24 Hours A Day
By Eirene

‘I’m not the kind who uses a pencil or rule;  I’m handy with love and I’m no fool.’  --James Taylor, ‘Handyman’.

Peace Chamberlain looked at the DIY kit dresser for the umpteenth time and sighed.

“All the pieces, best pine, just what I’ve always wanted and the damned instructions seem to be written in Swahili!”  She looked around her otherwise complete kitchen.  Two years since she’d kicked that louse of a husband out of the door and she was finally getting the place just as she wanted it.  She knew one end of a hammer from the other, had done all the re-decorating herself to date, but this latest project seemed doomed to failure.  There was no way the store would be open again until after the
holiday weekend.

She wiped the sweat from her brow.   “Good grief, it’s hot.  Must be close to 95 degrees in the shade out there.”  She automatically smoothed the wrinkles in her blue t-shirt and denim cut-offs.   The t-shirt was tight enough to support her unfettered
breasts and she had a secret fetish for denim against bare skin, so she wasn’t even wearing one of her many pairs of  red lacy underpants.  She looked at the instructions again.

“It’s no good.  I shall need help with this one,”  Her imagination conjured up a wicked fantasy.  A sexy carpenter.  Tall, dark, handsome and horny, “It’s been too long since I last got laid.  I’m going nuts!”    At that moment, the doorbell rang.  Peace sighed and opened it.  Her eyes fixed on the most voluptuous mouth she’d ever seen.  It moved.

“I believe you need a hand.”

Her gaze moved up to dark honey eyes, crinkling in amusement.  Wow.  She took in the whole man.  Long, sable hair, softly curling, wicked smile, dark goatee, earring,  broad shoulders, an outfit that was the masculine equivelant of her own, spectacular body and long, powerful, hairy legs.  He leaned against the door-frame, smirking.  She wondered briefly to herself if he was wearing any underpants either.

“No, I’m not.”

Peace gasped with shock.  She couldn’t tear her gaze away from the denim cradling an almost impossibly generous bulge. She managed to look up at his face again.   “You read my mind!”

His grin deepened.  “That’s why I’m here!  Now, you have a dresser that needs attention?”  He marched into the house.

Peace put her hand on the centre of his chest.  It was hot, solid.   “Don’t you think you should tell me your name at least?”

He looked the few inches down at her.   “You know my name, sweet Peace,” His fingers gently smoothed a tendril of  long brown hair back from her face, “I’ll fix your dresser.  If you want anything else........?”

Peace looked up at him, stunned.  Her mind was having trouble working with all the waves of testosterone coming from him right at her.  Then she got it.   “Ares?”  He traced a single finger down the side of her cheek.

“That’s me.  Now, where’s this dresser?”

Peace watched him as he aimed unerringly for the kitchen.   He dumped a huge bag of tools on her kitchen table and began whistling.  Out came a drill, which soon gained a
screwdriver attachment.  An impossible pile of screws, knobs, hinges and other bits and pieces were sorted in seconds.  Ares glanced at the wood, the instructions and got to work.  Half an hour later, the dresser was taking shape.  Ares wiped his brow with the back of his hand.

Peace remembered her manners.  She had been thoroughly destracted by all those muscles bunching and working right under her nose.  “Um......would you like a drink?”

Ares stood up and smiled.  “Yes, please.”

Peace passed him a can of chilled lager.  Ares passed it over his face, his eyes closed and his mouth parted in sensual abandon. Peace could hardly breathe.  Then he moaned once, deeply, before popping the tab and drinking.  The empty can got swapped for another full one. Ares tipped this one into a glass and drank it one more slowly, then
offered her some.  Peace looked daringly in his eyes as she put her lips where his had just been.  Ares was staring intently, hungrily.  She drank the rest eagerly.  Ares pulled her closer and kissed her once, hard and fast.

“Back to work,”  he said and turned away as if nothing had happened.

Peace stood riveted to the spot, unable to move.  The weather got hotter.  Ares
nearly had the dresser finished.  He suddenly stood upright and peeled off his t-shirt which was damp with sweat.  Peace just stared.  She daren’t even think.  He was beautifully muscled, not too much, but just enough. His back was smooth and lean;  but his chest was absolutely breathtaking. All those gorgeous curves covered in a soft-looking black pelt of  fur. Something primal and hot skidded down Peace’s torso and became a familiar ache in her groin.  Ares then unbuttoned the top of his denim cut-offs.  As he turned back to finish the dresser, the waistband dipped to display the
top of his taut buttocks.  Peace somehow found her voice.

“Um......that’s not your usual outfit.”

Ares chuckled as the screwdriver did its work. “Well, I’m a projection.  Real and solid enough, but dressed for your fantasies and *this* job.  When it’s over, I go back to my body in that damned tomb.”

