Et In Terra, Pax
By Eirene

Eirene woke from her long sleep and stretched.  She yawned and smiled. Ares had been better as a lover with her than even he’d expected.  The red Arabic costume was lying in tatters on the bed and floor from where Ares had ripped it off her body.  Eirene shivered with remembered delight. She’d taunted, teased and caressed him until he’d been unable to stand it any longer and ravished her.  Several times.  After that, his love-making had become slow and sensual, all night long.  Another hot session in the
shower in the early morning, an adult-rated massage and finally sleep for both of them.  She looked down at the God who was the other half of her soul.  Shade to her sunlight.  Arousal to her balm.

His eyes were closed, the long, dark lashes fanning across his cheeks.  His lips curved in a sweet smile of joy and utter contentment that she knew no-one else would ever see.  The only thing he was wearing was his silver earring.  It was the one thing he wouldn’t take off.  Eirene didn’t mind. It made him look like a wild pirate or a particularly sensual Hell’s Angel. She smoothed the damp midnight tumble of curls back from his face.  Being a God, he had no extraneous stubble, just the neat black goatee.  When he had given her the massage earlier, he had gently rubbed it over every square
inch of her body and driven her wild with pleasure. Eirene brought her long, mid-brown hair over her shoulder and gently tickled his nose.

“Ares, honey?”  His hand sleepily swatted her hair away, “Yes, I know;  I could use some more sleep too, but it’s lunchtime, my gorgeous lover,” She kissed slowly down his side and hip.  His cock was finally flaccid, but even so, it was a handsome specimen, “Well, considering you were up for me most of last evening and all night, then again earlier this morning, I’m not surprised you’re like that.”  She reached over and nuzzled gently. To her surprise, his cock hardened immediately, fully erect in seconds. Ares moved in his sleep and made a low, incoherent growl of pleasure.

“Eirene......”  She looked up at him.  Ares’ eyes flickered open and he smiled,  “You know that your tiniest touch turns me on.”

“Even after last night?!!?”  He laughed, low and soft.

“Especially after last night.  The best loving I’ve ever had, with every movement bringing ecstasy;  the way our minds met and united;  your unqualified love for me.  It’s affected my heart, my soul, my libido - permanently.  We’ve imprinted on each other.  I think I might well be erect for you for the rest of eternity.  And you, sweet consort;  I know you’ll always be wet and ready for me at a moment’s notice.  The thought of it turns me on!”  He pounced suddenly and they rolled over in bed; Eirene parted her legs and Ares slid inside as they came to a halt. Eirene gasped as he filled and stretched places that were still a little tender from the last time.  Ares smiled and kissed her softly.  He looked deep into her eyes.

“I know.  I ache and hurt too, but I’ve got to have you, just once more. I’ll be very gentle, sweet Eirene,”  He cupped her face with a free hand. His voice dropped to an intimate whisper, “I love you.  You are better than my wildest dreams.  You truly love me.  For that, I will be your adoring worshipper for ever.”

Eirene softly tunnelled her hands through his hair, “My love.”  She looked radiantly up at him.   He laughed joyfully and began to love her.  They moved slowly, gently, making the pleasure of complete union last.  The speed increased gradually, until they both began to urge each other on with hoarse cries and urgent hands.  With a huge shout of release, they catapulted over the edge into a long, sweet mutual orgasm.  When they had both finally got their breath back, Ares rolled over and pulled a limp Eirene onto his chest.

“How about a honeymoon?”

Eirene laughed softly, “I may be a Goddess, but I don’t know if I could stand the pace!”

Ares grinned next to her hair,  “You were imagaining me on a.......motorbike?  Why don’t I magic one up and we can drive off into the sunset?”

Eirene propped herself up on one hand, “What a fantasy - you in skin-tight bike leathers on a Harley.  It would turn me on!”  Ares growled and rolled her on to her back.

“I expect these leathers would be worn with nothing underneath?”

“Almost - black leather posing pouch for you and a bustiere and the tiniest pair of lace undies you have ever seen for me,”  His cock thickened and hardened against her stomach.  Eirene grinned naughtily up at him, “*After* lunch, eager beaver!  I can tell the thought of my outfit is turning you on!”   Ares pouted, but let her sit upright.  He considered.

“I favour you in skin-tight cream leather with everything underneath in blood red.  That would drive me out of my mind with  lust and desire!” Eirene’s grin widened.

“Okay.  I’ll pack a toothbrush and a few other things after lunch.”  She walked, brazen and naked into the kitchen, with Ares following right behind her.  All through lunch, he stood behind her.  He kept kissing and nibbling at her, his hands stroking expertly.   Eirene wanted him fiercely, but she was also hungry for food.  He bit gently along her neck and shoulders.

“Eirene.  You know you want me...again.  I know you want me. Please.  I’ve never begged before.”  Eirene put down the cake she was holding and tilted her hips.  Ares bit down harder on her shoulder, growled his approval and slid gently inside.  He bent her forwards over the table, thrusting deeper.  Eirene fed a small piece of cake into his mouth.

“Got to keep your strength up.”

Ares laughed and pushed her down on to the table top, right onto the remains of lunch.

