Sons and Fathers
By Emcee
The huge rock whistled past Hercules' ear as he nonchalantly moved his head the fraction needed to avoid being hit.  At almost the same time he threw a huge boulder that Ares easily avoided and which instead impacted on the hillside behind him cracking into fragments around the god's feet.

With a snarl they launched themselves at each other, meeting in the middle like  two fighting bulls grappling together but so evenly matched neither moved an inch as they pushed and shoved, muscles bulging with effort, faces contorted with anger and hate.

Finally Ares feinted to the right and managed to land a punch to Hercules' stomach who promptly retaliated with a head butt that sent Ares flying backwards and crashing into the hill side.

After a moment the god picked himself up shaking his head as if to clear it and sauntered towards Hercules, smirk firmly in place.  He stood  at ease, arms akimbo and after looking into the blue eyes of his brother he delivered a stunning punch to the jaw.

Hercules' head half turned with the force of the impact then delivered his own devastating reply.  Half a dozen punches later they both stood staring at each other, neither man the winner.

"Had enough little brother?" drawled Ares with a sneer.

"Only if you have big brother," riposted Hercules with another sneer.

"Then I'll call it a day.  I have better things to do than waste my time here.  Later bro," and with a shower of blue sparks the god of war disappeared.

Hercules stood with head bent looking grim and sad at the whole encounter.  A golden flash made him look up, body stiffening and ready for another attack.  On seeing Zeus he relaxed his fighting stance and smiled ruefully at the newcomer.

"Hi dad, I suppose you saw it all?"

The king of the gods walked towards his favorite son and gently touched the cheek his brother had but scant moments before been using as a punching bag.

"Yes I saw it all my son.  Did he hurt you?"

Hercules gently shook his head dislodging his father's hand.  He turned and walked a few steps away looking into the distance.

"Not really.  We're pretty evenly matched.  I just wish he would leave me alone you know.  I'll be only too happy to keep out of his way if he'll do the same."  Hercules sighed heavily with obvious sadness.

"I'll have a word with him.  He will not be permitted to torment you like this."  Zeus looked stern and commanding ready to blast his least favorite son at a word from Hercules.

But Hercules just shook his head " Don't bother, Dad. Besides, I give as good as I get."  His blue eyes glinted with amusement.

"Sometimes I get the better of him, and who better to put him in his place."

"Well, if you're sure son.  But if it gets too much for you just let me know and I'll take care of him."

Hercules smiled at his father, "Thanks dad but it's OK."  Then turning towards the path leading to a nearby town he added, "I'd best be getting along if I want to get a room at the inn to-night.  Bye, Dad."

"Bye, my son," replied Zeus disappearing in his signature golden flash.

Later that evening the god of war reclined in his customary sprawl on the throne in his temple, leisurely sharpening his swords as dark thoughts flitted over his grim countenance.  A sound made him look up and  he silently watched his brother approach him.  Looking back at his razor sharp blade he growled "Well?"

Hercules came to a stop a few steps from his brother and growled back  "Well?"

Ares leaned his sword on the throne and looked at his brother waiting for a reaction.

Suddenly Hercules' face creased with a huge grin, " It went like a dream."

Ares sat up his own face lightening up " He swallowed it?" he asked eagerly.

"Hook line and sinker" replied Hercules with an even bigger grin.

Ares sprung to his feet punching the air victoriously. "Yes! Fuck but we are good little brother," he laughed with glee walking forward.

Hercules smiled his agreement. "The best."

Ares stopped bare inches in front of his brother looking up into his blue eyes. "So.  Whose turn is it then?" he murmured, voice husky and low.  He always knew the answer but liked to ask anyway.

Hercules murmured back "Mine," and lunged forward capturing his brother's mouth in a hungry kiss.  They wrapped themselves around each other in a frenzy of lust, their mouths devouring each other until forced to separate long enough to suck in much needed air.

"How do you want me," Ares panted harshly against his brother's lips.

"Against the wall, spread-eagled," Hercules panted back, licking his brother's lips, now even more lush with passion. Still kissing that irresistible mouth, Hercules gently pushed his brother backwards till they  neared the wall, then reluctantly letting go he turned Ares round and propped him against it leaning forward till his body closely rested full length on his brother, his swollen cock nestling in Ares' ass.

"Lose the clothes, but keep the boots and the belt," he whispered in Ares' ear playfully nibbling at the earring  that Ares always wore. "Oh, I also want a thin collar, black leather with silver studs"

Ares laughed at this and complied arching his neck as his brother licked around the collar then bit his neck hard enough to burn and licked it again with a hot wet tongue.  "Gods, you can be so kinky."

"And you love it," replied Hercules, quickly unfastening the front of his trousers and rubbing his iron hard cock already wet against the cleft of his brothers eager ass. Both hissed with delight at the feel of sensitized flesh sliding together.

"Oil, now," panted Hercules barely waiting for the slick, slippery stuff to coat his flesh before sliding into his brother, not bothering with any other preparation.  Ares always took care of it.

As the cock slid in with a wet sound right up to the balls both men moaned with pleasure. It felt so good.

The two brother grappled together but it was very different this time, and without the benefit of an audience.

The End