Background: While completing research on the ability of a god to be able to function sexually for days on end, one of my research assistants, by the name of Jess, came down with the flu. As a means of encouraging her to regain her health, my other assistant offered her the use of any several of our test subjects, including Cupid God of Love (GoL), Cupid God of War (GoW), Hades, the God of Underworld, and Caesar, a chosen mortal consort of both Cupid GoW and Ares GoW (See earlier reports by other researchers at

I felt concern for my assistant that if she chose to use Caesar and Cupid GoW as medicine,  she might not only hinder her recovery, but make herself worse. At that moment, I decided to conduct research to decide how healthy a mortal has to be in order to satiate (for however short the time period may be) them.

Purpose: Discover amount of energy needed to be able to satiate the god and the man.

Hypothesis: One must be in peak physical condition to have enough energy for the two of them.

Materials Used: silk scarves, chains, four poster bed

Pre-lab Set up: Invite said couple over to mortal female's house (from here on in referred to as "I") and try to guide the night in ways that make it easier to study energy usage.


Experiment One: Energies expended while in control.

Set Up: Bedroom, 4 poster bed with deep black silk sheets, lighting provided by candles scattered around the room. Caesar was already naked, tanned skin glowing in the light. Cupid was like wise naked, dark wings extended, and almost invisible in the dark room.

Procedure: We started by drawing straws to see who would be on tied up first. Much to the his initial chagrin, Caesar drew the short straw. After a minute or so, he capitulated and allowed himself to be tied up. I used the finest silk scarves from China to ensure that Caesar would not be injured this early in the trials. Seeing that Caesar was securely bound, Cupid and I silently agreed on our plan of attack. Cupid started by leaning down and kissing Caesar. several moments later he started moving lower, alternating between bites and sucks on the neck, marking Caesar as his own. His head trailed down Caesar's chest until he reached the brown nipples. He took one into his mouth, sucking it to prominence before biting it hard enough to draw blood, causing Caesar to gasp in a mix of pain/pleasure. He then licked it gently, as a mother does to her child's wound. This treatment continued for several minutes, until Cupid stopped to attack the other one. By studying Caesar's expressions, the sounds of his breathing and his occasional thrashing against the bonds, it was possible for me to tell that Caesar was thoroughly enjoying the experience, yet that he was no closer to losing control. I decided that it was time to increase the stimulation that he was receiving. After removing the small piece of lingerie that was keeping me clothed, I move towards the bed. I examined Caesar's glorious cock. It stood at full attention, the purple head beginning to come out of the foreskin, and  dripping with pre-cum. I straddled myself  over the subject and bent over to gently lick the head. I looked upon hearing a satisfied hiss from my subject. Knowing that I was heading in the right direction I continue with my task. As my hands cup and fondle the heavy balls, I bend back over and begin to lick and suck my way down the proud organ. The minutes pass,and the moans became more and more frequent, and louder each second. From prior research I know that he is about to cum, so as final stimulation, I deep throat the whole cock. This did prove enough stimulation to make him cum, causing his bittersweet seed to flow into my mouth. I swallow as much as possible and noted how the simple act of swallowing my subjects cum has brought me closer to the edge. Cupid looks up and smiles, crawls over to where I am, and kisses me to savor the taste of his lover. His hand reaches down to my clit and begins to massage it. It does not take much, and soon I am cumming myself. Cupid raises his hands to lick my juices off his fingers and decides that he needs to learn more about the woman studying him...

Experiment Two: Amount energy expended while not being in control.

