Through the Mirror
By Melora
Takes place shortly after "For Those of You Just Joining Us")

Somewhere in the ancient past...

Bored.  By the gods, he was bored.  There was little to do while the one he wanted to play with was off doing something that made him sick. He didn't want to interrupt that.  Whatever his lover was doing, if he got within breathing distance of it, his needs would have suffered.

This was one bored god.

A bored god was not a good thing.  It had the tendency to spill over into the mortal world.  Leaning against the altar, he waved his hand and opened a viewing portal.  He looked for a potential plaything in the mortal realm to keep him busy for awhile.  He wanted a willing one, having no desire to have a screaming, wiggling little thing under him at the moment.  Well, not screaming and wiggling to get away, that is.

He tapped the portal when he didn't like what he was seeing.  These mortals were all right, but not what he was looking for.  They scared too easily in his presence.  No, he wanted one with a little fire in their spirit.  He growled and let the portal blank.

"Show me something good." he hissed.

The portal suddenly blazed with light, surprising him.  He shielded his eyes with his arm.  When the light toned down to a more manageable level, he lowered his arm and looked at the portal once more.  He was fascinated by what he saw.  Where was this?  He brought the portal closer, looking at everything he could.

One of the first things that caught his attention was a strange metallic object moving on wheels.  It was like a chariot, but without a horse.  There was another metallic object which made him think of a metal horse with wheels.  Tall buildings of glass and metal also drew his attention.  This was all quite fascinating.

"No, too much clutter there," he finally said. "Try another spot."

The portal flashed in acknowledgment and changed to a country setting.  It moved up a paved road and into a large yard, finally settling on a curious-looking hut.  Like nothing
the watcher had ever seen before. Moving to the door of the hut, the image faded into what was inside. Even more curiosities were found within.

His eyes fell on a large, black box, which seemed to have a living tapestry on its face.  He was curious who owned such a box.  A sorcerer?  He was determined to learn the
answer.  There could be a lot of fun in having a sorcerer at his command.  And a lot of fun things he could do with a sorcerer.

An odd-looking torch drew his attention.  There was no fire, just light.  He was fascinated.  He would have reached through the portal to try and grab one, but he would have lost his view into this realm. "All right, my sorcerer, where are you?" he asked.

In answer to its master's inquiry, the portal moved into another room. Its face was filled with nothing for a moment as it encountered a mirror.  Pulling back, an image formed in it.  Something the watcher hadn't been suspecting.

"A sorceress," he purred, seeing the female before him. "Even better. Too bad I didn't get here earlier." Before him, a young woman was drying her hair, wearing just a robe tied at the waist.  She must have just got out of her bath.  That annoyed the watcher to no end.  He would have enjoyed watching her bathe.  Though he would have wanted to join her.

"Face the mirror, little one," he purred, watching her dry her hair. "Let me see your face." He smiled when she took the towel away and faced the mirror.  She was quite
lovely with a heart-shaped face and long, dark hair, which was already beginning to regain its natural curl as the water dripped off the ends.  Her eyes were hazel and her lips
lush and pink, ready to be kissed repeatedly by him.

A groan escaped him as his cock hardened further.  He lightly stroked the beast through its leather cage in a soothing manner.  He had to have her and now.  The only problem was that he was beginning to guess that he was looking into another time.  Going there himself would be difficult alone, but bringing her here could prove dangerous if he didn't get it just right.  If he wasn't careful, he could severely damage her.  He didn't want to cause her too much pain just yet.  That could wait till later.

Rubbing his chin, he decided on just the right spell to bring her here.  An evil smile crossed his lips as he thought of the perfect spell.  A ball of light formed in his hand as he
cast the spell.  He tossed it into the portal at the young woman who had caught his attention. "Come to me, little one." he purred.


Melora decided to take a shower to rid herself of the ickiness of the day.  It wasn't the same without Ares popping in, offering to wash her back.  Last she had heard, Zeus had grounded him for his actions with the Renaissance staff.  He wouldn't be able to play with
any of his lovers for awhile.

There were going to be a whole lot of worn out people when he was finally released.  Of that, Melora was quite certain.  Ares didn't take well to being confined when he didn't have someone to play with.  He turned into a wild beast almost when denied his carnal lusts.

Gods, this was unfair!  She wanted him so bad right now.  She turned the water on as cold as she could stand to help quell her desire for the gorgeous bad boy.  All she succeeded in doing was freezing herself and raising her need for some godly contact to warm her.

