prude around the Greek Gods. You had to be flexible, or they'd break you. I'd learned that a long time ago.

He got really angry then, and I could see his fear of losing me underneath the anger. He was really more similar to Ares than I'd realized. Great. Two hard-headed autocratic warrior types.

"You'd leave me over this? Over me not going to this stupid workshop?"

"Not over just the workshop, no. Over your refusal to look past your narrow mortal upbringing to see what you are doing to the three of us. Iphicles, we're married to a God. They don't follow mortal rules, and they aren't limited by mortal prejudices. They couldn't be, since they live forever."

"But you aren't one of them! You were raised just like me."

"Yes, I am one of them. And so is Hercules. Only he uses his God-given powers, yet denies where he got them. I don't. To deny half of what I am is to reject an important part of myself, and I won't do that. My powers for healing, cooking, and herbology are very much parts of who I am. And as nasty as he can be at times, I still love my cranky father Hermes. I don't expect much from him, but I still love him. Like I still love Ares."

"But it's him who's caused this between us, Hellana! He's been doing stuff to me that no man should have to take from any other man.

I looked at him sadly. At his handsome, sweet, totally clueless face. "Iphy, Ares has fallen in love with you. That's why he keeps coming on to you. He's seen the goodness and bravery in your heart, and has come to love it and value it as much as I do. But he's not used to loving anyone. I really threw a wrench in his usual War God style when he fell so hard for me. And now he's offered you his body because he's afraid to offer you his heart openly."

He barked in mean laughter. "Afraid? Ares? Of what? He could turn me into ash with a look. He just wants to possess me like he possesses everything that catches his attention. Like I'm some new Gods-be-damned toy, or something."

I studied his face, looking for falseness in what he was saying. There was none. He really believed what he was saying. He'd been listening to Herc for too long to look beyond the surface of Ares into what he truly was inside.

"Is that what you think I am to him? One of his toys?" I asked quietly.

"Well if the shoe fits..." He actually snarled when he said it.

I got really mad then, I mean, totally ballistic. I swung my fist around with God-speed and punched the King of Corinth full on his beautiful, stubborn face. The punch knocked him a bit loopy, and I was then able to push on him and knock him to the floor. Then I jumped down, straddled him, and snarled, "I am no man's toy, Iphicles! You're out of your mortal mind if you think that."

"Go ahead, use your half-God strength against me! Why not beat up the poor full mortal since he's so weak compared to you." The snarl was still in his voice when he said this. But I was too shocked to hear it. The words hurt me like a blow to my breasts, totally flooring me.

"By the Gods, is that what you think of me, and of yourself?"

He sneered. "Well what else am I to you, except a father for your children by that damned God? I know it, Hellana. I was a convenience so you could marry Ares. I had thought that we'd gotten beyond that. But your words just told me the truth."

"Oh, Iphicles! How can you be so blind?" Then I got off of him and sat there on the floor just looking at him sadly. "Being with both of you has become more important that life itself to me. Both of you! You are so good, so kind and patient with me and my weird relatives. I'm sorry I said what I did. If I was forced to leave you, my heart would never be whole again. Please believe that."

"You do love me as much as Ares?"

I looked down at my shoes and thought for a minute. "I love you more than him, I think. You are the stability I need to feel loved and happy. He's the added fire and the sweet passion, my child-God who needs me to be a whole person. I love him dearly. But you, my King, you I love and need desperately, both. Something I never thought I would ever say to a man."

My eyes moved up to meet his, and the truth of his feelings for me shone in his brown ones. "I've been trying so hard to win your love from him, and all the time I had it?"

"Yes. Not from him, though. I love both of you. And he loves you now, too. He's seen what I saw in you from the first. But he's afraid to show his feelings except by desiring you. He's been rejected so much in his long life that he doesn't feel lovable by anyone. When I came to love him, that helped him a bit. But he thinks it's a fluke. He's hoping to win your heart by giving you his body, and his skill as a lover."

"But he's a man!"

"That he definitely is. Every inch of him is all man. But you can't tell me you didn't respond to him, Iphy. You fought it, but you definitely wanted him right back. I know what you look like when you're aroused, and you have been, several times now. It's not wrong to want a man. That's mortal prejudice."

He chose to ignore that comment for now. Instead he opened his arms and said, "Friends?"

"Oh, Iphicles!" I moved into his arms and he kissed me like he hadn't been with me for months, instead of weeks.

