By Erin

Setting down the bucket of soapy water, Iolaus looked around the mess hall. He sighed in frustration. "This is so hopeless." The place was a disaster. There was no way he was going to have it cleaned in time.

The other cadets had already left, wanting to take full advantage of the three day vacation. Jason had business to take care of in Corinth and Hercules had gone to see his mother. They'd both offered to stay and help but Iolaus hadn't let them. They were his friends and he'd wanted them to have their vacations, not be stuck at the academy cleaning the place.

"I must be a total idiot," the young man muttered to himself. Now he wished he had accepted their help; this was just too big of a job for one person.

Two nights ago he'd gotten caught sneaking back into the Academy long after curfew and this was his punishment. He'd had a date and at the time he'd thought it was worth running the risk of being caught. He couldn't believe how wrong he'd been.

The girl had been incredibly beautiful but that was the only thing she had going for her. She'd been boring, vain, stupid, and worst of all, at least to Iolaus' way of thinking, she'd refused to do more than kiss him. He'd been hoping for *something* more, but he'd ended up seriously disappointed.

So now he was paying the price for a date he wished he'd never had. Cheiron had told him he could leave when he finished cleaning everything but Iolaus had been working since sunup and there was still so much to do. He could already tell that he'd be spending his entire vacation here.

"This bites," the young man grumbled. "I can't believe I gotta do this! Maybe no one would notice if I just left for a while, went on down to Kora's or something." He shook his head in resignation. "With my luck Cheiron would be there again, then I'd really be in for it. Gods! I'd rather be doing *anything* but this!"

"Is that right?"

Iolaus spun around, looking for whoever had spoken but there was no one in sight.

"Who's there?" he called. The deep voice had sounded vaguely familiar but he couldn't quite place it.

"So what exactly do you mean by 'anything'?"

Iolaus turned around again but still didn't see anyone although the voice had sounded closer. Then an idea occurred to him.

"Herc, if that's you then knock it off -- it's not funny," he called out. He really wasn't so certain it was his friend. Hercules had never sounded so...powerful.

"Let's leave that little brat out of this, shall we?"

This time the voice was right behind him. Iolaus turned around, again expecting to find nothing. Instead, he found himself staring at a silver-studded leather vest over an impressively-muscled chest. Quickly backing away a few steps he looked up and saw the God of War watching him with obvious amusement.

"Ares, um, hi, nice to see you." He managed to sound cheerful and even smile a little. He was frightened but he'd be damned if he was going to show it.

Ares smirked. "You didn't answer my question," he said. "What did you mean by 'anything'?"

"Oh, that. Well, I don't know. I was thinking something like going out with Kora, maybe going to Corinth, hang out with Jason for a while." Iolaus shrugged, trying his best to appear casual and unconcerned about being in the presence of a god who probably intended to hurt him. A lot.

"You don't have much of an imagination, do you?" Ares said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Iolaus had a great imagination but at the moment he wished he didn't. His mind was coming up with all sorts of frightening pictures of what Ares might do to him and he would've been perfectly happy not thinking about them.

"What d'you want?" he asked. He really wasn't in the mood to be toyed with by a sadistic god.

"Nice and direct -- good," Ares said approvingly. "I'm bored. I'm looking for some entertainment. Seems to me you're in the same situation. I think we something for each other." His smirk changed a bit; it almost looked like a real smile now.

That really made Iolaus nervous. He wasn't sure which was worse, Ares being bored or Ares looking to him for entertainment. He was pretty certain Ares' idea of "entertainment" didn't coincide with his own.  Actually he really didn't want to know what the god considered "fun"; he just wanted out of there.

"Hey, sorry you're bored but I can't help you. Pretty sure Discord or Strife could though -- they'd probably be real happy to help you start a war or whatever it is you do for fun. So, say hi to them for me and see ya later. *Way* later," Iolaus added under his breath as he backed away.


It was an order although Ares' tone reflected exasperation instead of the anger Iolaus expected. He obeyed, hoping he didn't look as frightened as he was feeling. Ares could kill him with a thought but he figured he might as well go out on his feet instead of slinking away like a coward.

