Royal Flush
By Eirene

Part 1

Iphicles was bored.  Bored and lonely.  He sat on his throne, master of Corinth and all he surveyed and it wasn’t enough.  True, he had the love of the people.  He loved them back.  The men-folk respected him.  The women smiled at him.  The children ran into his arms and his heart expanded with joy.  Thrust into kingship, he had taken to it like a duck to water.  A little uncertain at first, but maybe the crown held special powers or he  had latent leadership and people-handling skills.  In any case, he loved the job.  He hadn’t needed much help, even from his first minister.   The only sadness in his life had been Rena.  Beautiful, heartless Rena.

He had fallen head over heels for her when he was a nobody, just the brother of Hercules.  The worship he saw in her eyes when he pretended to be his famous brother had turned his head.  Yes, she was naturally cross when she found out his duplicity, but he was so besotted by then he assumed his passionate love for her would be enough.  He wooed her, won her and married her.  He loved her gently, tenderly;  hoping to see that wondrous light in her eyes again.  For a while it came back.  She was there when
they put the crown on his head.  At last he had status to impress her. Iphicles did everything he could think of to win Rena’s love.   She became pregnant and he was so happy, he felt as if he was walking on air.  Reality bit hard when he found her in bed with her lover.  A lover she had kept secret from him all their married life.  A lover she claimed was twice the man Iphicles would ever be.  His heart broke then, but he presented a smiling face to the people.  They never knew the Queen’s dreadful secret.
When she died bearing a son, a guilty part of him was relieved.  He focused all his caring on the tiny baby, whom he loved instantly.   Even if this was not his son, he would be raised as if he were.  The erstwhile lover was dispatched to the battle lines and never seen again.  For a few months, Iphicles was happier than he’d ever been before.  The baby smiled at him, responded to him.  When the nurse came into his room one morning, trembling and weeping, he knew what had happened.    The baby had died in the night. The physician called it fever.  It didn’t matter.  Iphicles’ world

The pain and grief were indescribable.  At last he understood what Hercules must have gone through, losing his wife and children.  Iphicles cut himself off from his emotions for several months.  Gradually, imperceptibly, the ice around his heart thawed.  The King learned joy again in the warmth of the people of Corinth; taking up the reins of government with a deeper understanding. He overheard grateful comments about his wisdom, caring and vulnerability.  Iphicles always went out of his way to help the orphaned, the widowed, the sick.  He learned from his grief and moved on a better and wiser man.  A year passed.

Iphicles sighed.  How long was it since Rena died?  How long since he’d last made love?  He looked at the servants around him.  To the last man and woman they were comely.  He knew if he snapped his fingers any one - or more - of them would eagerly come to his bed.  It would be just sex, but by the Gods, he was going crazy with the need to touch and be touched.  His innate sensuality would no longer be denied.  He’d had to keep it in check with Rena;  two or three times a week was enough for her.  But not for him. Where his heart led, his cock followed eagerly.  He’d wanted her in his bed every night, but he’d always been faithful, even after he’d found out about her infidelity and part of him, deep inside, had died.  Iphicles looked again,  wondering who would be discreet.

Not a woman - the Gods knew he’d loved women in the past - being deeply buried in their warm, soft flesh was his greatest pleasure.  But not yet. He wasn’t ready to trust another woman with his body.  A man, then.  Hard muscle and a hot cock.  Yes.  Mmmm.....second best.  His first lover had been a man.  Iphicles had been thirteen and big for his age;  in more ways than one.  There’d been a rumour that his grand-father was a centaur.  He didn’t think it was true for a moment, but both he and his father had been blessed with more than average;  with an appetite to match.  An eighteen year old  had noticed the copper-haired youth with the stunning eight and a half inch erection and ravished Iphicles until he roared with pleasure. After that, Iphicles had gone on holiday and been taken in hand by the fresh young widow of a family friend.   The pleasure was even greater and he eagerly learnt all she had to teach him.  After that, he found the first in a brief series of young women until he went in the army and his commanding officer seduced him.  That was the way the army worked.  From eighteen to thirty all he had known was cock, interspersed with the odd tavern wench and female temple prostitute.  Then he had met Rena and fallen hard and fast.  She had said he was too big at the end, when she was taunting him.  He’d known men in the army bigger.  A field commander with a huge twelve inch weapon, for one.

Iphicles wriggled slightly on his throne as he remembered.  Being ravished and giving head to *that* man had been an exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain.  He was getting hard just thinking about it.   He decided on the choice of servant.   Remus from Ethiopia.  Delightfully servile, big, with jet black hair and skin.   Muscles everywhere.  Iphicles let his gaze drop to the man’s crotch.  He almost groaned out loud, but bit his lip in time. Big *all* over.  Council was over, he had nothing particular to do for the
rest of the day.  Doing Remus would be a pleasure.  Hot, sweaty, almost anonymous sex.  Yes, please.  He snapped his fingers and bid Remus follow him to his private chambers.

As they went into the room, Iphicles locked the door behind him.  He looked Remus right in the eyes.

“Not a word to anyone about what takes place in here.  Don’t speak unless I command you.”  Remus nodded.  Iphicles pointed to his groin.  All of a sudden he was raring to go, his cock full and hard.

“Suck me.”  Remus dropped to his knees and unlaced Iphicles’ trousers.  His erection sprang free, hard and eager.  Remus licked the shaft almost lovingly, then swirled his head around the exposed tip, easing the foreskin back with practiced skill.  Iphicles moaned his approval.  The full lips parted and he was surrounded at last by wet heat and the stroking of an expert tongue.  Iphicles’ head fell back, the crown clanged noisily on the floor and he yelled in sheer relief as he exploded inside that talented mouth.  When he finally finished pulsing, he raised Remus to his feet.

“That was *very* good, but it was only the start.  Take off your clothes.” Remus stripped quickly, efficiently.  Ebony skin,  beautifully muscled and a big, hard cock.  Iphicles slowly stroked the naked body in front of him, ignoring the erection which was weeping eloquently with need.

“On the bed,”  Remus complied willingly.  Iphicles fetched a jar of olive oil from beside the bed.  He’d sometimes massaged Rena with it - when she let him, “I hope you can keep from coming until I tell you.  If you do, I promise you an orgasm beyond your wildest dreams.”  Remus trembled and nodded slowly.  Iphicles smiled.  So often, in the army, he’d been the one underneath.  That was good, but he enjoyed being in control.   Even with Rena.  His seduction techniques had been gentle and tender with her, but they had all been designed to drive her out of her mind with pleasure. He’d always been in control with women - that was the way he’d been taught it should be - a man gives enough pleasure to a woman and she will be grateful and willing.

Iphicles gently massaged the oil into Remus’ cheeks and gently into the tight crack.  He slowly eased a finger inside.  Remus groaned gently and pushed down towards him.  Iphicles’ smile widened.

“Done this before?”  Remus nodded, “Good.”  Iphicles was still hard from the last time.  One orgasm had just relieved the pressure a bit;  there were a few more where that came from.  He eased himself inside.  Remus moaned and his cock began to drip onto the sheets.

“I know.  Soon, Remus.”  He moved slowly, stroking his whole length in and out.  Iphicles could see all the beautiful muscles on Remus’ body straining with the effort not to come.  Iphicles took his time, nice and slow.  Remus whimpered and his cock swelled up, the skin stretched taught and glistening.  Iphicles felt his own control go.  He began to thrust harder, eliciting hoarse moans and grunts of pleasure-pain from Remus.  But that beautiful cock remained untouched.  Soon Iphicles couldn’t bear it any longer.  Remus’ cock was begging for attention, demanding it.  As his own erection swelled towards the brink of climax, he wrapped his hands around that gorgeous ebony shaft and began to stroke in time.  Remus bit his lip.

“Yes!”  Iphicles remembered he had to say the words just as his balls tightened, “Come for me, Remus.”  With a huge shout, the two men reached the pinnacle together and collapsed, panting, on the sheets.

“By the Gods, you were good.  Can you manage to go again?”  Remus smiled at Iphicles and gestured to his cock, which was already swelling upwards. Iphicles grinned.

