By Foxmonkey

I'd wanted some time to myself, just a short space of time to relax and not think about anything.  No prophecies to ponder, no farms or herds to watch over, no songs to play.  There's a place I go to get away from the family, a quiet stretch of golden sand that I consider my own.  Believe it or not, most of my relatives respect my occasional need for solitude.  Most of them.

The beach was deserted.  I lay face down at the water's edge, content to feel the waves lap over my body.  The light breeze felt warm and cool at the same time and carried the intoxicating smell of the open sea.  Resting my head on my arms, I settled in for a nap.  Nothing to think about, nothing to do, no one to bother me.For about twelve heartbeats of time.

"Apollo.  Haven't talked to you lately."

I groaned.  Why did *he* have to show up?  He was right, we hadn't talked lately.  He drives me fucking crazy.

'Haven't talked to you lately.'  More likely he saw me naked and alone and decided to act on it.  He doesn't fool me.  He might fool himself nine times out of ten but I know my brother better than he thinks I do.

"Doin' fine, Ares."  I didn't open my eyes.  I wanted to be alone on my beach, lying in the cool water while the sun beat down hot on my back.  I didn't want company, certainly not *his* company.  I tried to ignore him but the god of War is pretty unignorable when he puts his mind to it.

Like a bored little godling, he tried to get my attention by bugging me.  "You look pretty relaxed," he said.

Sand hit my side.  Again.  And again.  Wondering what the fuck he was doing and irritated that he wouldn't go away, I risked opening my eyes.  I watched him kick neat little sand piles against my body.  I closed my eyes and stifled a sigh.

"What do you want." I tried to sound as uninviting as possible; when I felt and heard his body settle very close to mine I knew it hadn't worked.  I heard him shift, leather on sand, trying to find a comfortable position.  He bumped me several times.  I was annoyed, but my cock began to harden.  He moved away.

"Thought I'd get a little sun."

My brother's muscular form is already quite bronze.  *Stay away from me, Ares,*  I thought.  *Just fucking leave me alone.*  I didn't want to think about his perfect body.  I didn't want to see his beautiful face, or those lush,  fuckable lips.  My cock, unfortunately, had ideas of its own.  Fuck!

"Lots of beach." I angled my head away from him.  I lifted my hips a little to let the cool surf flow under me and lap at my stiffening cock.  "Plenty of places to be alone."  *Get the hint?*  He didn't.

He kissed my shoulder, brushed his whiskers against my skin.  "Right now I want to be with you, but thanks, I'll keep that in mind."  Damn, damn, damn.  Another kiss on my shoulder.  He rested one hand on my hip then slid it slowly down to cup my ass.  "Your body's fucking gorgeous," he whispered.  I was getting harder.  "Why are you trying to ignore me?" he asked.  His lips grazed my ear.  "Wasn't it good last time?  Isn't it always good when we're together?"

I snorted.  "You're a *great* fuck, Ares, that's the problem.  You're indiscriminate.  You'll fuck anyone, anytime.  You'll fuck anything that moves.  If it has legs to spread or an ass to penetrate, you're in it."
"And that's a problem because.?"  His laugh was a silky-soft rumble that turned my knees to water.  He gently kneaded my ass; his fingers followed the separation between and wiggled gently, as though the intrusion might go unnoticed.

"I'm more than a cock to suck or a hole to fuck.  There're plenty of bodies willing to roll over and spread for you, brother.  You don't need me."  I'd worked on that bit in preparation for that moment.  I delivered it the way I'd practiced it, casually, with a hint of boredom in my voice.  He didn't fall for it, though; not that I'd really thought he would.  He knew I wanted to fuck him as much as he wanted to fuck me.

"Apollo."  It was a whisper, and I can't describe it except to say that I nearly came when I heard it.  No one affects me like Ares, and he knows it.  "Apollo."  Each whisper was accompanied by a kiss.  He pressed the length of his body against me.  Skin against mine, not leather.  Warm, wonderful, naked, bronze Ares-skin.  His cock was hard and it pressed into my hip.  No, Ares pressed it into my hip, repeatedly, slowly, as he insinuated a fuck rhythm against my body.

