By Erin

It was his favorite way to wake up. Warm lips moving down his back, a tongue flicking out occasionally to taste his skin, the knee pushing his legs apart as the lips moved lower...The sudden feel of teeth sinking into his right ass cheek jerked him out of the sensual haze he'd been comfortably drifting in.

"Ares!" he yelped.

"Just making sure you're up."

The low rumble of the War God's voice made sent a delightful shiver through Joxer's body.

"Ooh, yeah, I'm up," he replied, desire plain in his tone.

"About time." Another bite, but more of a nip this time. "It's been over three hours."

Ares said that like it was an eternity, and maybe to a god with the libido of a hyperactive rabbit it was. Joxer, however, was only mortal and he did get tired, but whenever he was around the War God he counted himself lucky if he managed more than a couple hours in one stretch. A few months of being Ares' lover had improved his stamina but he didn't even come close to the god. And yet the War God seemed pleased with him. Joxer didn't understand it and he didn't care to question it either. He just wanted to enjoy it.

Ares' attention had turned away from their conversation. Joxer moaned as he felt the god's teeth lightly nipping their way down his ass, the hands spreading him open, the tongue--

"Oh fuck!" he gasped as he felt the warm-wetness flicking over his small opening.

"If you beg me," the god paused briefly to say.

Joxer had no problem with that. Being with the War God had given him plenty of practice.

"Please Ares! I want you, please!"

It wasn't good enough. The mortal whimpered as the sweet torture continued. Then the tongue pushed into him and he cried out.

"Gods! I need you inside me! My god, *please*!"

He nearly sobbed in relief as the tongue was suddenly withdrawn and he was pulled up onto his hands and knees. Without any further preparation Ares thrust full-length into him.

Joxer bit back another cry, this one of pain as the War God set a quick, hard rhythm. It hurt -- and it felt so good. If the pain didn't quite fade it was at least soon matched by the pleasure, the two mixing until he couldn't tell them apart. Every deep thrust had him groaning at the intense sensations racing through him, and he needed more.

Tightening his muscles around the large cock inside him he was rewarded by a low growl from his lover, just before the god began slamming into him, every impossibly-deep thrust hitting that spot inside him, making him push back against Ares, wanting even more -- wanting it never to end, but at the same time almost desperate for release.

Then Ares' hand was on his cock and it was all he needed. Just that touch and he was cumming, clamping down on the god's hard cock, his head thrown back as he screamed silently. Some portion of his mind registered Ares' shout as he came, pushing one last time into the mortal's shuddering body.

When Joxer was finally able to think straight again he realized that he was pinned beneath the collapsed body of his lover -- and there was nowhere else he wanted to be. It was difficult to breathe but right then he would've gladly suffocated. The moment was so perfect. It was a memory that would cheer him on the worst day in Tartarus.

"You're not going to Tartarus."

The voice was muffled against his shoulder and a bit slurred. Joxer smiled. "I'm a bloodthirsty warrior. I'm not gonna end up in the Elysian Fields."

Ares snorted. "Right. You're still not going."

The mortal couldn't suppress the slight moan of disappointment as the god pulled out of him and rolled over to the side. Before he realized what was happening Joxer found himself yanked into Ares' arms. Stretched out on top of the god he was trapped by those dark, fathomless eyes.

"You're not going anywhere until I say so," the War God said with such absolute certainty that Joxer believed that Death herself wouldn't dare come for him until Ares allowed it.

"You mean it?"

"You're *mine*, mortal, and *I* say what happens to you."

It was a statement of possession and nothing more. Ares owned him and Joxer was quite willing to be owned. No one had ever wanted him before so even this much was more than he'd dared to hope for.

"Yes," he whispered in agreement. "I'm yours. I'll always be yours."

The War God's eyes darkened and Joxer felt the god's cock hardening between them. He couldn't get it up again this soon but it didn't matter, all he wanted right then was to please Ares, his own pleasure could wait.

"Well isn't this a pretty picture."

The sarcastic voice sounded barely a second before the flash of light announced the presence of another god.

Quickly moving off Ares, Joxer grabbed the bed sheet and covered himself, blushing at having been seen at such an intimate moment.

The God of War was looking predictably furious at the interruption. There were very few gods who were either stupid or powerful enough to just show up at a moment like this without fear. Joxer wasn't sure which category this one fell into, mainly because he didn't recognize the god.

Tall, good-looking, arrogant -- but that was normal for a god. For a few moments the mortal was confused, then he remembered the other gods, the ones from far-away lands like Egypt and Eire. This had to be one of them. The god's strange manner of dress convinced Joxer of it.

