Still A Dark And Stormy Night
By Dee

Autolycus crawled through the window. It was a beast of a night.  He considered himself lucky to have found this place.  "Not bad. Could use a good cleaning service. Now let see if there's a room good enough for the King of Thieves."

Strolling down the hall Autolycus passed a room with a partly open door. Glancing inside, he saw Xena laying on a bed, her long legs spread with the knees raised. Between her legs licking and sucking like it was the best thing he ever had was Joxer.  Xena clutched at Joxer's dark hair as she came. Joxer moved to cover the warrior woman. His long cock entering her already overheated core.  "Joxer and Xena fucking. OK."

Then it hit him like Ares in a pissed off mood. Autolycus stared as Joxer brought Xena to yet anther orgasm. Rushing to the side of the bed. " Joxer, what in the name of Tartarus do you think you're doing?"

Joxer <Not missing a stroke> smiled up at the thief. "Hi Auto, Fucking Xena. I have talk to you latter she's cuming right now."  Auto watched as Xena clawed at the warrior's pale back, her hips bucking. The only thing keeping Joxer in place was Xena's strong legs wrapped around his waist.

Xena's body relaxed , Joxer pulled from her. Moving up to Xena's ample breasts, he placed his still hard cock between them. Xena pushed her breasts together as Joxer began the pump his hips, till he shot his seed into her open mouth.   The two kissed.

Xena looked up as if seeing the thief for the first time. "OH Autolycus when did you get here."  Standing up she stretched. Auto's mouth dropped open, as he whimpered. Before he could say any thing a large hand reached around and grabbed him by the balls. Auto felt a rough beard rub against his face .

" Well , well, well . Look who just happened to drop by."

Autolycus gave the war god a nervous smile . "Oh hi Ares. Funny running in to you here. " His eyes began to travel down the war god's body. " Sweet Holly Hera! What in the name of Zeus are you going to do with that?" Autolycus' eyes rested on the war god's erection.

"Well I was looking for Gabrielle . But sense you're here now."  Autolycus backed up, and bumped in to Xena. Before he could say any thing there was a loud banging at the door.

Part 2

"Knock again." Iphicles growled at the man next to him.

"You know you're very sexy when you're angry?"

"Caesar, we would not even be here if you had not fallen from your horse."

"How else am I going to make sure you could catch me? " The Roman gave the red haired king his most impish grin. "Anyway you, it's all your fault."

Iphicles fish mouthed for a while before he could speak. "MY FAULT! Of all the arrogant, self centered….. You where the one who attacked  Corinth. Again."

"Well I had to get your attention some how."

"Haven't you ever heard of 'Say it with flowers?" Iphicles slammed the door knocker down even harder than Caesar did the first time.

Inside the temple Gabrielle put down the bowl of fruit she held. "I'll get it." She yelled up the stairs to the others.

Opening the door she saw a very  wet Caesar and Iphicles standing out side. "Hello."

Iphicles gave a relived sigh. "Hi. Our horses broke down just a few miles down the road. And we hoped you might had a pigeon we could use."

"You're wet." Gabrielle said with a stony look.

Caesar rolled his eyes . "Yes it's raining."

Opening the door wider, the bard invited them in. " I think you had both better come inside. "

Caesar stepped in to the hall way. " You're too kind."

Iphicles shut the door behind him. "What are we saying?"

"Don't worry, Dee's just having a Rocky Horror Picture Show flash back .  As soon as you and Caesar get naked she'll be OK."

"Just so long as I don't have to put on fish nets and a garter belt. I don't care . " Caesar looked Gabrielle up and down. "My , that is a very revealing outfit you have there."

The bard pulled the yellow shirt together trying to cover her breasts. Iphicles gave the shirt a good look. "Gabrielle , before I ask what you're doing here would you please tell me what you are doing wearing Hercules' shirt?"

"I left my stuff in Ares' room. As for what I'm doing here read this." She handed each of them copies of A Dark and Stormy Night. Picking up her bowl of fruit Gabrielle went up the stares followed by the two men.

Suddenly Iphicles stopped. "What! I don't believe it.  Ares never let ME fuck him."

Caesar laughed. "I just want to know if Gabrielle needs any more help in perfecting her oral skills?" He then reached around her and took the only cherry from her bowl of fruit.

"My cherry! Caesar you prick you took my cherry!"

Iolaus  came out of a room followed by Hercules and Callisto. " Hi when did you two get here?"

Iphicles answered. " Not soon enough by the look of things. The only one left for me to fuck is Caesar."

"And this is a bad thing?" Caesar asked indigent. Stepping in to the room Iolaus and the others just came out of he removed his armor.

Naked, he went to stand by the fire place. Warming himself, his back to the others. "Well ?"

Part 3

Aphrodite popped her and Dee into Strife's bedroom.

Strife and Cupid where in the process of braking every blue law in the U.S. And a couple of the laws of  physics. Watching Dee wondered if Arvil would mind trying some of those moves.

"Guys, yo guys. HEY, guys!" Aphrodite yelled.

The two lovers disentangled them selves form each other. "Yo Mom what's up. Hi Dee want to play?"

Both women sat on the bed. Dee put her chin in her hands. "It's like this guys. I'm in the middle of a story but I ran into a block. I want to put some really raunchy sex in it but I'm not sure who to put with whom. I know I want Gabby  to do Caesar. But I have no idea who gets to do Iphicles, cause Ares is getting ready to do Auto."

Both young gods thought for a bit. Then a light bulb appeared above Strife's head. "Why not have a big orgy?"

Dite shook her lovely head. "No can't do that . All ready planed for the last part."

The light bulb shifted to Cupid's head. "Why don't you write us having sex. Put it in part 3. That should work, and give you time to think out part 4."

Dee jumped up and kissed the love god. "Cupe I love you. That is brilliant. "

Cupid took Dee's hand and tried to pull her between him and Strife. "You know, if you were to join us it might give you a better perspective on things."

