Ares in Space
By Eirene

Ares stood at the helm of the good star-ship Warbird gently turning  the knobs and pressing the LED controls.  His fingers danced  skillfully and delicately. Going through a meteorite belt was tricky  at the best of times and it absolutely could not be done on auto- pilot.  Meteorites had a nasty habit of straying from their  accustomed orbit, especially this little cluster near the twin stars  of Castor and Pollux.  The two stars were engaged in a long, deadly  dance;  pulling at each other and creating an amazing figure-of-eight  rip tide between them. This rip tide, dead ahead was a huge  corruscation of light, energy and mangled space.  He had to get  through the meterorites, then push his ship to its limits to turn  away to the left and reach home.  Well, his current home.

When he was alone on the bridge like this, he could almost feel the  wind in his hair and hear the creak of timbers. An illicit adult- rated holosuite experience of ancient Earth pirates at the age of  fourteen had somehow got into his soul and bones.  Being sweetly  ravished and relieved of his virginity by a pirate king as part of  the experience had probably had something to do with it.  He modelled  his dress on that long-ago lover.  High, thigh length black boots,  laced-on skin tight black leather trousers, with silver buttons at  the groin around his codpiece, a frilled white shirt, open to the  waist and a black leather waistcoat.  Even now, after all that had  happened to him, a stubborn part of him still needed to look like sex  on legs.   It also pleased him to know that he was bigger and more  muscly than the pirate king of old.  He'd made a point of devoting  time to his body, making it look good.  A perverse part of him also  relished the fact that his two fellow pirates were secretly lusting  after him.  He knew - and they knew - that it was hopeless.  Despite  the fire that sometimes ran in his veins allied with the pleasure of  sneaking, robbing and enjoying wealth untold, his libido was five  years dead and he'd locked up what shreds that remained of his heart  and thrown away the key.

Finally he put the ship into a fairly tight orbit around the largest  meteor.  It was big enough almost to be a moon or small planet and,  because it span slowly, it boasted a modest gravity.  He pressed the  controls and docked gracefully in the large hanger-bay on one side.   He flicked the on-board communication switch, "We're home, guys.  Get  unloading the booty."   Autolycus and Iolaus carried the third large chest of jewels, spare  parts, water and gold coins into Ares' secret vault. They set it down  and Autolycus gave the jewels a friendly and lingering pat, "My best  haul to date." "Hmm.  It's not *yours* - it's *his*."   "Yeah, but he always shares."   Iolaus shook his head, "About all he *does* do these days." Autolycus sighed, "I know.  It's been five years.  You'd have thought  he would have moved on by now." "After that betrayal?  The woman beguiled him, he fell head over  heels in love, he gave up everything for her - near enough, and then  she calmly took it all from him.  She ripped his heart out, stomped  on the pieces *and*  took his throne into the bargain.  I'm not  surprised he turned pirate and came here to the other side of the  galaxy."

"I remember what he was like before.  I used to steal from his  treasury often enough.  He was a phenomenal lover.  Male, female,  both at the same time.  He lived for pleasure. Couldn't get enough of  it.  Wore out several partners a night. He became celibate and  focussed the moment he saw *her*.  He wooed, tried to seduce, offered  her everything and she threw it back in his face," Autolycus  sighed, "And we both know he's been celibate *since*.  I don't think  the poor bugger has even had an orgasm.  It's as if that part of him  died.  It's not right.  I mean, even now, he radiates sex.  Can't  help it.  If he'd shown the slightest inclination, I'd have offered  him myself - I guess you would too." "God, yes,"  Iolaus saw the look on Autolycus' face and held up his  hand, "I know.  I'm a red-blooded, helpless skirt-chaser.  I *love*  women...." Autolycus smiled slowly, "Me too, blondy." "I'd noticed.  Anyway, even I'd lay down on his bed and let him have  his wicked way with me. Any time.  But it's not going to happen and  we both know it."

Autolycus looked at the far silhouette of their boss, "Damn shame.   Damned waste, too.  All that passion, locked up in such a delectable  parcel,"  Iolaus groaned softly, "Yeah, we've both got the hots for  him and it's getting us nowhere.   I  mean, what's not to love?   Tall, buff, gorgeous, beautiful face, absolutely irresistable hairy  muscled chest, long limbs, tight buns and as for that bulge at the  groin....." Iolaus' voice came out in a hoarse whisper, "He ain't packing socks,  that's for sure." "Gosh, no.  The way that soft black leather moulds to him.  I'm glad  not too many of our...*clients*...see him.  In the full light, if  he's not conscious you're watching, I swear I can make out every  detail......." "And even at rest, it's quite a package." "Your bed or mine tonight?" "You do know that you're the only guy I've ever been with?" Autolycus grinned seductively, "You told me that five years ago,  blondy."  "Auto honey;  you've made me into such a slut!" Autolycus twisted a blonde curl idly around one long finger and his  grin widened, "And I *love* it!"

Ares flopped down onto his bed and put his arms under his head.  He  looked down his beautifully sculpted body to the one part of him that  hadn't been in full working order for far too long.  So, it still  looked good;  even if it hadn't risen to attention in years.  Ares  managed a smile, remembering all the lovers who had gasped and  swooned with lust at the sight of him naked and erect.  Wouldn't  happen now - well, maybe the swooning would, but the 'erect' part of  the equation had long gone. He sighed regretfully,  "You could at least work *sometimes*.  I'm  not asking for much.  Don't particularly want or need company.   I'm  just going slowly nuts from not being able to orgasm.  At all,"  he  flicked his ample cock, "You never needed much persuasion before.   The servants and my people didn't call me 'His Royal Highness Ever  Ready' behind my back for nothing.  Even now, when I've not touched  anyone sexually in far too long, I've got a reputation as a ravisher  of fair maidens.  Some chance!!  It was *her*," his mouth turned into  a bitter grimace, "She stole my libido - or killed it - along with  everything else.  I've always promised myself revenge and justice.  I  reckon that I've got just about enough treasure to accomplish it  now.  One more haul should do it.  The Cinnabar run.  I've heard  there's another pirate out there already, but hey.....  I'm sure they  won't mind sharing just for a little while."


Sal whooped with joy.  Another ship plundered and life was *good*.   She laughed out loud.  This beat being Julius' love-slave by  *miles*.  He'd captured her, seduced her and kept her captive for far  too long.  Eventually she'd managed to escape,  unmanning him in the  priocess and setting him up to be finished off by his lieutenant,  Brutus.  So, she'd had to show her gratitude to Brutus as a result,  but that had been a pleasure.  Then Antonius, Augustus and Caligula  had wanted to show her *their* gratitude for helping to remove the  tyrant from power and, well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta  do.  Three gorgeous, buff men in her bed for a fortnight?  Sal smiled  and bit back a groan of remembered pleasure.  For the first time in  her life she'd been completely and utterly satisfied.  She'd made a  mental note that having three guys at once was a good plan for the  future.  Since then, she'd been on the run and amassing a  considerable fortune on the Cinnabar run.  She smoothed down the gold  leather of her bustier reflexively, even though she knew it was skin  tight.  Having her figure shown off to perfection helped distract the  enemy.  Head to toe skin-tight gold leather, thigh-length boots, and  a plunging neckline that did wonders to improve and display her  modest cleavage to stunning effect.  The cut was expert, making it  look as if her breasts were about to pop out, when in actuality she  could run, sing and breathe as hard as she liked and they'd stay  put.  She'd noticed that every male who liked women found it almost  impossible to tear their eyes away from her bust and while they were  distracted, she robbed them.  Easy as pie.  So, she hadn't had much  opportunity for sharing the contents of her clothes in quite a while,  but she knew it would happen sooner or later.  Her crew were loyal  and female and she knew they'd follow her to hell and back.   Everything was looking peachy until she heard the third report of  another pirate poaching on her territory.  She had to find out if the  reports were true and persuade him or her to go away.


