Ares Sends His Love
By Foxmonkey

I sat at my computer, trying to think.  Damned writer's block!  I was trying to write my first story for the list, and had run into a brick wall.  I growled, massaged my temples.

"Here, let me help you."  Mmm, that low silky whisper in my ear, the soft kiss on my neck.  I smiled.

"Ares!  What a lovely surprise."  It was lovely, but hardly a surprise.  He usually showed up when I was having trouble thinking.

He leaned over my shoulder, giving me a whiff of his warm, spicy scent as he quickly scanned the computer screen.  His eyebrows raised in pleased surprise.

"Very nice.  If I didn't know better, I'd swear you'd been there."

I laughed softly, tingled as he kissed my neck again.  He lightly took a tiny fold of skin between his teeth, gently teased it with his tongue.  My head dropped back a bit and I reached up to grab a handful of his soft, dark curls.  I had a feeling our mutual tease-time would be short tonight.

"Hang on a minute," I whispered.  He read my mind, flicked a finger at the TV in the corner.  It winked to life; the volume was low but loud enough to camoflauge our conversation.  It was late; my husband was asleep in the room next door.  We have a tiny house and it was a quiet night.

Ares stepped around where I could see him.  It had been years since we first met, and my body temperature *still* shot up a few degrees every time I saw him.  He still wore his leather pants and boots - very sexy - but he'd replaced the vest and guantlets with a soft black shirt, the sleeves pushed up to show off hard, sculpted forearms and strong wrists.   The racing stripes were gone, leaving a neatly trimmed beard and moustache to frame his sensual lips.  His dark hair looked slightly wild tonight, waving and curling around that incredible face.

"Hey, beautiful," I smiled.

"Hey beautiful, yourself."  He was always in a relaxed mood when he came to visit me like this.  "I brought you something, just a little snack to replenish your energy."

I grinned.  "Well, I'd hardly call it 'little.' "

"Naughty, naughty!  That comes later.  Here."  He produced a bowl of the biggest, most luscious strawberries I'd seen...since the last bowl he'd brought me.  He loved to watch me eat strawberries, for obvious reasons.  I picked one out of the bowl.  Judging the size, I held it up to his crotch.

"Hmm, this one's just about right."  He smiled, eyed me hungrily.

I looked into his eyes as I began to lick the fruit, holding it stem-end down, licking and lightly sucking it as though it were the head of a penis, which it so greatly resembled.  The head of *his* penis, to be exact.  I teased the strawberry a bit before I finally sank my teeth into it,  He said nothing, but his brown velvet eyes never left my mouth.  He shifted a bit where he'd been leaning against my desk.  I smiled to myself, took another strawberry out of the bowl.

"You know," I said, giving the strawberry a lick and eyeing his crotch,  "You could watch me eat strawberries or we could go play."  I looked up at his face.

The smile he gave me made me wetter than I already was.

"Let's go play," he whispered.

Part 2

Ares transported us not to the large comfortable couch in the living room, but to the king-sized bed in the next room.  The one my husband and I sleep in.  Where my husband was currently sleeping.

My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

*Have you lost your mind!?* I screamed at Ares in my thoughts.

He smiled, and I heard his laughter in my head.  *I thought it might be fun.*

*Fun for you, maybe, but a divorce for me.  Stop this.*

Our eyes locked.  He cupped a hand behind my neck, pulled me to him in long, deep kiss.  His velvet tongue slid over mine and I moaned a little.

*I'm horny, not stupid.  He can't see me.  If what's-his-name wakes up, he'll see you writhing around on the bed apparently having a most enjoyable dream.*

*Ares, this is twisted, even for _us_...*

He silenced me with another kiss.  It's possible to think and kiss at the same time, of course, but not when the lips pressed against yours belong to Ares, god of War.

He shifted, slowly insinuated his knee between my legs.  I unbuttoned his shirt, let my hands wander over his broad chest; his muscles were rock-hard beneath his warm, soft skin.  I flicked his nipples with my fingernails.

Still kissing, I wrapped my arms around his neck.  One of his talented hands had cupped my ass, pulling me hard against him, the other had slipped between my legs.  His fingers dipped into me easily; he began to stroke my clit with his thumb.

*Nice and wet,* he thought.  *Just the way I like it.*

His mouth left mine.  He kissed my chin, kissed my neck, nibbled my throat; he licked my nipples until they stood upright.  His maintained a steady, circular rhythm on my clit as his lips moved down my body.  I closed my eyes.   Trying not to scream as he aroused me, I groaned deep in my throat.

Ares' mouth was as warm and wet as the space between my legs.  His tongue encircled my clit teasingly, then entered my slit.  I had a hand on either side of his head, cradling it gently as he probed my folds.

There was movement beside me as my husband shifted.

"Caught ya," John whispered.