What was worse was the USA was running episodes of Hercules and Xena with Ares in them.  Melora almost screamed with her need.  Ares had been grounded for a couple of days already and most of the other gods were busy keeping the other listsibs from going ballistic.  If she could, she would have scaled Mt. Olympus herself and dive right into Ares' bed with him.  Zeus was being a total ass by grounding his son like this.  She was certain a whole lot of people would have agreed with her there.

Moaning over this wasn't helping her any.  Melora quickly washed herself and her hair and rinsed off.  She then got out of the tub and dried off.  She pulled on her robe, then
went about drying her hair. She only hoped there was a free god somewhere she could play with before she went crazy.  She'd been out of contact with any of them, including Ares, for too long.

A bright flash of light caught her attention.  She faced it, wondering if one of the gods had heard her and come to her rescue.  A look of panic crossed her face when she saw the bright ball of light coming at her.  She shielded her face with her arms as it flew at her. The world lost its grip on her when the ball touched her and she found herself
falling through nothingness.


"Oof!" she grunted as she landed hard in a heap on a hard surface.  She was unhurt, but the wind had been knocked out of her.

As reality slowly came back to her, Melora noticed she was on a marble floor.  Next, she noticed she had been dried off and a revealing silk gown had replaced her robe.  Her feet were still bare, but that didn't matter to her.  Where she was now?  *That* was important.  Getting to her feet, she looked around, wondering if Ares had brought her to him. It would be just like him to find a way to bring one of his lovers to his "prison".

"Ares?" she called.

No reply.  But, for a moment, she thought she heard the wind rustle nearby.

"All right, you bad boy.  Where are you hiding?"

"Somehow, that description doesn't seem to quite suit him," a new voice said behind her. "At least not until I get ahold of him."

Melora jumped in surprise and whirled to face the  speaker.  She was a little alarmed by who it was. "Huh?" was all her scattered mind could manage.

A smile crossed the newcomer's lips.  It was a mouth that looked capable of both pain and pleasure.  Right now, it was giving her the warmest, most inviting smile she had ever seen.  The owner was a mirror of his sensuous mouth--dangerous, sensuous, and inviting.

He was tall, with longish blond hair and beautiful dark eyes that watched her closely.  He was sleekly muscled with his arms and chest gloriously naked, showing off his bronzed
skin, silently inviting her to touch him there.  He wore a pair of tight pants of black leather that left little to the imagination and tall, black, leather boots on his feet.  Was
that a dagger peaking out of one of them?  Did he want her to touch him or fight him?  Maybe both.

Melora let her eyes drift back upward, taking in every luscious detail of his body.  Tattoos on his biceps drew her attention.  A sword, dripping with blood, surrounded by
flames graced the strong muscle in full color of both arms.  They added to the danger he radiated, even more so then the sword at his hip.  The most stunning detail of him,
aside his beautifully handsome face, was a large pair of ebony wings on his back.  The contrast of black feathers to his blond hair gave him an exotic air.

All the details made it to her fuzzed mind, clearing it a little so she could speak. "Cupid?" she asked, recognizing him a little.  Though this didn't look at all like the Cupid she
knew.  He was quite different now.

"No." he said.  He drew closer, ruffling his wings.  He perfumed the air with his scent as he approached her, tantalizing her senses further. "Call me Eros." he purred.

"Eros?" Melora repeated dreamily as he moved around her.  She shivered when he slid a finger up one arm, across her shoulders, then down the other.  His eyes drew her attention as he came around to stand before her once more.

"Yes, Cupid is my counterpart on your world, my little sorceress." He took her hand in his and lifted it.  He brought her wrist to his lips and kissed the tender inside, then released her.  His eyes gazed into hers once more.  He could enchant a lover with just his eyes alone sometimes.  She didn't seem to be an exception to that.  This would be fun.

"You're the Cupid of the Mirror World?" Melora asked, trying to clear the fuzz from her mind.

"Yes." he replied.  He didn't bother to correct her this time.

"The God of War?"


"Oh boy."

Eros grinned at her.  Even centuries later, the world still knew of him.  He was curious how they knew.  Maybe that living tapestry of hers held the key. "Do not fear me," he soothed her. "I won't harm you.  All I wish is pleasure."

"I thought you were the maniac of this world." Melora said before she could stop the words.