“You are a naughty woman and I adore you!”  His voice was low and commanding.  Eirene gasped as he expertly stroked her inner pleasure centres.  Within seconds she was coming.  She thrust backwards, he slid right up to the hilt inside her and groaned as he emptied himself inside her again.  She kissed the sweaty, blissful face beside her.

“I’ve never been dessert before!”  Ares nibbled her ear.

“Shower now, then for that motorbike!”


Eirene was first back into the bedroom.  She snapped her fingers, changing the sheets and making everything tidy.  On the bed were the garments Ares had described briefly.  A red thong that was basically a tiny triangle of lace and thin straps.  She carefully put it on.  The straps were slightly tight and provided exquisite fiction against her skin.

“Ares, you are the naughty one! This is going to keep me on the boil all the time I’m wearing it,”  Next came the red leather bustiere.  It laced tight at the front and provided stunning uplift to her breasts, “Gosh, I feel decadent.”  The cream bike leathers also zipped and laced tight, moulding to her like a second skin.  Eirene noticed the intriguing panel of the pants section that could come undone on its own.  She experimented with
the front chest zip until the swell of her breasts and the very top of the bustier were perfectly displayed.  A case of necessary items appeared in her hands at a thought.  At that moment, she felt Ares come into the room. She turned and gasped.

Ares growled loudly, “Oh, baby!  You look like every fantasy I’ve ever had.”

Eirene moved closer, “Well, Ares;  you are most definitely Sex on Legs!” He threw his head back and laughed.

The black leather was obviously softer and stretchier than his normal oufit. It went all down his arms and legs as well as covering his torso. He had it unzipped at the front, but otherwise it was as skin-tight as Eirene’s costume. The prominent bulge that had suddenly blossomed at his groin was stretching and tenting the material quite severely.  Ares waved his hand and they were outside Eirene’s flat.  A brand new Harley stood at the kerb;  black, cream and red.

“What a magnificent beast!”  Eirene exclaimed. Ares was suddenly behind Eirene, pressing close.  He breathed hotly into her ear.

“Thank-you, my dear!”

Eirene chuckled, “Put your magnificent beast on hold!  You promised me a honeymoon.”

“I know, and you’re going to get one.”  He rubbed the length of his cock slowly up and down the curve of her bottom once, just to show her what she was missing, and climbed on the motorbike.   Eirene mounted behind him. The cases magicked themselves into the panniers, two crash helmets materialised from thin air and Ares started the bike.  The vibrations throbbed through their bodies.  Ares turned back to Eirene with a wicked smile on his face and growled.

“Where do you want to go?”

Eirene grinned back, “A deserted beach.  You, the waves and some secluded sand dunes.  That’ll do for starters!”

Ares’ grin widened, “Woman, I like the way you think!  Okay.  I hope this bike is doing half to you what it’s doing to me.  The vibrations are very...uplifting.”  Eirene just smiled serenely.  She wasn’t about to tell him that she was wet and ready again, not just yet.  As they rode off, she shifted her pelvis slightly and...ohhh, yes.  Pleasure shot through her body.  She bit her lip, ground down and managed to hold back her yell of ecstasy as she climaxed.  Her hands moved of their own volition to the straining leather over Ares’ rigid cock.  She stroked, she teased, with gentle fluttering movements of her fingers.   Ares freed one hand and pulled her hands off him.  She felt his thoughts in her mind.

{I’ll crash the bike!  Or ravish you right here, surrounded by all this traffic.  Stop it; for now!}

{Okay.  I’ll be good.}   She managed to keep her arms tight around his waist, just above the tip of his cock, until they got to the beach.


Ares pulled into a secluded dip between two dunes at the quiet end of the beach.  Eirene nibbled his ear and cupped his hard cock through the bike leathers.  She stroked expertly.  Ares moaned, right on cue.  Eirene could feel he was close to the edge and loving it.  She revved the engine and reached inside his leather pants, unzipping the front of his leathers all the way.

“Come for me,”  she murmured.

Ares grit his teeth and just held onto control, “I want YOU.”  His voice was deep and hoarse.  Eirene magicked the other hand inside his pants and next to his taut buttocks.  She gently stroked the tiny opening.

Ares turned again.  He clamped his hands over hers, with some difficulty, “Don’t;  please..”  Eirene’s eyes gazed with concern on the sudden tautness in his face.  She withdrew her hand from the rear of his pants. Ares kissed her softly,  “Sorry, love.  Ever since I was practically gang-raped in Egypt as a young godling...”

Eirene gently laid her free fingers on his lips,   “I won’t do that again unless you specifically ask me.  I promise.  I’m sorry.”  She kissed him and gently squeezed his slightly deflated cock.   Ares pulled her round in front of him, so that they were face to face.   He smiled winningly.

“I love what your hands do for,” he placed them on his shaft.

Eirene stroked slowly, “So, come for me, Ares.  I want to see you lose control and come all over your chest.”

Ares made a sound that was very close to a whimper, “Oh, sweet Elysian fields...”  His eyes flashed, “You’re even using lines I used to use.”  His hands cupped her breasts, then almost tore open the crotch of her leather pants, “Gonna take you with me,” he promised, biting his lower lip hard.   His fingers found her wet and swollen, just as he’d suspected. He knew how much touching his cock turned her on, even after such a short time together.    He stroked and circled her clitoris.

