It's All In How You Look At It
By Dragon

Iphicles, King of Corinth, wandered the halls of his castle as he did most nights before retiring.  It helped him sleep, walking until he was too tired to protest going to bed.  The palace guards had learned to ignore the moody king on his nightly travails.  Truth was, Iphicles hated sleeping.  His bed was such a cold  and lonely place that he put off the act of sleep as long as possible. Much was missing from his life since his wife Rena had died.  And somehow, he hadn't had the heart to consider a new relationship.

It helped that today there were guests in the castle.  Hercules and Iolaus had come to pay a visit and while he and Hercules were still struggling with their relationship, the improvement was immense.  Iphicles was glad to see him, and relished the chance to continue reconciliation.  Neither of them had enough family left to keep up any kind of personal dispute.  It was just a foolish waste.

Iphicles continued his pace and neared the weaver's room, where the guildsmen created the castle tapestries, rugs and linens. Passing by the door, he heard a peculiar sound.  Since the room should be empty at this hour, he topped and leaned against the door, listening, curiosity aborting his nightly walk.  It sounded like someone was sick, groaning and moaning.  Cautiously, Iphicles eased open the door and slid inside the room. He silently closed the door behind him and  moved quietly around the huge loom.  He was not prepared for the sight that greeted him.  Iolaus was lying on the floor, eyes firmly closed, an expression of bliss on his face.  He was moaning softly, his face flushed.  But what really caught Iphicles' attention was what Iolaus was doing with a large skein of wool yarn.  He was clutching the bundle tightly against his groin, grinding his hips against it.   Iphicles froze in fascination.  What in the world was he doing?  When Iolaus pulled the yarn back to reveal a very prominently erect and naked cock, Iphicles squeaked, now having a much clearer picture of the activity on the floor.

Iolaus' eyes popped open and he sat up quickly at the sight of Iphicles.  "What are you doing here?"  Iolaus ventured, trying to sound casual, all the while trying to cover up the evidence of his arousal and having a difficult time considering its persistence.

Iphicles was flushed with embarrassment.  "I was about to ask you the same thing, but I think a better question might be WHAT were you doing?"

Iolaus considered how to respond as he rose from the floor, yarn in hand.  Still working on fastening his trousers, he started to hand the yarn  to Iphicles, but the king quickly held up his hands in refusal.  Iolaus shrugged. "Sorry, wasn't thinking."

 "No, you weren't, but Iolaus...." Iphicles looked shocked and confused.

"Okay, look, Iphicles...I couldn't sleep, so I came down here.  You showed us this place the last time we were here, and..." Iolaus was cut off by a comment from Iphicles.

"So you decided a little weaving would do the trick and decided to fuck the yarn instead?"

Iolaus shook his head.  "Look, see, it's like this.  I...I have a kind of a thing for...wool. You know, like, uhm, on sheep, that kind of wool. You know, in herds and in meadows. Oh, come on, Iphicles, you're not a kid.  Do I have to spell it out?  You live in Greece, you've got to know what I'm talking about."

Iphicles blushed furiously.  "I don't know what to say, Iolaus. I'm shocked, I really am. I thought you liked women!  Now you're telling me do ewes?"

Iolaus was struggling to try to make Iphicles understand.  "I do like women, a lot! Sometimes I like guys, too.  And sometimes, when it's cold and I'm lonely and the first two options aren't there, well, did you ever smell wool?  Feel the raw stuff against your bare skin?  I was lonely tonight.  Hercules went to sleep early, but I couldn't sleep, and here's all this lovely wool.  Okay, it's not attached to a sheep, but, it's all in how you look at it, you know?"

Iolaus watched as Iphicles swallowed nervously and blushed a full shade deeper.  "I don't understand.  It's an animal! How can you?" Puzzling he continued. "How DO you?"

