Santa Baby
By Eirene

‘Santa, baby......hurry down the chimney tonight....Santa Baby’
--As sung by Eartha Kitt

Zeus smiled to himself.  Ares had spent 2,000 years trapped in that temple and *still* hadn’t learnt what Zeus had been trying to show him all along. Ares was appearing all right, but still doing Mister Big Bad and Dangerous. Okay, war came with that kind of deal, but Zeus knew he’d intended much more for his son.  In the early days, when he was still a child godling, Ares had been protector of the innocent, champion of the fatherless.  As soon as the full power of the War-God hit him at puberty, Ares had seemed to forget that;  except when it came to his own offspring.  So Zeus looked into the modern world.  Yes.  Children.  Zeus saw the gorgeous blonde mortal woman dressing in red and grinned.  Ares hadn’t got laid in 2,000 years.  Sexual  tension added to the mixture would be just what the father of the Gods ordered.  A *lot* of sexual tension.  *That* should do it. Zeus’ grin widened.

Noele fumed to herself as she dressed in the abbreviated red outfit.  *Another* of her father’s games.  But this would be the last.  After the shop shut on Christmas eve, she was getting out of Daddy’s life for good.

‘Quentin wasn’t much of a fiance, but that rock he gave me bought my freedom.  Catching him in bed with my Spanish maid was the best thing that ever happened to me.  As if I wasn’t enough!’  Noele sighed.  She was actually a mousey brown, but discovering the bleach bottle at 16 had transformed her from an attractive girl to a stunning one.  The hair, combined with generous curves had men drooling in armies over her.  She’d played along for all she was worth.  The power of being a consummate tease was liberating.

Daddy had indulged her, introduced several ‘nice’ young men to her, but Noele had discovered sex.  Secretly, behind Daddy’s back.  Noele found that she liked sex a lot.  Too much for most men.  Starved of real affection, getting hot between the sheets had been like a drug.  Deep inside she longed for a man, just the one,  whose libido matched hers, who wouldn’t see the trust fund set up for her as a tempting dowry.  Noele frowned.

“This really is the *end*.  I look like something out of a bad sex movie.” She looked at herself in the mirror.  Traffic red Wonderbra, giving her a cleavage worthy of any barmaid, skimpy red lacy panties.  Actually, wearing them made her feel *sexy*.  On top, the shortest of red minis and a tied top, decorated with fur.  Red stockings and suspenders, red patent pumps and a Santa hat.   Noele shook her head, “Talk about Playmate of the month! Okay, Daddy dearest, it will encourage men to linger near Santa’s grotto just before Christmas and buy jewellery for their wives and girlfriends.
You’ll rake in a tidy sum, as usual and I’ll play the part to the hilt. I’ll be out of here in four days, thank goodness.”  She checked her make-up, smoothed down her skirt and went out into the festive crowds in the store.

Ares opened his eyes.  He took a deep breath and looked around him, boggling.  No dark, cold tomb, this.  And what on *Earth* was he wearing. RED?  He snapped his fingers, but nothing happened.  Ares looked at the ceiling, which was decorated in twinkling lights.

“A clue would be nice, father.”   Zeus’ voice sounded soft and dangerous in his ear.

“Be here.  Learn.  Adapt.  Enjoy!”  Ares frowned as he realised this was all the help he was going to get.  He looked again at the red cloak, the pants, the black boots.  A veritable cloud of white beard over his chin. He pulled at it, experimentally.  At least it wasn’t his own hair.  He felt the hood over his head and saw more white hair around his head.  He pulled the beard down, rubbing at his black goatee, “Uh-uh.  You have to stay in character, in costume, unless someone uses your own name.  The chances of
that, *here* is pretty slim.  A clue, my son;  saying ‘Ho, ho, ho’ a lot will help.”

Ares’ frown grew deeper.  He racked his memory.  Gods came and Gods went. Some had faded into oblivion, but Ares knew all the names.  Something about an obscure Russian God, dressed like this........or maybe it was German. Anyway, he dressed like *this*......almost.......and brought presents at Solstice.  Through the roof.  Something like that.   Recently reindeers and a sleigh had been added to the mythos.