Eros grinned deeply at her.  He reached out and played with a lock of her hair, testing its softness. "Oh, I am," he assured her. "By some people's standards.  All my 'maniac' tendencies are poised for pleasure, little one.  As are yours, I sense."

"Nosy." she accused.

A soft chuckle rumbled in his throat. "It's hard not to pick up on these things," he said, releasing her hair.  He moved past her, planning to get behind her.  He paused almost
instantly when her fingertips slid against one of his wings.  They fluttered in response, inviting further exploration.

Eros' wings were so soft.  There wasn't a word to describe them properly.  She moved to stand behind him, letting her fingers move gently over the silky feathers.  She was certain she heard the war god moan as she did.  An evil grin crossed her lips.  She wondered if his back was as sensitive as his wings.  She dragged her nails down his back between his wings, very close to them.  A deep groan escaped his lips, caressing her ears.

"Gods, you little tease." Eros growled hungrily, arching into her attention.  He faced her, pulling her into his arms, leaning in to kiss her deeply.  Besides his wings, he loved
having his back massaged and caressed.  Few knew just how to touch him there.  A woman dragging her nails down his back right there gave him the most delicious tingles of pleasure.

The winged god rewarded her with a long, slow kiss, taking his time to explore her mouth fully.  He deepened the kiss when her fingers slide into his hair.  He didn't release the kiss until she finally moaned under his attention.  He pulled back, smiling at the flush now
coloring her face.  His arms tightened around her, keeping her upright.

"Very nice." he praised.  He was praised her attention as well as her body as his hands slid over her slender form, caressing her skin through the silk of her gown. "Very nice
indeed." he purred, burying his lips in her neck, nibbling at her skin.

Melora leaned her head back and to the side, giving him better access. She felt his hand in her hair, cradling the back of her head.  His free arm tightened around her waist so she wouldn't slip from his grasp.  A thought occurred to her and she surprised him by slipping out of his grasp and moving away.

"Come back here," he said, in almost an ordering tone.

"No," Melora said. "Not until you answer me a question."


"If you are Eros, the God of War, why are you in Ares, the God of Love's temple?" She gestured to the obviously love god decor of the throne room they were in.

"Ooh, you perceptive little thing." Eros smiled, moving closer to her. He stopped when she touched a hand to his chest.  He would let her play this little game.  It might prove fun.  He stepped back, crossing his arms before him. "He's off doing his 'love thing'," he explained, shuddering in disgust a bit. "It killed my mood.  I decided to come here and wait for him and make him pay for that.  But, I got bored waiting and went looking for a lover who wouldn't run and hide from me.  Or blubber all over me wanting to get away."

"You certainly have a long reach if you were able to peek into my house," Melora said. "How much did you see?"

"Your living tapestry, flameless torches, and you drying your hair.  I also saw some curious horseless carts and a metal horse."

"'Horseless carts'? 'Metal horse'?" Melora thought for a moment.  Oh, he meant cars and motorcycles. "I see.  You seem impressed.  Don't you gods have those things?"

"Don't tease me, little sorceress.  You won't like how I tease back."

Melora figured it was best to let him think she was a sorceress.  She didn't know if it made it safer for her or not, but wasn't going to take a chance.  Hopefully, he wouldn't challenge her to prove her powers. "If you did that, then I wouldn't be able to caress those lovely wings of yours." she said.  She saw his wings flutter when she said that.  She could tell he had really enjoyed her attention there.

"You like them, don't you?" he asked.


He smiled wickedly. "And you want to touch them again, don't you?" he purred.

"Maybe." She took up a stance similar to his, giving him an innocent look.

"Teasers like you often end up with a severe lashing."

"And you wonder why your lovers run away from you?"

Eros frowned at her.  Anyone else would have been thrown across the room for such a disrespectful tone.  It wasn't actually disrespectful though.  She may have been teasing him, but there was respect for him in there.  She seemed to know just about how far she could safely push him. "You have a lover like me, don't you," he asked. "Do you tease him like you do me?"

"Yes, he enjoys it.  It seems to heighten his arousal," she said.

"And what is his name?"


Eros stared at her for a moment.  He wasn't sure he had heard her right. "Did you say Ares?" he asked.

"Yes.  The God of War of my world."

"Ah, I believe I know him.  Now, come here, I wish to touch you."

