Pax Vobiscuum
By Eirene

The shells and bombs of the latest conflict in the Balkans disturbed many buried things.  One such revealed an ancient flight of steps under what once might have been an archaeological dig.  The steps dated to several hundred years before Christ.  Because the find was in a sensitive area where it might easily get damaged, the military dug down under great secrecy and had the entire structure shipped in an aircraft carrier to Britain for safe keeping until the fighting was over.  A large, dis-used gallery in the British museum was used to store the find under lock and key.  Only a handful of people knew of its presence in Britain.


Irene had been itching to look at the new temporary acquisition for several days.  Her superior had put a great deal of faith in Irene's ability to keep a secret - and what a secret!  A huge tomb, apparently unopened in over 2,000 years.  It was like Tutenkhamun all over again.  Irene remembered seeing that exhibition as a teenager and it had sparked her interest in archaeology.  She began by learning everything about Egypt, but her real speciality was ancient Greece.  Irene fingered the contents of the package that had been left to her recently in her great-aunt's will.  An ancient gold and silver hued torc of some strange metal, with identical carvings to those on the doorway to the tomb.  It felt like steel, but Irene was pretty certain the ancient Greeks and Macedonians never had access to such technology.  In any case, it was like a personal invitation.  Come and explore.

Irene chose the next night when she was working late before taking some much needed holiday.  Being a single person meant that she had plans to head for the coast, maybe go abroad somewhere and find a hotel or similar en route.  Irene sighed and retied the blue scrunchy in her long brown hair.  She could hear her last lover's complaint as he left her.

"You love Ancient Greece more than you do me!"  Maybe it was true.  She'd hoped to meet a nice gentleman of Mediterranean origin, but always attracted blondes or red-heads.  They were nice enough and she'd had some great sex, but that was all it had been.  Never 'making love'.  The men tried;  the gods and goddesses knew she'd tried, but there'd always been that vital spark missing.

Irene crept quietly down the stone steps, even though she knew she was almost alone in the museum at nearly midnight.  She carried the disc with her - it might help decipher the meaning of the tomb. The dusty stone door rolled upwards as she touched it.  Lying on the floor just inside was the body of a man, covered in a fine layer of dust and cobwebs.  Irene gasped and jumped slightly.   Her anthropological skills kicked in automatically.  Tall, dark, just over six feet when alive, muscular...and miraculously preserved all these years by the atmosphere in the tomb, Irene assumed.

'The dust layer's too thin for 2,000 years...less than a hundred.  Maybe this man tried to rob the tomb and got stuck.'

She almost expected to see the figure disintegrate as the Twentieth century air hit it;  even under the controlled conditions of the museum environment.  But he remained in one piece.  She could even seen the fine, dark hairs on the back of his outstretched hand.

As she bent closer,  the metal disc contacted the arm of the man lying on the ground.  Suddenly his hand moved, grasping the disc.  Irene shrieked and sprang backwards, scrabbling at the first step.   The man shook his head and hauled in a deep breath.   Irene noticed that his hair was long, almost down to his shoulder blades, with waves in the midnight locks.  Something made Irene stand up, her knees flexing strongly to boost her to an upright position.  A low chuckle emanated from the man.  Irene felt her heart pound harder and a deep spasm of pleasure ran through her body.

'Oh, my.....  That's the sexiest chuckle I've ever heard.  Who *is* this man?'   He raised his head and Irene froze in disbelief.  The fulfillment of every fantasy was there in his face.  Dark, flashing eyes, olive skin, black goatee beard and the most sensual mouth she had ever seen.  A frown appeared between the slash of two perfect sable brows.

"Xena...?"  Even his voice was gorgeous.  Low, seductive, resonant.  His eyes narrowed,

"No, not Xena;  but by the Gods, you resemble her.   Tall, long dark hair, beautiful blue eyes,  perfect figure........  What do men call you?  Goddess?"   Irene managed to swallow and sound normal.

"I'm......Irene."  A gorgeous, delighted and yearning smile spread across the man's face.