“I’m glad.  I haven’t fucked in far too long and damned if I’m not as horny as a deer in rut.”  Iphicles removed his clothes and passed the oil to Remus, “How about a massage next?  I like the idea of a masseuse who’s hot for me.”

Part 2
Iphicles woke to full daylight.  He yawned, stretched and grinned.

“By Zeus, I needed that.  Five times in one night.  Best hot sex in a long time.”  He was alone, naturally.  About 3 a.m., he had finally spent his passion and dismissed Remus.  Iphicles remembered that about midnight he’d finally given the talented Ethiopian permission to speak and his vocal skills had proved most *uplifting*.  The servant had gone away with a bag of gold and a very well-used body.  Iphicles walked naked to his bath, which the servants had filled some time ago.  He sank into the water.  As he closed his eyes, pain radiated out from his heart.  He sighed.

//Yes, I *know* it wasn’t what I really wanted.  The sex was fantastic for the body but did nothing for the emptiness in my heart, my life.  But who of these servants or people could truly love me?// Iphicles kicked the water and swore eloquently.//None.  That’s the honest truth.  I suppose I could seek an arranged marriage with some princess or
lady of status, but that would be just political.  No guarantee of *real* love, which is what I want.  I could leave the city in the capable hands of my first minister, Androcles, and go searching for a bride;  but one look at the crown and the robes and any young lady would say ‘yes’.  Incognito wouldn’t work - half of Greece and the civilised world knows who I am now.  They’d recognise the profile on the coins of Corinth and I’d be stuck.  I’d just better face a life without love.//   Another deep sigh broke from his

Days and weeks passed.  Iphicles sought no more nights like the one with Remus.  Sex without love had failed to satisfy.  He kept the outward show of accustomed behaviour for the sake of the people, while deep within his heart ached for that which lay beyond his grasp.  One day he was walking through the streets of Corinth and saw a wedding party outside the temple of Aphrodite.  The bride and groom looked radiantly happy.  While Iphicles smiled for them, shook their hands and kissed the bride on the cheek, his heart was tearing apart.   He went into the temple and ordered everyone to leave.  When he was sure he was alone, he let the hot tears that had been threatening run down his cheeks.  He sank to his knees.

“Why?  Why must I live a life without true love?  Aphrodite, I’d give it all up tomorrow - the throne, the crown, all my money, for a woman who really loved me.  I’d go anywhere.  Any place, any time.  Just let me have a chance with the woman who can truly be queen of my heart.”    The Goddess appeared in a shimmering pink cloud in front of him and Iphicles gasped. She looked closely at him.

“Hey, you’re serious, babe.  You really want love that much.  Okay, sweetcheeks.  You said any time, anywhere?”  Iphicles nodded, “It’ll be difficult;  there will be restrictions.”

“I don’t care, just let me meet her!”  Iphicles almost shouted his need. Aphrodite stepped backwards.

“Alright, already!   Now listen carefully.  You’ll keep your name and you’ll know you only have three months.  I’ll do a thingamajig here that means you will arrive back only seconds after you leave, okay?   You’ll be in a hostile, alien environment and all you will have to win the lady will be yourself plus anything legitimate in the place you are going.  She must fall in love with you and be willing to go anywhere with you.  You have to agree to lose most of your memory, apart from what I told you, plus the desire for love.  Do you understand?  It’s a heavy deal, babe.”   She looked intently at Iphicles.  He took the time to absorb her words. Finally he nodded.

“At least if I fail, I will know that I tried for true love.  I’ll try to make that enough if I come back empty handed.”  Aphrodite smiled.

“I’ll say this for you, you’ve got guts.  I like what you’ve been doing in Corinth, so you’ve got it.  Remember, you won’t have the Gods to help you. If you die there, you’re dead, sweetie.  Even Zeus’ powers can’t follow where you’re going.  Good luck.”   She bent and kissed his forehead. Iphicles gasped in pleasure, then disappeared.


It was cold and dark.  There was a campfire of sorts nearby that was struggling with the intermittent rain.  Iphicles shivered.  He looked down at himself.  Heavy blue cotton legging things of some sort, big leather boots and a black cotton close-fitting shirt with a brown leather jerkin with sleeves over it.   He blinked and drew a breath.

“You okay, man?”  He looked down at the male speaker, who was darker and dressed similarly.

“ don’t know.”  He ran his hands through his copper hair.

“Where did you come from?  I didn’t hear you approach.”    Iphicles stared at the man and the fire.

“ don’t know.”  This was getting frustrating.

The other man stood up.  “You look very pale, man.  Did you drop some bad acid or something?”

Iphicles reeled.   “I have no idea.”

The other man helped him walk.  “Come on, I’m taking you to the flop.  A hot bowl of soup might help and if you’ve been on the wrong side of some bad stuff, they can help you chill out.  Okay?”

Iphicles understood the ‘soup’ offer and realised that he was  hungry.  His stomach growled appreciatively.

“I’m Mick, by the way.”

“Iphicles.”  At least he remembered *something*.    Mick nodded.

“Did you live in Atlantis in a past life?  Is that where your name comes from?”  Iphicles looked  at him again.  He’d heard theories about re-incarnation, but he was lost with this one.

“Not as far as I know.  I’ from there.”   Mick led him towards a large, well-lit building nearby.

“Doesn’t matter.  I’ll make sure you’re okay with Amazing Grace and then, after the soup, you may find your memory coming back.”

The building was warm.  Iphicles realised heat was coming from large metal things  ttached to the wall.  Before he had time to wonder about the method of heating, he was inside the hall.  It was high, nearly as high he’d seen before.  Wood, with brick walls covered in plaster.  It felt familiar, somehow.  A lady stood at the far end of the hall, dishing out soup.  She was tall, graceful, regal in her bearing.  Iphicles judged all that in a heartbeat.  She lifted her head.  Stunning blue eyes, long mid-brown hair, determined chin, somewhere in her thirties.  A huge bolt of recognition shot through Iphicles as their eyes met.

‘YOU!’  It wasn’t said, but he felt it as a shout inside him.  *This* was the one he’d come for.  Her.  The woman of his dreams.  He staggered slightly and her gaze became concerned.  Iphicles pulled himself up to his full height and walked down the hall.  He could see the mystery lady appraising him and managed a smile.  She gave him a cautious returning smile.  Mick bounded up to her.

“New guy.  Name’s Iphicles.  Think he may have dropped some bad stuff - memory loss.”  She nodded and offered Iphicles some soup.

“Can you eat this?”  Her voice was low, musical and radiated pure, unadulterated sex;  at least to Iphicles.  He blinked and his smile widened even as his crotch tightened.

“Yes, my lady.  Iphicles at your service.”  He found himself bowing before he had time to think.  She blushed slightly and chuckled.  Iphicles bit back a groan as his cock swelled eagerly, ‘Her chuckle should be marketed as an aphrodisiac.  It’d work for me - every time!’

“Well, not many of the customers bow to me!   You can call me Grace, Iphicles.”  At least she hadn’t  apparently seen the substantial tent he was making inside the tight leggings.   He straightened carefully, then went to sit down.  Three bowls of soup later, she came over and sat next to him.  Iphicles nearly choked on his soup.  The table had obscured the view of a similar pair of blue skin-tight leggings, which moulded her
voluptuously curved buttocks like a second skin.  Her shirt, too could not disguise the sweet swell of breasts that looked better than perfect.

‘If  I get any harder, I’m going to rip through this cotton stuff and show her exactly what she’s doing to me.   I’m all the way up to my belly button and...oh, gods...I am certain I’ve *never* been *this* big before. Got to try to ignore the aching, the throbbing.  Look, big brother, I’ll make it up to you later, alright?  We’ll find a nice quiet bed somewhere and fantasise about taking Grace nice and slowly all the way to ecstasy and back.’

“I don’t think you can be on drugs;  there are none of the usual signs. I’m a qualified doctor, amongst other things. Can you tell me what happened this morning?”  Iphicles shook his head.  Grace felt his pulse, “Okay, then.  From the beginning.  Where were you born?”

“Greece.”  It was out of his mouth before he could think.

“Hmmm.  You don’t *sound* Greek.  Spent some time in America?”

