By Foxmonkey

 If you haven't read 'Power Game' by Marina, I urge you to do so.  Great story, and used here as a  bit of background for my story.  Thank you, Marina.

Hercules smiled in his sleep, dreaming of past loves; impossible scenarios that only took place in dreams.   He shifted as his cock stiffened.  His body twitched and one large hand briefly massaged his crotch.

Across the campfire, the new Iolaus watched his new friend thoughtfully.  So much like the Sovereign...and nothing like him.  In his world, the Sovereign's imposing size had been used to a terrifying advantage.  He took what he wanted, when he wanted and from whomever he pleased.  In contrast, this Hercules was a gentle bear of a man, using his outsized strength only to help others.  He'd seen so much recent sadness in his life; but judging by the smile on his face and the bulge in his pants the man was able to find not only peace but pleasure in his dreams.

Iolaus glanced around their campsite.   He'd been with Hercules for a couple of weeks now, and was just getting used to the routine.  They hadn't done much fighting, thank goodness - he wasn't very good at it.  He was small but muscular from the acrobatic and gymnastic training for his jester's job;  Hercules had been teaching him to use that training to his advantage when fighting.  He had to admit that it felt good to help someone out instead of running away.

He took another look around; he was restless.  He'd start breakfast, that would keep him occupied for awhile.  He glanced over at Hercules, had a thought and blushed.  He rubbed his crotch with his wrist, tried to get his mind on other things.  He had a couple of inventions he wanted to work on...he looked again at his friend.  Hercules was a handsome man, with a strong honest face and wide blue eyes.  Iolaus smiled, looking at the little cleft in his chin.  And the way his honey-brown hair framed his face...Iolaus shook his head.  What was wrong with him, he was acting like a lovesick girl!  But it made sense, didn't it?  He owed the man his life, and more.  No one had ever been so nice to him, ever.  Well, Ares the god of Love had tried, but he made Iolaus nervous for some reason.

He smiled.  He knew something he could do, he had done it countless times before.  He used to do it for the Sovereign, and he wasn't very nice about it at all.  But he knew Hercules would be different.  He moved quickly and quietly.

 The smell of cooking eggs lured Hercules from sleep.  Half-awake, he stretched his big frame.  He smiled, remembering his dreams.  His smile deepened when he realized he had a raging hard-on.  He started to unlace his pants to free his erection, but stopped suddenly.  He was fully awake now and remembered that he wasn't with *his* Iolaus anymore, this was the new Iolaus.  He still wasn't able to masturbate freely in front of this man as he had with his old friend.

He remembered the first time his boyhood friend had caught him in the act.  He had just reached puberty and an erection was new to him.  It seemed he was always running behind bushes, jumping into a stream or climbing some impossibly tall tree every few minutes.  If someone kicked a ball into the woods he always volunteered to go get it; the other kids could never understand what took him so long to retrieve it.  On just such an occasion Iolaus had tired of waiting and had gone to see what had happened to his friend.  He found Hercules leaning against a tree, pulling his penis for all he was worth.  Iolaus had started to laugh, but choked it back.  Instead, he played older and wiser.

"Fuck, Herc, can't you do anything right?"  Iolaus had begun cursing a few months before and found he liked it.  "Here, this is how you do it. You don't just yank on it.  Watch."  Hercules had been startled enough to be caught in the act; now his best friend was skinning down his pants to show him how it was properly done!

Hercules laughed aloud at the memory.  He glanced across the fire at the new Iolaus, at the fear and doubt that constantly lurked in his eyes.  What a completely fucked-up life he must have led, to borrow one of the old Iolaus' sayings.

"Good morning."  Hercules smiled.

Iolaus smiled, a little shyly.  "Good morning."  Deciding to just do it, not give Hercules a chance to say no,  Iolaus knelt and began unlacing his pants.  Hercules' eyebrows shot up in surprise.  "I used to do it for the Sovereign, so I'm used to it," Iolaus offered.  "I don't mind, really; I want you to."  He pushed his pants down to his knees and turned his back to Hercules.  He then put his hands on the ground in front of him.

Hercules was surprised, and definitely turned on.  "Iolaus," he began.  He couldn't stop staring.  His friend had a beautiful body.

"I want you to," Iolaus said softly. "Please?"

How many times had he looked at that compact, muscular frame and wondered, briefly, what it would be like to make love to him?  He didn't love him, not in that way;  he didn't *think* he did.  Now he wasn't sure.  He'd cried many nights after his friend died, with a vague, unformed regret heavy in his heart.  Regret that he'd never admitted his true feelings for his best friend?  Perhaps.   But it certainly wouldn't be right to use this Iolaus to ease his grief.  Would it?  With a great deal of effort, Hercules shook his head.

"I...I don't want to use you like the Sovereign did, it's not right.  You don't have to do this, you're free of that place.  I'm not the Sovereign, I'm nothing like him.  You don't have to be afraid.  I'm never going to hurt you."

