Extraordinary Day,With King
By Foxmonkey

Hercules crept carefully through the thick underbrush, moving as silently as he could.  He was a tall, muscular man, and his large feet and broad shoulders had an annoying habit of sometimes clearing a path of their own.  He'd worked hard at making his traitorous limbs obey his commands for stealth, and he was pleased that he was making progress.  He hadn't broken a twig or snapped a branch all afternoon.

Hearing voices, he paused. Without moving his head he glanced quickly to the left, then right.  Sentries posted in the woods near the clearing were alert, but not nearly alert enough.  Finding a weak point in their defenses, Hercules slipped through easily.  He knelt quickly as he heard men approaching.  After a moment or so two soldiers passed by, near enough for Hercules to grab their legs if he wished.

He peered through the trees and spotted his target.  *He's alone?*  Hercules was surprised.  *Very careless.*  His eyes narrowed as he crept closer.  In front of him, a tall form paced in a small clearing. The demigod waited patiently as he watched for the right moment to attack.  He lunged quickly to tackle his opponent and the two men wrestled as they rolled over and over on the soft grass.

"All right, you win!" Iphicles gasped.

Hercules scowled down at the copper-haired king beneath him.  "Ha!  What if I had really been an assassin?  Lot of good your guards would have been in a *real* attack." He had straddled his brother's body and pinned Iphicles' wrists above his head in a firm, unbreakable grasp.

The king snorted.  "You mean that 'attack' I saw coming a few minutes ago?  I saw you from the road, Hercules.  Every one of my men saw and heard your clumsy 'ambush' attempt."  His tone was teasing.

Hercules' heart pounded as his brother raised his head, his lips slightly parted.  Instead of a kiss, the King of Corinth surprised him with a gentle nip to the end of his nose.  Their bodies were molded closely together and Hercules was very aware of the king's erection pressing deliciously against his own.

"I'm the king.  I'm *your* king," Iphicles said.  He sounded slightly breathless.  "Let me up."

Hercules shifted his hips slightly, rubbing their erections together.  "No."

"Herc." Iphicles' voice was soft and husky. "My men are watching."

"So?"  Hercules lowered his head to lightly lick, then kiss, the king's neck.  It was a warm day and Iphicles tasted faintly of salt.

The king moved his hips a little.  "Maybe I don't *want* my men to watch."

Hercules gave a low, throaty chuckle.  "I know what you want," he murmured.

"Mmmm, do tell," Iphicles murmured back.

"We haven't been together in two weeks." Hercules' lips grazed his brother's neck as he spoke.  "You want
to feel my hands on your body."  He lapped Iphicles' skin gently.

The king's eyes were closed and his lips slightly open.  "Hercules, stop.  My guards," he whispered.

Hercules shifted his affectionate assault to the other side of his brother's neck. "Maybe your guards have already seen us fuck more times than they can remember."

"*Herc.*" Iphicles sounded embarrassed.  "Come on."

Hercules straightened a bit and looked toward the nearest guard. Only a few feet away, the man was partially screened by light brush.  "That guy's been in the guard for a while, hasn't he?"

Iphicles looked suspicious.  He raised his head and turned in the direction that Hercules indicated.  "Thaulus.  About five or six years, yes."

"Hey, Thaulus," Hercules called, to the king's horror.  "When was the last time I fucked my brother?"

"If they didn't know before they certainly know now!"  Iphicles hissed.  "Are you insane?"

"Two weeks ago, to the best of my knowledge," the guard answered without blinking.

Iphicles' jaw dropped and his eyes widened.  "But...?"

Hercules gave his brother a smug smirk and called out to Thaulus once more.  "The king and I share a bed when I visit the palace.  Did you know that?"

"It is widely known."  The man's tone of voice was even.

Iphicles cringed and closed his eyes. "*Fuck,*" he muttered.  "I should have guessed."  All secrets apparently public, he didn't protest when Hercules kissed and nibbled his jaw.  "Herc..." A soft moan rumbled in the king's throat.  He turned his head, giving Hercules' lips more skin to worship.

The demigod rubbed his tongue gently against the base of his brother's throat.  They were both breathing heavily.

"My tent," Iphicles whispered.

"Here or not at all," Hercules said softly.

Iphicles' desire and frustration was clearly evident on his face.  "Why here?" He demanded.

"Why not?" Hercules replied, sliding a large hand between their bodies to cup and massage the king's hard cock.

Iphicles mewled his pleasure, his body arching. "C'mon, Herc," he quietly pleaded.  "My tent's only a few feet away.  I'll do things you've never dreamt of."

