Goldilocks and the Three Gods
By Dawn

Once upon a time there were three important and powerful gods who lived together in a most amazing palace in a distant place known as Olympus.

(All right, we all know there were more than three gods, but for the purposes of the story just go with it, OK?)

There was a Papa god, named Zeus, and a Mama god named Hera.  They were the king and queen of the gods and ruled over all of Olympus.  And then there was a--well, no one ever dared to call him a Baby god, so let's just say a *third* god, named Ares.  He was the god of war, ruling over all the violent, passionate conflicts of mankind.

Although the three gods had a very busy life together in their palace, they were often called away to tend to their considerable godly duties.  That is why, on this particular day, all three were gone about their godly business, leaving the palace completely unoccupied.


Meanwhile, in a nearby forest, a hunter was happily strolling along a path.  Now, this was no ordinary hunter. He was a handsome man with strong muscles and bright blue eyes and silky, golden hair.  In fact, although he had a real name (it was Iolaus) his friends, especially his good friend Hercules, liked to call him Goldilocks because of his lovely, blond curls.

Whistling happily, almost bouncing down the path, Goldilocks suddenly realized something was very wrong.  Somehow, in spite of his considerable hunting skills, he was completely lost!  Troubled, he began to search for the way back home, but no matter where he looked, nothing was familiar.  Much later, when he was tired and hungry and very worried, he found a path he hadn't seen before and followed it over a hill.

There, on the other side of the hill, was the most spectacular palace Goldilocks had ever seen.  Silver and gold, it was a masterpiece of columns and angles and smooth curves.  The sunlight glinting off the spires and turrets made it look almost magical.

(Yes, it's the same palace where the gods lived, but of course he didn't know that.)

Once he recovered from his amazement at the stunning beauty of the structure, Goldilocks realized there might be someone here who could help him.  Excited, he walked up to the palace and knocked on the door, but no one answered.  Then he knocked a little louder, but still no one answered.  Finally, he decided to try the door, and it was open, so he went in.

The inside of the palace was even more captivating than the outside.  Everywhere he turned there were lavish displays of beauty and wealth.  As he explored from room to room, each chamber seemed more extravagant, and more appealing than the last.

At the end of a long hall, through a huge set of ornate doors, he found a majestic throne room, complete with three great thrones.  Realizing how tired he was, Golidlocks decided to sit down and rest.  First, he sat in the biggest throne, but it was very cold and hard and not at all comfortable.  Next, he sat in the middle sized throne, but the cushions were too soft and the peacock feathers kept tickling his neck.  Then he tried the *third* throne and decided it was an excellent seat, although the wood seemed to be worn so that he fit best with one leg thrown over
the arm.  Unfortunately, in the process of figuring this out he leaned a little too hard on the back of the throne and it came apart, spilling poor Goldilocks onto the floor as the throne fell into many pieces.

As he hopped to his feet, unsure what to do next, Goldilocks was distracted by the smell of food.  Realizing he was extremely hungry, he went to look for the source of the tantalizing smells. When he reached the dining room he saw a long, narrow table made of polished, dark wood.  At one end there were three places set with steaming bowls.  His hunger overcoming his inhibitions, he decided to help himself.  First he tried the biggest bowl, but it was much too bland.  Next he tried the medium sized bowl, but it was way too sugary.  Then he tried the *third* bowl and it was spiced just to his taste, so he devoured it greedily, relishing every last drop.

Hunger temporarily satisfied, Goldilocks realized he needed a place to lie down for a while.  The first room he found had a huge bed, but when he laid down it was a little too hard and the mirrors on the ceiling made him uncomfortable.  Next he found a room with a bed that looked inviting, but when he laid down it was a little too soft, and the peacock feathers made him sneeze.  The *third* room he found had a bed that beckoned to him with its dark, alluring warmth.  Slipping between the black satin sheets, Goldilocks fell asleep at once, dreaming of opulence and passion.


