"Remember that what pulls the strings is the force hidden within; there lies the power to persuade, there the life,--there, if one must speak out, the real man."
-  Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

"Speaking generally, punishment hardens and numbs, it produces obstinacy, it sharpens the sense of alienation and strengthens the power of resistance."
– Nietzsche

The world tilted crazily around Ares as he fell to the stone floor of an unfamiliar place.  He dusted himself off as he got to his feet, and looked around.  The first thing that caught his attention is the winged figure crouching gargoyle-like on the railing beside the wide steps.

"Who are you and why did you bring me here?" the god demanded.

With surprising agility, the winged figure bounded to his feet.  "I had to bring you far from your temple, away from the support of your people and their turbulent emotions."  His hand indicated the surroundings. "Here you have no supporters.  Here is a place of calm and rational thought, not hate and violent thought.  Here you have no power."

Ares' eyes did not leave the winged figure as it paced before him.  "Who are you?"


"Where are we?"

"The Temple of Athena, the Halls of  Wisdom."

“Why did you bring me here?”

“I came to propose an alliance.”

Ares snorted. “Why would you want to do that? Haven’t you listened to all the gossip? That I don’t keep my end of the bargain. That I’m *evil*. You are that angelic goody-good, aren’t you?”

Michael turned away from Ares, pretending to stare intently at a mural depicting Athena’s support of Troy. “There are compelling arguments for that: you enjoy violence and your revel in bloodshed. You allow innocents to die in battle when they do not deserve to. You are selfish, doing things for your own gain, although I could hardly accuse you of being the only God on Olympus that does that. You revel in revenge and protecting that which is yours with a ferocity that is unmatched amongst your peers. On the other hand, when I raised the Horsemen to give the Earth a fresh beginning you tried to fight Us and keep the mortal population alive—selfish motivation or not, it was more than your peers have done. Your interest in keeping a steady base of worshippers is why I am here. I have an offer for you that will allow you to continue being worshipped, even after the Twilight of the Gods decimates the belief in the Greek pantheon once and for all.”

Ares peered cautiously at the obsidian wings obstructing his view of Michael. “I’m listening.”

“The cult of Eli is gaining a stronghold in the mortal realm; even as we speak, more and more people are joining the work of the light. A situation my Master finds most appealing, to be sure, but He fears that We will run into problems because We do not fully understand these mortals.”

Michael turned around and met Ares’ steady gaze. “We are fully able to see the good or evil inside a particular mortal, much in the same way Hades can. But We have trouble understanding the motivations behind such people. As We get more of the so called “evildoers” into our folds We need someone who can tell Us whether the person is a thief because he needs the food or the money if he can not get it some other way, or if he is doing for the thrill of the hunt, the surge of power he gets from
the fear of his victims.”

No longer afraid of his kidnapper, Ares asked with an air of boredom, “So what is it that you are offering? I’m a busy God, you know. Wars to start, vengeance to take, acolytes to fuck, that sort of thing.”

“I’m offering you a position that would make you my near equal. You would help identify and punish those who act against the Light along with your normal duties of regulating War, rest assured We recognize the need to control the mortal population.”

“That’s it? I’m your flunky? I don’t think so. Call me when you have an offer worthy of me.”

He turned to walk out, but was stopped by a ring of fire surrounding him from all around, even from up above.

“You will not leave until I am ready to let you leave.”

“Why should I stay? I don’t have any desire to become celibate for all eternity. Unlike you, I happen to have a sex drive.”