Iolaus had to smile at Iphicles mixture of fascination and revulsion. "It's not that much different really.  You know, Slot A and Tab B.  Sheep don't seem to mind much.  No one gets hurt and I get a bit of relief.  It's just a kink.  Most people have one, something odd that turns them on.  Hercules has one. I bet even you have one."

Iphicles cast his eyes sideways, mildly panicked.  Then he remembered what else Iolaus had said and he brightened up a bit. "Hercules has a kink?  Mister, 'I'm Perfect' has a kink? What is it?"

"I don't think I should tell you. But wait, I know, you tell me yours and I'll tell you his." Iolaus waited to see if Iphicles' inquisitiveness would win out over his natural reticence.

Iphicles shifted nervously, continuing to blush at what looked like a very unhealthy rate.  Chewing on his lip, he looked at Iolaus.  Finally he spoke in a very soft voice, nearly a whisper.  "Iolaus, I can't.  I just can't."

"Oh, come on.  How bad can it be?  After all, I just told you I fuck sheep.  Iph, we're not kids, we're adults.  A little confession is good for the soul."  And in all honesty, Iolaus was dying to know what the shy king considered naughty.

"Iolaus, I feel sick!"  And in truth Iphicles had turned quite pale.

"Iph, you're too repressed.  It's not healthy to hold so much in.  If you tell me, you'll feel better. Watch and see."  Iolaus led Iphicles over to a small seat near the loom.  "And breathe, for crying out loud!"

Iphicles drew in a quick breath.  He looked at Iolaus and began the blushing again.  "Promise me.  You won't ever tell anyone.  Promise me, please."

"Iph, you know I won't. What we say here, stays here.  Tell me, you want to, I can see it in your face."

Iphicles turned away so that Iolaus couldn't see his face.  He spoke in a voice so tiny, Iolaus couldn't make out the words.  "What? Iph, I can't hear you."

Iphicles began again, in a stronger voice. "All right.  It'''s....."


"Okay, it's...feet."  Iphicles continued blushing, eyes darting nervously. "I'm turned on by feet.  Naked feet.  I'm sorry."

"Why? Why are you sorry?  It turns you on, no one gets hurt, so what's the problem?"

Iphicles now looked sad. "The problem is a lot of people don't happen to think the same way.  It makes them sick.  They're repulsed when I ask know.  It makes me feel dirty."

"Oh, Iphicles.  Don't feel that way.  You just haven't been with the right people, that's all.  Did Rena...."

Iphicles quickly looked away. "Rena was wonderful.  She understood.  I miss her so much."  Iphicles sounded near tears and tears was not what he needed.  Iolaus quickly changed the direction of the conversation.

"I don't think it's dirty at all.  Sounds kinda fun.   I've never tried anything like that before."  Iolaus watched as Iphicles turned a disbelieving face towards him.

"You're not serious?"

Iolaus leaned over and began to remove his boots.  "Want to see how serious I am?"  Boots removed he wiggled his toes in the air. "Do anything for you?"  He smiled invitingly at Iphicles, who was staring at Iolaus, stunned.

"Iolaus, look, I appreciate what you're doing, but, you don't have to do this. We're old friends. You don't really want to...I mean, not with me, not that."  He looked down at the floor and in spite of himself looked across to the feet of the hunter.

Making a quick decision, Iolaus launched himself at Iphicles and they ended up on the floor with a thud.  "When I say I want to do something, don't you dare tell me I don't.  Now, I like you.  I always have.  So don't piss me off by telling me I don't know what I want.  Got that?"  Iolaus had landed on top of Iphicles and was nose to nose with him.  Acting purely on instinct, he kissed the stunned king firmly on the lips. Pulling back a bit to try to read his reaction, Iolaus continued. "I'm lonely, you're lonely. Iph, if it will make you feel better, I'd like to try this.  It'd be a new experience for me and you know, I like trying new things.  So, how do we do this then? I don't see a slot or tab."

