KSA Fiction:  D-G

A Bad Day
Ares, a Spice Girl, a war. A short challenge response. Comedy. Gen.
Iphicles throws a party and Ares is there.  Slash.
Ares visits you at work.  Uber.  Het.
Goldilocks and the Three Gods
Ares/Iolaus. Comedy.  Slash.
Iphicles wakes up with Ares. Slash.
Returned Favors
Apollo gives Ares a massage. Slash.
Ares watches Hephaestos and Aphrodite.  Het.

Ares Goes Fishing
Ares and Herc "fish."  Comedy.  Slash.
Star Dust
Joxer/Ares.  PWP. Slash.
Still a Dark and Stormy Night
Numerous couplings.  Comedy.  Het, slash.
A Slave's Eye View
A slave watches Ares.  Adventure. Het, slash.

Across a Darkened Room
A servant girl watches Ares and Iphicles.  PWP. Slash.
A Breath of Fresh Air
Iolaus comes across a bound war god.  PWP.  Slash.
Blood is Thicker
Hercules and Iphicles do a little brotherly bonding.  Slash, consensual incest, drunkenness.

Educating Colin  HTLJ/Sliders x-over.  The Sliders team find themselves in an alt universe.  Slash.

The ABC's of R&R
Ares takes a holiday as mortal.  Ongoing.
How Sweet My Dessert
Iphicles teaches Ares a thing or two about dessert. 16k.
It's All in How You Look at It
Iolaus and Iphicles reveal their kinks. Go to View from the Morning After for the epilogue.  Comedy. PWP. 19k.
Rite of Succession
Iphicles and Ares debate a question which will affect the future of the crown of Corinth.
Simply Irresistible
Aphrodite teaches a lesson to the arrogant god of war by placing him under a spell.  Comedy.  Het, slash. 54k.
Song Sung Blue
Ares GOW and Ares GOL, against the advice of the wise Selursera, head out for a night on the town and big trouble.  Comedy.  Implied het, slash.
View from the Morning After
Epilogue to It's All in How You Look at It. Hercules, Iphicles and Iolaus share an uncomfortable breakfast. Comedy.  Slash.  10k.

24 Hours A Day
Response to Thiel's handiman challenge.  Ares/OFC.  Het, PWP. 23k.
Ares in Space
(02/02/01)   Basically 'Ares-the-pirate', comedy/light + adventure, suggesting the basis for a kind of crossover with Andromeda with Ares, Iolaus, Autolycus, Gabrielle and 2 OFCs.   AU.  Het, OFC,  NC-17. 71k.
Bitter Land; Bedroom Suite
(11/12/00)   What if  Illussia were real?  And certain actions had consequences?   Pairings:  The King of Swords, Page of  Swords and others from the 'Bitter Suite' universe/reality.  Note: I have been advised by a tame Tarot expert that the throned male character in BS is/was the King of Swords.  So I'm sticking with that.   Slash, NC-17.
Et in Terra, Pax
Sequel to ‘Pax Vobiscuum’.  Ares/OFC. Het. 19k.
King's Mate
Sequel to Royal Flush.  Iphicles/OFC.  Romance.  Het.  Ongoing.
(01/03/01)   Ares GOL is lonely.   OFC (sort of).   R.  20k.
Pax Vobiscuum
Ares wakes in the present and finds himself confronted with a beautiful woman. Romance. Het, OFC. 28k.
Peace at Last
A Vignette.  Verging on PWP!  An alternative look at the Ares/Eirene relationship, from Ares' POV.
Royal Flush
Iphicles searches for love after the death of Rena. Romance, adventure. Het, slash.
Santa Baby
Response to Sim's Christmas Challenge.  Ares/OFC.  Het, PWP. 20k.
Timor's Story:  The God and the Farmer
(02/02/01)    This story came out of a desire to see Timor get some, plus what does happen to a God who's renounced his Godhood in an (apparently) self-sacrificial act?  Slash.  R.  20k.

