War God, Love God, All Over Town
By Foxmonkey

Ares god of War sat sprawled on his throne, scowling at the god before him.  *How can anyone that gorgeous be so fucking irritating?* he wondered.  Ares god of Love wandered the Halls of War as the building's main occupant watched.

"So tell me once more while you're here.  I don't think I heard you correctly the first time."

"The first *four* times, you mean?  You heard me," Ares replied.  He scanned the offerings left on the altar and with two fingers timidly lifted a crudely-made sword.  "You are to be my slave for one day.  24 hours.  One day, one night."

Ares' scowl deepened.  "That's what I thought I heard."

The Love god carefully replaced the homemade sword.  "Zeus thinks it's fit punishment for killing the Sovereign.  Says he knows you did it for the satisfaction of  killing a version of Hercules."  He poked a curious finger in another section of the pile of trinkets.  "Since you can't kill your version, that is."

The god of War smirked.  "Trust Zeus to clue in on the real reason I killed that psycho."  He sighed.  "Why does my father care about what happens in your world?"

"Ever since you trapped your gods in our labyrinth, the two Zeuses have become chums.  Comparing stories on their godlings, that kind of thing.  And yes, my father is a little," here he lifted a finger to one temple and drew circles in the air, "but he still doesn't care for out-of-towners dropping in and stabbing his children."

It was the fifth time that the War god had asked for clarification and the Love god's irritation was beginning to show.

Ares smiled, pleased that he was beginning to irk his unwanted guest as much as his guest was irking him. "You sound upset.  I thought you cared about as much for your Hercules as I do my brat baby brother."

The god of Love looked a little sad.  "He was still my brother.  And he *was* devastatingly handsome, in a tie-me-up-and-spank-me kind of way.  That body!"  He smiled, lost in a haze of memories.  "The little beard and moustache like yours, those deep blue eyes..."  He sighed.  "And now he's gone."

"He was a loon.  Did you people realize that?"

Ares chose not to answer.  "Let's go.  No more stalling."

"What if I say no?"

Ares laughed.  "Every day you refuse you add another day to the punishment.  Although," he said slyly, raising his sable eyes to his twin's, "I wouldn't think of it as *punishment.*  I think we're going to have lots of fun."

* * *

Ares stood in the Halls of Love, staring at himself in a mirror.  He wore a white leather outfit similar to the Love god's.  He wanted to cry.  "I *really* don't want to wear this," he moaned.

"You *really* don't have a choice," Ares shot back.  The god of Love was standing at his altar picking through petitions.  "OK, handsome, let's see what we've got."  He quickly unrolled a few scrolls and scanned them.

The god of War watched as his opposite made short work of the many love requests.  He gawked as Ares handed him three petitions.

"Here.  Small requests, even *you* should be able to take care of them.  I've kept the more complicated items for myself."

Ares unrolled the scrolls.

*Love god, my husband doesn't love me any more.  Please help.*

*O great Ares,* the god of War rolled his eyes, *I'm in love with a woman who doesn't love me.  Can you help me?  Thank you.*

*God of Love, my boyfriend wants to tie me up while we make love.  Is this normal?*

Ares blinked at the last scroll, wondering if Ares had made a mistake.  He hid his smile and nodded his head in a business-like fashion.  "Yeah, these look easy enough.  Do I need...tools of any kind?"

Ares smiled, glad to see that Ares was finally getting into the spirit of things.  "Well!  I didn't think things would go this smoothly.  Here, sprinkle a little love dust around and make people happy."  He handed the god of War a small leather pouch.

Ares lifted the flap, recoiled in horror at the pink and red hearts and flowers that floated up toward his face, frantically turning his head to avoid the sweet-smelling cloud.  "I'm immune to this shit, right!?"

The god of Love laughed.  "Yes, while you're my slave you're immune.  Now come on, we've got work to do." He gave Ares' leather-covered ass a pat.  "If you're a good little Love god, I'll reward you."

Ares eyed his twin.  "Think you could handle it?"

The Love god smiled and briefly massaged the War god's bulging crotch.  "You'd be surprised at what I can handle, tough boy.  Now scoot."

* * *

Ares looked at the three petitions.
*O great Ares, I'm in love with a woman who doesn't love me.  Can you help me?  Thank you.*

The Assistant Love god sighed.  He was transported to a small village in the middle of nowhere.  He suddenly felt the unmistakable vibrations of unrequited love that had pulled him here.  He walked slowly, trailing the source.  Entering a small hut, he found a sad young man clearing dishes from a table.  *Here goes,* he mumbled to himself.  He materialized.

