The Verge
By Erin

So fucking close... All of Ares' attention focused on his aching cock. Oh yeah, just a little harder.... Then, nothing.

Snarling in frustration, he glared down at his smirking nephew. Strife, shamelessly naked and on his knees before the throne, just leaned forward and ran the tip of his tongue up the underside of the war god's cock. He began licking his way around the thick length, taking his time, fingers still tight around the base, stopping his uncle from cumming.

Hands clenching the arms of the throne, Ares repressed the urge to grab the young god's head and shove him back down. He wanted -- no, *needed* that mouth around him again, but if he tried to rush Strife, his nephew would simply stop all together and leave. He had to be satisfied with whatever pace the other god set, although Strife'd definitely pay for this teasing later.

Then a low groan escaped him as a tongue moved around the nearly purple head of his cock, licking away the steadily leaking precum. Biting his lip, Ares let his head fall back against the throne. Watching the young god do that to him was torture when he couldn't cum. A sharp nip almost made him thrust up into Strife's mouth, but he managed to stop himself in time.

His nephew's talent at this never failed to amaze him. The god of mischief couldn't do his job right if someone gave him step-by-step instructions, but when it came to this...fuck! The little slut could suck cock better than 'Dite!

For over an hour now Strife had knelt between his legs, sucking, licking, biting, working the war god into an incredible state of frustrated arousal -- but never letting him cum. Ares knew from past experience that the young god could do this, and so much more, for a lot longer. It just depended on how much his nephew wanted to torment him.

The feel of that hot, wet mouth sliding down his painfully aching cock had the war god crying out before he could stop himself. A steady, hard suction, teeth occasionally nipping -- and suddenly the fingers around the base of his shaft were gone. Without that pressure, Ares found himself rushing straight towards a mind-shattering orgasm.

The suction increased and he felt fingers stroking his balls -- it was too much. He wanted to fuck Strife, pound into that tight little ass until the younger god begged for mercy, but his nephew was letting him cum *now* and he needed it too badly to stop. Hands tightening on the armrests, cracking the marble, he raised his hips up and--

"Ares!!" The front doors burst in, almost falling off their hinges as an irate demigod stormed into the temple.

Instantly Strife pulled away, leaving the war god on the verge of orgasm.

"Ares, I've had it with your inter...." Hercules' words trailed off and his face began turning an interesting shade of red as he took in the scene before him.

"Well, that kills it for me," the mischief god said casually. A small motion of his hand and he was dressed.

"What?!" Ares demanded, rage making him growl.

"Hey, sorry Unc, but Jercules doesn't exactly do anything for the mood. Know what I mean?" The young god got to his feet, cracking his neck before disappearing in a flash of light.

In fury and disbelief, Ares watched the blue sparks fade away. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been this turned on, and he wouldn't get any relief because of his bastard half brother!

"That's disgusting!"

The half-whispered comment focused all of the war god's attention on Hercules. The demigod stood there with a sickened expression, face still very red, staring at the space Strife occupied moments before -- and desperate for release, furious at the interruption, Ares suddenly knew exactly what he wanted.

With a slight motion of his hand, the war god's clothes disappeared and he almost sighed in relief at the release from the confining leather. Then standing quickly, the temple doors slamming shut with a thought, the war god charged his brother, knocking him back against the altar.

"Wha--" Ares' fist connecting with his jaw cut off Hercules' words.

"Don't be stupid, little brother. You're gonna finish what you interrupted." Grabbing the demigod in a bruising grip, the god crushed his mouth down on Hercules', the kiss utterly brutal as he ground his hard cock against the leather of his brother's pants.

Of course the demigod fought him, trying to pull back, shove him away, but Ares didn't let go, loving the feel of his brother struggling against him. When he finally drew back for air, the other man's lip was split and bleeding. The war god licked the blood away, savoring the coppery taste -- and Hercules tried to bite him.

"You're sick!" he accused when Ares pulled back just in time.

The god smirked. "You always were the prude of the family, 'brother'. Let's find out if you're as tightassed as you act."

Keeping a firm hold on the struggling demigod with one hand, Ares swept all the offerings off his alter, bloody weapons clattering noisily on the floor. Then he shoved his brother face down onto the stone, using more strength than he normally did in their fights. Usually he held back, not wanting to damage Daddy's favorite son too much. But this time he didn't care.

Hercules tried to fight him, striking out, but the War god had no trouble avoiding the blows. Grabbing the back of the demigod's neck, grinding his face onto the altar, Ares grinned in hunger and anticipation. Leaning down, he pressed his lips to the other man's ear.

"Quit fighting me, little brother. I'm gonna fuck you anyway, and you know you'll love it." He shoved his hips against the demigod's ass for emphasis.

"No!" Hercules began to struggle even harder and Ares had to hold him down a bit harder.

"Let me up, Ares! This isn't right!"