"Hailing unknown Pirate vessel.  I know you're there and you know I'm  here, so let's parley." Ares frowned.  Damn, but this other pirate was good.  Stealth flying,  maneouvering, search-and-destroy measures.  He was impressed.  Female  too, although he had no hang-ups about gender.  He'd had enough  aggressive women lovers to know that they could be just as lusty and  powerful as men.  Nice voice.  Low, slightly husky.  Kind of sexy.   He decided to play ball and flicked the communication switch, "Okay.   Warbird here.  Name's Ares.  Yours?" "Sal.  Good ship Peacegoddess.  Resident operative."  Sal smiled to  herself.  Gorgeous voice. "Just passing trade.  Won't be here long, promise."  "I'll be watching you."  Yes, that low masculine throb was definitely  *very* nice. Ares smiled, "Wouldn't have it any other way, lady."   For the first  time in ages, his interest was raised.   Sal smiled back, even though they were on voice only, "A pirate with  a sense of humour.  I'm impressed."  And it was highly arousing.  "Any tips?"  Ares felt daring and naughty - this blind flirtation was  wonderful and beginning to turn him on.   Sal laughed out loud, "Uh-huh.  You don't expect me to *help* you, do  you?"  God, would she like to *help* that sexy voice. Ares chuckled right back, "It was worth a shot."  He bit his lip in  shock as blood surged into his cock for the first time in years.   Time for some nice, intense pirate entente cordiale!  Sal suddenly felt daring, "If you're as cute as you sound, I might be  persuaded."  She started to hope that the visuals were even half as  nice as the audio. "Oh, baby - you have no idea!"  Ares blinked.  Now he was *hard*.   Aching, throbbing. "So, show me the goods, Mister Ares!"  Now she was wet, just  imagining this fellow pirate naked. He was tempted, sorely tempted.   He wanted to flick open the buttons  on his trousers and let her *see*.  The problem was, Autolycus at  weapons and Iolaus in the engine room would get a grandstand view on  the monitor.  He settled for an old head and shoulders shot of  himself and the crew, "Here, gorgeous.  Read them and weep." Sal growled softly, "Phwoar.  Yum.  You ever want to 'combine forces'  in the hunt for treasure, you let me know." Ares was pleased beyond belief at her unabashed response, "So, let me  feast on your beauty, sweetheart."

Sal laughed softly and sent her corresponding image over, "Hi,  gorgeous,"  There was a deathly silence and  Warbird zoomed away into  the Cinnabar cluster.  Sal frowned, "Hey?  I'm not *that* ugly - been  accused of beauty often enough.  Was it something I said?"   Sal's lieutenant, Gabby, frowned too, "Don't know.  You were flirting  wonderfully and then he cut out on us.  Cute - bit too dark for my  tastes, but if you like them big, muscly, hairy and buff.....  Nice  eyes, though.  Get that visual of the engineer.  Woof!"   Sal looked at the blonde man, "Ah.  Blonde, cheeky-looking, blue  eyes.  Right up your street," she hailed her own engineer, "Anyone  you spotted?" Dee chuckled down the intercom, "I'll say.  Weapons fella.   The  tall, lean, dangerous and sneaky-looking one with the goatee.  I'd  put money on him being a fellow thief." Sal chuckled, "A three-way split of the bounty then?" Dee chuckled, "Oh, yeah." Gabby chipped in, "Me three!" Sal checked their flight plans, "Have to catch them first."

Ares slammed his way into his quarters once the ship was in the hands  of  Iolaus.  One look at his dark, frowning visage had told Iolaus  not to argue.  He was nearly as good a pilot as Ares and kept his  mouth shut.  He glanced down at the picture of the three female  pirates, focussing on the cute strawberry blonde lieutenant and  growled softly. "Sweet, virginal-looking.  Delectable belly button.  That blood red  leather tells me that she actually is anything *but* virginal.  That  and that whip by her hip," he whimpered softly, "I always wanted a  virginal looking dominatrix to take me in hand.  I think I'm in  love."               Autolycus looked at Sal, then the taller lady by  her side, "Oh, crumbs.  They could be cousins, but *this*  one.......I'd give up Ares for her.  Got to be a thief.  Long brown  hair, blue eyes, nice curves. Velvet, frills and those long, long  legs in tight lace-up *pants*.  Mmmmmm.......  Have to plan a  rematch."  Ares slammed his fists into the bulkhead, "Shit!  It can't happen  like this!!  Not again...  WHY?"  He pulled his hair, groaning, "So,  she looks *her*.   Enough to be incredibly, hauntingly  familiar."  He found his punchbag and spent the next hour working up  a sweat and trying to blank his mind.  Especially the part that was  busy recalling that stunningly presented decollatage and the gold  leather outfit.

Iolaus looked up as Autolycus came onto the bridge, "You've seen the  photo."   "Yeah.  I suppose *he's* gone into shock." "Something like that.  She does look like...."  his voice dropped to  a whisper, "Xena."  "Yeah, but there are differences.  Lighter hair, different shaped  nose - I'd guess not so tall as well.  Unlike that delectable darker  brunette by her side."   Iolaus grinned, "Fantasy woman!" Autolycus pointed to the strawberry blonde, "Yours too!" Iolaus growled, "I should say so!" "We're in a pickle, aren't we?" "He's not going to want to contact her again, that's for sure." Autolycus sighed, "And I'd put money - and a lot of jewels - on these  two being the women of our dreams."


Ares was in the worst black mood of his life.  Captured by what  passed for the local authorities, in spite of his best efforts to  evade capture.  They had somehow missed Autolycus and Iolaus, who  must have reached the concealed holds in time.  His ship was  impounded, so his friends wouldn't be coming out to rescue him unless  they were pretty confident of releasing him.  Being chained by  several ropes of thick steel to a cell wall and stripped half naked  was not a good start.  He wondered if even Autolycus would unpick the  locks and bolts on this one.  And, after all, he'd been caught  practicing piracy.  He was suffering the due rewards of his labours,  in a sense.  And every time he closed his eyes, he saw Sal's face and  his traitorous body responded.  He groaned.  Hours at leisure to pump  himself to the orgasm he craved and his hands were miles away from  his needy groin.  Night came.  Somehow, he slept.  "Ares?" A familiar voice, whispering, "I know you probably didn't  want to see me again, but I've come to get you out of here.  I  drugged the water supply to the prison.  The guards will sleep until  morning.  Your arrest has been all over the news." "Sal?" "Yeah.  Pirate code of honour.  I had to rescue you.  Plus, you're a  hottie!"   "Don't DO this!" "Don't rescue you?  They'll torture you to death in the morning!"  Ares groaned.  The way blood was pounding in his cock, it felt like  torture now, "No.  Rescue me by all means, but then stay away.  I  mean it." Gentle, slender hands felt across his chest, "Nice, full pecs!  Love  the chest hair....." "Stop.  You. Must. Stop."  He bit the words out, despite the part of  him that wanted more. "You really don't like me, do you?"  Ares sighed deeply, realising he owed her an explanation, "You look  far too much like the woman who broke my heart.  That's why you  can't....mustn't." There was a significant pause,  "I understand," Sal said softly, "I  know how painful a broken heart can be.  Seeing me probably brings it  all back.  Here...." she unlocked him carefully, then escorted him  out of the cell and to his ship, "You can go now - and keep away from  the law next time." Ares paused, "Thanks." He saw her smile in the darkness, "S'okay.  I'm *not* her." He sighed again, "I know - I guess.  *She* wouldn't have lifted a  finger to help me.  I'll be gone soon enough." "Shame.  Another time, another place and it would have been a  pleasure......" He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it gently, "Nothing  personal, but it would be too painful." His lips tingled at the touch  of her skin and fresh fire threaded through his veins. "Take care, Ares." "You too, Sal."