"Goddess indeed," he murmured, sotto vocce, "After all this time......thank-you Zeus;  father."  Irene's mind finally caught up with what he'd been saying.

'Dressed in skin-tight black leather, drop-dead sexy, Saturnine good looks.....sword?  Yes, there it is.  Calls Zeus his father if I heard him correctly, refers to the semi-mythical warrior princess Xena whom I know I resemble from the frescos I've seen, rumours of having been briefly awakened around the start of the Second World War by my great-aunt....'

"Ares?!"  He rose to his feet and made a gracious half-bow.

'Dear sweet heavens, he's *spectacular*!   Wide shoulders, muscled torso...broad, hairy chest peeking through that leather vest...ohh, yummy...and those leather trousers don't leave an awful lot to the imagination....good *grief*.....well, if he's a God, I suppose, he can afford to be...erm...endowed like one.'

"Sweet lady, you have freed me at last,"  Ares approached Irene and kissed her hand,  "Name your boon and I will grant it.  For being named Irene, I can stretch to...three...wishes."  He smiled again, with a certain wicked glint in his eyes.  Irene thought quickly.

"I know you're the God of War, but can you stop all human fighting?"  Ares put his head on one side.

"That would put me out of a job, lady."

"Well at least stop people killing each other in wars."  Ares' eyes flashed.

"War without death.....*that* could be interesting.  What about those who actively wish to die in battle?  I cannot disappoint them."   Irene decided to make the second wish quickly.

"Can you help bring an end to hunger, especially in the Third World?"  Ares waved his hand, then stumbled badly.

"Too much!  I am too weak - you did not warn me the suffering ran into millions!"  Irene helped a failing Ares up the steps out of the tomb.

"I suppose I'd better take you home.  The museum staff would never understand if they found you here."

By the time they got to Irene's house, Ares could hardly stand up.  Irene managed to get his vest and boots off and placed his sword by the side of the bed.  By that time, Ares was feverish and semi-conscious.   She managed to remove his belt, then went for a glass of water and painkillers.

"I hope to goodness modern medicines will work on you,"  Irene commented as she helped prop Ares up to take the pills.   She managed to ignore the warm flesh close to hers until Ares flopped back.  He was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.  Irene looked her fill at last.  His dark curls were spread decoratively across her pillow, his brow sprinkled with perspiration.  The sheet draped across part of his chest, displaying a single copper nipple surrounded by short, soft-looking dark brown and sable curls, which she had noticed covered his entire chest, thicker and more dense around his pectorals and in the tantalising strip that led downwards from his navel.
'Gods, but you're gorgeous.  Ahh, well.  You'll be better soon enough and ready to take up your powers and duties;  then I'll lose you.  I'll just have to enjoy looking at you and nursing you better.  What a holiday!'

The next five days passed in a blur.  Irene fed Ares water, soup and painkillers and he went through one of the worst colds she had ever seen.  She led him to and from the bathroom, gently washed his face and chest and gradually learnt in snatches of sentences during the high fevers more about her captive God than any mortal had ever known.  Irene put everything down in her diary.  As Ares slept peacefully at last on the morning of the sixth day, she examined and placed in order everything he'd said as she sat at her desk in her nightgown.

"The *POWER*.......  Do I get a consort too?  One day, father?  Aphrodite, you are beautiful.  Yes, I will be yours.  Only *one* night?!?  I loved you well, you know that.  Why can't you stay with me?  You want that maimed blacksmith instead?  *Why?*  You broke my heart;  for all that you are called Love.  Amazons.....devotees.  That's more like it.  The sex is *incredible*.  But why won't any of you stay with me?  Hercules is allowed love, wife and family.  Why not me?  Cupid hardly visits;  Strife and Discord only help me now and again. beautiful; so close to the picture of perfection I carry within my secret heart.  Strong, a warrior princess indeed.  When you battle, life becomes glorious.  Maybe you are the one.  I could turn you into a goddess.  Yet, you walk away from me, from my power; even from my love, if you but knew it.   The loneliness makes me angry and that anger bubbles over to feed wars and conflicts.  I glory in the battles, then go back to my throne;  alone.   Sometimes Amazons come and help me celebrate and I pleasure them all.  In the morning, when I turn on my pillow, hoping that maybe *this* time one will have seen through the mantle of death and the ecstasies of the body to the lonely heart within me, I am always alone.  They *all* think the God of War needs and wants to be alone, but it is not true.  I yearn for the love that has always been denied me."

