"You wanted her!"  A fireball punctuated the enraged shriek.

Ares ducked and came up.  "Mother, calm down.  I didn't really want her, I just..." Another ball of fire slammed him against a temple wall.  Pain exploded through his physical form forcing a scream at the burning agony. His body bounced off the wall to collapse face down on the floor.  Hera's curses filled his ears.  The small explosions that followed each profanity sent shards of stone flying.  He dimly felt the rough chill of stone under his hands and realized that his body was automatically trying to get up.

"You wanted to bury your cock in that HARLOT!"

His mother's outraged screech caused the few stones still intact to start trembling and Ares immediately collapsed back down with a barely audible, "Uh-oh."

Power and light filled his temple centering over the black altar.  The force of Hera's fury yanked stored power from the temple's stones and columns. Stones broke away from the temple walls leaving ever-growing gaps.  Ares twisted his head risking a look upwards to see stone debris some already red-hot and melting spiraling toward the altar.  A maelstrom formed over his altar stretching upwards sending erratic patterns of fire, light and electricity to dance along the ceiling. With a grimace Ares ducked back down circling his arms over his head.  Small drops of molten stone fell on his bare arms.  He absorbed each drop taking the power locked within the stone. The maelstrom gained strength pulling more melted stone into its center.  He heard a great crack, peeked out, and saw the roof riding the maelstrom up. He rolled away from the walls as the roof disintegrated into flashing shards.  Ares cursed under his breath as he felt all the power stored in his temple being released into Hera's temper tantrum.  The stone beneath grew hot until they melted releasing yet more power into the maelstrom.  Finally, he felt his altar begin to melt and braced himself for the release of energy he knew would come.

Ares rode the waves gathering in as much of released power as he could salvage.  After long minutes the maelstrom narrowed, fell in on itself and vanished in a final flash of power.  Slowly he brought himself to a crouch and surveyed the ruins of his temple.  Not a stone remained.  He stood growling under his throat at the small dark slag that encompassed the remains of his altar.  His mother glowed with power scintillating peacock colors emanating from her.  Ares raised a hand to gauge how much of the power he captured coursed across his skin.  Seeing a glimmer of fire run over him he pulled inward refusing to release the power.  He paced forward; a loud crunch sounded under his boots.  Black glass covered the ground under what had been his temple.

"Three hundred sixteen years," he snarled, "I gathered power into this reservoir and you destroyed it in a futile temper tantrum because I flirted with one of Zeus' mortal pieces of tail!"

"You wanted her."

"What if I did?" He glared into her glowing eyes.

"How could you want that bitch?"

"Mortals have fire; sweet intoxicating powerful - Alcmene more than most. We always desire them, lust for them.  Gods can't help coveting the sweet fire only something that dies can have.  So what! I flirted, I played, I distracted."  He stalked to his mother.  "I kept her from asking any questions.  Ones like, where did I come from and where did my horse go.  Or even, why would I offer such a rare and valuable chalice for a moment's kindness?  I kept her brains in her loins long enough for Strife to get Hercules to come to me."  He caressed his mother's cheek.  "And if I did fuck her, what harm?  In fact, what better vengeance on Zeus could you have then for me to take your rival to my bed?  How humiliating would it be for him if his son seduced his paramour?"

A savage grin dawned on Hera's face.  "How much better revenge for his wife to seduce the harlot."  She vanished leaving behind the scent of incense and a flurry of peacock feathers.

Ares starred into the space his mother recently vacated, shut his eyes shaking his head and moaned a heartfelt, "Awww shit!"  He took one last disgusted look at the rubble of his temple before vanishing to his temple on Olympus.  Once there he threw himself into his throne glowering at a scrying glass.  With a scowl he waved a hand directing the glass to locate Alcmene. His scowl deepened when he saw hugging her half-breed bastard.

They released each with a small step apart.  Alcmene brushed a lock of hair off his forehead, saying, "Hercules, you need to go, to make sure Iolaus and Jason are all right.  I'll be fine.  Ares is gone and all's that left is cleaning up."

Hercules shook his head tension clenching his muscles.  "I'll bring them..."