Then she had gone, melting into the night.  Ares went on board,  finding codes to take him through the security grid around the planet  on the dashboard.  He noticed that even Sal's handwriting turned him  on.  Once in safe space, he got Autolycus and Iolaus out of hiding  then went to have a long hot shower.  For  the first time in years,  he stayed erect.  The resulting orgasm was so sweet and intense that  he wept for sheer joy.  He tried to ignore that Sal's name was on his  lips at the moment of climax.

Ares flew by devious routes to the next planet.  A week hiding behind  one of their moons, a quick respray job on the hull and he sailed  into the space-port without difficulty bearing cleverly forged  papers.  As he landed, he downloaded the latest vid-casts from the  planet's news system.  A major break-in at their leading bank - but  netting only half the contents?  Ares went planet-side, conducted his  more legitimate business trading spices and cloth and did some major  computer hacking that night.  He grinned eagerly.  Child's play.   He'd be able to get the rest with little difficulty - especially with  Autolycus on hand to help pick locks and disable the security  system.  A week later, he lifted off-world with several of  Warbird's  holds creaking slightly under the weight of a major haul in gold  bullion.  He flew along the Cinnabar cluster.  It was the same at the  next planet.  A major robbery - of jewels this time -  but only a  proportion taken.  At the third planet it was the latest in state-of- the art adult holodeck chips.  Ares realised that Sal was leaving him  a breadcrumb trail, helping him on the sly.  She'd left enough clues  for him to know it was her work.  He flew back to his planetoid,  unloaded the cargo and went straight back to the largest planet in  the system.  As it was 95% water, he, Autolycus and Iolaus docked at  the space-station ring around the planet and were beamed down.  There  was a remote island away from the main landmass that he wanted to  investigate.  Legends about untold wealth there drew him on.   Also a  trip on a real wooden sailing ship.  It would take a while and cost  major amounts of credits, but the diversion should prove more that  worthwhile.  A working holiday of sorts.   The three men had a  surprisingly luxurious suite - three small single bedrooms, a shared  bathroom and a lounge.

Iolaus whistled, low and long, "*How* much did you say this cost?" Ares' lips twitched, "I'm not telling."   Autolycus stretched his long frame out on his bed, "I approve.  I was  expecting hammocks and bare boards, but this bed is long enough even  for me."  Ares fetched out a small microfilm, "Well, I have this information,  fellas.  True, we are on a very exclusive, luxury cruise.  But *this*  evidence suggests that the semi-tropical island we are going to holds  more than just coconuts and long, sandy beaches.  *Inside* the  quiescent volcano at the centre is apparently a  mother-lode of   *extremely* rare volcanic latinum," Iolaus and Autolycus whistled  together, "Yes, quite.  A few ounces of that and we'll never have to  work again." Iolaus looked up at him, "But volcanoes are kinda tricky, boss." Ares nodded, "It does hold certain inherent dangers and we'll have to  be very careful, but the potential pay-off is worth the risk, yes?"   Iolaus and Autolycus nodded.

Ares wasn't surprised - and he realised with a slight shock that he  should have been, just a bit, to see three familiar female faces  amongst the crew.  He was privately disappointed that Sal was hiding  the sweet swell of her breasts, but somewhere deep inside him there  was a rush of  pleasure.   He frowned, then managed a slight smile as  she came nearer.  "I didn't know you were going to be here, I promise." His smile widened a fraction and he whispered  conspiratorially, "False identities."   "I won't tell." "Neither will I or my two ship-mates, even though I can feel them  drooling over your companions from here." Sal smiled broadly, "I have it on good authority that the feelings  are mutual." Ares' frown reasserted itself,  "I understand, but I hope there won't  be any fraternisation. Not here, not now.  Too  much is at stake and  we are very close to our goal." "Us too." He hesitated, "Um......thank-you for the breadcrumb trail.  It helped  a lot." "Glad to help a fellow pirate who's just passing through.......have a  cocktail?" Ares picked up from the increased brightness in her tone that they  were being observed, "Thank-you.  And this is.....?" Sal blushed slightly, "Erm....ahem....the locals call it 'Long hot  sex', sir." Ares slashed a wicked grin, "Great sales gimmick!"  The images that  were running through his head were another matter.  Sal grinned back naughtily, "You can have it from me any time you  like!" Ares realised that it was at least partially what she was meant to  say, "Temptress.  *Bad* woman!" his grin widened lasciviously, "I'll  need 'it' every day." "That's good, because cocktail hour happens every day, sir....."   then she'd moved on to the next passenger.

Ares leaned against the rail, wondering when was the last time he'd  enjoyed such deliciously smutty innuendo.   He had to admit - never.   He'd been King from the age of sixteen and all he'd had to do then  was snap his fingers and lovers would fall over themselves to be in  his bed.  Both sexes, all colours;  he'd sampled the lot.  The  attraction of power was irresistable.  Then there had  been.....*her*.  His  mind skirted around the name even now.  He  looked back at Sal, who had a bright, polite smile on her face,  deftly side-stepping the rather strong overtures of an enormously fat  man and still remaining charming.  Part of his long-buried chivalry  wanted to step in and help her, but he could see that Sal was  managing just fine.

The bruised, wounded part of him still reminded him of her uncanny  resemblance to that other love;  but a more rational part was  realising that character-wise they had little in common.  A shared  strength - and he'd always enjoyed the idea of women who weren't  afraid to stand up to him and maybe slap him into shape now and  then.  Otherwise, they seemed like chalk and cheese.  Sal was warmer,  funnier, had a gorgeously dirty mouth and made his libido fantasise  about hot, passionate and pretty basic sex.  The kind where you  slammed the woman up against a wall, knowing she was gagging for it  and then gave it to her, deep and hard until she was moaning and  screaming in ecstasy.  Ares shook his head to try and clear the  explicit images from his mind, but it was no use.  He downed his  cocktail in record time, then made for the bathroom in his suite to  relieve the tension.  And the substantial tent in his trousers.  He  emerged about an hour later still trying to wipe the lazy, satisfied  smile off his face.

Iolaus cocked his head, "Boss has got it bad." Autolycus nodded, "And he's fighting it.  Got anywhere with your  virginal blonde?"   "Not yet, but by all the Gods, I'm going to try." "We can' know.....ahem.  Everyone on board would find out  and Ares would go mental.  No shagging on the job, remember?" Iolaus sighed deeply, "I know.  Doesn't stop me *influencing* the  lady, though!" Autolycus grinned back, "Well, quite.  Prepare the ground  for.....ahem...*later*." "There she is!  I'll make my move, find out her name and get back to  you."