He wondered which land the god was from. At some point Ares had had something going with Thor, so maybe this was one of the Norse gods. But that didn't explain his presence here.

"*You* don't belong here!" Ares snarled at the intruder. "Get out!"

Joxer was a bit surprised that his lover hadn't simply attacked the other god, but then different gods had different powers, so maybe Ares had something to be wary of.

"I see your temperament hasn't improved since our last meeting -- or your taste." The strange god glanced at Joxer like the mortal was some sort of bug he'd rather step on than look twice at.

A flash of light and Ares was clothed in his usual leathers, and Joxer found himself clothed as well, his outfit a far cry from his normal make-shift armor. Black leather made up everything except his shirt which was a deep blue, woven from a tough fabric he couldn't identify. Not that it mattered at the moment, he was just glad that his god had clothed him as well. He was a lot more comfortable now -- he'd be even moreso when the other god left. The Greek gods were difficult enough to deal with, he really didn't want to branch out to other cultures.

Ares was out of bed but he made no move towards the strange god, he just stood by the side of the bed, his body tensed and ready for battle. It was always an impressive sight and despite the situation Joxer felt a stab of arousal shoot through him.

"Is physical violence all you understand? How primitive." The other god said to Ares. "And how disappointing. I would have thought that by now you'd have realized that there are other ways of doing things."

"If you're afraid to fight then just say so," the War God replied through his teeth. "then I can just kill you and get it over with! Who knows, maybe I won't make it too painful."

The strange god just smiled in a superior way that seemed to make Ares even more angry.

"It really is a shame. You could have been so much more. Instead you're barely a step above these mortals you care so much about," the other god said it as though caring were a despicable trait, and to Ares it was.

"I'm a *god*! I don't give a damn about mortals! They're here to entertain us and that's all I care about!" the War God insisted vehemently.

Joxer would have liked to say that it didn't hurt, hearing that, but despite already knowing his lover's opinions it was still painful to listen to.

He didn't realize that his feelings were showing on his face until he saw the interested way the strange god was looking at him. That look made the mortal shiver with sudden fear. He needed to get out of there, let the two gods deal with their differences by themselves. But there was no way out unless he went past the strange god, and Joxer didn't want to be anywhere near him.

"Is that so?" the other god asked Ares.

"Yes!" the War God growled the word, watching as the strange god began walking casually around the bed.

"Then maybe you aren't so hopeless after all." The god stopped close to Joxer, apparently oblivious to the way the mortal shrank away from him. "But I think we should be certain."

Joxer suddenly found the back of his neck held in a painless but firm grip, impossible to break. The god was going to kill him and there was nothing he could do about it. The thought terrified him.

"Let go!" he demanded, struggling uselessly. The god didn't appear to either hear or notice him.

"Let him go!"

That surprised Joxer enough to cause him to settle down momentarily, his attention turned to the God of War. He knew he didn't mean anything to Ares so what was going on?

"I thought you didn't care about mortals," the strange god echoed Joxer's thoughts.

"He belongs to me and *no one* messes with my property!" Ares responded, his hand gripping the hilt of his sword.

"Are you sure that's what the problem is? Or could it be that you actually love...this?" The god's grip tightened and Joxer winced in pain.

"Love? I don't do love," the War God said with contempt.

"Should we test that theory? Why don't I take your 'property' and put him someplace safe for a little while. That should give you a chance to 'reflect' on how you feel."

Joxer had traveled with Ares enough to recognize the tingling sensation that signaled the bright flash of light that would send him somewhere else, somewhere unknown. He was being kidnapped!

"Ares!!!" he screamed. He thought he saw something in the War God's eyes, but before he could be certain the light was blinding him.

When the brightness faded Joxer felt sick, both from the sudden transportation and from the knowledge that he'd been taken from his lover, his god. The hand gripping his neck released him and he really wasn't all that surprised to find his legs unwilling to support him. He fell to his knees.

Where was he? His next thought was that maybe there was a chance he could escape. Looking up he found himself confronted by a number of strangely dressed people who appeared completely stunned by their abrupt appearance.

Glancing around Joxer realized with a growing sense of panic that there was nothing that looked even remotely familiar. He couldn't even begin to guess where they were.

Then one of the people moved. There was a sense of authority about this one. He appeared to be in charge and he looked angry as he stood. Joxer was glad that anger appeared focused on the god standing next to him. When the man spoke he managed to put a wealth of accusation into one syllable.



Author's Note: It's unlikely I'll be continuing this story so I've removed the "TBC".