Office Work
 By Melissa
"You're not writing about me."

Melissa looked up from where she was trying to read the code her programmers had left for her.  "Do you mind, Ares?"  I'm kind of busy here."

"Yes, I do mind," he answered, a mix of petulance and anger in his voice. Never a good combination as far as Melissa was concerned.  Great, Melissa thought, that's all I need.  I've got projects past due, the client is here in town, 10,233 accounts in bank 1233 are going to cycle tomorrow night without transactions on the statements if I don't get an answer from the bank soon, and to top it all off, Ares is pouting.  Why couldn't I have a thing for wings?  But, nooooo, I just had to go for the leather and attitude.

She watched warily out of the corner of her eye as Ares moved from where he leaned up against her printer to stand behind her chair.

"Look, Ares," she said softly, "I've stopped lurking.  I'm participating. Can't this wait."

He rested warm hands on her shoulders, massaging the tension he found there until she sighed under his ministration.  It seemed that the world around her wavered for a minute.  The desks and cubes and ringing phones replaced by a room of stone with candles and a large four poster bed.

His voice was warm and low against her ear, pitched to a level that made the muscles of her stomach clench and the hairs stand up on her arms.  "No, this can't wait.  Arebella's waiting for Ghost's next chapter and the list needs a proper story from you, though your introduction wasn't half bad for a start."  He leaned down to place a kiss behind her ear and added, "I know I had fun."

At the feel of his lips on the sensitive skin behind her ear, Melissa groaned softly.


"What?"  she asked, snapping open her eyes.  The room with the candles and bed disappeared to be replaced with a floor full of Reps and cubicles. Twisting her chair slightly she turned to face her cube mate, Brandi.

"What?" She asked again, still a little dazed at the sudden transformation.

"Are you alright?" Brandi asked.

Melissa flushed in embarrassment, trying to look anywhere else but at the god who had gone back to leaning against her desk.

"Sure.  I'm fine."

"Well, if you're sure," Brandi said, the expression on her face saying she wasn't buying a word of it.  "Because you've been mumbling a lot over there."

"Just trying to figure out this posting code.  It's an absolute mess trying to follow the logic.  It kind of helps if I can talk it through out loud."

"Sure, if you say so."

As Brandi turned back to her own computer, Melissa glared at Ares who returned her glare with a satisfied grin.

"Protest all you like, it's too late for you now.  Remember I did tell you that you were part of my world now.  From now on when you should be concentrating on code you're going to be going over story lines.  When you try to write that department memo, you'll be thinking of slash.  And instead of paying attention on those boring conference calls you're going to be thinking instead of oh-so-hot, scream-my-name-until-you're-hoarse sex."

Melissa stared up at him in horror.  She looked over at Brandi who was completely unaware of the dark god who stood within the walls of their double cube and knew he spoke the truth.  She had been marked and changed. She looked back at Ares.  "I'm doomed."

He smiled at her, a diabolical smile full of promise and passion and no small hint of mischief.   "Precisely.  Now unless you want to be punished,  I suggested you get going on those stories."

He looked down at the clock resting on her desk.  "Good, it's 5:00.  See you in thirty minutes."

And he vanished.

Brandi looked over to where Melissa sat with her head resting on her desk. Getting up she walked over to Tanya and sat down in her cube.  Tanya looked up curiously.  "You know," said Brandi, "Melissa is getting awfully weird.  I think I might have to get another cube."

Melissa, who still had her head down, heard her.  It didn't bother her though, she was too busy trying to decide whether silk scarves or ropes would work best with that 4 poster bed.