"Don't you dare," she interrupted Hercules, "You need to go back to the academy."  As Hercules started to object she asked, "Do you want to see Iolaus expelled?  Returned to jail?"

"No! Of course not, but..."

"No buts!  Go back to the academy."  She turned him by his shoulders and swatted his backside in a half-serious half-playful manner.  "And no more adventures."

"Mom," he whined, blushing.


Retching sounds came from Ares' right.  "Well, aren't they just too sweet for words."  Strife muttered sarcastically hopping onto the arm of Ares' throne.  "Hey Unc, cheer up.  You got to beat the brat up some, trash Alcmene's house, and you survived Hera in a rage.  Personally I'd consider that a good day."  The grin that crossed his face matched the feral light in  his eyes.

Ares pulled him over by the safety pin in his ear.  "Hera plans to seduce Alcmene."

"Oh."  The statement sunk in.  "Shit."


Strife twisted his head pulling his ear out of Ares' fingers.  He looked at the scrying glass, which showed Alcmene picking up everything that hadn't broken in the fight.  The younger god slipped off the chair to settle on the floor.  He leaned against Ares' legs.  "Maybe she changed her mind."

"Don't count on it," muttered Ares.

Peacock blue filled Alcmene's kitchen then faded.  As the last glow faded Hera's voice drifted musically through the kitchen.  "I think we should talk."

Alcmene swayed dropping to her knees.  "Goddess, Hera.  I..."

"Relax."  Ares admired the smoothness in his mother's tone, even he couldn't hear so much as the faintest glimmer of the rage he knew filled her.  Hera gently helped Alcmene over to a chair.  She looked over the kitchen noting the floor still littered with broken pottery and debris of Ares' battering of the house.  "Oh my, boys certainly can make messes, don't you think Alcmene?"  She ignored the mortal's terrified silence.  "We really should clean this one up."  The wreckage drifted up, piles shifting and gathering together.  Within seconds the dishes and cooking pans reassembled themselves and floated back into place on Alcmene's shelves.  "That's more like it." Two wine glasses appeared on the table.  "You look like you could use a drink."

Alcmene's hand stopped halfway to the glass. "I... I ...don't deserve..." she stuttered withdrawing her hand.

"It's not poisoned and it won't turn you into anything." Hera settled into a chair and sipped from one glass.  She looked at Alcmene's shaking hands. "Of course, you don't trust me, but you must know that Zeus protects this farm and you.   If I meant you any harm I wouldn't have been able to come."

"Ares came."

"Only because Hercules was foolish enough to steal from me.  Since his friends returned what they stole I have no more reason for anger."  Hera grasped Alcmene's hand.  "The wine is harmless.  I just wanted to talk."

"Why?"  Alcmene finally looked up meeting Hera's eyes.

"Because I want to understand why Zeus picked you."

"I don't know."  Alcmene shook her head.  "I never knew why.  I didn't even know it was him until..." She stopped and finally sipped at the wine.


Ares stared.  "Damn she's good.  Alcmene already half trusts her."  He kicked Strife lightly.  "You should take some notes.  Hera doesn't go crashing about with half-assed plans.  Subtlety.  That's what you need."

"I thought she was going to seduce her."  Strife complained conjuring up some popcorn.  "I want naked women and rubbing flesh."

"You young gods have no sense of timing."  Ares rolled his eyes.  "Try patience!"

Alcmene examined the table toying with the half-empty glass.

"Until?" Hera pressed.

"I got word of Amphitryon's death.  The timing didn't work out, but even then," she blushed, "I was naïve.  I thought maybe Amphitryon had convinced Hades to let him have another night with me.  You hear stories about things like that happening."

"Sometimes," Hera agreed and refilled Alcmene's glass.

"A few months before Hercules was born my father-in-law, Alcaeus, had me charged with adultery.  He requested the judges order the return of my bride price and the forfeiture of my dower.  He claimed Iphicles - he took him even before the hearing."  She started crying.

"Child, I didn't know it was so hard for you."  Hera moved closer pulling the weeping woman to her bosom.

"What a liar," Strife chortled, "She had me put the bug in Alcaeus' ear. She and Amphitryon were first cousins and Alcaeus adored his little niece. It took me weeks to bring him around."