"Boys as much as I would love to join you , I do have to get to writing, damn it. Help me get done with part 3 and we'll see about my joining you."

Aphrodite smiled , she knew no one could resist Cupid for long. And Dee did not want to resist, but she was right she did have work to do. And so did the goddess of love. ‘' I got to go. Give a yell when you need to get home babe."

After the goddess of love had left, Dee pulled up a chair took out paper and pencil and began to write.

The two beautiful gods knelled  on the bed facing each other. Slowly they began to touch and caress each other's faces and bodies. Strife ran his tongue along Cupid's  neck and collar bone, his pale hands turning the god of love's nipples into hard buds of pleasure.

Cupid's wings quivered as he tangled his fingers in Strife's dark curls. His hips thrusting forward, trying to touch his pale lover with his weeping cock.

Strife lowered his head laving Cupid's hard abdomen with his tongue. Cupping Cupid's balls in one hand, Strife ran the tip of his tongue along the under side of Cupid's shaft.

Cupid whimpered as Strife finely took the head of his cock in his wet warm mouth. Strife teased the head of his blonde lover's cock with his tongue. The god of love gasped out loud as the god of strife took him entire length into his mouth drawing hard.

Cupid bucked his hips, in time with Strife's bobbing head. His wings a flutter Cupid came with a cry of release.

The two kissed. Cupid tasted him self in Strife's mouth. Strife kneaded and spread Cupid's tight ass. Braking the kiss Cupid turned around. Leaning forward, he rested on his hands and knees.

Causing a bottle of oil to appear, Strife oiled and spread Cupid's ass making it ready for him.  Strife oiled his own hard cock before slowly pushing it into the tight channel of his lover.

Cupid arched his back and slowly fanned his wings as Strife began to thrust into him. Slowly at first then increasing tempo. Strife clutched Cupid's hips as he pumped his cock into the ass of his lover. Sweat dripped off of both bodies. Strife could hold out no longer he threw back his head and filled his lover with the symbol of his love for the other god.

They lay there for what seemed like forever, then slowly almost reluctantly they pulled apart.

Dee fanned her self with the pad of paper. Strife gave her his most wicked grin. "Well? How was that? Hot enough for you?"

"Way hot guys. If that doesn't make my list sibs happy for a while, I don't think anything can. The only problem I have, is what now?"

Cupid and Strife grinned as Strife made a can of Cheeze Whiz appear. "Anyone for a Dee sandwich?"

Intermission is now over. We will return you to your regularly schedule story.

Part 4

Joxer bounced off the bed.  "I'll go see who that is."

Xena grabbed his head and gave him a deep kiss. Joxer in turn kissed Autolycus, whispering to the thief.  "Just relax and enjoy it.  "

Then Joxer kissed Ares.  "Be good to him; Auto is special."  Joxer whispered to the god of war.

Autolycus watched as the warrior left the room.  "Look, Ares you and Xena need to be alone so why don't I go help Joxer out?"

"Because, Thief, now you are trapped here with us. And it seems that like us, you cannot leave this house till you pay homage to the goddess of love."

Ares slowly undid the fastenings on the thief's vest and shirt, kissing the skin as it was exposed.

"Does this mean what I think it means?"

"Yes Auto , it does. You have to have sex with all of us here before you can leave." Xena slid the shirt and vest off his shoulders, as she nibbled on his ear.

"All of us?"  Auto squeaked as Ares removed his pants.  "Just who else is here?"

Xena rubbed Autolycus' back with her breasts.  "Oh, just the same old crowd. Gabrielle , Hercules, Iolaus, and Callisto."

"Callisto! Who invited Psycho Barbie?"

"Dee did. It's her story," Ares said as he took the king of thieves' cock in his mouth and began sucking.

Autolycus leaned his head back on Xena's shoulder.  "One of these days I have got to find out what Dee sees in Callisto. But right now all I want to do is get my brains fucked right out of my skull. Xena, BTW, I have always wanted to ask you this but till now the threat of getting my teeth knocked out prevented me."

Xena nuzzled Auto's ear.  "If you don't ask , you'll never know."

"Xena , can I give you a mustache ride?"

The warrior woman responded by kissing the thief.  Ares pulled back , looked at Autolycus' cock . Then looked up to see the two kissing.  " Oh that's what that was. Xena's tongue."

The war god gave the thief's cock one last lick before leading him to the bed. Xena was all ready there. Setting with her back against the head board. The dark woman ran her hands through her hair , down her neck and onto her full ripe breasts. Stopping to play with the dark nipples, before sliding them down her firm abs.

Autolycus watched fascinated as those hands worked their way up her thighs to her knees. Stopping there, Xena spread her legs wide her hands caressing the insides of her thighs till they met. One hand toyed with her clit as the other slipped first one then two long fingers into her wet cunt.

Autolycus watched as Xena brought herself to orgasm, his eyes wide with disbelief. So engrossed was Auto with Xena that he hardly noted Ares oiling and stretching his anus.

The war god smiled as he helped the thief onto the bed and between Xena's legs. Xena placed her wet fingers on Auto's lips . He licked the juices off of them before lowering his face to the source of the sweet nectar. Ares placed himself behind Auto. Raising the other man's hips, the war god placed the swollen head of his cock against the ring of muscle. Getting a firm grip on Auto's hips Ares slowly forced his way inside.

Ares pumped the other man's cock in time with his own thrusts. Slowly as not to disturb the thief's pleasing of the warrior woman.

Auto used his tongue, his lips, his fingers, his mustache, his beard, and even his nose to stimulate Xena's clit. He lapped her juices with his tongue. Pulled her nether lips with his teeth. Sucked her hard clit into his mouth, as his fingers thrust in to her wet heat. At the same time he pushed his hips back to get as much of Ares' cock in to him as he could.