It was much later that night, after the launch, the introductory  banquet and dancing on deck under the stars.  Autolycus and Iolaus  were lying in their respective beds, talking with the lights out. "So?" Autolycus was trying to be nonchalant, but he wanted every  sordid little detail.  Iolaus moaned softly, "Oh, *that* good, eh?" "Gods;  yes!  Better than my wildest fantasies - and trust me they  are pretty damned wild." "I know, you naughty slut of a man!  Tell Auto all about it." Iolaus chuckled, "Okay.  First, I got the 'shy virgin' routine.  To  perfection.  But I *knew* it was an act, so I kept wooing gently.   Her name's Gabrielle, but she likes to be called Gabby, by the way.   Has a wonderful way of saying things that *ought* to sound  outrageous, but in such a pure tone that you'd think it was  innocent.  We danced together, I stole a kiss. *Nice* kiss.  *Very*  nice kiss.  We took a walk in the moonlight.  I stood with my back to  the prow and she gave me the full 'I like you, but I'm a good girl'  routine, but her eyes were dark with passion and her hands......  Oh,  Gods, Auto - those naughty fingers!!  All the time, there was  this 'shy, sweet, butter-wouldn't-melt' stuff coming out of her  lips;  whilst one set of fingers was circling exquisitely around my  nipple and the other was doing the most delectable teasing routine  outside my trousers, up and down the length of my cock." Autolycus gasped appreciatively, "You must have been in heaven!" "Too right!  I got within seconds of coming, it was that perfect.  I  am most *definitely* in love." Autolycus sighed, "Me too.  Dee's - that's Delicious in full and man  is she ever....anyway, she's an ex-dancer.  Fully double jointed.   Does the splits perfectly.  She's a fellow thief, just as I  supposed.  *Incredibly* limber.  Kisses that made me melt and burn at  the same time.  Put one long, gorgeous leg over my shoulder, then  kissed me again and undulated against me until I was shaking with  need." Iolaus whistled, "Sounds like we got it bad, old boy. know we've been at it like knives these last five  years and it's been wonderful......" "It's okay, Iolaus.  Dee stole my heart, my mind and my libido.  You  were the best male lover I've ever had." Iolaus grinned in the darkness, "Praise indeed!  Thanks, Auto."

Gabby flopped onto *her* bed in the ladies' suite.  Being on the crew  it wasn't quite as luxurious as the passengers' accommodation, but it  was still high quality. "So......Dee?  Did your spaceman make his move?" Dee laughed softly, "Oh, yes!  He's *gorgeous* - but I tried not to  let that show."  "My blonde engineer is just about perfect.  Naughty, seductive, skirt- chaser." "Oooh.  Did you give him the 'treatment'?"  Gabby chuckled naughtily, "Everything.  All the things I've wanted to  do during a First Encounter but never quite managed before now."  "Me too.  I was right - fellow thief.  Called Autolycus.  Tall, dark,  dangerous, wonderful sardonic wit, quite limber...." "Ah.  You've always wanted a man who could do the entire Kama Sutra  standing on his head." "Kisses wonderfully," Dee continued, trying not to comment, "*Very*  interested....." "Oh, yeah?" Gabby grinned naughtily, "About how much interest?" Dee chuckled right back, "Long, lean, above average." "Sounds good.  My Iolaus - that's his name - is basically a gorgeous  pleasure slut.  Checked out the hidden weapon while I was at it." "Oh, you bad Gabby!  And on a first date, too!" "He was loving it.  I could tell.  He may not be that tall, but he's  packing something that felt absolutely wonderful." "He enjoyed the routine?" "He was *loving* it.   He'll go nuts for the full dominatrix stuff -  I know it."  Dee sighed, "We can't indulge whilst working.  Just make a lot of  promises for 'later'." Gabby sighed back, "Yes.  I guess the guys are on a similar ruling.    Pirates' code.  Plunder the treasure, *then* ravish the conquests."  Dee chuckled softly, "It'll be worth waiting for, Gabby."

Ares stood, looking out to sea and trying to let his mind wander.   Sal was suddenly there, nearby. "You're not dancing?" Ares shook his head, "No.  Not in a long time." "Ah," her voice dropped to a carefully pitched murmur, "You're not on  this trip just for pleasure, are you?" Ares' head whipped around, "Still not entirely sure I can trust you -  yet.  Old wounds that run deep." "Whatever else, you *can* trust me, Ares.  And that 'exchange'  earlier today was very good." Ares smiled, but it didn't quite reach his eyes, "That's in public.   It feels....safer.....there." "Okay.  I can live with that."  And then she was gone, leaving Ares  feeling like a heel.  It wasn't Sal's fault that part of him couldn't  cope with her particular looks.  He could see that Sal was shorter by  maybe two inches and had lighter brown hair, but the resemblance was  too strong to deny.

The next day's cocktail hour came around.  The concoction was orange  and smelt highly alcoholic.   Ares broke into a classic wolfish  grin, "And today's drink?" Sal's answering grin was classic sassy, "Slow, delicious screw." Ares coughed, "Are they all this......suggestive?" Sal's grin grew wider, "I am given to understand that they get more  salacious as we go on."  Ares dropped back into 'innuendo' mode, "Haven't had a 'slow  delicious screw' in ages!" Sal met his eyes fearlessly, "Have one on me!" Ares picked up the glass, "I believe I will......" and he moved  smoothly out of the line.

The days passed.   Ares learned that Sal was short for the exotic- sounding Salamay which he shortened immediately to his own,  preferred, Sally.  The lady seemed pleased by his choice of  abbreviation.  He watched her working hard, both with the passengers  and up in the rigging pretending to trim the sails.  Everyone knew  they weren't really using wind power, but the illusion was very  strong. The cocktail hour became a moment to treasure.  'Sex on the  Beach' was followed by 'Velvet Thighs' and 'Lick me'.  After that,  even he almost baulked at the explicit names.  He could see the sweet  blush rising on Sally's cheek every time she had to tell him the name  of the latest creation.  For those few seconds he flirted shamelessly  and the innuendo turned into barely-veiled smut.  He loved it,  inspite of himself.  On the night before they were due to arrive at  the island, he was leaning against the wheel.  There was no problem  in doing that - the sails were there mostly as decoration and to help  the solar-powered motor.  The crew could do the run on the boating  equivelant of auto-pilot.  Sally was walking around the bow of the  ship, alone.  Ares realised he had to make the first move.

"Sally?  Come and talk?" She hesitated, "Are you sure?"  "Yeah.  I'm sorry for being such a jerk." She came a little closer, "It's okay.  If you'd resembled Julius,  *I'd* have had problems."  "The guy who broke your heart?" "Kinda.  More 'tried to break my spirit'." "I hope the bastard's dead." "Yup.  His lieutenant stabbed him in the back after I set the little  shit up for a fall - excuse my language." Ares laughed softly, "S'okay.  I'm still waiting on my revenge." "If I can help.....?" Ares shook his head, "Gotta do this one myself.  I'm sure you  understand." "Yes, I do." "You're beautiful."  It was out of his mouth before he had time to  think. "You're not such a slouch yourself!" Ares searched around for a safer topic, " know your way  around a sailing ship." Sally stood opposite him now, "Yes.  A holodeck program when I was a  teenager."  Ares' eyebrows shot up, "Would that be 'Pirates Bold'?" Sally chuckled, "Yes, I'm afraid so - but that pirate king was  *irresistable*." Ares coughed slightly, "I know what you mean." "Gosh - seduced you too?"  Ares was surprised and pleased that she  wasn't shocked.   "Up against a wheel like this, three times, in the teeth of a storm.   I've had a thing about pirates ever since.  Not many lady ones,  though - then or now." Sally was very close now, "I was ravished against the mizzen mast,  then over his desk.  I became a pirate as soon as I could after that." Ares stroked her cheek, "I  just *have* to kiss you. Once."  Sally melted into his arms, "Aye, aye, cap'n."  Ares grinned as he folded her closer, "You," he brushed his lips  against hers, "Are,"  then a second time, "Incorrigable."  He  deepened the kiss, biting back the moans of pleasure and delight that  threatened to break from his chest.  Her mouth was wonderful and she  tasted delicious.  Their lips moved together in perfect harmony,  tongues tangling sensuously.  After several minutes of sweet  pleasure, Ares finally broke free.   As Sally looked up into Ares'  face, she saw his eyes were warm, dark and glowing with pleasure;   then seconds later the shutter came down and he was back in control.   She stepped away and Ares took the cue to distance himself from the  pleasure they'd just shared.  He wished her goodnight and vanished. The following day, Ares, Iolaus and Autolycus were walking along the  beach in their swimming trunks.  Iolaus looked up at Ares, "This  isn't *quite* the gear to be exploring volcanoes, boss." Ares slashed a cold smile, "Did some work last night while you two  were snoring your heads off.  There's a concealed cache of useful  things in the next bay." Autolycus began to protest, "But we could have helped....." Ares shook his head, "One passenger, working by stealth, they'd  overlook;  three of us might have raised suspicion.  Anyway, you're  busy courting that leggy brunette of yours and Iolaus has got it bad  for her talkative blonde friend.  Good of you to keep Sally's  shipmates *busy*." Iolaus looked up, "Speaking of whom.......oh, *baby*.  Phwoar....." Autolycus swallowed, "Dee's blue bikini barely covers  anything.......hubba, hubba...."