Iphicles smiled at that and then laughed.  He gently pushed Iolaus off to lie beside him.  Iphicles leaned over to gently kiss him on the forehead and cheek.  Moving down so that his mouth was even with Iolaus' ear, he whispered hoarsely, "Thank you."  Sliding further down Iolaus' body, Iphicles left a trail of gentle kisses across the hunter's exposed chest.  Watching Iphicles move slowly down his body, he could clearly see the tears welling in the dark eyes.  Damn, why did he have to be so intense about everything?

"Iph, take it easy, just relax.  It's all right to have fun, you know?" Now even with Iolaus' waist, Iphicles looked up, the emotions playing across his face. "I can't help it.  I think I just feel too much. I'm sorry. I can stop."

Iolaus raised up a bit and grabbed Iphicles by his hair.  "Don't you dare.  Stop now, and I'll never tell you about Hercules' little turn-on."

That was the mood breaker that Iphicles needed.  He smiled brightly.  "All right.  You've convinced me.  Now, let go of my hair, please."  Iolaus smiled back and released the coppery curls.

Iphicles continued to watch Iolaus' face as he slid down the remaining length of the hunter's body.  Now he was face to foot.  Gently, hesitantly he stroked Iolaus' right foot.   He looked back to gauge a reaction, and saw the openly curious face of his friend.

"You have very nice feet.  Not too big, not too small.  Mine are the size of the Corinth national debt."

"Strong, big feet to carry a strong, big man.  So, what's the problem with that then?"  Iolaus' words stopped as his big toe was gently laved by the King.  "Oohh."

"Let me know if I'm tickling you.  Too much will ruin it for both of us." Iphicles stroked the instep, lifting Iolaus' foot for a better angle.  Breathing quickly, he watched for Iolaus' reaction as he placed his mouth around two toes and gently sucked and licked the digits.  What Iphicles saw and heard encouraged his endeavors.  Iolaus was making small gasping noises, his lips were parted, and his eyes closed.

Running one hand the length of Iolaus' leg to rest next to his crotch, Iphicles pulled his mouth away from its passionate pursuit to ask a question.  "Do you like what I'm doing, or should I stop?  I want you to enjoy this too, and if you don't..."

He never got a chance to finish as Iolaus cut him off, his breath coming in gasps. "Dammit! You stop now and I'll kill you.  This is....oh, man.  But I want to touch you.  How can we do this so that I can touch you?"

Iphicles chewed his lip.  "Well, I guess first thing we should do is lose a few clothes."  He blushed again.  "That's if you're serious."

Iolaus sat up, ripping off his vest. "My friend, I'm dead serious!"  He started working furiously on his trousers.  Watching Iolaus disrobe, Iphicles felt a tingle of excitement.  A sensation he hadn't felt in far too long.  He copied Iolaus' move, standing to hastily remove his own clothing.  In his excitement he nearly forgot to remove his boots before his trousers, and stumbled before getting it done.  In moments, they were both naked.

Iolaus looked at his friend, now gloriously bare.  It was amazing how far down that blush could spread.  He smiled up at Iphicles.  "You're really beautiful, but I guess you know that.  Come on over here."  Iphicles shoved the pile of clothes out of the way, easing down to sit next to Iolaus.

Iphicles responded to the compliment he had just received. "I don't know about me, but you're pretty easy on the eyes." Slowly, almost shyly he leaned in for a kiss and was momentarily surprised when Iolaus opened his mouth to him. His doubts as to Iolaus' interest evaporated under this oral assault.  Reluctantly he broke the kiss and turned around, once again working his way down Iolaus' body, his full lips showering delicate kisses along the way.  He paused briefly to taste the swelling manhood of the hunter, swirling his tongue across its length and getting an answering moan in return.

Iolaus was not content to sit back. He busied his hands stroking the planes and contours of the well-muscled king.  He watched Iphicles' agonizingly slow  progress down his body, feeling every brush of the sensual mouth and lick of the velvety tongue, until finally Iphicles was positioned with his head at Iolaus' feet, his body parallel with that of the hunter.  Each was now able to reach the object of their desire.

