Saving Iolaus
By Emcee
Bang, crash, wood splinters fly everywhere.


Snicker. "Right on time little bro'."

"Where is he?  What have you done to him?"

"I? I haven't done a thing to him."

"Don't lie.  The message said that Iolaus' life was in danger and to come here if I wanted to save his life.  So I repeat, what have you done to him, you bastard?"

"And I repeat, I haven't done a thing to your little buddy.  And you are the bastard here, mongrel brother, not me."

"where is he then? If you don't have him, who has?"

"No one has him; your blond pest got into this trouble all by himself. As to where he is..."


"There's a price tag to that bit of information."

"What do you mean there's a price tag?"

Weary sigh. "I mean that you'll have to do something for me if you want to know how to find your side-kick."

"Ok. Fine. What do you want?"

Hot eyes rake body.

Look of disbelief.

"You're, you're not serious!"

"Do you see me laughing?"

"B-b-but you're my brother!"


"B-but you hate me! You're always telling me how much you hate me!"

"Yeah, I know.  Makes it more fun, don't you think?"

Loud, panicky gasp.

"NO, I don't!  I won't do it, I won't."

"Fine. Forget it then." Hand waving dismissively.  "Off you go.  You're not improving the landscape with your presence."  Black eyes close.


Eyelid cracks open. "You're still here?"

"You don't want this. You can't."

Huge smirk. "Oh yeah, I do, I really do.  Well, do we have a deal?"


"Fine. What-what do I do?"

"First of all, come here and kneel between my knees."


"Well, what are you waiting for?"


"Yes, now. Not next week or next year. Kneel!" Crashing of leather-covered knees on marble dais." Right. Undo my vest. Go on."

Rustle of leather being parted.

"Good. Now card your fingers through my chest hair, no pulling mind, and lick my nipples."


"Well, go on."

"What assurance do I have that you'll keep your word after, after...."

Another huge smirk. "After?"

Blush, wriggle.

"After we-I do this."

Chuckle. "You have my word on it."

"Not good enough."

"It'll have to do."


"...Enough. Now do as I say or the deal's off, and your blondie gets to die a slow, painful, lingering death."

Trembling sigh and then the wet sound of licking.

"Yeah, that's good, that's great. Now....the other one. Yeah yeah, like that." Breathlessly. "Now bite it, not too hard.  Oh, oh yess.... Now what!"

"I can't do this, I just can't."

"Why? You like it too much?"


Mocking laugh." Yeah, that's me.  Ok, you want it hard?" Snicker." You get it hard. Suck it."  Sudden appearance of very hard, very large cock.

Look of horror.


Soft sucking sounds.

"Good, good. Take it deeper."

Choke, gag, gasp.

"Take it easy, don't want you passing out before you finish."

Swallow, more sucking noises.

"Give me your finger."

Suck, wet popping sound.

"What's that shit on my finger?"

"Almond oil, now stick it in me."


"You heard, put it in me."

Blank look.

"You've never done this before have you?"

Burning blush.

Loud hooting laughter.

"Oh Gods, oh Hades, this is good." More laughter." You're a virgin aren't you?"

Even darker blush.

"Oh, oh this is priceless. You mean I'm your first? Now I'm really going to enjoy this. Sooo, let's get on."

"Don't stop sucking, yes, use more tongue round the head. Hmmm, that's good, that's great, you're a natural.  Now, your finger."

Desperate look.

"Yes in, there now, gently, gently." Panting sounds. "Yes, yes, deeper, deeper, fuck me with it. Yeahhh! You like that? Yep, you like that all right.  Want to fuck me little brother?  You want to slip your hot, hard cock inside me, don't you?

Shuddering gasp.

" Yeah, the idea really gets you hot, doesn't it. Your cock pumping, pumping inside my hole, while I moan and sob for you to fuck me faster, fuck me harder Oh yeah, oh yeah, OH YEAH..."

Choke, convulsive swallowing, gasping breaths.

"Oh gods, I'm going to puke."

"Go do it in that corner over there.  Oh for Zeus... here drink this."

Gulp, gulp, gulp.

"Feeling better?"

"Yeah, um, thanks."

"Good.  Let's go on to the next stage then."

"N-next stage?"

"You don't think this was it, do you? Why bro', we've only just began."

Hopeless mutter. "Oh gods!"

Sneering laugh.

"Oh yeah, this is just the beginning. Now, this is not the ideal place for what I have in mind, so..."

Blinding flash.