"By Aphrodite's holy pussy, Hellana, I want you now!" He reached up and around my backside, I was lying on him by then, and pushed it down so I could feel the rub of his excitement against me.

"Then take me, my love." He kissed me again, then rolled over so that he was on top of me. He pulled up my dress and my legs fell open for him in welcome, almost by themselves. He fumbled with his lacings, cursing when they decided to be stubborn. I took hold of both ends of his trousers and pulled, and the tough silk lacings broke at every hole. I reached in and pulled out his erection and grinned.

"Sometimes having the strength of a God comes in handy."

The grin turned into a groan as he entered me impatiently. He thrust deep into my womb, claiming me as his own, then pulled almost completely out of me. I reached up and around to his backside and pushed him back inside of me so insistently that he chuckled. Then he thrust into me again, groaning at the pleasure that we'd missed for so long. It only took three more thrusts and he came, spilling his warm seed into and onto my body. But he didn't stop there. He lifted himself off of me and moved down so that his head was between my legs. He spread my legs wide then started licking his own seed off of and out of my body. When his tongue finally came to my clitoris I yelled, and pushed his head closer to my point of desire. It was like my whole of existence was focused in that tiny bit of flesh, and he started circling his tongue around it, never quite touching it.

"Please, Iphy."

He ignored my plea for a few seconds, then went for the gold. And boy did he get it! So much so that the guards were knocking on the door again to make sure everything was all right.

"S'okay! Go away!" My King yelled as he moved inside me again. This time my orgasm came right away, and he lasted several minutes longer before he groaned his release. Then he moved out of me and to my side, panting.

I snuggled into his arms, and he held me tightly to him.

"Will you go to the workshop with me, Iphicles?" I whispered into his neck, fearing the answer, yet having to ask.

"I don't know if I can. I think you've just killed me. Can dead people go to a workshop on love?"

Sensing his capitulation, I smiled. "Hades and Persie are going. He's as dead as they come, I think."

He got up then, groaning a bit, and helped me up. "I think I'm getting too old to make love on the floor."

I stroked his still half-hard organ and smiled. "You couldn't tell it by me."

The smile left his face and he just looked at me. "What do you expect me to get out of this workshop?"

"Having Lust, Dite, and the other Ares there will bring a lot of power into the place. It should help us, even our Ares, overcome our inhibitions about finding out what we want in our marriage."

He snorted then. "Our Ares doesn't have any inhibitions, that I've seen."

I could feel my happiness surge at his words. file://Our Ares?// "Oh, he does have blocks, Iphy. You have the blocks from your upbringing and from Herc's issues. I have blocks of my own. But Ares has a block about his own lovability that would crack the world if it ever fell on it. Sex means little or nothing to him. He can have sex anywhere, any time, yet give nothing of himself with it. But love on top of sex means an almost impossible goal to him. That's why he's still so jealous of me. Because deep inside himself he can't believe that I could really love him. With all that God of Love power around, I'm hoping I can convince him that we do love him."

"There you go again. 'We' love him? I'm not sure how I feel about him."

"I know. I'm hoping you'll be able to see through to that as well."

"Okay, if it'll make you happy, wife, I'll go. Hadn't you'd best be getting Ares if he's going to take us there soon? You did say that it started today, didn't you?"

I turned around and spoke in my God-voice. "Ares. God of War, come to me, please."

To punish me for my coldness, he waited a while to come to us. But he finally did show up, looking at a now-cleaned-up Iphicles and me neutrally.

"I'm here. What do you want?"

I came up to him. "You. Today's the day of the workshop. We need to go there now."

He looked down at me, his eyes glittering in irritation. "I don't want to go." He sounded just like a pouting child.

"You promised me, Ares."

He shrugged. "So. I promise things a lot. So what? I also break promises a lot."

"Not to me, you never have. Please, Ares? We need you with us there too. It's all of us, or none of us."

Ares looked up from me to Iphicles. "She talked you into this?"

He nodded. "I think it would do us all good to go. It sounds harmless enough. Come with us, Ares." He didn't ask, he told the War God.

Now surprise showed on Ares' Godly face. "You actually want me to do something with the two of you?"

Iphicles touched the sword earring on his right ear, the one Ares had given him at our wedding. He reached out and took Ares' hand that held the ring he'd given the God. "We're in this together, guy, not alone. It wouldn't do Hellana and I any good to go without you. You're a part of us, and even a stubborn mortal like me has to admit that."