Xena clutched at Auto's hair, her hips bucking as she came again that night. Ares watched her, the sight only in flaming him more. As he slammed into Auto his hand tightened around the other man's cock. Pumping it wildly. Autolycus pushed his hips back ward as her came, his seed covering Ares' hand.

Ares wrapped his arm around Auto's waist as he leaned over to bite his neck. His powerful hips pumping hard till he too was over taken by his own orgasm.

Later as the three of them basked in the afterglow, Ares said, " You know we have to get back to the others soon."

Auto sat up.  "Others ? Ares what are you trying to do ? Get me fucked to death?"

Meanwhile, downstairs:

Methos was not in a good mood. So far in one hour he had lost the other horsemen, his way, and his horse. He was cold , hungry wet and extremely pissed off.

He had not bothered to knock; he broke in to the house. And if the owners didn't like it, well fuck them.

Opening a door Methos entered a room . In there he saw a man standing in front of a fire place with a roaring fire, with his back to the door. Dumb.

From what Methos could see the man was handsome. He was dressed in a black leather armor with a cape so black, it was impossible to tell where it stopped and the shadows began.  The immortal drew his sword as he closed the door and stepped forward.  "Hear me mortal. I am Death. And I am now your master."

The man slowly turned. A amused smile played on his well shaped lips.  "I am Hades, Lord of the Dead. And we'll just have to see about that."

 "Oh Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Part 5

As Caesar stood with his back to the others, Gabrielle licked her lips.  "You guys go play. Caesar and I are going to have some fun."

Iolaus grabbed Iphicles by the arm.  " Cum with Herc and I. We'll get a chance at Caesar's ass latter. Callisto , cumming with us?"

"Nah , going to head down to the kitchen and get some thing to eat."

"Isn't this enough to eat for you." The son of Zeus thrust his hips at the blonde woman.

Callisto reached out and fondled Herc's balls.  "Very filling , but I'm afraid no matter how much I eat I always want more. Any way Dee says there's donuts down there."

As she left , Iolaus called after her.  " If you find any with sprinkles,  bring me some OK?"

The King of Corinth allowed himself to be led by his brother and one of his best friend to a room. The room was more lavish than his room at the palace. The bed was the biggest four poster bed he had ever seen. It was piled with quilts and pillows. Looking closer Iphicles saw that the head board and the foot board had chains with leather cuffs on them.

At the side of the room was a large fire place. The fire that burned made the room hot. Iphicles noticed that the entire house was very warm.  Next to the fire place was a divan of deep red with a small table next to it. It was placed so that the person siting on it could see everything that was going on, on the bed. Iphicles had also noticed that every table and flat surface had either a bowl or bottle of oil on it.

Iolaus and Hercules lead Iphicles in front of the fire. The hunter stood in front and began to undo the fastenings of Iphicles' wet clothes. Behind him his brother removed the wet things.  As each piece was removed hot hands and mouths warmed the exposed flesh.

Iolaus kneeled before Iphicles, using only his teeth he undid the lacings on the kings pants. Ever time the blonde put his mouth to the fabric he blew his hot breath.

Iphicles leaned back in his brother's arms as his pants and boots finely came off.

"Spread your legs," Hercules ordered. His breath hot in Iphicles' ear. After doing what he had been told, Iphicles felt Herc's hot wet tongue sliding down his spine till it came to the crack of his ass.

Strong hands kneaded and spread the fleshy globes of Iphicles ass, as a tongue slipped between them to play with the puckered opening there.

Iolaus stroked his friends long shaft, as he sucked the sac underneath.

Just when Iphicles thought it could not get better, Iolaus took his enter length down his throat. At the same time Hercules forced his tongue in to his anus. The dual stimulation was too much for the king. He came with a scream.

Iphicles would have fallen if Hercules had not caught him.  "Gods , Hercules. That was fantastic."

"That my dear brother was only foreplay. Now Iolaus is going to fuck you harder that you have ever been fucked in your life."

"And what are you going to be doing while this is going on, little brother?"

"Watching," Hercules whispered in his ear.

Iphicles found himself growing hard again. The thought of Iolaus fucking him on that wonderful bed while Hercules watched.  "Please."

Iolaus had already crawled on to the bed.  " Herc, looks like he's way ready. From the look of things, he may cum again as soon as I put my cock in."

Iphicles got on the bed. He grabbed Iolaus by the hair and kissed him hard.  "Pretty boy, don't you worry about me. Just you oil that bad boy up and give me all you got."

Hercules sprawled on the divan . Reaching in to the bowl on the table he oiled his fingers. Slowly the son of Zeus spread the warm oil on his hard shaft as Iolaus did the same to his..

Iphicles got on all fours in front of the hunter, and wriggled his ass invitingly. Iolaus grabbed the kneeling man by the hips, before pushing his oiled cock in to the ring of tight muscle Herc's tongue had loosened.

Iphicles gave a gasp of pain and pleasure, as he felt Iolaus's throbbing organ force its way in to his body. Looking up he saw Hercules stroking his cock, oil glistening along it's veiny length. Just as he was going to say something, Iphicles felt Iolaus's slick hand caress and stroke his cock.

Iphicles pushed back against the hunter.  "Slow down, Iphy. We have a long time."

"Iolaus shut the fuck up and fuck me. I want bruises on my ass tomorrow. Understand?" Iphicles growled.

"Yes your majesty," Iolaus chuckled, as he began to slam into the king.

Hercules watching the scene before him started to speed up his hand. He wanted to cum when they did.

Iolaus pumped the king's cock, soon feeling hot sperm covering his hand. Only to have Iphicles' organ grow hard once more. Iolaus smiled, Iphicles got it up better than Herc did some times.

Seeing his brother grow hard once more, Hercules began to pump his own organ even faster. Biting his bottom lip the demigod shot his seed in the warm air of the room.