“If you think I’m going out, dropping presents all over the place......” He looked up.  He bit back a loud growl of masculine appreciation.  By all the gods.  A temptress, dressed in red, like him and *extremely* sexy.  He hadn’t seen so little on such a gorgeous body since that blacksmith called Atlanta.  The one that had the hots for Hercules.  But *this* woman was more stunning.  A walking siren.

His cock rose in immediate tribute.  Hard, stiff and aching in seconds, he let his gaze linger on her tall frame with long, slender legs, a delectable decolletage, a sweet face, a beautifully rounded tush and waves of blonde hair.

“Hi.  I’m Noele.”

“I’”  ‘Ohh, *baby*.  Woof!  How long is it since I last had anyone that gorgeous?  And I’m trapped in this blasted costume.  I don’t remember anything about that present-giver being a sex object.  Damn. I’ll just have to lust silently and bide my time.’

Noele frowned slightly.  So they had *another* new Santa, one who looked like he didn’t exactly relish the job.  Nice eyes, though, under all that white hair.  Actually, better than nice.  Noele was sure she caught an interested twinkle from those dark, golden syrup depths before she opened Santa’s grotto.

Ares nearly choked as he was inundated with small children, swarming all over him and calling him ‘Santa’.  He scowled, then an ancient memory of an all-too-briefly infant Cupid crossed his mind.  Like all the Gods except Ares , he’d grown to maturity in minutes.  Ares just had this brief impression of a warm, trusting bundle with tiny wings lying in his arms looking up at him, then *bang*, Cupid was 6 feet tall and full of adolescent attitude.  So, when eyes and faces of various shades looked up at him adoringly and sat on his lap, something deep and long-buried inside Ares responded.   He played along.  When they asked for things for some new festival called ‘Christmas’, Ares surreptitiously magicked one from the list and produced it from a pocket or up his sleeve.  He decided that real horses might *not* be a good idea, but the few girls who asked for a pony got a  small toy one that Ares promised in their ears would come to life with the application of  certain magic words.

Noele watched, enchanted, as the new Santa completely won over the children,  ‘I don’t know where Daddy got him from but this one’s a star.’  Some of the fairy lights were loose, so she climbed up during a break to re-fasten them.

Ares bit his lip, hard.  He was getting a superb view of long legs, stockings, a gorgeous swell of mostly bare buttocks and a tiny pair of red lace panties.  His hand crept inside his red pants to his aching erection. Just as well the suit disguised the major hard-on from the children.  He imagined stroking those buttocks, then licking, nibbling up the thighs and finding the sweet places barely hidden by the panties.  In his mind, he bent her over in front of him and eased his cock inside.  He mind-fucked Noele slowly, thoroughly.  His cock started to leak juices and he slicked the shaft.  The pressure was getting intense.  His balls were so tight and hard, he knew he was going to erupt like never before.  He was desperate to come, but he knew if he let go now, the whole store would hear him.  Noele especially.  He pulled his hand away from his cock, which throbbed painfully in protest.

The day continued.  Ares made a point of trying to relax and get to know Noele, since he couldn’t cure the ache in his groin.  He found her charming, witty, slightly secretive and even sexier than ever.  At lunchtime, Noele brought him a hot meal.  Ares couldn’t unfasten his beard. The big, white thing was stuck as tightly as if it were his own.  Noele
came over to help him.

“You really are caught in that thing, aren’t you?  Hey, you never told me your name.”  Ares smiled.

“Santa will do.”   Noele caught the undercurrents.

“You’re great with the kids, you’ve been nice to me;  laughing joking. It’s because I’m the boss’ daughter, right?”  Ares frowned.

“I didn’t know that, I swear.  It’s just you’re so gorgeous.......”  He knew he was forbidden to say the rest, but how he longed to tell her. Noele fed him the food carefully, mouthful by mouthful.  No acolyte had shown such humour or such care and attention.  Ares began to yearn for what was just beyond his reach, and not just to relieve the throbbing in his groin.