"If either Discord or Strife interested me I wouldn't be here," Ares pointed out as he closed the distance between them in two strides.

Okay, so Ares' own family couldn't keep him entertained. That didn't sound good to Iolaus. If they couldn't do anything then what could Ares possibly want...*interested*? His eyes widened slightly as the possible connotations of that registered with him. Ares and Discord? Ares and *Strife*?

"Oh man, I did *not* need those images," Iolaus muttered to himself.

He quickly turned his thoughts away from those pictures. Instead he focused on what else Ares might have meant. That just didn't seem possible though -- he had to be misinterpreting things. Before he could think it through any further he was distracted by the feel of a large hand sliding up over his shoulder. He met Ares' eyes just as the god griped the back of his neck and pulled him forward. Pressed up against the hard, muscled body of the god Iolaus knew there was no way he was misinterpreting anything here.

"You're not paying attention," Ares said, sliding his other arm around the younger man's waist.

"Oh, yeah I am, *believe* me." Iolaus had to force his voice above a shocked whisper. How in Hades could he *not* be paying attention?

He really didn't understand what was going on. Ares couldn't possibly have any *real* interest him. This had to be a part of some plan the god had devised to hurt Hercules. There was no other explanation. Any further thoughts he had on the subject were scattered then as Ares' lips covered his.

Iolaus stiffened in shock. This couldn't be happening. It just couldn't.

Ares pulled back only enough to allow clear speech. "Relax," he whispered, his lips brushing over Iolaus'. "I'm not going to bite. Unless of course you're into that."

Before Iolaus could reply Ares was kissing him again. The shock of the situation was gradually wearing off but the confusion still remained. He couldn't believe Ares was serious about this -- how could he be? How could the God of War have any interest in him? And how did Ares learn to kiss like that?

Iolaus was surprised to realize that his eyes were closed and his hands were resting on Ares' hips. He didn't remember doing any of that. But then the pressure of the god's mouth on his own increased and without thinking he parted his lips, all further considerations disappearing as Ares' tongue met his.

Ares drew him impossibly closer. Iolaus could feel every inch of the god's body against his own, the muscles, the leather, way, *no* man was *that* big, no mortal man at least. But then, this was hardly a mortal man.

He stiffened again when he felt Ares' hand moving down his back but this time the god didn't stop. Iolaus' attention was torn between the incredible way Ares was kissing him and the feeling of the god's hand sliding over his ass. He wasn't at all prepared for it when Ares suddenly thrust against him, grinding that impossibly big leather-covered cock against him. Iolaus heard himself moan, felt his own cock starting to respond to the stimulation. That was enough to shock him back into some semblance of rational thought.

Ares was deliberately moving fast, not giving him time to think. He couldn't let that happen. He had to use his head--check that, he had to use his mind here or he was going to get into serious trouble. Yeah. Like he wasn't there already.

Iolaus couldn't suppress another moan as Ares continued to rock against him. His own cock was showing some serious interest in the situation, getting harder by the second. His hands slid up and around the god's waist seemingly of their own volition and he was returning Ares' kisses with increasing enthusiasm. Gods, it felt good. *Way* too good. He couldn't just lay there and give in without questioning Ares about his motivations.

Lay there?

Dragging his attention away from the sensation of Ares' cock thrusting against him, Iolaus was able to confirm by feel alone that, yes, he was indeed laying down on something relatively comfortable. What in Hades was going on?

Opening his eyes he turned his head away, breaking the kiss. Trying not to be distracted by the feel of Ares' lips on his neck the younger man looked at his surroundings with growing confusion. They were in the barracks. More specifically, in Iolaus' bed. He had no doubt the god was responsible for the change in location but it bothered him that he couldn't recall it happening.

"I don't get it," Iolaus whispered.

"What? You'd rather I just bent you over the nearest table?" Ares asked, humor in his deep voice.

That comment brought Iolaus right back to reality. He'd been completely caught up in the pleasure of the moment, giving no thought at all to Ares' intentions. He should have known.