Eirene moaned, “First one to come’s a rotten egg,” she managed, holding onto control.  They both teased, tortured.   Right to the edge, then stopped.  They looked into each other’s passion-darkened eyes.  They sat there, both painfully aroused, wet with their own juices and desperate to come.   Eirene licked her lips.  Ares mimicked the action.   Ares’ cocked jerked by itself, swelling with even more fresh blood, the tip weeping
constantly.  Eirene felt her womb contract and her clitoris throbbed in response.  With a mutual gasp of need, their lips met hungrily.  Tongues delved deep and hands began to resume stroking.  Minds melded, each rushing to find the other’s deepest pleasure point.  With a huge inner roar of ecstasy, they exploded over the edge together;  coming and coming, both ejaculating wildly, the spasms rocking body and soul together.   Ares pulled Eirene up and onto his still spurting cock, thrusting hard inside her until they came together all over again.  Finally they shuddered to a halt, still linked deeply together.  Eirene slowly opened her eyes. She smiled wryly.

“My goodness, we coated just about everything with those two orgasms.”

Ares chuckled, looking at wet chests, suits and thighs.  He shifted himself deeper inside her, “Mmmmmmm.......” His eyes closed briefly,  “I love how wet you get for me here best.”

Eirene traced a path through his damp chest hair with one finger,  “It was glorious, but I didn’t get to see you come, Ares.”

The God grinned, “Another time, sweet consort.  How about I clean us up?”

Eirene grinned back and removed herself gently from Ares’ still urgent erection.  His eyebrows lowered and he began to pout.  Eirene stripped all her clothes off and began running up the side of the dune.

“Race you to some skinny dipping!”  Ares roared his approval, tore off his clothes and rushed after her.

They met in the water;  romping, splashing, playing.  Ares finally grabbed her in the shallows and pulled her into his arms.  He raised her up and filled her with one fluid movement.  Eirene came on the spot.  Ares threw back his wet hair and laughed with joy, then held her close.  The sea bouyed them up, lapping at their buttocks.  Eirene wrapped her legs tight around him.  She smoothed the hair back from his face lovingly.

“Sweet sea siren.”  Ares circled his hips, first one way, then the other.

Eirene grinned naughtily as she clasped him tighter with her inner muscles, “Well, they do say sea air gives you an improved appetite...”

Ares pulled her over into the water, then chased her on all fours up the beach until he caught her in the shallows.  He pounced eagerly and thrust hard into her from behind.  Eirene yelled her approval.  Ares chuckled in her ear.

“What’s pink...hard and about 10 inches long?”

Eirene managed to chuckle back, “Sounds like you...oh, sweet heavens don’t stop...”

Ares waited until she was right at the brink,  “No, sweet, bad girl!  A stick of seaside rock, but for that compliment...”  His clever fingers took her over the brink just seconds ahead of his own gasping completion.

Part 2
For those with the eyes to see it...A secluded, hot and sandy hollow between three dunes.   A Harley motorbike, leaning on its stand.   The sun beats down on a sun-bed for two with a pair of drowsing naked forms intwined lovingly upon it.  From time to time a trickle of moisture travels down a hairy chest or a feminine cleavage.  Arms hold tenderly, mouths relaxed in contented smiles.  The female has her upper leg slung high over the male’s hip.  Secretly, hidden just from view,  his cock is sheathed inside her welcoming heat.  It has been there for the best part of the last week.  She sinks down fully onto him and gently bites his shoulder.

“Do you think we’ll ever get enough of this?”  Her inner muscles squeeze him gently.

He moans helplessly, “By the Gods, I hope not.  I need you almost as much as I need to eat and breathe, sweet Eirene.”   She produces a succulent bunch of grapes with a thought and starts to feed them to him, one at a time.

“You’ve given me a wonderful honeymoon, Ares.  Here, keep your strength up.”

He chuckles wickedly and rotates his hips,  “You know very well that I’ve been ‘up’ for you pretty well constantly.”

Eirene chuckles back,  “I always did have this weakness for naughty, cocky fellas in black leather,” her grin widens, “But you are the best.  You know that.”

“Mmmmmm...”  He rolls her onto her back.  His eyes flash fire as he gently pins her down, “Tell me again!”  It is more of a command than a request.

Eirene knows that it drives him wild with desire when she talks ‘dirty’. She can get him hard with a look or a word.  Since he is patently already hard and eager inside her, she wonders how high she can take him.

“Well...You have wonderful dark golden-brown eyes.  So expressive. They turn black when you’re aroused - which is pretty well constantly since the first time we made love.  Your hair is midnight black and wavy...I’m glad you kept it long for me.  I love stroking my fingers through it. Your lips are very full and sensual, yet you use them with such delicacy.  The tiny nibbling kisses you give me are highly erotic,” At this point there is long exploration of this ability to much mutual satisfaction,  “Then there’s your nicely muscled very hairy chest.  You know it turns me weak with desire,”  Ares pulls her closer so that her breasts rub softly against that hair, making Eirene purr with pleasure, “Well, yes.  Just like that, for instance.  I know you like it too.  You have long, well-shaped limbs, the tightest cheeks I’ve ever had the pleasure of wanting to bite - only gently mind!”  Her hands grasp his buttocks in demonstration and pull him even closer,  “Then there’s this,”  Her muscles squeeze eloquently around his hard shaft, “This deserves a gold medal in design and performance. Such a handsome weapon.  So long, so thick, so hard, so exquisitely shaped....”