Hercules' cool, callused hand slipped under the waistband of his brother's trousers.  He briefly stroked the wet tip of the royal cock, running his thumb around the thick head.

"*Fuck!*" Iphicles gasped. Unable to move with his brother's heavy body pinning him and one large hand trapping his wrists, he pounded his head lightly on the grass.

Hercules withdrew his hand and seductively licked the moisture from his thumb, enjoying the look of a lover's longing mixed with brotherly fury on Iphicles' face.  Still straddling and pinning the king's legs, he released Iphicles' arms and sat up.

His brother glared up at him, rubbing his wrists. "I'll get you for this," the king growled.

"I certainly hope so," Hercules grinned.  He untied his infamous yellow vest and opened it slowly.

Iphicles' eyes followed every movement.

Hercules smiled at the brooding beauty beneath him.  "Remember the first time we were together?  You'd come home for a few days when I was 18, you were 20.  You were my hero, but you usually didn't want anything to do with me."

Iphicles glanced up into his brother's blue eyes, then down to watch Hercules' large hands untie the thin yellow undervest worn next to his skin.

Hercules laughed.  "You were so sulky you'd throw a fit if anyone looked at you cross-eyed."

"I hate thinking of the way I treated you," Iphicles said, his voice low.

Hercules touched a finger to Iphicles' lips.  "We're past it."

A warm breeze lifted Hercules' honey hair; his brother tugged a strand gently.  Their eyes met, but they said nothing.

Hercules ran a finger lightly over his brother's full lips, slipped in just the tip for Iphicles to suck briefly. "That day we were finally talking the way brothers should. Remember how pleased Mother was that we were joking and having fun just being together?  I was in awe.  My brother the soldier, finally paying attention to me."

Iphicles' eyes were half-closed. "Little did I know that you only wanted my body." His lips were slightly parted and the tip of his tongue rubbed his top lip.  His hands had drifted up to settle on Hercules' knees.

Hercules shook his head, looking into his brother's deep brown eyes.  "Not true, that's never been true.  It is an *amazing* body." he slowly ripped Iphicles' tunic from neck to waist, "but I've always loved you.  You know that."

Iphicles' hands slid up Hercules' strong thighs.  "Just teasing," he said softly.  He suddenly seemed surprised to see his hands on his brother's legs.  They were being guarded - and probably watched - by half of the Corinthian royal guard.  "Hercules," he started.

The demigod smiled.  "Sneaking that bottle of wine out of the house.Mother almost caught me!  Sitting in front of the barn, looking at the stars and talking about girls.and boys." Sliding his hands into the ripped front of his brother's tunic, Hercules ran his fingers over the auburn fleece covering the king's broad, hard chest.  He rubbed Iphicles' rose-brown nipples in a slow, circular motion and brought them to stiff attention.

"Ohmyfucking*gods*!" Iphicles exclaimed through clenched teeth.  He clutched Hercules' hips, curled his fingers around the edges of Hercules' open waistband.  "If you get off of me now we can go into my tent and I promise I'll fuck you bowlegged, but I'm *not* going to do this in front of my men."  He choked back a moan as Hercules leaned down and softly brushed his lips with his own.

The demigod whispered in his brother's ear.  "The moon was gorgeous that night, full and low.  Remember how big it seemed?  We could almost touch it."  He pushed Iphicles' ruined tunic from his shoulders, bent to kiss his sun-bronzed skin.  "But not nearly as beautiful as you, bigger than me then, and definitely close enough to touch."  Hercules trailed his tongue slowly from the king's shoulder to his neck.  He nibbled lightly, his chest and Iphicles' in tantalizing contact.  He could feel his brother's heart racing.  Trembling slightly himself, he leaned his head against Iphicles' for a moment.  He kissed his ear.  "I love you.  Too much, I think."

Still clutching Hercules' pants tightly, Iphicles turned his face to his brother's, their faces resting cheek to cheek.  "Never too much," he whispered softly.

Hercules smiled, nestling into Iphicles' copper hair.  He closed his eyes against the silken strands that wisped over his skin.  "I kissed you.  I think it was the wine.  I *know* it was the wine.  I was amazed when you didn't hit me."

Iphicles laughed.  "Hit a drunk demigod?  Am I crazy?"

Hercules kissed the king's throat. His brother's skin was soft against his lips.  "I'd never hurt you."

Iphicles' smile softened.  "I know," he said.  "If there's one person in the world that I trust with my life, it's you."  His body relaxed a little as Hercules continued to kiss and nibble his neck and shoulders.  "You bastard, you know how I love that."