“Not as far as I know.”

“Well, maybe not.  You sound - and look - cultured.  A little scruffy around the edges, perhaps. Your bearing shows signs of maybe military service and you walked down the hall as if you were the king himself.  A leader of men, perhaps.  Am I close?”   Iphicles turned helpless eyes to hers.

“I don’t know.  I’m sorry.”    Grace shone a tiny, piercing light into his eyes.

“No concussion, good strong heartbeat, excellent physical condition as far as I can judge and no sign of fever.  Can’t be a blow to the head, then. Hysterical amnesia would fit.  Have you suffered an emotional trauma?” Iphicles nodded.

“Yes,”  he managed,  “Don’t ask me how I know, but I do.”  She gently patted his hand.

“Then your memory *will* come back.   Have you any skills?”   Iphicles opened his mouth.

“Carpentry.  Woodwork.  Gardening.  Animal husbandry.  I like people, too.” Goodness knows where that list had come from in his brain, but he knew it was true.   Grace smiled warmly at him.  Iphicles began to drool silently and helplessly.  She was stunningly beautiful when she smiled.

“Well, until your memory returns or someone comes to claim you,  I could use a pair of hands like that in our Community.  Okay?”  Was it okay?!!? Was the sky blue?!!?  Iphicles nodded enthusiastically before she changed her mind.


At the end of the free soup, Iphicles helped clear up.  The kitchen was like nothing he’d ever seen before, but the trouble was, he couldn’t remember what *should* be right.   His cock was still rock hard, but he discreetly pulled his top loose from the leggings and it was just about loose enough to cover most of his erection.   Grace favoured him with a warm smile of thanks for his help and Iphicles beamed.  He helped carry the left-over soup to......his brain reeled.  It was made of white painted metal, ran on wheels, but had no horses.  His brow furrowed.  There *ought* to be horses.  Grace opened the door and he climbed into the large white.......chariot?  That word seemed right, somehow.  The seat was remarkably comfortable.  Grace started the vehicle and Iphicles bit back a yell of pure terror.

“Strap yourself in, please, Iphicles,”    A vision of silk scarves, a bed and a naked and willing Grace popped into his head.  The vision changed to him tied to the bed, with her gorgeous mouth sucking slowly and lovingly on his cock.  Oh, *yes*.  He’d never been tied down by a woman, but the prospect suddenly appealed;  if it was Grace doing the tying, “Are you okay?”  Her hand rested on his arm and Iphicles nearly whimpered with  pleasure.  He pulled his inner vision ruthlessly away from the prospect of her hot, wet mouth.

“  I think so. got a flash of memory back, I think.”  Grace leaned over and helped him strap in.  Soft, round breasts brushed his arm, his chest.  More heat pumped into his straining erection. Her breath was sweet and warm against his cheek.  Her lips were slender, but beautifully shaped.  He clenched his fists with the effort not to kiss her.  Grace guided the vehicle along very well-made roads.  About twenty minutes later, they turned up a long drive.   Ahead, lights shone from a large stone villa.  Iphicles carried the stuff inside, to a very large kitchen full of metal cupboards and other strange objects.  Grace  turned to him when everything was

“Okay.  We have a spare bedroom upstairs you can use.    I’m pretty certain there’s nothing physically wrong with you, but if you feel bad in the night, I’m one of the two Community doctors.  Pull the red string near your bed and I’ll get to you as soon as I can.”  Iphicles nodded, but his brain was off again.


A naked Grace was checking him over.  Her long hair swung loose around her face.

‘Anything the matter, Iphicles?’  He pulled the sheet back in his mind.

‘This,’ her eyes widened appreciatively at his erection. ‘My goodness, that swelling needs urgent attention.’  Then her mouth was there again in his mind and Iphicles nearly came for real.  He pulled himself up, sharply.


Iphicles followed Grace up the stairs, getting added torment from the swing of her hips.  He bit his lip, hard.  She showed him his room.

“There are basics in here;  soap, toothbrush, flannel, hairbrush and comb. The towel’s there by your basin and breakfast is at 8 a.m.  Your bathroom is in through that door.  We’ll try to sort you out some more clothes soon. Maybe you left your stuff somewhere.  Don’t worry.  If you work hard, you’ll get fed and clothed.  You can join in the spiritual side of things as you wish.  And, just in case you’re a con-man or robber in disguise - which I doubt - we have security guards and secret safeguards.  If you try
anything funny, you’ll be out of the gates so fast that your rear won’t hit the ground.  No illegal drugs, alcohol on special occasions and keep your personal life discreet.  Do you understand?”  Iphicles nodded.

“You can trust me, Grace.”  She smiled suddenly.

“I know - I can feel it, but I have to make the speech.  Goodnight, Iphicles.  Read the fire notice before you bed down for the night.  We can get you acclimatised in the morning.”

Iphicles washed his face.  He figured out what the toothbrush was for. Then a more basic need asserted itself.  He looked down at the leggings. The metal button was easy enough, but how to undo the rest?  Iphicles didn’t want to have an accident.  By luck he realised that the little metal toggle must have something to do with getting the things off.  It came apart almost like magic.  He pulled it back a little way, fascinated by the delicate interlocking metal teeth.  He pulled off the blue leggings, boots and shirt.  The undergarment was interesting too.  A triangle of black stuff cradled his cock and balls, with a strip around each side to a similar triangle at the back.  The front triangle had long since ceased to be large enough to cover his thrusting cock, which was stiff and hard against his belly.  Iphicles grinned.  With the way he was hung, even in repose the triangle would be a snug fit.  Iphicles shimmied out of the last garment and found the bathroom.  He closed the door.  Problem number one. He was getting pretty desperate to urinate, but the state of his cock meant that there was no way it was going to deflate short of at least one orgasm. He looked down properly at the offending member and gasped slightly.  Maybe it was the strange situation, maybe it was Grace.  Even as he thought of her, his cock jerked eagerly.  Grace, then.  Because of her, he was superbly erect.  He’d measured himself often enough in the past. Two hand-spans, more or less every time.  Enough to create quite a favourable impression.  But now, there was more.  He wrapped one hand around himself, then the other.  He over-flowed his upper hand by a good inch, the foreskin pushed back by the swollen dark red head.  The slit leaked even as he watched.  Iphicles moaned.  He couldn’t stop now.  His balls were so tight and hard, it felt as if he hadn’t come in years.  He stroked slowly, building the pressure until he ached.  He licked his lips.

“Grace.”  He whispered her name.  He felt and heard huge drops of  pre-come as they hit the hard floor at his feet.  He could feel the tension building to screaming pitch.  He eased off.  He was going to make this one a good one.  He stroked his balls, his thighs, his nipples.   His cock wept copiously, almost constantly.  He took himself in hand again and brought himself  right to the brink a second time, then eased off.  His whole body hurt with the need to come.  He sank to his knees.  He bit his lip and stroked himself teasingly, imagining it was Grace’s long, slender fingers, not his own.  He felt himself start to shake.  His whole body, apart from his iron-hard cock, was trembling.

“Oh, *please*,” he gasped.  He stroked his balls again, then returned to the inferno of need that was thrusting up towards the ceiling.  He looked down in awe.  He’d never been like this before.  He stroked slowly as long as he could bear it.  He could feel the flames gathering from the crown of his head to the tip of his toes.  His cock was slick with its own juices now.   He rubbed sensually, circling the swollen head.  A long moan of need echoed from his throat.  At last he began to stroke in earnest.  The fire and pressure in his groin grew and grew.  His cock swelled up, the skin stretched thin and taut.  For a few seconds, he kneeled there, poised on the brink.  Then it slammed into him, he roared with pleasure and exploded violently.  Huge jets of it went everywhere.  Iphicles just closed his eyes and rode one of the best orgasms in his life.  When it finally faded, he opened his eyes to the sight of  ejaculate on the floor, walls, his body. He grinned the grin of a naughty school-boy,  found out how to use the loo and cleaned up the mess he’d made.  His cock bobbed back erect as he did so.  He looked down at himself.

“Well, alright, but we’ll find a cloth this time, okay?”   He liked that new word, ‘okay’.  He took a big handful of the incredibly soft paper by the loo and repaired to bed.

