Across a Darkened Room
By DevilGirl

Arianna was a servant in King Iphicles' castle, and lucky to be there.  She liked her job, she liked the castle, and most of all, she liked the king.  Actually, Arianna was passionately in love with the king, but he was a king, and she was a servant, and that's just the way things were.  She accepted this.  She was quite dismayed by the fact that she had never been taken to the king's bedchamber, like some of the other girls had.  She was young, lovely, and possessing of a fine figure and beautiful caramel-colored hair.  She had her pick of men, but she wanted the king.

Arianna had grown tired of waiting.  She made a decision, and she was going to follow it through.  She quietly crept round the castle, making her way slowly to the king's chamber.  It took her the better part of an hour to find her way there, studiously avoiding encountering anyone in the halls.

Finally, she arrived.  Much to her delighted surprise, the customary guards were not posted.  Arianna tiptoed to the door, once again happily surprised to find the door unlocked.  Carefully, carefully, she eased the massive wooden slab back, praying to the gods that the hinges remain silent.  She snuck in, her bare feet completely soundless, and immediately stripped.  Only then did she notice the sounds.  Low, animal, unmistakable.

Arianna was too late.  But she had to see.  The light was dim, and she could easily conceal herself behind the nearest tapestry.  She ran behind it and crouched low, figuring the king was too busy to notice much of anything now.  Carefully, she peeked around the heavy cloth, curious to learn who had curried the king's favor on this evening.

She saw her king, on all fours, on the floor, sweat dripping from his hair, his body gleaming in the half-light, moaning, cock swollen and glistening, being vigorously rammed by the most beautiful man she had ever seen in her life.  He was perfect, long dark hair, golden body, a cruel twist to his lips every time he thrust. . .Her eyes traveled from one to the other, awed by the sight, and she felt everything melting inside.

Arianna felt her tawny nipples harden, a warm flush spread from her face all the way down her chest.  She could barely breathe.  She felt her labia swell, more heat emanating from below, and she was growing wetter and wetter.  She carefully eased herself into a more comfortable position.  In the process, she moved the tapestry, revealing herself to the two men.  She froze.

Iphicles eyes were closed, his moans growing louder and louder.  He was not in a position to care if he was being watched.  His beautiful lover, however, stared through her with obsidian eyes, glaring, then breaking out into a sly smile, never breaking his rhythm.

Knowing she had been caught should have chastened Arianna, should have shamed her.  Under normal circumstances, she would have fled the room, and the castle.  These were not exactly normal circumstances.  At this point, Arianna didn't give a damn if all of Corinth saw her.  She was riveted to the spot, completely unable to move, too captivated by the exquisite scene before her eyes.  The only thing she was capable of doing was sliding her fingers down, between her thighs, and latching on to her clitoris, already out of its hood and begging for a little attention.

Iphicles' lover was still staring at her, an eyebrow raised, his lips still partially curled into a smile.  His eyes swept approvingly over her, and he licked his lips.  He watched her fingers quite keenly, and knowing this aroused Arianna even more. Her other hand crept down, to hold the swollen lips apart in order to give herself better access, and her fingers circled the swollen nub, increasing the pressure as her fingers worked faster and faster.

The dark man began timing his thrusts to the involuntary jerking of her hips, grunting,  and Iphicles' moaning became Iphicles' shouting, "Yes, yes, almost, yes", and Arianna began making small whimpers as she felt every muscle in her being tense, biting her lip to keep from screaming, thinking to herself  "More, just a little more" as her fingers worked frantically.  Her eyes never left the dark man's, until the moment when he threw back his head and roared his pleasure,  triggering Iphicles' orgasm, and then Arianna, overwhelmed by the sight of the seed emanating from her king's reddened cock, followed suit, coming so hard it was very nearly painful.

The two men lay on the floor, pleasantly exhausted.  Arianna leaned against the wall for  moment, letting the stone momentarily cool her burning skin.  As soon as she felt she could stand, she did, momentarily unsteady.  Iphicles noticed his servant for the first time, the flush still on her cheeks, and although the king was somewhat surprised, he did not seem upset.

Arianna slowly padded over to the men, crouched down, and gently kissed each of them in turn before leaving the chamber as quietly as she had entered.

Holding Iphicles, stroking his bronze-colored hair, Ares asked, "Just who was that charming girl?"

The End