A Slave's Eye View
By Dee

Kaylyn swept the floors of the main room in the temple. Kaylyn had been a slave in the temple sinse she had been taken from her village by raiders when she was only 12. How long had it been? 10 years more? She did not even care. She got out of bed every morning did her work, ate her meager meals, stayed away from the god of war, and went to bed at night.

But life, the fates, and the bitch goddesses being who and what they were, decided to change things. Kaylyn had spent the better part of her years at the temple achieving the stasis of a non-person. She looked and smelled as bad as she could.  Grease, dirt, and animal blood covered her hair, face, and clothes. Even the Mighty { I'm better than you} Hercules, would not stand close to her if he could avoid if.

Kaylyn  was taken by surprise by the sudden appearance of Ares. All Kaylyn could do was dart into the shadows . The war god paced around the room. Only once did he seam to notice her, crouched down in the shadow of a pillar. His dark eyes raked over her then forgot her. Kaylyn let out the breath she did not even know she was holding.

The King of Corinth entered the room. He was very beautiful. Kaylyn loved to watch him as he moved. Unlikeothers, Kaylyn was one of the few temple slave to ever get to see Ares make love to the King.

Both men were the half brothers of Hercules. But they were the ones who looked like brothers. One dark, one light, both beautiful. Kaylyn always wondered what would happen if the goody-goody Hercules ever found out about this. Or that his personal shadow, Iolaus also paid lip service to the war god.

Ares seldom wasted time on talk with the King. The war god grabbed the king by the hair and pulled him into a long deep kiss. Ares' other hand worked its way in to the king's leather pants, bringing moans of pleasure.

In a flash of blue light Ares had undressed them both. The war god ravaged the king's body with his mouth, covering the man's skin with his saliva.. The king's tawny skin seamed to glow with a light of its own as the god of war took the king's blood-engorged member into his mouth.

Ares played with the hard organ with his lips and tongue.  Drawing to need out of the man. Each time the king got close to orgasm, Ares pulled away from the delicious organ in his mouth to bite and nip at the strong thighs. Ares had the king soon begging him for release. Ares refused. Instead he forced the copper-headed king down on his hand and knees.

From her place in the shadows Kaylyn watch as Ares oiled and stretched the king's anus, before gently pushing his thick organ inside the tight ring of muscle.

The war god slowly began to draw his mighty organ out till only the crown remained in the kings body. Then slammed it home again.  Kaylyn smiled at the care Ares was taking with his lover. Whenever the war god took the warlords who came to him for favors, he seldom used a lubricant and never bothered with seeing that they were satisfied. Those men were lower than whores in the war god's eyes. And as such deserved not even the consideration Ares would give a whore. And the god of war was well known for his good treatment of the city's prostitutes.

Ares laid his body over the king's as his oiled hand began to stroke the king's tormented organ in time to his thrusts. The moans of the two lovers soon filled the room. Along with the sound of flesh slapping on flesh. The frenzy of the passion continued.  Soon the king's seed covered Ares' hand . The war god bit hard on the king's shoulder drawing blood as he filled the body under him with his liquid fire.

They laid there in each other's arms, stroking and kissing . A quiet moment. A rare thing in the temple. Only to be broken by a roar of outrage, and betrayal.


Part 2
Two men stormed into the room. One was the I'm too good for you Hercules, and the other was his flunky, the I'm just here for comic relief Iolaus. Kaylyn smiled to herself. This was going to be fun.
Ares was first to his feet, using his powers he dressed both of them. The war god faced his brother as Hercules demanded to know what was going on.  Ares glared at him and demanded to know just who gave the demigod the right to barge into his temple.

Both men got so close to each other, Kaylyn thought that they were going to knock each other down. But to give the hunter credit he forced his way between the two combatants. The king began to yell at Hercules, telling him it was none of his concern if he and Ares were lovers.

While Hercules and the king were arguing, Iolaus demanded from Ares an explanation.  What was Ares doing fucking Iphicles, when Ares was supposed to be his lover, not the king's.

At that both the king and Hercules turned and glared at them. Hercules bore down on the hunter.  Iolaus tried to back up but ran into Ares, who was trying to calm down the king. Hercules asked the hunter how long he and the war god had been lovers.  The king accused Ares of playing him for a fool. Using him only as a substitute for the hunter. Hercules told the king he knew Ares would only hurt him. Ares lost his temper, and said that Hercules did not mind getting hurt when they were fucking. The king and the hunter both stared at the demi god . Try as he might the demi god could not keep the red from his face.

