"Chevron Seven encoded," the loudspeakers put out as Doctor Daniel Jackson adjusted his backpack.  Watching the Stargate open never failed to send a burst of excitement through him. It was amazing to him that by stepping through the large stone gate, that they could go from earth to an infinite number of other worlds, even universes.  The hope of the SG1 team was to find worlds that had defeated the Goa'uld and return with a weapon to fight the self proclaimed gods.  Even with sending the Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe through beforehand to determine whether or not it was safe for human teams to proceed through the Stargate, the SG-1 team never knew what archaeological finds awaited them on the other side.  And archaeological finds were what interested Daniel the most.

Daniel waited until Colonel Jack O'Neill and Captain Samantha Carter entered the Stargate, and then took his turn, which allowed the Jaffa, Teal'c, to bring up the rear.

It was always disorienting to go through the viscous liquid of the wormhole, but Daniel had finally stopped wanting to puke up his guts each time he arrived at his destination.  The landscape around the Stargate was thick with green trees and foliage.  Temperature was warm without being oppressive.

"Nice place for a vacation," Sam said, looking around.  "Almost looks like the Garden of Eden."

"Ah, a biblical reference," Teal'c said.  "The place where the first man and woman were created.  God made them a garden paradise."

"I see you've been reading your Bible, Teal'c.  What I want to know is, if it was such a paradise, then why did they leave?" Jack asked, sardonically.

"Well, it's kind of a long story," Daniel said, as Jack looked around for possible threats to their safety.

"The Devil tricked Eve, gave her an apple to eat, she gave it to Adam and he ate it and they got kicked out," Sam explained.

"I knew that," Jack said under his breath.

"Obviously not as long a story as I thought," Daniel said, shrugging.

"Okay, guys, let's spread out," Jack ordered.  "We rendezvous back here in one hour.  Got it?  Carter, you go with Teal'c.  Daniel, you're with me.  I don't want you getting all absorbed in some ancient ruin and losing track of time."

"Ah, Jack..." Daniel said.

"Ah, Daniel," Jack mocked, then gestured for Daniel to proceed him.

Daniel started to complain, but just pushed his glasses back up on his nose and shook his head.  It was true that he did sometimes get involved in solving archeological riddles, but Jack just didn't understand how important learning about ancient societies could be.  Jack's idea of a good time was drinking a beer while fishing.

They walked for some time before arriving at what Daniel recognized as an ancient temple.

"This is strange," Daniel said, looking at the architecture of the building.

"What?" Jack was checking the place out for signs of recent activity.

"This looks like ancient Greek styling, but the vegetation is more sub-tropical instead of what you would expect of dry Grecian summers."

"So?" Jack asked.

"Nothing," Daniel shrugged.  "Just strange."

Going up to the doors, Daniel pushed one open.  The air smelled stale, as if no one had visited the temple in some time.  They went inside and looked around.  Cobwebs draped from the ceiling joining the thick dust upon the floor.  In fact, every surface in the building was coated with the same dust.

"Looks like they need to fire the housekeepers," Jack quipped.  "Any sign of Goa'uld technology?"

Daniel picked up a metal cup from an altar, blew off the dust to examine it. Sneezing, he shook his head.  "No, no advanced technology here.  This looks like a temple to Ares, the God of War.  See the armor, the weapons?  The ancient Greeks were a superstitious  lot.  They believed gods had control over their lives.   If they had problems in their love life, they would pray to Aphrodite to intervene.  They would pray to Demeter for a good harvest." Daniel put down the cup and brushed his hands against his pant leg to remove the dust.

"It's hard to believe that people could be that naïve," Jack said, shaking his head.

"I don't know," Daniel said.  "It made sense for them to look to a higher power for hope.  It's not much different than people believing in God now. Look at this statue."  Daniel pointed at a large statue of Ares in armor.

"Yeah, so?"  Jack didn't seem impressed.

"If you had been born then, you would have probably made sacrifices to Ares to help you in battle," Daniel said.

"No way, Danny Boy," Jack laughed and rubbed the top of Daniel's head.  He hated when Jack did that.  It made him feel like a twelve-year old little brother instead a part of the SG-1 team.  He was thirty-four years old, for God's sake!

"There would be no way that I'd ever bow down to some tin-plated god," Jack continued.  "They make people believe in them, believe in their false powers. Just like the Goa'uld use their advance technology to fool people into believing they are gods.  That's even if there was such a thing as a God of War."