Iolaus looked around at Hercules, then down at the ground.  "I know, that's why I want you to do this.  I've never been loved.  That way, I mean.  I've been raped and I've been beaten...I've been beaten and *then* raped..." he trailed off.  "Women don't want anything to do with a jester.  Not on my world anyway.  I just want to be loved by someone who cares for me.  And I think that you do, as a friend I mean."

Hercules smiled.  "You know I do."

"So do this."  Iolaus' eyes held a look of soft pleading.

*What would I do if  he were a woman?*  Hercules thought to himself.  That was different, women tended to want to get involved afterward.  He was pretty sure that Iolaus was just feeling lost and a little alone and probably glad to live a life without a daily dose of fear.

"Iolaus, you don't owe me anything.  I help people, it's what I do.  And even if  I did expect some sort of payment, it wouldn't be this."  His cock was thinking otherwise.

Iolaus sat now on his heels, still naked.  He watched Hercules, unaware of the very attractive picture he presented in the faint light of the new day.  His erect cock jutted proudly between his thighs, neglected, as he tried to read Hercules' expression.  His hair, still sleep-tousled, curled in a golden halo around his head.

 Hercules wanted his new partner badly, he always had.  He'd been so attracted to his old friend that it had scared him.  Confused by his feelings, he had turned every awkward moment into a gentle joke, a punch on the shoulder, or an opportunity to run away.  Now a new Iolaus had dropped into his life.  Could he be getting a second chance?  They had only known each other a few weeks and already he cared deeply for the former jester.

*What is it about this man that I love so much?*  Hercules wondered.  The slightly rugged face that still held a trace of boyishness, the silly lopsided grin that revealed a chipped front tooth...those honest blue eyes that weren't afraid to look directly into his?

Hercules stood, tried not to look too eager as he started to undress.  He smiled and tossed his vest to his friend.  "Here, put this under your knees, at least."

Iolaus seemed pleased and relieved.  He took the opportunity to rid himself of his pants.  "Do you want to be in my mouth first?  I've done that too."

Hercules' eyebrows raised again, and he couldn't stop a smile.  "Actually, that would be great."

Iolaus was aroused, which had never happened with the Sovereign.  Ever.  He watched Hercules unbuckle and untie his pants, slide them off his hips and down his long legs.  Iolaus recognized that big cock.  It was fully erect and swaying gently as the big man moved.  Iolaus watched it, mesmerized, as Hercules sat on the ground in front of him, his back against a tree.

"I tend to get weak in the knees.  Is this good?"

In answer, Iolaus lightly flicked his tongue over the head of the cock, caressed the little slit.  He was surprised at how much he enjoyed taking Hercules in his mouth.  There had been neither joy nor love in it with the Sovereign.  It was "suck my cock or else, you bastard," then a cuff on the ear.  He found he actually liked the taste and smell of Hercules' secret places.  He was so nice and clean.

Hercules watched as the blond head slowly rose and fell on his cock, gentle hands caressed his scrotum.  *Yes, this feels right.*  He suffered deliciously through a few more languid strokes, then raised Iolaus' head.  "On your back," he whispered.

Iolaus pointed to his pack, since Hercules was closer.  "Small brown jar inside," he said softly.  "There's oil in it."  He was always prepared.

Hercules rummaged quickly through the pack, the contents of which were nothing like his Iolaus' possessions.  He found the jar and uncorked it.  Dripping some of the oil on his fingers, he turned to see that Iolaus was on his back, his eyes twinkling.  He was having a good time, Hercules realized.  He was enjoying himself.

Hercules gently spread a little of the oil on the ring of  Iolaus' center; a groan of pleasure escaped the smaller man.  He then slipped a couple of fingers gently inside, made sure his friend was lubricated.  Iolaus' eyes were closed, a blissful smile on his face.  Taking a little more of the oil in his palm, Hercules lubricated his cock.  He positioned himself above Iolaus, and for just a moment, looked down into that familiar/unfamiliar face which was looking up at him, so hopeful and trusting and expectant.  He leaned down, kissed his partner softly.  Iolaus met him eagerly, his tongue exploring Hercules'.  The demi-god's long hair made a soft curtain around their heads.   Lost in the kiss, Hercules almost forgot that he was on the verge of fucking the man.  Almost.  He pulled away, smiling.

"Let's have some fun," he whispered.  He positioned the head of his cock, eased it into the warm hole. "Yesssss," he moaned.  He closed his eyes, moving.  "Yes, yes, yes..."  It had been months since he'd had his hips between a pair of open legs and it felt fucking *amazing.*  His breathing was ragged and he felt that sweet familiar tension already beginning to build.  *Not yet!*  But it felt too good to slow down.  He wanted the feeling to go on for hours, but he wanted that feeling of release even more.  It was beautiful agony.  Iolaus wrapped his legs around Hercules' waist and slowly ran his hands over his friend's muscular body.  Hercules thought both *Yes!* and *Nonono, too much!* as Iolaus explored his frame.

"The Sovereign never let me touch him," Iolaus whispered softly.  "He was mean, but he was beautiful like you."