I nearly jumped out of my skin.  Ares looked up and laughed.  His eyes twinkled mischieviously as he lowered his head.  As if to make the situation as difficult as possible for me, he began sucking and tonguing my clit with renewed passion.  I was having a very hard time concentrating on two things at once.

"John!  How long have you been awake?"  The room was dark but the moon's silvery light highlighted my husband's shape clearly.

John gave me a throaty laugh.  "Long enough."  He looked down at my open legs.  "I've never seen you masturbate," he said.  "I like it."  He began to nuzzle my neck, his hands working on the buttons at the neck of my pajamas.

Ares raised his head again, a grin on his face.  *Has he ever seen you in a threesome?* he joked.

*Smart ass.*

John kissed me, his hands searching under my pajamas.  He cupped my breasts, found my nipples hard and ready.  He flicked them softly.   Unseen by my husband, Ares mouth was working incredible magic on my clit.

My fantasy was finally coming true; I was about to have both of my loves at once!

Part 3

So there we were, Ares, my husband and I in one bed, doing what comes naturally.  I was nearly out of my mind with desire by this point.  I wanted someone in me, soon.

"Suck me," John whispered.

I laughed mentally as I playfully squeezed Ares' head between my knees before I rolled over to face my husband.  I kissed and licked John's stomach teasingly.   He smiled as I took his cock into my mouth.  He must have _really_ enjoyed watching me, because he was already fully erect.   I settled on my hands and knees, knowing Ares would re-situate himself at my slit; I growled with pleasure when I felt his mouth on me again.  The god's hands were gripping my hips hard, giving away his own excitement.

John grasped my head firmly, guided my speed.  He grunted as I swallowed him repeatedly; his breath was coming harder, faster.   I was getting a little wild myself from Ares' attentions.

*I'm going to fuck you now,* Ares thought.  His mouth was gone, and I felt him moving.

*Wait,* I thought back.  *Come sit in front of me.*

"You're incredible," my husband whispered.  He shifted on the bed, pulling away from me.  "Time to fuck," he said.

"From behind," I murmured.  John nodded and quickly slid down the bed and knelt behind me, while Ares appeared in front of me, naked now, his legs spread.

I began to kiss the god's thighs and hips, teasing him.  His large cock was erect, and bounced against my cheek.  Without touching the shaft, I nuzzled underneath and took his large pouches in my mouth.  I inhaled his fragrance, the clean, warm essence of him.  I took just the head of his cock in my mouth, rolled my tongue around it slowly.  I lowered my head carefully, taking his entire length in my mouth.  He sighed.

*You know what I like.*

*That's why you're here.*  I raised my eyes to meet his.  I could see him easily in the darkness, and I knew he could see me.  It's hard to smile with a mouthful of cock, but I knew he could see the laughter in my eyes.

Behind me, my husband gripped my hips in both hands and guided his cock into me.  I gasped as he slipped in, began to move.  His cock isn't as thick as Ares' but he certainly knows how to use it.  I neglected Ares for a moment to respond to my husband's thrusts.  Ares was smiling, stroking himself as he watched my husband fuck me.  I grinned, feeling absolutely wicked and loving every moment.

*There's a look I know well,* Ares observed.  *Except the smile on your face is bigger when _I'm_ fucking you.  Although for a mortal, Judd isn't doing too badly.*

I didn't bother to correct him.  *If I put your cock in my mouth will you shut up?*

He grinned.  *Let's find out.*

While John continued long, even strokes, I leaned down to kiss the head of Ares' shaft.

*Mmmmm, I love it,* I thought.  *You have such a gorgeous cock.  So nice and thick.  Nice and big.*

I kissed it again, then licked it, then began to work the thick shaft.  I filled my mouth with Ares' rigid cock, ran my tongue over it slowly, listened to my beautiful lover moan in delight.  I sucked and licked the head, tonguing the tiny slit gently.  I loved the feel of his flesh in my mouth, the smell of him, the taste.

He gasped, grabbed handfuls of my hair and pulled me down hard.  His hips had started to move a little, and he was breathing rapidly.  He wouldn't last much longer.

*Jasper is right; you are _unbelievable._*

I looked up at his face, slid my tongue up and down his cock while I looked into his eyes.  He was looking at me with an expression that I had seen before.  I knew it was love even though he'd probably never say it.  It made me cum immediately.

"Honey, I'm close," John said softly.

"Let me suck you," I whispered.

"Really?"  He was excited.  He'd never cum in my mouth before; the stuff made me gag.  I was making an exception because I wanted to suck his cock while Ares fucked me.

 Ares disappeared, and I felt him settling behind me.  John sat in front of me and leaned back against the headboard.  I knew what to do, all the right places to lick, suck, nibble.  He tasted of me.

Part 4

Behind me, Ares' hips nestled against mine.   His cock probed gently.  I let out a cry of pleasure as he pushed it in slowly, then pulled out, then in a little further, continuing until his entire thickness was lubricated.  I pushed my hips back to meet his, sending his shaft in deeper.   He drove deeply into me with every stroke.