Ares nodded, then moved closer to us so that he could touch us for teleportation. "You have the coordinates, Hellfire?"

I gave them to him, and Corinth disappeared from around us.

When we reappeared again, my mouth fell open as I gazed in shock on our new surroundings.

"By the Gods, the whole place looks like Ares' Love Couch!" I exclaimed, not believing my eyes.

Dite moved up to us then, a proud smile on her face.

"Welcome, welcome, to the Renewing Intimacies Workshop." She waved at the décor. "Doesn't it just rock? Ares and I designed it!"


The workshop room, which was really one of Dite's temples, was a sea of red velvets and pinks. Crimson velvet curtains tied back by pink silk cord covered each window. Scattered strategically around the room were red velvet couches, just large enough for two or three people. Convenient, that. Pink carpeting as thick as sheep fleece blanketed the floor, and red hearts predominated in it.

Dite was really a very simple lady, and she looked at us expectantly for compliments.

I smiled and kissed her cheek fondly. "It's really hot, dear. Just the kind of place for people thinking about love."

"What about you two? What do you think of it?"

I glared at the two men until they got the message to not hurt her feelings.

Iphy said, "Uh, it suits you, Aphrodite, and the topic of the workshop."

Ares, who wasn't used to not speaking what was in his mind, equivocated a bit, but finally came out with a compliment that pleased his sister.

She took us over to a place where benches had been laid out and tables with refreshments. "Hades and Persephone will be here soon, and Hephy and Ares too. Cupie and Psyche are over there in the corner smooching already."

Sure enough, they were. I watched for a second, then snorted. "They don't look like they need any help."

"I know. I think they came just to get away from the kids for awhile."

"Where's Lust?"

"Oh, he's off diddling some mortal from some old KSA computer list somewhere. Apparently she evoked him pretty powerfully, and he couldn't resist. He'll be back when he's done."

Right then, two Gods teleported in. It was Hades and Persephone. They came over to us, smiling.

"Well, I see that your wife made you come to this thing too, Nephew."

Ares bared his teeth at his Uncle. "It was my own decision, Hades. No one makes me do anything I don't choose to do."

He gave Ares a skeptical look. "That's what we all say, kid, that's what we all say."

Hades smiled and kissed me on the cheek. "Good to see ya, Hellana."

"You too, Hades, Persephone."

Dite turned, looked around her, then said, "We've got two other participants coming..."

Right then we saw God-sparkle, indicating that a God was teleporting in. Thinking it was Ares GOL and Heph, I turned towards it with a smile of greeting. Then my smile dropped into open-mouthed astonishment. For the Gods that appeared weren't my friends.

The first and obviously dominant one looked just like Dite's son Cupid. Only he had black wings, was dressed completely in black leather, was bristling with weapons, and had an absolutely nasty expression that marred his handsome face. The God that stood behind him looked just like Deimos. Only he wore gold instead of black.

Right after they teleported in, pink lights heralded the coming of Ares and Heph. When the God of Love saw the Cupid look-alike, he gasped, then squared his shoulders and came over to him. But I could tell he was scared to death of the newcomer.

"Uh, Cupid, you didn't mention that you wanted to come to this workshop."

The being growled, put his hand on one of his swords, and pulled the Daimos look-alike forward. "I have something we want to work on."

Ares introduced these strange, yet familiar Gods. "Everyone, this is Seinos, the God of the sun from my universe, and Cupid, the God of War."

By now our Cupid and Psyche had come to stare in fascination at Cupid's negative image. That worthy was beginning to get annoyed with all the Gods staring at him.

"What are you fishheads staring at? Ain't you never seen a God of War before?"

Both Iphy and I turned to look at Ares GOW. He caught the look, and the expectations from us, and sauntered forward. As he walked his God sword appeared on his hip. Prudent of him, I thought. I'd want a sword in my hand as well if I was facing that extremely angry young man.

"Since I've been the God of War in this universe since about a thousand years before you were born, Cupid, I'd say that they all have seen one before. But not one like you. You're unique. And I, for one, am glad you're here. It's nice to know that War won't be completely outnumbered among all of these love Gods." Ares then turned to his sister. "You know, sis, things could get quite confusing with the similar names. How about calling this Cupid just "War", and that Ares, he glared at Ares GOL, just "Slut," sorry, I mean "Love," how's that?" Ares really didn't like Ares GOL at all.

