By Dawn

Iphicles woke drowsily, shifting closer to the body beside him.  Smiling contentedly, he registered the sensations:  the comforting warmth, the strong arm encircling his shoulders, the firm hip pressing against his erection.

Body?  Beside him?  His eyes flew open as memory returned with a rush. Ares?  Sure enough, his vision cleared to a close-up view of his own hand lying in the middle of a bronzed, muscular chest covered with dark, silky hair.  Ares.

Trying to come to terms with this reality, he lay motionless, watching his hand moving slightly up and down.  Slowly and evenly.  Do gods sleep? Carefully he pulled away from the enclosing arm and propped himself up on his free elbow.  The god certainly appeared to be sleeping, and the sight was enough to take Iphicles' breath away.

Perfectly accented by the blood-red linens, the tousled midnight curls framed an incredibly beautiful face.  In sleep the features were gentled - almost peaceful.  Tender lips slightly parted and full lashes resting on his cheeks, this could hardly be the god of war.

Torn between his appreciation of this unique view and his need to see awareness in the eyes beneath those lashes, the king hesitated, but finally the need won out.  Iphicles slowly moved his hand up the god's chest, smiling slightly when Ares twitched after his fingers lightly brushed a nipple. His hand continued upward  to brush a wayward lock from the other's forehead and then down to caress the handsome cheek.

When the first touches produced no significant response, he threaded his fingers in the dark curls, cradling the god's head while he brought his mouth down for a gentle kiss.  Tracing the full lips with his tongue, he sighed when they parted and Ares began to respond.  Drowning in sensation, savoring the taste and feel of the god's mouth on his own, he was caught by surprise when Ares tensed and pulled quickly away.

With a twinge of doubt, Iphicles leaned back and met the other's eyes with his own. Watching Ares come fully awake, he relaxed when he saw awareness replace the initial confusion.  A gentle curve of the god's lips signaled full realization of the situation just before a strong arm reached up to pull the king back down into second, more devastating kiss.

Finally they broke apart, both breathing heavily, and Iphicles collapsed onto the broad chest, luxuriating in the feel of Ares' hand moving idly through his hair.  After a moment of recovery, he eagerly began to explore the tantalizing flesh beneath him.  Ares gasped appreciatively as his lips found a nipple and began to tease it lightly.  One hand bracing himself, Iphicles continued to nuzzle the nub of flesh while his other hand slid along the god's body reaching for the hot, hard cock.

Running his finger lightly along the shaft, Iphicles began to stroke ever-so-gently while his mouth suckled the swollen nipple.  At the sound of a tormented moan from the god, he raised his head to gauge the effect of his actions.  He once again held the god's eyes as he teasingly ran his thumb round the head of the cock and brought it to his lips, savoring both the salty fluid and the look of need on the other's face.  Returning his hand to the cock, he began to stroke more firmly, feeling the flesh grow impossibly harder until, suddenly, Ares gave a growl and hard twist.

Iphicles found himself flat on his back, looking up into an expression of such intense passion he didn't even think to protest.  He gasped as the god' s strong hand began to stroke his cock, and moaned when he felt the other exploring the entrance to his body.  Giving himself over to the dual pleasure, his eyes drifted closed while strong fingers stimulated his most sensitive spots.

All too soon the hands abandoned him, and he opened his eyes to protest, only to watch mesmerized as Ares positioned himself between upraised knees and firmly penetrated his body.  The hard, fast rhythm of the god's steady thrusts soon overwhelmed any pain in his body and he reveled in the sensations.

Eyes half-closed, Iphicles registered the signs of increasing tension in the expression on the god's face and the speed of his thrusts.  As Ares neared his completion, he looked directly into Iphicles' eyes, and grasped the king's cock with one strong hand, stroking it in time with his movement.

Trapped by the gaze and lost in the intense pleasure of the moment, Iphicles hoarsely cried out the god's name as he exploded, sending jets of creamy fluid onto his chest.  A moment later he felt Ares stop and shudder as the god released his own cum into the mortal's body.

Sated for the moment, Iphicles wrapped his arms around the body now blanketing him and drifted back to sleep.

The End