Sanctuary: Interlude
By Gwendolen

Zeus, all mighty king of the gods wandered through the halls and temples of Olympus, looking for is irate son only to learn that no-one had seen or heard from Ares in the last weeks. Which wasn't unusual where most of the gods were concerned but Aphrodite hadn't seen him either. And Zeus knew that Ares tended to drop in on her almost regularly. To say he was worried didn't exactly describe Zeus' feelings, it was more a mixture of annoyance and irritation. What was his way-ward son up to now?

As a last resort he decided to check in on his other legal son to see if he knew anything about Ares whereabouts. Hephaestus was rarely seen on Olympus but as he was the one supplying Ares with weapons Zeus assumed that he might know something.

Arriving on Lemnos he quickly made his way into the outer cave that served Hephaestus as his workshop. Empty. Zeus began to wonder if this was a conspiracy. Hephaestus almost never left his smithy. He usually had to order his oldest son  to attend any official functions on Olympus and couldn't imagine Hephaestus leaving his caves and going somewhere without a very good reason.

A sound that sounded very much like squeaking bedsprings drew his attention to one of the inner caves and he quickly walked through the work-room until he reached the entrance of a smaller cave. The thought that he might invade his son's private atmosphere didn't bother him at all. Actually he was curious who would be interested in fucking the ugly god of the forge, those squeaking sounds sounded very much like fucking to him. After all he was an expert on the sounds of a bed used for fucking.

But what he saw on the bed stopped him in his tracks. Ares on his back, legs spread and raised while Hephaestus kneeled between them and fucked him in a slow, regular and powerful rhythm. He watched in open astonishment as Hephaestus leaned down and kissed his younger brother, his lighter hair mingling with Ares darker one. The kiss spoke passion and intimacy, something he couldn't quite imagine with those two.

"Come for me, Ares," Hephaestus said, his voice low and husky. "Now, little brother."

With a guttural groan Ares arched into Hephaestus' stroking hand, shivering and shaking with the intensity of his orgasm. Hephaestus reached for a knife and put another notch into the bedpost. "127 for me, 95 for you. You're lacking, little brother."

Zeus couldn't believe his ears. What were they doing? He decided to observe, glad that they were so intent on each other that they hadn't noticed him yet.

"Oh really?" came Ares growl. Hephaestus bit his lip, shaking his head slightly and moaned. Zeus wondered what Ares was doing to him. He noticed the triumphantly wicked smile on his younger son's face when Hephaestus thrusts became more powerful and quicker, the rhythm becoming irregular until he stiffened, all his muscles showing in stark his face a picture of blissful abandon until he collapsed with a sigh. And for the first time Zeus noticed the beauty of his oldest boy.

"96 to 127," announced Ares triumphantly. Hephaestus only laughed shakily, still trying to catch his breath.

The two brothers cuddled together on the bed, kissing lazily and stroking each other. They looked extremely comfortable with each other and Zeus felt a touch of envy. He had never been this close to any of his siblings, not even to the one he married.

"We should get back," Hephaestus said after a while.

"Why? I'm enjoying myself, you're enjoying yourself and I don't see anyone missing us," came Ares' reply.

"True, but still, there's work to do." Zeus could see that Hephaestus was trying to be reasonable but he had his fingers buried in Ares' dark curls and seemed to get distracted by them.

"But wouldn't you be rather doing this."

Zeus watched with a wild mix of fascination and arousal as Ares moved until he leaned over his brother, kissing him deeply, plundering his mouth. And Hephaestus drew him closer to intensify the kisses. At the same time Ares' hands wandered over Hephaestus chest, teasing his nipples before they moved downwards.

The low moan seemed to be answer enough.

The End