A smirk threatened to ruin to the cool expression on the Archangel's face.  “I do really have to wonder why the cult of Eli preaches celibacy. I mean sex isn’t so holy that only married people can do it. Think about  it Ares: yes, sex is a natural function, while primarily designed for procreation, there is no reason not to enjoy it. We are
blessed with the ability to find pleasure in the act. The pleasure was a gift from my Master and should be revered as such. But then again, why limit such ecstasy to members of the opposite sex?  Similar partners have so much to offer each other..." his voice trailed off as he moved through the ring of fire, which flared white hot as he passed though and then burned away with a bright crackle, stopping only when he was pressed up against Ares’ back, strong arms holding Ares still. A skilled finger worked its way  inside the open vest to brush against Ares' nipple, just grazing the flesh. “We know where We like to be touched. You do like this, don’t you, Ares? Tell me that you do.” The one finger became two, then three, the fingers getting more insistent as they lavished attention to Ares’ now taut right nipple, alternatively pinching and rubbing the brown flesh.  “You like it, don’t you Ares?”

Ares moaned and tried to break away from Michael’s touch, only to be thwarted when his hand was unceremoniously grabbed by Michael, while the huge wings brushed against Ares’ cheek “None of that, my War God.” A gold belt materialized suddenly, wrapping itself around Ares’ right hand, and then the left. Once again leaning into Ares’ ear he whispered, “Don’t resist Me Ares.  You could break out of My belt but then you would never know what you are missing, would you?”

Ares was more then ready to  rip the belt to shreds right then and there but then he felt a cool breeze blow across his cock. Before he could demand Michael to stop a warm, wet mouth engulfed his cock. It was then that he realized that there were two pairs of wings in the room. He managed to grunt "Who?" before grabbing onto the smaller black wings before him and thrusting into the talented mouth.

A slick finger worked its way into Ares' ass as Michael answered him between sharp nips on Ares' neck. "His name is Gabriel. One of My top assistants and one of the highest ranking angels of the Light. You like it, don't you? Knowing that you can fuck him whenever you want...no one to stop you...he won't protest...he's been too well trained to resist his superiors..." The short nips stopped as Michael began to work his
way down Ares' back while Gabriel leisurely licked at Ares' balls.

"Just get it through your head, Michael: you're not going to fuck me!" Ares tried to growl but it turned into a helpless yelp as Gabriel worked one finger, then two into Ares' ass.

Michael dug sharpened nails into Ares' back and slowly dragged them down, admiring the blood welling up in the shallow cuts before leaning down to lick them up. Not pausing to look up at Ares he just muttered in reply, "I will, Ares. There is nothing you can do to stop me. Besides, you want to be fucked don't you? Look at your cock, so hard and dripping, begging for Gabriel to return to it, your ass clenching his fingers tighter and tighter trying to milk them like a cock. You will beg for my cock soon, Ares. You won't be able to think about anything else. You want to beg like a street whore don't you Ares? You'd do anything for my cock in your ass wouldn't you? Say the word War God and I'll grant your wish...your ass will be so well fucked that you'll wish that we'd done this long, long ago."

Ares groaned in disappointment as Gabriel disappeared in a blazing flash of the purest white light, leaving his ass empty and his cock cruelly bereft of attention.

"My my, Ares, aren't you such a slut for attention! Just like the rest of your kind! Now, Ares, beg me to fuck your ass, to use you like the whore you are or I'll leave you  here, helpless, unable to move, and I'll send your favorite woman, my newest helper in the Light, Callisto, to come finish you off...you'd love to have her fuck herself on you, Ares wouldn't you? Of course, she doesn't really have many skills left,
so you'd be here for hours, unable to satisfy yourself while she feebly attempts to give you pleasure. Beg me, Ares, I know what you want, what you need. Beg me and I'll give you pleasure that only He knows how good it can really be..."

Desperate now to fuck, Ares tried to break the belt holding his hands together and found that he couldn't. Outraged, he blocked the sensations coming from his ass as Michael rimmed him, screaming "MICHAEL!"

Sighing, Michael looked up from Ares' ass. "I want you to beg Me, not yell at Me. What's the matter Ares? Did you find out that you can't get out of My belt?"

"You lying bastard! Let me go!"

"What's the matter, Ares? Hate being on the receiving end of lies? What about all those people you've done this too? All the people you've left chained to the altar for the night, to the mercy of your horny priests?"

"You fucking bastard! Let me go! I'll never work for you!"