Dite scolded him, "Behave, Ar. But that sounds smart. That way we won't get anyone confused. So, why don't you all take your couches?"

We did, and after we were all seated Dite's son Lust appeared as though summoned. He looked a lot like Cupid GOL, except he didn't have wings and he did have the supposedly largest male organ of all the Gods. He appeared in front of us stark naked, with an erection that was about the length of a hay wagon.

"Hi, Mom, everyone. Sorry I'm late."

I stared at his penis, completely mesmerized. I'd never seen one so big. It was almost scary. I stared, totally oblivious of the conversation around me until Ares GOW elbowed me hard in the side.

"Hellana, keep your mind on what's going on!" He growled, the jealousy strong in his voice.

I pulled my eyes away from Lust finally and blushed. "Sorry, he startled me was all."

My war husband smiled, his knowing bedroom eyes seeing right through me. "He takes some people that way the first time."

I moved closer to his ear. "Have you ever let him, you know?"

"Tartarus, no! D'you think I'd let myself get reamed out by file://that//?"

Iphicles was blushing on the other side of me.

Right then I realized that Dite was talking to all of us. "Now, let's go around the room and introduce ourselves, and tell a little about what we'd like to get out of this workshop."

Both my husbands whispered in each of my ears "No way are we going to tell the truth!"

I smiled and told them to let me handle it.

Persephone went first. "Hi, I'm Persephone, the Goddess of Spring. I'm here to get closer to my husband Hades."

"Hi, I'm Hades, the God of the Underworld. I'm here to try to work on my jealousy of Persie's mother Demeter."

Dite and Lust nodded approvingly. "That a way, Hades. That's the way to be truthful."

Cupid and Psyche said the equivalent of "We're just here because we thought it would be fun, and to get away from the kids."

They came to us then. "I'm Hellana, Queen of Corinth and wife of Ares and Iphicles. I'm here to try to work out a few kinks in our very new marriage."

Iphy spoke up next. "I'm Iph, the King of Corinth. I'm married to Hellana and Ares. We're here to understand each other better." Then he glanced at Ares GOW and blushed.

"I'm Ares, the God of War, and I'm here to understand my own feelings about my marriage partners better. Feelings aren't something a God of War has to deal with very often, and I'm a bit out of practice." Then he shrugged and smiled at us.

I gave both men a look of pride for their honesty. But since War was next, we all turned to see what he would say.

"I'm Cupid, the God of War, and, and," He faltered, and Seinos reached over and squeezed his muscular thigh in support. "I'm here because for the first time I've found someone who really wants to be with me, and I want to learn how to do that without hurting him." When he subsided, he glared at the people staring at him.

Seinos said, "I'm Seinos, and I want to find out how to love my God of War better." The two of them exchanged love-filled glances, and suddenly I realized that it wasn't Cupid who was the dominant one. It was Seinos.

Finally, Ares GOL spoke up. "I'm Ares the God of Love, and I want to learn how to reassure Hephestus here better that I care for him."

Hephy spoke up shyly, "I'm Hephestus, the God of Fire, and I need to learn to be less jealous of Dite and Love, here."

"Well everyone, you've come to the right place! Let's take a little snack break, then we'll get to the first session, "What qualities I want in my lover." Now, boys and girls, mingle, mingle, mingle."

I was standing there eating some grapes while Ares went with Iphy to find the bathroom. Seinos came over to me, an acutely uncomfortable God of War in tow. I smiled at the blue-eyed young man. "Hello Seinos, War."

"You're the half-mortal daughter of Hermes, aren't you?" The Shining One asked.

"That's me."

War spoke up then. "Why did Ares marry /you/? You're a healer, aren't you?"

"Cupid, don't be rude!" Seinos said, blushing.

I put up my hand to stop his protests, sensing that this dark God needed gentleness badly. "No, I don't think Cupid was being rude at all. It's a legitimate question for a God of War." And I smiled at War. He didn't smile back.

I went on then. "Just because Ares is War, doesn't mean that's all he is, Cupid. He's a lot more than a warrior. But I seem to be the only person who can find those other sides of him, to show them to him. He married me because he loves me. But he loves me because I've always seen his true heart."

Ares and Iphy walked up just in time to catch that answer. Taking over the conversation, Ares tried to explain his changed view of what a God of War should be.