Hercules moaned deep in his throat as Iolaus' hands trailed teasingly feather-soft across his skin.  He began thrusting harder, faster.  When Iolaus' gently questing fingers made connection with his erect nipples, the big man hit sensory overload.  He groaned in satisfaction as he erupted into his friend.  He was still for a moment, then withdrew and rolled over on his back beside Iolaus.

"That...was...wonderful," he panted.  He glanced over at Iolaus, still on his back.  He was smiling, even blushing a little.

"I'm glad I pleased you.  It was nice for me, too."

Hercules noticed a wet spot on Iolaus' chest, then realized he'd never once touched his friend's cock.  It had all been for *his* pleasure.  "Did you...?"  He motioned to the wetness.

Iolaus laughed, lowering his eyes and swiping at the semen on his chest.  This time he *did* blush.  "The Sovereign didn't like it if know...touched myself, so I trained myself to...come...from whatever pleasant stimulation was being given.  If any."

Hercules felt enormous guilt for ignoring the other man's needs.  He rolled over on his side and looked Iolaus over carefully.  "I'm sorry I neglected you. Next time *you're* the center of attention, ok?"

There was that hesitation and small dot of fear again just before Iolaus smiled and nodded.  Hercules determined to get the haunted look off that face he knew so well but was just beginning to know.

* * *

Ares sat in his temple, watching the proceedings with interest.  Gazing through a portal, his cock was rock hard, pushing against the black leather of his pants.  He admired Hercules' strong body.  *Beauty does run in the family,* he thought.  He usually didn't think so kindly of Hercules, but he had never watched him fucking a man before, either.  Fucking his little buddy, no less.  Ooops, correction, the Otherworld version of the blond pest.  He preferred women himself, but enjoyed the occasional tussle with some like-minded warlord.  Men were sturdier than women, they didn't mind as much if you bit them, wrestled a little, or got them in weird muscle-twisting positions.  He glanced at Iolaus.  Nicely built but too small; not his speed.  Now brother dear, that was a different matter.

Being a god, incest bothered him not in the least;  his parents, Zeus and Hera, were siblings.  Between bouts of mutual disgust, he and little sister Aphrodite got it on every few months or so, and he fucked his sister Discord as well, usually when he hadn't seen her in awhile and had forgotten how truly annoying she could be.

Ares gazed into Hercules' face as he labored above Iolaus.  No wonder half of Greece was in love with him.  That face, that body...Ares rose from his throne as Hercules came into his friend.

They hadn't had a good knockdown-drag out in a while, which (despite his rages to the contrary) Ares thoroughly enjoyed.  He liked to let Hercules think that he was oh-so-close to getting the best of him.  Truth was, he could have squashed the demi-god flat with the bat of an eyelash.

The god's dark amber eyes lit up then with an idea.  A nice little fight, with a twist.  He could see it now, a grab here, a touch there.  He was surprised that he'd never thought of it before.  It would be hilarious, kicking the shit out of  Hercules and turning him on at the same time.

Part 2
Hercules and Iolaus walked quickly, energized by their morning romp.  Iolaus was whistling, and every now and then he would perform a few lines from one of  his jester routines.  They were mildly funny and Hercules laughed, but mostly he just smiled, watching Iolaus perform a little physical comedy.  It was a beautiful day and they were both in good spirits.  For the first time since he arrived in this world Iolaus actually looked happy.

They were on their way to see Hercules' half-brother Iphicles, the king of Corinth.  Their mother and Iphicles' wife had died within months of each other; the king had taken the deaths very hard.  When Iolaus died not long after, Iphicles had nearly gone mad with grief.  Hercules suspected there was some history there that neither Iolaus nor his brother had shared with him, but he hadn't asked.  For this reason, Hercules wanted to personally tell the king about the Otherworld Iolaus.  Hercules smiled, thinking of that morning's events.  Iphicles might find the surprise a little easier to bear, after all.

Watching them through the portal, Ares sipped a goblet of wine, thinking.  *Mmmm.*  He watched Hercules walk the path, admiring the gentle swing of the big man's shoulders and hips as he moved.  Ares rubbed himself slightly, brcoming even more aroused.  He had been in a great mood since spying on the demi-god.   Such a good mood, in fact, that he had decided he wouldn't torment the little idiot at Hercules' side.

A flash of color caught Ares attention; he sat up straighter on his throne.  No, no, no!  The moron was *juggling*!  Ares scowled.  *All juggling must cease!*  He conjured up a wild little breeze and blew the balls out of the jester's hands.  He had to laugh; the look of surprise on the small man's face was priceless.  Now *that* was funny.  When Iolaus bent to pick up his balls, the god couldn't resist scattering them madly with another gust.  He was belly laughing by this time.  Iolaus stooped once more, trying to scoop up his errant props.  Ares flicked a finger and Iolaus went sprawling.  The god dropped his goblet; he was laughing so hard that his immortal ribs ached.  He'd had his fun; he'd leave the clown alone for awhile.