“Can’t you get out?  Although I suppose you’d need Xena’s chakram for that.”

Ares shook his head and droplets of sweat came off onto his shoulders.  “Not any more.  The old gods have gone;  I’m the only one left - as far as I know.  All I need is the right words and emotion from someone and I’d be fully free.”

“Well, there are enough wars for you to look after, that’s for sure.”

Ares shook his head again and concentrated on a difficult join.  "I’m not a full God of War any more either.  No worshippers, very few true believers.  My powers have dwindled.  I have enough to be like this, here with you, or anyone else who calls me, some other minor things, but that’s it.”

Peace stepped closer.   “Why are you telling me all this?”

“Because I have to.  I have to tell every mortal the same, but only a few have listened.  There;  one dresser, my lady.”  He bowed and gestured eloquently.

Peace touched it lovingly.   “It’s perfect.  Thank-you.”  She turned to Ares and held out her hand.

He growled softly.  “And the rest.  Ask me.  I’m hot, sweaty and almost naked, just like in your fantasies.  I can pleasure you.  That’s *one* thing they couldn’t take away from me.”  He waited.

Peace stepped closer.  “But do *you* really want *me* - freely I mean?”

Ares’ eyes flashed.   “Those beautiful eyes, that long hair, those delectable-looking breasts and rump, those long legs.......and all packaged in the minimum amount of
material.  Peace, I want to ravish you senseless!”  He caught her arm and guided it to the slightly open zip of his jeans, “I’ve got more inside here for you than you might guess from appearances.  Deceptive packaging!”

Peace’s fingertips curled softly in the margins of black curly hair.  Her other hand moved to touch his damp chest.  “Kiss me.”

He smiled and bent to her lips.  His mouth hovered for a few seconds, then his lips teased gently, with exquisite skill.  Peace moaned with pleasure and returned the favour.  His mouth parted and he began to purr from somewhere deep in his chest.  She kissed slowly along the length of his upper and lower lip, then retreated.

Ares’ eyes flashed fire.  He scooped her up, even though she was tall,  and sat her on the kitchen table.  “Tease!”  His mouth covered hers and his tongue plunged inside.

Within seconds, her  t-shirt was off, Ares breaking the kiss just long enough to get it over her head.  His palms cupped her breasts, fondling gently.  Peace moaned.  One
hand descended to her cut-offs and Peace moved so that he could get those off too.   Peace abandoned herself to sensation, to his clever hands moving over her sweat-streaked body and down to the burning core of need between her thighs.  Ares bent suddenly and his mouth began to suck almost  hungrily at her swollen labia and clitoris.  He groaned with pleasure and Peace felt herself propelled instantly into a stunning climax.  She arched her back and yelled with ecstasy.   Ares stood upright when she had finished. Peace’s eyes were wide with pleasure and shock.

“I’ve never.....I mean......that was *incredible*.   We haven’t even been on a date and here I am, wanton and wild with you.”

Ares’ eyes were dark midnight pools.  He smiled seductively.  “You were glorious.  I’ve never known a woman - or goddess so responsive. I *loved* it.  And there’s more where that came from!”

Peace touched his chest.

“Oh, yes .  Caress me.”

It was almost a command, but Peace didn’t care.  She stroked his shoulders, then buried her fingers in that soft, curling chest hair.  She moulded his pecs, circling his nipples.  Ares’ eyes flashed and he began to purr again.  Her hands moved round to his
smooth back,  dipping down below his waistband to cup his backside.  She pulled the cut-offs down suddenly, freeing his erection.

Peace gasped.  “OHMYGOD.........how on Earth did you hide that magnificent length and thickness in those tiny cut-offs?”

Ares chuckled deeply.  “Some of my left-over powers.  The same ones that helped me keep it hidden in the skin-tight black leather - unless I wanted it to be seen.”

Peace’s eyebrows raised as her hands gently cupped his scrotum.   “And my goodness, there is a lot to be seen.  Was Priapus a close relative?”

Ares lifted her chin.   “Let’s just say that being God of War came with fringe benefits.  One of them being a handsome...weapon,  which I’ve managed to keep.”

Peace’s hands moved upwards and encircled his rampant cock.  She looked down at the way he filled and even overflowed her sensual grasp.   “Well, I always supposed the Gods must be well-endowed.  You feel like steel in velvet.  So gorgeously thick, too.  I appreciate that especially.  Whoever designed you made your...um...this...oh, you feel so good...absolutely perfect.”  Ares growled.  Peace suddenly knew what she wanted to do.  She hoped Gods came equipped with iron self-control.

