Peace at Last
         By Eirene

Well, this scroll is just for me.  I'll probably destroy it in a fireball when I'm done.  I  just needed to write it all down, get things straight. She's asleep now.  I should be too.  Gods, I'll climb back alongside her in a minute and give her a nice, long wake-up call.  I moaned with desire then.  Damn, this is bad.  We've done nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, but fuck for the last week.  Hell, we're immortal.  We can do without food, water.  Apparently the two of *us* can't do without sex. Gods and goddesses are known for their.....appetites.  But I've never known anything like this.

We've gone through the entire Kama Sutra.  We've had each other every way a man and woman can link together, and a few ways they can't - that was a grin, you bad boy - heck; we're Gods.  We can bend our bodies in ways you
would not believe.  She's even grown herself the right equipment to take me - another deep groan, there.  Being female for a change was such a turn-on for me.  All those lush curves I had, and long hair.  *She* made the most delectable, fuckable man I have ever seen. Being seduced as a woman was absolutely gorgeous. I finally fully understood why and how women enjoy being fucked.  When she pleasured me with her mouth and I came so many times..... Then I morphed back into a man and she took me once all the Gods.  I never knew such pleasure existed. I mean, I've had hordes
of male lovers and enjoyed every one.  But *her*  big, beautiful cock....inside me, moving so, so....  I moaned again. We have *definitely* got to do that again.  Ares, old fella;  you have turned into a sex fiend. Not that there was far to fall.

Down, boy!  Yes, you can play 'hide the mighty sword' again soon until we're both too limp to move. If that ever happens.  I kinda hoped we'd stroll through the lushness of eternity from time to time.  Eat meals together.  Laugh - no, we've had that.  The pillow fight.  The morning when she tickled me until I was a helpless ball of laughter and aching need. That night when I got her back.  I just had plans to magic up a Harley and
take her for a long ride.  The thought of that spectacular body in white and gold bike leathers, with maybe blood red lacy underwear underneath.....oh, yeah.  Gotta do that one.  I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to the beginning.

Heat.  Power.  And loneliness.  All three in equal measure.  In check when I was growing up as a boy.  I learned the meaning of power and domination the hard way, from the young men in Egypt.  I knew I was a God, but my divine nature was kept from all around me.  Apart from Zeus and Hera.  They
knew.  They abandoned me and let me go through the school of hard knocks. I was ravished by those young men. One after another.  And I was made to enjoy it.  I swore vengeance, my anger building up until it spilled over into destruction.  The young men in Egypt were history and I finally knew what I had become.  The embodiment of  War.  Zeus gave me my sword and my throne.  He left me with the promise of a consort - one day.

I sat in state, feeling the bubbling cauldon of heat inside me.  I planned, I manipulated, I schemed.  Strife and Dischord helped - after a fashion. Aphrodite seduced me and we had Cupid together.  But she left me for that forge God, Hephaestus.   Lovers came and went.  War-lords, Amazons, virgins, temple priests and priestesses.   None of them really touched me.
But there were two who sparked me off.  One might have been a lover and almost perfect mate.

The first was that dumb hero half-brother of mine.  Hercules.  Stiff, unbending, self-righteous and just asking for a good, hard kick in the pants.  So, I gave it to him, but he still didn't listen.  He just couldn't see the shades of grey, the subtle tapestry of history.  He never understod that I was only doing my job, after all.  There were lots of wars and fighting then.  If you have light, somewhere there will be shadow.  That was how things were.

The second.....ahh, the second.  Xena.  So close we came, but you never really trusted me. For your love, I would have changed;  maybe enough for it to matter.  You looked so close to my ideal woman, so close to the secret vision of perfection I held in my heart.  I loved your strength, your passion.  I would have made you a Goddess, if you'd wanted it. We could have explored a lot of the heights and depths of  passion.  All I
got in the end were a few kisses, then betrayal and being imprisoned in that damned tomb.

Years passed.  Mel came, nearly freed me, then left me trapped again.  I felt the world changing.  Yes, there was still fighting, but wholescale War became a thing largely consigned to the past.  My job was redundant.  All the old Gods had long gone and here I was, an anachronism, alone.   And so
lonely.   I have to admit that, now.  The new Millennium dawned.  Had I really been down there over 2,000 years?