Ares broke off her litany with a long, passionate kiss.  His hips began to rock earnestly, while a free hand snaked inbetween their joined bodies. His fingers circled and stroked expertly.   Eirene gasped.

“Sweet Goddess,”  he murmured roughly,  “So perfect for me in every way.” Eirene’s head went back as she crested and soared over the edge into bliss. Ares’ hoarse gasps of release followed moments later.

Eirene held him close in the after-glow,  “This is wonderful, but we can’t spend the rest of our lives just*doing matter how spectacular it is.”

Ares chuckled briefly,  “Hmm.  I tend to agree, my love,”  He propped himself up on one elbow,  “Once upon a time I was protector of the innocent and defender of the fatherless.  I know that there is need for those roles in your modern world.  As for war itself...we’ll see.  I saw that mankind doesn’t need my help any more with that.”

Eirene smoothed the hair back from his face tenderly,  “I’m afraid not. Some of our modern weapons may surprise you.  The innocent often suffer, no matter how carefully armies may fight.   As Goddess of Peace, I would gladly help rescue those who need it and try to inspire better means of resolving conflict.  Strategy and diplomacy would help!”

Ares grinned eagerly, “That is my strong point.  I revel in the game-plan; the movement of forces, the strategy, the balance of power, the subtlety. I played chess incessantly in the past!”

Eirene smiled lovingly,  “I know.  It’s not blood-lust for you - it never was.”

Ares pursed his lips, “Well, sometimes it was that - a brave warrior shedding his or her blood for me always got my attention and a suitable reward.  But I was never a sadist.  Hercules was mistaken.  He was so pig-headed that he couldn’t see the shades of grey where I walked, having to take every step with care.  I tried to knock some sense into him, but he just wouldn’t listen.  Everything I did was to bring about the strongest, the best,  the way things were meant to be.”

Eirene looked deep into his eyes, “I know that too.  So let’s find some innocents to protect.”



Ares and Eirene materialised in darkness, fully clad in combat gear. Eirene produced two U.N. helmets with a wave of her hand.  A bomb went off very close.  Ares stumbled onto his knees.  His eyebrows shot upwards.

“What in the name of Zeus was that?”

Eirene held out a hand, “A modern bomb, dropped by an aeroplane.”  Ares looked at her incredulously.  He got up and placed gentle fingers on her face.

“Show me.”  Eirene closed her eyes.  Images from both World Wars, Vietnam, the Gulf, the Falklands and other conflicts ran through her and into Ares’ mind.   She opened his eyes to find him shocked and angry,  “That’s not War...that’s worse than barbarity!  I never inspired that.  Two armies, bold and daring, pitting their strength and strategies against each other;  face to face.  That was my way.  But this...this is almost inhuman.  You kill millions and it does not touch you.  Every warrior who died or got wounded in battle - I shared their pain.”

Eirene touched his face, “I know.  It sorrows me, too.”

Ares’ brow furrowed, “So what - or who - is behind all this?”

“Some of it is mankind’s own doing.  Some of it is down to what might be called the forces of darkness.  Evil.”

Ares shuddered, “We Gods might have been petty and manipulative in the past to change the course of history, but none of us on Olympus was evil.  Dark, naughty;  yes.  Shallow sometimes.  But never evil.  That is different.”

“There is good, too.”  Eirene showed him images of the newer religions, art, buildings, gardens, people of peace and statesmanship.

Ares considered what he had seen, “There has been a polarisation.  Good and Evil have become...purer, more distilled.    I was wrong to even consider Hitler as a warrior.  He went so far into the darkness that my head reels.  The War that I was has largely ceased to have any meaning. Only chivalry and strategy survive.  So be it.  I doubt any of the old Gods I knew could survive in this modern environment. I’m surprised that I’m still alive.  Grateful beyond telling.”  He cupped her face in his hands eloquently.

“We still value Love, Wisdom, the idea of a Father-Mother God.  At least some of us do.  You will find statues to yourself and the other Gods still around;  music, paintings.”

“Yes, the concepts are there;  so are the emotions.  But Aphrodite herself was often vain...heartless sometimes, and almost always shallow.  The Love you’ve shown me is far stronger.  Purer, as I just said.”  Another bomb nearby interrupted their philosophising.


Eirene and Ares half ran and half crawled through the night.   After several hours, they both saw some buildings in the distance.   Most were bombed out of recognition, but one still had a roof.  It seemed to be a school.   They moved themselves inside.  Eirene scanned the dark shadows.

“I can   About...ten;  but small.  Children?”

Ares nodded,  “Yes.  Downwards.”  He gestured at the floor.   Eirene put her hand on the floorboards,  which peeled back to reveal ten dirty, pale-faced children in a small cellar underneath.  Eirene squatted down.

“It’s okay.  We’ve come to help you.  We want to take you somewhere safe, away from the fighting.”  The children backed away at first.  Ares sat down and held out his hand.  After a few minutes and more gentle reassuring words, the children approached.  One boy took Eirene’s hand, then another held Ares’.  Eirene noticed him stifle a slight gasp.  When everyone was holding hands,  they moved out of the building and moved away into the night.