Daniel watched, his eyes growing wide as a figure appeared behind Jack.  He saw no sign of the Goa'uld transport rings, just a flash of light, then a large dark haired man dressed in black leather standing there.  He had a neatly trimmed beard and dark eyes flashing with anger.  But what made Daniel the most nervous was his close resemblance to the statue.

"Yeah, old Ares.  He was probably just some warlord with delusions of grandeur. I bet he made his statue look extra big and imposing to keep the riff-raff in line.  I doubt he was even that handsome.  He was probably homely and short."

"Ah, Jack..." Daniel tried to interrupt, but Jack was on a roll.

"He probably had some flashy moves and a wicked sword."  Jack put his hands out as though he were holding a sword and waved it around.

"Jack!" Daniel called louder.  When Jack finally shut up and raised his eyebrow in inquiry, Daniel pointed behind him.

Jack swirled around and took a step backward in surprise at seeing the leather clad man.  He immediately drew his sidearm.  Backing toward Daniel, he said in a low voice, "Why didn't you say something?"

Daniel shot Jack an exasperated look, then took a step forward and made greetings in an ancient dialect of Greek.  He wasn't sure if the stranger would understand or not.  When he got no response, he tried another.

"I can understand you," the man said in perfect English, crossing his well-muscled arms.  His feet encased in black leather boots were planted firmly on the ground.  On the whole, he was a very intimidating individual, especially with the frown on his face.

"Oh good," Daniel tried to smile as he exchanged a worried look with Jack. The stranger had heard at least some of Jack's ridicule of Ares.  "My name is Daniel Jackson and this is..."

"Colonel Jack O'Neill," Jack stayed where he was and kept the gun steady on the stranger.

The stranger stood up straighter.  "I am Ares," he proclaimed.  "God of War. I'm *not* an imposter or tin-plated.  You can't hurt me with your toy, little man."  Ares nodded at the gun in O'Neill's hand.

"What do you think?" Jack whispered aside to Daniel.  "Is he alive or one of those hologram things like Thor on Cimmeria?"

"Thor??!!" Ares thrust out a hand and the weapon in Jack's hand grew very hot.  The colonel dropped it and blew on his stinging hand.  Ares took a step forward, grabbed Jack by the scruff of the neck and lifted him off the ground.  "I'm nothing like that blowhard!"

"That answers my question," Jack quipped nervously.  "No hologram."

Daniel stepped forward and held up his hands.  "Please, forgive us.  We do not mean to offend."

"Daniel..." Jack looked down on the ground at his weapon.  Daniel followed his gaze and saw that it was nothing more than a pool of liquid metal.

"Jack, let me handle this," Daniel ordered in a low voice.  This was serious and Jack wasn't the best diplomat in the world.  When Jack looked like he was going to argue, Daniel pleaded, "Please."

Jack winced.  "Your call."

"We meant no disrespect," Daniel said.  "We have come to gain knowledge about this society. We are fighting an enemy who call themselves gods and hope to obtain means to defeat them. Perhaps, you can help us."

Ares released Jack who barely caught himself before he fell down.

"What enemy?" Ares demanded.  "Dahak?"

"No, the Goa'uld." Jack straightened his jacket.  "Maybe you've met them. They carry nasty snakes around inside them.  Eyes glow when they talk.  They wear armor shaped like Egyptian idols.  Sound familiar?"

"No."  Ares shook his head.  "Why should I help you?"  His tone was confrontational.

"If we got to this world, so could the Goa'ulds," Jack said.  "And let me tell you, you don't want them here.  They go to a world, set themselves up to be gods, then make slaves of the humans."

"So, what does it matter?  Slave to 'Goa'uld' or slave to another human? Why should I be concerned with mere humans?" Ares asked arrogantly.  "Some can be entertaining, but the majority are basically annoying."

"Why...you..." Jack sputtered.

"You spoke of Dahak," Daniel interrupted quickly, putting a restraining hand on Jack's arm.  "May I ask who is he?"

"He is -- was an evil god.  He was defeated...by my half-brother, Hercules."

"Hercules?" Daniel asked, interested.  "As in the Hercules of the twelve labors?"