Ares wiped his eyes, his chuckles dying down as he considered all of the interesting things he could do to Hercules.  *Where to begin*? he mused.  He spied an abandoned farmhouse not too much further down the road.  He smiled.  It was a cliche, but damn, it was a good one.  He brewed up a few dark clouds just to get their attention.  Nothing too ominous.

Hercules looked up.  "I thought we'd get through one day without a spring shower."

Iolaus grinned, also looking overhead. "I guess today's not that day."

Ares smiled, rolled a little far-off rumbling over the landscape.  He tried not to overdo it; he didn't want to spring the trap too early.  He sent a few gentle drops down to wet their faces...just a few.

"Maybe it won't be too bad," Hercules said.

A few more steps so they could see the farmhouse...Ares let loose with a hard -driving thundershower.

"Herc!  Farmhouse!" Iolaus yelled above the thunder.  Both men began to run, ducking into the shack just as Ares cracked a lightning bolt overhead.

Rain drummed on the roof of the house, but it was sound.  No leaks to dodge, and they were out of the wind and rain.

"I don't know about you, but I'm getting out of these clothes," Hercules said.  His leather pants were soaked, and were quite uncomfortable.  He had to peel the wet garments from his body.

"There's a fireplace, I'll build a fire," Iolaus offered.  There were broken scraps of furniture lying about; he soon had a nice pile of wood on the hearth and was teasing flames out of a little kindling he carried in his pack.  He grinned as the fire caught.

"Warmth!"  Hercules smiled.  Stripped to the skin, he stood in front of the fire, drying himself.  "You're a good man to have around," he complimented Iolaus.

The jester glanced at Hercules through lowered eyelashes; he didn't want to get caught staring.  He undressed quickly, set their clothes in front of the flickering flames.  He stood next to his friend, and they both stretched luxuriously.  He was starting to get hard; he hoped Hercules might get some ideas.  Hercules glanced down at Iolaus' gradually stiffening cock.

*Just what I had in mind,* Ares thought.

Iolaus stroked himself lightly.  "This doesn't bother you, does it?  I mean, you're bound to see me if we're going to be together all the time."

Hercules smiled.  "I don't mind.  If you don't mind if I watch."

Iolaus blushed.  "I don't mind."

*Like they weren't fucking their brains out two hours ago!*  Ares thought incredulously.  *Mortals.*  He watched the two men standing in the warm firelight.  He smiled as Hercules moved closer to Iolaus, bent to kiss him on the neck, reached down to gently take the other man's cock in his huge fist.  He pumped it slowly, and stepping behind Iolaus, moved against him in rhythm as he fisted his cock.  Eyes closed, Iolaus said nothing.  His lips were open slightly.

*You could give the bastard a blowjob, at least,* Ares chastised Hercules mentally.  *Well, I'm about to teach you some manners.*

Iolaus moaned softly as his hips pumped into Hercules' fist.  Hercules stopped any movement of his own to let his lover use his hand as a fuckable opening.  Suddenly Iolaus' mouth fell open and there was a hiss of steam as his come jettisoned into the fire.  The jester stood a moment, a little out of breath.

Hercules, giving Iolaus' deflating cock a gentle squeeze, bent to whisper in his ear.  "Next time in my mouth."  Hercules' cock was now hard and needed release of its own.  He nuzzled his friend's neck.  *Show time,* Ares thought.

"Hey boys, I have a big cock; can I play?"

Startled, Hercules and Iolaus nearly jumped out of their skins when Ares materialized.  Hercules felt rising rage and sinking embarrassment at being caught with his pants off, with his friend.

Iolaus gaped at this world's War god, still unused to seeing the twin version of his god of Love all trussed up in black leather.  Although, he had to admit, the god looked damned fine with facial hair.

"I'm not your stinking *Love* god," Ares growled in Iolaus' direction.  He turned to Hercules.  "Haven't seen you in awhile, I got concerned.  Family should keep in touch, you know."  He strolled to the chair that held their wet clothes.  He looked from their clothes to their naked bodies.  "Now why do I suddenly feel over-dressed?"  He chuckled at their discomfort.

"What do you want, Ares?" Hercules demanded.  He had finally found his voice.

Ares looked hurt.  "I have to have a reason to visit?"  He walked casually around the small room, peeked into neglected corners.  "Actually, I caught your opener this morning.  You didn't think I'd miss the second act, did you?"

Hercules was livid.  "That was private, you had no right."

"As a god and a caring big brother, I have *every* right."  It was harder to goad a naked Hercules into a fight, Ares was discovering.  He closed the distance between the two of them, stood toe to toe.  Hercules was just slightly taller.  Ares brought his voice down to a low, sexy murmur.

"You know, I really enjoyed killing the Sovereign.  When I sank my knife into his gut, I imagined it was you."  He dropped his voice a little more.  "It almost made me come."

"What...?" Hercules' jaw dropped.  It was the last thing he'd expected Ares to say.