Irene felt the tears running down her face and gently wiped them away.  She looked over to Ares.  His face was relaxed in sleep, his beautiful mouth softly parted.  The sheets were thrown back right to his waist and she feasted her eyes on his perfection.

'How could any woman not love you?  You are all my hottest fantasies in one body.  Your loneliness speaks to mine.  I would gladly stay with you the rest of my life.  I'm sorry I could offer only about fifty years,'  Irene sighed wistfully, 'For all your loneliness and need, would a mortal woman's love be enough for you?  You'd be off chasing Amazon warrior women again in no time and break my heart.  No, best keep a relationship with you firmly in the realms of fantasy where it belongs.  The Gods know there are enough wars out there to keep you busy.'    Irene moved over to the bed.  She put a gentle hand on his chest, feeling the soft curls under her palm for what she suspected would be the last time.  As always, a bolt of pleasure shot through her body.

'Five days with you has been *torture*,' she admitted, inwardly, 'I  didn't think it was possible for a woman to stay in a state of high arousal for five days, but you've done it to me.'  A large, warm hand closed over hers and Ares' eyes fluttered open.  A slow, wicked grin crept over his face.

"Irene.........  Let me make it better for you."

Before she had time to breathe, Irene found herself on the bed, pinned under Ares.  His lips descended and began teasing hers with the utmost delicacy.  Soft, gentle, tiny kisses across her upper and lower lips.  Hot desire blossomed in-between her thighs.  She was wet, throbbing and desperate in seconds.  A hand travelled up inside her nightdress to the apex of her need.  By this time, Irene was so close to the edge that she didn't think to protest.  Her legs parted eagerly and Ares' finger slowly and sweetly drew a circle round the aching bud of her clitoris, making it swell even more with need.  Irene whimpered.

"Shh......"  Ares whispered against her parted mouth.  Then his lips met hers in a full kiss and his finger slid slowly to the right spot.  Irene came almost explosively, bucking gratefully against the continued caressing that drew her climax out into a long, gorgeous plateau of release.   Ares' tongue softly pressed for entry into her mouth and Irene welcomed it hungrily as the pleasure continued.  At last he gently pulled away.
Irene opened her eyes, blushing furiously.  She had been out of control, wanton.  One touch of his lips and hands and she'd been helpless.  He'd felt and tasted exquisite.  She scrabbled away, trying to snatch back control.

"Um...thank-you.  I can see that you're better now;  so I suppose you'll be on your way..."  Ares' voice was low,  slightly angry and dark,  "You *want* me to go?"

"There are all the wars to run;  despots to entice, won't be idle....."  A flicker of pain shone briefly in Ares' brown eyes.  He got up from the bed and took up his sword.

"I should have known better.  You are just like the rest,"  he picked up his vest and turned to her, his head tossed back,  "Any last requests?"  Irene suddenly realised the hurt and pain the dark God was trying to hide.  Fresh tears ran down her face.

"Can you love me?"  Her voice came out in a whisper.  There was a long silence.  Ares materialised in front of her, grasping her chin gently in his hands.   A slow smile curved his mouth upwards.

"That is what I was *trying* to do before you propelled yourself out of my arms."   Irene looked up into his eyes.  For a second, the mask dropped and she saw raw, naked need in his face.  Then Ares became the masterful God again.

"I'm sorry - I thought it was just sex.  I thought you were just being...generous."   Ares pulled her close into his arms.