"Shut up, Strife," Ares hissed.

Hera held the wineglass to Alcmene's lips keeping it full as she drank.  She patted the mortal's shoulder and rubbed her back until Alcmene brought her tears under control.

"I'm sorry."

"I understand.  I had no idea.  What did you do?"

"I finally went to one of Apollo's priestesses and asked."  She stopped abruptly drinking half the glass in a gulp.  "She told me that I carried Zeus' seed.  That's when I went to his temple and asked for help."  Her voice tightened, becoming more clipped.  "I hated begging Zeus for help. The whole mess was his fault.  I would never have betrayed Amphitryon.  But I felt helpless; if Alcaeus won, I would have lost Iphicles, my home, the dower farm and goods.  My silver, my jewelry, even most of my clothes and linens were part of my dower settlement.  Alcaeus hadn't asked for me to be stoned, but branded an adulteress with no home and no money, I'm not sure that letting me live could be considered a mercy."

"It's so unfair, that women suffer for man's infidelity and irresponsibility.  But at least Zeus admitted his culpability.  His priest testified on your behalf and you won your trial.  And I know that he protects this farm and has commanded Demeter to provide you with ample crops.  Instructed Fortune to bless you and Hestia to soothe any small conflicts within your home.  He protects Hercules.  And I know he visits you."

"Unc, I think I see what you're getting at," Strife observed, "to hear Hera, you'd never know that she poured acid into Zeus' ambrosia after the priest testified or that her screech broke every mirror in Olympus when she learned about Zeus' orders to Demeter, Fortune, and Hestia."  He looked up grinning at Ares.  "She lies real good."

Alcmene pulled out of Hera's embrace.  "He only visited a few times to talk and once to give me a necklace.  I never understood why.  Now that I've seen you I understand even less.  The stories make you sound hard, cold, bitter; but you seem warm and kind.  It's hard to believe that you..."

"Sent the snake."  Hera looked away and then back.  "I regret that.  I regretted it almost as soon as I'd done it."

"Only because it didn't work." Ares reached down and pulled Strife up by his hair.

"Shut up," he ordered, then pushed him back down.

"Oww," Strife complained, rubbing his head.

"Zeus came afterwards and told me that nothing like that would happen again."

"Like duh, when the King of the Gods says, 'anyone who offs Hercules ends up in Tartarus trying to figure out how to reinsert their guts,' we listen."

"Strife," Ares barked, "Use your mouth for something useful."  He reached down, grabbed Strife by the hair, and twisted forcing the younger god around.

"But Unc, I'll miss the good part," Strife whined, his hands already reaching to undo Ares' pants.

"Don't whine, just suck."  Ares leaned back spreading his legs to give Strife access to his cock and balls.  The first lick teased the slit and worked down the shaft to his balls.  Ares loosened his grip on Strife's hair.

"It didn't matter.  When Alcaeus heard he insisted that I send Iphicles to him." Alcmene finished bitterly.  "Sometimes I hate Zeus."  Her eyes widened.  "Oh Goddess, I'm sorry."  She slipped off the chair kneeling.  "I don't mean, I just...Please don't," she begged.

"Alcmene, relax."  Hera reached down to help her stand.  "This is just us, you don't have to worry about telling me you're angry at Zeus.  I'm not exactly happy with him myself."

A nervous giggle erupted from Alcmene and she clapped both hands over her mouth.  "I'm sorry." She swayed slightly.  "I'm scared."

"Oh, I don't see why," Hera teased, "Ares, God of War drops in, throws a few fireballs, shakes up the house a bit."

"And then the Queen of the Gods appears and fixes everything," Alcmene finished with a laugh.  "I guess that is a bit intimidating."

"A bit." Hera agreed.  "Oh, Alcmene," she caressed her cheek with a thumb, "what would you have said if Zeus had simply come as himself and asked to bed you?"

"No," only a hint of doubt could be heard in her whisper.


"I'd have tried to say no.  I'm not sure if a mortal can say no to a God."

Ares sighed.  Strife continued licking his balls and shaft working the cock into full hardness.  "Strife, I think the good part is coming up.  Hera's got her eating out of her hand."

