Star Dust
By Dee

Ares took Joxer in his arms. Their tongues danced as they kissed. Stripping Joxer of his clothes, Ares caressed every part of his lover's pale body with his talented mouth.

Laying Joxer on the bed, the wargod savored the sight of the man before him. Running his hands over the prone mortal, Ares whispered. "Mine. My strength, my joy, my passion. I would do any thing for you, my love. You are the greatest treasure in the universe. I love you, Joxer."  A blue flash of light removed the wargod's leather outfit. Stretching his full length on top of the warrior, Ares inhaled the breath that came from Joxer, as if it were the sweetest perfume.   Ares looked deep into the brown eyes before him.  "Take me, Joxer. I want to feel you inside me.  I want you to master me."

Ares got on his hands and knees before Joxer. Joxer took the oil on the table beside the bed. He stretched and liberated the god of war's tight anus, then oiled his hard organ.  Placing the head of his cock against the puckered opening, Joxer gripped the hard muscled hips before him and forced his way in.  The god gasped out loud as he felt his body being filled with his lover.

Slowly at first then increasing tempo, Joxer pounded into his lover. Reaching downward, Joxer grasped and began to milk the war god's cock.

Thrusting faster and faster, Ares cried out as he spilled his seed onto Joxer's hand. Joxer followed, his passion filling Ares like a fever.

Later, holding each other: "Joxer, I love you."

"I love you, too."

"And I love you too, Joxer. But would you please quit humping my leg, and get over to your own blanket?" Xena said to the newly-wakened Joxer.  "Damn. The fourth time this week. Next village we come to Joxer, you are getting laid. Even if I have to pay for it."

The End