By Foxmonkey

  "That's right, slut, take it. You know you want it."  The sound of flesh on flesh.  A moan.  "Take it slut."   It's a harsh whisper.  I know that voice.

Caught between the waking and dreaming state, I'm momentarily confused.  Whatthefuck?  I sit up in bed and look around.  It's still there, the unmistakable sound of fucking.  I know the sound well, having pounded into many an ass and cunt over the years.

"Herc?" I say softly in the darkness.  He's not here.  He *was* here when Iphicles walked with us to this room, our usual when we visit the palace.  He's not here now.  Where the fuck is he, and who's doing all that grunting?

"I'm your slut, yes, fuck me."  It's a whisper.  "I love being your slut.  Fuck *yes!*"  Groans. "Do it hard."  A loan moan followed by a whimper.

My hair stands on end.  My sleep-fogged brain realizes that I know the other voice, too, I've heard it every day for the past 20 years.  Hercules.  Who's he fucking?

My heart is beating wildly as i creep soundlessly out of bed.   when I shiver, it's only partly due to the cold tiles against my bare feet.  I'm really shivering because my demigod friend is fucking someone who isn't me and I'm pretty pissed off about it.  Pissed off and curious.  Pissed off, curious...and excited.

I stand for a moment, trying to decide if I really want to do this.  *Get back in bed, Iolaus. This is none of your business.*  The fuck it's *not,* I argue with myself.  *I'm* the one who looks out for that ass everyday, *I* wanna know who's fucking it.  Righteous indignation firmly in place, I follow the sounds of sex.

"I love it when you do that.  Spread me wider, yesss..."

"I'll spread you and you'll love it, you beautiful fuck."

It finally occurs to me who belongs to the other voice; I nearly smack myself for being so dumb.  Iphicles, of course!  I grin then.  I can't blame Herc for jumping his brother, I've been tempted to do the same many times.  That body, those lips. Fuck yeah, I'd do him in a heartbeat.  Seeing Herc do him is the next best thing, so I move carefully to the balcony doorway.

My cock is hard now, tenting the loose linen sleeping shift that Iphicles has provided.  I'm so excited I can barely breathe. I can see shapes through the sheer drape at the door, two big men joined at the hip, moving smoothly together.  I take my cock in hand.  I add my own commentary as I watch the shadow-play.  *Fuck him Herc, slam him once for me.*  My hand gets aggressive with my meat, and I have to slow down.  I'm going to blow my load before they do, and I need to time it right.  I match my pace to theirs.

Laughter now, soft and easy.  "Beg some more, let me see that face."  A giggle.  "That's begging?"  The sound of a slap, more laughter.

"Bastard, that hurt!"

Grunts.  "Yeah, like you don't love that too."

"Fuck you."

"Actually, fuck *you.*"  They both laugh at that one, and the sighs and moans continue.

I'm envious.  Herc and Iphicles have had a long, rocky road to this point, but their fuck-banter is so casual and relaxed that I'm jealous that I'm an only child.  Don't think I'd be fucking my brother if I had one, but that's beside the point.  It's the talking that's got me, the years of sibling rivalry and love behind the give and take.

I realize that my hand has slowed, that i'm actually standing there *analyzing* for fuck's sake, instead of watching the action.  Enough peeping, I'm ready to see some naked demigod ass in action.  I want to watch Herc pumping into the king's perfect golden body.

I pull back a corner of the drape, just enough to get a clear picture of what's going on.  Fucking on the balcony in the moonlight; this is going to be good.  Yeah, there's Herc on top, just like I thought he'd be.  I admire Iphicles' ass, and the long, perfect  body it's attached to.

I'm jerking off harder now, 'cause he's just so fucking gorgeous I can't stand it.  How can Herc last so long with him?  One glance at me with those eyes of his and I'd be spurting from here to Olympus.  I'm disappointed, though, 'cause he's half hidden by shadows.  I want to see his face when he comes, I've *got* to; I'll probably never get the chance personally.  Herc is fucking him harder now, thrusting for all he's worth.

"Yeah, you fuck, you love it.  Ramming my cock in you because you love it," Herc whispers.

I beat myself faster, willing Iphicles to turn around, to *please* turn around so I can see his face when I come.

"Whose slut are you?  Who do you belong to?"

His brother answers, his voice heavy with need.  "You. Only you.  I want you, I need you.  I love you.  Fuck me...I'm yours."  His voice is ragged now, nearly breathless.  He's so close, just like me.

"That's right, you belong to *me.*" A slam. "*Only* me."  Another powerful thrust.  "You're *mine.*"

My jaw is hanging open a little, and my eyes start to glaze. Gods, yes, I'm coming. I can feel it.  He's coming too; Herc's brother is shooting on his chest, the tiles, everywhere.  Behind him, Hercules gives a little cry and groans; he's coming too.  Watching the two of them I come all over my hand, and it's sweet, sweet, sweet, made even sweeter 'cause then I get my  wish.

The beautiful face moves out of the shadows and turns in the moonlight.  The high cheekbones, the deep, smoky eyes, the incredible lips I'd kiss forever, given the chance. Only thing is, it's not Iphicles, it's Ares.

You can imagine my surprise.

I'm not so surprised when he turns to me and smiles.

The End