The young man looked up, surprised to find himself face to face with a very tall, bulgingly muscular, ridiculously handsome, dark-haired man in a white leather outfit.  He dropped the dishes, his jaw agape.

"A...A...Ares?"  He was clearly awestruck.

"That's me.  You write this?"  Ares practically threw the scroll in the mortal's face.

The young man turned crimson.  "I did.  I love Atea so much but she doesn't seem to know I exist.  What should I do?"

"Get a life, you moron!"  Ares thundered.  He ignored the look of absolute shock on the man's face.  "If she doesn't love you cut the bitch loose!  There are too many women in this world for you to waste your time mooning over one cow-eyed piece of ass.  Find another woman, that's what I recommend!"  He started to dematerialize, then faded back.  "I almost forgot."  He opened the pouch at his side and drew out a handful
of the hateful love dust.  He threw it in the man's face as hard as he could.  Unfortunately, being the stuff of sweet dreams and rosy sunsets, there wasn't much impact.  A lazy dissipation of petals and sparkles floated hazily in the mortal's face.

The man fell to his knees.

*Wow, powerful stuff,* Ares thought.

The supplicant looked up at the temporary god of Love, a new look in his eyes.  "Thank you, Love god."  The man smiled and reached up to unlace Ares' pants.

*VERY powerful stuff.*  Ares grinned, watching gleefully as the villager freed his erect cock.  The man took the erection between his lips, tonguing and licking for all he was worth.  Ares grabbed a handful of hair and held the man's head still as he fucked his mouth.  *What a great job,* he thought, feeling his balls tighten.  He laughed as he came deep in the villager's throat.  *What a great fucking job!*

* * *

Ares left the hut and stood in the spring sunshine for a moment, letting the sun warm his muscles.  It was turning into a good day after all.  He unrolled the next scroll.

*Love god, my husband doesn't love me any more.  Please help.*

He smiled.  Closing his eyes, he let the vibrations from the petition carry him to their owner.

* * *

Crying.  He hated crying.  The neglected wife sat with her head in her hands, sobbing.  She'd been crying since Ares had materialized.

"Woman, if you don't cease and desist I *swear* I will close up that hole between your legs and no one will bother to come near you again."

She hiccuped and looked up with wet, amazed eyes.  They stared each other down.  She wiped her face hurriedly.  "I..I..."

Ares waved impatiently.  "Why do you question your husband's love?"

Her lip quivered and her eyes filled with tears.  "I...he..." She gulped.  "It's been ages since we've made love.  I just want him to love me!"

Ares' eyes narrowed.  "You want him to love you, or you want him to fuck you?"

"I want both!  I...I...I want him to fuck me!"  She couldn't hold back the tears.

Ares gave her a wicked smile.  "Brace yourself, my dear."

* * *

Stretching in the afternoon sun, Ares reflected once more on what a wonderful day it had turned out to be.  The little housewife had had an amazing reaction to the love dust.  He'd barely gotten his hand in the pouch before she was all over him.  He'd left her sleeping, and she had quite a smile on her face.

He was pleased with himself.  He was pretty good at this love thing.  He unrolled the last petition.

*God of Love, my boyfriend wants to tie me up while we make love.  Is this normal?*

He threw back his head and laughed.

* * *

"No, no, no, no, NO!!!"  The Love god was furious.  "What were you thinking!?"  He paced the temple floor holding his head in his hands.  "Are you insane?  You're the Assistant Love god, you help people fall in love with other people, you don't run around fucking the petitioners, YOU MORON!!!"  He had a hank of hair in each hand, and was working himself into quite a snit.

Ares god of War watched silently.  His lips were slightly turned up at the edges.  He probably shouldn't have emptied his bag of love dust over half of Greece, that certainly hadn't helped the Love god's disposition.   People everywhere had dropped what they were doing and mass orgies had commenced.  Village squares, marketplaces, portside docks...wherever the dust fell, the love-crazed populace of the country had grabbed the nearest body and had begun making fast and furious love.  In the streets.  In the shops.  Everywhere.  Anywhere.

Ares bit his lip as his twin raged and screamed about plans undone and there being Tartarus to pay.  He looked up as the Love god finally ran out of curses.

"Can I go now?" Ares asked innocently.  "My 24 hours are over."

"Oh no you don't," his twin seethed.  "You're going to stay here and help me fix this mess.  You're not going anywhere for awhile.  See you first thing in the morning, slave."  He disappeared in a pink *poof.*

Ares stretched out on the bed.  He crossed his ankles and tucked his hands under his head, wondering what kind of mischief he could get into tomorrow.

"What a *great* fucking job," he murmured before falling asleep.

The End