"You want to know why War would marry a healer, which is the antithesis of what we do, right?" Cupid nodded curtly. "It's as simple as this. I'm War. That's what I do, and what I am. For two millennia I've thought that War was all I was. I was wrong. And it was Hellana who showed me that I was a lot more than just my job. And even War needs somewhere to lay his head where the ugliness can be washed free for a while." The look he gave me then, so full of love, filled me with joy.

I glanced at War and Seinos, and the two of them were exchanging the exact same glance. They were very much in love, these two.

Just then Dite called us back to the workshop. The couches had been put into small circles and we were supposed to break into groups. The groups weren't supposed to have our lovers in it, if possible. So I was in a group with Ares GOL, Hades, and War. Ares GOW was with Cupid, Lust as moderator, and Hephestus. Iphy was with Dite, Psyche, Persephone, and Seinos.

I looked at the others. We were supposed to list the things we wanted in our lovers. No one looked like they were going to say anything, so I spoke first.

"Let me see. Strength, that is extremely important that my lover be strong inside and outside. Yet I want gentleness as well sometimes. And..."

War sneered. "Strength and gentleness are opposites. You can't have both."

I spoke without thinking then, without considering the unstable personality of the God I was talking with. "You are so wrong, Cupid. True strength comes from inside, not from strength of arms. The strongest Warlord can be the weakest man inside, it doesn't matter how many swords he has. It's only in true internal strength that gentleness can come."

War jumped up in outrage, pulled his God Sword, and shouted, "You're saying I'm weak!" His eyes turned red, and madness filled him. Then he threw himself at me, swinging the sword at my head! I didn't have time to throw myself backwards, or even to evade him, it was so sudden and ferocious an attack. My thought as I watched the sword come at me was that I wouldn't be able to see my son grow up, and an incredible sadness came over me, as well as anger. How dare this maniac take my son's mother from him? I put my hands up in prayer fashion to try to stop the sword, but without much hope of evading the strength of the blow.

The sword that would end my life came about half a foot from my face when another swordblade appeared above me! With a loud clang of overstressed God-metal, it stopped War's swing in midair. Ares GOW stepped in front of me, pushed me behind him with his free hand, and countered War's next blow at the same time!

The deadly swords moved in a dance of light and tortured metal for a few minutes, then Ares did something that was hard to follow, and War's sword flew out of his hands and across the room. Cupid started making a fireball and cocked his arm back to throw it at Ares, and Ares wasn't ready for it.

Iphicles jumped in then, tackling Cupid and knocking him to the ground. The fireball fizzled out, and the King of Corinth started wrestling the God, and starting losing, badly. I knew what I had to do then, if I was going to make sure I still had both husbands by the end of this stupid workshop.

I jumped on Iphy's back and pulled him off of Cupid, throwing him into my other husband's arms. Then I jumped on top of a startled God of War, grabbed his wild blond hair in both hands, and kissed him. Now I'm a pretty good kisser, and I'd certainly had enough experience doing this with my God of War. Startlement and lust overtook the battle rage, and Cupid grasped me tight enough to break bones and started kissing/biting me back.

When we both finally had to breathe, I used all of my strength to push away from the extremely excited God. I looked into those mad hazel eyes, and smiled. "You have just had an example of how gentleness beats out rage, Cupid."

His arms relaxed marginally in his surprise, and I got all the way loose then. I stood up, locked eyes with the young War God still on the floor, and said, "Seinos! Take over here, please."

Then my eyes turned to my husbands, and like iron to magnets, my body flew to them. I got to Iphicles first, and caught him in a lip lock that had Ares GOL licking his lips as he watched. When we finally parted, I looked at his beloved face, and said, "Taking on a mad War God was a very dangerous and not very bright thing to do, my King. Thank you so much."

Next I turned to Ares, and brought both Iphy and myself to him. I put my arms around both of them, then asked my War God, "How in the world did you know?"

He grinned proudly at me. "He's nuts, you know. And knowing your way of going straight into the heart of every God and mortal you talk to, I figured you'd piss him off, sooner or later. I've been watching your group the entire time, my sword ready if he pulled something."

Before I could say thank you, he grabbed me close and kissed me soundly, post-battle lust overtaking him. Once he'd done that, he reached out with one hand and pulled Iphicle's head to him, and kissed the Tartarus out of the blushing King as well. When they finally separated, Ares looked deep into Iphicle's eyes and growled, "You scared the piss out of me when you grabbed him, Iph! Don't do it again!" That was as much of a thank you as Ares could manage.