Part 3
Iphicles woke the next morning with a sore penis.   He groaned softly and headed to the shower.  He looked down at his currently flaccid member. “Well, if you *will* insist on coming four times in a row without a rest break, you’re going to suffer.  You haven’t been this bad since I hit sixteen.”  He discovered the metal controls over the bath and soon realised that not only did he get his own personal waterfall, but also it came in any temperature he liked.  He grinned as he stood under water as hot as he could stand it and washed himself thoroughly.   He dressed fairly quickly and went down towards the cooking smells coming from the kitchen.  There were large packets of......well, they were called cornflakes, but he knew he’d never seen anything like *this* before.  He watched other community members pour on milk and some white granular stuff and eat heartily.  He followed suit.  He made an incoherent noise of pleasure and the bowl-full was soon empty.  He looked closely at the white stuff.  He dipped the end of a finger in when no-one was watching and had another taste.  His taste-buds exploded with sweetness almost beyond anything he’d ever known. His brow furrowed - there had been something like this - then he saw the pot on the table.  Yes, of course!  It was a little like honey.  Maybe they had a way to turn honey into the white stuff.  No beer for breakfast, though.  Just pots of some hot herbal stuff and something else that smelt roasted.  He decided to leave venturing into really strange culinary waters to another day.  After the flakes came a plate of hot food.  Sausages, bacon, a fried egg, mushrooms.  Fine.  Wonderful, in fact.  With them were some fried crispy things he didn’t recognise.  He looked at his neighbour in puzzlement.

“Haven’t you seen hash browns before?”  Iphicles tried not to look like a dimwit and tucked in.  He had no idea how the things were made, but they were delicious.  His palate informed him that it was probably some kind of vegetable, but it was totally unlike anything he’d come across before. After the hot food came toasted bread, preserves, honey and butter.  An interesting meal, not quite alien and not quite familiar.   He went outside and was directed to the garden.  Four hours later, after a lot of digging and planting came lunch.  Cheese, salad, bread.  Iphicles’ stomach thanked Whoever that it was so familiar.  With the food was water.  Iphicles would have preferred ale, but kept his mouth shut.   Grace approached him and his cock leaped for joy immediately.  So did his heart.  He smiled warmly at her.  She introduced him to everybody, then gave him the full guided tour in daylight.  There was the house, the extensive vegetable garden, chickens, a few pigs and several fields.  Behind the chapel was a simple temple of some sort.  Grace turned to him.

“If you’re not working and you would like to,  our meditations are open to all residents and wayfarers.  We have a simple morning service before breakfast, a short silent vigil at mid-day for peace and vespers in the evening, before supper.  Sometimes we do a late compline just before bed as well at 9 p.m.  The atmosphere is all-embracing,  we have members of a number of faiths here.  Although I’m a qualified doctor, I have specialised in alternative therapies, as they are often called.  Massage, reiki, reflexology, meditation, acupuncture. I guess you could call me a Pagan.” Iphicles did not know what half of those things meant, but he determined to find out.  ‘Pagan’ he knew.  At least, he assumed he did.  This place was different to......Greece.  *That* was the name of his home!

“Have you a library?”  Grace smiled.

“Yes, of course!  I thought you seemed educated.  This way.......”  Iphicles smiled wryly to himself.  He could hear another, angry voice in his head, accusing him, ‘You’re just a peasant!’  That Grace saw the opposite pleased him beyond words.  The library was a shock, too.  Not the kind of volumes he was expecting.  A great deal of leather and pages mounted inside in many sizes.  Iphicles fingered the paper, which was finer than he’d seen before.  Grace fetched out a dictionary for him.  She left him with the books.  He found a cookbook by sheer luck, with pictures. That should do for starters.  It was only a while later that he saw the globe in one corner.  He moved closer.  There was Greece and coastlines that he knew were familiar;  but there were other land masses beyond his comprehension.  He found a Geography book quite easily - the name was virtually the same, then a book on World history.

A couple of hours later, Iphicles left the room looking rather white. //I’ve come so far.......not just in distance but in time, apparently.  If *this* is England - which it seems to be by the globe (I’d always heard the world was round, now I know) - how come they understand me and I them? Must be......magic?//  He shook his head in wonderment and went back to digging the garden.


A month passed.  Iphicles worked hard, earned his keep and used every opportunity he could to get closer to Grace.  He left flowers, sweetmeats and little gifts that he thought would please her on her desk.  So far, he’d been anonymous, but she’d have to guess soon - or Iphicles would declare himself.  He went to bed every night with an eager, hard cock and dreamed of making love to her.  Her laughter, common sense and beauty had invaded his heart and he knew it was much more than just desire.  It was love.  He heard it was her birthday soon and went out to buy something special in the town.  He’d just about got used to all the huge metal vehicles and traffic by now and the shops were fuller of people than any temple.  He did not question where such flashes of knowledge came from by now.  He learnt, adapted and compared when he could.

He knew Grace’s shape only too well by observing and had saved just enough to buy her something special.  The things women wore under their clothes boggled his mind, whilst arousing his libido.  He’d bought intimate things for......well, someone, once.  He hoped that customs hadn’t changed too much.  When he saw other men buying undergarments, he supposed he was right.  He settled on an all-in-one red garment made of something that felt almost like silk, but was cheaper.  The sales lady wrapped it for him. After breakfast on Grace’s birthday, he knew she’d be in her office.  He knocked and went in.  She was alone.  He smiled with all the love in his heart.

“Happy Birthday, Grace!”  She opened the package, then blushed violently.

“*Iphicles*!  I’m stunned!”  He realised something was wrong.

“I’m sorry.....I thought you’d be pleased.  The other presents were from me, too,”  he took a deep breath,   “I’m falling in love with you.”  He watched her carefully.  She stood up.  A sad smile played around her lips. Iphicles’ heart sank.

“You hardly know me,” she  placed two gentle fingers on his lips when he would speak, “And *you* haven’t got your memory back yet.  How do you know you’re not married or got a woman somewhere already?”

“I haven’t.  I *know* that.........somehow.  You’re the one I want, Grace. You’re beautiful, clever,  strong and sexy.  The meditations you lead make my soul soar. Please give me a chance?”  Her blue eyes clouded.

“I’m sorry;  I can’t get involved with you.”  He held her arms lightly, to stop her moving away.

“I’d be faithful, I swear it.  You’re the woman I’ve been looking for all of my life.  Don’t turn away from my love,”  He  framed her face with his hands, kissed her lips very gently, then moved back.  He held his breath. For several seconds, he thought he’d gambled and lost.  The pain of rejection was almost overwhelming.  He drew away completely and made to leave the room, “I would have loved you so much.”  His voice came out in a shattered whisper.  He turned towards her at the door.  He planned to drink in her perfection one last time and then leave.  The tears running down her face stopped him in his tracks.  He was back and folding her tenderly in his arms again before he had time to think.  He just held her and let her cry silently.  When she finished, he gave her his handkerchief and helped her sit down in her chair.  Iphicles sat on the floor, holding her hand, waiting.  At last she looked up.

“I always hoped a man would say things like that to me.”  He squeezed her hand softly.

“He has.  And he meant every word.”  She nodded and Iphicles let her continue.

“I was married before.  He was tall, blonde, good-looking.  All the things a woman might want - on the surface.  I didn’t find out the truth until it was too late.  He was unfaithful.  He ignored me.  I wanted a partnership of equals and he treated me like a slave.  He hated it when I initiated lovemaking.  He made me inhibited.  When he was killed in a car accident, all I could feel was relief.”  Iphicles held her other hand.

“I know,”  he said gently, “It was similar for me.”  He couldn’t even remember a wife before and now *this*.  At the right time, his mind had come up with the knowledge that he had been hurt too.  Grace picked up the undergarment.

“He would have been shocked senseless if I’d worn anything like this.   On his mistresses, it was fine, I suppose, but not me.  I don’t know if I’d have the nerve, even now.”  Iphicles looked up at her.

“I would die a happy man if you ever wore that for me.  Only when you’re ready, though.  In *your* time.  I hope I haven’t ruined your birthday?” Grace shook her head and laughed softly.