Noele smiled at him.   “You’re a nice man, Mister Santa.”  She turned away and re-opened the grotto.

During the tea-break, Noele found herself opening up to this charismatic Santa.  She told him everything;  her father, the boy-friends, the curse of money, the need to be free and find someone who wanted her for herself.

Ares took a risk.   “I do.  Money doesn’t interest me, but by the gods, you do!”

Noele looked  at him strangely.  “You almost talk as if you were the real Santa, but you’re far too young!”

Ares’ lips twitched with humour as he faced the children again.

At last, it was closing time.  Noele smiled as she helped tidy the grotto. Ares patted his legs.  He gave Noele his best charming smile. “So, what do you want for Christmas, little girl?”

Noele chuckled and perched on the end of his knee.  “A red-hot lover would do for starters!”

Ares flashed his eyes at her.   “I’d be happy to oblige.......”

Noele laughed.  “Santa, you are *scandalous*!!  Almost as bad as........”  A face popped into her mind.  A sexy, Saturnine face with the same dark, golden syrup eyes and wicked grin.  She looked at the Santa she was sitting on.    She took a leap into the unknown,  “As naughty as Ares.”

He pulled her into his arms.   “Say it again,”  he commanded,  “Say it *properly*.”

Noele recognised *that* voice.   “ARES?!!”  He yanked off the white beard and was kissing her before she had time to breathe.  His tongue stroked expertly inside her mouth and Noele moaned with pleasure.  She pushed back the red hood and white hair and buried her fingers in soft curls that she now guessed must be the colour of midnight.  Her right hand felt the silver earring and she grinned as his tongue circled hers.  At last he pulled away and she looked up into the face of  the War God.  She grinned even wider.

“I didn’t know the Gods of Olympus celebrated Christmas!”

He pulled off her hat and began tugging gently at the ties of her top.  “We don’t, but I am most seriously considering thinking about *celebrating* right *now*!”  Noele touched his cheek.

“You are a *bad* Santa!”

Ares looked almost scandalised.

“You haven’t given me my Christmas present yet!”

Ares growled low in his chest.   “I have a very *big* present for you;  all you have to do is unwrap it.”

Noele’s eyes widened.  “I see,” she started cooly, “But I hope you’re not entirely like Santa,”

Ares’ eyebrows rose in silent query, “He *only* comes at Christmas.”  Ares laughed wickedly and tumbled her on to the white fur rug on the floor.   “Woman, you are driving me crazy!  I promise, on my honour as a God,  I have every intention of giving you a Christmas present that will keep....*coming*, as you put it, for a long, long time.”

Noele raised her arms around his neck.   “A year?”

Ares’ grin widened wolfishly.  “A lifetime would be even better, don’t you think?”

Noele kissed him thoroughly.   “I always have had a weakness for bad boys in leather.  Do you ride a motorbike?”

Ares sat up and pulled her into his arms.   “Ride *me*.  Please.  I’ve been aching for you since the moment I saw you and now  I’m about to explode.”

Noele held out her hand.   “Then we’d better do this properly.  Sit in your seat.”  Ares complied. Noele leaned over, giving Ares a close-up of her cleavage. “So,  Santa, have I been a good girl?”

Ares undid her skimpy top and cupped her breasts in his hands.  “Yessssss.......” he affirmed.  He exposed her nipples and began to suckle, his hands moving quickly to her skirt, which fell to the floor in seconds. His fingers trailed fire between her thighs, easing expertly under her panties.  He groaned when he found her already hot and wet.  His cock was straining upwards now, as if it could reach her.   He peeled off her panties and encouraged her to climb onto the wide seat.  He got a brief unfettered view of plump wet folds, then Noele was taking his cue and lowering herself onto his mouth.  He licked her once, then moaned with pleasure, opening his mouth hungrily.  He found her clitoris and began to flick it gently with his tongue.  To his pleasure, she came apart within seconds, crying out and undulating against him.  He didn’t think his cock could take much more of this sweet torture.  It reared up again and finally the red pants couldn’t hold him.  There was a tearing noise and he sprang free of the tight containment.  He was desperate to be inside her, so much so that he began to tremble when she sat back down very gingerly on his thighs.