"Oh, you'll change your tune later when you have no followers left, but now , I'm just content to give you the fucking that you deserve and obviously want." He stroked Ares cock once, then twice before returning his attentions to Ares' ass. "Don't fight me Ares, you aren't leaving until I have that divine ass of yours and I'm not going to fuck you until you beg Me. I am more than willing to wait until you beg for it."

Ares hissed as small piece of black leather wrapped around the base of his cock. "What the fuck are you doing, Michael?"

"I’m not fucking anyone at the moment Ares, and really, someone who seems to like to practice...restraint...as much as you should surely know what I am doing. I wouldn't want you to get yourself off before I'm ready for you to.  You know what I want you to do, Ares." Michael reached down and stroked Ares' cock harshly, fingernails scraping the underside of the sensitive flesh. "Just do what I want and the sooner you'll come and I'll let you free."

Ares desperately tried to find some way out of this, but soon his aching cock overrode any plans of fleeing. Gritting his teeth he growled, "Fuck me!"

Continuing his assault on Ares' cock Michael responded "What was that? I thought I heard that you wanted Me to fuck you, but that wasn't really begging."

"Fuck me please, you bastard!!"

"You don't sound sincere, Ares!  I won't fuck you until you sound like you mean it." He dropped to his knees and deep-throated Ares' cock in one smooth motion. A deep purr was ripped from Ares' throat as he leaned into one of  Michael's wings for leverage. "*Please* Michael, fuck me!"

Michael stood up and met Ares' angry and lustful gaze with a hard look of his own. "Are you a whore, Ares?"

It took all of his willpower not to try and throttle Michael, but he managed to control his temper and growl. "Yes."

"Are you My whore?"

"I swear, Michael, when I get free I'm going to lead an attack on the Light that will make what you did with the Horsemen seem like nothing more than child's play."

"No, you won't. You'll love the sensation of My cock in your ass too much to risk killing Me. Now tell Me, Ares, are you My whore?"

"Yes, Damn you! I'm your whore, now fuck me!!"

A smile tugged at Michael's face. "Since you asked *so* politely." Grabbing the gold belt, he lead Ares over to Athena's altar . Pushing Ares so that he was laying down on top of the altar, the gold belt split in two and became two chains that attached themselves to the top of the altar. Michael's armor was the next to disappear, revealing his tanned, muscular frame and hard cock that was nearly the same size as Ares'.

Now that he finally had Ares where he wanted him, Michael dispelled with any further talk. Throwing Ares' legs over his shoulders, Michael plunged his entire cock deep into Ares'  ass, still slickened from the oil on Gabriel's fingers, in one strong stroke.

"Yessssss.. So tight...maybe you are not My whore after all.." he pulled out and thrusted deeply again. "You are as tight as a virgin. Perhaps you would prefer to be My bride instead!" as He continued his rough assault on Ares' ass, his hand reached up and stroked Ares' cock in time to his thrusts.

From then on the only sounds to be heard were the sounds of flesh on flesh and of the moans of the two men as they both got the release they had been waiting for. Finally after what seemed to be an eternity to Ares, Michael reached and removed the leather band from Ares cock. Emptying himself into Ares' ass he yelled, "Come for Me, My wife!!"

Ares' world went black as he came stronger and harder than he had in millennia.

* * *
Ares awoke still bound and naked on the altar. Michael was dressed and eating an apple out of a bowl of fruit that had been left in offering. Athena and her newest Grecian lover, standing behind them, stroking each other lovingly.

"You're awake."

Ares fought against the chains but the chains held him fast. "You told me that you'd let me go! And what are they doing here?"

"So I did. I lied. You leave your lovers at the mercy of others, so I thought I might do the same to you. Besides, this *is* Athena's temple."

He finished the apple and made the core disappear before licking the juice off of his fingers.

Turning to Athena he bowed, nodded and smiled. "Give me a call when you are done with him." Turning back to Ares, he gave Ares a brief apple-scented kiss on the lips. "Have fun, My bride."