I looked up.  The door was open.  I rose slowly to my feet.  *She* was there.  I felt her before I saw her and my heart began to sing.  Then I saw her and my heart stood still and I couldn't breathe.  The answer to every wish, every dream of love, every need.  Enough like Xena for me to realise
why the Warrior Princess had been so attractive to me.  But
this.....Goddess......was subtly different, more beautiful.  Perfection incarnate.  I recognised it, try to back away, while every cell in my body yelled out to lose itself in her.  I was stunningly, achingly hard in seconds.  Now, I've always had a bigger than average 'weapon' - one of the side-benefits of being a God.  But now...I was the sort of length and girth
I'd only fantasised about.  I was close to actually ripping out of my leather trousers.  An arresting thought, but not quite what one expects of the first meeting the woman of one's dreams.  And I didn't even know her name!  I heard myself laugh as I bowed slightly.

"My lady?"  I moved to the doorway, where she stood. She shimmered, gloriously golden;  olive leaves raining from her hair.

"My lord Ares?  At last?"  So she had been waiting for me?  I stepped closer and took her hand.  I reeled.  Heat, balm, desire, love, passion. Perfect love.  It hit me, hard.  I saw her trembling too.  There was something like a dove hovering around her.  The suggestion of wings.  I realised I knew her name after all.

"Eirene.  Goddess of Peace."

"Yes," she said, softly.  Her voice was pure seduction.  The tiniest touch and that voice were coiling  tendrils of desire all over my body and especially up my engorged cock, "We have waited for each other a long time, you and I."

"And now?"

She laughed and I bit back a groan of desire, "We love.  We join.  We become one, yet remain two.   I cannot resist you any more than you can resist me, Ares.  We were made for each other.  It's just that it took me a lot longer to grow.  I was the rock dove, watching you when you were a boy in Egypt.  Mine were the soft, ghostly fingers that you felt stroking your
hair, late at night.  I was in every lover you have ever known, although we never touched till now.  I whispered of love to you.  Only a few moments ago did I finally have enough power to become fully palpable to you."

"Sweet Goddess,"  I said and pulled her into my arms.  A single, gentle hand in the centre of my chest held me a bare inch from that delectable mouth.

"This is forever," she said, "Just you and me.  Once we kiss, there will be no turning back.  We will imprint on each other.  We will join right down to the depths of our being,"  she laughed softly at the hot desire in my eyes, "Yes, and physically too!  I am yang to your yin, the perfect yoni for your liguam, the balm for your heat - we will know each other through
and through."

I managed to move my lips a hair's breadth from hers and grinned seductively, "So what are we waiting for?"

She actually pulled me down and our eager lips met.  Oh, delicious!  I moaned, she moaned.  I folded my arms around her and we leaned against the wall, kissing deeply.  She arched and suddenly her legs were hitched around my waist.  I leaned into her, letting her feel how much I wanted her.  If I hadn't been so distracted by the glorious taste and feel of her mouth and how gorgeously our tongues tangled together, I would have disappeared our clothes and taken her, right there.  I could feel her arousal through her golden suit. Nipples long and hard, rubbing against my chest.  She was sliding her soft mound wantonly and deliberately up and down my cock and I
was close to exploding.  We pulled our mouths apart, both breathing heavily.  Eirene looked up at me.

"My Goddess?"   Oh, Gods, please say I can have you, right now!

"One more kiss....."  I eagerly obliged.  This time, her hips added a teasing, circling action against me that actually pumped more blood into my rigid flesh.  I moaned, almost beside myself with need.  The barriers in my mind fell down.  Her mind touched mine and I lost myself in her.  I couldn't stop.  My soul plunged to the depths of hers, while she did the same to mine.  When we pulled apart this time, I *knew* her.  Peace.
Solace.  Satisfaction.  My mate.  The other half of my soul.

I smiled with joy, "Consort!"

She suddenly grinned back, "If you can catch me!"