"Sometimes I think it's the reverse.  That a god can't say no to a mortal."

"I don't understand."

"What do you feel when you see me?"

"Awe. Fear.  I want to worship you.  To give you anything you want."

"What else?"

Alcmene trembled.

"Tell me, Alcmene, what else do you feel?" She glided closer capturing Alcmene's eyes with hers.  "Tell me," she commanded.

Ares watched the mortal struggle to pull her eyes away and swallow the word that described the fire mortals felt when gods visited them.  He pulled at Strife's hair until he took his length into his mouth.  The silence lingered.  "Desire."   The whispered admission shattered the silence.  Ares yanked Strife down and flexed his hips up send his cock back to the depths of Strife's throat and came in hard fast jets.

"Keep sucking."  He let his cock harden again.

"Like you felt for my husband, for my son?"  Hera asked.  She stepped forward again so close that Ares knew that Alcmene felt the heat from the mortal guise Hera wore.  He watched the mortal step backwards into the table.  "You did desire them."


"And you desire me."


"Unc, I want to watch."  Strife pulled loose, only to have Ares jerk him back down.

"Stop bitching and suck me."

"But you would have tried to say no?"  Hera asked pushing her back onto the table.


"Would you have said no when he kissed you?"  Hera demonstrated burying her hands in Alcmene's hair and gliding her tongue along her lips.

"Please," Alcmene whispered again.  Hera's tongue stole in stealing breath, leaving her dizzy and unsteady when the kiss ended.  "Hera, Goddess, I..." Hera stopped her with another kiss.

Ares pulled Strife up.  "She's kissing her.  Like this."  He probed Strife's mouth with his tongue matching Hera's demanding kiss.

"Or would it have been when he touched your nipples?"  Hera pulled Alcmene's dress off her shoulders to bare her breasts.  Strife started as his leather shirt gave way under Ares' hands to rip in half.  Ares' fingers began tugging at Strife's nipples at the same moment Hera pinched Alcmene's. "Maybe you'd have stopped him when he started suckling off you."

Alcmene's low-pitched moan filled Ares' temple and he again matched his mother and began sucking Strife's nipples.  "Strife, Hera has her leaning back against the table," he described the scene in lava-hot timbre, "Listen to her moan like a bitch in heat.  She wants someone to cover her.  Hera's got her writhing for it, tits hanging out, nipples little hard raspberries, and she has this little trickle of sweat working its way down her chest." Ares licked a similar trickle off Strife's sternum.

"Ahhh," Alcmene's soft breathless moan filled Ares' temple.

"When would you have stopped him?  How could you have stopped him?"  Ares' watched his mother's hand pull the dress down further baring Alcmene's waist. A sudden rip tore the dress completely off.

"Goddess, please let me touch you."

"Strife, do you hear that?  Listen to her begging."  Ares' hands cupped Strife's ass through his leather pants massaging them, pulling at the muscles.  He licked his lips when Hera's hand pushed her back down on the table.  "Her dress lays in rags around her and Hera's got her on her back." Strife and his pants disappeared and Ares' rubbed the squirming ass, pushing his thumbs in.  "She's got her legs spread wide," he twisted his thumbs opening the younger god, "little blond cunt curls nicely displayed."

"Please, Uncle, let me watch."  Strife pushed his ass back against Ares' hands at the same time he leaned forward to bit a nipple.  He gasped when Ares picked him up and turned him around to face the scrying glass.  The wide blunt head of Ares' cock parted his ass filling him with heat.  His hands started stroking his cock.

"Like that Strife?"  Ares pulled his hands away from his cock holding them down on the chair arms.  "Don't move, don't talk.  Just watch and come with the slut."  A hard bite followed the commanding whisper filling Ares' mouth with blood.

Hera pulled Alcmene further up on the table teasing her nipples with swift relentless fingers.  "Pull your legs up."  She positioned Alcmene's feet wide apart, flat on the table.  "That's right let your knees fall apart, I want to see those beautiful curls."  Fingernails raked through the tight curls surrounding her cunt coming up dripping.   "Do you want me as much as you wanted Zeus?"