Ares looked where their heads were turned, then almost wished he  hadn't.  He could see why Iolaus and Autolycus were drooling.  Gabby  was wearing something in blood red lycra which clung to her curves.   Iolaus was grinning like an idiot.  Dee was wearing three triangles  in royal blue which showed that she had quite sizeable prominent  nipples and Ares knew from the last five years that this was a  particular delight for Autolycus.  He moved his eyes on to Sally and  bit back a masculine appreciative growl.  She always seemed to dress  like something out of his most private fantasies.  White and gold  bikini, lovely curves, long waist and - he couldn't help it - the  most delectable bottom in several galaxies.  Not that the rest of her  wasn't perfect;  her breasts were lovely, for instance, but he had a  thing about temptingly curved cheeks.  He frowned, trying not to show  his private appreciation.  Why now, when he had been trying to move  on and find some peace and restitution at last, did this almost  carbon-copy of......he made himself think the name......Xena have to  turn up?   Okay, Sally was a more perfect representation of  his  secret ideal of womanhood, but that wasn't the point.  He had to keep  control here.
Sally was miffed.  Angry, in fact.  She'd thought Ares was maybe  beginning to accept her, and there he was glowering like a big black  thundercloud.  Okay, a drop-dead-gorgeous one, but she could almost  feel the steam coming from his ears.  He was back in resistance  mode.  She took time to appreciate the scenery, though.  Yum.   Actually, yum to the max, and she'd have the image of him in nothing  but black trunks in her mind for the rest of her life.  All those  beautifully sculpted muscles, covered in soft-looking black hair.   That tempting line down his stomach and as for the generous bulge a  little lower.....gosh.  Major lunchbox.  He was perfect, at least  physically.  Shame about the circumstances.  Sally noticed that both  of her companions were making flirty eyes with their chosen  partners.   She sighed, "Ladies," she said quietly, but with enough enunciation  to carry, "I think we'd better move on.  Work to do." Gabby tore her eyes away from Iolaus and his teeny brown posing pouch  that left very little to the imagination, "Okay, boss."  She favoured  Iolaus with a wave and he blew a kiss back. Dee shrugged apologetically at Autolycus who was trying to hide what  was happening in his purple swimsuit.  He made an extravagant bow to  cover his embarrassment, then let Ares lead them on to the next bay.

Duly suited up in combat gear and hiking boots, the three male  pirates drove up the volcano around the back, using a dirt road and  a 'borrowed' four wheel drive landrover.  Ares had a history of being  able to come up with just the right equipment out of seemingly thin  air, so Iolaus and Autolycus didn't ask questions.   They parked the  landrover at the end of the track and hiked the rest of the way on  foot.  This being a tropical island, it was hot, somewhat tiring  work.  Carefully, they peered over the lip of the cone of the  volcano.  There, about half way down, glinted the unmistakeable seam  of  latinum.  Steam coming idly out of the centre of the cone and the  remoteness of the location had probably kept previous prospectors at  bay.  Iolaus and Autolycus had often noted privately that Ares'  current second name ought to be 'Danger', so they knew he'd  calculated the risks and decided to brave the dangers inherent in  this escapade.  Ares fetched out a rappelling rope, secured it  carefully and swung out over the edge with a small pick in his  teeth.  Once he'd secured himself with pitons near the latinum, a  careful gesture upwards indicated that Iolaus should follow.   Autolycus stayed, watching the ropes and the progress of what was  happening a hundred feet below him.  In seconds, the air was full of  noise and wind.  Autolycus looked up, to see a small yellow  helicopter hovering above the crater and some daredevil in an orange  flying suit shinning down a rope towards Ares and Iolaus.  He made  large warning gestures to his two companions, but they'd seen the  intruder.

Ares looked up, a decent chunk of latinum in one hand, "What the  *hell*?" A wide grin, "Care to share, boys?" "Bloody hellfire, woman.......what the fuck do you think you're  playing at?" "Getting latinum the easy way," Sally touched down on the rock with  great care, "There's more than enough for six."  She picked up a  loose thimble-sized piece and pocketed it. The ground under them undulated and there was an onimous rumble from  the middle of the crater.  Iolaus looked down, "Uh-oh.  I think she's  going to blow." Sally followed his gaze, "Bugger.  I've heard it's fast, violent and  nasty.  The whole of that plug will get blown several hundred feet in  the air and then.....boom.  Lava all over the shop.  Really violent  volcano, this baby.  Major techtonics and a thin crust." "How long have we got?" Sally looked at Ares, "Here? Seconds, probably.  You'd better come  with me - the helicopter is the only thing that'll get you out of  here fast enough."


Ares gestured up to Autolycus, put the two pieces of latinum that  he'd cut in his pockets and nodded curtly.   Fitting six people into  a small helicopter quickly was ticklish, but they made it.  Looking  down, they saw the ship putting out to sea as fast as it could.    Sally turned the helicopter north, "I hope everyone got off all  right - that island's going to be history soon." "Why are we going north?" Sally explained, "First, we are unaccounted for and therefore 'dead'  to our shipmates.  Second, you are carrying an almost incalculable  amount of wealth in your pockets in the shape of illicitly obtained  latinum.  Even the tiny piece I liberated would make a King's  ransom .   Third, there's an old space-lift to the docking ring up  here.  We can get away with the minimum of fuss." "Won't they have noticed the helicopter?" Sally smiled, "Specially customised.  Adapted space technology  rendering it virtually invisible  inaudible and undetectable by  radar.  I dropped the shields for only a few minutes over the  volcano.  Everyone else would have been too busy feeling the  earthquake and getting to safety - I hope."

About five minutes later, the shock-wave from the island erupting hit  them and Sally had to use all her skill to ride it out.  Iolaus  glanced back and saw the huge column of smoke and lava fountaining up  into the sky.    He whistled, "Whew.  I've never seen a volcano  *that* explosive." Gabby turned to him, "It's why there isn't much land here.  Because  of the thin crust and the very active techtonics, things have a habit  of erupting or destroying themselves.  The main land  mass just  happens to be on the largest and most stable plate, but even that is  getting abducted from one side and subducted at the other.  The  tropical island we just visited was only about 100 years old.  A kind  of visit-it-while-you-can holiday spot.   Most of the volcanoes are  submarine ones." Iolaus grinned, "I knew you were more than just a pretty face!" "You too, fly-boy!"

Ares remained silent and brooding until they arrived at the somewhat  ice-bound space lift.  Finally he turned on Sally who was quietly  getting the controls unlocked, "I bet it was your bloody helicopter  that started the eruption!" She turned to face him, hands on hips, "Don't be a fool as well as  short-sighted!  There's no way that could have been the case and if  you'd thought for a minute, you'd realise you're just picking a  fight." He strode up to her, "I am *not* a fool!" She arched an eyebrow, "Really?  Keeping treating me like this  nameless lost love of yours is a tad foolish, I'd say." "Don't you *dare* mention her!" "Why?  Will I turn into a frog?"  Ioluas, Autolycus and the ladies  began edging carefully away from ground zero. "She was - is - a princess.  Actually, she's a queen now." "And exactly how does this make her better than me?  *She's* the one  who broke your heart, apparently." A variety of swift expressions crossed Ares' face, "You have no right  to say that!" "Why?  It's the truth....."  Sally turned back to the controls and  they soon lit up, "There we are.  We can get out of here now." "Don't expect me to ride in that....that *thing* with you." Sally whistled for her companions, "Okay.  I won't.  Have fun  figuring out the controls...."