"That-that's a bed."


"Yes, it is.  Bright boy.  Ok, strip!"

Pleading look, then reluctant shedding of leather shirt and pants.

Leering gaze of naked body.

 Nervous shuffle of bare feet.

"Not bad, not bad at all.  How big does that get?"

Sotto voce muttering." You won't be finding that out today."

Soft laughter. " Not enjoying yourself yet? We'll have to see about that.  On the bed, and lie on your back.  Go on.  Yes, that's good. Arms over your head." The sudden clinking of chains as manacles close over wrists.

"What the..." Killing glare.

"Don't worry, it's just for insurance.  Don't want you changing your mind half way, now do we?  OK.  Spread your legs, a bit more.  That's right."

Black leather clothing disappears.


Quizzical look." What's the matter now? You can't be shy still.  You just sucked me off for Hades' sake."

"You're b-big."

Pleased look. " Not bad, not bad. Though it can't come as much of a surprise by now. You've had a  reaally close look already."

" Yeah, but...."

"But what?"

" It's too big to go," Another crimson blush." You there."

Soft laughter. "Don't worry little brother, when the time comes, it will be easy."

Unbelieving look.

"Come here, let's see what you're capable of." Expert sucking of flaccid cock which quickly fills and swells to sizable proportions.

"You taste good, little brother.  Nice, very nice."

Breathless, "Is it?"

"Oh yeah, I might even let you fuck me afterwards if you're a good boy."  Cock jumps in the fist that's leisurely pumping it. "Ha.  You like that don't you, yes, don't turn your head and pretend the idea doesn't get you really hot.  Your cock says otherwise."

Determined silence.

Soft, mocking laughter. "Have it your way. Now, let's turn you around."

Squeak of surprise.

Prone body is suddenly lying on it's stomach.

"Nice glutes, very nice.  You've a really fuckable ass bro." Muffled snort.  " Yes you have.  And I'm the first to go there. Now, that's fucking marvelous." Giggle. " Sorry about the pun." Another giggle.

"Oh gods, what, what are," gasp, groan. "What are you doing?"

"What does it feel like, you twit? I'm tongue fucking you of course."

Lick, lick, tongue dips into relaxing, glistening hole.

Moan, moan, sob. "That feels, oh, oh, oh, that feels good.  Ahhh! don't stop!"

Knowing smile.

"Shhh.  It's Ok, It's Ok.  You'll like this.  Don't worry, it's going to get better and better."  One finger dips into the lubricated hole, soon followed by another finger.

"You see? Told you you'd like it. That's it, that's it, fuck yourself on my fingers.  Yeah, yeah. Feel's good huh?"

Pant, pant, pant. " Yeah, 's good.  Don't stop, don' stop.  Faster, do it faster."  Hips are now pumping madly, ass in the air fucking itself on three fingers.

"GODS! What was that???"

More laughter.

"That, my innocent, virgin boy was your hot spot.  Gets one every time. See?"  Long, shapely fingers rub over and over the same spot.

Sob, sob, long drawn out moan.

"Oh yeah, I think you're ready. Yes, I really think it's time I gave it to you.  Now relax bro."

"Ouch! that bloody hurts."

"I told you to relax."  Grunt, slow, greasy slide of hard flesh into tight, slick hole.

Ow-ow, aahhh....."

Two voices moaning, "Oh gods!"


"Shit, you're so tight. Hold still, get used to it first."

Wriggle, wriggle.

Slap. "I said, hold still."

"Ouch! "


Whisper. "Ares?"


"Um, are you going to move?"


"May be. If you ask me nicely."


Hands roam over parted ass-cheeks and finger tips gently rub at stretched flesh of hole into which the glistening cock disappears.

Wriggle, Wriggle.


Groan of frustration.


"I'm waiting. Beg me."

Sigh of capitulation.

"Please Ares"

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me. Now."

Triumphant laughter and hips begin to slowly move. Cock glides in and out of eager ass.

"Oh, oh, faster, faster, harder!"

"How," Grunt. "Does it," Grunt. "Feel?"

Long, drawn out moan.

Wheezy chuckle.

"That good huh?"

"Please Ares, harder, harder Ughhhh......"

"Oh yeah! Hit that spot again, eh?"

"Oh yeah, there, there, give it to me damn you!"

Breathless laughter tapering off into grunts as the end approaches.

"Time to finish this."  Hand grabs dripping cock between splayed thighs and pumps once, twice.