"You know, all you have to do is say 'no' and I'm gone," Ares said casually.

Iolaus almost forgot to breathe as Ares rocked against him again.

"I--I can't *think* when you do that!" the younger man protested.

"I know." Ares' smile made him even more seductive. After a few moments, he frowned slightly. "Oh, now that's interesting." He wet his lips with the tip of his tongue, a movement the mortal beneath him couldn't help but follow with his eyes.

"What?" Iolaus said, his eyes focused on the god's lips, swollen from their kissing.

"You've never done this before."

Iolaus' eye's snapped up meeting Ares'. "Of course I have -- lots of times!" he automatically protested.

Ares just raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, a few times," Iolaus amended.

The other eyebrow went up.

"Once," said Iolaus.

One corner of Ares' mouth turned up in a slight smirk.

"I've thought about it a lot?"

Now it was a true smirk.

"All right, fine, I *did* think about it. Once. Kinda," Iolaus sighed.  "I can't believe I'm laying here admitting that I'm a vir--" he was cut off by Ares' lips on his.

After a few seconds Ares drew back. "Well you're not going to be for much longer," he whispered. "so unless you're going to tell me to leave, shut up. Do you want me to leave?"

Iolaus didn't know what to say. He knew what he should say. He should tell Ares to leave. It was the right thing to do. On the other hand his body was screaming at him to do just the opposite. As usual it wasn't a contest.

"No," the younger man said quietly. "No." His hands, still on Ares' shoulders, pulled the god down into another long kiss.

Iolaus still had plenty of questions but they would have to wait. It was getting too difficult to think. However, one question did manage to make it through the lust clouding his mind.

"How--how'd we get--here?" he asked between kisses.

"Same way I do this," Ares replied, then he snapped his fingers.

The younger man gasped as their clothing suddenly disappeared.

"Convenient, huh? Now, no more talking." Ares kissed him hard.

Iolaus couldn't have agreed more. Talking was way too much trouble. It was far easier to just feel. And could he ever feel! He slid his hands down Ares' back, pulling him closer, loving the sensation of the god's skin against his own. Ares was moving against him again and this time Iolaus couldn't help but thrust up in response -- it just felt so damn good.

Hearing Ares' low growl of encouragement he dug his fingers into the muscles of the god's back and continued to thrust against him, harder and faster as he felt the pleasure start to peak. Suddenly Ares drew back. Before Iolaus could think clearly enough to wonder what was wrong Ares was flipping him over onto his stomach.

"Ares..?" He tried to push himself up but Ares' hand on the back of his neck stopped him.

"No talking, remember?"

As Iolaus felt the warmth of the god's breath near his ear, an involuntary shiver went through him. He nodded in response, still not quite believing he was in this situation. He'd have to deal with that later. Right then the feel of Ares' hand moving down his back was occupying all of his attention.

Moaning, he closed his eyes as that hand moved to his ass, sliding over it almost...possessively. Iolaus didn't want to think about the  implications of that. He could feel both of the god's hands on him, moving farther down, over the backs of his thighs. Then Ares' hands were gripping his hips, lifting him up.

Iolaus gasped as he felt the suddenly-slick head of Ares' cock push into him, stretching him painfully. Before the pain really had a chance to register, however, it changed, turning quickly to pleasure. He didn't understand and he didn't care -- he just wanted more. He tried to push back against Ares but the god's hands tight on his hips prevented the movement. He heard Ares chuckle, a low, seductive sound, then the god pushed the rest of the way into him. Expecting pain, Iolaus cried out in reaction to the incredible pleasure that shot through him --  pleasure that continued to grow as Ares began thrusting hard into him.

Eyes tightly shut, Iolaus felt Ares' fingers digging into his hips, the hard cock pounding into him. He heard his own harsh breathing and the moans escaping from between clenched teeth.

"Gods..!" He couldn't suppress the soft cry as Ares' hand moved from his hip to his cock.