In front of me, John moaned and clutched at my head.  Ares was pounding into me so hard that I didn't even notice that I was swallowing my husband's cum, still sucking his cock as if I could squeeze more out of it.  John groaned, satisfied, and rolled away from me.

"_Fuck_ woman, that was damned good."  He lay there a moment, panting.  I couldn't see him, but I could just imagine that goofy, post-coital grin he usually wore.

*Here's a handy little trick,* Ares thought.  John's eyelids fluttered, closed, and within a heartbeat he was fast asleep.

"Slow and hard," I whispered.

Ares' hands slid up my ribcage, began to fondle my breasts as he slammed into me from behind.  His thickness filled me.  He was almost too big; almost.  Our bodies rocked together, lightly filmed with sweat as he fucked me.  We said nothing.  I closed my eyes and concentrated on the cock between my legs.  His strokes were hitting all of the right spots; I shook with a powerful orgasm, and moaned as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me.

He showed no sign of slowing.  He put a leg up on the bed and got a firmer grip on my waist.  Moving faster now, he curled on top of me, began to lightly bite my body.  I felt another orgasm building.  Each thrust deepened the sensation, and once again I felt the glorious release.  I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming.

"You're so tight and wet, I could stay inside you all night," Ares murmured softly, his lips against my ear.  He covered my neck with tiny kisses and bites.

"I think I'm going to faint," I murmured.

His breath was ragged and coming quickly.

 Ares began to pump harder as our wet friction edged him closer to orgasm.  He clutched me tightly, slammed into me as hard and deep as he could.  I was delirious with pleasure, and came again in a cluster of orgasms.

"Almost," he whispered.

With bruising force he gripped my body, growling, and gave a last savage thrust, pulling my hips hard into his as he emptied his seed into me.  I fell forward, face down, felt him slip out of me.  I was spent.  He dropped down beside me, both of us trying to catch our breath.

For several moments neither of us spoke.  Then,

"You're a great fuck," Ares said.

Ever the romantic.  I laughed.

"So are you, my dear.  A _fabulous_ fuck."

Part 5

We lay a moment, his head on my shoulder.  This was so rare for Ares that I almost didn't breathe.

"When are you coming back to me?" he asked quietly.

"You know when."  I glanced at my husband's slumbering form.

Ares rolled his eyes.  "I have to wait until you tire of this mortal?"

"Or until he dies.  And I'm sure you won't do anything to speed that up, am I right?"

He chuckled.  "Jeff is safe.  For the moment."  He paused.  "So I have to wait for you?"

*That's where you have the advantage, isn't it?  You're immortal and he's not."

There was a space of silence.

"And _you're_ immortal and he's not."

I nodded, thinking.  "Immortality was a lovely gift, have I ever thanked you?"

He laughed and languidly stretched his large frame.  He was a giant cat in human form, a graceful tiger in black leather.

"Oh, only about a hundred times over the centuries."  He licked my shoulder, dipped down to take one of my still-sensitive nipples between his teeth.  "It was the least I could do for my favorite priestess."  He was taking a renewed interest in my body.  "I forgive you for straying," he said, glancing at my husband's sleeping form.  "I know you'll be mine again."

"I'm yours now."  I pulled him down to me in a gentle kiss.  "You could have thrown that sleep charm on John before we started.  Why didn't you?"

"I thought I'd give you your fantasy."

I gave him another kiss, a little harder.

"Thank you, my love.  Ares,"  I murmured.  I kissed his neck; he smelled of leather and incense.  "Oh, before you conveniently forget, take that sleep thing off of  _John_  please."

He waved his hand.  I noticed a subtle change in John's breathing; he no longer sounded drugged.

Ares bent to kiss me goodbye.

A light suddenly blazed in my brain.

*You've done it again!* I thought, excited.

*Writer's block gone?* he replied, looking sexually sated and quite pleased with himself.

*Gone, gone, gone, and a new idea I want to work on _now_!*  In my eagerness to get out of bed, I kicked both Ares and my husband in the shins.

"Ow!" my husband said sleepily.  "Careful, babe..."

Ares reacted in much the same way.

*Ye gods, woman, watch yourself!*

"Sorry," I said to my husband. *Sorry,* I thought to Ares.

* * *

"They'll never believe it," Ares laughed when I began typing.

"I know."  Nevertheless, I entered the story in a file, read it over quickly.

"No beta-reader?" my love asked, surprised.

"No time," I said, shaking my head.  "You know how I get with too many re-writes.  I want to send it out now, while it's fresh in my mind."

* * * * *

Ares is leaning over my shoulder now, nodding his approval.  We send you this story hoping you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed...well, you know.  I asked him if he had a personal message for all of you.  He thought a moment and said,

"Tell them Ares sends his love."

Sweet dreams, listsibs...

The End