Ares grinned.  "If I could kill him, I can kill you.  Has that ever crossed your mind?"

Hercules *had* thought about it.  He also wondered why Ares had killed the Sovereign.  "What did you gain by it?"  he asked.  "Was it just for fun?"

Ares thought of his hit-and-run with the Sovereign in that surreal Neitherplace between their worlds.  The bastard had bound him head to foot, raped him and beaten the shit out of him in the bargain.  His only regret about killing that psychotic fuck was that he hadn't had the foresight to give him a brutal ass-fuck and butt-kicking in return first.

He hadn't told anyone.  He'd *never* tell anyone.

"He deserved it," Ares said, gazing at his brother.  His voice had an odd, flat tone.  "He looked like you."

"*You...*" Iolaus whispered, his eyes wide.

When Iolaus had first found himself trapped in the Neitherplace, the Sovereign had been unusually festive.  He had raped one of the Olympian gods and told Iolaus about it repeatedly.  Using the jester in the unnamed god's place, the Sovereign had reenacted the savage attack several times.  He kept telling Iolaus how much fun it had been, that he had enjoyed it more than any other rape he'd committed.  Iolaus felt nauseous thinking about it; his eyes were red when he looked up.  A lifetime of pain and anger had come back to him.

 "He was an evil, evil man," Iolaus whispered, his voice trembling.  He and Ares shared a look.

"Yeah, he was a sick fuck, alright," Ares agreed.  *He knows.*  The god burned enraged eyes into the jester, silencing anything further with a killing look.

Hercules seethed.  "Was it necessary to bring that up?  I've been trying to get him to forget all that!"

"So protective!" Ares crooned.  He gave Hercules a wink.  "Can't say I blame you.  I wouldn't kick him out of bed before I fucked him."

Hercules stood nose to nose with the god.  When he spoke his voice held a menacing tone that Ares hadn't often heard him use.  "Leave Iolaus alone."

"Can you stop me?" Ares asked casually.

With a roar, Hercules lunged at the War god.  *Yes.*  Ares could have easily dodged the attack, but he leaned into it a  little and let his hand brush over Hercules' now-flaccid penis.  He took the brunt of the blow without losing ground, and caught Hercules around the shoulders.  Gods, he loved to fight!  He let Hercules struggle against him for a few seconds, time enough for Hercules to feel Ares' erect cock rubbing against his thigh.  In releasing the demi-god, Ares let his hand graze over Hercules' nipples, sweep ever-so-lightly against his cock again.

Hercules felt vulnerable without his pants; he'd had no idea his genitals were so much in the line of fire.  Ares had brushed them a couple of times and Zeus-be-damned if his cock wasn't inflating!  He was furious now.  How ridiculous must he look, getting an erection while fighting *Ares*, of all people?  It was the weirdest fight they had ever had, and it was ridiculously one-sided.  He knew that his best defense lay in letting Ares defeat him quickly.  He didn't like the idea of the god possibly getting a grip on his cock and forgetting to let go.  Feigning a miscalculated step, he let Ares hook an arm around his throat.

"I win, little brother," Ares whispered in his ear.  He pushed Hercules not-too-roughly face-first into the wall.  He stood close behind him, a bent elbow jammed between Hercules' shoulder blades.  Hercules realized that Ares wasn't really trying to hurt him - although it hurt - he was just keeping him pinned.

"Do you live your life just to torment me?" Hercules growled.  "Is this the high spot of your miserable existence?"  He could feel the god's muscular, leather-wrapped frame brushing against him slightly.  His skin was on fire; every touch no matter how non-sexual, was sending electric messages to his cock.  He was glad he was facing the wall.  Ares would taunt him for the rest of his life if he saw him now!  The god stepped even closer.  They were so near in height that their bodies matched, curve for curve, and Hercules was *very* aware that his naked ass was fitting quite nicely into the leather-covered saddle of Ares' pelvis, could feel the hard, warm curve of Ares' cock against him.  Thinking of it, and feeling the god's body and body heat, Hercules was now fully erect.  The strong elbow in his back was the only reminder that this wasn't a sexual encounter.  Or was it?  He was surprised to feel vaguely excited as Ares' chest pressed against him.

The War god leaned close to whisper in Hercules' ear, his dark hair tickled the neck and face of the captive man.  "How 'bout we put on a show for your friend?"

Hercules glanced at Iolaus, who had retreated against the wall facing them.  He was holding his pack in front of him as a shield for his nakedness.  He looked manic with fright.

"A show?  What kind of show?"   Ares shrugged.  The movement against his back sent shivers up Hercules' spine.  *Am I turned on?* he thought incredulously.  If a fight with Ares was turning him on, he needed to start having a few one-night stands.

"Something fun," Ares answered.

Hercules almost laughed.  "*Your* idea of fun wouldn't interest me."

Ares grinned.  "Trust me, Herc; you'll love this."

