Returned Favors
By Dawn

Finally alone and unwatched, Ares lay sprawled on the massive bed, reveling in the feel of the wine-dark satin against his naked skin.  After a few moments he rolled restlessly onto his back, stretching his arms and letting them fall as he tried to relax.  Closing his eyes, he allowed his mind to fill with thoughts of pleasure.  Old, familiar pleasures like chaos and war. Newly discovered pleasures from his adventures of the past few weeks.  And of course the pleasures of revenge against all those involved in causing him recent pain and humiliation.

Comfortably distracted, he didn't react right away when he sensed the presence of another god in the room.  He wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone right now, so maybe if he ignored them they would just go away. After a moment of stillness, he felt a movement of the bed as the intruder sat at his feet.  Next, a warm hand wrapped around his ankle and lifted his foot onto a rock-hard thigh. With a gentle pressure, fingers began to massage the ball of his foot, sending jolts of sensation through his body.

Without opening his eyes, Ares tried to decide which wonderfully thoughtful person realized exactly what he needed right now.  He ran through various possibilities until he finally remembered a similar massage he'd given not too long ago.  Apollo?  He cracked his eyelids in surprise, gazing wonderingly at the blond head bowed in concentration over his second foot.

In response to his automatic suspicion, Ares' body tensed slightly, drawing Apollo's attention from his self-appointed ministrations.  Showing none of his usual arrogance, Apollo locked his eyes with those of the dark god and spoke softly. "Relax.  Let me do this."

Ares gazed deep into the eyes of the sun god, but could think of no reason to argue, so he just lay back and gave himself up to the delicious sensations of the massage.

Assured of Ares' full attention, Apollo abandoned his feet and began to explore the muscles of his legs.  Kneading first one calf, and then the other he left no inch of skin untouched as he made his way upward.  As each thigh received the same treatment, Ares could feel the muscular tension giving way to another form of tension.

Apollo ignored Ares' growing erection as he moved his hands carefully over the war god's hips to caress his ribcage and chest.  As the golden god straddled him to take a heavy bicep between those strong hands, Ares' stimulation grew with the feeling of his cock rubbing lightly against the soft leather of Apollo's pants.  By the time the sun god finished giving his full attention to both arms, Ares could no longer control the low moans that clearly indicated his level of arousal.

Settling his body more firmly over the war god's abdomen, Apollo slid his fingers back to Ares' shoulders and then up through the mass of soft dark curls to gently massage the scalp as he lowered his head to catch those moans in his own mouth.  If possible, Ares' cock hardened further as their tongues entwined, his blood heated beyond all reasoning.

Both gods were gasping as Apollo broke the kiss and moved back to the body beneath him.  What he explored before with his hands, he now marked with lips and tongue and teeth.  Still under the spell of the massage, Ares felt unable to move his leaden limbs, responding only with moans and gasps. Apollo took his time, carefully tasting the ridge of the collarbone and the pulse in the hollow of the throat before moving down to tease the dark god's nipples to a glistening hardness.  Shifting lower again, he pulled his body back between Ares' legs and finally, finally touched the swollen cock that so demanded his attention.

Ever so lightly, Apollo ran one finger up the underside of the hardened shaft, then followed it with his tongue.  Reaching the top, he traced the head with his tongue, then teased the weeping slit.  A shiver ran through Ares' body as Apollo wrapped his fingers around the base of the cock and took the head fully in his mouth.  Alternating the movement of  hands and mouth, he created a steady rhythm that gradually increased in intensity.  As the tension grew, Ares' moans became louder and louder until, with a resounding shout, he came in the other god's mouth.

Ares returned to consciousness to watch Apollo cleaning the last of the cum with his talented tongue.  Looking up, the golden god licked a final drop of the creamy fluid from his lips and leaned forward to share the taste.

After a long, satisfying kiss, Apollo looked down at the war god and spoke. "Even?"

Ares' agreed in a throaty growl.  "Even."

Apollo's responded with a suddenly dangerous grin, but before Ares could react he felt his arms and legs caught in manacles and found himself trapped on the bed.  The sun god loomed over him, cocky attitude returned full force.  "I'm so glad you said that, brother.  Now, are you ready for some real fun?"

The End