The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
By Erin

He wants you. It's in his eyes, heavy-lidded with desire. In the way his breathing quickens as sits there, watching you, waiting.

He'll get what he wants, but you wonder, does he really know what he's asking for? Does he know what it means to be fucked by Ares, God of War? He'll learn. You're going to teach him.

You feel the leather, tight against your body, against your hard cock, as you reach down to slide the shirt off his shoulders, baring his broad, tanned chest. Delicious.

Leaning down, you lick along his shoulder, tasting the saltiness of his skin. He moans. That lush mouth of his looks so inviting as his head goes back, his dark hair falling away from his handsome face.

You want that mouth wrapped around you. It makes you harder just thinking about it, your cock pressing against the confining leather. But first you're going to fuck him.

He moans again as you run your tongue down his neck. Moving towards his chest, you're thinking about what you're going to do to him, how he'll react.

You think about the way you'll take off his pants, so slowly, examining...tasting every inch of flesh bared. You want to torment him. Make him desperate for you. You want him to beg for you to slide your cock into his tight ass.

Closing your mouth over a nipple, you tease it between your teeth, imagining what you'll do when he's begging -- he almost is now. The desperate little noises he's making are echoing in the room around you, and you think about what he'll sound like as you're pushing into him.

You're going to be so gentle, so slow. At first. It's going to be torture for him. He'll try to thrust back against you, try to force you deep inside him. But you'll hold him down, working your way in at your own pace -- until he's sobbing, offering you anything if only you'll just give him what he wants now.

Then you'll shove in hard, burying your cock as deep as you can go. You'll pound into him, relentlessly, mercilessly, until he's screaming your name, that tight, hot ass clenching around your aching cock. And then--

You wake up.

The End