Iphy squared his jaw, bared his teeth at his marriage-brother, and answered, "I was just saving your ass!"

Dite, recognizing /that/ look in Ares' eyes, sighed and said, "Everyone, let's take a little break, eh? Meet back here in an hour."

Ares waved his hand and took us to his chambers in the Halls of War. We landed on his huge bed without a stitch of clothing on, and proceeded to make passionate, yet still heterosexual, love to each other. With a noticeable difference. This time when Ares touched Iphy, the mortal didn't get mad. In fact, he even returned Ares' kisses a few times. But both Ares and I knew it wasn't good to push too soon.

Later, we continued where we had left off as though there hadn't been a break for lovemaking.

Ares GOL said, "You're right on your discussion of strength, Helly. As you showed all of us, there is just as much strength in Love as in War, but they're very different types of strengths." He looked at the rest of the group. "Anyone else want to speak up about what they want?"

Hades added thoughtfully, "I need my lover to be good company. My job takes me out of circulation, and it can get pretty lonely, which is why I get so jealous of Demeter, I think."

I reached over and patted his hand with a fond smile. "You do have a lonely job, love, and I should know. I was Hades' companion for a year." I told the group. "But have you ever thought that you could become your own companion, just learn to live with yourself and not mind it?"

"Like being alone?"

"Well, not prefer it, but not mind it so much. But you have to learn to like yourself first before that will happen."

Pride flared in him then. "I do like myself, Hellfire!"

I glanced at Ares GOL, and he nodded. So I continued. "On the surface you do, Hades. But inside here," I touched his armored chest. "You hate being the God of the Underworld, despite how suited you are for it, and secretly you think you don't deserve to be happy or fulfilled."

Hades didn't deny it then. He knew that I was right. His insecurities ran very deep in his heart.

"War, tell us what you want in a lover?" Ares GOL asked, looking at a now de-weaponed Cupid.

The War God grinned then, one of the most evil grins I'd ever seen in my life. "Well, a big cock or warm pussy, for one. And strong, so that when I get angry they won't break in two."

I wondered just how many people this young hellion had killed when he let his temper go during lovemaking. But because of what had happened earlier, I decided to not verbalize my thoughts on the matter.


"So, what did you get out of today's workshop?" I was snuggled between Ares and Iphy in the enormous bed that came with the bedchamber Dite had provided us. I had to give my Aunt credit. She didn't have much taste when it came to overall decorating, but boy could that lady set up a love chamber. The main room was dwarfed by an enormous circular bed. It was big enough to fit the entire group at the workshop in it with room to spare.

We had fallen into the bed and made love again. Then we soaked in the spring-fed hot tub, ate the dinner provided to us, and were back in bed snuggling. With the presence of all these Gods of Love, the sexual energy was strong enough to taste. Both Iph and Ares had almost permanent erections, and Iph and I were just resting between bouts. Ares, of course, didn't need any rest.

I was lying with my head on Ares' chest and Iph spooned against me with his arm around both of us. When neither of them responded to my question, I started tickling Ares in his most sensitive spot, two inches above his left hip.

He batted my hand, laughing. "Stop it, you she demon!"

"No! Not until you tell me what you learned today!"

"Okay, Okay, I'll tell! Leave me be, woman!"

I lifted my tickling hands up, and he reached out and pulled both Iph and I closer to him. "I learned that you see too clearly into Gods' souls, and don't know when to keep your beautiful mouth shut." He turned and looked at Iphicles, his heart in his eyes. "And I learned that my marriage-brother cares enough for me to risk his life to save mine."

I rolled over and looked at Iphy. "And what did you learn today, Iphy?"

He looked at me, then looked over at Ares. "I found out that I care enough about you, Ares that I'd risk my life to save yours."

Ares smiled, or actually he leered, and he reached over to run his finger lightly over Iphy's bare shoulder. The King of Corinth shivered at the touch, and Ares said in his sexiest bedroom voice, "And what are we going to do about that?"

"I... I don't know. I've never done, uh, even considered doing it with another man, Ares. I'm not sure I can."

I just watched them quietly. It was up to the two of them now.

Ares sat up on his elbow, reached over, and pulled the blankets down over our legs and feet. "Hellana, move over a bit and let Iph in here, okay?"

I smiled and did as he asked. Ares was the definite expert at coaxing shy lovers, and I would leave Iphy to him. Unless they needed me, of course.

Ares just looked at Iphicles for a long time. His eyes moved from the top of the King's head, down his body where they lingered on his erection, then moved down to his feet.