"More! I want you more."  Alcmene lowered her arms to her sides and using them and her feet to brace her thrust her hips up and opened her legs wider. She met Hera's eyes.  "Take me.  I want you to take me where Zeus couldn't."

Strife wriggled on Ares' cock.  "I have to move.  I just have to..." A ball gag cut him off.  Shackles bound his wrists to the chair arm.  Ares wrapped his arms around his writhing chest pulling him back and down.

"Strife, I said, 'don't talk, don't move.' What part of that did you not understand?" He pinched a nipple viciously letting his nephew's shudders caress his cock.  "Watch and learn."

A dildo materialized in Hera's hand she pressed it to Alcmene's lips.  "Make it wet."  The tip of Alcmene's tongue caressed the dildo's head lathing it. She slowly twisted her head around to lick up and down the shaft.  While her tongue played with the dildo her ass and hips twisted in a slow rhythmic dance mimicking fucking.  She lowered her ass to the table in a controlled wave letting it ride up her torso to lift her chest and head.  Half sitting she drew the dildo far back into her throat then arched back to display her breasts and her working neck and jaw.  With the same controlled movements she worked the dildo back out until her teeth gently held the head.

When Hera pulled it away, Alcmene smiled and asked, "Is that wet enough?"

"Lay back down."

Alcmene rolled her back down to the table.  "I'm ready."

"She's hot Strife, very, very hot."  Ares thrust deeply into the trembling body.  "Now watch how Hera plays with her.  She's going to have to work for that dildo."  He pulled his cock back and left the head in just deep enough for Strife to shake around it.

Hera used the dildo to caress Alcmene's abdomen and sides.  She let it circle the already hard nipples before moving it down to drift lightly over the curls surrounding her cunt.  When Alcmene's hips moved up to meet it, Hera moved the dildo just far enough away to keep it from entering her.  She continued to tease her like this until tears of frustration poured from Alcmene's eyes.

"Goddess, Hera, please, I beg you."

"Not yet."  She continued toying with the mortal watching the thrusts get weaker and less controlled.  Sweat rolled off Alcmene's body pooling on the table under her back and constantly moving hips.  Finally, Hera let the head of the dildo press into the cunt.  Alcmene strained up crying out when Hera moved the dildo with her not letting her drive onto it.

Ares mimicked the frustrating teasing with Strife letting his cock stay just barely in and using slow teasing thrusts that never quite hit deep enough or hard enough.  "Just keep watching, Strife.  You get to come with her.  Of course, that only works if Hera actually lets her come."  He laughed at Strife inarticulate moan of fear.  "If she doesn't I guess I'll just leave you like this, all stirred up and no relief in sight."

"Turn over, Alcmene.  I want to see you on your hands and knees."  Ares flung Strife down to the floor watching Alcmene's frantic obedience. "Spread your legs further apart.  Lift your ass up and lower your arms.  Now put your head down in your arms."

"You too, Strife."  Ares pressed down on Strife's shoulders with his hands forcing him into the same position Alcmene had already scrambled into.

"Yes, oh Goddess!"

Ares drove forward ignoring Strife's bucking attempt to see the screen. "Hera's got the dildo all the way in her cunt.   Alcmene is working her ass, back and forth and around and around."  He drove deeper twisting his hips and let Strife work his ass to match Alcmene's.   He smiled viciously as the mortal tried desperately to buck against the dildo trying to figure out a way to get some pressure against her clit.  Her desperate incoherent grunts of frustration filled his temple.  "Listen to her, Strife.  She's so desperate she can't even beg."

Hera's hand slipped underneath Alcmene's writhing ass and she started to play with her desperate clit, while the other one continued driving the dildo in and out of her cunt.  Ares gave a hoarse cry, "Fuck her, Mama."  A rough hand yanked Strife's head up by his hair as semen filled his ass.

A second later Alcmene's scream of completion echoed and rebounded through the scrying glass.  Strife stiffened and fell back against Ares as his come shot across the floor.  Ares patted his head.  "That was good."

The dildo vanished.  Hera pulled Alcmene up by her hair.  "Was that what it was like with Zeus?"

Alcmene smiled.  "On the contrary.  There are two differences between you and Zeus.  You are more honest and you are a much better fuck."