Iolaus halted his own orgasm till he felt Iphicles cum for the third time. Pounding the king even harder that before Iolaus came with a yell.

Iphicles and Iolaus lay on the bed in each other's arms as Hercules joined them. Wrapping his arms around the two people he loved most in the world Hercules drifted off in to a peaceful after glow.

Meanwhile outside.

"Jenkies. Fried.  I hope you get the Mystery Machine running."

"Well Velma. I do too. But if I can't we'll have to spend the night there."

"Spend the night in that scary old place? No way.


"Come on now, guys. It's dark, cold and looks like it's going to rain some more. I don't know about Shaggy and Scooby , but I am not going to sleep in the Mystery Machine."

"I agree with Shaggy and Scooby . I'd rather sleep in the Mystery Machine myself."

"Now Daphne. We all know those are not real screams but the wind."

"But Fred--they sound so real."

With that the van's motor started.

"Fred ! You did it."

"I didn't do any thing Velma. It just started all by itself. Oh well let's not look a gift horse in the mouth. Pizza and milk shakes all around--I'm buying.  "

After the group left, Strife and Cupid gave a sigh of relief.  "Boy Strife, I'm glad you fixed that van."

"UH, Cupid I didn't fix the van. I thought you did."

"I don't want to know."

"Neither do I."

Part 6

Caesar stood with his back to the rest. After the others left, Gabrielle closed the door. She put the bowl of fruit down and removed Herc's shirt.

Caesar could hear the bard moving around the room. A smug smile played on his handsome face. When he was done with her, Xena's little play-toy would be his. The first thing he would do would be to take her to Rome and make her pregnant with his child.  His child growing in the belly of Xena's bard, now that would be revenge.


The Emperor of Rome spun around. Gabrielle was standing there, a leather belt doubled in her small hand.

She hit him. He who was Rome. This little chit hit him. And he liked it.

"Did I give  you permission to turn around?"  Gabrielle stood right in front of him her green eyes burning in to his own green eyes.

"You little--" SLAP. The blow was not hard enough to do any damage but the shock of it did some thing Caesar had thought impossible. It caught him off guard. She was up to some thing.  And Caesar being a master strategist, stayed his hand till he found a way to use this to his advantage.

"I don't remember giving you permission to speak either. Just nod. The less I hear of your mocking voice the better.  Now we are going to play a game. And if you play the game well enough, and are a good boy for me, I may even let you cum." Then she began to stroke his cock with the belt. Then suddenly, Gabrielle stopped stroking his cock with the belt and slapped him across the thighs, making his cock jump. "But if you are a bad boy, I promise you will have that till you get back to Rome. Understand?"

Caesar nodded, keeping his face blank.

"Good. Now I am going to whip you. Not because you have been bad. But because I want to. Now go over to the bed. Bend over and brace yourself against the foot board."

Caesar did as he was told for the first time since he was a child. Grabbing the bed's foot board,  he spread his legs and braced himself.

Caesar had to admit Gabrielle did seem to know what she was doing. The blows landed in stinging slaps on his buttocks and upper thighs. Not hard enough to cause any real damage. And each stinging slap went straight to his cock  Caesar could not remember having been this hard before in his life. If she kept up much longer...

Then she stopped.

"Good boy." Gabrielle stroked his face.  "Now go over to the chest. In the far left top drawer is some thing I want you to get for me."

Caesar hurried to the chest. Pulling open the top left drawer he took out the most curious object he had ever seen. It was a double-headed phallus. Bent in the middle. At the bend was a peace of thick leather, nubbed on each side. The peace of thick leather was attached to a harness. It went around the waist and had two straps that went around each thigh, securing it to the body.

"Bring it here and put it on me."

Caesar quickly went over to the bard and knelt before her. After a few minutes of examine the harness he realized that the only way to put it on her was to place one end of the phallus inside her cunt . Slipping the phallus into Gabrielle's wet center, Caesar saw that while wearing the harness she could fuck some else. And the nubs on the hard leather peace at the bend would rub her clit every time she thrust in to some one.

Caesar's mouth watered at the thought of Gabrielle using it on him. His tongue flicked out and slowly caressed the tip.

This pleased Gabrielle. She ran her fingers threw his short hair.  "You may suck it."

Caesar almost knocked the bard off her feet in his hurry to get the phallus in his mouth. Gabrielle smiled down as the Roman Emperor eagerly sucked the phallus. The sight of his head bobbing back and fourth, aroused Gabrielle. She could feel her own juices leaking out from around the phallus in side her.


Caesar pulled away from her . Gabrielle could see his cock was so hard it looked painful . She decided to let him cum, but only after he made her cum.

 "Get the bottle of oil , and prepare your self. Then get on all fours. Head on the floor and that tight Roman ass of yours up in the air so I can fuck it."

Caesar quickly did as she had told him. Oiling and stretching his anus. After he had readied him self for her, he kneeled before her . Head on the floor and ass in the air like she had told him to do.

Gabrielle smiled as she stroked his back. Caesar was lovely. No wonder Xena and Ares could not get enough of him. Grabbing his hips she placed the phallus agents his oiled anus and forced her way in.

Caesar gave a grunt of pain. That soon turned to moans of pleasure. Gabrielle quickened her speed. Each time she pushed in to Caesar the nubs on the leather harness rubbed against her clit.

Gabrielle was getting close. But she didn't want to cum just yet. She wanted Caesar in side her when she did.

Caesar almost cried when Gabrielle stopped and pulled out of him.

"Caesar you have been such a good boy. I have a treat for you. You may cum. But not till I cum first. Remove this."

Caesar's hands trembled as her removed the harness for the woman's hips. As the phallus was remover for her Gabrielle felt empty. But that emptiness would soon be filled.

Gabrielle laid on the bed and gestured for Caesar to join her.  "Kiss me."

