Ares knelt patiently waiting for Him to give him another order. But He had no desire to do that any time soon, He so enjoyed the sight of the War God submitting to Him.

Caesar smiled,  He had always known that His destiny was for something great, He knew that this was only the beginning. Destiny, such a rough path to follow in life. Even though many people claimed to have control over their own destiny, He knew better. Finally, He spoke.

"Get up, pet." He smiled, He was going to have so much fun. "I want you to tell Me why you are here. Just speak what is on your mind. Kinky sex only, tired of fucking mortals the same way every time? Like the idea of being beaten just to the point of bleeding and serving Me like I am more important then Zeus himself? Maybe you feel guilty for all the Wars you have started and want to purge it; although if that is the case you hide your emotions well. Nod if you understand My question and wish to answer; shake if you wish to leave, remembering that you can not see me again unless I will it."

Only a slight second later, Ares nodded and then spoke. "Please, Sir, You have fascinated me like no one else." Quietly he added, "So few mortals are like you, ambitious and intelligent. Rare are followers who know when to fight words first, instead of just jumping into battle. Sadly, most men like you prefer to follow my sister Athena, but I know that I must be boring you. Teach me, Caesar, teach me to feel pain, it is something that I have always blocked out, but You are an example of how pain leads to growth."

Using all his strength, Caesar backhanded the kneeling god. Viciously he growled, "You will address Me as Sir, Lord or Master. When you are worthy, should such time ever come, or when W/we meet in a public place you may call me Caesar."

"X, spread your self in the shape of Chi. You will look so handsome all battered and bruised for My pleasure. Zeus will be jealous of your good fortune!"

* * *

And so Ares' training began. Begging for pleasure. Crying out in pain. Desperate to cum. Eager to feel sensations that he had never felt before. Fear and barriers breaking down as he became more confident in himself. Guided by his Master, Ares found new focus in his work. He gave more thought to his plans and strategies. Improbable as it may seem, he began to be to out maneuver Athena herself. Just when he felt strong and able to take whatever his Master wanted to give, He always found something else to torment him. Kindness and affection were rarely shown. Love was always present, although neither would admit it.

 "Mars" soon rose to prominence in Rome, thanks to His guidance and leadership. No one would deny the bond between the two men. Only fools refused to see that it was they who ruled Rome completely. Peasants were pleased, they had never felt safer knowing that their leader was blessed by Mars himself. Quiet minorities wished for the old days, when the Senate still had power. Rarely did anyone speak of the days before the alliance was formed, and only then to prove how much better life was today. Songs were song in the pairs name. Tales were told of Caesar's victories on the battle field. Unrest was quelled by the mention of their leader's name and reminders of what happened to His enemies. Very few people dared to show any dislike of Caesar. Xena was one of them, but no one thought highly of her, they knew about how she tried to kill the gods. Yes, the people of Rome  happy, even as many of them lived
in abject poverty. Zeus be praised; Ares had brought Caesar what no one else had; happiness.

And it all started with a kneeling God.