Ares rolled his eyes.  "Yeah, that Hercules.  He's nothing but a pain in the ass, if you ask me.  Always going around trying to 'help' people.  I've had more good wars stopped in their tracks because of that do-gooder.  And his little blond sidekick is almost as annoying as your friend there."  He nodded at O'Neill.

"Hey!" Jack protested.  He started to move forward, but Ares flicked a hand toward him and Jack flew backwards to land against the far wall.  When he didn't get up, Daniel started to go over to him but suddenly he couldn't move his legs.  He looked up to see Ares walking toward him.

"You," Ares smiled, standing very close to Daniel, looking him up and down. "On the other hand, know the proper way to speak to a god.  What gods do you worship?"

"Our people worships different gods," Daniel said, nervously.  "Many believe in only one God."

"The god of the light?" Ares sneered.  "I've met the followers of Eli. Sheep, all of them....believing that love will conquer all.  Idiots.  Who do *you* worship?"

"I really don't worship any god," Daniel said, sweeping a quick glance at Jack who was out cold on the ground.  At least Daniel hoped that he was just unconscious.  "My parents were scientists, they didn't have the time or inclination for organized religion.  I study ancient religions and societies."

"Your companion is undamaged," Ares reassured.  "He is just sleeping.  He will remain so, until I wake him up."

Daniel watched for movement of Jack's chest.  Yes, he was breathing.  Daniel breathed a sigh of relief.  He probably shouldn't believe Ares, but he had a feeling that the *god* didn't need to lie.

"You care about him?" Ares asked.

"Of course, he's my friend and the commander of our team," Daniel said quickly.

"But not your lover?"  Ares raised an eyebrow.

"L-lover?" Daniel stuttered.  "Why would you think that?"

"The way that you look at him, the way he talks to you."  Ares shrugged.

"No," Daniel shook his head.  "We're just friends.  Jack would never think of me in that way. We've worked together for some time."

"But you have thought of him in that way," Ares said.

Daniel was sure that he was blushing, but he didn't reply.  Let Ares read what he would into that.

Good," Ares smiled.

That smile made Daniel very uncomfortable.  The self-proclaimed God of War seemed to be coming onto him.  Ares' next action confirmed his suspicions. A warm hand ran down from Daniel's cheek to his neck.

"You come to my temple," Ares said in a low tone that sent shivers down Daniel's spine.  "What will you sacrifice to me?"

"Sacrifice?" Daniel asked, his voice raising an octave as the hand wandered downward.

Ares smiled again.  "My subjects normally bring a sacrifice when they petition for my help, to *sweeten* my mood.  Sometimes a blood sacrifice," he said, looking over at the unconscious Jack, before looking back at Daniel. "Sometimes, a sacrifice of a more fleshy nature."  The hand was now firmly planted on Daniel's ass.

Daniel swallowed.  Jack and the others might think that he was naïve, but he knew exactly what the god was insinuating.  If Daniel didn't cooperate, Jack was going to end up being the sacrifice, and a bloody one at that.  What Daniel couldn't understand was how Ares got his powers.  He didn't seem to use any equipment; he was very strong and had telekinetic abilities.  There had to be a scientific explanation.

"I don't suppose you take Visa?" Daniel asked, hopefully.

"Visa?" Ares shook his head.  "You mortals use such strange language."

"If I agree, you'll release Jack?" Daniel asked.

"If I'm pleased with your sacrifice," Ares said.  "I'll release your friend. You have the word of the God of War."

It wasn't exactly ideal, but Daniel wasn't confident of Jack's chances if he didn't acquiesce.  Hell, he wasn't confident of his own chances.  Besides it wasn't as if he was a blushing virgin.  He'd had sex with a man before. Granted, it had been four years ago when he was doing graduate studies with Professor Jordan and Steven was a mere man and not a god, but how different could it be?  Daniel had thought...all right...fantasized about doing it with Jack, but fearing rejection or worse, had not had the courage to approach the other man.

"What if I don't agree?" Daniel asked.  He had to make sure he had no other options before committing himself to an action that he might be sorry about later.

"You will be free to go.  You have done nothing to displease me."  Ares shrugged and waved a hand.  Suddenly Daniel could move his legs again.

"And Jack?" Daniel asked, looking at his unconscious team member.

"Your friend will have to remain until he works off his penance," Ares said, offhand.  "I promise his penance would be much more bloody than yours and far less enjoyable."