"With you;  making love. You are the image of  ideal beauty I've carried in my heart all this time.  I understand now why I wanted Xena so much.  She was a pale imitation of you.  Don't you realise who you are?"  Ares softly kissed her face, her lips,  "You may be mortal, but you are my Eirene.......I hope.   Your sweetness, generosity, beauty and gentle nursing have made me tremble.  No-one's ever made me tremble before."  It was true - Irene could feel his hands shaking as he held her.  Irene managed to remember her Greek and the old form of her name, even though Ares' touch was setting her on fire again.

"Eirene? think I am the embodiment of Peace?"  He nodded and his eyes flashed as he stroked her hair.

"Come love with me, Eirene-Irene.  I want you so much that I'm aching.  The touch of your lips, your body and the sweet way you responded to my caresses nearly drove me out of my mind with need,"  He lifted the fingers that had recently taken her to ecstasy,  licking them slowly.  Ares moaned and began to suck at them hungrily,  "By the Gods, you taste delicious,"  He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed, laying her down gently.  His eyes were dark flames of desire, "Don't say no, not now."  Irene reached up to pull him down.

"I wasn't going to say 'no'."  Ares growled eagerly and a rare chuckle of delight escaped his lips.

"Oh, lady.  One day soon you may know how much this means to me."

"I think I do, Ares."

His mouth descended sweetly on hers and Irene tunnelled her fingers through his soft, wavy hair.  He just held and kissed her deeply for several minutes.  Irene drowned in the sweetness of his kisses, responding completely as her body became more and more aroused.  Ares eventually drew away.  His own lips were swollen from their kisses and he was panting slightly.  His eyes glowed.  With a snap of his fingers her nightdress and his leather trousers disappeared.  Irene pressed against him, finding the curls which covered his torso were just as soft and erotic against her naked skin as she'd hoped.  Her hands moved to sculpt his shoulders, his back.  Ares gave another pleasured growl.

"Let me see you,"  His voice was deeper and hoarse with desire.   He pulled away and feasted his eyes on her nakedness, "Oh, yes.  *Perfect*.  So soft, so beautiful. Those sweet, high breasts with their tempting nipples, the long waist, the jet black curls over your hidden delights, that voluptuously rounded rump...."  He trailed off as his mouth nuzzled down to suckle at her breasts.  Irene arched her back in bliss as another delicious orgasm rippled through her body.   Ares moaned helplessly against her skin.

"With every touch, every kiss, a bolt of pure pleasure shoots through my body and up my aching cock," he took a deep breath, "When you came just then, I did too, but my seed stayed inside my body."  Irene looked down and gasped.  She'd been only too aware of the hot length pressed against her stomach, but now she saw his nakedness in all its glory.

"Oh, god.......  You're *enormous*."  His erection thrust upwards, incredibly long and thick.  His foreskin had been eased back by the swollen, purple head which looked like a huge, ripe plum.  Irene's mouth watered.  His scrotum underneath was clearly full and naturally heavy, but now it lay tight and hard in its covering of black curls against the base of his erection, dark blue with need.  Irene felt her womb clench with desire.  His cock was, like the rest of his body, a sheer work of art.  She wondered if he had some priapic blood in his veins.  It would certainly explain that sweet upcurve, the length and girth.

"I haven't had a full orgasm in 2,000 years," he explained, "Asleep in that tomb, no worshippers, no-one needing me - until now."

"*I* need you, Ares."   'And your cock should be an object of worship,' she added to herself.  Ares growled eagerly.

Irene kissed his chest, rubbing the soft fur with her face, her hands.  She continued down his belly, managing to avoid his erection.  Irene kissed and fondled his thighs and balls.  Ares gasped and threw his head back.  Her lips found the thick, slightly ridged, base of his shaft and she kissed it once.

'I hope fifty years of devotion will be enough,' she thought.  Irene was about to move upwards to caress Ares more intimately.  She knew from the insistent heat around her soft mound that it would probably make her climax, just pleasuring him with her mouth.  Ares reached down and lifted her chin.

"You want *more* than fifty years with me?"  Irene realised he'd heard her unspoken thoughts all along and blushed hard as she replied.

"I'd give you forever if I could."  Ares plundered her mouth with his.  She felt his will enter her mind and let him in to discover the truth for himself.  He released her suddenly and stared at her.

