Love -- All
By Eirene

Ares, God of Love peeled his perfect body off rather sticky white silk sheets.  He stretched, scratched, then with a negligent wave of his hand, everything was pristine again.  His latest one-night lover was still fast asleep, which wasn't surprising.  Ares had an appetite for loving that no-one could match, not even the other Gods and Goddesses.   He summoned up some pink sprinkles and gently sent the youth home.  Ares tenderly stroked the warm patch where the youth had lain in his bed.

"Good.  Very good.  Great sex," he sighed and stared at nothing in particular, "But it wasn't...t wasn't what I was hoping for...again."

Ares arose from the bed and walked to his seven foot high magic mirror.  With it he could view and travel to any time, any place.  After all, people needed love everywhere.  A God had to be prepared.   He slowly stroked the carved wooden frame, contemplating his words and his need.
"Someone to love me - really love me.  The 'me' no-one has known.  Not just sex - been there, done that - got the gold medal for achievement and effort - and I'm the best there is at it.  I can make anyone - mortal, divine, whatever;  orgasm just by smiling at them if I put my mind to it - which is most nights.  Don't want that, baby.  Too easy.  Old news. I guess I'm asking for a consort.  Someone I can share my deepest secret with and it'll be okay.  No-one knows that, not even the other Gods.  My powers have helped me hide myself, my true nature. They wouldn't understand. There's never been a God quite like me. I'm looking for someone who won't cream their pants because I'm the God of Love, but because they love me and want me.  All of me. Someone who can drive me wild with desire and have me helpless and wanting, take me to the limit of my control and even beyond it.  Gods, I've longed for that for so many years...So, show me.  There must be someone like that out there somewhere for me.  Give them to me, baby."

Darkness at first.  So dark that Ares wondered if his request was about to be denied.  This wasn't something he could conjure up with pink sprinkles and his own Godly  powers.  Not love that would last more than one night.  Especially because he was the God of Love himself.  Making a consort or magicking one up for himself was the Divine equivalent of getting his hand caught in his own cookie jar.  It wouldn't work.  It'd be as if that other Ares - the big, black dangerous one - had made the ultimate warrior or weapon for his own use.  It wouldn't last.

The mist cleared at last and Ares saw a Greek nightclub.  Quite prosperous. Rather like that place run by Widow Twanky he'd seen once, in the other reality.  On stage was a tall person, singing.  He - or she - had short urchin-cut brown hair and blue eyes and was dressed in a shirt and pants.   Ares couldn't tell if it was a man or woman, but his gut, heart, soul and loins all jumped at once.  Then the sound kicked in through the mirror and Ares melted against the frame of the mirror at that gorgeous androgynous singing voice.   He knew this was the one.  But there was a price to pay to meet this vision.  Ares had known it even as he wished for true love.  His godly radiance vanished and he became temporarily mortal.  Dressed in anonymous clothes, he stepped through the mirror to win his intended with just his natural charm.

Val finished singing to louder than average applause.  Then keen eyes made out the new punter.  Make that a drop-dead-gorgeous punter.  Val sighed inwardly.  He was sex on legs, too.   All that wild, dark, curling hair, gorgeous face, nice muscles and a somewhat fey look about him.  If the Gods had a habit of making fantasies  into reality, they'd gone overboard on the ones inside Val's head.  Pity it couldn't work.  Not in this lifetime.

Ares moved closer to the stage, drawn like a moth to the light.   He tilted his head on one side, trying to fix on a gender for the delectable beauty in front of him.  It was no use.  The face, build and clothes could pass as either male or female.  Not that he minded either way.  Men, women, Gods, Goddesses, Centaurs, satyrs, nyads and dryads; he'd tried the lot.  No-one quite like him, though.  He held out a hand.  "Hello, baby..."  He smiled warmly, "I', but you can call me Ari, sweetheart."

Ares offered himself, exactly as he was - bar the omission of Godly powers, glamour and real name.

"Val." The voice was on the deep side,  husky and very sexy.    Ares felt himself rise to the challenge.  Their hands met and Ares gasped slightly as a jolt of sweetest pleasure and arousal ran through his body and centred right there, swelling him to an aching fullness.  For a second or two, those limpid blue eyes darkened and he saw an answering arousal and need in them.   Val's head and his came closer.  Lips parted automatically.  They swayed, slightly drunk and disbelieving.  For a split second, their lips brushed together.  Ares felt a moan of pleasure rising from his chest.