Caesar started with the bard's toes. Kissing and sucking his way  to her wet center. He drank the sweet juices that came from her. His teeth pulling at her clit, causing moans and whimpers to escape from Gabrielle's mouth.

With agonizing slowness Caesar worked his way to Gabrielle's abs. Dipping his tongue in to her belly button. Gabrielle pushed up with her hips trying to rub her clit against his chest. Caesar lifted his chest just enough to keep Gabrielle from her goal as he started on her breasts.. Gabrielle clutched at his head forcing his face to hers.

Their mouths met. Lips parted. Tongues danced. Gabrielle lifted her hips to meet his cock . Caesar plunged in to her. His mouth devouring hers and Gabrielle's legs wrapped around his waste and her hands clawed at his back.

Caesar could not believe it. This woman was fantastic. None of his other lovers had ever filled him with so much passion. Her nails digging in to his skin. The muscles of her cunt griping his cock as tight as a vice.  Trust Xena to chose the best for her self. Caesar wanted Gabrielle not for revenge, but because she was the best. And he Caesar only had the best. Ares could have Xena. As long as he got Gabrielle.

Gabrielle threw her head back and arched her back.  "I'm cumming. Do it now."

Caesar growled as he filled the writhing woman with his seed. Both bodies convulsed and lay still. The only sound the rapid breathing of the two on the bed.

Out side the still air was split with a sparkle as four people appeared.  "Riker to Enterprise, we are on the surface. The only thing in sight is a old building. Counselor."

"I feel some thing . But I can't put my finger on it."

"Commander I am picking up some very strange readings. They seam to be coming from that house."

"Well. I for one am getting very strong life readings coming from that same building."

"Thank you Doctor.  Well, Captain, what do you want us to do?"

"Better come back to the ship Number One. Whoever these people are it's best to leave them in peace. Picard out."

"You heard the man . Four to beam up."

After they had gone Strife turned to Cupid.  "I was kinda hoping they would stay. That guy with the beard looked like he would be fun."

"I know the pale guy reminded me of you somewhat."

"Did he really?"

Well only a bit. Strife when was the last time we had sex?"

"Ten minutes ."

"Way too long.  Cum here."

Part 7

Methos' anger quickly faded, as he began to realize just how far he had shoved his foot down his throat.

Hades eyed the other man with interest. He had not been a god for as long as he had with out being able to read people. The man who called himself Death was a warrior. Used to being obeyed and feared. The kind of man who could kill just for the joy of killing. Hades looked even deeper. The man was an immortal!

Well, well, well. That explained it. Some of those immortals were getting way out of hand, thinking themselves just as good as gods.  Teaching this one a few things was going to be fun.

The Lord of the Dead approached. Stepping close to Methos he ran his hand softly from Methos' elbow to his hand. "Why don't you put that away. You won't be needing that sword to night."

Methos felt  himself get hot as Hades spoke. The Lord of the Dead was so close Methos could feel his breath on his lips. A inch or two more and their lips would be touching.

The immortal stepped away from Hades. Sheathing his sword he strode toward the fire. "I want food. Dry clothing . And wine brought to me now."

A hand gently stroked his hair, Methos shivered. He felt himself being turned and pulled in to a kiss. Gentle at first be grew more and more demanding.

When Hades finely relished him Methos all most fell backwards. Hades smiled at his captive. Hades stroked Methos' face. " Why don't you get out of those wet things."

Without knowing why Methos removed his wet clothing, and tossed it out of the way. He stood there like the slave he once was, as the Lord of the Dead looked him over. Every so often Hades would stroke or pinch his skin.

Methos had killed the only people who ever knew he had been a slave at one time. Yet this god seamed to take it for granted that Methos was still a slave. And to make matters worse His slave.

Hades stood in front of the Immortal, he reached down and fondled the other man's balls. " You are a very nice piece of work Immortal.  I am so glad not that Dite told me to stop by here.  Otherwise I would not have to pleasure
of you."

Hades stepped away from Methos. "Undress me."

A part of Methos screamed as he hurried to obey.  Quickly he undressed the god, folding each article of clothing as it was removed. When he was done Methos stood in front of Hades with his eyes downcast.

Hades was very pleased. This was going to be more  interesting than he had first thought. He could see from his actions that the immortal had been a slave once.  The only other person he ever played master/slave with was
Persephone.  But as much as he loved her she could never play the game seriously enough for him. Now he had a slave would do what ever he wanted.

Methos felt Hades' hand on his shoulder pushing him the his knees. Looking up he saw the god's swollen organ. Ever before he felt the hand on the back of his head urging him forward, Methos knew what was to happen. Opening his mouth Methos took the thick cock in. Running his tongue around the head first he began to suck.

Slowly at first. Methos knew from past experiences that masters enjoyed the humiliation of the slave more that the sex act its self.

Hades moaned as the Immortal teased him. He thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock deeper into the other man's thigh.  Hades felt the mans hand's grasp his hips to keep from falling over.

As good as the sucking felt Hades did not want to cum in the other's talented mouth. Hades placed his hand on Methos' head stopping him.  He then gestured toward a jar on the table that Hades had found earlier to contain oil.

Methos pretended he didn't know what Hades wanted. But Hades pushed him toward the table. Methos went to the table and retrieved the jar of oil. He knew what was going to happen. As much as he wanted to dread it, Methos felt
a thrill of anticipation run threw his body. It had been a long time sense he had been fucked good and hard. And if he read this god right, a good hard fucking was just what he was going to get.

Hades licked his lips as Methos applied the oil to his cock. Hades held out his hand for the oil. Methos placed the oil in his hand and got on all fours.  Kneeling behind him, Hades took a minuet to enjoy the view before him. The
pale skin covering hard mussels. The  hard thighs, the firm tight buttocks. The man's body looked like a beautiful sculpture.

Pouring oil in his hand Hades , began to oil and stretch the anus of the man in front of him.  Methos moaned and began to rock his body as the fingers hit his prostrate.  "Please."