A tiny hand tugged at Ares’ combat trousers.  He saw the mute appeal of two hands reaching up to him.  Something long buried in him which had started to flower with Eirene responded.   He gently scooped up the tiny girl in his arms.   She snuggled close to him and Ares felt himself smile.   Eirene was carrying her own precious bundle and looked over at her consort.  Blue eyes met brown in silent communion for a moment.  The little troop journeyed on through the night, towards the mountains. Ares knew with the mind of a God that there was a safe haven there.  During the day, they camped in a ruined church, in the crypt.  Food being provided by careful magic and some foraging, with a fire burning in a brazier nearby, it was quite cozy.  Ares looked over at their sleeping charges, then touched Eirene’s hand where she lay dozing close to him.

Eirene smiled warmly, “We can’t...not now!”

A slash of a grin spilt Ares’ face, “Not that;  though goodness knows I’m going half crazy needing you again,”  He stroked her cheek, “Wanton hussy!”

Eirene lifted an eyebrow, “Well, it’s your fault!  You must exude pheremones that make me want you or something.”

Ares continued, “Maybe that’s it. They work for me, too.  It’s that girl I was talking about.  I’ve never had a child accept me quite like that before.”

“Not even your own?”

Ares’ eyes flashed a brief flicker of pain,  “Especially not my own. They couldn’t see the heart of love inside me.  When Ivander rejected me as a bare infant and went back to Nemesis of his own volition, I made a vow with myself - never again,”  His eyebrows rose slightly, “I should have told you.  But there are some things even a God cannot  take back,”  His hands cupped her face very softly,   “And if there is one woman in all the universe with whom I could wish to have a child...”

Eirene covered his lips with her fingers,  “I know.  But I love you. Not whether we can have a child together.  That was never what I wanted when I gave myself to you.  You should know that.  I want you - just you. Always.  Forever.  Linked down to our very souls.”

Ares plundered her mouth with a deep, searing kiss.  He finally pulled away when they were both dizzy from lack of air, “Sweet consort.  True Goddess,” his lips moved close to her ear, “When we’ve delivered these little ones, I am going to take great pleasure in......there’s no other way to put it......fucking you senseless.  For at least a week.”

Eirene’s eyes sparkled with mischief, “I thought you’d done that already!”

Ares’ grin widened dangerously, “But it’ll be even better  next time!”

Part 3
It took three days to reach the mountains, going at a pace the children could manage.   Eirene and Ares slept closely intwined, often with one or more small bodies pressed close to them out of fear from the bombs which went off at regular intervals.   At last they reached the real U.N. compound and handed the children over.  The little girl, whose name was Ludmilla,  looked up at Eirene and Ares.

Ares produced his new, gentle smile, “It’s okay Ludmilla.  You’ll be alright now.  These people will look after you until they can find a member of your family or someone else to care for you.”

The U.N. guard looked at the two Gods, “I don’t remember seeing you before.”

Eirene smiled, “We were just dropped by parachute a few days ago.”  The glamour of deity evidently worked, because the man nodded and thanked them.

Ares turned to Eirene,  “A long, hot shower, a good meal - and you.  Not necessarily in that order!  Then we come back and find some more innocents and fatherless.”  As he turned, there was a flash of small person who ran back to them out of the compound.  It was Ludmilla.  She sprang into Ares’ arms.

“Good-bye.  Thank-you.”

Ares coughed slightly to hide his emotion, then kissed her forehead, “Good-bye to you too.  A special blessing for the future, Ludmilla.”  Eirene received a hug too, then Ludmilla disappeared to join her school-mates.

Eirene took Ares’ hand as they walked to a secluded spot under a tree and veiled their presence.  Eirene looked up at him, “Those sorts of moments will make everything worthwhile.  I’m sorry we have to keep appearing and disappearing, but our mortal friends might get suspicious after a while.”

Ares kissed her briefly, careful of the mud and other stains on their faces,  “We’ll just do what we can.  That’s all anyone can do.  I will never forget Ludmilla.”

“Neither will I, my love,”  Eirene held her combat suit in-between two fingers, “Definitely a hot shower - all over!”   Ares grinned and snapped his fingers.

Eirene spluttered as she found herself under a copious hot shower, still fully dressed.  Ares was right beside her.  He turned her in his arms and they kissed deeply, oblivious of the water and the dirt.  Within seconds they were both frantically grasping at each other’s wet clothes, which conveniently disappeared.  They both moaned with pleasure as their naked bodies pressed together.  Ares skimmed his hands down to Eirene’s hips. She found the corner of the shower behind her with a remarkably convenient
little shelf.  Her legs parted eagerly around Ares’ hips.  His rampant cock brushed the inside of one wet, slippery thigh, then he thrust hard up inside her.  Eirene gasped and came immediately.  Ares nuzzled her neck, pressed closer against her.  His cock swelled, he drew back, thrust again and exploded.  They rocked together, drawing out the pleasure.  Ares half collapsed into her arms,  his knees buckled and they sank together, still deeply linked, to the floor of the shower.  Ares turned the water off with
a thought and gently slicked the hair back from Eirene’s face.

A wicked, slightly satisfied grin spread across his face,  “Well, that’ll do for hors d’oevres.  By Zeus, I needed that!”  His cock was still hard inside her.