The doors closed and the three ladies were gone.  When the lift  finally came back down, Ares had to do some major hacking into the  lift panel controls to figure out how to ascend safely, so it was  some hours before they got to their own space-craft, by which time  Sally's Peacegoddess had long gone.   Ares stomped off to his room  and did some more brooding.  Iolaus looked over to Autolycus on  ops, "She stood up to him." Autolycus pressed a few more buttons, "Uh-huh.  And called his bluff." Iolaus grinned, "She's got a lot more charm and spunk than.....*her*." "And clever - but stubborn with it." "Yeah, well - look at the boss.  Harbouring a grudge and a broken  heart for five years isn't very healthy." "I predict the charm offensive will come next." "Well, quite.  He was angered, bluffed and aroused almost beyond  belief.  He'll be going full steam ahead for a re-match."

Iolaus was right.  Over the next days, mysterious parcels, flowers  and caches of jewels began to arrive wherever Sally went.  About a  week later, the two ships were docked at the same space port.  Sally  took the initiative and went over to Ares' ship. "Thanks for the gifts, Ares." "I was a pillock." "A damned sexy one, but yes.  I've decided to show you everything I  can," She noticed the lustful look in his eyes, "Not *that*.....yet.   One day, if you hang around long enough, it'll be a pleasure, but for  now....." she held back the hair behind her right ear, displaying a  computer input/output valve, "Julius fitted this when he enslaved  me.  I haven't found a surgeon competant enough to remove it yet.   Still, I can give you access to my mind...." she coupled in a lead  and attached the far end to one of Warbird's secure ports, "I'm no  saint.  Julius had me under a form of control that made me his sex- slave but I was still conscious of what was going on.  Some of the  parties where he handed me around his friends for.....entertainment,  I was willing and eager.  I stole for him, killed for's  all there."  The information streamed into the databanks. Ares came closer, "You don't need to do this." Saly looked into his eyes, "Yes, I do.  For me, for you and for us." His eyebrow raised eloquently, "There's going to be an 'us'?" Sally grinned cheekily, "If you behave yourself!"   Ares smiled back, "Oh, I will!  Gold leather is such a turn-on......." Sally traced a finger down the opening in his white shirt, "So's a  hairy chest!" The presents and long distance flirting continued over the next week  or so until Ares was on his way home to the asteroid to make his  final transactions.  Ares examined and doublechecked the information  downloaded from Sally's mind.  She had, indeed, done some pretty  violent and questionable things in the past whilst enslaved by  Julius.  Learning that she was a fully trained courtesan made him all  the more eager to sample what she had to offer.  He and the crew were  en route to the asteroid when all hell broke loose.  It was a fight  between local rival clans of the reptilian Darrocs and his ship was  caught in the middle of it.  He was forced to make a run for it to  the nearest space station.  There, the bays were overflowing with  refugees from the battles.  He, Iolaus, and Autolycus lent a hand in  helping the sick and wounded.  Some of the people and aliens were  suffering from blast and laser burns, which made terrible wounds.  It  was only after three days without much slecp that he found Sally,  tending a small wounded male Leonid.  Part feline in make-up and  hairy, the boy-pup was very ill with blast wounds.  Ares got down  beside Sally and looked at her significantly.  She was dirty, tired  and almost on her last legs with weariness, but she still looked  wonderful to him.  Ares looked at the boy.  The wounds were very  bad.  Sally was rocking him and singing in Leonid, softly. Ares asked  a question with his eyebrows. Sally smiled, "Oh.  I had a Leonid lover when I was with Julius.  He  got off on the fact that he could ask me know.....with  any physically compatable male.  It's okay, honey....." She lapsed  back into the Leonid tongue.  When the lad finally fell asleep, Ares  gently took her hand.  Everyone who could be treated was comfortable  and now all the able-bodied helpers could get some rest.  He led  Sally to his cabin on the Warbird.  Sally almost fell onto the bed  and was asleep in seconds.  Ares gently peeled off her boots and  leaned over to tuck her in.  As he climbed onto the bed, the fatigue  hit him and everything went black.

Sally was having such a wonderful dream.  There was someone warm and  snuggly and gorgeously male cuddling her close and he felt absolutely  wonderful.  She nuzzled closer in pleasure.  He smelt spicy and  sexy.  Actually, if ever a man could smell *of* sex, this guy would  get first prize.

Ares was half awake and so violently aroused that he could hardly  breathe.  He'd had hundreds of lovers and not one had snuggled him  like this.  Getting laid as the King had been easy, but he knew that  was all they'd wanted - a night of passion and goodbye.  Sally was  curled up around him as if  he was irresistably cuddleable and he  loved it.  A deep, untapped sensual part of him began to unfurl and  almost jump for joy.   He folded her closer, indulging in the  moment.  He smiled to himself.  After so many lovers, he was  partially surprised that he actually needed to snuggle, but now that  side of him was getting fed and finding expression, there'd be no  going back.  He felt like purring.  Actually, he felt like a good,  intense fuck as well - probably several, given the gorgeous way Sally  was moulding to him and responding to his nearness, but he could  wait.  He needed to be sure that this snuggling was for him and him  alone.  Sally's eyes fluttered open and her fingers curled into his  chest hair.  He looked down, "Hello!"   She grinned up at him, "Morning, gorgeous!" Ares chuckled and dipped down for a long, fervent kiss, "God, I want  you." "Are you sure it's me you want?" Ares' eyes glowed, "Oh, yeah.  She.....Xena.....never *ever* snuggled  like this and we never made love.  Plus, she would never look so  goddammed sexy in skin-tight gold leather at this time in the  morning....."  He ran the tip of one finger down to the swell of her  breasts and slowly around the exposed swell just above the leather. Sally's eyes darkened with arousal, "Ares.  I'm on fire....." as he  moved closer, she placed her hand gently on his chest, "Yes, tiger -  I know.  But before we get thoroughly frustrated, we ought to check  that we can actually make love." Ares' heated gaze took in her curves, "Baby, you seem to have  everything I need!" Sally chuckled, "You too;  but I am minded that we come from two  different parts of the galaxy.  The humanoid form can be remakably  varied, especially when it comes to matters of sex. Trust me." Ares sighed with frustration and raked his hand through his  hair, "Okay.  Time out while we just double check our physical  compatibility."

Ares looked at the biological specifications of Sally's race, "Well,  your race has two breasts and....oh.  A tail!  You have a tail!!" "Just a small vestigial one, Ares." "Well, the outside seems fine and now for the detail.  Yes, that's  within usual tolerance.....oh," he smiled slowly, "A long,  narrow.......and what's this structure here?" "Internal filaments, Ares.  Designed to be activated by my orgasm." Ares grinned, "No problem!" "Well, yes;  but then they will stroke and caress your....." Ares whimpered softly, "Oh, gosh.  I don't think I'll be able to  stand that." Sally grinned back, "That's the point.   My body will be wanting to  receive your seed so that I can, potentially, lay an egg." "Lay an egg?!!?" "In a mate of the same species, you would have a duct at your belly  button and grow our offspring on to maturity." Ares coughed, "Not going to happen, Sally.  I'm not a kangaroo!"  "Well, we weren't planning to have children, so that's okay.  Now,  let's look at you....  Ah.  Nowhere to nurture an egg, as we've just  found out.  No place to birth children either." "Women tend to do that on my world, through" Ares  searched for a polite term, "Quim?" Sally chuckled, "But the stretching necessary, Ares.  In my race a  woman is supposed to stay tight and ready for mating." Ares grinned, "I like this adaptation, trust me!"  "As for the rest of the male's equipment......there should be no  problem.  A little big," her eyes dropped to his crotch, "Actually,  in your case, a lot big;  but I reckon we'll fit if you're gentle the  first time." Ares framed her face in his hands, "I can do that," he smiled  seductively, "Now.....where were we?"  They had just fallen back onto  the bed in an eager, caressing tangle when the red alert went off.   Sally sighed and sat up, pulling her gold top back over her  shoulders, "Bugger!  We'd better go."