Damn Jack and his mouth!  And Jack had the nerve to suggest that Daniel was the one that got them into trouble all the time.  He ought just to let Jack fend for himself!  But if Daniel didn't appease the God of War, then Ares would take out his ire on Jack.  The colonel was going to owe him one, a big one.  *Right, Daniel...as if you would ever tell Jack what you did to get his ass out of the fire.*

"All right," Daniel said resigned, taking off his backpack and laying it on the ground.  "What do you want me to do?"

"A willing sacrifice...very promising," Ares grinned.  He came over, stood next to Daniel and held out his elbow.  "Hold on."

Daniel barely had time to grab hold of Ares' muscular arm before he was whisked away.  The sensation was similar to gate travel; his insides felt like they were being jumbled around by the time they arrived in a large room. He swayed for a moment before his equilibrium adjusted itself.  The first thing he saw was the prominent bed against one wall.  It was covered with luxurious sheets and numerous pillows.  Ares seemed to enjoy his creature comforts.  Realizing that he was still holding onto Ares' bicep, Daniel released it quickly.

"Welcome to my home," Ares said, sweeping an arm to indicate the room.

Daniel looked around, his interest in his surroundings taking precedence over his nervousness about his situation.  "Are we on Olympus?"

Ares nodded, then went over to a table where a goblet stood.  He picked it up, drank deeply, and then watched as Daniel explored the room.

The artifacts in this room were of much finer quality and in better shape than those in the temple.  This was an archaeologist's paradise.  Lost in examining a vase, Daniel was distracted by a cough.  He looked up to see Ares lounging on the enormous bed, patting the empty area next to him.  His attention returned to the situation at hand and he tried to swallow the lump that had seemingly lodged itself in his throat, but it was stubborn.  He took a deep breath and walked over to the bed.

"Don't worry," Ares said wickedly.  "My lovers never complain about my performance."

"It's not your performance that I'm worried about," Daniel said, nervously. "It's just been...a while since I've done this.  Even then, my partner was just another man, not a...god."

"I'm sure you'll do fine," Ares said, amused.  "Why don't we just get rid of these clothes?"

Daniel took a deep breath and started to unbutton his shirt when he realized that he wasn't wearing one...wasn't wearing anything at all!  Even his glasses were missing, but there was nothing wrong with his close vision.  He looked at Ares with myopic eyes and saw that he wasn't wearing any clothes either.  Even after all he had seen, Daniel was shocked at the power that Ares possessed.  Transportation of matter...even the Goa'uld needed equipment for that.  A hand on his arm brought him back to the present. Startled, he took the time to really look at the God of War.  His muscles were very well developed and his smooth skin perfectly tanned.  His chest was moderately hairy, tapering to an arrow pointing down to his groin.

Daniel wasn't sure what he was expecting, but was surprised to find that Ares was similarly endowed to himself, just a little bigger.  The only difference was that Ares was uncut while he, himself, was circumcised.  He breathed a sigh of relief.

"What?" Ares asked amused.  "You were expecting me to be the size of a centaur?  I can do that if you want."

"No, that's all right," Daniel quickly shook his head.  "You're fine the way you are.  Wait!  There really are centaurs?"

Ares laughed.  "Oh, you *are* going to be fun, Daniel.  I promise you, I will be more than willing to tell you all about our world...afterward.  Now, enough talk -- kiss me."  He grabbed hold of Daniel's hand and pulled the scientist down to lie across the god's body.  The two were now chest against chest, groin against groin.

At first, Ares' beard was distracting.  Daniel had never kissed anyone with a beard before.  But within moments, he was lost in the sensation of the God of War's kisses.  They tasted like wine, mixed with something that he couldn't identify.  Whatever it was, it was heady.  The full lips weren't bruising, but neither were they soft like Sha're's.  Daniel's cock was trapped between their bodies and he could feel it getting harder.  He could also feel Ares' now erect cock lying between his thighs.  It felt huge!

Suddenly, he panicked.  He couldn't do this!  He tore away from Ares and rolled over on the bed.  Ares followed and Daniel fought him, hitting out with his hands and legs.

"Daniel! Stop!" Ares shouted to gain his attention.  Ares held Daniel's arms down and lay over his legs to keep them from kicking him.  "You agreed to this," Ares said quietly.  "Do you really want to back out now, knowing the consequences?"