"You *love* me!"  Irene flushed.  Ares smiled, wild and warm, "Then I have a gift for you - if you want it.  Be my consort,"  Irene looked down as he gestured towards his urgent phallus.  Something liquid, sparkling gold and  orange, trembled at the tiny opening in a huge droplet,  "Accept that and be my equal, my mate."  Irene looked up.  Ares' otherwise Saturnine face was expectant, waiting on her.   Irene guessed.

"Ambrosia."  Ares nodded and his penis bobbed slightly.

"It will make us one;  you with me and I with you.  I will be vulnerable - do not hurt me."

"Oh, Ares.........  I would never want to hurt you."

Irene put her mouth down and began to lick gently at the Ambrosia at first, then soon opened her mouth over the whole head, sucking softly.  She came almost immediately.  He tasted wild, sweet and utterly delicious.  Ares roared with pleasure.  Irene felt the orgasm rip through his body, but he did not ejaculate in her mouth.  The only change was the fact that his erection got bigger and harder.  A sweet shimmer ran through her body.  Irene felt herself begin to glow.  Reluctantly she removed her mouth from the head of his penis and looked at herself.  Her skin had a golden sheen to it;  her breasts felt fuller and heavier, although they hadn't grown at all;  rose petals and olive leaves rained out of her hair and she saw that a pair of white doves had materialised on her shoulder.  Irene felt the power of goddess-hood run through her like a fountain.

"I am *EIRENE*...!" she declared.  Ares pulled her upright and looked at her.

"YES!  At last you are fully my Eirene."  Eirene found herself pushed back on the bed.  Ares hands and mouth were everywhere, kissing and caressing.  His mouth found its way between her thighs.  His lips and tongue  brought her skilfully to another glorious orgasm.  By this time Eirene was aching to have him fully inside her.  She returned Ares' stroking.  She knew exactly how to please him fully now.  She teased his body and his gorgeous cock, bringing him almost to the edge of release.  Ares just roared his approval and grew hotter and harder under her hands.  Eirene did it again and again.  Ares loved every second of the sweet torture.  At last, when they were both shaking with need, he licked her mound slowly.  Eirene felt herself swell and blossom even more.  Ares kept on until her whole body was throbbing and she began to beg.

"Please, Ares."  He grinned wickedly, sliding upwards.

"I love you, Eirene.  Just look at what you're getting,"  Eirene glanced down and could hardly believe her eyes.  He was even bigger than ever, "I've never been like this before.  *This* big;  *this* needy.  It's you, Eirene. Us."  She looked into his eyes.  All the barriers and masks dropped and she saw love, need and devotion shining in his eyes.   He brought the tip of himself to the brink of her entrance.  His fingers linked with hers.  Ares dipped his head and his lips and mind melded fully with hers.  Eirene tilted her hips and Ares slid inside in one sweet thrust.  It felt so exquisite that she came again immediately.  Ares purred deep inside her mind, sharing her pleasure.
'Always.......'  She formed the word with her mind.  Eirene felt Ares' soft, delighted laugh as he rejoiced inside her mind and body.

'Forever..........'  He began to move, slowly at first, then faster;  gasping and roaring with pleasure.  Eirene orgasmed wildly;  her muscles spasming tight around Ares.  He yelled out her name inside her mind, then exploded in ecstasy.  He came in hot, hard, long spasms that continued for several minutes.  Eirene soared with him, sharing his earth-shattering release.  He sank onto her at last, holding her close with his arms.

Ares turned so that he and Eirene were lying side by side, their bodies still tenderly interlocked.  He began to move slowly inside her.  Almost all the way out, then centimetre by centimetre until he was buried to the hilt inside her.  They rocked slowly together like this for some time, kissing deeply.   Gradually the need for more took over and they began to move faster.  Ares grasped her bottom in his hands and began to thrust in earnest.  Eirene clawed his back as she climaxed,  Ares following seconds later.  Eirene then pushed Ares onto his back and started to love him again.  She moved tenderly on him, savouring the exquisite feel of him inside her.  They rose together to a long, drawn-out climax of bliss.  Ares pulled Eirene close as they lay at last in a hot, sated, slightly sweaty tangle.  Eirene softly stroked his chest hair as she lay listening to the slowing beat of his heart.   His hand gently cupped one breast.