Melora know that Ares had been with Eros before.  At least, that's what she had heard. "No.  I wish to touch *you* first.  I know Cupid, but not you.  I don't trust you just yet," she said. "Besides, it's not nice to be greedy all the time.  Even Ares isn't always greedy."

"Then get your fill of touching me, my sweet child." He lowered his arms to his sides, gazing into her eyes. "I will allow you this before I play with you."

"Can I have you laying down first?  You're too tall for me." Him lying down would also make her feel a little better.  He was an imposing figure standing up.  Though she wasn't sure that lying down would help in that matter.  Hopefully, it would help a little.

Eros grinned and chuckled at her.  He nodded to her, knowing his height was a problem while he was standing.  He waved his hand, taking her to Ares' bedchamber.  It was unoccupied and had many toys to be used on a lover if he wanted them.  He sent his clothes away, letting her see him fully naked before climbing onto the bed and stretching out on his stomach.

"I don't know if I should touch you or spank you," Melora said. "You're evil.  Showing off like that."

The god's wings shuddered as he chuckled. "Are you saying that your Cupid never showed off like that to you?" he smiled.

"I never said that." She climbed onto the bed and moved up his side, not touching him yet. "He's a very showy god.  I think he takes after his father that way." She straddled
his upper thighs, not allowing his wings to touch her legs.  She touched his lower back, sliding her hands up his back, not touching his wings just yet.

"Ooh," Eros purred. "And does he enjoy that?" He leaned his head forward, resting his forehead on his arms, as she massaged his shoulders.  He stretched his wings out till they lay against the bed, giving her full access to his shoulders.  This was making up for her earlier teasing and then some.  Rarely was he given a massage.  He growled seductively as her hands moved downward, coming close to his wings, then retreating.  Oh, he loved this.

"Yes, he does," Melora said. "I think you and he share common sensitive spots." She began a gentle massage of one large wing.  It was hard for Eros to stay still as she did.  She grinned as she felt him wiggle a bit.  She moved to the other one and heard a deep groan escape him.

Eros purred under her attention.  He couldn't keep still as she massaged his sensitive wings.  His cock was throbbing under him.  He gritted his teeth to keep from losing his
control.  He finally couldn't stand this anymore and quickly reversed their positions, laying her on her back beneath him. "Now, how 'bout I find *your* sensitive spots?"
he grinned.

The winged war god sent her clothes away, sitting up to straddle her hips.  He reached out and caressed her breasts, flicking his thumbs over her nipples repeatedly, till they were hard and aching with need. He dipped his head and took one of the rosy peaks into his mouth.  Her moans encouraged him, making him suck and nibble at the nipple in his mouth.  He moved to the other, giving it the same attention before letting his mouth move lower.

"Eros..." she whispered.

"Shh," he said softly, moving his mouth back to hers, giving her a soft kiss. "No more protesting.  Just many happy noises."

Melora giggled at his words.  They stopped when he buried his face between her breasts, nuzzling them provocatively.  She buried her hands in his silky soft hair as his mouth moved lower.  She let out a soft gasp when his hot, wet tongue dipped into her navel.  He teased the small hallow, making her squirm under him.

Eros pushed her legs open as he lifted his head.  He inhaled her scent, closing his eyes to savor it.  He dipped a finger inside her, feeling how wet she was.  Bringing that finger to his lips, he licked it clean, shivering at her taste.  He would taste more of her very soon, but first he was going to tease her a little more.  He blew across the soft skin there, ruffling the dark curls nestled there.  A smile crossed his lips when she squirmed.

The war god sat up and brought one of his wings closer.  He poked through the feathers and very gently pulled a loose one free. "Oh no you don't, little one," he said, grabbing her as she tried to get away. "You're staying put." He pulled her back, sitting down on her legs to keep her still.  He traced the feather over her stomach very lightly. He approached her ribs, but she grabbed his wrist and stopped him.

A grunt escaped him when Melora suddenly flipped him over onto his back.  He hissed when pressure was put on his wings.  He glared up at her in annoyance. "No tickling
allowed." Melora said, taking the feather from his fingers.

"You're just begging for pain," he warned.  He shifted to a more comfortable position, taking the pressure off his wings.

Melora leaned in and kissed him deeply.  She pushed his hands away when he tried to grab her.  She moved down his body, making sure to brush his wings with her fingers
soothingly.  He was letting her play with him.  That had to be it.  That was the only reason she wasn't across the room.  Or in chains.