“No.  It was good to talk, even though it’s been several years now since he died.  You just unwittingly stepped on a sore place.”  Iphicles’ mouth opened by itself.

“Kiss it better?”  She pulled on his hands.

“Yes, please,”  then, at the eager flash in his eyes, “Gently, please.  At least, to start with?”  Iphicles framed her face again and moved his lips closer.

“Yes;  gently,” he murmured, before touching her lips with his.  Using every inch of self restraint he possessed, he planted tiny, butterfly kisses along her upper and lower lips.  When she began to do the same back, haltingly, he almost forgot how to breathe.  He let her explore slowly, even though he ached to cover her mouth with his.  As she became bolder and her kisses started to tease and pull ever so gently on his lips, he
couldn’t stop the moan of pure pleasure that came from deep within him. She stopped at that and pulled away very slightly.

“You like that?”  Iphicles heard his voice come out, rough with arousal.

“Ohhhh.  *Gods.*  *YES!*”   He opened his eyes to deep blue, shining pools of wonder.

“I feel so......liberated.”  A smile curved his mouth.

“You can feel as liberated as you like if it means you carry on doing that for the next half hour or so!”    With a soft chuckle of delight, she started again.  Iphicles closed his eyes and his mouth parted eagerly.  She travelled from one side to the other on both lips several times, teasing and nibbling gently, then rubbed her lips softly against the whole width of his.  Iphicles moaned again and she took that as her cue to slant her mouth
over his.  Iphicles kissed her fully, gently coaxing a response from her. For over a minute their mouths moved perfectly together.  Iphicles was aching to taste the sweetness inside her mouth, but wasn’t sure whether his tongue would be welcome just yet.  He knew his cock was just about ready to explode in the things he had learned to call jeans.  Then the very tip of Grace’s tongue touched his lip and he couldn’t hold back.  He slid his tongue forward and inside.  She was wild, sweet and utterly delicious.  His cock swelled.  He tried to hold onto control.   Her hands pulled him
upwards and closer and she began to suck softly on his tongue.  Iphicles groaned.  Grace pulled away suddenly.

“Are you okay?”  Iphicles shook his head to try to clear it.  He smiled ruefully.

“Just aroused almost beyond belief.  Don’t worry about it.  Your kisses are *superb*.”     She looked down at the long, hard ridge in his jeans.

“Iphicles, I didn’t mean to be a tease;  it’s just that no man has ever let me do those nibbling kisses long enough.  You did and I loved it.” Iphicles brushed the hair back from her face tenderly.

“Many more seconds of  that gorgeous kiss and you would have *known* how much *I* loved it!”  Grace’s eyes widened.

“I didn’t realise my kisses alone could have brought you that close.......though you’re *very* erect;  I should have stopped sooner.”  Iphicles kissed her forehead and nose.

“It’s okay.  I’ll recover!  Just promise me we can kiss some more like this, please?”

“Yes.  Of course.  But I feel honour bound to help you........”  Her hands suddenly descended to frame his erection.  Iphicles gasped with pleasure.

“You really don’t have to, Grace,” he said, in a strained voice, trying to be noble.   Grace moved one hand to his chin.

“Iphicles;  I’ve never had a man so helpless with need for me before, or so willing to let *me* set the pace.  I want  to see you lose control.  Think of it as therapy for me if you like,”  Iphicles just made a strangled sound of pleasure and torture in his throat, “Yes, I thought so.  You want to lose control with *me*, don’t you?”  Iphicles managed a nod.

Her hands gently unzipped him as she kissed gently all over his face.  Once his jeans were around his hips, she peeled back his underwear.  Grace looked down and gasped.

“Wow!  Magnificent.  That’s quite a lot of need you’ve got there,” she gently cupped his balls, “Built like a prize stallion,” she commented softly.  Iphicles gently raised her chin with his fingers.

“I’m all yours.  It’s a cliche, but I’ve truly never been this big before. You excite my body as well as my heart.”  Grace gave him a trembling smile.

“I’ve never had a man trust me this much before.”  Iphicles belatedly remembered he might not be alone in this maelstrom of urgent need.

“What about you, Grace? you need........?”  She shook her head.

“My libido died a long time ago.  If doing things like this for you wakes it again, I’ll let you know, trust me.  Just kneel there and enjoy.  Let me know if I’m getting it right.”  Iphicles’ eyes gleamed.

“Right now, I’m teetering on the brink.  It won’t take much, believe me.” Grace reached for some tissues, then her hands returned to his groin.  She touched his cock gently with one fingertip.

“I’ve never actually *wanted* to do this before, but with you, I do.” Iphicles kissed her briefly.

“Please,” he urged “I’m ready to explode.”  Her hands wrapped gently around him.  Iphicles gasped with pleasure.

“My goodness,” she whispered, in awe, “Big, hot and hard, but like velvet. You feel so good.”  Iphicles just gurgled incoherently.  Her hands began stroking slowly.  Iphicles moaned.

“Oh, yes.  That’s *perfect*,”   She speeded up, then slowed down.  She teased, she tortured.  Iphicles grit his teeth and groaned.  Grace was deliberately making  him wait, “You’re doing this on purpose!”  Grace was concentrating on his cock.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that you feel so good, I wanted to enjoy it longer.” Iphicles whimpered.

“You can enjoy it longer another time, just please take me......oh......oh GODS, yes.  Don’t stop.  Oh, Grace.  Yesssssss.  NOW, honey!”  Iphicles gave a huge incoherent shout and  jerked in her hands as he plunged over the top into ecstasy.   He bent and kissed her again;  long, wet and fervent with thanks on both sides.

Grace helped him tidy up and dress again.  She giggled.

“I don’t think I’ve *ever* gone that far on a first date!”  Iphicles smiled gently and lovingly at her.

“So you’re my lady now?  Please?”  Grace grinned.

“Okay, but it might be a while before I get the nerve to do *that* again, nothwithstanding I’m a doctor.  Can we go a little slower?  I  surprised myself today.”  She blushed charmingly.  Iphicles returned her smile.

“It’s okay.  You’ve got the sweetest pair of hands I’ve ever felt.  And I’m falling in love with you.  I can wait for the rest.”  Grace kissed him gently.

“It’ll be the school term next week.  I’ll be able to introduce you to my children when they come back from camp.”

“CHILDREN?”  Iphicles was torn between a surge of pleasure and a strange sort of panic.  He felt that somehow, in some way he couldn’t remember, children were a fly in the ointment.   Grace’s smile widened.

“You like children?”  Iphicles looked into her eyes.  His mouth opened by itself.

“I *love* children;  I wish my son had lived.  It was just a surprise, that’s all.”  Grace’s eyes widened.

“I’m so sorry about your son;  I have one of each, a boy and a girl.” Iphicles’ mind was still reeling.  He could *see* the small, lifeless body suddenly.

‘A dead wife;  a dead son......  What other secrets are locked in my mind?’

Part 4
Iphicles was helping with Grace with the free soup a few  days later, when the door of the hall opened and two young people with luggage came in.  The girl was almost a young woman, the boy just hovering at the brink of puberty.  Iphicles noticed a striking resemblance between both of them and Grace.  He blinked and turned to the woman he loved.

“You must have married very young.”  She smiled up at him.  They’d shared some more spectacular kissing sessions in the last days, but had held back from anything more.   Iphicles was getting used to having his hands as his best friends on a nightly basis.

“Flatterer;  I’m about the same age as you.  Mid-thirties?  Yes, well. Excuse me!”  She ran and hugged the two young people and brought them to him, “Iphicles, this is my daughter Jessica and my son Robert.”  He shook hands with both of them and listened as they told their mother all about their time away on camp.    They all cleared up together in due course and went back to the Community.


Days passed.  Iphicles found that somehow he knew a lot about playing football with Robert and also he could read music.  He surprised himself even more when one day he opened his mouth during one of the songs Jessica played on the instrument called the piano and a true, rich baritone came out.  Grace ran from the kitchen where she was helping to prepare supper.

“Who was that singing?”  Grace seemed pleased and surprised.

“Me.”  Iphicles owned up.  Grace touched his arm in wonderment.