Returning home from their godly duties the three gods met in the throne room, as was their custom.  Sitting down in his usual place, Zeus jumped back up at once exclaiming, "Someone has been sitting in my throne."  Sniffing at his comment, Hera sat in her own throne, only to get up and proclaim in her haughtiest tone, "Someone has been sitting in *my* throne!"  Ares stood on the other side of the room, fury showing on his face as he growled, "Someone has been sitting in my throne and he's ruined it!"

Disgruntled, the three gods made their way to the dining room for their meal.  Zeus took one taste and dropped the spoon, exclaiming "Someone has been eating my food!"  Hera gave him a *look* down her nose and tasted her own dinner, only to stop and say, with disgust, "Someone has been eating *my* food!"  Ares was looking down into his empty bowl, fuming and when he said in a low tone, "Someone has been eating my food and it's all gone!" his parents knew that things were not going to go well for whoever had eaten Ares' dinner.

Concerned by the unexpected intrusion into their lives, the three gods made their way upstairs to check the rest of the palace.  When he reached his bedroom, Zeus walked in and they could hear him bellow, "Someone has been lying on my bed!"  From Hera's room there came an answering screech, "Someone has been lying on *my* bed!"  But when Ares walked into his room and saw the blond figure nestled there he silently closed and bolted the door, a dangerous smile playing across his features.  Certainly someone had been lying in his bed, and was *still* there. Ares was going to make the most of it.


Determined to exact revenge for the destruction of his throne and his meal, Ares made his way across the room, debating between various methods of torture.  Standing beside the bed, he muttered to himself as he looked down on the prone figure.

At that very moment, Goldilocks opened his eyes to a vision more marvelous than any he had witnessed that day.  Tall body encased in black leather, dark eyes flashing, full lip curved in a sensual sneer, the man towering over him was the picture of arrogance and virility.  At once he was overcome by a wave of desire so intense he could hardly breathe.

As he gazed for the first time into those bright blue eyes, Ares was equally stunned, all thoughts of revenge and torture sliding from his mind.  As if in a trance, he sank to the side of the bed. His hand reached out, almost hesitantly, to touch the soft, blond curls.

At that light touch, they both seemed to recover their faculties.  The first kiss was swift, almost violent, as their lips met and joined.  Mindlessly, Ares plundered the sweet depths of the golden creature in his bed, tasting honey and sunshine and -- his dinner?

Pulling back he remembered just why he was here, but the anger no longer consumed him.  He smiled wickedly and purred, "It looks like I'll be satisfying my appetite after all."

Goldilocks didn't completely understand the words, but the seductive voice sent a delicious wave of sensation through his body.  He was incapable of any response other than a moan of desire as Ares pulled the sheets back from his throbbing erection.

Taking his time, Ares applied his lips and tongue to the other man's cock, relishing it like the meal he no longer missed.  As Goldilocks moaned and pleaded beneath him, he teased the flesh, savoring the taste and feel of it.  Finally, he placed his mouth at the tip and slowly moved down, carefully taking the entire length into his throat.

Consumed by the sensations, Goldilocks was powerless to control the blinding orgasm that overtook him almost immediately.  He slumped bonelessly, watching as Ares licked the last drops of semen from his lips and smiled lasciviously.

Unwilling to remove himself from that crystal blue gaze, Ares repositioned himself between the other man's legs, bringing his own hard shaft into view.  Coating it with a fragrant oil, he found the tight hole he desired so greatly and thrust deep into the welcoming warmth.

A gasp from Goldilocks was followed by yet another moan of pleasure as Ares began to plunge repeatedly into him.  As his tempo increased, Ares grasped the other man's hardening cock once again, stroking it in time with his thrusts until Goldilocks gave a shout of release.  Feeling the warm fluid spurting over his hand, Ares finally gave in to his own climax, relishing the sensation as he spent his seed deep within the body beneath him.

Carefully withdrawing from the mortal's body, Ares collapsed beside him on the bed, pulling the smaller man to his side and into his arms.

(Okay, so the fairy tale got a little off track - but I figured nobody would really mind.  Now, for a more traditional ending...)  And so they all lived happily ever after.

The End