The war god almost laughed. Hercules really didn't get it. But he was about to. Taking hold of the back of the demigod's pants, Ares easily ripped them off.

Hercules' continued struggles took on a desperate edge but the god ignored them. "You know," he said casually, positioning his cock at the small entrance, "I probably should've done this a long time ago. Maybe getting fucked right a few times'll make you less of an uptight bastard." Then, making sure he had a good hold on the demigod's neck, Ares pushed hard, forcing the head of his cock in. He heard his brother gasp and felt the strong body tense. Grinning, the war god pushed again, working his way in
deeper -- and Hercules screamed.

The sound made Ares shiver with pleasure. He thrust hard, shoving all the way in, groaning at the tight heat surrounding his cock. He held himself still for a few moments, needing to regain some control so he didn't cum right there. Then the demigod made another sound, somewhere between a cry and a whimper and Hercules shuddered, tightening around him.

Pulling nearly all the way out, the war god shoved back in, brutally, wanting to hear that sound again. Hercules didn't disappoint. The scream made Ares even harder. And then the demigod began trying to fight him off again and oh fuck, did that ever feel good!

Buried in that hot, tight ass, every move Hercules made went straight to the god's cock. He groaned as his brother bucked up beneath him, a move that only pushed Ares in deeper -- and snapped his control.

With a growl, the war god began pounding into him, heedless of any damage he might do. Beneath him, Hercules screamed and tried to pull away with every hard, vicious thrust.

The movements and sounds his brother made drove Ares on. His grip tightening on Hercules' neck, he increased the pace, almost moaning when the demigod sobbed in pain.

Leaning forward, pushing in even further, Ares licked the back of Hercules' ear. "Enjoying yourself, little brother? 'Cause I'm definitely enjoying you," he whispered.

"Fuck you, Ares!" Hercules hissed through clenched teeth, biting back a cry
as the god thrust in again.

"Not in your lifetime." Suddenly Ares shifted his position slightly, and the next time he pushed in his brother's cry took on a different sound. The god smirked. "Like that, huh?" And he began thrusting faster, his cock hitting that spot with every inward push.

Hercules obviously tried to fight it, fingers gripping at the stone of the altar, teeth clenched together, but soon the war god heard the moans escaping the demigod, and it drove him to fuck Hercules even harder, slamming in, making him scream in pain and pleasure.

The whole thing felt too good. Being inside his sanctimonious little brother, hearing his cries and unwilling moans -- Ares couldn't hold back anymore. But just as he started to cum he pulled out, watching with a satisfied groan as he came, hot semen covering Hercules' ass.

"Oh yeah," the war god breathed a few moments later as the last of the tremors faded.

"Let me up," his brother suddenly demanded, his voice shaking a bit.

"Not yet." Ares slid a hand down the demigod's sweaty back, noticing how the strong body trembled. Moving his hand over Hercules' hip, smearing his cum over the tanned skin, he finally reached the man's cock. Just like he thought; hard and slick.

"Wouldn't wanna leave you like this, would we?" He grinned at the demigod's moan. Wrapped his hand around the thick length, he began to slowly stroke. "Tell me you want me to make you cum."

Hercules said nothing so the war god continued the light caresses, never varying the speed or firmness of his touch. Soon the demigod whimpered.

"You know you want it, little brother. Tell me and I'll do it for you." He continued the torment, stroking, occasionally letting his thumb brush over the head of the cock, making Hercules gasp and try to push into his hand. But when the demigod did that, Ares stopped it all, removing his hand until Hercules settled down, then he started again.

Finally he heard something, little more than a mumble. "You say something?" the war god prompted.

"Please." A whisper this time.

"Can't hear you." He let his fingers slide over Hercules' balls.

"Please!" the demigod gasped, not trying to move this time.

"Please what?" Ares trailed a finger up the underside of the man's cock.

"I...need to cum -- please make me!" The words sounded forced out, and Hercules almost seemed to sob when they were said, but the war god smirked in triumph.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" Before the demigod could say anything, Ares tightened his hold on his brother's cock and jerked him off hard. A few swift strokes and suddenly Hercules came with a muffled cry.

Chuckling, the war god released him. Wiping his hand on the remains of his brother's pants, removing the mix of cum, he tossed them at Hercules. It looked like the altar was the only thing keeping the other man upright.

"You're a decent fuck, little brother. We've gotta do this again sometime." Clothing himself with a thought, he motioned towards the doors and they opened. "You know the way out, I assume? Close up behind you, unless you'd rather stay?" The demigod's glare made Ares laugh. "Who would've thought you could be so much fun? Oh yeah, we're definitely doing this again."

The look of disbelief and horror on Hercules' face had the war god laughing even harder. The half-breed bastard would be looking over his shoulder and having nightmares for months after this. Giving his brother a leer, Ares disappeared, his laughter echoing through the temple long after he vanished.

The End