True Love
By Erin


The beloved voice moaning his name encouraged him as he kissed and licked his way down the sweat-slicked body beneath him.

He was so hard, aching with the desire to just thrust deep into his lover and pound into him until they both dropped from exhaustion, but he kept a tight hold on his control. This wasn't about lust. He wanted this to be special, not rushed.

As he moved lower the hard cock brushed against his chin and he turned his attention there. Instead of just deep-throating the thick shaft as he was tempted to do, he began leisurely running his tongue around it, exploring the  veins and ridges, licking up the salty drops of precum from the head.

"Please..!" it was half-moan, half-plea.

Ares' intent was pleasure, not torture, so he complied, sliding his mouth slowly down the thick cock until he reached the base -- then he sucked hard.

"Oh, yes!!"

Strong fingers tangled in his hair, urging him on as he set a steady rhythm,  keeping up a hard suction as his hand moved lower. With a thought his fingers  were slick with oil. Finding the tight opening he worked a finger in, stretching, searching for just the right spot--

The wordless cry of pleasure told him he'd found it. Increasing the pace on the hard cock he worked in another finger, brushing over that spot again. The  man beneath him arched up, shaking with the force of the orgasm that gripped  him. Ares swallowed every drop before pulling back and licking the softening  cock clean.

When he finally sat up he took a few moments to admire his lover. The man was perfect. That gorgeous body just made for fucking, that hair Ares loved to run his hands through, and those lips -- the War God desperately wanted to feel those lips around his cock, but it could wait.

"Fuck me, please!" his lover nearly begged.

The plea made him even harder. "Gods, yes!" Ares agreed, pulling the man's legs up over his shoulders. He wanted to be face-to-face for this. He needed to see his lover's reactions.

He pushed in, groaning at the incredible tightness and heat of it. He'd held back for so long already, he couldn't anymore. He began shoving hard into his lover, rocking the man's body.

And the man was loving it. "Yesyesyes.." the chant drove Ares on, making him thrust faster, deeper. And it was beyond wonderful. It was better than anything he'd ever experienced and he wanted to make it last but he couldn't.  He was a god but he had his limits and this was it. It felt too damn good.

He came so hard he nearly blacked out, his lover's name a raw scream that was  ripped from his throat.

Collapsing on top of the other man he felt like he could sleep for a day or  more, but he fought the urge, there was something he needed to say first, that he needed the man to understand.

"You..Iphicles...," he gasped out, still trying to regain his breath.


"You're so perfect for me." Still breathing hard he managed to push himself up on his elbows enough to gaze into those beautiful eyes. "I can't believe I didn't see it before. I really can't believe I spent so much time with all those others."

The loving smile he received made his heart skip a beat.

"Especially that whining king with the bad dye job. You're better than Iphicles could ever be, Strife." With that declaration Ares kissed his nephew with new-found passion, suddenly deciding that maybe he wasn't so tired after all...

The End