The dark eyes bore into Daniel's.  Ares was serious.  If he didn't go through with this, Jack's life was forfeit.  But could he actually do it? He had to. He could do this.

"No, I won't back out," Daniel looked down and shook his head.  "I'll go through with it."

"Would it be easier if I give you no choice?" Ares asked, spreading Daniel's arms above his head, laying them against the bed.  He released them, but Daniel found that he couldn't move his arms.  It was as if his arms were tied to the bedposts.  Ares moved down to his legs and spread them, holding them into place for a moment before releasing them.  Daniel tried to move them, but failed.  For a moment, the panic threatened to overcome him again, but Ares pressed his body over his, holding him until he got himself under control.

"I'm all right," Daniel said.  "You can let me go.  I won't fight."

Ares looked down at Daniel, spread out under him.  "I don't know.  I kind of like you like this."  Ares started exploring Daniel's body, looking for and finding responsive areas.  He kissed his way down his neck to his sensitive nipples.  Daniel gasped out loud as Ares started sucking and nipping at the small nubs.

"Like that?" Ares asked, grinning up at Daniel.  "You'll like this even more."  He traveled down Daniel's torso, stopping just above his groin.

"Oh, god!" Daniel cried as his cock was sucked into Ares' mouth.  Ares' answering laugh vibrated around his cock sending more sensation throughout his body, making him instantly and painfully hard.  His hands itched to grab something, but he was helpless to move.  He couldn't believe he was lying there, being blown by a mythological Greek God.  No one would believe it, even if he had any intention of including it in his mission report.  He almost didn't realize when a moist finger found its way back to the opening of his body.  He automatically tightened against the invasion, but gave way when Ares pulled back off his cock and looked at him with his dark burning eyes.  They seemed to hypnotize Daniel into submission.  The finger slid in easily, spreading the opening with some type of slick lubricant.

Daniel closed his own eyes as the sensations threatened to overwhelm him.  A second finger joined the first, stretching the opening almost to the point of pain.  The fingers scissored inside him, making way for a much larger object. The thought of Ares' cock inside him caused him to squeeze down on the fingers, then release.  As the digits continued to do their work, Ares bent over and sucked Daniel's cock back into his talented mouth.  Daniel tried to thrust up into the mouth, but he was powerless to move.  He cursed under his breath.

"Please," he pleaded to Ares.

The god continued to suck for another moment, then lifted his head and said impatiently, "What?  I'm a little busy here, you know."

Daniel took a deep breath and said, "Let me free, please.  I need to move."

"Oh, that," Ares said, and waved his free hand.  Daniel found himself liberated from the invisible restraints while Ares continued to finger-fuck him.  Grabbing a handful of Ares' curly hair, Daniel brought him up for a passionate kiss.

"Oww," Ares complained.  "Watch the hair."

"Sorry," Daniel said, much too busy kissing every inch he could reach of the god's neck and face to give a proper apology.  The sensations were driving him wild.  He wanted what the God of War could give him, what Jack would never give him.

"If you're going to fuck me," Daniel said into his mouth.  "Do it now."

"Impatient, are we?" Ares grinned wickedly.  "If you insist."

Daniel thought twice about his impatience when Ares removed his fingers from Daniel's ass, flipped him over and shoved a pillow under him.  His ass was up in the air and his legs spread apart.  As the blunt head of Ares' cock was placed against his anus, Daniel started to buck up.

"Hold still," Ares ordered as he pushed down on Daniel's lower back to restrain him.  Daniel immediately stopped moving.

"Sorry," Daniel said, forcing himself to relax; he wanted this, he really did.  "Go ahead, I'm ready."

Ares resumed his position and pressed against the opening to Daniel's body. Daniel took a sharp breath as the head pressed through the restraining circle of muscles.  He fought the instinctual reaction of his body to struggle against the invasion.  Why was this so difficult?  He had done this before. Of course, Steven wasn't as big as Ares was; that might have something to do with it.  He took a deep breath and Ares advanced another inch.  God, was he almost there?  Ares slid in the final few inches and Daniel felt the heavy sac against his own balls.

Daniel let out the breath he didn't know he was holding.  That wasn't so bad. Then Ares pulled out and the stretching sensation started all over again. The next thrust in was quicker and didn't hurt nearly as much.  By the third stroke the pleasure outweighed the pain.  There was only pleasure by the time Ares pressed in for the fifth time.  Fingers dug in the sides of his hips, holding him up as Ares pistoned in and out.