Kaylyn covered her mouth. A giggle right now would not be a good idea.

Hercules was trying to convince the hunter that it only happened once. Ares calmly informed them that he and the demi god had been lovers for some time. Iolaus asked Hercules if he was fucking the king also. The look both men assumed answered the question. The hunter sat hard on Ares' throne. His shoulders shook as he held his face in his hands.

The other three men looked on with concern. The hunter raised his head to show his handsome face contorted in laughter. He pointed at each of them in turn.  Finally, he said that sense they were fucking each other already , he did not see what the problem was.

Ares licked his full lips as the declared he had no problem with fucking all three of them. The war god then moved behind Hercules he brushed the demigod's hair away from his neck before he attached his mouth to the skin there.  His hands roamed Hercules' chest finding to demigods nipples. Grinding his bulging erection against the later clad ass in front of him the god of war whispered that he could not wait to fuck each and ever one of them.

The hunter watched as he rubbed his hand over his own erection , noticing the king was doing the same.  Ares made all of their clothes vanish, as he lowered Hercules to the floor. The king and the hunter joined them. Each man kissed. The hunter placed himself behind the wargod. Hercules was on his knees as the king positioned himself behind him.

Ares waved his hand and a bottle of scented oil appeared. He poured some into the hands of the hunter and the king. The hunter rubbed oil in to the anus of the war god as the king did the same to the demigod.

The hunter parted the war gods firm ass cheeks before he drove his oiled cock in to the puked opening. The king slowly enter the kneeling demigod. Hercules took Ares' thick organ into his mouth as the king began to stroke his with a oiled hand.

Ares tangled his fingers in Hercules long hair  as he thrust it to the demi god's mouth in time to the hunter's thrusts in to him. The king stroked the demigods back as he pounded into him.

Ares threw back his head as the hunter bit his neck as he came in the war god's body. Ares filled the mouth on his pulsing organ. The demi god filled the kings hand with his seed, the king pulled his cock out of the demigods body, using his hand the king covered the broad back before him with his semen.

Kaylyn took that time to leave as the three men licked the king's seed off the demigod's back.

Out side in the four court Kaylyn saw one of the priests talking to two men.  One of them was a noble she has seen at the temple before. Kaylyn got closer, so she could hear what they were saying.

The noble was telling the priest , that as soon as the other man gave Caesar took over the city he was to be named king.  The priest said that as soon as the king was dead Ares would be all his.

The noble handed the man a scroll, he said was a way to get to Roman troops in to the city . Then the three men went their separate ways.

Kaylyn followed the Roman . As soon as he was on the bank by the river. Kaylyn threw a rock at him ,the rock caught the man on the temple. Kaylyn jumped on top of the Roman grabbing his dagger from his belt Kaylyn slit the mans throat. First taking the scroll, then robbing the man, Kaylyn rolled his body into the river.

Kaylyn tucked the scroll in side her raged tunic, the other stuff she stashed under some bushes. Kaylyn headed back to the temple. Things were certainly going to get interesting from now on.


Part 3

Kaylyn ran back to the temple. Ares and the others had retired to his bed room.

Kaylyn saw the four of them in Ares' huge bed. Ares was on one side his arms wrapped around Hercules. The demi god and the king were in each other's arms, while the hunter had wrapped him self around the king.

Kaylyn smiled to her self. She went to the desk, got out paper and a quill. Using the full moon for light she out lined what she had heard and seen. Once more thanking the bitch goddess that her Roman mother had gotten her children a Greek teacher.  Carefully she rolled the note up in the scroll, and placed it in the kings boot.  Kaylyn crawled to the side of the bed and did something she had never thought she would ever do. Kaylyn took a lock of Ares hair and kissed it. If things went the way she hoped she would be long gone by the time any one thought to look for her.

Moving quietly she moved to the main temple room when a hand grabbed her by the hair from behind. She was viciously slammed face first into the stone wall. The force of the blow broke her nose, cheek bone, and several of her teeth.

Kaylyn slid down the wall only to have a boot kick her hard in the ribs, breaking them. Again the boot kicked her, breaking her hand , and arm in doing so. The hand gripped her by the throat forcing her to her feet.

Kaylyn saw the face of the priest snarling at her. "Where is it, you beast? The scroll, I want it. I saw go out after the Roman and saw you push his body in the river. If  I could have I would have killed you then but a warlord I know stopped me. Ares will be mine, do you hear, mine. That face king, Hercules, or Iolaus will have him. Where is it."