“You have a beautiful voice.  Did you have lessons?”

Iphicles shrugged, “I don’t remember at the moment.  Do you sing?”  She smiled and carried on the song.  Iphicles nearly melted on the spot. Clear, pure and commanding.  A mezzo-soprano to blend perfectly with his voice.  He joined in, just to be sure and he was right.  Their voices were perfect together.  He smiled at her when the song finished and kissed her hand.

Autumn was fast approaching.  The heaters in the soup hall were turned to a higher setting and Iphicles helped peel vegetables and washed fruit to be preserved for the Winter until the larder was full of goodness.  Iphicles grew to love Grace’s children.  He found that he enjoyed leading meditation from time to time.  He got on well with all the members of the community. Then he realised with a rising note of panic that two months had passed since he first came.  He knew the customs of this place better by now.  He
went out and bought a sapphire ring.

Grace was working late in her office again when Iphicles had finished his chores for the day.  He went in and kissed her forehead.

“I know my memory hasn’t entirely come back yet, but I want you to know that I love you, Grace.”  She smiled gently.

“I know, Iphicles.”  He knelt in front of her.

“One thing I remembered today was that I have another month before I have to go.  No, I don’t know where.  Greece, at a guess.  But my intention remains the same, my love,”  he produced the box, “Marry me, please.  Bring your children and come with me.  I’ll love you faithfully and passionately for the rest of my life, your children will be as if they were mine.  Any children we have together will make me even happier.  I’ll work hard and make sure you never want for anything.  Grace?”    She looked at the
beautiful ring, then at Iphicles.

“Iphicles......   I *am* falling in love with you, but I can’t leave the Community.  My children are happy and settled at school and I have responsibilities here.  Stay here with me and the answer could be ‘yes’.” Iphicles shook his head.

“I wish with all my heart that I could stay, but I can’t.  I *have* to go in another month.”  Grace gently put the box back in his hand.

“Then it must be ‘no’,  my dear.  Don’t forget also that my libido is still dead.  *He* said I was frigid.  I wouldn’t want to dissappoint you.” Iphicles felt his heart break, but laid a gentle hand on hers.

“I’d stake everything I possess on you *not* being frigid.  The way you stroked me a month ago, all those delicious kisses.  Any time you want to try waking your libido again, I’d be glad to show you the beautiful, passionate woman I can see waiting in your eyes.”

“Thank-you.  I’ll bear that in mind.  Have you got *any* more of your memory back?”  Iphicles shook his head,  “That’s another reason I must decline.  No birth certificate, no history.  I took a blood sample and you’re type O positive and perfectly healthy.  You appear to be in your mid-thirties with good teeth and a well-made body.  You’re a good, kind, generous and sexy man.  You’re wonderful to me, the children and the
Community.  You work hard.  That’s all I know.”

“And I adore you.  I told you before, you are the woman I’ve been waiting for all my life.  No man will ever love you as much as I do.  Remember that.  I will love you for the rest of my life, no matter what you decide. I know already that it’s you or nobody.  No-one else could hold a candle to you, Grace.  I wish you could feel the same about me.”   Grace smiled sadly.

“The part of me which could love like that died with my libido.”  Iphicles kissed her lips softly.

“Then let me wake it to love me.  I’m aching for your love, Grace.”   He saw the tears in her eyes and gently wiped them away.   She stroked his hair and his face.

“Give me a little time.  I need to be very sure before I open up again. When you go away, it’ll probably tear me apart.”  Iphicles nuzzled her nose with his and looked soulfully into her eyes.

“Not if you come with me.”


Iphicles waited on tenterhooks for three weeks.  He was getting decidedly nervous now, knowing that he musn’t rush Grace, but already feeling the pull to go back home.   Grace shared some more long kisses and cuddles with him and let him grow even closer emotionally to her and the children. Jessica looked up one evening when Iphicles was trying to help her with some homework.

“You love my mother, don’t you?”  Iphicles nodded.

“With all my heart - you and Robert as well.”

“Are you going to get married?”

“I’ve asked her to marry me.  I’d bring her, you and Robert to *my* home in Greece.”  Jessica looked at him with eyes nearly as blue as her mother’s.

“That’d be neat.   You’re okay.”   Iphicles smiled.

“I like you, too.”   A couple of days later, he had a similar talk with Robert.


Iphicles was reading in his room that night when the knock came on his door.    Grace came in, wearing a long, thick dressing gown and closed the door behind her.  Iphicles stood up automatically.

“You really love me?”  Iphicles stepped towards her.

“Passionately.”  Grace bit her lip and untied her dressing gown.  Iphicles gasped and growled with pleasure when she revealed the red underwear beneath.  Her curves were absolutely perfect.  High, soft looking breasts, long slender waist, gorgeous swell of rump and long, long legs.

“I’ve booked us the next two days as holiday.  Show me that you love me.” Iphicles clasped her in his arms.  He groaned as her curves fit perfectly to his, her face next to his chin.   He kissed her deeply.   After several soul-searching kisses, he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed.

“I love you, Grace.  After all this time,”  he sweeped a hand gently down the length of her flank, “Ladies first.  I plan to unlock that sensual goddess, then you can have your wicked way with me.”  Grace placed a finger over his mouth.

“Before you go any further, Iphicles;  I must tell you one thing.  If I come with you, I can’t give you any more children.  I had a bad time after Robert and they had to save my life.  In doing so, they.....”  Iphicles covered Grace’s lips very gently in his free hand.

“I don’t mind.  It’s *you* I want, not your ability to have children.  In any case, this means we can make love *every* night, which will give me more pleasure than you can possibly imagine.  Love me just as I am, be mine.  That’s all I need, all I’ve ever needed,” A sudden thought struck him as he lifted one thin red strap from her shoulder and bent to kiss the tempting mole there, “What about Jessica and Robert?”  Grace chuckled ruefully.

“They’ve been on at me to say ‘yes’ to you for *days*.  They’re being looked after, don’t worry.”  Iphicles smiled as he turned his attention to the other strap.

“Smart kids.  I’ve been fantasising about your breasts since I first saw you - the rest as well.  They feel so soft, they are just the right shape and size;  I’m going crazy wondering about your nipples.”  Grace looked down to where he’d peeled her red teddy.

“You’ll find out in a minute.”  Iphicles began to kiss downwards with his eyes closed.

“I bet they’re pink,”  Grace moved her head sharply and Iphicles realised he’d been right.  He took a wild gamble, remembering his hottest fantasies, “Prominent nipples, surrounded by the softest, sweetest areolae,” His mouth closed in one one, sight unseen and he began to suckle softly.  Grace gasped in pleasure.  Iphicles looked up at her face, “See, your libido was just sleeping and it’s waking up now,” he looked down and groaned softly, “Oh, *better*, sweeter.  Grace, you are driving me wild with desire.”  She stroked through his shoulder-length copper hair.

“Close to exploding?”  Iphicles laughed softly.

“Hard as iron and aching, but I’ll survive.  I’ve waited so long to love you.  All my life.”  He kissed downwards again, peeling back the daring red garment all the way and off.  He moved down to her toes and started kissing up the inside of her long legs towards her soft mound.

“Iphicles?”  He paused at her knees and looked up.  He saw in passing that she was already wet and his cock started to throb.

“What is it, Grace?”  She smiled shyly.

“Um......could I see *you* naked too?”  Iphicles grinned.  He pulled off his pyjama top and Grace gasped.  Iphicles paused.

“You like?”  Grace touched his softly furred, muscly chest.  Gently for a few seconds, then with growing confidence and pleasure.

“Oh, *yes*.  My husband was smooth, but are *sexy*,” Iphicles growled softly.  He couldn’t remember being appreciated like this before.  Grace’s hands undid his pyjama bottoms and freed his urgent erection surrounded by its dense cloud of dark hair, “If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you’ve grown since the last time.”  Iphicles looked down. He was, indeed, superbly erect again.

“Maybe a little.  You inspire me.”  A drop of his juices leaked from the exposed tip.  Grace took it on her finger with extreme delicacy, but Iphicles still shuddered with pleasure.