"Please , what?" Hades smiled, no matter how much he teased her Persephone never begged.

"Fuck me. Please." Methos had never begged for any thing in centuries.  But now he was begging this god to fuck him.

Hades placed his hands the mans hips and drove his cock in side. He was rewarded with a gasp from Methos. Hades pulled out, leaving just the head of his cock still in. He counted to ten , then slammed back in side.

Methos screamed. Whether from pain or pleasure he was not sure. All he was sure of was that Hades was fucking him harder than he had ever been fucked before.

Hades growled, and began to fuck Methos even harder. His nails gouging furrows in the man's pale skin.

Methos pushed back against Hades as if trying to get even more of the Lord of the Dead in side of him.

Hades held out as long as he could. The strongest orgasm he had ever had ripped its way threw his body.

Hades rested his head on Methos' back as he regained his bearings. Pulling out he sat on the floor. As he leaned on his arm he watched Methos turn over and sit facing him. Hades saw the Methos had a extremely swollen hard on. "Bring yourself off. I want to see it."

Methos laid on his back.  Using one hand he cupped his balls, gently squeezing them. The other hand he stroked his cock , pulling the for skin down and running his thumb around the head.  Spreading the precum around as he did so. Then he slowly stroked the shaft, pressing the under side with his thumb as he did so.

Faster and faster he stroked. His hips bucking up ward . Semen soon covered not only his chest but the lower part of his face.

Methos opened his eyes to see Hades smiling down at him, right before the Lord of the Dead kissed him.

Outside Cupid and Strife where disturbed by a strange nose. Out of nowhere a blue box appeared. The door opened and a even stranger man came out.  He wore a long coat , a even longer scarf wrapped around his neck , and a floppy hat. He had curly hear and bright blue eyes. " I say do either of you chaps know if this is Risa?"

Cupid and Strife shook their heads.

"Thanks ." He disappeared back and the blue box made the strange noise again and vanished.

Strife looked as Cupid. "Who was that?"

Cupid just shrugged.  " Don't know, but who ever he was, he sure was strange."


Part 8

Joxer made his way downstairs to the house's kitchen. As he entered he saw Callisto bent over at the waist searching for something in one of the cabinets.

Joxer admired the view for a bit. Callisto may be as crazy as they cum, but she had one fine ass. Without thinking  Joxer went and buried his face in her ass.

Callisto was taken by surprise at first but she soon relaxed. The pleasure was intense. It did not take Callisto long to realize who it was.  Only Joxer could use his tongue like that. Callisto arched her back, and pushed her hips fully into Joxer's face.

Joxer licked the mad goddess's clit even harder. Sucking her nether lips between his own. Joxer folded his tongue and thrust it deep with in her cunt. Tasting Callisto's juices as they flowed over his face.

Joxer brought his hand up and rubbed his thumb over Callisto's clit.

Callisto grabbed the sides of the cabinet as she came.

Joxer stood up running his hands over Callisto's back as he did so. He kissed the mad goddess between the shoulder blades, bringing a purr of pleasure from her lips. He reached around, cupping Callisto's full round breasts. His hard cock nested its self between the cheeks of her firm ass.

"Joxer," Callisto moaned.

"Yes, my goddess?" Joxer had a smirk on his face that would have done Ares proud.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast. I want to feel you in side me." Callisto griped the counter even harder as she pushed backward agents the warrior.

Joxer slowly placed his cock in to Callisto's dripping cunt. He slid it home , but rather than beginning to thrust he just held it there. With his hand he rubbed Callisto's hard clit.

Still holding his cock motionless Joxer fondled Callisto's clit. Callisto ground her hips against Joxer as much as he would allow her.  Joxer wrapped his other arm around her waist as he teased Callisto's clit.  Callisto let out a growling scream as another orgasm took control of her. Without letting Callisto rest Joxer attacked Callisto's clit once more this time ,he thrust his cock back and fourth with in the wet heat of her center. Callisto screamed , as one orgasm after anther ripped its way through her.  Joxer  kept on till he also cried out his own release.

As they separated Callisto gasped for air. " I will never under stand why Gabrielle doesn't like having you around."

Joxer turned Callisto around and took  the goddess in his arms. "Maybe she's afraid  I'll take Xena away from her."

Callisto gave Joxer light kisses. " You may be right. ''

As the two were kissing a loud gong went off. "What was that?"

Callisto snuggled closer to Joxer. "I think it was the dinner bell. Remember our first few days here? Till we started feeding ourselves."

"Dinner?  Great! What say we go get some food and then go back up stairs for desserts?''

Callisto smiled. "Sounds like a plan."

Callisto and Joxer left the kitchen. In the hallway they met the others.  Hercules saw Hades and  Methos first. "Hades, when did you get here and who's your friend?"

Hades shook hands with his nephew. "Been here for a hour or two. Dite suggested that  I drop by. As for my friend here he said his name was Death, but it turns out to be Methos. He's an immortal  by the way."

Hades looked at the others. "Iolaus, nice to see you out side my realm. And Xena nice to see so much of you."

Xena put her hands on her hips as she surveyed the nude Lord of the Dead. "Nice to see you too Hades. But I think we had better get to the dining room, we have all been working up appetites."

As they filed into the dinning room, Ares spoke to Methos.  "Methos. Looks like you found my uncle. How was he?"

"Good , you could learn a thing or two from him," Methos slandered behind Joxer.

"Kiss my ass Methos,"  Ares snarled.

"Later, Ares. There are a few others ahead of you right now." Methos eyed both Joxer and Hercules.

"I'll keep that in mind." Ares eyed Methos' ass, wondering if he would be willing to do a threesome with Joxer or Herc.

Cupid and  Strife watched  as every  one sat down to eat. ( food , get your minds out of the gutter for now) "I wonder what Dee would do if we got them to have a food fight?"