The priest pulled out a dagger and began to stab Kaylyn in the stomach with it. Each time he screamed at her , demanding the scroll. Kaylyn laughed at him. For the first time in too many years Kaylyn spoke. "Ares, help me."

"What is going on here?"

The priest dropped Kaylyn to the floor, she was only half-conscious as she saw Ares fully dressed towering over the cringing priest. The king and the others joined him. Kaylyn smiled as she saw the king had the scroll in his hand , reading the note.

The priest started to babble something about caching her stealing from the altar. The king handed Ares the note Kaylyn had left, read it. His handsome face darkened with rage. But his voice was soft as he spoke to the soon to be dead priest.

Guards took the priest away as Iolaus looked at Kaylyn. Hercules wondered if Kaylyn was the massager for whoever sent the note. The last thing Kaylyn heard before darkness took her was  Iolaus saying "Messenger or not, Ares you had better do some thing fast if you want to find out. She's dying."


Part 4

Darkness. Then dreams. Her mother dancing with her father's brother. Siting on her Grandfather's lap. Her mother was Roman , small and dark. Her father was a Viking, big , red headed , and fare skinned. Kaylyn had her father's coloring and her mother's size. It was a happy time. The music was playing. Kaylyn took a sip of her grandfather's beer. Her grandmother tried to look stern , but smiled. Kaylyn was a favored child. Her father was the oldest son, and to be chef after her grandfather was gone to Valhalla.

Then it happened . The raiders attacked. The fight was a short one, but bloody. The last thing Kaylyn remembered was a thick boot connecting with her head. Till three years ago when she awoke as if from long sleep. Only to find herself a slave in the temple of Ares the Greek god of war. Days later her plans started. Freedom. Every one thought she was a mute idiot. Let them.  Kaylyn would use their own arrogant to gain her freedom.

The first thing Kaylyn noticed was some thing was different. For one she was alive, and didn't hurt. Siting up, Kaylyn saw she was in a bed: Ares' bed. Getting out of the bed she went to the full length mirror Ares kept there. Looking at her self, she was clean. And dressed in a white shift. Kaylyn touched her face she saw  not the face she remembered. Similar but different.

 "Hard to believe, there was a young woman under all of that. And a pretty one at that." Ares appeared behind her . His hands caressing her shoulders.

Ares kissed her neck. Kaylyn felt heat coming from those hands. The heat spread throw her body. She wanted him so bad. But if she let him take her, she knew she would never be able to leave. And all her planning , to escape and return home would be ruined.

"A very pretty one at that. I read your mind while I was healing you. I know all about your plans. Plans to leave me, to return to the cold north. You really should not worry. Your Father lives as does your Mother. I hear they even have more children. I sent word by the way to them . They know your alive. As my cup bearer." Ares pushed the shift off of Kaylyn's shoulders. Kaylyn fought the feelings with in her as best she could, but when he kissed her neck she lost the battle.

Ares cupped her breasts as his mouth explored her back. Ares picked her up and placed Kaylyn on the bed. Using his powers her undressed him self. With just his hands and mouth The god of war made love to Kaylyn's body.

Kaylyn arched her back as she experienced her very first orgasm. Ares shifted on the bed. Stroking his cock, he placed it near her lips. Her tongue slowly came out as she mimicked the actions she saw others use on him.  Her mouth closed around the head. Tasting it, as her tongue danced over it. She sucked deeper and harder . Taking as much as she could into her mouth. Kaylyn drew first moans out of the war god then her mouth was filled with his seed. Kaylyn choked as she tried to swallow all of it.

Ares tried not to laugh as he slapped her on the back. "The first time is never as good as it seems. But it gets better. You have my word on that. Trust me--I know."

Ares laid Kaylyn back on the bed and knelt between her legs. His tongue and fingers played a melody of passion on her over heated center. Kaylyn's breath came out in gasps as more orgasms ran rampant thought her too long denied body. Kaylyn's screams filled the room.

Ares finely pulled away from her. "You know for some one who does not speak much. You are extremely vocal."

Ares covered her. Slowly he placed the swollen head of his penis inside her wet heat. Inch by inch he entered her, till his full length was nestled within.

It took every bit of control Ares had not to start slamming in the small form beneath him. Kaylyn's body thrashed so much Ares had to pin her down with his own body. Kaylyn screamed out more, as she was over come again with the fire Ares stoked with in her. You had to give Ares credit he held out as long as he could but soon he filled her with his own fire.