(03/10/01)  Ares makes extensive use of the Olympian Archives.  Ares/Muses.  M/f.  10k.
Educational Tours
(01/28/01)  Traveling can be very instructive as Ares finds out.  It isn't quite so beneficial for everyone though.  3-word challenge: Drunk. Disorderly. Tactless.  R for violence.  21k.
Hercules' Tale
(09/24/00)  Hercules decides to set the record straight on certain aspects of his life by telling his own side of things.  AU to a certain degree.   Ares/ Hercules. 107k.
How Do I Love Thee?  
(03/10/01)  Ares makes extensive use of the Olympian Archives.  Ares/Muses.  M/f.  10k.
A Lesson in Seduction 1
A Lesson in Seduction 2
A Lesson in Seduction 3
(01/28/01)   Iphicles teaches a young Hercules the art of seduction and pays the consequences.   N-17, m/m. m/f, incest, underage sex (17).  Iph/Ares, Iph/Herc, Iph/Rena.  Ares/Iolaus implied.   344k.
The Price of Immortality
(09/24/00)   Caesar bargains with Ares for his immortality.   Slash.   22k.
(11/12/00)   One small change can bring about unexpected results, and consequences (Hercules/Ares).   Slash.  PWP.   7k.
Saving Iolaus
(09/24/00)  Hercules sacrifices a great deal in order to save Iolaus' life.   NC-17, semi non-consensual.  Slash.  Slash.  15k.
A Slave Muses
(11/12/00)    A slave muses on his life and his owners.  AU I suppose, though it's more a speculative look at a possible future for some of the characters in the Hercules series (Ares/Hercules).    NC-17.  Slash, het.   60k.
Sons and Fathers
(08/21/00)  A father doesn't always know his children as well as he thinks.  Ares/ Hercules.  PWP. 8k.
Tit For Tat
(01/28/01)  Hercules gets a new Ares. Or does he? Uber fic based on "Yes Virginia, There Is A Hercules."   Gen.   8k.
When War Was Lost
(08/21/00) Ares and Hercules redefine their relationship. AU, pre-slash. 23k.
Writer's Block
(11/12/00)    Ares is challenged by Apollo.   Comedy.   Slash, NC-17.

Ares publicly humiliates Strife. BDSM, n/c.  Slash.
Mission Im/Possible
Erin helps Ares.  Adventure-comedy.  OFC, slash.
The Muse of Distraction
A conversation between Iphicles and Erin.  Gen.
Ares is forced to confront his feelings for Joxer.  Slash. Ongoing.
Settling Differences
Ares GOW/Ares GOL.  Slash.
The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of...
Ares and a lover.  Brief vignette.   Slash.
True Love
Ares and a lover.  Brief.  Slash.
Ares visits YIolaus at the Academy.  Slash.
The Verge
When Hercules interrupts Ares and Strife, the God of War decides his little brother can take Strife's place.  PWP.  NC.  Slash.  15k.
The Wager
Strife watches a competition between Ares/Joxer.  Slash.

Party at Ares'
Ares assembles at group of men and women for a week of sex. Slash, het, f/f.  Ongoing.

Ares and a lover.  Het.

Ares Sends His Love
Ares comes between a husband and wife in the late 20th c.  PWP.  OFC, het.
As High As His Palace
Ares talks about his feelings for Iphicles. Implied m/m.
Hercules, AU Iolaus and Ares resolve differences.  Slash.
Extraordinary Day, With King
Herc and Iphicles flirt as foreplay.  Slash.
Have Yourself An Ares Little Solstice
Ares visits his favorite immortal. OFC, het.
Joxer's Moon
(09/24/00)  Joxer discovers some unexpected aspects of godhood.   Mpreg.  Implicit slash.  20k.
Rough Games
(08/21/00)  Caesar and Hercules in a battle of wills over Iphicles. (3-word challenge: restraint, obsession, desperation).  Implicit slash.  11k.
War God, Love God, All Around the Town
Ares becomes a slave to his AU counterpart.  Comedy.  Slash.
Iolaus watches Herc and a lover.  PWP.  Slash.
Ares appears to Apollo on the beach.  Vignette.  Slash.

Prodigal Son
Iolaus catches Herc with an unusual lover.   Comedy. Slash.
Smoke and Mirrors   
(03/10/01)   Ares confronts Iolaus with some home truths.    Slash.  NC-17. Consensual, semi-consensual.  26k.
Vow of Silence
(11/12/00)   Iolaus' cousin, Orestes, denies satisfaction to an old adversary (Ares/Orestes).  Slash, NC-17, N/C.   20k.

Erotic poetry.  Implicit slash.
Ares visits Hephaestus in his forge.  Drama. Slash.  Ongoing .
Sanctuary: Interlude
Zeus watches Ares and Hephaestus. PWP. Incest.  Slash.
After Dahak and the events in the HtLJ ep "Stranger and Stranger," Hephaestus has to deal with the results of his actions.  Implied slash.  6k.
War's Chosen
Zeus orders Ares do to something for him. Implicit m/f.   Ongoing.  10k.
A day in the life of Ares. Slash.
Worship Me
A worshipper recounts a dream to the wargod.  Bondage. Slash.

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