Eirene produced some soap and began to lather his chest,  her hands trailing heat and ice in erotic circles.  Her lips twitched into a smile, but she tried to sound stern,  “You bad boy;  taking me so fast like that!”   She moved herself slowly up his shaft, then down again.  Ares kissed her deeply and linked their minds.

{Eirene.  Don’t tease!}

Eirene chuckled,  {Why not?}

His hands moved over her, circling her erect nipples, the pouting bud of her clitoris. He nibbled at her neck and suckled her breasts until she was nearly dizzy.  He brought her right to the brink of release, then stopped.

“Say please!”  Ares commanded.  Eirene moved slowly up and down, clasping his shaft tight.  Just a little more...With a cry of satisfaction, the orgasm she needed ripped through her.  Ares groaned, “Oh, sweet Goddess of mine!”  His cock swelled right on cue as her muscles spasmed around him and he roared his completion inside her.

Eirene soaped his back, “There, that’s better!”

Ares tried to glower, but his eyes were dark with arousal,  “Don’t push your luck!”  Then her hands began to soap between his thighs and around his stomach and he couldn’t stop a whimper of pleasure escaping his lips.

“Be nice,”  Eirene cajoled, the fingers of one hand reaching behind to stroke his scrotum gently,  “You know what happens to naughty boys.”  Ares’ cock stiffened interestedly and his eyes flamed.

“How naughty do I have to be to find out?”  His hands began to caress her back up to the brink.

Eirene moaned,  “Just a little more...Oh, YES!”  She came a third time, then magicked them out of the shower and onto soft towels on the floor.  As Ares pressed hotly against her, she wound her legs high around his waist. Eirene pulled him down for a long, deep kiss.

{It’s up to you, my love.  Ask me.}   Her hands stroked him skilfully while she moved sensuously under him, her mouth nibbling at his chest and shoulders.  She could feel Ares fighting a silent battle with himself.

Ares’ cock twitched, {Oh, Hades!  Please...}. Eirene began to move on him; slowly up, then fast downwards until he was buried right to the hilt inside her.  Ares moaned in her mind, gasping with pleasure, {Don’t stop. Oh, please don’t stop.  More.  YES.  Like that.  EIRENE...!}  He thrust  deep and hard once more, then a monumental orgasm overtook him.  He lay, trembling in her arms, his mouth kissing her neck and shoulders.   Eirene tenderly stroked the wet hair on his head.

“You okay?”

Ares nodded slowly, “Mmmmm.  ‘Okay’ doesn’t even come close!  Just blew some major Godly fuses with that one.”    Eirene gently covered them both with the soft warm towels and let herself drift to sleep along with her temporarily blissed-out consort.


At length,  Eirene and Ares woke up and left the bathroom, sporting a towel each.  He had his arm lovingly draped around her.

Eirene gasped, “What have you done to my flat?”

Ares chuckled beside her,  “Just spruced it up, added a few touches of my own, translocated it to a place outside yet connected to the World.  That sort of thing.”

Eirene digged him gently in the side,  “You could have asked!  I like it, though.  Let me guess, we have a throne room now?”

Ares had the grace to look sheepish,  “Just a little one.  A throne each. I had this fantasy of you pleasuring me on my throne, and since my temples have long since been destroyed...”

Eirene laughed out loud,  “Okay!  The huge canopied bed’s a nice sheets too.   Massage oil, candles, chilled champagne. Very nice.  What have you put in my bedside drawer?” She pulled out a long cylindrical object and her eyebrows rose in surprise,  “Well, well. You’ve even re-modelled my vibrator,” she turned with a wicked grin, “Looks like someone I know!”

Ares marched across and stroked her shoulders, taking the vibrator from her,  “Well, you know you said you wanted to see me come?”  Eirene nodded, “I realised I had similar fantasies about you, and what better than an exact replica with certain...interesting...added features to send you into ecstasy?”

Eirene’s grin widened,  “Maybe sometime soon.  Right now I want plain vanilla sex.  Maybe with added chocolate spread.”  A pot of a certain famous brand appeared in her hand.

“And where were you planning to put that?”

Eirene pushed him gently back on the bed and his towel came undone.  She straddled his thighs and unscrewed the lid,  “Take a wild guess.”

Ares started to smoulder and his cock stiffened, “Please tell me you’re going to lick it off afterwards.  Slowly.  Thorougly.”

Eirene trailed one chocolate-covered finger up his turgid length, “You see; you can read my mind now.”

Ares put his arms back under his head and his eyes flashed,  “I’ll probably come in your mouth if it’s half as good as I’m hoping.”

Eirene leaned close and kissed his lips gently,  “I want you to come in my mouth.  I’ve only had the tiniest taste of you so far and I want it all.”

Ares growled and his voice came out hoarse with desire,  “Can we try this on my throne sometime?”

Eirene chuckled, “Just as long as you return the favour.”

Ares’ cock swelled eagerly,  “Oh!  Oh, yes!  You, naked, sitting on your throne, smeared head to toe in traces of chocolate spread and me pleasuring you half senseless.  You bet I’ll return the favour!”

Eirene eventually bent her head to the chocolate-covered treat and licked. Slowly and thoroughly, just as Ares had asked.  By the time he was clean, his fingers were clutching the sheets and his body was arched.  His cock was super hard and he was trembling on the verge of orgasm.  Eirene looked up and met the dark pools of need in his eyes.