Suddenly the elbow was gone, but Ares had taken *another* step against him.  The god's powerful body was in full contact with his now, and Hercules had no choice but to flatten himself against the wall.  The two of them stood there for a moment, motionless.  Hercules felt Ares' breath warm on his neck. It smelled enticingly of cloves.  Braced for a blow, Hercules was startled to feel a soft kiss on his neck, then gentle nibbles, a little bite.  He was shocked speechless.

Part 3
Ares shifted a little, pressed his cock firmly against Hercules' perfect ass.  "How's that feel?" he murmured softly in Hercules' ear.  He caught the earlobe in his teeth, nibbling gently.  "You know why I like to fight with you?  Why I like bare-knuckle tavern fighting?  Ever wonder why I don't just blast the fuck out of you with a lightning ball?"  He was slowly running his hands over Hercules' smooth skin.  Feeling his biceps, the soft, creamy-pale skin on his side.  Ares traced the muscles of Hercules' back, caressed his neck.  He rubbed his knuckles lightly over the stubble on his brother's strong jawline, trailed down to the collarbone.  "Can you guess?"

Getting felt up by Ares was something Hercules had never imagined.  Getting dismembered by Ares, definitely.  But not this, not the wonderful rhythmic pressure against his naked ass, the god's strong hands exploring his body.  Hercules was finding it hard to think.  He could only see, hear, smell and feel Ares.  He had said something to him, what was it?  Hercules had lost track of the original question, he had been concentrating on the feel of Ares' flesh against his.

"What?"  *Something about fighting.*  "Why do you like to fight?"  It came out as a whisper.

 Ares chuckled, low and soft.  "I dig the contact, bro'.  This, skin on skin.  Specifically your skin on mine.  Or vice versa."  Ares pressed even closer.  His hand began a slow, silken descent down Hercules' softly furred chest, enjoying the feel of hard muscle, soft hair, warm skin.  He lightly caressed the pink-brown nipples, gently stroked them erect.  Kissing and lightly licking Hercules' neck and shoulders, Ares' hands explored the lower part of his brother's torso, traced the darkening line of hair below his navel.  This was much better than Ares had expected.  *We might have to fuck more and fight less,* he thought to himself, breathing in Hercules' clean, sweaty smell.  He thought again.  *Nah, strike that.  We'll fight more and fuck afterwards.*  The presssure in his cock was building.  Time for penetration.

The feel of Ares' pelvis grinding so slowly into his ass was driving Hercules pleasantly mad.  Against his will his hips pushed back slightly in answer to Ares' forward pressure, and he moved his head back a little and to the side to expose more of his neck to Ares' sensuous mouth.  His breath was coming fast.  It was unbelievable it, he was being seduced by Ares.  His eyes opened.  *Ares!*  He pushed back hard against the god, suddenly, tried to twist away.

Ares was annoyed, but only slightly.  "Hey!"  He body-slammed Hercules back into position.  "I'm trying to be nice!  If this is the way you're going to act, nice be damned."  He reinserted his elbow between Hercules' shoulder blades. "Now stop struggling, you're killing the mood."

Hercules thought wildly, *This can't be happening, this cannot be happening!*   "Ares," he began, almost frantic, "You've got to stop, we're family!  You can't do this!"  *Please don't touch my cock, if you do, there's no way I can tell you to stop.  Just don't touch me.*  He felt as well as heard the velvet laugh in his ear. Deep and throaty, Ares' voice made his cock jump a little in anticipation. *His voice was made for sex,* Hercules thought.

"You're looking at this the wrong way.  You ought to be glad that your handsome older brother wants to give you a hand job.' "  Hercules moaned a little when Ares said 'hand job.'  The god of War smiled. "That's what I thought.  I'm going to enjoy this.  You should too."   He was still moving slowly against the taller man; he ran his fingers through the tangle of honey curls at Hercules' crotch.  He wiped a little drop of moisture out of the tiny slit in Hercules' cock, touched it to his tongue. "You're as good as you look," he said softly.  He gently grasped Hercules'cock, began to fist it slowly.

 The initial contact brought a groan to Hercules' lips.  "Ares..." was all he could say.  He felt a twinge of guilt betraying his two deceased wives and his newly-consummated passion for Iolaus, but Ares' hand felt better than *anything* his cock had ever been in.

"See, I told you I could play nice."  Ares trailed his other hand slowly down Hercules' back until he cupped one muscular buttock. He parted the cheeks gently, ran his finger up and down the center.  Hercules moaned, arching his back, pushing his hips against Ares.  "You have a magnificent ass," Ares said softly.  "Runs in the family."  He chuckled, nuzzled Hercules' neck.  "I can't believe how much I want to fuck you," he murmured.  "May I fuck you, little brother?  You know you want it.  Don't you?  Hmmmm?  You want me, in your ass, fucking you," he whispered.  "Admit it."

Hercules growled, but this time it was with pleasure.  Ares was giving him the most exquisite hand job he'd ever had.  And he was right, the words 'little brother' had given him a scary thrill.  He was more aroused than he'd ever been.  It was the best sex he'd ever had; so perverse.  He did something he thought he never would - he turned his head, his lips slightly parted, his eyes half closed.  It was obvious what he wanted.