“I’ve never actually *wanted* to do this before,” she commented, just before licking her finger, “Ohhh. You taste wonderful.”  Iphicles began to tremble.  He reached down, pulled her up into his arms and kissed her deeply again.

“I bet you do, too.” His voice was hoarse with arousal as he bent to her groin.  He licked softly, as slowly as he could bear to take it.  But Grace parted her legs with a gasp of surprise and pleasure and her hands tangled in his hair.  Iphicles moaned with delight as he tasted her.  His cock jerked eagerly, but he held onto control with every ounce of strength he possessed.  He quickly found the apex of her sweet labia and teased out the clitoris that hid there.  Grace’s fingers tightened in his hair.

“Oh, Iphicles.  I never thought this could be so *good*.  Don’t stop.” Iphicles began to suck very gently, stroking her clitoris with his tongue. Grace bucked with pleasure and her back arched.  Suddenly her juices ran over his face and she came gloriously apart.  Iphicles made a strangled noise of encouragement and pleasure.  When she drifted back to Earth, he carefully raised his head.

“Never *ever* let anyone tell you that you’re frigid.  You’re so gloriously responsive I nearly exploded against the sheets.”  Grace looked into his eyes.

“It’s never been that good for me.”   Iphicles began to move up her body. He looked deep into her eyes.

“Or for me.  I’m shaking with need and you taste utterly delectable.  I love you, lady.”

“Just come to me.  Please.  All the way.”  Iphicles’ smile became warm and wild.

He kissed her again as he settled himself between her thighs.  Suddenly, he felt his mind opening and reaching out blindly.  Ignoring the throbbing need in his groin, he followed the untrod path and, as his tongue met hers, her mind opened up to him.  Before they realised what they were doing, their minds locked deeply together.  Iphicles tilted his hips automatically, his cock slid against hot, wet, welcoming folds and with one sweet glide he was in her mind *and* body.   They moved as one, slowly for a few seconds, then suddenly urgent.

{Iphicles.........}  He heard her calling him, deep in his being.

{Yes, my love.  Grace.}  His hips moved with honeyed strokes and they hit the pinnacle together.  Iphicles heard both of them scream with ecstasy as they exploded together.  They slowly came back to something approaching normality with him still sheathed sweetly deep inside her.  Iphicles lifted his mouth slowly away from hers.  Both their eyes were filled with wonder. She smiled radiantly at him.  Her fingers tenderly brushed damp tendrils of hair away from his face.

“No more doubts, my love.  That was unique.  Now I *know* we were meant for each other.”  Iphicles felt tears of joy welling up.

“It was, indeed, unique.  My.......half-brother.....had something like this with his wife.  He tried to describe the union we’ve just shared, but words are inadequate.  I’m yours forever.”

“When you’re ready, could we see if our minds will join again?”  Iphicles began to move slowly inside her, showing her that he was still erect.

“Grace, love;  I think I’m going to be ready all night long.”   Grace kissed him.

“Now don’t exaggerate.  I know what’s medically possible.”   Iphicles raised his eyebrows.

“But I’m *hungrier* than I’ve ever been in my life before.  You’d better prepare for an all-night exaggeration, my dearest love.”  Grace chuckled and pulled him down to her mouth again.

Part 5:  Conclusion
Iphicles woke up in a tangle of sheets, warm woman and bright afternoon sunlight.  He yawned cautiously and looked down at Grace.  His heart swelled with love.  She was sleeping, pillowed on his chest, her fingers splayed in his chest hair, her hip slung high over his and he was still *just* sheathed inside her.  He tilted his hips very gently and eased back inside her.  A smile flickered across her lips.

“*Again?*”  She murmured in her sleep, but her hips slid fully down until their bodies were intimately locked again.  She began to rock slowly up and down on him,  “Such a wonderful dream.......”  Iphicles kissed her lips and gently reached his fingers down to stroke her tender nub of flesh.

“No dream, love.”  After a night of continuous practice, he knew how to bring her to the brink in seconds.  She gasped, arched and orgasmed, then her eyes flew open.

“Are you always this insatiable?”  Iphicles smiled gently and kissed her.

“Not till last night.  We just couldn’t get enough of each other.”  Grace looked down at their joined bodies, then back into his eyes.

“I’ve never been so wanton, so......demanding.   I even sucked you - several times - and I *loved* it.”  Iphicles’ eyes glowed.

“I’ve never had oral pleasuring like it.  You drove me out of my mind, Grace.  When I was returning the favour too.  I’ve always enjoyed doing that, but I’ve never had a woman so......uninhibited about it.  I love pleasuring you.  I adore you.”  Grace looked at their bodies, the sheets and wrinkled her nose.

“Shower?”  She gently removed herself.  Iphicles guided her hand to his still urgent erection.

“Hey, you forgot something!”  Grace grinned teasingly.

“Bring it with you.  I’m sure you can think of something to do with it!”

Grace ran to the bathroom, but Iphicles caught up with her.  He laughed delightedly as he pulled her into his arms.   Grace broke free and got into the shower, her eyes twinkling and promising fun.  Iphicles climbed right in with her and kissed her deeply.  He was grinning like an idiot, but he didn’t care.

“*This* is what I’ve never had before.  Fun, teasing.  We laughed a lot in bed last night - and shed tears of joy.  God, I want you.”  Grace turned on the shower and the water came out quite hot.  She picked up the soap.

“Wash first.”  They soaped each other slowly, erotically.  When Grace finally got round to his throbbing erection, Iphicles couldn’t stand it any longer.  He picked her up in his arms, braced her against the corner of the shower and thrust inside.  Grace came on the spot.

“Oh, you *naughty* wonderful woman,” he commented, “You wanted this didn’t you?”  Grace arched her back and wrapped her legs tighter around him.

“Yes!  Please, Iphicles.  You were so tender all last night.  Ravish me!” Iphicles groaned. He pulled back and almost slammed into her.  Grace came again.  Iphicles’ control broke.  With her nails digging into his bottom and her harsh cries of pleasure encouraging him, he took her hard and fast. Harder than he’d ever taken anyone before. He didn’t know how he knew, but it was true.  She was hot, wet and her juices ran down his thighs as she continued to orgasm almost constantly.  With a huge roar of pleasure he pistoned in and out, then crested to an orgasm that went on and on until he
saw stars.  Eventually he came to rest, propped against the tiles, his chest heaving.  His knees buckled and he sank to the floor.  To his surprise and pleasure, Grace went with him. She shut the water off and they sat, cuddled intimately on the floor, kissing and holding each other.  He slid out of her, sated at last.

“Oh, Grace.  You’re the only one who’s ever met and matched me.  Sexually and in  every other way.”  She smoothed the wet hair out of his eyes.

“I’ve never actually made love ten times in a *week*, let alone in one night!”  He kissed her gently.

“Neither have I.  That may be a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence,” he held out his hand, “After the way our minds joined so many times, as well as the ecstasy of our bodies, I *know* beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re the one for me.    Will you accept my ring;  be my wife?”  Grace smiled lovingly at him.

“Yes, Iphicles.  I don’t want to leave all this, but I can’t give you up now.  You’re in my heart, my soul.  I’ll come with you, wherever you go.”

At that moment, Iphicles got all his memories back.  He gasped and closed his eyes as the images ran through his head.  His mother, Hercules, the Gods and Goddesses, Rena, the baby, the city and people of Corinth, his armour, his sword, the two thrones, the crowns.   He looked at Grace.

“How quickly can you pack?  Nothing electrical.  Summer clothes, sandals, books you can’t live without, your medical instruments, a bag of seed potatoes, tomato seed, sweetcorn seed......Jessica and Robert.  Any stuff like that they want to bring.  The rest of anything you might need is there, waiting.”

Grace looked at the excitement in his eyes, “You got your memories back!” Iphicles nodded.

“And I can’t tell you a thing!  It’s the......what was the word in that story book......the geas laid on me.  Just remember one thing, my sweet Grace.  No matter what happens, you’ll always be queen of my heart. Forever,”  He stole a fervent kiss before letting her go off to dress and pack.  He looked up at the ceiling, “Not yet, Aphrodite, but soon.  Just hang on maybe a couple more hours.”