Peace slid off the table, knelt on the floor and began licking her way up Ares’ thighs.  His large hands tangled in her hair as she softly sucked his heavy scrotum.   With exquisite slowness, she moved her mouth upwards.  She licked, she teased.  All the way up the shaft and down again.  Ares’ purrs turned to growls.  She swirled her tongue around the swollen, exposed tip; first one way then the other.  Something that sounded suspiciously like a whimper escaped Ares’ mouth.  She pulled away, grinning secretly to herself.

“What is it, Ares?”

His fingers tightened in her hair.   “Please.  Suck me!”

She opened her lips over him slowly and took him inside.  Peace kept up a rhythm of slow, then fast strokes, bringing Ares almost to the brink of release, then backing off.  She did it again, then a third time.  Ares was really whimpering now.  The knowledge that she actually had a God helpless and rock-hard with need filled her with a rush
of power and desire.  She licked the huge drop of pre-cum from the now hugely swollen ruby red tip.  Suddenly he pulled her off and placed her on the table.  Her legs were parted widely by two strong hands and he thrust deeply inside her.  Peace clenched her fingers into his shoulders and spasmed into orgasm on the spot.  He was filling her like none before, right down past her secret G-spot and stretching her to an exquisite tension.  Ares took her legs over his shoulders and began thrusting, hard.
Peace wrapped her legs around him, dug her nails into his backside and urged him on with hoarse cries of pleasure.  He rode her through another mind-blowing orgasm, then exploded gloriously deep inside her.  When their bodies had both finally stilled, she looked up into his eyes.

“Can you stay here all night?”

Ares’ smile was wicked.  “Certainly;  if that’s what you wish.”

Peace smiled back.   “Oh, yes.  Please.”

Ares carried her upstairs to the shower.  They made love again, surrounded by bubbles and hot soapy water.   Then to bed for a third session of love-making.  After a hastily prepared supper, Ares decided that Peace was dessert.  Peace wasn’t about to argue, especially given his novel uses for whipped cream and strawberries.  They snuggled under the covers as darkness fell.  Peace woke several times to Ares’ fondling her.  She finally lost count of the number of times they made love and all the positions they tried.  When she murmured something about Ares having read the Kama Sutra, he chuckled low in her ear.

“Write it?  I invented it, sweet Peace.  I left out the really good stuff.  That got put in some very secret scrolls called The Sexy Stud. ”

“Show me.”

“Your wish is my command.”

Peace woke pillowed on Ares’ broad chest.  She yawned and stretched.  She was sore, covered in tiny scratches and love-bites, but by heavens she felt good.  She reckoned if her quim had a mouth, it would be grinning with pleasure.  She could feel the imprint that Ares’ luscious cock had left inside her.  She looked down at the sleeping God.  He had quite a few visible love-bites too and she knew his back-side would be a mass of eager scratch marks.  His long eye-lashes fluttered open and he smiled wolfishly at her as he yawned.

“By the gods, I haven’t had a night like that in ages.  You are one hot lady.  More stamina and inventiveness than most goddesses.  What today, Peace?”

She gently stroked through the hair on his chest.  “Well, I had this idea for a built-in wardrobe just over there.”

He grinned. "That would take most of today.”

Peace grinned back.  “Well, I’d have to insist on putting you up for another night, then.”

Ares snatched a hot, hard kiss.   “Lady, I like the way you think!  Okay!”


They enjoyed a long siesta that was mostly taken up by an hour-long session of  achingly slow Tantric sex.  Peace came more times than she could think and felt her whole being wanting to melt and merge with Ares.  In the after-glow, she idly played with the thicker hair near his left nipple.   “What would you do if you were ever set free from the tomb?”

“I like being a handyman.  I’m good with my hands.......”

Peace gently bit his shoulder.  “You can say that again......!!”

“Shh.  Insatiable hussy!  I suppose I could send this projection out when necessary, to do the ‘Big Bad God of War’ stuff, but the rest of the time I’d enjoy being creative for a change.  Earn a living.  Make a home.  Get used to being semi-mortal.”

“I wish I could set you free.”  Ares went very still.  “Could I?  Could I really set you free?”

He looked at her, fire in his eyes.   “Yes.  You could.  I told you, all I need is the right emotion and words.”

“And you can’t tell me what they are.”

Ares shook his head.


The day and the following steamy night went all too soon.  Peace had run out of  inspiration for jobs she could get Ares to do around the house.  She had been loved more thoroughly than ever before, but she wasn’t sure if she could ask Ares to stay just to be her personal stud-muffin.  He was dressed, with his tool-bag in his hands.

Peace walked him sadly to the door.  “So...um...will you come back if I ever need help fixing something else?”