Ares was pleased.  "A kiss for Hercules."  He stopped fisting Hercules momentarily as their mouths met.

The demi-god melted into Ares' full lips.  *I want him,* he thought. *I'm fucking the god I've hated all my life and I love it.*  As their tongues explored each other, he placed his hand over Ares' to pump it again.  "Don't stop," Hercules whispered.  They moved a little, mutually molding their bodies more closely together.

Ares smiled, a drowsy, half-lidded smile.  "Feels good?" he asked.

Now Hercules did chuckle.  "What do you think?"

Surprised, Ares laughed, a real laugh with nothing mocking or evil in it.  "I think I need to visit you more often."

Hercules laughed, then moaned softly as another wave of pleasure washed over him.  *First we're fucking and now we're trading jokes.  This is the weirdest day I've ever had.*

"How do you feel about rough sex?"  Ares felt Hercules' body tense.  He kissed the nape of his neck softly.  "Relax, bro', I love to fight and I love to fuck but they are usually two separate things with me.  Earlier we were fighting..." he caressed Hercules' balls gently, " we're fucking."  Hercules moaned.  Ares gave his scrotum another gentle squeeze and went back to his swollen cock.  Hercules mewled with pleasure as he slowly relaxed again.

When he could trust his voice, Hercules asked, "So what do you mean by 'rough'?"

Ares had unlaced his pants, was sliding them down his thighs.  He took a breath; his huge cock was free and bouncing against Hercules' ass.

"I mean, I may bite you, but not take a chunk out of you.  Some extra-hard savage thrusting, that kind of thing.  Maybe twist your arms a little, make you uncomfortable."

"That's *fun*!?"

"You should try it."  He didn't plan to do any of these things but Hercules didn't have to know that.

Now Ares was sliding his naked cock against his ass and all Hercules could think was *Put it in, please put it in.*  Ares held out his hand, and they both watched as golden drops of oil dripped from nowhere onto Ares' strong fingers.  "Ambrosia oil," the god explained.  "Makes it *incredible*."

To Ares' surprise, Hercules shook his head.  "Just you.  No ambrosia oil enhancements."  He cocked his head, smiling.  "Well, maybe next time." He looked over his shoulder.  Their eyes met, wide blue, surprised deep brown.   Hercules tried to turn around.

"Nuh uh uh," Ares cautioned.

"I want to kiss you," Hercules said, his voice husky.  "This is awkward, trying to kiss you over my shoulder.  I'm turning around."

"No you're not.  Do the best you can."

Still looking into Ares' eyes, Hercules caught his brother's full lower lip between his teeth, slid his tongue over it, and then closed his eyes as he languidly slipped his tongue back inside Ares' mouth for another deep, insistent kiss.

Ares was momentarily stunned.  *Who the fuck is seducing who?* he thought, pleased, surprised and definitely ready to penetrate that ass.  He was going to come if this foreplay lasted much longer.  He finally pulled away from Hercules' lips.  "Very nice, brother, very nice," he said.  His breathlessness betrayed his excitement.  "Do you suck cock as well as you kiss?"

"I can try," Hercules said.  He gasped as Ares squeezed his cock gently, continued stroking.

"Maybe you will."  Now the air was scented with almond as a paler oil coated Ares' fingers.  "Look at your jack-in-the-box," he whispered to Hercules.  He gauged the slipperiness of his fingers.

The jester had been forgotten during the brothers' slow seduction.  His eyes were quite round, but he looked less frightened.  At first he'd felt sick, thinking he was about to witness a version of one of his own hellish rapes.  He knew - he thought he knew - that Hercules and Ares hated each other with a passion, so he was surprised at this turn of events.  He'd been confused, but mostly greatly relieved when he saw that Hercules and Ares actually seemed to be enjoying themselves.  He could understand the Sovereign's infatuation with Ares; with his black hair and night-colored eyes, the god of War had a sultry, dangerous beauty.

He had lowered the pack and was stroking himself.

Hercules spoke softly to his friend.  "Iolaus, are you alright?"

Iolaus wasn't sure.  "Are *you* alright?"

Hercules glanced down at his fully-extended cock, the length of which was being so masterfully manipulated in his brother's hand.  He closed his eyes, smiling.  "Never better."

"Well," Ares drawled, "If that's over, let's get back to business, shall we?"  He leaned close and nipped Hercules' ear.  He eased the well-formed cheeks apart, just wide enough to slide his oil-covered fingers in to probe.  A sharp intake of breath let him know that Hercules was enjoying it thoroughly.  He gently inserted a large finger, moved it in and out at the same pace as his hand strokes.  The double sensation of hand-fuck and ass-probe made Hercules groan with pleasure and  back his hips into Ares' hand.

"You want another one?" Ares asked.

Hercules could only nod.  Another dripping finger entered, began to move in and out.  The unbelievable pleasure in his cock hadn't built to that familiar tension; the waves swirled instead, building then retreating a little to build again.  "I should have come by now," Hercules said breathlessly.  "You're doing it."