She smiled, “I love you.”  Ares was beyond words.  He just tilted his hips in mute appeal.  Eirene took him slowly inside her mouth.  A deep groan rumbled through Ares’ frame.  She started slowly, then increased both rhythm and suction.  Ares’ large hands tangled in her hair.  A whimper escaped his lips.  His cock swelled and lengthened one last time, he went rigid in her arms;  then screamed his release as he exploded in her mouth.  Eirene stayed with him until he had finished, then gently licked him clean.

Ares pulled her into his arms,  “Oh, Eirene.  You always make me come so hard.  Your lips and tongue just about wiped me out.  I have never had it so good.”  Eirene smiled and cuddled close, happy to have pleased him.


At length, it was time to go back.  Ares had decided it was time for some direct action.

“Let’s go stir up one of the people responsible for this mess.  A little appearance, some choice words, a gentle nudge in the right direction....”

Eirene nodded, “Sounds good to me.  Then we help some more defenceless children, if possible.”

Ares and Eirene materialised on the balcony just outside a certain leader’s bedroom.  In a twinkle, Ares was wearing his customary black leather outfit.  Eirene’s eyes flashed her approval.

Ares’ lips curved into a smile, “Later!  I know you have a severe leather fetish, just like me.  But what about you?”

Eirene smiled, “I’d thought of that.”  All at once, she was clad in tight yellow spandex, with a gold cape swirling around her shoulders.  Olive leaves and white roses in a crown decorated her hair and near the neckline of her outfit.  A dove made of olive wood perched below one shoulder.  A gold belt around her waist, with some more gauze and gold sandals on her feet.

Ares’ eyes raked her from top to toe with dark, hungry eyes,  “Ohhh, YES!! Very...inspirational.  I can see every curve of your sweet figure. Gloriously serene, yet drop dead sexy. You look like every fantasy I ever had about my dream consort, except you are ten times better! Makes me want to rip it off and...”  A gentle hand in the centre of his chest brought him to a halt.  Suddenly he pouted, “But no leather?  Not even a scrap?”

Eirene chuckled and moved closer.  Her fingers gently curled in his chest hair,  “Just for you.  And me!  A teeny, tiny thong made of soft red calf-skin.  You can appreciate that later.”

Ares’ eyes dropped automatically to the soft curves of her breasts, “No bra?”

Eirene’s eyes flirted with his, “The spandex keeps place.  Haven’t got that much to jiggle!”

Ares cupped her breasts with his hands,  “You speak for yourself!  Your breasts are...” his eyes flashed fire, “Perfect!  Just right for my hands and they pout upwards so...”  His thumbs began a familiar circular movement and Eirene arched as her nipples hardened immediately.  She pulled him in for a long, hot kiss.  In seconds, her legs were wrapped high around his hips and there were two pairs of busy hands stroking and fondling.
After several minutes of intense foreplay, they suddenly realised where they were.   Eirene pulled away, aware that she was trembling with pleasure.  She touched Ares’ kiss-swollen lips.

“Hey, big boy.  Big, naughty boy in leather!”  Ares managed to focus on her.  He was panting slightly and they were both conscious of the huge bulge in his leather pants.

Ares grinned, “Damn!  That was feeling so good!  When this is over...soon...I want you on my throne in just that red thong. Riding this...” He stroked the length of himself against her mound once.

Eirtene moaned.  She was already close to climax.  Her voice came out in an intense whisper,  “Oh.  Yes. Please.   Very soon!”   A skilled finger stroked around the swollen area and Eirene bit her lip as Ares sweetly took her over the edge.   Her eyes opened moments later, “What about you?” Her hands reached for him, cupping him and stroking him.  Ares’ head went back and he exploded inside his trousers.

Ares’ eyes were dark pools as he looked down at her, “By the GODS, what you
do to me!  I haven’t come in my pants since I was about sixteen,” his finger gently stroked the side of her face, “Sweet consort.”

Eirene smiled warmly, “I love you, too.”  Ares cleaned them both with a thought, blew her a kiss, then reached to open the window.

A man lay alseep on the bed inside.  Ares frowned and clapped his hands. The man awoke and began to cower at the top of the bed.  He grabbed for a gun.  Several bullets passed harmlessly through Ares.

Ares waved his fingers dramatically, “I’m just a figment of your imagination.  So is this radiant Goddess beside me,”  He drew himself up to his full height and began to glow, “I am the God of War and I do not like the way you’ve been doing things.  I am most displeased!”  A bolt of lightning shot vertically down from the ceiling, close to the bed.

Eirene stepped up to her consort, “I am the Goddess of  Peace.  I do not like the way children and defenceless people are bombed and left to starve. This kind of war is inhumane.”

Ares nodded, “I agree...and before you tell us about all the other trouble spots in the world, have no worries;  we will be visiting those in due course.  You sort out the mess you’ve got here and I won’t torture you with nightmares.   Does that seem a fair deal to you?”   The man had gone white with fear, but he nodded.  Ares moved closer, making himself pass through the bed.  He lifted the man’s chin, “Don’t forget now.  The Furies can visit you with madness if I so decide.”

