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Liandra and Toridon
In Vino Veritas
High-stakes gambling, Olympian style.  Ares and pretty much everybody else.  Comedy.  NC-17, m/f, m/m. 87k

Xenaverse/Highlandercrossover.  Adventure. Slash. Ongoing. 62k

Black Belt
Ares visits Lisa in the 20th c.  Very short vignette. Het. 4k

The Shower
Ares gets wet.  Comedy.  Suggestive het. 7k

Daddy Challenge story. Herc and Xena annoy Gaia and as a punishment she gives them the minds of  6 year olds, leaving Ares to look after them. 171k
(11/15/00) Ares angers Hephaestus and seeks to pacify him. Slash. 31k
Foiled Again
(11/20/00) Strife blows it, yet again. Slash. 4k
Ares shocks Iphicles out of his grief.  Slash. 17k
Aphrodite and Hephaestus play with Ares. Het, slash. 25k
Lessons in Topping
Ares gives some lessons in topping aka sex in his Temple. Slash. 28k
Ares receives an unusual sacrifice. Slash. 110k
More Feathers
Ares borrows Aphrodite's boa & plays with Iphicles. Slash. 20k
(10/29/00) Iphicles fights with Hercules. Slash. 47k
(1/28/01) Hera takes her revenge on Zeus while a very interested Ares & Strife watch. Three-word challenge story:  tension, colors, contrary. Slash (m/m and f/f). 26k

Feline Interlude
Iphicles is watched by one of the palace cats. Slash. 30k

A Loss of Innocence
Iphicles' first time. Slash. 34k

Spoilers for Desperate Remedies. Lawrence Hayes has to give up an affair. 8k
For Those of You Still Watching
The Gods respond to “Motherhood”. 16k
Ares ponders recent events in Egypt. 6k
Sequel to Reckoning. 10k

Love and War
Ares in the alt. universe.  Adventure.  Slash. 47k
Ares visits Melissa at work.  Comedy.  Het. 6k
Ares watches Xena and Gabrielle.  F/F, implicit het. 10k
Melissa watches Ares watching Herc and Iolaus. Response to the Peeping Challenge. Slash. 9k

Ares, Melora and the writing process. Het. 17k
Through The Mirror
While missing Ares, Melora is transported back in time. Het. 29k
(3/22/01) Ares' wandering eye is caught by Lauren.  Adventure, romance.  Het, slash. Ongoing. 659k

Hell and Honey
Ares, Hercules and Iolaus deal with the results of their neverending feud. Slash. 16k

Mistress Twanky

Alternate Loving
(9/1/00) Ares attends the wedding of Zeus and Aphrodite. AU. Slash.  14k
(11/2/00) Stargate SG1/HtLJ crossover.  Jack O'Neill has opened his big mouth and Daniel Jackson has to do penance to Ares. Slash.  21k
(08/19/00) Three word challenge story. Words: contemplate, burning, perplexed. Slash.  21k

(12/5/00) Xena fights her fear. Het, PWP. 17k
The Debt
5P challenge response. Iolaus collects an outstanding debt. Slash, NC. 50k
(12/11/00) Cupid, God of War, falls in love.  Slash, AU, 147k
(10/30/00) A young Iphicles learns about war..  Slash, AU. 42k
The Novitiate
(8/20/00) 3 word challenge response. Words: night, wolves, silk. Slash, NC, blood. 15k

Brothers, Lovers, Fathers and Enemies
(7/17/00) Ares reflects on his changing relationships with Hercules and Zeus. Slash. 102k

Cupid's Chastisement
(8/31/00) Ares gets angry; Cupid gets punished. Slash, whipping. PWP. 19k.
Our Man in Blue
(08/12/00) Present-day Ares does a favor for Aphrodite.  Slash.  PWP.  Uber.  29k.
Ocean Dreaming
ABC challenge. Iphicles wakes, or dreams of waking. 4k.
Playing the Pawn
(10/22/00) Ares is forced into a mind game. Slash, uncertain consent. 17k.

Ares, Ares, Cupid, Iolaus and a Cat
Slash. 15k
Distant Screams
(1/1/01) Discord gets her claws in Iolaus; Ares and Hercules cut a deal.  Violence. Slash. 63k
Family Secrets
Ares/Herc/Iphicles/Iolaus learn about Alcmene's past loves.   Het, slash, incest. 48k
When Ares Got Bored
Guess what cures him?  Comedy.  Het. 5k

Oshun Anat
And It All Started With a Kneeling God
ABC challenge, featuring Ares and Caesar. Implied slash. 6k
Ares and the Beast
A fairy tale retold, featuring Tham and Ares. Comedy. 11k
Ares with a Cherry on Top
Strife and Cupid prepare to 'eat' Ares.  Slash. 6k
Athens, Greece 90210
A parody of the TV show 'Beverly Hills, 90210.'  Comedy.  Slash. Ongoing. 49k
Bitter Truths
Aphrodite recalls something that happened to Cupid.  Suggested slash. 15k
(8/19/00) Caesar speaks to Iphicles. Three word challenge:domination, jealousy, revenge. Implied slash. 9k
(12/31/00) Iphicles is kidnapped, kinky things happen. Jointly written. Slash.  22k
For Those of You Still Here...
HTLJ/HL crossover in present day.  Comedy.  Slash. 19k
Happiness is a Cuddly Puppy
Ares falls in love with Cupid. Romance. Slash. 9k
Iphicles and the Seven Gods
After an assassination attempt, Iphicles finds the cottage of the Seven Gods. Comedy.  Slash. 21k
The Lab Report
A mock-scientific study with Cupid GoW/Caesar. Comedy.  Het, slash. 14k
Love is a Multi-Species Thing
Ares pisses off Aphrodite (again). Light BDSM, bestiality. Comedy. 17k
The Mask
Joxer gets transported to another universe and meets Firesong. Crossover. Slash. Ongoing.93k
Play Date with a God
Challenge response.  Slash.
Power of Persuasion
5P Challenge response. The Archangel Michael visits Ares,making him an offer that he can't refuse. Slash. 16k
Random Thoughts of a War God
Ares muses. Slash. 4k
Retribution is Forever
A sequel to "Show Me the Meaning." Iphicles and Caesar hunt Ares.  Slash. 4k

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