The Shower
 By Livi
So I was out of the office on Vacation, unfortunately all my credit cards are maxed, my grandmother has recently moved into the house I live in with my parents, and my only limited computer access is in the office.  I was starting to wonder why I was on  vacation, idly I paged through the 3 ring binder where I have put various selection from onelist and was just getting to one of the alternate endings for humming birds when I started wondering if Grammy was alert enough to know if I slipped a video into the machine and found alternate ways to entertain myself, I had actually opened the cabinet where I keep my supplies (videos, rubber things, leather things, x-tra batteries, etc.) when the old girl stuck her head in the room to tell me lunch was ready.  No, I did not scream, but I could swear that my head would have been in ceiling if I had been standing.  Looking a my bed she spied the open note book and asked what I was doing.  I truthfully told her that was I was reading some material I had printed at my office.

I thank god I was still wearing my shorts as I followed her downstairs, somewhat out of sorts.  Now understand Gram is 86 and lonely with only the dog to keep her company during most days, I felt obligated to try to make some conversation but currently my train of thought had been well, derailed. I took a bite of the sandwich she had made for me and asked something banal about the crossword puzzle.  I was just finishing lunch, when I felt the curious sensation of large hands was verrrrry gently running up and down my arms.  The last bite of sandwich I had in my mouth went down the wrong way and I started to cough.  One of the hands that had been caressing delivered a few well placed smacks between my shoulder blades as my grandmother tried to hand me a glass of juice.  After the obstruction in my thought has been cleared I looked behind me but did not see anybody.  "You really have got to slow down......." My grandmother was chastising me, but I just couldn't concentrate on her words as the hands had taken up where they left off. They were now messaging my knotted shoulders and then down to my breasts.  "Are you feeling alright" my concerned grandparent asked my as I was starting to get more and more flushed.  One of the hands had just brushed against my stomach as it slowly and methodically worked its way down. "I think I will go take a bath, yes I think a shower would be a very good idea."  I babbled as I made my escape.

I stripped off my clothes as I climbed the stairs, The hands had multiplied, I now had a sets of hands at all of my most sensitive places,  After remembering to lock the bathroom door I turned the shower on as hot as I could stand it at the same time I put the plunger into the tub and sprinkled bath salts into the water and finally let my quivering body slowly sink to the kneeling position as my legs could no longer support my weight.  I became aware of a slow honeyed laugh at the same time I became aware of solid presence behind me.  I looked down in front of me and saw a set of legs on either side of my body.  Just then all the invisible hands stopped their mischief, but before I had time to protect the lack of stimulus  I felt a real hand on each hip slowly pulling me down until I was impaled. Rocking back and forth with his arms around me and the hot needles of water around my shoulders I was lost in a sea of sensation, that just went on and on and on.

I lost track of time (actually thought that time had stopped) but when the water started to get cold I reached up to turn the shower off and a low voice said "oh no we not done yet" In a blur I found myself swung around with my back pushed against the wall of the shower.  To maintain a sense of equilibrium and to keep from falling (yea right) I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms about his shoulders allowing my hand to grab handfuls of wet curls and the rhythm was started again this time with the icy little needles of water stinging my head and shoulders.  As I regained lucidity I looked at the man who now held me cradled in his arms and gave a contented sigh.  I became aware of my altered surroundings, The water had been turned off and the stander tub has been replace with a whirlpool, he slowly set be down to my feet gave me an impish grin and asked when I would be ready for another Vacation.