He barely managed to keep from crying out again as Ares thrust harder, the god's hand working the younger man's cock in the same quick, rough rhythm. Iolaus tasted blood and some part of his mind, the part that wasn't overcome by pleasure, realized that he'd bitten into his lip. He didn't care. He couldn't. Not when he was about to come harder than he ever had in his life.

Ares' hand tightened around his cock and Iolaus couldn't hold back the near-scream that was ripped from his throat as his body tensed, clenching around the hard cock buried deep in his ass. Behind him he heard Ares cry out, felt the god coming inside him.

When he could think again, Iolaus found himself pinned to the bed beneath the weight of Ares' body. It wasn't all that uncomfortable; in fact he thought he could fall asleep nicely right there.

"Not bad."

Ares' voice was muffled against the younger man's shoulder but the words were clear enough. Iolaus couldn't believe he'd just heard that. The most intense sexual experience of his life and Ares was dismissing it as "not bad".

" to be kidding.." he mumbled. "..incredible."

"Adequate," Ares corrected.

Before Iolaus could protest the god's assessment any further, he felt Ares' lips on his shoulder, moving towards the back of his neck. He shivered when he felt the god's tongue flick briefly over his sweat-slicked skin. Ares couldn't possibly want...he did. Iolaus could feel the god's cock, still inside him, hardening again.

He made a small sound of disbelief, drawing a chuckle of amusement from Ares.

"Oh, we're far from through here, Iolaus," the god whispered.

The younger man couldn't help but moan as he felt Ares' tongue caress the back of his ear. Despite his exhaustion he was starting to feel the stirrings of arousal once again. It seemed impossible; however he was beginning to learn that nothing was impossible where Ares was concerned. He just hoped he survived the lesson.


Iolaus opened his eyes with a groan. Gods, he felt like he'd been run over by a chariot. A couple dozen times. Remembering why he felt that way brought a slight smile to his face. It had certainly been one hell of a ride.

He'd never learned the origin Ares' sudden interest. That would've required asking questions, and after that first time Iolaus had forgotten everything except the pleasure. It hadn't been difficult: whoever would've thought that the God of War was such a good lover?

He briefly wondered where Ares was. He managed to push himself up enough to glance around the room but wasn't surprised to see no sign of the god. Ares had gotten what he'd wanted. There was no reason for him to stay, and that was fine with Iolaus. He didn't think he would've been able to explain it if Cheiron or someone had returned unexpectedly and Ares had still been there. That would've been an...interesting scene.

He chuckled slightly at the image of him trying to explain away the presence of a god in his bed. The humor vanished abruptly though as another thought occurred to him.

"Oh, gods..." the young man whispered, closing his eyes and letting his face drop back down onto the pillow.

Reality, Iolaus decided, was a bitch, and she had a mean right hook.

What in Tartarus had he been *thinking*? *Had* he been thinking? How could he have done this? With *Ares* of all people? After everything the god had tried to do to Hercules -- and Iolaus had just given into him with barely a protest. Why hadn't he told the god to take a hike? What in Hades name was wrong with him?

He didn't know. He couldn't explain why he'd done what he'd done, not to himself and he certainly wouldn't be able to explain it to anyone else. But to keep it a secret? If he did that Ares might just up and decide some day to use it against him. Iolaus wasn't at all sure he wanted to take that risk. But the other alternative would almost certainly cost him his friendship with Hercules and Jason, and he knew he didn't want that. But he didn't even know how to bring up the subject.

Iolaus laughed humorlessly as a thought crossed his mind. "Hey, Herc; I just fucked your half-brother Ares. So how was your vacation?" Somehow he didn't think that was the right approach. Actually he didn't think there *was* a right approach to this situation.

That really only left him with one option. He wouldn't say a word about it. He'd have to hope that Ares would decide that it wasn't worth mentioning next time he had a confrontation with Hercules. It was a bad risk, he knew that, but at the moment it sure looked better than the alternative.

"Gods, Iolaus, how do you get yourself into these situations?" he muttered to himself.

He didn't know the answer to that. He was beginning to think he never would.

The End