That body against mine.I was fading fast.  "I want a promise from you," I managed to say.  I was rapidly losing the ability to think clearly.  "You're a dickhead, but you honor your promises."

Sensing victory, his attentions became more insistent.   He pressed harder against me, slipped eager fingers inside me.  He'd oiled them with a thought and moved them in time with his hips.  "Ask," he murmured.

*Fucker,* I thought.  *Dickhead.*  I could've been cursing either of us.  I lifted my ass higher for him and hated that I did it.  The things he can do with  his hands. I couldn't think.  He was stroking me in just the right spot; my hand crept over his hip to pull him harder against me.  I didn't want to, I really didn't.  How could I resist?  Ares just kind of wears down your defenses.

"You were saying?"

"No."  I pushed his hand away, made him remove his fingers.  "Stop."  He waited patiently, silently.  I opened my eyes and looked down at the dark, wet sand beneath me.  "Promise me that this is the last time.  You'll fuck me and go."

"What?"  He seemed genuinely surprised. 'Stunned' might be a better word. "Why?" His expression and tone of voice conveyed a sense of amazement that I could resist his numerous seductive charms.  I was amazed myself, to tell the truth.

"Half of Olympus wants you, Ares, but I'm not just another ass to fuck."  Crude but effective, it got my point across.  "I want more than that."  I said it as though I were talking in general terms.  'I'm not a piece of meat, blah blah blah,' that kind of thing.  My heart pounded, afraid I'd said too much.  Afraid he'd read my not-so deeper meaning.

"You want more," he said cautiously.  "With me?"

I meant it when I said I avoid talking to him because he drives me crazy.  I'm always on the verge of blurting out how I really feel about him, afraid that if I do he'll laugh in my face.  It's maddening.  For one long, agonizing minute he looked into my eyes and analyzed my statement.

"I thought you preferred mortals."

"Doesn't mean I can't be with a god occasionally," I answered.  My mouth was dry.

"But we're not talking 'occasionally,' are we?"

"No, we're not."

Soft and low, his voice made me quiver.  "You want me."

"Half of Olympus wants you."

"Half of Olympus wants to *fuck* me," he said quietly.  "There's a difference."

When I looked into his face Ares glanced away, suddenly absorbed in watching a flock of birds scurry down the beach.  I linked his strong fingers with mine.  "If no one else wants you I won't have to share."

Still avoiding my gaze, he spoke carefully. "Don't tease me, Apollo."

Mirroring his earlier gesture, I slid my hand over his narrow hip and cupped his firm ass.  "Or what?"  I said.  "You'll kick my ass?"

"Yeah."  He laughed, and shifted his hips a bit to acknowledge and increase our contact.  "I'll kick your ass."  He had a slightly shy look in his eyes.

I'd kissed him a few times, of course, during rough couplings in the past.  But never more than a hungry, exploratory preface to fucking.

You know how beautiful he is.  Imagine that face in front of yours, those incredible lips parting to meet yours.  The first time his tongue flicks yours in ownership.  The first time your bodies mold together, curve for curve, not to fuck, but to make love.  The wonderful moment when you think, "Yes, this is mine."

I don't know what we have; I'm not even sure we have it.  We were together for hours on the beach, making love, then fucking as though we couldn't get enough of each other.  When he left me he gave me a squeeze and bit my neck.

"Later, at your temple," he whispered.  Then he was gone.

* * *

I finally have peace and quiet.  The water is cool, and the ebb and flow washes soothingly against my body.  I lie on the beach now, truly content.  The sand is warm from the sun; the sun, even warmer, beats down on my tired muscles.

I lie on the sand, eyes closed.  I'll linger here a bit before I go back to my godly duties.  Prophecies to ponder, farms and herds to watch over, songs to play.

I rest my head on my crossed arms and smile.

The End