The Muse of Distraction
By Erin

"Come on. Please? I really need to get this done."

"You've been working on it for the past three months. It can wait a couple more hours."

"No, it can't! I finally know what I'm doing with it so I gotta write it!"

"You'd rather write about *that* than help me with this?"

"It's not a matter of wanting anything. When I got an idea I gotta go with it or I lose it, okay?"

"Is that so? Then why didn't you ever write down that clever little idea you had concerning me and a certain god?"

"I'm working on too many things right now, I didn't need another half-finished story dragging me down. Look, just lemme get back to this and I promise when I finish it -- and a couple other things -- I'll write one with you in it."

"Oh, you'll write one with me eventually, I'm not worried about that. At the moment I'd rather you help me decide on this."

"On what? And why're you draped over my grandmother's antique mahogany chair like that?"

"Thiel's going to draw a picture of me, you know that. I want to figure out what pose I'd look best in and I know you had some ideas earlier about it so I want your input."

"Everyone else over on Ksmithares is giving out their ideas, go ask them. Better yet, go ask Tham, I *know* she'll be happy to give you her 'input'. Then I can get back to this."

"I'm asking you. You should be grateful or at least willing to assist me. I could command you to help me--you know it's very disrespectful to laugh like that."

"Sorry, really, it was just the mental picture you know?"


"Nevermind. How 'bout this? I'll give ya a couple suggestions and you let me get back to writing, 'kay?"

"Let's hear the suggestions first."

"Don't wear the crown, it'll look way better if ya just got it dangling from your fingers or something. That pose is good, just go with that. There, now lemme alone."

"Not bad, for starters. I need your opinion though."

"I just *gave* it to you! Now I want to get this dialogue written here!"

"Do it later. Do you think I look better with or without this tunic?"

"Listen, I don't care if you are King of...chest--uh, *Corinth*, King of Corinth, right. It doesn't matter 'cause there's someone with a lot of muscles--I mean *power*, a lot of power, that wants this story done."

"And is this *someone* aware of the fact that you spent the past month writing four stories about his nephew instead of about him?"

"Um, how'd you know about that?"

"I have my ways. Now what do you think? Boots on or off?"


"Thank you. See, this isn't so bad, is it? Now quit glaring at me and tell me what you think of these pants."

"They clash with your hair."

"Hmm, good point. All right, maybe I should wear something in leather, it works for my half-brother."

"The tighter the better."

"What? You're mumbling, I can't understand you."


"Really? Well, I guess that would work too."

"Wait! I didn't mean...oh, boy. Th--that's good, in fact it's great, just go with...that. I really have to get back to this story now so if you need more advice why don't you go ass--*ask* Thiel, she's the one drawing you."

"Wait a moment, I need to see if I look good like this in that pose I wanted to use. Let me just find my crown here...all right, what do you think? Hello? Are you okay there? You're looking a bit strange."

" Very fine. You...good..look very good. Pose...good. Um..story..must write..must make out--*no*, make good..story. You..go.. me..write..."

"Not yet. How about this? I let my crown dangle down like this, tilt my head back a little, let my eyes close a bit, put my other hand here-- why are you slapping yourself?"


"You aren't paying attention. I'm a king, remember? You don't ignore royalty."

"Oh, sorry. No, really, just kinda spaced there for a sec but I'm fine now. Totally okay. So, Your Royal Cock--*Highness*, Your Royal Highness, King of Corinth, all that good stuff. Yeah, okay, I'm all right here. So, um, where were we?"

"What do you think of this pose?"

"Think? Yeah, I'm supposed to be thinking. Right, okay, can do. It's really good. Really...artistic. You go boy..Sire..whatever."

"You don't sound too enthusiastic there. Maybe if I angled myself a little more this way, draw this leg up a's that? Um, are you all right?"

"Sure! No worries; I fall outta my chair all the time. See? I'm good."

"Yes, well, how do I look?"

"Oh, I think you've got it there."

"Do I?"

"Oh yeah. That pose is perfect, so regal and yet graceful at the same time. No one could doubt that you're a king."

"You think so?"

"You bet. Totally fuckable--*undeniable*, I mean undeniable. Really, it's...inspiring."

"Good, that's the affect I'm looking for. Thank you. You can get back to writing now. I'm going over to show Thiel this, see what she thinks."

"You do that. I just remembered another story that needs more work than this one."

"You're mumbling again."

"Uh-huh. Definitely 'inspiring'. Now where's that file? Oh right, here it is. Now let's see; 'the god towered over the redheaded man who knelt before him, his hard cock straining against the tight leather that imprisoned it..."

The End