Craving stimulation to his own cock, Daniel reached under his body to grab himself, but Ares stopped him.

"Please, allow me," Ares said in his ear, then while supporting Daniel with one hand under his belly, his other hand starting stroking Daniel's cock in time with his thrusts.

"Fuck me!" Daniel ordered, panting.  He wanted more.  "Give it to me, hard."

Ares thrust in harder and quicker, feeding the hunger that possessed Daniel. The cock inside of him reached deep, brushing against his prostate and Daniel yelled out his pleasure.  Ares' hand squeezed and stroked Daniel's cock even faster.  The double sensations were finally enough to push Daniel over the edge.

"Oh, fuck!" Daniel shouted as he came, spurting into Ares hands as his muscles contracted down onto the cock within him.  Ares continued to pound within him, finally shooting his own load.

When he finally got his wits back, Daniel was surprised to find that the God of War was breathing as hard as he was.

"How's that for a sacrifice?" Daniel asked, grinning.  God, he had needed that.  It had been too long.

"Don't get cocky," Ares said, and then grinned back.  "Not bad kid, for a mortal."

"Not you too," Daniel said.  "Next thing I know, you'll be calling me Danny Boy like Jack."

Ares laughed.

Suddenly Daniel felt guilty for not even thinking about Jack.  He could be hurt.  What if a native found him in the temple, or a Goa'uld?  Were there snakes in the temple?  Wild animals near by?

Ares must have read the expression on his face, for he said, "Don't worry about O'Neill.  He is still sleeping.  When I take you back, he will awaken. I told you I would show you my world.  You want to see it now?"

"Could I take a rain check?" Daniel asked.  "If we're not back at the appointed time, there'll be people looking for us."

"A rain check?" Ares asked confused.

"A promise that you will show me your world later," Daniel explained.  "If it is raining and you can't do something, you make an agreement to do it at a later date."

"But it's not raining," Ares said, frowning in confusion.

"I know," Daniel said.  "It's just an expression.  I really do need to get back."

The God of War was silent for a moment, then nodded.  "All right, I'll send you back."

"Could I have my clothes and glasses first, please?" Daniel asked.

Ares smirked, but the next moment Daniel was dressed the same as he was when he got there.

"Why do you wear those 'glasses'?" Ares asked.

"So I can see better.  I can't see images at a distance very well.  The lenses refract light and make it so the image is clear to my eyes."

"I see," Ares nodded.

"So can I...with the glasses," Daniel punned.  He couldn't believe that he was actually joking with a god. A god who had just given him the most amazing sexual experience of his life, at that.

Shaking his head, Ares grabbed hold of Daniel's arm and they disappeared to reappear in the temple.  Ares stood watching as Daniel went over to where Jack lay on the ground.

"Goodbye, Daniel Jackson.  I'll be waiting for you to call in that rain check," Ares said, then disappeared in a flash.

"Goodbye, Ares," Daniel said.

Jack was waking up as Daniel squatted down next to him.  Daniel winced as his body reminded him of his recent activities.

"Jack?  Jack? You okay?" Daniel asked, supporting the groggy man as he stood up.

"Yeah, did you get the number of that truck that hit me?" Jack shook his head.  "I feel like I've been out for hours."

"Jack, we need to go and meet Teal'c and Sam," Daniel said.  "It's past the deadline.  They'll start worrying."

"They always worry," Jack said.  "I think Carter's going to get a permanent frown wrinkle from all the worrying she does."  He looked around.  "Hey, what happened to that big guy...Ares?"

"He left," Daniel supplied.  "I think we'll be able to explore more without him bothering us.  I don't know that there's anything here that would be useful in fighting the Goa'ulds, but it wouldn't hurt to look around a bit. I'd like to see what Sam and Teal'c found."

"Ares couldn't take the heat, huh?  Probably was afraid..."

"Jack, do me a favor," Daniel said, interrupting.

"What?" Jack replied.

"Please, shut up."

When Jack looked like he was going to argue, Daniel added, "And the next time you feel the need to make fun of a god, make sure I'm not around first?"

"But, Danny..."

The scientist held up a warning finger.  "Not one word."

Daniel thought he heard a low phantom laugh as he pushed Jack toward the entrance.