"Oh, I think you can, Iph. You're ready for me right now. Here, lie back like this, is that comfortable?" Iphy was now lying on his back and looking at Ares. There was fear there, yet there was trust as well.


I whispered as though afraid to break the spell. "Yes?"

"Kiss Iph, would you? One of your special ones, okay?"

I moved on the outer side of Iphicles and he turned his face to me. My lips touched his, and I started running my tongue over his full lips in the way I knew he liked a lot. The kiss deepened and he groaned suddenly. I pulled away finally, my own breath heavy, and saw that Ares was working on Iphy's nipples. He was giving each nipple a combination of gentle teeth, tongue, and sucking. My own nipples tingled as they remembered how it felt to have Ares do that to them.

I went down and took Iphy's hand, and started putting each finger in my mouth and kissing and licking them. By the time I'd done all five, Ares had moved down to the heavy hair at the root of Iphy's cock. He pulled at the hair with his teeth, purposely rubbing his beard hair against Iphicles' oversensitive flesh. The groaning got louder, and Iphy tried to move his cock towards where Ares' lips were pulling on his pubic hair.

Ares came back up and purred, "What do you want me to do?"

Iphicles mumbled something, and Ares said, "Louder. I didn't hear you."

"Suck me. Please."

"Just what I wanted to hear." Ares took Iph's erection in his hands, and used his tongue to lick the moistness from the head. "Mmm, you're ready for me, aren't you?"

"Yes. Just..." What he was going to say was drowned out by his groan when Ares took Iphy's entire cock into his mouth and throat just then.

I was getting wet just watching Ares in full seduction mode. I reached down and started stroking myself, really getting off by watching them.

Ares lips went up and down on the King's shaft, and when he lightly bit the head Iph said, "Gods, I'm gonna blow! Damn!" And he came all over Ares' face and chest. Ares gently rolled the head of the penis in the cum, and licked it off of it.

He came up to Iph's face and kissed him, slowly and leisurely. "I want you to do that to me. Now!"

Iphicles got up and started using his tongue on Ares' lovely body. Seeing that sexy butt in the air was too much for me. I licked my finger, then gently pushed it into his opening. In, out, in, out, as I finger fucked my husband. I felt his prostate below my finger, and I massaged it lightly. By now he had Ares' cock in his mouth, and he groaned and came again, this time on Ares' leg.

Ares groaned at the same time, and said in a voice deepened with passion, "Do you want me in you Iphicles? I won't do it unless you want me to."

"Yes, I do want you. Fuck me, Ares!"

Ares gently moved Iphicles until he was on all fours, and he came up behind him. He pushed the King's legs out even more, and put the head of his prick to Iphy's opening. But before he could push gently inside, Iphicles pushed back with a lot of power and forced Ares' dick into him. They both gasped at the same time, and Ares couldn't hold on any longer. I could see he was trying to be gentle and not to hurt Iphy, but the mating imperative was too strong. He thrust deeply into Iphy until his cock was completely buried, then pulled out and thrust again. Again and again he pumped until finally he released his seed inside Iphicles.

Now was my cue. I went under Iphy and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him until he came again. I milked the white liquid that came out, and licked it off him lightly.

"Iphicles, fuck Ares! Now!" I ordered, and he answered back, "I'm not sure I can without resting!"

Ares turned him around and kissed him thoroughly until he was hard again. "Come on, husband, I want you." Then the God of War got on his hands and knees with his gorgeous backside facing Iphy.

Iphicles didn't need any more encouragement. He pushed himself into Ares and moaned, then started thrusting strongly. Ares moved back against him, and they continued until Iphy found release again. Still inside Ares, Iphicles leaned on him and reached around to grab Ares' erection. He made a fist around it, and started pumping, and Ares exploded a few minutes after that.

The both of them started on me after that, and by the time we were all finished, we were like wet rags.

Iphicles was lying in Ares' arms with me spooned around him later. He was lightly running his hand over Ares' chest, half asleep, when he said quietly, "I had no idea it would be like this." His head came up and he kissed Ares on the chin. "Thank you, Ares."

The two of them exchanged a deep look, then Iphicles said quietly, "I love you." He glanced at me then and smiled. "Both of you. Now I really feel like we're married!"

The utter satisfaction in his voice made me smile. "It was some special honeymoon, wasn't it?"

And we fell asleep in each other's arms.

The End