Iphicles took a firm hold of Iolaus' cock and in tandem with the suckling of the beloved toes, he stroked a fierce rhythm.  Keeping pace with the king, Iolaus began a stroking rhythm of his own, massaging the balls and cock of the loudly groaning king.  Doing his own share of moaning, it was difficult for Iolaus to concentrate on pleasuring the king, the dual assault on his cock and feet was overwhelming.  He'd never felt anything like this and couldn't imagine why he had never tried this before.  He could feel multiple toes being suckled now, the shivering thrill echoing in his horribly swollen cock.  He turned his head and looked at Iphicles' feet.  Oh a whim, he leaned in and wrapped his lips around one great toe.  He felt Iphicles' shock, and then heard the king's moans increase in obvious pleasure.  Mentally shrugging, Iolaus worked his mouth, sucking on the toe, as he would have done on a cock.  He increased the pressure on Iphicles' cock, stroking harder to match the sucking, just as Iphicles was doing to him.

Moaning and sounds of osculation filled the room.  The two friends worked passionately on one another, but Iphicles, having denied himself pleasure for a longer time came first, nearly screaming in his release.  Iolaus lovingly stroked the spending cock and pulled his mouth free.  Iolaus watched amazed that even though he was spent,  Iphicles managed to keep up his ministrations and quickly brought Iolaus to his own orgasm.  Iolaus was even more amazed when Iphicles lifted his head from the beloved feet and turned around only to lovingly lick up the remnants of the hunter's cum.

Iolaus took hold of Iphicles arms and urged him up.  The size difference between them mattered little at this angle and he was able to coax the king into a warm embrace.  Neither of them had much breath for speaking, as a potent lethargy slipped over the pair of friends.  Moments later though, Iphicles found his voice. "So,  you gonna tell me?"

Iolaus frowned. "Tell you what?"

Iphicles raised up and leaned across Iolaus' chest,  supporting his weight on crossed arms. "You promised.  What's Hercules' kink?" Iphicles had a warm smile on his face as he looked at Iolaus.

Iolaus smiled back.  "Okay, you big oaf.  I did promise.  Well, just remember, if he ever finds out that you know, he's gonna kill both of us."

Iphicles settled in closer. "I'll remember.  Start talking."

Iolaus was grinning now.  "Everyone is entitled to their own little kink.  But Herc, see, he's got a couple of nightgowns and a few dresses your mother used to have.  She thought she mislaid them somehow.  Not what happened at all.  You see, Hercules took them."

Iphicles was intrigued. "Nightgowns?"

"Don't interrupt.  I'm trying to explain.  Herc's okay, but sometimes he likes to put on one of the nightgowns, and it's a tight fit I gotta tell ya, and then he likes to read me stories and...uhm...tuck me in. It's pretty harmless, unless he decides I've been naughty in which case, I'm in line for a spanking.  But when he decides that it's a day for one of the dresses, it can get a bit odd.  That's when 'Mom' has been a bad girl and then I have to punish 'her'.   I wish he would get better fitting dresses though.  It ruins the whole effect."

The laughter built slowly but soon, Iolaus was on the receiving end of vibrations of gale force hilarity coming from the nearly hysterical king.  "Iphicles, if you tell him..."

Gasping for breath, Iph looked up, happier than he could remember being in a long time.  "Iolaus, nothing could be further from my mind.  You see my friend, it's all in how you look at it.   The man says, is it a barn or a stable?  The farmhand says, if you look at it, it's a barn, if you smell it, it's a stable.  I think between us, I prefer to look at it."

Iolaus frowned at the twisted philosophy. "Too damned deep for me.  Get up here and give us a kiss, your majesty.  I think I need to research this foot thing a little bit more."

Iphicles was more than happy to comply.

The End