"It's Dee. The one Ares keeps of threatening to give my job to. She'll love it." Strife giggled.

Meanwhile outside...

A car pulled up to the gate. A man and a woman got out.

"Brad,are you sure this is the right house?"

"Janet, it's either that or go back to the main road."

"I would rather good back. It's cold and wet and I'm just plain frightened."

"Don't worry Janet, I'm here . I'll protect you. But if it will make you feel better we'll go back."

With that they got back in there car and left. Which is a good thing they were in the wrong story any way.

Part 9

Every one seemed to enjoy themselves. The food and wine were great and there was plenty of it.

Xena suddenly got a look in her blue eyes. Taking her spoon she filled it with banana pudding, and flipped it straight into Caesar's face. The pudding caught Caesar right between the eyes.

Every one was stunned for about two sections. Iphicles was the first, then the others laughed.

Caesar maintaining as much dignity as some one could with banana pudding on their face. " All right two can play at this game."  With that he picked up a grape, let fly.

The grape sailed threw the air till it bounced off Iolaus' forehead. The hunter picked up the grape. Looked at it . " You know of course this means war?"

That was all it took . With the exception of Hades, every one started to fling food at each other.

Hades watched as the others at the table pelted each other with hand full of food. Callisto smeared potatoes on Hercules, while Autolycus rubbed blueberry cobbler in her hair. Joxer and Iphicles placed Ares on the table. Where they proceeded to cover the war god with ice-cream and chocolate syrup. Methos and Xena were throwing grapes and dates at Gabrielle's mouth. While Caesar was pouring honey on Iolaus.

Iolaus ran around the table. Hades grabbed the hunter. 'Iolaus, I can't begin to let you know just how pleased I am to get my hands on you  while you're still alive."

'Hades. Why don't you show me instead?" Iolaus wiggled his ass, in Hades lap.

Hades took some of the honey Caesar had poured on Iolaus on his hand. First he smeared it on his hard cock. Then he inserted two fingers in to the hunter's anus. Iolaus moaned, he had waited so long for this. He had wanted Hades for too long a time.

Hades removed his fingers, and replaced them with his cock. Gabrielle seeing what was going on, rushed over to the seated men. Kneeling before them she took Iolaus' cock in her mouth and begin sucking hard.

Autolycus moved behind Gabrielle, reaching between her legs he stroked her wet slit. Not letting go of Iolaus' cock Gabrielle lifted her ass.  In one stroke Auto buried his cock in the bard's heated center. Reaching around the
thief pinched Gabrielle's clit.

Hades could not believe it. He finally had the hunter, even if he had to share him with others . It was well worth it. Iolaus was so hot and tight, Hades wondered how long he could hold out.

Iolaus was in heaven. Hades was fucking him with long slow strokes, and Gabrielle was alternating between sucking his cock and licking his balls. The hunter was definitely going to leave some thing at Dite's temple next time he
got to one.

Gabrielle soon lost herself in the sensations. Iolaus tasted so sweet, he placed his hands on  her back. Not to control her but to balance himself as Hades fucked him. Autolycus filled her cunt so nicely. The thief 's hands
were just as skilled at pleasuring her clit as they were at lock picking.

Autolycus ran his hand up Gabrielle's back to meet Iolaus', his other was busy making Gabrielle one happy bard. He slowly pushed his cock in and out of her wet heat.

Auto came fast his seed sending fire deep within the bard. Gabrielle moaned and whimpered around Iolaus' cock  . Her nails digging into his thighs as she came.   Hades could contain himself no longer her thrust his cock as deep
with in the hunter as he could.  Iolaus felt as if he were being filled with liquid fire as Hades came with in him. The hunter howled as Gabrielle swallowed his seed.

The four panted, as they tried not to collapse. Neither of them paid much attention to what was going on in the rest of the  room.

Outside  a van pulled up to the gate. A small blonde girl jumped out.  "Oz, I think we took a wrong turn back there."

A cute redhead climbed out after her.  "Buffy, maybe we should go back, maybe?"

"Willow's right, Buffy we should go back this place is ewwwww."

" For once Buffy I agree with Cordelia. We really should return to where we took the wrong fork." A tall good looking older man  stuck his head out the window.

"I say we go check out that house up there . For all we know there could be a bunch of people having a orgy."


Oz  waited for everyone to get back in the van before he drove off.  As he did he waved to Cupid and Strife, who waved back.

I didn't ask, I'm not sure I want to know.

Part 10

Iphicles smeared the chocolate on Ares' chest, as Joxer went after him with the whip cream. When they had covered the war god in the sweet stuff both men proceeded to lick it off.

Ares' breathing came out in gasps as the skilled tongues of his current and former lovers cleaned him.

Iphicles climbed on the table. Straddling Ares' head, he rubbed the head of his cock against the war god's full lips. Joxer scooped up some of the whipped cream and covered his cock with it. Placing Ares' long legs over his shoulders Joxer teased the tight ring of muscle of Ares' anus. Slowly Joxer eased his cock in to Ares' heat.

Ares opened his mouth to speak but the second he did Iphicles pushed the head of his organ inside. Ares tasted the salty fluid that leaked out of the slit, before drawing more of the treat into his skilled mouth.

Joxer pumped Ares cock with his hand as he pounded the war god's tight ass. The feel of Joxer's cock in his ass and his hand working him only made Ares suck Iphicles' cock fully in to his throat.

The curls of the kings copper red pubic hair tickled his nose as the heavy balls slapped against his chin.  Iphicles grabbed Ares hair and fucked Ares' mouth. Iphicles gave a mewing cry as he came.

Joxer stroked and squeezed Ares' cock even more, his own hips snapping back and forth as he fucked his lover. Blood ran down Joxer's chin as he bit his lip as he came. Ares bucked his hips upward sending his seed to cover
Joxer's chest.