Noele began to undo his huge red coat.  “What was that noise?”

Ares cupped her breasts again.  “Either you, coming gloriously for me or my cock ripping my pants.”

Noele’s eyes widened.   “Santa Ares, you really are *that* desperate?”  Ares nodded.  Noele began stroking her way down the soft, curling hair on his chest.  She reached the
tie and undid it.  She opened his robe.  She gasped, “Oh.  My.  *Goodness*. That is the most magnificent.......and so big and hard,”  The exposed tip oozed  as she watched, “Oh, *Santa*.   Talk about a mouth-watering present.”

Ares growled deep in his chest.   “Suck me later......please.  Just show me how much you like my present the old-fashioned way,”  He cupped her chin, “I’m trembling on the brink.  One sweet thrust inside you and I think I’ll explode.  *Please*.”

Noele quickly positioned herself.  She moved down, Ares tilted his hips up and he
slid all the way to the hilt inside her.  His fingers moulded her bottom as she settled herself down on his lap.  Ares licked his lips and purred. Noele moaned with pleasure and bent the few inches to his face.

“Thank-you for my present, Ares,”  She squeezed him gently, “It’s a perfect fit.”

Ares kissed her, hard.   “You are a *naughty* woman.  I’m going to give you what you so richly deserve.”  He began rocking then, slowly at first.  Noele began to move up and down.  Ares’ fingers moved to the sweet spot between her thighs and brought her to the brink again.  They looked deep into each other’s eyes and hit the top together.  Ares roared as he exploded, thrusting deeply inside her.  While she was still coming, he magicked them both onto that soft white fur rug and guided her legs higher and him deeper.  He kept thrusting, knowing that once was most *definitely* not going to be enough. Ares propelled Noele from one climax to the next, moving sure and strong
inside her until he erupted a second time.  Noele gasped with pleasure and rolled with him until he was underneath.  She caressed his chest as she sat on him, moving slowly up and down on that gorgeous hard erection.  Noele looked down at Ares.  The Santa suit was rumpled and torn and going to be a write-off, but Ares’ eyes glowed with pleasure, desire and humour back at her.   Her womb clenched with a sudden burst of lust.

“I wish I had a picture of you, lying her like that.  Santa Ares as a centre-fold!”  Ares grinned and snapped his fingers.   A pile of life-size adult rated posters appeared on the floor.

Noele stopped moving briefly and unrolled one.  There was Ares, lying on his own, on the rug.  He’d got the hat and wig back.  The white beard was pulled to one side and he was grinning with wicked seduction.  Noele unrolled  the poster.  Sure enough, the robe was thrown open, the pants non-existant and one of Ares’ hands cupped his urgent erection invitingly, “Oh.  *God*.  That is so *hot*.”

Ares growled and Noele looked back at him.  “Show me.”  It was a command, not a request.

Noele removed her bra slowly.  She undulated teasingly up and down Ares’ shaft.  She circled her hips, first one way, then the other.  She began squeezing him.  Noele felt
herself climbing again and she began to shake with desire.

“Oh, feel so *good*.”  Her hands and lips roamed over his face, his chest.  She rubbed her unfettered breasts against the thick, soft chest hair and purred with pleasure.

Ares pulled her in for a long, passionate kiss and she yelled into his mouth as she came.  He threw his head back and joined her in ecstasy moments later.  Noele flopped down onto his chest.  Ares put his arms around her.  He looked at the pile of posters and all but one disappeared. He smiled and pulled her closer, whispering in her ear.   “I’ve sent a copy to each of my other.....devotees.  You get the real thing!”

Noele propped herself up on one elbow.    “What now?”

Ares’ eyes flashed.  “A night of loving, then Mount Olympus.  I’ve got to thank Zeus for my Christmas present in person.  He’s shown me things I had forgotten.  *You*
have shown me that loving can be hotter than the forge of Hephaestus  and *still* be full of wicked humour.” Noele chuckled and reached for his penis, which was already rearing up again.

“Just wait till I show you *my* version of pulling a Christmas cracker!”

The End