"Yes I am.  Do you want me to stop?"

Once again Hercules laid his hand atop the god's, let it move along with his.  "No," he whispered.

Ares withdrew his fingers from Hercules' cheeks.  He held out his hand for more oil to lubricate his cock. Hercules stopped him.

"I'll get it wet for you."

Again a surprise.  Just the thought of his cock in Hercules' mouth was enough to take Ares to the brink.  He realized that he loved his brother as fiercely as he hated him.  *What a completely fucked-up family we are,* he thought.  *But we do know how to have fun.*  Hercules tried to turn but Ares stopped him.  "Careful," he warned.

"We're this close to fucking, you think I'd stop now?"

They met in a kiss, looking at each other through half-closed eyes.  Hercules hungrily attacked Ares' mouth, giving him a hard tongue-fuck.  Then, changing tactics, he sucked Ares' tongue gently as though it were his cock.  Unable to hold back any longer, the god spurted his seed as a powerful orgasm rocked him.  He covered Hercules' ass with it, shoved the head of his cock between the muscular cheeks as the last drops of his semen flowed out.  Shaking, he leaned against Hercules briefly.

"Let me turn around so I can see you," Hercules whispered.  "Please?"  He got no resistance from the god, so he turned. His heart was pounding.  He'd never seen Ares naked and was amazed at his powerful build.  He'd be incredibly strong even if he were mortal.

Ares smiled, watching the look of awe on Hercules' face as his eyes wandered over his body.   Hercules looked down at Ares' large cock, impressive even in its fading state.  His eyebrows raised.  Looking into Ares' eyes and wearing a half smile, he settled on his knees to take his brother's cock in his mouth.  Traces of the god's come were sweet on Hercules' tongue.  The taste was elusive; ambrosia, perhaps?

"Oh...yes," Ares sighed.  Blood was pumping back into his organ already.

The warm staff of hardening flesh felt good in Hercules' mouth.  He tongued it experimentally, thinking of things that felt good to him.  He teased the large spongy head, then plunged back down the shaft, taking as much of the length as he could.  Ares actually gasped his pleasure.

"I think we've discovered your true talent."

"You're my first," Hercules whispered before getting another mouthful.  One of the god's hands was entangled in his hair, the other cupped the back of his neck.

"By the gods, bro', you're better than Cupid and he knows a few things." Hercules raised incredulous eyes to meet Ares'.  The god of War grinned wickedly.  "Ahhh, that's right, you don't know the family secrets.  Well, gimme that ass and I'll fill you in.  No pun intended."

Hercules withdrew his lips, leaving a coating of saliva on Ares' cock.  He stood, his eyes shining.  Before turning his back to the god, he leaned in for another clove-scented kiss.  He couldn't get enough of that beautiful mouth.  "You taste good," he murmured before plunging in for another taste.  He moved against Ares so their cocks rubbed together.  One hand snaked around Ares' waist, cupped a sculpted buttock, the other caught a handful of the dark curls that tumbled over his brother's shoulders.  He started to hump slowly, one hand insistently pulling the god's body against his own, the other forcing Ares' mouth harder against his.  Except for the charm he would have come immediately.

Again the thought ran through Ares' mind...*Who's seducing who?*  At this point he didn't care.  He decided he'd let the demi-god set the pace.  Hercules continued to thrust so their cocks rubbed together in a tantalizingly teasing fashion.

Hercules finally ended the kiss as they continued to dry-fuck each other.  He rested his forehead on Ares' shoulder, still gripping him tightly, pumping even harder.  "I could fuck you all day," he murmured.

Ares was thinking the same thing though he didn't admit it.  "We'll see."  He gave Hercules a last kiss; gripping his hips, he gently but firmly turned him toward the wall.

"I want to come while you're in me," Hercules said.

"I can promise you that."  Ares parted Hercules' cheeks with one hand, gripped himself with the other and with a satisfied sigh finally slipped his cock in Hercules' warm, tight opening.  Hercules moaned to match Ares' sigh.

"Give me a good ride, little brother," Ares murmured.  Holding Hercules' flat hips, Ares stroked into his muscular ass, closed his eyes.  The slap of flesh on flesh joined their grunts and moans.  He began to thrust with more force.


 It sounded more like a cry of pleasure than distress, so Ares continued pounding into Hercules for several minutes.

"Yes, yes, *fuck* me..."  Hercules urged.  He grunted in answer to Ares' repeated thrusts.  "Fuck me," he whispered.  A strangled scream rose in Hercules' throat and then he was groaning, coming as Ares continued to rock into his body.

The god's cock was on fire; he had to come *now.*  When Ares was seconds from release, he leaned close to Hercules, whispered so only he could hear.  "Wanna hear something *really* twisted?" he asked.

Hercules could only moan.

Ares plunged into his brother violently as he came.  "I love you.  Gods, I fucking *love* you."  He closed his eyes and shuddered.

The End