"No-one but you,  Eirene.  No-one else will ever see my secret heart, or share my bed."  Eirene raised her head.

 "What about all the women who find you attractive and even sexy?  Goodness knows, there are probably some men, too."  Ares chuckled his low, familiar laugh.

"Dopplegangers, love of my life.  They look like me, act in accordance with the desires of the recipient then..."  He snapped his fingers eloquently, "You'll be able to conjure your own too.  I guarantee some of the other gods and goddesses on Olympus - if they are still around - will want you almost as much as I do.  They'll see this pure-looking, beautiful, serene goddess and none of them will ever know the white-hot passion you keep just for me.   It'll turn me on *so* much."  His lips nuzzled her neck.  Eirene felt him beginning to harden again next to her stomach.

"You insatiable God, you!"  She teased him warmly.  Ares chuckled again and drew her hand down to where it would be most effective.  Eirene began stroking his burgeoning length.

"Only with you, my consort.  You are the other half of my soul.  Mmmmm...I think we could both do with a shower..."  In seconds they were in Eirene's bathroom, under the hot water, "Yessss..."  Ares closed his eyes in bliss, "I've imagined you here, naked, in my arms for the last five days."  Eirene would her free arm around his neck.  Her other hand was busy, slowly soaping a very eager part of his body.

"I'm here now, Ares my love."  He pulled her tight against him and kissed her deeply.  They soaped each other all over, then Ares lifted her in his arms and they made passionate love against the back wall of the shower.  As he slid from her blissful body, Ares transported them back to bed, taking several of  Eirene's towels with them.

Wound together in a sweet cocoon of towelling and damp limbs, Ares and Eirene lay, gently nuzzling each other.

"What about the wars and battles, darling?"  Ares considered.  He closed his eyes and Eirene could tell he was focussing his attention briefly outside into the world.

"Mankind is doing it all without me, my love.  I still have all my Godly powers.  I am War and you are Peace.  We balance; we fit...*gloriously* are light to my dark and my sweet haven.  That is enough for now.   You can introduce me to this incredible technological world of yours and I suppose I'll find something to do!"

"You'd make one heck of an erotic dancer!"   Ares pinned her to the sheet.

"Oh, no!  Not dancing!"  Eirene pouted.

"Not even for me?"  Ares' eyes flashed fire.

"Just for you, then.  I bet I could make you come, just watching me."  Eirene reckoned to herself that he was right.  That would be one floor show she'd look forward to immensely.

"You never did get around to that third wish, Eirene."  She laughed softly.

 "I was going to wish to have you naked and willing in my bed....for at least a thousand years."  Ares threw his head back and roared with laughter.  He looked down at her and his customary wicked grin spread across his face.

"You've got me!  Can I have a wish?"  Eirene realised that he could.

"Yes - on condition that we sing together sometime soon."  A single eyebrow raised eloquently.

"Sing?  I've never been asked that before, though my voice is magnificent, naturally.  Certainly;  I confidently expect you to sing like an angel."

"Trained mezzo-soprano, at least before you made me into a goddess.....  What is your wish, my lord Ares?"

"I wish to do all that superb loving again, from the top!"  Eirene raised the sheet to cover herself from the nose down.    She gave Ares long, seductive look

"My lord Ares," she said, in a low, husky voice.  As she anticipated, Ares' cock sprung to immediate and full attention.  Irene smiled behind the sheet.  She was going to make Ares beg for release this time, then take him gloriously over the top - several times if possible.

"Your wish is my command," she continued, dropping the sheet to reveal a bright red, very abbreviated, Arabic dancers outfit, covered by seven thin veils.  Ares growled his approval as Eirene began to dance and strip seductively on the bed, just for him.

The End