When she reached his navel, she buried her face in the dark triangle just below, inhaling his scent.  It heightened her desire for him, making her moan softly in want.  Her mouth moved lower, encountering his long, thick, impossibly hard and hot cock.  She licked the tip, tasting his cinnamon-salty nectar.  She dipped her tongue into the tiny slit she found, capturing all the moisture there.

Eros groaned softly, reaching down to bury his hands in her hair.  He leaned his head back, licking his lips as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock.  He loved it
when his lovers did that.  He raised his hips toward her as her mouth traced down the length of his cock. Another groan nearly escaped him as she sucked one of his balls, then the other.

Melora slid her tongue back up his cock, then circled the head with it once more.  She closed her hands around the base as her mouth captured him.  She sucked him as she
slowly took him into her mouth.  He was almost as large as Ares, but was a little thicker than the war god she knew.  She only hoped Eros wouldn't force his way inside her.

Gritting his teeth, Eros fought to maintain his control and to keep from accidentally choking her.  This was a rare pleasure and he wanted to enjoy it.  Melora pushed his legs open further, laying her hands against him on either side of his cock.  Her thumbs began stroking his balls, furthering his pleasure and torment.  She heard him growl in hunger beneath her.

Eros tightened his grip on her hair when her nose buried in the nest of curls at the base of his cock.  He rocked his hips against her, making her choke a little.  He wanted her to know just who was in charge here.  Slowly, he moved her mouth over him, hissing in delight when her teeth grazed his sensitive skin.  As she adjusted to his size, he moved faster, rocking his hips against the movements of her mouth.  Groaning deep in his throat, he spilled his seed in her mouth.

Melora took in all that he gave her.  She let out a small sound of pain as Eros forced her away from his cock and up his body.  She was pulled into a fiery kiss that completely overwhelmed her senses.  She moaned as Eros explored her mouth with his tongue.  He seemed to enjoy his taste even more than she did.  Just like Ares did.  Her pain was lost  as he explored her body possessively with his hands as his mouth slid down her skin.

Grabbing her hips, he lifted her and smiled when she reached down to take his fully erect cock in her hand.  He pushed her down onto him, making her gasp aloud as he forced her sheathe wide to accommodate him.  He closed his eyes, adoring how tight she was.  His hands slid up her body, capturing her breasts. "I like this, but *I* am in charge here."  he said, reversing their positions.

Any protest was lost when Eros began moving inside her.  He trapped her arms above her in one hand and explored her body with his other.  He kept his movements slow to
draw out her pleasure and torment as she had done to him.  Leaning in, he captured one breast, sucking her nipple deep in his mouth.  Her legs locked around his waist, but he wouldn't  allow her to alter his pace.

"Eros, please..." she moaned.

Eros smiled against her breast.  Usually when he heard that, it was a plea for mercy.  Or a plea for him to stop.  Pleas he almost always enjoyed.  This one, on the other hand, was a plea for more.  And, oh yes, she would be getting more.  He moved to the other breast as he started moving faster within her.

Reaching down, he parted her soft folds, circling her clit with his thumb.  He heard her moan, and brought his lips to hers.  He wanted to feel that sweet sound against him as
she was brought to orgasm.  His thrusts grew harder and faster, threatening to split her in two as he buried deeper and deeper within her.  He groaned when she tightened around him.

Melora arched against him as he drove her wild with pleasure.  She struggled against his hold on her wrists, wanting to touch him.  Eros held her tighter, keeping her captive.  She finally couldn't stand this anymore and cried out against him as pleasure erupted within her.  Her body tightened around him, milking him of his seed once more.  She heard him groan against her and squeezed him tightly as he pulled out.

Eros broke the kiss, gazing down at her. "Pixie," he purred, then rolled off of her and pulled her against him, curling his wings protectively around them.  Melora snuggled down against him, lulled to sleep by his scent and heat.


Melora woke in her own bed and in her own time.  She yawned and stretched, wondering if that had been a dream.  There were a few tale-tell signs that it wasn't.  The little aches in her body were a nudge in the yes category.  The big yes came when Eros suddenly appeared at the foot of her bed.

"Hello, my little sorceress," he purred. "I've been waiting for you for a long, long time."

"Eros?" Melora asked tentatively.

He climbed onto the bed, approaching her on all fours, wings fluttering with his excitement.  "Who else?  Now, tell me, where is Ares?"