Robert looked at the pile they had assembled on the lawn.  Grace was busy hugging all the members of the Community.

“Why are you taking potatoes, tomatoes and sweetcorn?”  Iphicles smiled and looked at the football Robert was carrying.

“We haven’t got those part of Greece.”  He hoped the two young people would adapt to a world without television, electricity and where America was either not there or still undiscovered - as far as he knew. Images of flying horses, centaurs and Aphrodite crossed his mind and he realised there was a whole lot more he’d have to teach them.   Iphicles smiled as Grace joined him.  She placed the last bag by his side.  Jessica let him put his arm around her.  The other arm went round Grace and held
onto Robert.

“Pick up your bags.” They did, and the Community buildings vanished.  A second later, he was standing in Aphrodite’s temple and Robert gasped as the Goddess materialised.  She smiled at him, then Iphicles.

“Wow, you *really* got lucky.  A ready made family.  Okay, babe;  do you want me to do the marriage thing?”  Iphicles turned to Grace, whose mouth had dropped open.  He went down on one knee.

“Grace, my love.  Will you marry me?”  Grace looked at him, then the goddess, then back to Iphicles.

“That’s really Aphrodite, isn’t it?”  Aphrodite posed.

“You said it, sister.  Just say ‘yes’ to the poor guy;  he’s been lonely so long.”  Grace stroked his face.

“Really?  I thought I said ‘yes’ last night!”  Iphicles stood up. Aphrodite took their outstretched hands.

“You love him?”  Grace answered to the affirmative, “You love her?” Iphicles also gave his assent, “Okay, usual deal applies.  Lifelong fidelity, take whatever comes, lots of kissing and hugging, a yearly tribute to my temple.  Yadda, yadda, yadda,” she clapped her hands and gold bands appeared on every mortal’s right ring finger, “The children belong to both of you, you are each others, go be happy, kids!”  Aphrodite disappeared in gold and pink sprinkles. Grace looked at the ring on her finger, then Iphicles.

“That’s *it*?”  Iphicles kissed her gently.

“There may well be a when we get to my home, so count yourself lucky we were married by Aphrodite!”   Grace came into his arms for a proper kiss, while Robert and Jessica looked embarrassed.

Iphicles guided her out of the temple.  Grace gasped.  So did Robert and Jessica.  While they were boggling incoherently, a carter came up, touched his fore-lock to Iphicles and offered to take their bags.  They piled everything in, the children sat on top of the heap, while Iphicles and Grace sat beside the driver.  Iphicles made a secret gagging sign to the driver, who winked and clucked at his horse to move off.  They arrived at the palace  without further incident.

“Wow!  You live here?”  Iphicles turned to Jessica.

“Yes, I’ve got a couple of rooms.”  He was hoping to keep up the mystery as long as possible.  A warning glance to the guards stopped them saluting him as they passed.  The carter helped unload the bags which remarkably quiet servants took into the castle.  Iphicles guided his new family into an ante-chamber.  Robert took in the rich surroundings.

“Are we going to meet the King of this palace?”  Iphicles smiled.

“Very soon;  the Queen too, I hope.”  He slanted a quick glance to Grace. She had been doing a lot of quiet thinking on the way.

“This is Ancient Greece - at least the one the legends were written about. I suppose you have real centaurs and everything.”  Iphicles held her close and nodded.

“Yes.  Centaurs, Gods, Goddesses, the works.  I came a long way to find you, my love.”  Grace looked the few inches up into his face and smiled.

“You managed to adapt wonderfully to my world - and so fast.  I will try to do the same.”  Iphicles kissed her gently.

“I may have to fight the odd battle, but otherwise my place is by your side.  Always.”

“Won’t the King let you off fighting now you’re a family man?”  Iphicles’ mouth twitched.

“Even the King fights when peace and justice are at stake.  He has to lead his troops against all sorts of foes from time to time.”  Robert spotted a painting on the wall.

“Hey!  That’s Hercules!  He’s real too?”  He turned back, his eyes filled with wonder.  Iphicles grinned.

“All the Greek heroes you’ve ever heard of - Jason, Hercules, Helen of Troy, Ulysses.......the bad guys too, I’m afraid.”

“Oh, wow!”  Iphicles turned back to Grace.

“Excuse me for just a few minutes.  I have to announce you.  Stay here.” Iphicles went and had urgent talks with his first minister.  A quick change into more regal attire and he was sitting on his throne, wearing his crown. The castle inhabitants had been gathered in the lower hall and everything was in place.  Iphicles bit his lip.  He hoped Grace would forgive him this last piece of showmanship.   He had some serving girls go to the ante-chamber and dress Grace, Jessica and Robert in more suitable clothes.  There were plenty kept spare for visiting dignitaries.  A trumpet sounded the fanfare and the doors opened. For three, maybe four seconds Grace stood outlined in the doorway.  Then she was running into his arms.  They met in the middle of the hall and he kissed her deeply.  She looked up at him when he finally broke away.  Her fingers touched his crown gently.

“You?  You are the King?”  Iphicles’ heart leaped for joy.  She hadn’t even noticed the crown when she’d come into his arms.   Grace looked at his fine robes,  “Gosh.  I want to curtsy.”  Iphicles held her tightly.

“Don’t do that.  Come here,”  He led her to the twin thrones and gestured for her to sit down, “This is your place.  Beside me.  Please?”  For a moment he became uncertain again.  Grace sat down on the throne slowly and turned to him with wonder in her eyes.

“You are a living fairy story.  The king who risked everything for love,” Two tears of joy ran down her face as she touched his face, “I hardly feel worthy.”  Iphicles kissed her lips softly as servants seated Jessica and Robert just below them.

“You loved me when I had nothing to offer you but myself and my love.  You gave up your home to come here for my sake.   That makes you worthy beyond price.  I will love you forever, Grace,”  His voice shook with emotion. The first minister approached with a delicate gold coronet, “This is Androcles, my first minister.   The crown is yours.  My first wife threw it at me and refused to wear it.  I’ll tell you the whole story one day.  This is the crown of love.  My love.”   He placed it gently on her head.  Grace
looked up at him with wonder in her eyes.  Iphicles sat down and the castle staff came in, cheering.  Grace touched his hand.

“Iphicles;  I don’t know the first thing about being a Queen.”  He smiled at her warmly.

“Neither did I until a couple of years ago.  You’ll be perfect.  The people will love you and so will I.”


Later, much later, after speeches, introductions, a hastily organised banquet and dancing,  Iphicles finally led Grace to their private quarters. He gestured to the bed.

“There are no ghosts in that bed.  I had the staff get in a brand new one from somewhere else in the castle.  This is *our* bed.”  Grace looked at him, then wound her arms around his neck.

“Are you *very* tired?”  Iphicles grinned.  He guided her hand beneath his robes to where his erection was already hard with need.

“I don’t know.  Nine times last night, then that glorious, urgent mating in the shower.  I might need some persuasion.”    Grace sank to her knees.

“I’ve never given a blow-job to a King before.”  Iphicles waited until he was fully exposed.  He kicked off his sandals.  He looked down at her, love shining in his eyes.

“Actually, I’ve never had one from a Queen.  *She* hated the very idea.” Grace’s eyebrow raised.

“She was crazy.  You have the most magnificent cock, which simply *begs* to be sucked.”  Iphicles growled and pulled her close, tangling his fingers in her hair.

“And you have the most divine sheath for my sword.  Just a little of that talented mouth and then I’ll show you again what a perfect fit you are for me.  My mind, your mind and slow, sweet loving.”  Her tongue licked sensuously up his shaft.  Iphicles moaned.

“I love you so much, Iphicles.”

“I love you too.   Now, please.  Inside that gorgeous wet heat.  Yesssssss. O gods.”  He picked her up suddenly and carried her to the bed.

Grace helped him as he almost tore off their clothes, “You’ve still got your crown on!”

Iphicles touched the one on her head, “I know.  I want to be ravished senseless by the Queen of my heart.”  Grace chuckled and straddled him.

“Your wish is my command!”  Iphicles lay back on the sheets, his eyes sultry.

“I was hoping you’d say that!”

The End