With a snap of Cupid's fingers, Caesar was free and I tied up in his place. The two discussed their options of what to with me, while keeping their voices low enough so that I would not be able to hear their discussion. Then they reached an agreement. I waited for them to come over to me, but then I saw the gleam in their eye that told me that they were up to what parents refer to as "no good." The pair started kissing and caressing each other, hands moving up and down the sleek muscular bodies of one another, eventually reaching the two cocks. At this point in time, the God had not yet cum, and wanted to rectify this situation. Breaking the kiss, he pushed subject Caesar down onto his knees, and grabbed his head pulling it against his raging hard-on. The man complied with his partners wishes, and opened his mouth and began to savor the treat before them. He licked his way up and down the shaft then the balls. Caesar was preparing to deep-throat it when Cupid abruptly pulled out of Ceasar's mouth. In that second he smiled at me; at the same time my legs parted, hoping that I would no longer be ignored. My hypothesis that I was going to be fucked was disproved when Cupid grinned evilly, turned his lover around and plunged one finger into Caesar's opening. He slowly stretched the man, the spicy scent of magically appearing oil filling the room, and the moans of Caesar igniting my desire more. I watched him thrust into the mortal again and again, my clit throbbing with need more and more every second, screaming for a release that I could not give it. I was brought partially back to reality when I heard the God cum, screaming Caesar's name, followed seconds later by Caesar's yell as he too, came. Minutes passed, then the two turned their attention on me.

Cupid said to Caesar "I think it is time that we teach her a lesson for trying to study us." [At this time I remembered that the God had the ability to read minds, but at the time I was too far gone to think truly coherent thoughts..nevertheless, as will be shown, the fact that my subjects knew what I was doing will have no effect on the outcome of the evening]  Caesar replied "What shall we do with her?"

 "Punish her like the naughty girl she is. She has already been on time out--look at how swollen her clit it, the juices streaming down her thighs--and now it is time to continue it with a spanking"

 "Sounds like fun. I want to spank her."

 "Maybe later. I want to, and Gods to get priority."

With that I found myself bent over Cupid's lap. The God wasted no time in raising his hand up and bringing it down hard on my ass. He repeated this several times, each successive time, the pain turning more and more to pleasure,while I watched Caesar slowly stroke himself. Cupid's other hand began snaking its way down to my clit and began to massage it. The combined stimulation was more than I could stand, and I came, screaming "Oh Gods!"

 As I came down from my euphoria, I heard Caesar say "I have an idea. Let us fuck her until she begs us to stop, and then fuck her some more. I want to use every fiber in her body to pleasure us."

 To which Cupid replied "I like the way you think. How would you like her?"

 "I want to fuck her cunt, her ass. I want to lick her, I want her to lick me; I want her to always remember who is in control of whom."

I knew from the smile that had spread across his face that while I would not be hurt, things would never be the same again. Never before had I experienced anything like this, and I had a feeling that it would only be a matter of time before I did this again.

 [It is important to note that at this particular moment in time, I begin to lose a coherent record of my activities. The following is only a recollection of the next few hours. Things my be out of order, but the main core of my research will not have been lost.]

 I remember being fucked by both man and god at the same time. Sometimes it would be Caesar fucking my cunt while Cupid was in my ass. Sometimes it would be the other way around. There were times that while I sucked Caesar and Caesar sucked me, Cupid would be pounding into Caesar's ass. I think that by the end of that night, there was not a position that we had not tried.

 Another thing which varied that night was how much pity they took on me. Sometimes the would bring me to the brink of orgasm and not let me cum until I begged them, screaming as loud as I could, other times they seemed intent on making me cum as fast as they possibly could. Sometimes the effort would be by the two of them, other times just by one, almost as if it was a race to see who was better fuck. I lost count of how many times I had cum that night, though it seemed to feel like a dozen.

 It all seemed to stop around dawn of the next day. My cunt was so swollen and my ass so sore, and I was so tired that they decided to end it, and allowed me to go to sleep.

 I woke up that evening, with a note on my night stand that read along the lines that they have never enjoyed themselves more, and that we were going to do this again, only next time their visit would be unannounced. It was also suggested that I should try and keep up on my sleep, a suggestion that I have all intentions of following. [For original content of note, see Appendix A] After reading the note, I jotted down what I could remember and promptly fell asleep.

Conclusion: The amount of energy consumed during a night with Cupid GoW and Julius Caesar varies upon three things 1)How you are being fucked [graphs A.1 to A.4] 2)How hard/fast you are being fucked [graphs B.1 to B.4] and 3)How insatiable their lust is that night [graphs C.1 to C.3] (Thamiris, Triumvirate,I-III) My research has shown that if Jess had chosen these two for that evening while she was still ill, she would not have been able to make it through the night without causing a relapse.