The next hours were a frantic rush for safety.  The two warring  Darrocs had decided to use the space-station as a battle field.  Ares  used his ship to get as many to the nearby planetary system as he  could.  Somewhere along the way, the Darrocs started bombarding the  rescue ships as well.  In order to save their lives, the three  pirates got into separate life-pods and set courses for the nearest  planetary system.  Ares landed safely and alone, spending the first  night in the pod for shelter.  Ares tracked to the nearest river.   The little information he had suggested that the whole planet was  largely pre-industrial, but with one space-port near a large lake,  fed by several rivers.  Following this nearest one was a good plan.   He'd been walking along it for a couple of days when he realised why  the Darrocs had brought their fight this way.  He bent down and  picked up the tiny gleaming sliver of evidence.  Bansar mercenaries.   So, they'd got this far.  Ares shivered.  If there was one race that  was feared throughout the galaxy, it was the Bansars.  And he'd left  enough evidence of his journey - not much, but enough for Bansar  noses.   He reckoned his life measured days if he was lucky.  Now, if  he had a boat, he might risk the river itself.    Bansars couldn't  track in water so well.  As he looked downstream, he heard a shout.

"Ares!"  It was urgent and female.  He smiled broadly and waded out  into the current. "Sally!" He climbed aboard her small inflatable dingy and melted into  a welcoming kiss. "Later, tiger!  Got to avoid the Bansars." "I know.  I just found something they left behind."  The river went  around a bend and then down into rapids.  Ares hoped this river  didn't have waterfalls, because the current was incredibly stong.  It  was taking the two of them, steering together, to negotiate the  hazards ahead.  The sides of the river got steeper, then turned into  a deep canyon.  The white water in the middle pushed them  relentlessly onwards.  Two days later, they shot out into a wider  channel, still with the high walls either side.  The water slowed as  the river calmed and deepened.  At the end of the first day in the  canyon, Ares spotted a cave on one side.  They managed to steer  inside, then pulled the dingy up the rough beach.  Ares and Sally  walked further on, discovering the far side of the little cave and a  soft, enclosed glade, dappled with late afternoon sunlight and  carpeted in thick soft moss.  Ares pulled Sally into his arms.  The  mutual need to mate with each other completely overwhelmed them.   Clothes went everywhere.  Ares' need drove him to part Sally's legs  and his mouth was there in seconds.  As he'd suspected, she tasted  gorgeous and was more than ready, but he drank from her until she  arched in bliss.

"Ares.....please....."  He knelt up and let her look at him, "Oh,  my.  You are truly magnificent."  Ares felt an uncharacteristic blush  stain his cheeks.  He was bigger and harder than he'd ever been  before and the need pounding through him was almost unbelievable.  He  pushed her legs wider, but Sally was already spreading herself wide  for him.  "Sally...." he managed, then he was there.  He groaned with  pleasure.  He slid home, then paused to luxuriate in the most  exquisite fit of his life.   "Ares...." he looked down into her eyes, "This is what I've been  missing," she grinned cheekily, "Feeling your gorgeous big cock  inside me." Ares grinned back, "And I've only just started, too."

With expert precision, he slicked slowly to and fro, teasing and  kissing.  Using every ounce of self-control he possessed, he brought  her to the brink and took her over;  then the caressing she'd warned  him about happened all the way up and down his straining shaft and  Ares roared as he pumped deep inside her.  Laughing and giggling with  pleasure, they did it again, then a third time.  They slept for a  while, then melted together into another bout of delicious  lovemaking.  Late the next morning, Ares woke first.  He stretched,  yawned and grinned slowly.  He'd finally found a lover as  uninhibited, lusty and snuggly as himself.  For the first time  someone had taken, enjoyed and matched everything he'd had to throw  at them and still come back for more.  He looked down to where Sally  lay sprawled across him, one leg slung high over his hip and making  half-asleep pleasure noises.   He took a lingering look.  Last night  they'd frantically mated the first few times and then the rest had  happened in velvet darkness, so he hadn't really had time to take in  anything much past the mating urge and the exceptional pleasure.    Her breasts weren't just lovely - someone had taken his hottest  fantasies and clothed them in soft silken flesh.  He cupped one  gently and felt Sally moan softly and move closer.   He woke her with  a kiss, sliding his reawakened flesh home at the same time.  Sally  purred softly and tilted closer, "Mmmm......  More......" Ares chuckled and nuzzled her neck, "Insatiable woman!  Oh, God;  you  feel like hot wet velvet...." Sally's legs twined around him, pulling him fully inside her, "Good  morning, my delectable pirate."  After that, words became redundant  as they made love one last time.

Realising their idyll had to end, Ares and Sally collected edible  fruit from the trees in the glade, reclothed themselves and continued  down the river.  They both privately hoped that the Bansars would  have missed them when they holed up for the night.  They made the  lake and found the rest of their respectve crews who also looked  suspiciously happy with themselves.  Iolaus looked up at Ares, "I'm  sorry boss - Warbird got destroyed." "Damn.  Lost the latinum." Autolycus shook his head, "No, Ares.  I  liberated it before we had  to jump ship.  The rest of our stash *should* be safe - I hope."   Sally looked at her crew, "Peacegoddess?" Gabrielle punched her remote control, "Teleport's okay.  I think the  engine's shot, though." Sally looked at Ares, "Give you a lift into space?"  Ares smiled back  and nodded.

As they assessed the damage and tried to maintain orbit, a huge,  sleek-looking ship appeared in geo-stationary orbit.  "Wow.....that's some baby." Ares looked at the crackly monitor, "Hmm.  Yeah.  Hope she's  friendly."  When the unknown vessel began to take out the Bansars'  vessels, they had at least a partial answer to that question.   Finally, they were hailed. "Andromeda here, captained by Dylan Hunt." Ares took one look at the visuals and began to shake with  anger, "What the fuck is my half-brother up to now?!!" Dylan's brow furrowed, "Do I know you?  You look a little like my  Neitschean officer, Tyr." "Oh, come on!  I know you're Hercules!"   "No.  Sorry.  Just offering assistance and a chance to join the  Commonwealth." Ares flicked the privacy switch, "We had the Commonwealth on my  planet several generations ago.  Not bad, if inclined to be a bit  priggish.  I suggest we show interest and see if they can help fix  our engines.  I don't trust that Hercules look-alike one inch, by the  way.  If he picks a fight, he'll be toast."  The other five nodded  assent to the plan and Ares let Sally take over diplomatic gestures  as it was her ship.

A couple of days later, Sally was sharing a table with Ares and Tyr.   The big, black Neitschean was in full brood-pout mode.  Every line of  his body seemed to say 'look at me, but you ain't going to have  me'.   Sally knew that Ares could turn that one on when he wished as  well. Ares smiled diplomatically, "Why aren't you captaining this ship?" "I could, but now's not the right time." "Don't you mind kow-towing to that stuffed shirt?" The barest flicker of amusement touched Tyr's mouth, "Sometimes, but  this ship has prestige.  I've already got laid once while I've been  here and my biological imperative is to have as many offspring as  possible."  At this moment, Hunt came in, all smoothness and charm.   Sally felt her teeth begin to itch.   Hunt approached Ares, "Harper's done what he can.  Your engines  should be working again soon.  I'm glad we saved you from crashing  into the planet," he placed the agreement to join the new  Commonwealth on the table.  Sally smiled charmingly and signed.   Negotiations and trade completed, they returned to the Peacegoddess.