"Val!!!  What in Hades' name are you doing?!!?"  A huge, ginger-haired man stormed up and the moment was lost.  Val sprang back from Ares as though  stung.

"Sorry,  sir.  Um; this gentleman was complimenting me on my singing."

'Mr  Ginger' looked down from the stage at Ares, "No fraternizing.  Val here is special."

"I can see that."

'Mr  Ginger' looked him up and down with a sneer, "You couldn't afford the price - and anyway, it takes a very particular kind of person to appreciate all that Val has to offer...."  The nasty look on Ginger's face was enough to get Ares very angry, but he held it in check.

"I appreciate Val a lot."

"Hmm, well come back when you have about a thousand dinars going spare.  If you're open-minded,  I might let you have Val for a night."

"And your name would be...?"

"Kokkenos.  Owner of this establishment and the best singer and entertainer in all Greece."

Ares nodded, seeing the lay of the land quite clearly, "Aristotle," Then to Val,  "I will be back, baby.  Count on it, my sweet beauty,"   Kokkenos dragged Val away.  For a second, Val's head turned and Ares saw the longing, pain and despair written there, "Oh, sweet love," he whispered, "Gonna take you away from all this, baby."  His hands went to the pockets of his garments.  A few jewels, some dinars, a little gold.  Enough to buy a little time, but not a whole night.

Ares returned the next night.  When Val wasn't singing or being a waiter on tables, he snatched conversations, buying drinks.   Val was sad, but had a lovely smile and a sense of humour that Kokkenos had tried to squash.  Val's hand almost touched his several times and Ares guessed he had a closet sensualist by his side.  Finally, after nearly a week of 'advance two steps and retreat one' Ares made his verbal move.  "Val;  you know what flared between us that first night, baby.  Attraction, desire - maybe love, if you'd give us a chance.  Come with me, baby.  Be mine.  I'll treat you with gentleness and love always, sweetness."

Val's head shook slowly from side to side, "I can't."

He lifted a strong, stubborn chin, "Can't...or 'won't', baby?  If it's him," they both knew who Ares meant, "I swear we'll go somewhere he'll never find us."

Val's eyes were full of pain, "It's partly that...but there's something else,"  Ares let the silence hang, then Val continued, "You'd reject me.  They all do in the end.  Or turn from me in disgust."

"I'm falling in love with you, baby."  He gently brushed his lips on Val's.  It was the nearest he could get to the truth of his love so soon.

"I'm sorry - I really can't..."  And Val was gone.  Ares wrapped his arms around himself.

"Damn.  Being mortal's a bummer, baby.  But Val cares - I'd swear it.  Otherwise I'd have been bedded and out on my ear by now."

An hour later, Ares was coming out of the gentlemen's rest room when Val tripped right near him.  Ares caught and held onto his precious bundle.  The length of that sweet body pressed close to his had the blood drumming in his ears - and elsewhere - and his head reeling.  He lowered his mouth and took the kiss he'd been dreaming of for nearly a week.  Lips parted exquisitely under his and Ares drowned in the sweetest pleasure he had ever known.  His arms moulded his beloved closer.  He'd have kept on kissing Val until forever if someone hadn't hauled him away.  He whirled into Kokkenos' very solid chest.  Now Ares had quite a number of well-developed muscles of his own, but this guy was built like the side of a house.

"I said, buster - hands off the merchandise!!"

Ares put his hands up defensively, "I'm a lover, not a fighter!"

Kokkenos shook him, hard, "Yeah, well remember that, you little pansy! I know your sort. Wanna freebee because Val's got a tender heart and likes guys like you - goodness knows why.  It's not gonna happen, fairy!"

"I love Val!"  It was out of his mouth before he had time to stop it.   Val gasped near him.

Kokkenos laughed, hard and long, still keeping a firm hold on Ares, "You wouldn't if you knew Val's secret, little man."  Ares wished he had just one handful of pink sprinkles.   Kokkenos let him go.  He stumbled slightly and felt Val help him up.

"You meant it?"

Ares looked deep into Val's uncertain eyes, "With all my heart, baby."   For a second, he saw hope and delight flare in those blue depths and Val's hand started to move towards his face, then the shutters came down.  It was like being flung out of the Elysian fields.

Kokkenos grabbed him again, "I don't allow love here."  Ares wondered what Kokkenos would say if he knew the truth.

Val took his arm, "It's true, Ari.  He'll never let me go.  Not for anyone.  Not even for you."