Then she vanished and I roared with a mixture of frustration and utter delight and followed her.  She must have known I love the chase as well as the capture. Across the universe and back.  Running, naked (which isn't easy with an enormous hard-on!), down corridoors of mist, beauty and desire.  Seeing her fleetingly, looking back at me and grinning, her eyes
dancing and promising 'soon'.  Swimming through a cold mountain lake, past a tropical waterfall, shaking drops of water from my hair.  I don't know how much time past.  I only know that I stood, on a cliff-top, still naked. My hair had grown all the way down my back until the ends kissed my thighs.
Eirene was there.  I drank in her naked back.  I groaned.  Her bottom was so gorgeously voluptuous.  She turned and I saw those sweet breasts, just the right size for my hands.  Suddenly she jumped off the cliff and I yelled.  I gasped as beautiful white and golden wings sprang from her shoulder-blades and she flew up to perch on a cloud nearby.  Her blue, sparkling eyes looked down at me.

"Come on in, the air's lovely!"  I hesitated.  Her grin widened, "And bring that beautiful stallion-sized cock with you.  We're going to make love like you've never made love before!"

"But I don't have wings,"  I protested, even as my cock swelled afresh, as if it could reach her by itself.

"You do, my handsome love.  You've just never used them before.  I love the long hair, by the way.  Keep it like that for a bit.  And that cock of yours is *very* naughty.  It makes me weak with desire," she licked her lips and I felt my shoulders begin to itch even as my cock throbbed, "Ares; I know.  You've never really loved before.  Neither have I.  But I want
you.  And I want goodness, does it never stop
growing?.....that *gorgeous*, hot, hard......" she gasped slightly as beyond all reason and personal expectation, I swelled upwards and thickened yet again.  Her voice came out husky, lustful and full of desire, "Wow! *Twelve* inches?  And so thick....  You'll have to take me gently love, but by all the Gods, I want you.  Deep inside me.  All the way....."

I was already moving.  I forgot about the drop, forgot about everything but that absolutely perfect female, spread wantonly and invitingly for me on that cloud.  Her hands were stroking her body and her legs were spread.  I knelt between them, placing first my fingers with hers, then very quickly, my mouth to those beautiful nether lips.  I groaned.  She was producing
ambrosia, neat and heady.  She put her legs over my shoulders and I drank, licking and sucking avidly.  I suddenly felt her legs brush wings?  Then Eirene was coming under my mouth and I felt her orgasm as if it were my own.  I slid up, more than ready.  Eirene tipped us off the cloud and we flew.  I caught her up, realising that, yes, I did know how to fly and pulled her into my arms.  She spread her legs, I nudged my very swollen tip to her and......ohhhhh Gods. Perfect mutual bliss. We slid beautifully together and her mouth met mine. We thrust, we came.  I nuzzled her breasts and dozed on her, pillowed on another cloud.  I was still rock hard inside her when my brief nap was over.  So we made love again, and again.  We found - or created, I'm still not sure which,  this room and this bed.   I discovered how to use my wings properly and we've made love a lot whilst flying.  I like my wings.  Black, shot with blue and purple iridescence.  When Eirene strokes them gently, it arouses me.  Heck, she just has to smile at me and  I'm ready.

So here we are.  In a place outside time.  Twin consorts.  I've found love, and everything I've ever needed.  I've plaited back this long mane of hair, but I know Eirene will probably undo it when I go back to her.   She likes me to caress her with it and I know I go helpless with desire when she does the same to me with her hair.  I know her as well as I know myself.  The bond between us has deepened and strengthened.  I wish I could've taken her to Mount Olympus;  the other male Gods - well, all the ones who like women - would be drooling with desire in seconds.  They'd see her serenity and think she is an ice princess.  But I'd probably let one or two of them spy on us when we make love, and then they'd be envious.  None of the other Gods ever had sex this hot, this often or had mutual surrender so delicious and overwhelming.  And if  I got her to turn into the masculine version of Peace, the Gods and Goddesses who like guys would be on their knees, worshipping her...or maybe that should be 'him'.  *I*  worship her;  but then she worships me back.  The first time I produced my black throne and 'ordered' her to worship me....  Oh, Eirene.  When you took me in your mouth that first time,  I screamed in utter ecstasy.  Well, I suppose we're still in honeymoon mode, but I hope it goes on a long, long time.  As for what next.....I don't know.  I've got you, my perfect, beautiful consort and I know you're going to stay with me forever.  I haven't told you very often, but you know anyway.  I love you, I adore you and I will always want
you.   We were made to be together.  War and Peace.  Mars and Pax.  To Eirene from the one who will always be your......Ares.