Hercules grabbed Autolycus' cock. "Well, well, well my king of thieves. What are you going to steal to night?"

Autolycus pushed his cock deeper in to the  demigod's hand. "Well , I would just love to steal your heart but Iolaus has already done that, so I'll just have to steal for your body. I promise I'll treat it good."

Drawing the thief in to a kiss. " I know you will, my thief of hearts."

Auto kissed the demi god, his tongue exploring ever inch of Herc's mouth. Then he decided to explore the rest of Herc's body with his mouth. Slowly Auto worked his way down to Herc's nipples. His hand and mouth brought them to a painful hardness. Hercules moaned and leaned back against the dinner table as Auto dipped his tongue in to his navel. Auto  moved even lower his mouth and tongue tasting the skin inside of the demi god's thighs before lapping at the low hanging  balls. Taking first one then the other in to his mouth.

Just when the son of Zeus though he could take no more, Autolycus  swallowed his cock to the root. Slowly drawing his mouth away form the tasty morsel, Autolycus ran his tongue over the head. Then sucked the enter length in to
his  mouth once more.

Auto kept this up for as long as Hercules could stand it. Every time Herc was close to cuming Auto would pull back. Finely Auto's hand worked its way to Herc's ass one then two fingers worked their way in side the demi god.

Hercules grasped the table as he filled the thieves' mouth with his seed. Autolycus swallowed as much as he could , but some leaked out the sides of his mouth.

Hercules pulled the thief up to his feet. Licking his cum off of Auto's face as he whispered. " Fuck me Auto. I want you."

Autolycus never being some one to refuse a request from some one strong enough to snap him in two, was more than happy to oblige. Hercules turned around and bent over the table. Auto looked around till he found what he was
looking for, salad oil.

After oiling his cock the thief spread the demi god's ass cheeks, then placing the head of his cock against the puckered opening.  With one hard push Auto was inside Hercules. {Damn} Auto thought { This is all most better than fucking Xena.}

Auto tried to make it last as long as he could but the demi god was just too tight. Auto tried every thing he could to delay his orgasm, but to no avail.  Sooner than he wished he was coming. As Autolycus collapsed on Herc's broad
back he wondered if the demi god would be willing to do this some other time.


In a flash of light four men appear. They are holding on to a strange object.

"Well mecanoid brain. Where are we this time? I hope this is not like the planet where they tried to eat us," said the man with a H on his for head.

"Yea goal post head is right. All this bouncing around is bad for my hair."

"I am so sorry sirs. But ever since the transporter got dropped, I can't seem to get it to  work right."

"Lay off him you two. I don't see either of you coming up with any better ideas. Look lets just keep trying. Sooner or later we'll find Star Bug, and  then we can get back to looking for Holly."

With that they left.

Cupid and Strife began to wonder about Dee's sanity.

Part 11

Caesar nuzzled Callisto's full breasts, as Methos did the same to the back of his neck. Three pares of hands roamed, and explored the other's bodies.

Xena was just about to join in when she heard a knock at the front door.  "I'm going to get the door.."

Whether or not any one heard her is unimportant, we'll get back to Xena later. Now to the smut.

Caesar wanted to start fucking, but Callisto would have none of that. She wanted for play. Methos licked Caesar's ear. "I have lived a long time. And one of the things I have learned is give the lady what she wants. You take
her cunt, and I'll see to her breasts."

Caesar gave a evil grin as he lowered his mouth to the blonde woman's wet center. Using just to tip of his tongue he flicked her clit, while Methos kneaded and sucked of her breasts. Biting the pink nipples till the goddess sighed and moaned. Her hand tingled in his long black hair.

Caesar decided that Callisto had had enough teasing.  He attacked her wet center with a vengeance. Thrusting two fingers deep inside her core, he sucked hard at her tender clit.

Callisto bucked her hips. She could not control her self as the orgasm raged through out her body. " FUCK ME!! FUCK ME NOW DAMN YOU!!"

Caesar covered the prone woman in one swift movement. Ramming his cock fully with in her. Callisto screamed.

Methos, not wanting to be left out, grabbed some oil off the table pouring some on his cock he then poured the rest  down the  crack of Caesar's tight ass. Using no more than that for lubricant Methos held the Roman's slim hips and rammed his cock home.

Caesar set the rhythm. His mouth ravaging Callisto's as Methos bit and sucked on the back of his neck.

Callisto tore at Caesar with her nails. Gripping him even tighter with her inner muscles.  She wanted all this man could give her. After this was sadly over , Callisto planed to pay Rome a visit. Once more she screamed out her
pleasure, as her body was no longer hers to control.

Caesar felt his cock being griped tightly, not even the finest hetaerae in Rome was that good. His rear was being ground out hard by the man behind him. Caesar could not have been happier. A shudder rippled though his body as he filled the blonde goddess with his imperial seed.

Methos held on for dear life. Fucking this Roman was like breaking a wild horse. Get on, shut up, and try not to get thrown off before you were done.  Caesar's orgasm pushed Methos past the point of no return. The immortal bit
down , ramming his cock even deeper as his seed left his body a warp 10.

OK back to Xena.

Xena picked up a long robe that lay on a chair in the hall. No sense in scaring who ever was at the door just yet. "Coming ."

Xena opened the  door the revealing four people standing there. Three men and a woman. "Hi, can I help you?"

One of the men , the leader. " Hello, I am Walter Skinner of the FBI. And these are two are Agents Mulder and Skully. And this is our prisoner Krycek. It seems we took a wrong turn on the road back there and then our
car broke down. Do you have a phone we might use?"

(Here we go again) She thought as she let them in side.

Outside Strife threw away the road closed sing her had used to get the four new comers to the house.

"Strife. That was nasty. But I loved it. " Cupid squeezed his lover's ass.

" I know. What say we visit Dee. She's got those two Jedi with her now. The older one said something about showing me his light saber the last time I was there."


The End