Kaylyn gasped for breath as she saw Iolaus standing in the door way. "Well, Ares . Couldn't wait could you?"

"Bite me, Blondie."

Ares dressed them both with his powers. Kaylyn followed him out the door. Iolaus put his arm around her waist. In the main room of the temple, people were gathered . Among them was the renegade priest, the traitor noble and Caesar.

Ares took his throne, as the king, Hercules and Iolaus came and stood beside him. Next to the throne was a small stool. Ares gestured for Kaylyn to take it.

Ares spoke to all there . He told what had happened . How both he and the king had been betrayed by these they had trusted. And how only the brave actions of his new cup barer saved Corinth.

Caesar raged, claiming that a slave had killed a Roman citizen and that was a offence punishable by death.

Ares countered that Kaylyn's mother was a Roman citizen. And was protected by Roman law. Caesar demand to know what Roman woman would debase herself to marry a barbarian.

Kaylyn spoke up. "Your mother's cousin Olivia. We met once when I was 7. And if I remember right you were a arrogant bully even then."

The Roman smiled after a bit and said to the king. "Then as her kin I demand the kinsman's right to take her under my protection."


Part 5
Iphicles, Iolaus, and Hercules raged as Ares just relaxed in his throne. A lazy smile appeared  across his handsome face, as he studied Caesar.

From her lowered eyes Kaylyn watched the Roman . The look in his dark eyes reminded Kaylyn of a cat staking a mouse. < This one is clever , but not as smart as he thinks. I can use this arrogant kinsman.>

"Never!" Iphicles yelled. "You will never get your hands on this sweet innocent. This child has had too much pain in her short life. To expose her to the perverted sickness of Rome. That would be monsters."

Kaylyn almost cheered her beautiful king .

Caesar gave the king his most charming smile. "Iphicles , you are a fool if  you think I am willing to believe that you are only thinking of her best interests. As for perversion , I know that the things that go on here makes Rome look like a Hestian temple. As for you. Every one here knows that you would still be selling your sword arm and most likely your ass if Jason had not married your mother..."

"Big talk from a jumped up centurion with disillusions of grandeur."

All heads turned to the small form beside the war god. Kaylyn kept her face expressionless. "You see try as you might you will be any thing other. Your problem is that your ambition far exceeds your abilities. No mater how hard you try you will never be any thing more than the bully who put bugs in my hair."

Kaylyn kept her face blank. She knew if they could not read your face, they did not know what was coming next.

Caesar took a deep breath. "So you reject my offer of protection."

"I would like to reject the fact that we are cousins but that would do dishonor to my mother.  So only to honor my mother I will embrace you as a cousin. But if you try for any thing more I promise to turn the stallion of Rome into a gelding."

Kaylyn was the only one who of those by the throne not convulsing in laughter. Caesar kissed Kaylyn's hand.  "I am so glad that you are a woman . If you had been born a man , I don't think I would have gotten past Gaul."

Caesar then turned to Iphicles . "Your majesty. I say this now, I was contacted by this fool. He told me that he would serve Rome if I helped him become king of Corinth. That idiot Kaylyn got rid of for me , was the one coordinate the whole thing. I was here only to see what they had to offer."

Kaylyn's face had a bored look , but her mind was working. As much as she wanted her freedom, the sight of her king and her war god was a drug .

With that Caesar bowed to them and left. Iphicles had the guards take the traitor to the palace dungeons, to await trial. The rest of the court left also. Then Ares turned his eyes to the renegade priest. "YOU! You have betrayed your god and attempted to deprive my of my most prized possession. Kaylyn--not the moron with the bad dye job. Not to mention plotting to rid me of the choicest piece of ass I have had in too long a time. Quit preening Iphy. Now what have you to say for yourself?"

The man drooled. The rejection of his beloved god robbed his of his mind.  With a wave of his hand Ares caused the man to disappear. When they were alone Ares caused a table to appear loaded with all kinds of food.  Ares held Kaylyn in his lap as he feed her choice pieces of fruit. Iolaus shook his head. "Ares , I know this is a stupid question, but what are you going to do now?"

Part 6: Conclusion
Ares stroked Kaylyn's hair. " Oh about the same as before. But this time around my new pet will be able to join in the fun if she wants.  From now on where I go she goes, my sweet  cup bearer.  Her eyes see things mine miss, I don't like that. And she will write down every thing she sees and hears."