Ares turned to Sally once they were on board, "Are you quite mad?" Sally shook her head, "He's an irritating prig, but a powerful one.   I want him on the same side." Ares looked at the viwescreen in disbelief, "He's talking to the  bloody Bansars now!" Sally laughed out loud, "Stupid Hunt!  They'll have him for dinner!" Ares flicked an eyebrow, "*Have* being the operative word.  Poor  bugger won't be able to sit down for a fortnight." Sally grinned back, "Might loosen him up a tad......" Ares just snorted as they made their way to the meteorite.

A month later

The coup to regain his throne had gone remarkably well.  Xena and her  cronies were either exiled off-world on a planet without access to  space flight or dead and Ares still had quite a bit of small change  left.  Sally had left him at his home space station and disappeared.   As far as she knew, he was going to steal another ship and carry on  the piratical ways.  A month down the line and Ares was going slowly  nuts.  He couldn't forget the smell, the taste, the feel of her - or  her deliciously naughty pirate ways.  He did some extra research and  located the reason why his nights were filled with hot, explicit  dreams of her.  Pheremones.  Mutual ones, that locked together.   They'd imprinted on each other.  From the glum expressions on the  faces of  Iolaus and Autolycus, he had a feeling the experience was  shared.  Both he and Sally had intended a hot, brief fling and they'd  had that.  Now he realised his mind and body were programmed to want  more.  Ares grinned.  A king, having an ex-pirate as a lover?  Okay,  so he'd been a pirate at the time and he still wore the outfit, but  there'd be a major scandal.  Ares realised the reforms he'd seen  coming ought to get implemented about now.  Stop another hostile take- over from ever happening and make the monarchy subject to popular  vote.  It wasn't as if there were many of the royal family left now  anyway.

Sally was steaming with anger.  Despite all her best moves and some  major running and hiding, she'd been caught practicing piracy.   Peacegoddess was impounded and here she was in the judgement hall of  the King on Ares' planet.  She couldn't see the monarch anywhere, but  the inquisitor questioned her.  Sally was aware of Gabby and Dee  standing with her, all of them in chains.   "There is a way out of this, Salamay.  The King wonders, with all  your *intimate* accomplishments, if you would be interested in  joining his harem?" "Tell the King sorry, but no." "Why?" Ares listened, waiting for Sally to confirm what his loins were  currently yelling at him. "There's someone else.....he came here maybe a month ago.  I know him  as Ares and he's a pirate.  I didn't realise it at the time, but when  we became lovers, we imprinted on each other.  No-one else will do." "Not even a King, with all his wealth?  He could make you chief  concubine."   Sally laughed, "Sorry.  It's got to be Ares." Ares couldn't wait any longer.  He had to see her, touch her, claim  her, "I'm glad about that."   Sally turned, saw him and ran into his arms.  Ares felt the chain  between her wrists hit his shoulders and then he was drowning in her  kiss.  Her legs wrapped around his waist and he knew if there wasn't  an audience and two layers of leather, he'd be currently sinking into  that gorgeous wet heat.  He moaned softly and rubbed against her.   Sally moaned back.  Then she pulled away and got a good look at  him,  "You bastard!"  She was out of his arms, breathing heavily and  very angry now.  Ares thought she looked magnificent, her breasts  heaving in that gold leather outfit  and his hands clenched into  fists with the effort not to take her right here and right now.  He  spread his hands apologetically, "I had to know - had to check it's  the same for you as for me.  I want you - need you - as my  only concubine." "Concubine?  I didn't much care for the post last time."

Ares realised she was referring to Julius, "I'm not like him.  I was  hoping to give you the freedom to come and go as you wished - but try  not to stay away pirating for too long.  This monarch most definitely  will go stir-crazy without you in his bed for long periods.  It'd be  nice if you wanted to accompany me on state functions, but you don't  have to, Sally.  The only 'duty' I really need is for you to fuck me  senseless fairly regularly.....please?" Sally's mouth curved, "You're a monarch and you just said 'fuck me'  in public." Ares grinned, "I know and they'll be talking about it for *weeks* -  that and the fact I'm currently as hard as a rock for a bad, gorgeous  female pirate." Sally moved closer, "You are a bad boy, deceiving us like this." Ares put on his best 'puppy dog' expression, "I know.  I guess I need  to be taught a lesson." Sally knew a cue when she heard one, "So I should spank you until you  promise to behave and be nice to me." Ares' nostrils flared and his eyes glowed approvingly, "Oh, yeah,"  His mouth curved into a shit-eating grin, "Could take quite a while.   I was a *very* arrogant monarch until you came along." Sally laughed as she began stroking his chest, "Last I heard you were  a bad pirate like me." Ares stopped her hands, mainly because he was close to  detonation, "Stay.  Let your shipmates resume......negotiations with  mine.  Be my lover again.  Please?" It was more of a demand than a  request, but Sally could feel the steam coming off Ares and the taut  barely reined-in need from his body and the responding aching tension  in her own. "Take off my chains."  Ares read the hidden promise easily.  He had  all three of them set loose with a gesture, then another cleared the  room.  Ares engaged privacy mode and carried Sally over to the  nearest desk.

Iolaus was naked, manacled hand and foot to a bed and in his own  personal heaven.   Gabby was wearing her blood red outfit;  curling  and uncurling the strands of her whip around his arousal,  occasionally flicking the ends to keep him teetering at the brink.   He knew she could keep him like this for hours and he could only come  when she permitted.  Iolaus felt as if all his birthdays had arrived  at once.

Autolycus was trying to hack past the palace computers to get a  ringside view of proceedings between Ares and Sally.  Doing it with  Dee's hands all over him and down his pants was just perfect.  Then  her head followed her naughty hands and Autolycus surrendered to the  most incredibly talented tongue in several galaxies.

Ares tugged at Sally's trousers.  With a grin as he kissed her, he  found the velcro fastening and exposed her.  Sally's fingers were at  his buttons and in seconds he was free.  Her legs hitched high around  his hips.  With a desperate groan of need, they slid together, his  urgent shaft teasing her for a few seconds, then they thrust  greedily, taking the solace the other offered.  Sally's fingers dug  into his scalp and bottom and Ares pulled her onto him almost  roughly.  He broke out of  their mutual desperate kiss for a moment  and gazed down at her, "Yes!" Sally grinned back, "Oh, crumbs;  yes!"  With exquisite timing, they  thrust, they came.  Ares knew that the first release had barely taken  the edge off his hunger and eased Sally back onto the desk.  Her legs  moved higher and Ares turned into conquering hero.  The inanimate  contents of the desk flew off onto the floor as Ares claimed his  sweet prize.  Sally laughed and came gloriously apart, biting his  exposed shoulder, "Barbarian!" Ares grinned down, "My delectable pirate!" Sally's hands both moved to his bottom, "So, do it, Ares.  Brand me.   Fuck me."  Her nails dug in and Ares moaned as he lost control.  He  pistoned in and out, taking her hard and deep.  He roared as he  ravished her, hearing her gasps of pleasure as from afar, feeling her  rising to meet him and feeling how wet she was.  With a last shout of  triumph he exploded deep inside her.  He eventually rose on one arm  and gently smoothed her hair off her face, "Bed?" "Why not?  We've never tried it there before!" Ares swung Sally into his arms and began to carry her to a more  secluded location, "Don't ever change, Sally.  I need you naughty and  lusty.  I seem to have developed a weakness for bad girls in skin- tight leather." Sally chuckled and ruffled his hair, "Just never throw away this sexy  pirate outfit, okay?" Ares' wide grin echoed hers, "Are you kidding?  It brought me you."

The End