"Not even if you wanted to come with me?"

"I can't.  I know you'd reject me or wouldn't be able to handle the truth - I'm not quite the man you think I am."

"I don't see gender - I just see Val and I love you, baby."

Val stepped closer, "Please...Ari.  Go.  Go now before he hurts you.  We can't be lovers - not here and not ever.  If you knew the truth, you'd understand."

Ares felt the tears coming into his eyes, but managed a soft laugh, "I've got one or two secrets of my own, baby."

Val gently stroked his face, "I wish we could have...I wish you could have been the one."  Ares took another kiss.  Not even all the Gods put together were going to stop him getting another sweet ride to Paradise in Val's arms.  He looked down at Val's tear-streaked face, "Go, Ari.  It'd be torture for me if you stayed."

Ares gently removed a ring from his breast pocket, "Keep this.  If ever you need my help - any time, any place;  I'll know and I'll be there for you - as a friend.  Always, baby."

Kokkenos hauled him away again, "Well, if you're going..."   Ares felt himself being dragged towards the entrance of the club.  He looked back at Val and managed to blow a kiss.  Val was holding his ring close in those soft hands and smiling sadly.   He was dumped outside and, as soon as everyone had cleared away from the scene, he felt himself  being sucked back to his own reality.


Ares slowly leaned his head against the frame of the mirror and let the hot tears come.  The pain of loss was almost more than he could bear. He dragged himself to his bed and stayed there for a week, alone.  Finally, the demands of those needing his service became too much to ignore.  He did the first few automatically, without really thinking.   Gradually he found himself noticing the alone, the apparently unlovable, the ones called plain, the less able, the poor.  Ares, with a heart that now knew the pain of being alone, of love un-fulfilled, discovered compassion and helped them.  He guided lonely souls to one another and helped love blossom.   He smiled a little when he saw at least some people out there were radiantly happy.  A month passed.


"Ari!! Ari!!  HELP!"  He shot out of bed, clad in his heart-dotted  pink and cream pyjamas.  Now that he slept alone, he was cold most nights and had found night clothes a boon.  He went over to the mirror.

"Show me!"
Val was there, struggling in vain against Kokkenos.  The big guy was pressing Val back against a wall.

"A MONTH!  A whole month and no songs; no business.  Not since he left.  You're going to give me what I've wanted for so long, and then by all the Gods, you will sing or die!"  Kokkenos began to rip off Val's clothes.

Ares started, "Oh, my goodness...breasts.  Sweet, beautiful breasts.  Val's a woman?!?"

"Ari...if you ever really loved me, please come to me now..."

Ares was through the mirror with the next breath.  He'd never been this angry, felt this protective.  He pulled  Kokkenos from Val and started punching and kicking for all he was worth.  All the lines about not being a fighter went out of the window.  This was the person...woman...he loved and he was going to defend her or die trying.  At some point, Kokkenos must have landed a good one, because everything went black.  Ares came to pillowed on soft, strong thighs and having his face bathed.


She laughed softly, "I'm okay, Ari.  Kokkenos won't be bothering me again."

Ares looked around, "I didn't...kill him, did I, baby?"  He squirmed with distaste.

"No.  No-one's had the guts to stand up to him before - him being a big hard bully and everything.  He's run away, just like the coward he was."   The cloth caught at a rather swollen lip and Ares realised he was hurt and temporarily mortal again.  Ares belatedly noticed the sweet view he was getting and his eyes focussed on what was just out of reach.

"Beautiful breasts, Val."

She blushed charmingly, "There's more to my secret than that, sweet Ari."

"Yeah, too, baby.  Me too."  Her lips brushed his and they managed a gentle, but long kiss.

"Nice outfit, by the way!"

Ares chuckled softly, "What can I say, baby?  I like pink and cream!"

Val smiled slowly, "I know.  Because of that - and because you fought for me and because of what you told me a month ago I'm going to reveal my secret.  If - and I do mean if - you really, really love me..."

"I do, baby."

"Shh,"  Gentle fingers rested on his lips, "And  you can accept my true nature fully and unconditionally - then..." Val paused, "Oh, to Hades with it - I love you already;  but I must be sure, my love."

"Believe me,"  Ares replied, with heartfelt passion, joy beginning to course through his veins, "I know.  I'm kinda hoping you'll accept my secrets too, baby."

Val stood up and began to remove the rest of her clothes.  Ares had already surmised it must be something physical, but he was somewhat unprepared for what appeared when Val took off her loincloth.