"AREEEES!" Choke, heaving chest desperate for  air.

Deafening roar as cock pumps wildly and empties into convulsing body.

 Satisfied sighs from two exhausted bodies.

"That was fucking good. How about you, litte bro?"


Muffled chuckle and soft glide of lips over sweaty nape.

"Ookay!  Guess it was good for you too."


Metal clinking as manacles disappear.

Body on bottom slowly turns and body on top shifts to allow the move, then settles down again on heaving chest.



"Is it always like that?"

Slow smile.

"Yeah, if you mean with me."


Thoughtful silence.



"When is it my turn?"

Dark head lifts and black eyes look into blue.

"How about tomorrow, same time, same place?"

Eager light burns in blue depths.

"I get to suck you first though."

"Eh, sure.  Don't have a problem with that."

Blue eyes fill with satisfaction.



"Can I kiss you?"

Surprised stare from black eyes.

"Sure. Why not."

Determined lip-lock with lots of tongue.

Pleased smile from blue eyes.

"How was that?"

Nervous clearing of throat.

"Erm, um, that was....that was....Why did you do that?"

"Cos I wanted to.  Felt good too.  Can I kiss you again?"

"Er, I think...mmph!"



Breathlessly, "Herc you're not....."

Big smile.


"Shit!" Dark head swoops down and devours pliant mouth.

Moans from two throats.  Bodies begin to undulate against each other.


"Fuck! What does he want now."

Both are clean and dressed in an instant.


"Yeah. You'd better beat it now before the old man appears in sodding person.  Here, you'll need this." A coil of rope appears in Hercules' hands.


Hot look exchanged.

Groan of frustration.

"Fuck it anyway. Come here."

Soft, tender kissing. Foreheads meet as both pant together.

"Tomorrow.  My turn."


Blinding flash and Ares is alone.  Trembling breath.


"Coming dad." Blinding flash and room is empty.

Deep in a fissure of a cave.

"Fuck, fuck, double, triple fuck.  How do I get myself into these things.  And how do I get out?"

Distant noise of steps over loose shale.

"Thank Zeus, may be that puppy went to fetch help. Yeah, right! Ahoy there.  Can anybody hear me?"

"Iolaus? Are you there Iolaus?"

"Herc!!?? Is that you Herc?"


"Over here Herc. In the fissure!"

Head appears over the rim.

"Ah, there you are.  What are you doing down there Iolaus?"

"Oh, just, you know.  Thought I'd find a quiet spot to rest."

Rich chuckle.

"It's quiet all right.  Feel like joining the rest of us now?."

"Sure, sure.  I'm rested enough.  Yep, very rested.  Get me out of here Herc"

Another chuckle.

"Hang on."

Coil of rope snakes down to figure at bottom of fissure.

"Tie that around your waist and hold onto it.  Ready?"


Effortless pull and Iolaus is scrambling over the edge and stands next to Hercules, brushing dust off his hair and clothing.

"Thanks buddy."


"So, how did you know I was here?"

Hercules turns away and coils the rope around his arm.

"Ares told me."

Surprised stare.

"Ares? As in Ares god of war Ares?"

Quiet voice. "Yeah, that Ares."

"Huh!. So, how did you persuade him to tell you?"

Hidden face flushes pink.

"Oh, you know. I have my methods."

Chortle, snicker.

"Yeah, I know.  So you let him have it then?"

Involuntary swallow.

"You could say that."

"Boy, I wish I could have seen that."

"I doubt it."

"Oh I don't know, I'm always happy to see him get it from you."

Silence, then,

"Yeah, well."

"Hey, it's OK.  I know you don't like to have a go at your family, but he's the exception right?"

Hercules looks fixedly at the cave's wall.

"Yeah, he's the exception." Big sigh."  Come on. Let's get out of here. I'm hungry and I'll bet you're even hungrier."

"You bet.  I've been stuck there for hours.  In fact I was beginning to think I'd end my days a pile of bones moldering away down there."

"Don't worry, I would have found you."

"Or Ares would, eh?"


"Well, whatever his intentions were, I'm grateful he told you.  Perhaps I should thank him."

"Don't bother, I'll thank him on your behalf next time I see him."

"Which won't be anytime soon I bet."

"Oh, you never know.  He always seems to be ready to take more of what I dish out to him."


"Yeah, he's a real glutton for punishment Hercules style."

"As you say. Lets go."

Two sets of steps recede into the distance and the cave is left empty and silent.

The End