Ares turned towards her.   “It’s unlikely.  The first call is always the strongest.  There aren’t many who want a repeat performance;  once is enough,”  His eyes glowed
eloquently,  “You kept me with you longer than most.  I won’t forget that, or the exquisite loving.  You made me feel...almost cherished.”

Peace looked up at him.  She gently stroked the side of his goatee and the cheek near it.  "You were...are.  I’ve seen a lot further than the surface, especially during that loving yesterday after lunch.  I almost forgot where I end and you begin.”

Ares bent and kissed her gently.   “That is very special.  Thank-you.”  He turned towards the door.

Peace felt her heart begin to ache.   “Don’t go!”  His head whipped around, “I wish.......I wish you could stay with me;  always.  I’m falling in love with you.”  The bag fell noisily to the floor and she was trapped in arms like steel bands before she could
think.  Then his mouth was on hers, hot hard and plundering and she gave herself up to the incredible rush of sensations.  He pulled away after long, hot wet moments and his head went backwards towards the ceiling. Ares’ mouth opened in a wordless shout and Peace saw something entering him.  Suddenly, Ares became more in her arms.  More solid, more real, more everything.  He yelled once, wordlessly, then looked down at her.

“I’m here,”  His voice was more resonant, more redolant of  hot sex, “I’m yours.  You freed me, sweetest Peace.”

She looked up at him.  Her arms locked around his neck.   “Always?”

He nodded.


He nodded again.

“Just with me?”

Her voice went into a hopeful whisper.   “Ohh, baby......YES!”  She slanted her mouth over his and they kissed again.  She lifted herself and wrapped her legs around his torso as they propped against the wall, kissing deeply.   She could feel him, hot hard and heavy against her mound.

‘Ye gods and little fishes...there’s even more of that.’  His deep chuckle echoed in her mind as their clothes conveniently vanished ‘And it’s all yours.’  Peace rubbed herself against him once, but she was wet and aching for his possession.  He lifted her buttocks, positioned himself and slid inside expertly.   Yet again, she spasmed into orgasm instantaneously.

Ares groaned deep in her mind.   ‘Tantric sex with a semi-god lasts even longer.  Especially with you, my sweet Peace.’

Her inner muscles clasped him tightly, lovingly.  ‘Just love me.  Every night.’

He began to move, very slowly.  ‘Yes.  I will.  You do realise that when I entered your delectable body and your mind just now, you became a semi-goddess?  Just imagine what glorious tortures, teasings and pleasurings your mouth will be able to do to me now."

Peace couldn’t speak.  The combined sensations of being filled by him, his joining with her mind and the frank words of appreciation had driven her over the edge.  She screamed with ecstasy as the orgasm went on and on.  She rocked her hips,  scratched Ares’ back, and the pleasure grew and grew until it felt as if every atom in her body was coming.  Finally, after countless seconds...minutes, she came to rest with him still hard and eager inside her.

“Oh, Ares.  That was incredible.”

He grinned wolfishly.   “As I hoped.  Semi-gods and goddesses have longer, more intense orgasms together too.  By the gods, I’m going to explode like a volcano inside

Peace looked up at his wild, warm eyes and smiled a smile of pure seduction.  “Ares, honey.  I am going to make you come harder than you’ve ever come before;  not just once, but over and over again.  Every time.”

His eyeswent black with desire and lust.  His grin widened.  He circled his hips
slowly, erotically.  “So give it to me. NOW!”

Peace tightened her muscles around him.  She milked him slowly.  As she reached the crest of another orgasm, the spasms got tighter and tighter.  Ares’ hips began to thrust helplessly.  His cock swelled against the slick, tight sheath that was driving him out of his
mind with pleasure.  Her inner muscles clamped down, hard, with him buried to the hilt inside her.  Ares screamed incoherently and erupted.  The spasms went on and on, his seed filling her and running down his legs. After over two minutes of the most intense pleasure he’d ever known, he finally sank, spent, onto her neck, which he kissed and nibbled tenderly.

Peace stroked his hair softly.   “My love.”

Ares’ lips made their way to her ear.  “That was a spectacular start to our honeymoon!”  His voice dropped to an intimate whisper, “I love you, too.”

Peace lifted his head.   “Honeymoon?”

Ares nodded, his eyes flashed and they were lying naked on a double sunlounger near a tropical beach, with him still buried deep inside her.

Ares grinned down at her.  “How do you think I got my all-over tan?!!”

Peace swatted his bottom lovingly.  “Honeymoon first!”

Ares kissed her deeply.  He began to move sensuously inside her. “Work, work, work!”  He teased her, his eyes twinkling.

“Mmmmmm,”  Peace quipped, “You do your best handywork just like that.  My
gorgeous handyman.”

The End