"By all the Gods!!  You've got a beautiful cock too...!!"

Val dipped her...his....head shyly, "Actually, Ari...I'm a hermaphrodite.  Everything - all in full working order."

Ares stood up, mindful of his bruises, and gave a short, joy-filled laugh, "My sweet love," he stripped off his pyjamas in record time, "Me too.  No breasts, but all the rest."  The secret was out at last.  Ares realised that it must have been extra difficult for Valentine, not being able to hide the physical evidence with magic as he had.

Val's eyes opened wide, "But you're so wonderfully hairy and that...Wow.  Belongs on a stallion..."

Ares smiled, "I'm just like you, baby," He held out his hands.  As Val came into his arms, the barrier which had always stood between him and other lovers melted away.  Their lips met, tongues tangled slowly and sensually.  He pulled away and saw all the love he'd ever hoped for in Val's eyes, "Come with me, baby.  Be mine always."

"My name's really Valentine."

Ares' smile widened, "That figures, my sweet Valentine.  One final leap of faith and we'll be there."  Their bodies and erections rubbed together and Ares shuddered with pleasure.  Valentine nodded.  Within seconds they were there, in his boudoir, facing an enormous heart-shaped bed with pink silk sheets.  Ares felt the Powers of  godhood fill him again.  Valentine gasped and stepped back.

"Who are you?"

Ares smiled, wide and warm, "Love.  Ares, God of the same, baby."

Valentine came a little closer, "You're glowing...but you're still you."

"I know.  You'll always be able to see past the glamour, baby.  Because you fell in love with me when I was mortal."

Valentine's face fell, "But you offered me always..."

Ares snapped his fingers and a goblet of ambrosia appeared in his hand, "No problem, baby.  Become the God - or Goddess if you prefer - of  Desire.  My desire."

Valentine slowly took the cup, "" A pair of eloquent blue eyes took in their mutual highly erect state.

"Oh yes, baby!  I'm trembling on the brink from wanting you,"  Valentine licked his....her lips and Ares moaned, "Oh, don't;  I'll come before you even touch me if you do much more of that!"

"But you're a God!"

Ares nodded, "Yes, and a God out of control where you're concerned, baby.  You have no idea how long I've yearned for someone who can drive me out of my mind with a look, a kiss, a touch..."

Valentine quickly took the proffered ambrosia, "I think;  in spite of this...." Val's gesture indicated her more than ample erection, "I guess I've always felt more female, my love. 'Goddess' will do."   The divine aura was still radiating throughout her body as she came into Ares' arms and they fell onto the bed together.

Valentine looked up at him, "Ares?"

"Yes, love?"

"There are so many ways we can make love together."

Ares began to kiss gently down Valentine's body, "This first time - please - may I love you as a man loves a woman?  After that, we'll try all the other possibilities, I promise."  Despite what he said, he teased gently at Valentine's erection as he went down to find the hidden folds which were already wet with desire.  He drank Valentine's essence until he felt the body under him arch, then he moved upwards and slid gently home.  His hand tenderly circled the shaft between them and Valentine glowed with pleasure and joy.

"I love you.  My Ari."

He laughed softly, joyfully, "Yes.  Call me that when we're like this, baby."

Then he moved with Valentine and words became redundant as they rose to the peak within seconds of each other.  They rolled so that Valentine was on top and tried it again.  Throughout a long, passion and love-filled night, they sampled all the physical permutations their doubly blessed bodies could manage.  Morning found them in a sated, sweaty and blissed-out tangle.  Valentine slowly stroked through Ares' chest hair, whilst he held his love close.  Ares' smile was radiant.  Making love with Valentine was incalculably better than just plain old sex.  Valentine had met him, soared with him, taken everything he'd given and then come back for seconds.  Ares realised it was always going to be this way.  He'd liberated a sensual and passionate lover who was, if possible, even hornier than he was.

"Baby," he murmured, "I've never been so satisfied before!  I'm positively limp this morning! Wanna shower then a guided tour of the palace and temple?  It's your home too, now."

"Yes, my love."  Valentine gently suckled the nipple close at hand and Ares, in stunned amazement, felt a bolt of pleasure run down his body and suddenly he was erect again.  He had a feeling Valentine would always be able to arouse him at the drop of a hat as well.

"On the other hand..."  he smiled at Valentine and pressed his brand-new consort to the sheets, "Maybe we could try out all those permutations one more time, baby?"

The End