Iolaus took a long pull off of his wine." Ares are you sure you want her to write down every thing she sees and hears? And how do you know she can even write?"

Iphicles laughed.  "Blondie, if you're worried about your reputation,  just ask to have your name changed."

"Yes and as for Kaylyn's ability to write, why not ask  her?" Hercules waved his hand toward the tiny slave. Kaylyn blinked-- the mighty Hercules asking someone else something.

All heads turned. Kaylyn pulled herself up as tall as she could siting on Ares' lap as she was.  "I can read and write in Greek, Latin, Celtic, Egyptian, and Viking. My mother had a Greek teacher for the children of our family.  And yes my hunter-- I can give you another name in my records if you would like. But I don't think that is going to be necessary. As I doubt that my records will ever be read by anyone outside of the temple. "

 Kaylyn felt then heard the god's laughter. " Well said, my pet, well said. I think that now we should welcome Kaylyn into our little grope, I mean group."

"Ares are you sure? Maybe she doesn't want to. You said yourself only if she wants to. " Iphicles made it clear that he wanted Ares' pet but was willing to wait till she was ready.

Hercules coughed. "Ares If Kaylyn is going to be with you all the time. Does that mean ever when we…...ummmm?"

"My Lord, may I?"

Ares nodded agreement as the slave slid off his lap. Kaylyn knew from watching what she had to do to get the son of Zeus to comply.  Kaylyn kneeled at Hercules' feet, and placed her tiny hands on his powerful thighs. "My Lord Hercules, I have seen you with my Lord Ares many times. I think that watching the two of you together is very erotic and beautiful. The power, and strength the two of you have. Unleashed, passion. Both of you so beautiful and strong. No one could help but have their  own passions enflamed by the sight of you."

As she spoke Kaylyn rubbed her hands on his thighs, till they were on the bulge of his leather pants. Opening them she freed the hard organ . Kaylyn smiled to her self as she stroked the shaft. One thing she learned from watching Ares was that sex was a powerful weapon.

Kaylyn licked the soft head before taking it into her warm mouth.  Rolling her tongue around the head as she stroked the shaft , as she had seen Ares do to the demigod many times. Faster and faster she stroked till Hercules filled he mouth with his hot seed.

Kaylyn sat back on her heels as the others laughed. "Well brother guess she just laid all of  our doubts to rest."

"Iphicles , bite me," was all the demigod could say.

Ares spent little time getting them all into his bed room.  Using his powers Ares undressed them all. Iphicles and Iolaus fastened their mouths on each of her nipples, sucking them. Their hands teasing her clit.

Ares took Hercules' face in his hands kissing him as they lay together. Their limbs entwined, their bodies a peace of art work in passion.

Kaylyn kneeled as both her lovers kissed her face, neck and shoulders.  Kaylyn stroked both their hard cocks with her hands. Kaylyn took Iolaus' hard organ in her mouth sucking on it. Iphicles pulled her hips to him and thrushes his own organ in to the hot wetness of her center.

Ares pushed Hercules legs over his shoulders. Using his powers he summoned oil. Using the oil Ares carefully stretched and oiled the other mans tight anus. Then Ares oiled his own cock before slowly pushing the organ in to the ring of muscle.

Iphicles pulled and pinched Kaylyn's clit. Kaylyn squeezed Iolaus' balls as she sucked his cock.  Iphicles thrust faster and faster till his orgasm caused him to thrush deeply into Kaylyn. Kaylyn tried to scream out her release but her mouth being filled with Iolaus' cock.  The vibrations of Kaylyn's silenced cries of passion made short work of the Hunter. Soon he also gave his seed over to Kaylyn, as she tried to swallow the load.

Ares stroked Hercules' cock in time with his own thrushes. Hercules already over heated from Kaylyn's earlier ministrations spilled his seed over his brother's hand. The muscles of his anus clenched, being Ares to the peak and beyond.

Latter Kaylyn lay awake as the other's slept. Quietly she got out of bed.  Taking a scroll, Kaylyn began to write down all that had happened to her since she had awoken as the slave of the Greek god of war three years before.

She would write down what Ares wanted her to. But she would keep her own records. These records would be only for herself and her children, and their children after them.


Jarell closed the scroll. Brushing her blonde hair back from her pale blue eyes, she looked out over to children of her family. Some dark , some fair, some with copper colored hair. All bearing the marks of the fathers of Kaylyn's children. "Now does anyone want to hear what happened when our many times grandmother Kaylyn went to Rome for the first time?"

The End