Eirene came and stood beside her lover, “And I can send you out there with the army or with your people.  That might help you appreciate peace.”


Ares and Eirene vanished.    They rematerialised in their UN combat gear beside an abandoned train, right  in the middle of the danger-zone.   On board, about twenty children of assorted ages were cowering.  They were dirty and hadn’t had a decent meal in some time.   Ares and Eirene spent the next week ferrying in water and food from far away places, sometimes over land the hard way, and sometimes by magic.  They made sure that the latter was accomplished as carefully and surreptitiously as possible.  At night, they curled together at one end of the train; kissing, fondling and
once or twice when their hunger for each other became too strong to resist, caressing each other to silent but intense orgasms.

This time, after a week, their bed was invaded by a very small boy of about five who didn’t seem to have any family left.  Eirene welcomed him instinctively.  She mouthed a discreet apology to Ares.  The God gently placed a hand on hers and let the boy stay.  For several nights, the boy clung to both of them.  At last some mortal peace-keepers found them and shipped all the children away in a bus to the nearest safe orphanage.  Ares and Eirene had to go with their little charge and handed him over personally.  He cried until one of the staff found his older sister already there.  Again, both Eirene and Ares received tender hugs before he went off with his sister.  Eirene found tears in her eyes.  Ares gently wiped them away.

“I know;  I feel the wrench too.”  A sudden thought crossed Eirene’s mind.

“I suppose he must remind you of Cupid.”  They began to walk away and disappeared into the night.

“A little, although Cupid was only tiny for a matter of hours.  Then he grew!”

“Forgive the question, but where did he get the wings?  Aphrodite didn’t have them;  you don’t, so was it a recessive gene or something?”

Ares’ smile grew wide and proud,  “I  just don’t normally let them appear...”  Suddenly, through the black leather over his shoulders, there appeared two huge sable wings.

Eirene’s mouth dropped open,  “Good GOD!”

Ares grinned, “You could say that!  You see, sometimes my warriors needed me to fly to their aid.”  Eirene moved around behind him;  gently touched and stroked the outer edge of one pinion.  Ares moaned softly.

Eirene gingerly felt their softness and strength, “They’re beautiful. Shot with dark blue and purple; iridescent.  I suppose you can still fly?”

“You betcha!”  Ares turned her to face him.  His mouth was softly parted and his eyes were midnight pools of desire, “I haven’t had them fondled so...erotically, so lovingly...ever.”

Eirene moved closer,  “ it possible for you to fly and make love at the same time?”

Ares pulled her tight against him and made them both naked with a thought, “I don’t know, but by Zeus and all the Gods, I hope so!  I like the way you’re thinking...I WANT you.  Now!”

They soared together into the sky.  Ares held Eireneclose.  His mouth was between Eirene’s legs in seconds.  As she climaxed, she felt something strange happening to her back.  Ares almost swam up her body.  His cock was stunningly hard, bigger than it had ever been before. Ares guided himself inside her.  As he thrust all the way home,  Eirene climaxed again and her head went back.  She got her vision filled with a glimpse of something gold and cream.  Then Ares was thrusting eagerly and they burst together,
wheeling and falling on to a handy passing cloud.  To Eirene’s complete surprise it was soft, but solid.  Like a huge bed of cotton wool.  Ares pulled her gently on top of him.  He smiled;  warm, wild and passionate.

“Love, look!”  Eirene felt new muscles in her back flex.  The gold and cream that she had seen before resolved around her, drooping down like a small tent.

Eirene gasped, “I’ve got wings!”  Ares grinned.  His own wings were spread beneath him.  His cock flexed eagerly inside her.

“Of course, sweet consort.  You are my perfect mate;  my balance;  the other half of my soul.  When my wings revealed themselves, so did yours!”

Eirene smiled back and stretched herself upright.  Her inner muscles began milking him, slowly, “So, we can go flying together...literally?”

“Mmm-mmm!”  Ares nodded.

“I like the alterations to this cloud...ohsweetheavens...ARES!”  Her head went back as she spasmed suddenly around him  Ares’ fingers gently drew out her climax until she gasped and cried out with pleasure.

Ares flipped her on her back, drew her legs over his shoulders and under his outspread wings.  He grabbed her buttocks.  He fucked her deep, hard. They humped off the cloud, their bodies locked, their wings outspread. Ares waited until she was screaming her ecstasy to the heavens, her juices running down his thighs and then he gave it to her.  Longer and harder than he’d ever fucked anyone before.  He took her to climax after climax.  His cock was ram-rod hard.  He could feel the back pressure built up to
screaming pitch.  He met her mouth with his own, his mind melded fully with hers and then they both erupted.  Spasms of intense pleasure that engulfed bodies and minds.  Ares gulped a breath and relocated them to their four poster bed.  The orgasm continued until they were both almost insensible. Finally they both flopped, sweaty and sated onto the sheets beneath them.

Eirene eventually looked up, “Neat trick!”

Ares nuzzled her breasts,  “Can’t fly and come at the same least not, then!”

Eirene stroked his damp head, “That was incredible!”


Eirene knew when Ares couldn’t talk, it had been spectacular for him.  She felt completely worn out herself.  As she began to drift off to sleep in the after-glow, she could hear soft, contented snoring coming from close to her breasts.   A delighted smile drifted across her lips.