Hercules growled playfully and bit the king's neck before continuing.  "You kissed me back.  It was wonderful."  Sitting upright once more, he unbuckled and opened Iphicles' belt and finished ripping his tunic. Spreading the fabric, Hercules bent to suckle Iphicles' nipples as his fingers moved to unlace the king's pants.

Closing his eyes, the king smiled at the memory.  "Right there in front of the barn, behind the house.  Mother could have seen us easily.  Your lips on mine, your hands trying to unlace my pants." Iphicles groaned as his brother pushed his pants clear of his swollen cock. "Feeling your hands on my body nearly made me dizzy.  The next thing I knew I was flat on my back - like this - and my cock was in your mouth."  He trailed off.

Hercules had wrapped a large hand around his brother's shaft and had begun long, slow strokes up and down its

Iphicles couldn't speak.  He tried to pump his hips, but Hercules' body held him still. "Herc." Iphicles' upper body arched up, his head fell back against the grass.  Hercules was stroking his cock with one hand while running his finger lightly around the engorged head with the other.  Iphicles released Hercules' waistband and pressed his arms hard against the ground for leverage.  "Oh, Herc." He grasped handfuls of grass.

"That first taste of you." Hercules shook his head.  "Nothing like it.  The feel of your cock filling my mouth." He released Iphicles' cock, ignoring the king's fitful pleas to continue.  He moved further down his brother's body, still straddling his long legs.  "Then you were fucking my mouth, neither of us caring that Mom was still piddling around in the house.  We could hear her singing, remember?  And the dishes clunking together as she put them away?  We must have been crazy." He leaned to kiss a trail of desire down Iphicles' body.  "I love the way you taste," he murmured.

Hercules' kisses, licks, nibbles and gentle bites drew a series of whimpers from the king.  Grasping handfuls of Hercules' hair, Iphicles tried unsuccessfully to influence his brother's progress toward his cock.

"Mmm, I poured wine on your body.  I loved licking it off," Hercules whispered.  He buried his face in the auburn curls between his brother's legs and inhaled his warm fragrance. Ignoring Iphicles' agonized groan, Hercules sat up and rolled off of his brother's body. Grasping the heel of first one boot, then the other, he pulled them from Iphicles' feet.  He gently tugged the king's leather trousers over the rounded curve of his ass, then down and off of his legs.

On his back amid the tatters of his tunic, Iphicles was now gloriously naked.  He stretched, crossing his well-muscled arms over his head.  He gave Hercules a half-lidded look the demigod knew well and opened his legs slightly.

Hercules' eyes wandered over his brother's long, muscular form.  "You're beautiful," he said softly.  "It hurts to look at you."  He smoothed Iphicles' smoky eyebrows, drew his finger down the proud nose.  As he traced the sensual curve of his brother's full lips, the king's tongue lightly flicked his thumb. Breathing heavily, Hercules continued down Iphicles' body, caressing each part in turn.  He bent to kiss his brother's navel and tickled it with his tongue; Iphicles rewarded him with a chuckle.  Hercules shifted and took his brother's cock into his mouth.

Tangling his fingers tightly in Hercules' hair, Iphicles held his brother's head still as he thrust up into his warm, wet mouth, fucking slowly. "Yes, yes," Iphicles sighed.  "Oh, fucking *yes.*"  He nearly screamed when Hercules lifted his head.  "Nonono." he groaned.

"I took that little flask of olive oil from the kitchen," Hercules continued.  "I didn't know if we would need it, but I hoped." He gently loosened his brother's fingers from his hair then easily pinned the king's arms firmly to the ground.  He teasingly rimmed the head of Iphicles' shaft, then ran his tongue slowly up and down its length.  "I oiled your cock, you turned me over and oiled my ass.I nearly came when you touched me."  He took Iphicles' length deep into his throat; his brother's hips pumped lightly.  The king whimpered when he drew his mouth away to suckle the heavy pouches beneath and roll them gently with his tongue. "Then you were inside me.  We made love all night, then slept in the hayloft."  Hercules trembled, and his voice broke slightly.  "I woke up in your arms."

"Take your clothes off and get on your back," Iphicles whispered.

Hercules smiled.  Reaching into the pouch on his belt, he withdrew a small bottle of oil and handed it to his brother.  He stood and quickly wriggled out of his pants.

Iphicles oiled his cock and watched Hercules undress.  It took all of his strength not to stroke himself any more than necessary.

* * *

Thaulus glanced briefly toward the clearing; time enough to see the king kneeling between Hercules' open legs.  The guard smiled and turned his head.  It was a scene he'd witnessed before.

Many times.

The End